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Wow why was you called Out?

Oh, well… it was the inevitable question I guess….

It was last year, I don’t remember too well what was happening or what was I talking about, but i know it had to do with Steven Universe and race or kins?. 

So, someone (sorry for being vague but I don’t wanna put them in trouble) told me that I needed to admit that Amethyst was an stereotype of the “Wacky black women friend” and… I wasn’t feeling so good and I just had a post that talked about Stereotypes so I sort of did other one saying that I saw Amethyst more as a “Party-wrecker Latinx” and that stereotypes where unidimensional characters while Amethyst was not, I sounded a little mad because I was really tired and tbh it was my fault….

So… that pal took screenshots of my post an the answer i gave them and they made a post about it saying something like “Goopy-Ame is anti-black moodboard” and other junk calling me anti-black and tbh I was scared and confused because I really didn’t got it and I wasn’t fully aware.

Since the whole thing was on public I apologized on public… three times for my incompetence and my harmful behavior and offending people, since then I ask people to please PLEASE send me a private message before taking that step when I fuck up so i can learn because I am not perfect and I’m still learning, its not an obligation but theres a huge possibility that if i said something wrong is because i am not aware of it…. 

“I love the Bureau. I love the Director. She’s given me an—an enormous opportunity here, she gave me a—she gave me a home!”

Like, ya’ll can’t tell me there was never a time where the Director just sat with Angus and just let him gush about his Caleb Cleveland novels while intently listening to him and maybe even reading a few of them herself in her spare time just to have a conversation with the really good boy that just needs a good friend!! You cannot tell me otherwise!!!

Also thank you to @theenglishmanwithallthebananas for finding that quote!! :0 Ur awesome~

When a person says they have bad memory. Do not antagonize them if they forget something. Or say they are a liar.

If they can’t remember something from last week or even yesterday, do not expect them to remember something that happened a year ago or beyond. Especially if it was something minor that could be easily forgotten. Or if the person is in a stressful situation or is known to forget things.

More importantly: DO NOT USE IT AGAINST THEM.

If you yell at someone because they forgot something unimportant, call them a liar or a faker for forgetting, it’s not nice. At all. AND don’t use it against them to put words in their mouth. “Oh you said *something something* last week!” “I don’t remember that.” “Well you did.”

Just wanted to throw this out there. I’m no expert when it comes to memory loss and things… But being called a liar and being taken advantage of just for being forgetful is wrong.

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What are the mods' favorite resources for finding gem info? You guys seem to have answers to everything, even when i can't find an answer after researching, so i wanted to know where you guys find stuff! Thanks in advance. Have a nice day, all of you!

Hello hello!

Thank you so much!

I asked some of the other mods to compare, I’ll make a list for you of some of the sites we frequent!

For Gemstones/Minerals:

  • Hematite Hearts (pretty useful for fusions, since everything’s tagged by color!)
  • GemSelect (Good source for information about the gemstone’s characteristics, and this section’s also by color!)
  • Gemhut (Also by colors, and with pictures, which makes the search a bit easier!)
  • Geology (With pictures, so it helps for a quick search as well!)
  • Underused Mineral Masterlist (with pictures! Most of these gems don’t have metaphysical information, since they’re not really known or common)
  • Healing Crystals for You (Tons of metaphysical property info for gems!)
  • Gemstone and Mineral List (By @gemsonaresources, this list is VERY complete and separated by color!)
  • Dakota Stones (Not as many gems, but pretty useful to look upideas, in my opinion!)
  • Crystals and Jewelry (More information about metaphysical properties. Short and concise most of the time. I also like using this link to look up gems based on meaning!)

For abilities:

  • Superpower Wiki (REALLY useful. Offers descriptions, limitations and supoerpower variations!)
  • IndigoLifeCenter (Not as many superpowers, but nice to read if you’re looking for ideas!)

For color palettes:


  • Dance Styles (Wikipedia list separating different dance styles)
  • Premodern Combat Weapons (Wikipedia list with various different combat weapons, separated by categories)
  • Mod Sapphire’s weapons tag! (Tons of cool weapons too look at for inspiration!)
  • Character Design Inspiration (Tons of weapons and designs to inspire yourself with!)
  • Skallagrim (Videos, teaching how to use weapons and coobat techniques!)
  • Our Resources tag! (Gem cuts, palettes, gem lists, and various other things for you to look at!)

There are, of course, way more links than just these! Most of the ones we use are listed in our Resources page (not the same as the tag!), so I highly recommend checking it out!

Sincerely, most of us use Google to find what we want hahahaha Depending on what you want to look for a gem, you can look up “[Color] mineral” to find minerals or gems with a color you want; “[Gemstone] metaphysical” for metaphysical properties, to inspire you with personalities, abilities, roles or others; among others!

The more you work with gemstones, the more you get used to look up stuff and use specific terms for everything! Just keep on creating, you’ll see! >w<

Hope this helps!

- Mod Tourmaline


Gonna do some for tomorrow. Y'all know the drill, just send an ask and don’t be shy~ seetagsformoreinfo 

 Anons will be less likely picked, k?

Sweet Disposition

Request- Reader X Spencer~where they have been dating for a year and the reader is a virgin but spence doesn’t know and it’s their first time and she gets really nervous but he helps guide her ;)

Request- Hiii. I absolutely love your writing! Do you think you could do an imagine with Reid, where the reader is really really insecure about herself and he being the profiler he is can tell and tries to make her feel better? Fuff? Thanks lovely 🖤🖤tag me if you can please ? @thosefantasticbeast2

So I have a lot of requests. I mixed some together and did what I felt like. Yolo. I love a fluffy smut.

Part 2 of SMUTmas!

Spencer had been in a relationship with her for almost a year. A year of kisses, cuddles and laughter, but very little physical intimacy. She was self-conscious, he knew it, even if he did not agree. For him, just being able to intertwine his fingers with hers on the sidewalk, and to kiss her goodnight every evening was enough. But his desire to worship every inch of her body, to kiss every piece of skin that made her feel unworthy, would never leave. He knew that she had never given all of herself to anyone before, not because of a lack of opportunity, but because she had never found that one special person to make it meaningful with. But he also knew what it was like to lose his own virginity to someone more experienced, so he ensured that he never pushed her. Spencer was worried, for a while, that she would not choose him as that special person, because when he looked at her, she was his whole world in one person. He gazed at her like she was the literal sun in the sky, and truly hoped that maybe, just maybe, she would see him in the same way.

This was until one night, as they walked hand in hand up the side walk after an evening together, and he stopped outside of her apartment. He cupped her face to give her a kiss goodnight, but she placed her hands on his chest and stopped him. Spencer gazed into the eyes of the woman he loved, as a small smile appeared on her face as she whispered the word which he had been dreaming about hearing.


She winked at him and he felt like the goddamn fourth of July fireworks were going off in his stomach. He allowed her to lead him by the hand into the apartment, and as soon as the door was shut, he encircled his arms around her waist and pulled her into him. His mouth was on hers as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, kicking open the door and delicately laying her on the bed. Spencer moved on top of her, kissing her collarbone and hearing her breathe a sigh of contentment. He carefully pulled her shirt off, kissing from her chest to her navel, appreciating every inch of her skin. She helped to slide her pants down to her ankles, which he then pushed off the bed as he knelt before her. He stared at her with a look of adoration. The parts she saw as insecurities, he saw as blessings. Spencer stripped down to his underwear and hovered over her, kissing her pulse point and earning a gasp. As he moved back, she moved her hands over to her stomach to conceal it, to which he shook his head at. He lowered himself between her legs and planted open mouthed kisses around her navel, on her hands, as he looked up and saw her gazing down at him with a smile. He fingered the sides of her panties as she gave him permission to slide them off, as she unhooked her bra.

Spencer immediately moved to her breasts, kissing and kneading them with his palms, hearing the moans escape from her mouth as he ran his tongue over her nipple. To his surprise, she took his hand and placed it over her sex, and he used his finger between her wet folds. Her head rolled back as he traced over her bundle of nerves, moving his fingers side to side when she closed her eyes in ecstasy. He moved down so that he was now positioned between her legs, planting sloppy kisses on each of her inner thighs whilst she entangled her fingers in his disheveled hair, pushing him closer to her core. He began to use his tongue, flicking, sucking, licking, as her thighs shuddered and inexplicable moans escaped her mouth like music to his ears. Within minutes, he felt her body begin to shake, and her back arch off the bed, when he gazed up at her and saw the beautiful sight that she was. Spencer continued as she succumbed to the waves of pleasure and rode out her high, hearing his name moaned after he gave her the bliss that she deserved. He kissed his way back up to her mouth, as she smiled comfortably into his kiss. She used her ankles to push down his underwear, and then wrapped her legs around his waist, and arms around his neck.

This. This was the moment that he had been waiting for. She had trusted him enough to give everything to him, and as he was skin to skin, gazing into the eyes of clearly the most beautiful woman in the entire world, he had never felt so at peace.

As he pushed his tip in, he hesitated as he saw her wince, but the chaste kiss she planted on his lips gave him permission to continue. He saw that her discomfort soon became pleasure as their bodies fitted together in a steady rhythm. Her limbs fit around him as if they were made to be there, whispering words laced with adoration whilst they moved as one. Spencer quickened the pace, sucking on her pulse point and hearing the gasps and moans escape her mouth. She tightened around him as she observed her face contort in pleasure, screaming his name whilst he circled her bundle of nerves and hit her sweet spot at the same time. Feeling her walls clench, it pushed him over the edge, moaning expletives as he collapsed on top of her.

He rolled over and lay on his side, making eye contact with the incredible woman who lay next to him as she grinned. He didn’t bother cleaning up and just threw his arm around her waist, pulling her close. She nuzzled into his neck as he traced patterns down her side, and ran his fingers down her spine. The happiness he felt was indescribable. This woman, in whose eyes he saw the world, loved him enough to give him everything she had. She had opened up every part of her to him, and for that, he thought she was a goddess. He felt blessed to have the privilege of worshipping her insecurities, like the temple that her body was, and appreciated every inch of her skin.  He was certain that they were meant to be, because it was as if their bodies were designed for each other, slotting perfectly into place. 

And every kiss, every touch of her on his skin, would never fail to ignite a spark inside himself that he once never knew existed.

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How do you design such pretty dresses for your characters? I can't even dress one of my ocs let alone all the other characters you do! You are so awesome

hi anon,

thank you! i’m glad you like them. i normally look at stuff in my fashion tag or just think of shapes + apply detail and sections of colours according to what would look…nicest orz

i’d suggest you look at fashion blogs or concept art of characters that have a similar look and make a list of what they’re wearing exactly (e.g. jacket, hoodie, shirt, belt, jeans, sneakers); even something small like belts or visible socks make a difference

Open Letter(Pls Read! Important)

Dear shippers/fans,
First of all this is not adressed to any fandom in paticular because there are some people in every fandom who are the culprits of what i want to talk about. I think the line has been crossed. The negativity is too much!! Wherever i go twitter , tumblr , youtube comments all i see is ship wars , throwing shade at actors etc. I get it you dont like some characters , ships. I even understand people not liking certain actors but can you not keep it in your own lane. Dont spread the hate. Dont send hate to the actors and artists! Or even fans peacefully enjoying their ships , characters , artists or such, There are many people who get hurt by such comments. Keep the hate in the anti tags and dont publicly bash any artist , celeb , ship and character. Please reduce the negativity
This is a geniuine request. Thank you for reading.

Rant ahead.

I’ve recently had to ask several people to take me off their tag lists simply because I don’t read smut. It’s not that I think it’s bad writing or that I don’t enjoy it (I can’t say whether I would or not), but I don’t read it because of my religion and I don’t want to see it popping up in my email and activity feed multiple times on a daily basis.

Of the two tag lists I’m on, one only has me listed for fluff and angst, and the other says that I’m on hiatus (it used to say “NO SMUT” next to my name, however). Nevertheless, I’m still being tagged in smutty fics. My issue is not that people don’t check the tag lists—even though they really should—but rather that when I ask to be taken off these writers’ lists, and then politely explain why, I’m disrespected and harassed for it. I’ve had several authors tell me that I should just get off tumblr, or stop reading fanfiction altogether, or take myself of the tag lists, or (and this is my favorite) specify on the lists I don’t want to be tagged in smut. Clearly, these people have not checked the lists.

I have never disrespected anyone for what they believe, regardless if it’s similar or entirely opposite of what I believe. I disagree with so many things that are considered ‘okay’ in this day and age, yet I have never told anyone or implied that their beliefs don’t matter to me. Nobody deserves to be told that their beliefs aren’t important to someone else. I’m not expecting people to have the same beliefs as me, but I expect to be treated respectfully in situations like these.

I understand that people may be hurt by my asking to be taken off their lists. If someone asks to be taken off your tag lists, you have every right to be offended. Writers spend a lot of time and energy creating their stories and it can be hard to think that someone doesn’t appreciate and respect you for that. I understand it can be hurtful to think that someone hates your writing. However, if someone asks you to take them off because they are uncomfortable or triggered by something you’ve written, or even because it goes against their religion, don’t yell at them for it. That’s not okay! It takes a lot of nerve to approach someone when you feel they’re going to be offended and to stick up for what you believe in. When you tell people that they’re being unrealistic or needy in a situation like this, it’s hurtful. Really, really hurtful.

It’s not hard to take someone off your tag list. If I can do it, you can do it. Heck, I’ll even show you how. Be respectful, guys.

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Merle keeps stealing and eating my name tag. Someone has to set a good example for the new employees, and if those idiots won't, then I will- but I can't when they don't even know my fucking name! I only know it's him because the shrubbery in front of the Seeker HQ dome was all... dented and the succulents in my window were missing their flowers.

@amixofpixels and @pxelface tagged me to do this, and you know I always enjoy showing off my writing xD even though I’m kind of out of practice right now! I hope you can read it anyway.

I’m tagging @melien, @twinsimskeletons, @grumpysimmies, @tinysimmies and @aneverendingreality! Just in case my writing is too bad, here are the questions:

Keep reading

me: dont say the R slur

every ableist within 10ft of me, crawling out of the sewers and trash cans where they live: uhm sweatheart:)) stop overreacting:)))) dont makes such a big deal out of this:)))))) i can say r*tarded if i fucking want to:)))))))))

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The three won’t ask me what my name actually is, but they keep calling me Humanman? They've called some other guys around base the name as well so I can't tell if they're genuinely mistaking me for someone else, but I don’t think we even have someone with that name on the base. I'm tempted to buy a bunch of us name tags from Fantasy Costco, but I don't know if that will help.

Once again I don’t have any new pictures cuz my phone is shit BUT this week I did log into my old myspace account so thought I’d treat you all to this completely not at all embarrassing photo of myself. If I could go back to 2007 I wouldn’t even tell me to stop wearing contrasting patterns or br00t4L clawing in public, I’d just colour in my eyebrows cuz what was I thinking there.

Anyway happy “last show before the hiatus”, super keen to stay up til 2am so I can cry about it in real time. Also keen for planning for Polaris Con with @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 and @forgivenessishardforus which I am uGI&6t576ghjvghf levels of excited for.

Tagging the rest of the BFC cuz they have to love me even though I was a teenage emo @ginalou16 @bellbearblake @hehmionee @dale-bozzio @adancergirl @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @jenarchis

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@Anons: holy shit it's just a drawing, can't you guys chill??? If that picture makes you feel this uncomfortable that you have to bitch about it to this extent, then maybe you should log out because there are some real gem fanarts out there that you can find in the main tag (like Johnny and his horse in the act, for example............). For real, if THIS Koichi and Jotaro drawing makes you this offended, I think you should stop looking at fanarts at all.

Okay fucked up other shit aside, araki himself draws way more intimate poses, look at anything gyro and johnny have done for cover art, look up a ton of panels of okuyasu and josuke, look up even HIMSELF AND ROHAN, so idk, its just a weird mess and its just one loud person, theyll go be mad at something else and go back to being negative and miserable somewhere else, hopefully soon.

Not that i wish them misery, i just wish they wouldnt try to infect others with that nastiness.

The Blog Has Been Made

aaaat least mostly!

I still have to finish up one last page and get the queue going, though there are already some posts set up on the blog (mostly to get my tagging system started y’know y’know).

The blog’s URL is @suspicious–avocado 

Even though my last moments on here felt stale, I enjoyed my time on this blog! It was so much fun and I can’t believe how I managed to achieve gaining over 1,000 followers. As someone who started off tumblr bottom of the bin, hardly gaining any followers, asks, only having those few mutuals, this is something so big for me.

Things will probably start off a bit rough on a new account, however, I feel that in the long run this will be better. I may not gain as many followers as this account did, who knows. Either way, I’m so very grateful for the time that was spent here on this blog, and the people I met. 

I’ll still be keeping mutuals, of course, though I won’t get back to following until tomorrow after school. (I just spent the last 3 hours coding my blog and it’s currently 11:30 pm so)

Thank you all so much for everything,

and I’ll see you all real soon!!