can i fangirl over my own edit


hey guys! I know I’m a bit late but since it’s Pentaholic meetup day I had to join! I apologize for the low quality selfies, I’m on my phone and didn’t have time to edit them. 

about me: I’m Claire, 16 years old, from California. I’m super new to the fandom! I found out about PTX in October of 2015 and have fallen more and more in love with them everyday and I have no intention of stopping. They’ve helped me get through a lot of tough times these past few months and I’m so grateful. I’m Certified Kevin Trash but I love every single member, they’re all so important and beautiful in their own ways. I’m seeing them on May 3rd and I am SO excited!!! Come talk to me any time. We can fangirl together. I cry over Mitch’s high notes at least once a week tbh so feel free to join me

btw if you want to follow my PTX blog it’s mevin!! This is my main blog but I use that sideblog everyday