can i even complicate your breathing

beautiful bangtan lyrics from 2016

(and why they deserve that daesang and so much more)

“when the curtains close my breath hitches. my heart becomes frazzled; i let out my breath. 

did i make any mistakes today? how were the expressions of the audience?regardless i am happy, for becoming who i am. because i can make someone scream.” (young forever, namjoon)

“on the empty stage i fear the void within myself. in front of all these complicated emotions, and with my life on the line i pretend not to care.” (young forever, yoongi)

“raise your voice higher, even if the attention isn’t forever i will keep singing. i want to stay young forever.” (young forever, hoseok)

“forever we are young. with the flying flower petals, as we run lost in this maze. 

forever we are young. even if i’m to fall and get hurt, i run endlessly towards my dreams.” (young forever)

“dream, hope, forward, forward.” (young forever)

“reach out your hand and save me, i need your love before i fall.” (save me)

“listen to my heartbeat. it calls out to you on its volition; because you shine so brightly in the darkness.” (save me)

“today the moon shines even more brightly on the empty space of my memories.” (save me, yoongi)

“i knew that your salvation would be a part of my life, and would be the touch that can embrace my pain. the best of me, i only have you. help me smile again by raising your voice, play on.” (save me, hoseok)

“thank you for letting me be me. for giving me wings, for letting me fly. 

for straightening me out and for waking me up when i was suffocating. 

for giving me life when i was only alive in my dreams. 

the sun rises when i think of you and my sadness is no more. thank you for becoming “us”” (save me, namjoon)

“lost my way, no matter how many times i wander i want to believe in this path.” (lost)

“i still want to believe, even though it’s hard, that the way to find your path is to lose it.” (lost)

“even if i take a few step backwards, i will never lose my dream.” (lost)

“maybe i can never fly, like the flower petals or as if i have wings. maybe i can’t touch the sky, but i want to reach out my hands and run just a little more.” (awake, jin)

“I know every life’s a movie we got different stars and stories. we got different nights and mornings. our scenarios ain’t just boring.” (reflection, namjoon)

“the world is just another name for despair and my height is just another diameter for the earth. i am all of my joy and anxiety. it repeats every single day, the love and hate directed to me.” (reflection, namjoon)

“I remember that time, when i was lost and exhausted deep in despair. where i pushed you away and despised you.

but til the end you protected me, so don’t you ever let go of my hand because i will never again let go of you. 

you will witness it all, the beginning and the very end of my life.” (first love, yoongi)

“the wounds just get deeper like pieces of broken glass that I can no longer retrieve.” (stigma, taehyung

“caught in a lie, find the innocent me. i can’t free myself from this lie, give me back my laughter.” (lie, jimin)

“I feel like I’m going to die when hyung is sad, it hurts me more when you are in pain than when i am in pain.” (begin, jungkook)

“at fifteen years old I had nothing. i was so small and the world was so big. I can’t even imagine myself, having no scent being so empty.” (begin, jungkook)

“so i love you my brothers, you gave me emotions and made me become myself.” (begin, jungkook)

“i’m still not sure what the secret to success is. but I think I know the secret to failure, it is to mess around like you, as you blab your mouth. i would rather die than live like that.” (give it to me, agust d)

“money, honor, whatever it may be bring it to me. fame, flash light, give it to me.” (give it to me, agust d)

“my pride which I thought I had sold out has turned into self directed respect. my fans, keep your head high with pride because who can do it like me?” (the last, agust d)

“Seiko, Rolex, AX, and gymnasium, the heads of thousands nodding to my hand gesture” (the last, agust d)

“the root of my creativity has tasted all the sweet, bitter and shit of this world. those days when I laid down to sleep on the toilet floor are all memories now, even my shoulder which shattered during the accident of my part time job. 
and so i clung to my debut as if it were my life, so who are you fooling as if you’ve gone through all these miseries?” (the last, agust d)

“so far away, if I had a dream of my own, if only I had a flying dream.
don’t fall away, if I had a dream of my own, if only I had a flying dream.” (so far away, agust d)

“i live because i can’t die.” (so far away, agust d)

“dream, I will be there during your creation and until the end of your life. dream, wherever it is you may be i will be there. dream, after all the hardships you will surely bloom. dream, in spite of your humble beginnings you future will be so prosperous.” (so far away, agust d)

"because you gave to me selflessly, because you were my support now you can believe in your son, you can smile.” (mama, hoseok)

“hey mama, i’m sorry mama i now know a grace like the heavens mama. hey mama so thanks mama you became my blood and flesh mama.” (mama, hoseok)

“been trying to tell you this, i was supposed to tell you this. this is all for you.” (2! 3! hoping for better days, namjoon)

“thank you so much. because of all your self-reproach i was able to prove myself, when I couldn’t even do that in high school. keep clapping we’ll be happy together just us, i’m good yeah i’m good” (2! 3! hoping for better days, yoongi)

“i was a shadow behind the stage in the darkness. i didn’t want to show you my pain because i wanted to do well, and i wanted to make you smile. 

so thanks for dealing with me, for accepting my pains and wounds, for being the flower to the most beautiful moment in life.” (2! 3! hoping for better days, hoseok)

“when I say one, two, three, smile. forget all your sad memories, let’s hold our hands together and smile as we hope for better days.” (2! 3! hoping for better days)

Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing?

Summary: Pastel!Dan lives in an apartment complex and sits on his windowsill every night and sings. Punk!Phil listens to him every night. 
Word Count: 3906
A/N: Thank you to danisnotahobbit for the wonderful prompt and for betaing this for me! And also thank you to whalefairyfandom12 (as always) for cheering me on and correcting my grammar (: You both are awesome! Also, I’ve just reached 3k subscribers today so here’s a celebration fic xD
Song Title


There is a boy who lives across the street from Phil who has brown hair the colour of chocolate, the voice of an angel, and eyes that reflect a million stars. Phil doesn’t know when it first started, but he slowly began to drift to his slightly cracked window every night just to hear the boy sing.

He always sat upon his windowsill, picking at the lint on his pastel jumpers while his lips uttered beautiful melodies that put Vic Fuentes to shame. And Phil didn’t even know the boy’s name, or what he liked to do in his spare time, but he could slowly start to feel himself falling for the boy.

It was idiotic in a way. Phil had never met this brunette beauty before. He never heard his voice besides when he sang in the hours of the night, he never seen him in broad daylight, and he certainly didn’t know a single thing about him. And yet, Phil was in love with a voice and a boy who didn’t even know he existed.

These were the thoughts that haunted him at night, cracking his window open just a sliver before crawling to his bed to browse through Tumblr. He was somewhat embarrassed by how obsessed he had become, but the moment that Phil heard the first few cords of a Pierce the Veil song come from the apartment complex opposite his, Phil’s worries floated away and he leaned back to allow the pretty lyrics into his eardrums to embed in his memory.

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High School AU (No Bullying!) Masterlist

A Flash Before the Line Gets Blurry - phansdick

Summary: Dan gets dared to date Phil Lester, a guy from his school who only dates people for seven days before breaking up with them.

A Smile For Two, So I Can Share It With You - ravehowell

Summary: Dan wonders about how Phil Lester’s name echoes around the classrooms but no one ever speaks of his smile.

Beauty And The Geek - placentaandllamas

Summary: Dan and Phil are both fairly popular but in different clicks and the school ships them.

Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing? - phansdick

Summary: Punk!Phil listens to Pastel!Dan sing on his windowsill every night.

Can We Fast-Forward ‘Til You Go Down On Me? (ao3) bukkake-howell

Summary: AU in which Dan is horny in class and Phil sucks him off in the bathroom.

Everything Led Back To You - tadachans

Summary: First place in the high school art show isn’t even that big of a deal, or that’s what most of Dan and Phil’s friends say. And, well, they’re not wrong. It’s probably just the competing that Dan and Phil like, but they won’t ever admit that.

Girls/Girls/Boys - daniactuallysnuffledthatpopcorn

Summary: Dan discovers that his thing cheerleaders turns out to be a thing for just one cheerleader.

I Can Feel You On My Lips All The Time - crescendohowell

Summary: A high school au in which Phil is shy and prefers keeping to himself.  But Dan bursts into his life with loud laughter, constant swearing, and promises that Phil’s not sure Dan’s prepared to keep.

Key To My Heart (ao3) fivepixelphan

Summary: Dan is a loner, who spends his lunch breaks in the music room writing his own music. He dreams of having people listen to his music, and hopes to inspire. Phil, who sits opposite him in Music Class, discovers Dan’s talent one lunch break.

Life is Just a Classroom - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Phil is bad at math and Dan is more than a pastel color wearing genius, he just needs the right person to see that.

Marching To The Sound Of Love - iloveminecraft807

Summary: Dan is a freshman alto sax player, and Phil is a junior snare. What happens when they meet? Will Dan like Phil? Will Dan figure out that he’s not straight? Or will it all fall to pieces?

Nevercraft (ao3) - insanityplays, notanannoyingfangirl

Summary: When Dan joins a high school computer club, the last thing he’s expecting is to fall in love with an MMORPG, and the mysterious guy who talks to him through the keyboard. Still, when he finds out his mystery guy might be closer than he thought, Dan can’t help but be intrigued.

The Reject - blueberryphancakes

Summary: Dan might be a little bit in love with his best friend, but it’s okay. Phil doesn’t get crushes, at least as far as Dan can tell, so Dan has spent the last two years pining in secret while learning to accept the fact that Phil might never see him the same way.And it’s fine. It is. He feels lucky to have Phil as a friend at all, and he is perfectly happy to keep things the way they are. But things are bound to change when he finds some pretty convincing evidence that Phil does get crushes. And, as it turns out, boys who look like Dan are exactly Phil’s cup of tea.The only problem? The object of Phil’s affection is Dan’s twin brother.

Pierce The Veil Sentence Starters
  • “I know it’s hard, but who are you to fall apart on me?”
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t see that you truly love me.”
  • “’Cause sometimes I love the way you swing the blade at everything in sight.”
  • “Last night, you said you ended up at Palm Springs dancing on tables.”
  • “Well, fuck, what am I suppose to be, impressed?”
  • “I guess it’s time to say goodnight. I hope you had a really good time.”
  • “Oh my god, this is paradise.” 
  • “Can I even complicate your breathing?”
  • “Keep talking ‘cause I love to hear your voice.”
  • “What’s so good about picking up the pieces? What if I don’t even want to?”
  • “Don’t mind me, I’m just reaching for your necklace.”
  • “You can’t just throw me away.”
  • “It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone.”
  • “The taste of you and me will never leave my lips again.”
  • “Don’t you try and blame this on me.”
  • “My love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me.”
  • “By the time you’re hearing this, I’ll already be gone.”
  • “I want you in the most unromantic way.”
  • “This blood evacuation is telling me to cave me.”
  • “Just stay away from my friends.”
  • “I don’t care if you’re sick, I don’t care if you’re contagious. I would kiss you even if you were dead.”
  • “Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?”
  • “If you come over tonight, we can travel through time.”
  • “What a waste of a perfectly good clean wrist.”
  • “If every living thing dies alone, what am I doing here?”
  • “If it’s the end of the world, you and me should spend the rest of it in love.”
  • “Dare me to jump off this Jersey bridge?”
  • “I’m tired of begging for the things that I want.”
  • “The thing I think I love, will surely bring me pain.”
  • “Imagine living like a king someday.”
  • “You’re just wasted and thinking ‘bout the past again. Darling, you’ll be okay.”
  • “If you kiss me goodnight, I’ll know everything is alright.”
  • “You know the only real way to cure pain is to add a little more, because everything new distracts from the old.”
Your soft spoken words
Clash into my skin
Like dull spikes but with enough force
I’m still bleeding from the word “love.”
I’ve thought about dying
More than the seconds I’ve spent breathing
Because even in the womb I was plotting my suicide.
And though my touch is soft against your skin
From all the love I have to give,
I found I can’t receive what I give out.
I can love you all day long
Regardless of if it’s your worst or best
And yet loving me has always seemed
To come with complications.
So keep telling me you love me.
I’ll dig my own grave.
Lay me to rest once I’ve given you my best
And hate me the next day.

I was made to love but not be loved.

( @readyfornothing )

Have you guys actually paid attention to EXO’s White Noise and its lyrics..

Like wooooooow its so pretty and uplifting 


Lonely night
Early morning I can’t keep you from rushing to me
I am being swept away
By the sound of the waves, oh no

My memories go back
To when I was with you
Not far away no

I miss you as time goes by
Your pretty voice

And even your shallow breath baby

I hear you, I feel you
I can’t see you but I can hear you
After closing my eyes

All I have to do is find you
Among all the noise in the world
Your small laughter
That’s all I need to know
That you are doing well

(Somebody) Somebody
(Somebody) Cause someone loves you babe
(Somebody) Oh oh oh (Somebody)

You become the rain and fall down
(Don’t you worry baby)
Could you fall down a little harder?
So my complicated feelings will all be washed away

Listen carefully
Somewhere not far away
Not far away no
Someone is standing still
In the same place
Thinking only about you baby

Oh I hear you, I feel you
I can’t see you but I can hear you
After closing my eyes
All I have to do is find you
Among all the noise in the world
Your small laughter
I think I’ll be at ease

Right here, yeah

I ask myself how you are doing
After all traces of you leave
Among the noise that passed me by
Even a faint breath, breathing
Could have passed me by
I feel that this wind somehow
May have brushed past you
Everything still feels like a dream
In the white fog
I am the somebody lost

Somebody loves you
Please know this, yeah
Even though I can’t hold on
For a moment, just hold on tight

You may not be next to me but you’re inside me
After closing my eyes
Just pull out and look
At one of our countless days
I hope that you are happy
Wherever you are

I can’t see you but I can hear you
After closing my eyes
All I have to do is find you
Among all the noise in the world
Your small laughter
That’s all I need to know
That you are doing well

It’s as if nothing else in the world matters, even if that person can’t hear or see you that they want you to know that someone loves you out there.. Even if you were crying and having a bad day and things are going bad they want you to know someone does love you and someone does care.. Wanting you to know someone can hear you and feel even after there gone.

I like had talked about little things as well such as hearing the voice of someone they care for is that impactful to them that that’s all they hear..

I could go on and on about it but I highlighted it and you guys can make your own interpretation about this song. It’s so pretty damn it EXO. 

[TRANS] EXO :: White Noise

Please don’t use or translate without asking first!

Lonely nights, and you push to me. The unstoppable early morning.
I’m floating away in the sound of the waves, oh no.
My memories go back to some place I was with you, not far away, no.
As time passes, I long for your pretty voice and soft breaths, babe.

I hear you, I feel you.
Even if I can’t see you, I can hear you.
When I close my eyes, I just need to find you among all the sounds in the world.
I just need to hear your soft laugh
to learn that you’re doing just fine.
Somebody (somebody), somebody (somebody loves you baby)>
Somebody (oh oh oh) somebody.

You become the rain and fall (don’t you worry baby).
Can you fall just a bit harder?
Just so you can wash away my complicated feelings.
I listen closely, to some place not too far away, not far away, no.
Someone’s standing just as they always have, in the same place,
still thinking only of you, babe.

Oh I hear you, I feel you.
Even if I can’t see you, I can hear you.
When I close my eyes, I just need to find you among all the sounds in the world.
If I could hear your soft laft
I feel like I would be relieved.

Right here, yo!
Asking how you’ve been doing on my own,
after all traces of you left me,
just in case I might catch
a small, faint breath that might otherwise pass me by.
The passing wind seems as if
it might have brushed by you, and for a moment I freeze.
Everything still feels like a dream.
In this pure white fog, I’m just a lost somebody.

Somebody loves you, just know that, yeah.
Even if you can’t catch on, just hold on tight.

Even if you’re not by my side, you’re inside of me (somebody loves inside of me)
If you close your eyes, you can just pull one of those many days out of your memory (out of your memory).
I hope that you’ll be happy,
no matter where you are.

Even if I can’t see you, I can hear you.
When I close my eyes, I just need to find you among all the sounds in the world.
I just need to hear your soft laugh (I miss you babe)
to learn that you’re doing just fine.

Neighbors (2) Masterlist

part one

After School Special - phanim

Summary: Dan’s never liked his next door neighour. He’s loud, obnoxious, and brings home too many guys. Dan’s witnessed countless drunken encounters through his bedroom window- and he wishes he hadn’t. But when a string of events leads to Dan playing host to a drunken Phil every night for a month, he can’t help but fall for the constant slurred suggestions.

An Unexpected Guest - transdimensional-void

Summary: Phil’s flat gets an unexpected and unwanted guest.

Arachnophobia - sleepylittlephil

Summary:  Au prompt: “this is totally awkward considering before this the only interactions we’ve ever had have been casual nods to each other in the hallway but there’s a huge fucking spider in my bath tub and you seem like the friendly neighbor type please help me”.

Boxes - teenagephantxsy

Summary: 2009!Phan AU Smut, Phil moves into a new house by himself in Wokingham which so happens to be right next door to one 18 year old Daniel Howell.

Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing? - phansdick

Summary: Pastel!Dan lives in an apartment complex and sits on his windowsill every night and sings. Punk!Phil listens to him every night.

I’m Not a Little Kid Now - stormpilotjpg

Summary: Phil’s life changes completely when the Howells move in next door.

My Hot New Neighbor - duckmcduckpants

Summary: Phil just moved into a flat in a nice quiet area of London and has finally gotten settled. But then he starts to notice that many days, his hot neighbor, who looks to be around 18, likes to dance around in his underwear.

Tempo of Ivory Pauses - literaryphan

Summary: the piano from the other side of the wall becomes a part of phil’s night and he’s adjusted to it even though he doesn’t know why.

The Exodus Into His Heart - valdimire

Summary: Where Dan is an intern for a law firm and Phil is his boss; in which Phil just so happens to be Dan’s hot neighbor that Dan has taken to observing. The problem? Phil has no idea who Dan is but Dan knows everything about Phil. Well, almost everything.

The Monster - ibelily

Summary: Dan’s phobia of moths is usually not that constricting of his day to day life, but when aparticularly huge one stops him from being able to take a shower, he resorts to desperate measures and goes across the hall to his neighbour Phil’s flat.

The Pianist and the Artist - crescendohowell

Summary: Dan is a struggling university student who loves piano that becomes friends with his neighbor, Phil, the artist.  Generally cute and fluffy getting together Phan.  Preserve through the sad parts, it always gets better, I wouldn’t make you suffer a bad ending.

Through the Window (ao3) - Tastefulcucumber

Summary: Phil just moved in next door to Dan Howell, the amazing basketball star and winner of the best hair in mock elections. Phil can’t help but noticing that a room in his new house has a window that leads straight into Dan’s bedroom, and he happens to spend quite of bit of time in said room.

We All Get Curious - flower-phan

Summary: Dan REALLY hates people, he doesn’t seem like there’s any point in making friends. But Dan also thinks his Neighbor Phil, is REALLY hot.

Yellow - phanallamallama

Summary: Please stop picking flowers from my garden au/ Dan really likes yellow and his cat really likes Phil

I have this problem

Where I start thinking too much

And then things get complicated and I can’t do anything without feeling like I’ll screw something up

If you feel me here’s a solution for you and me

Go outside and wait

Five seconds






You’re still alive. You’re still breathing.

That’s what matters. Life is actually very simple if you ask yourself if messing up once in a while will actually kill you.

No, that B- in math won’t kill you. It won’t even matter in like a few months and compared to the rest of your life it doesn’t mean shit

No, that bitch who’s talking trash about you doesn’t matter, she’s not even worth your thoughts I mean come on dirty ass hoes get off on getting goddesses to get on their level. You better than that son

No, life won’t just spontaneously get better. You gotta make it happen.

But it’s ok to fuck up along the way.

You’ll get there. You will.

Bellarke & Clexa

I wanted to start by thanking 98% of the Bellarke shippers (yeah there is the 2% who wrote some terrible things.) I am happy that the small group of haters part of the Clexa fandom didn’t affected your interaction with the rest of the Clexa shippers through this event. Let’s face it, it would have been pretty easy to rub it in our face and drink our tears of sadness. I think we can all agree that the death scene was really cheap, like… high-school-project-cheap. I really hope to see Bellarke happen, not for myself but for all the Bellarke shippers out there. There is hope, even though the whole Pyke thing is making things complicated for your ship at the moment, I have hope Jason will have the decency to go in that direction. Because if doesn’t, honestly, he is just out of his mind or don’t know where he is going with his story. *deep breath* I really think the hole Lexa will leave will make a difference, and if not fulfilled by a positive force in the near future (which is unlikely since they wouldn’t kill what already works), the characters will have a pretty hard time. It keeps things interesting, but I am a bit scared to see the show go down the same road as Game of Thrones, where every good characters with power dies to make sure they don’t save those who don’t have it. It’s a popular recipee now, so I just hope they won’t torture the characters now that the grounder’s fate are uncertain.

So now I have a new ship, I ship our fandoms, best couple ever: #BellarkeXClexa #ClexaXBellarke #ClexaXBellarkeEndgame