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The Upside of Falling Down {II}

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: University!Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: Guys!!!! Thank you so so much for the positive response to pt. one of TUoFD!!! I’m so so so glad you guys liked it!!!  Just to let you guys know, I’m going back to university in a few days, so I won’t be as active as I’d like to be :( I made a full post about it here, so check that out if you want to know my update schedule and ask answering schedule.  Also, shout out to everyone who is going back to school this year, and I especially want to send all my love to everyone going into their freshman year at university!!! I get lots of messages from you guys asking for advice, and I just want yall to know that I am so proud of you for continuing your education, and I’m rooting for you!!!  You’re killing the game, yall.  And I’m sure university!Peter would be proud, too (didn’t know there would be so much discourse around where I decided to send him for university??? lmao oh well).  All my love.


You had been in awkward car rides before.  There was the time that eight year old you threw up all over your friend’s cute older brother on a family road trip, or the time when you had accompanied your cousin and his girlfriend on a lake trip where she said no when he asked her to marry him.  Once, on a high school band trip, you accidentally gave a boy a boner the night before travelling home, and spent the rest of the next day avoiding him over the entirety of the bus and the plane rides with the help of your friends.  All of those experiences were sufficiently awkward, but, you had come to learn, none of them compared to the bus ride back to Columbia after you discovered that your biology partner was Spider-Man.

Each of you were tense in your stance, not allowing any parts of your body to touch the other, even on the small faux leather seat.  You kept your gaze glued to the scenery outside your window, watching as the trees by the side of the road flew by.  You were hyper aware of Peter next to you as he sat with his arms crossed, eyes firmly staring at his planted feet.  He hadn’t shifted since you had settled into your seats an hour and a half ago, and neither had you.  In your mind, you couldn’t help but reply the event that had unfolded in the cave, your discovery, and what had followed.

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 11 (Final Part)

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 3571

Warnings: A lot of emotions, a lot of fluffy and a little of smut.

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta. You are the best.

You are so happy, you can’t believe that today you are finally going to sleep on your own bed. “You know, I really like to see you wearing my clothes.” You smile at Bucky’s words as he hugs you from behind.

“I like to wear them, they smell like you.” You are wearing a pair of leggings and one of his sweaters. It’s so big and comfortable. “You can keep it if you want, it looks really good on you.” You turn around kissing him on the lips. “You are going to regret this, in a couple months you are not going to have any more clothes to wear.” You say playful, taking his hair out of his forehead.

“I don’t mind, I can always steal them back and this way they are gonna smell like you.” He is so sweet, you can’t believe how kind and precious Bucky Barnes can be, especially after everything he has been through.

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Better For Me (Part 8)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao
Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn
Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?
Word Count: 2.9k+
Chapter Summary:
Bucky has had to come home after a freak accident while on duty. He feels insecure and begins to push you away but you show him that you’re not leaving and you will love him no matter what.
Chapter Warnings:
SMUT, angst, characteristics of PTSD


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[scenario] [request] red string of fate

13: “Kiss me.” 
23: “Just once.” 
31: “You lied to me.” 

(lol why do i always write angsty scenarios for eomma mingyu i’m sORRYy)

Title: red string of fate

Member: mingyu ft. established soonhoon

Genre: angst w good ending // soulmate au 

Word Count: 1565

“Even though she and I can’t see the string, we’re really happy. I’m glad I found her.”

Mingyu rests his head in his hands, hearts in his eyes, unbeknownst to him that with each word he says, your eyes struggle to contain the tears threatening to spill over.

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Happy Ever After

Written for: Bethtastic’s 6K Writing Challenge

Words: 1682

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Prompt: “You’re my dream. You’ve always been my dream.”

Warnings: AU, Slight angst, fluff, Dean Winchester being perfect, pregnancy, alcohol consumption (mentioned)

A/N: Thanks for letting me join your challenge and I hope you enjoy! All mistakes are my own, gifs are found through google. Tags are at the bottom: Tagging a few blogs that I’ve seen but if you wish to be added or removed please just let me know. I’m not offended. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: The reader discovers that she’s pregnant and prepares to tell the father her childhood friend, Dean Winchester. However, before she can tell him Dean has secrets of his own and basically happily ever afters aren’t so rare. 

    “Oh god,” you take deep breaths trying to remember how to breathe as the tiny hunk of plastic seems to mock you from the bathroom sink. “No, no, no,” you murmur trying to fight back a wave of tears. You had dreamed about this for the longest time, but now that it was staring you in the face it seemed terrifying. No, it was terrifying. How could you tell him?

      “Y/N?” Charlie’s voice drifted from the opposite side of the locked door. “Y/N, Jess and I are right here will you please unlock the door and let us in?” You stand to unlock the door before returning to the edge of the tub with your arms wrapped around you as the door swings open revealing your friends Jess and Charlie.

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Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing?

Summary: Pastel!Dan lives in an apartment complex and sits on his windowsill every night and sings. Punk!Phil listens to him every night. 
Word Count: 3906
A/N: Thank you to danisnotahobbit for the wonderful prompt and for betaing this for me! And also thank you to whalefairyfandom12 (as always) for cheering me on and correcting my grammar (: You both are awesome! Also, I’ve just reached 3k subscribers today so here’s a celebration fic xD
Song Title


There is a boy who lives across the street from Phil who has brown hair the colour of chocolate, the voice of an angel, and eyes that reflect a million stars. Phil doesn’t know when it first started, but he slowly began to drift to his slightly cracked window every night just to hear the boy sing.

He always sat upon his windowsill, picking at the lint on his pastel jumpers while his lips uttered beautiful melodies that put Vic Fuentes to shame. And Phil didn’t even know the boy’s name, or what he liked to do in his spare time, but he could slowly start to feel himself falling for the boy.

It was idiotic in a way. Phil had never met this brunette beauty before. He never heard his voice besides when he sang in the hours of the night, he never seen him in broad daylight, and he certainly didn’t know a single thing about him. And yet, Phil was in love with a voice and a boy who didn’t even know he existed.

These were the thoughts that haunted him at night, cracking his window open just a sliver before crawling to his bed to browse through Tumblr. He was somewhat embarrassed by how obsessed he had become, but the moment that Phil heard the first few cords of a Pierce the Veil song come from the apartment complex opposite his, Phil’s worries floated away and he leaned back to allow the pretty lyrics into his eardrums to embed in his memory.

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Dear Future Wife…#714

I’m exhausted and I can’t sleep. I’m scared and sad in a heavy and unnerving way. The world gets more and more complicated and it keeps on coming. And the feeling of deafeningly silent isolation and anxiety of not knowing what you’re doing or how you’re feeling is amplified tonight. Even though I know you’re safe in bed, I can’t reach for you and feel your warmth and hear the gentle slow breathing telling me you’re sleeping in peace. I can’t burrow myself in your arms and inhale your scent that always puts me at ease.

I love you. And I miss you so much my chest aches.

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what are you favorite buffy and angel moments?

Oh wow.

One of my absolute favourite moments between Buffy and Angel is in 2x19 when the poltergeist possesses Buffy and she and Angel re-enact the star-crossed lovers of the teacher/student 1) because the show sets it up to make the viewer think Buffy will actually take on the role of Ms. Newman so it’s a good twist when she’s actually James and it makes sense that she’d be James and she could sort of finally be honest about how much she misses Angel and how much she loves him while also venting her rage at the situation happening to her 2) there is such a sincerity and earnestness to the angst in that episode, like the way Buffy cries and pleads, the way Angel is vulnerable again

and that kiss was so passionate but my favourite part is when she whispers “Angel?” and he pushes her away and runs, like it’s not just heartbreaking, it’s gut-wrenching.

I also love this moment because the episode as a whole was just so well-done and gut-wrenching on all levels like Giles thinking James is actually Jenny and Willow says, “Jenny would never be so mean” in that teary-voice, like it just made that Bangel angst on absolute 100 because the episode was so tight and so emotional on all fronts.

I never watched Angel but I did watch the episode Buffy goes to LA and Angel is human and OK, that sex scene when they just go at it on the kitchen table is one of my favourites

another one my favourite moments which is when their time is running out. David and Sarah do this sense of panic very well, it’s very sincere and earnest, it really does feel like both of their hearts are breaking because they can’t be together and it’s very rare to actually make that devastation real and they do it:

Not gonna lie, one of my favourite moments is when he feeds from her in season 3 because it’s erotic and tragic and sexy and dangerous and intimate and sad and just so many emotions at once and they’re all very intense and it’s all very urgent and now or never, all or nothing, very Bangel, very BTVS:

I like their morning makeout in “Surprise” because the physical intensity is clearly at a point where both of them want to have sex and not because it’s sex but because it’s sex with each other, you get the sense that they’ve reached a point where they want to be as intimate as possible with each other:

Their acceptance/skating rink scene for obvious reasons:

When Angel comes back

and then in the subsequent episode regains his senses and saves Buffy then drops to his knees in front of her, like it’s so intimate and so sad at the same time because he truly loves her, he came back from a hell dimension loving her but it’s fucking with her head and it’s both painful and comforting at once:

The forehead kiss, it’s an intense situation but a gentle moment and it’s simple but he clearly loves her and is protective of her:

Spike’s speech in Lover’s Walk because it’s amazing and also very Bangel even thogh the “shagging” is complicated, which is partially why everything else is true

Their domestic bickering scene

Their kiss before she kills him

I cant find a gif for it but in season 4  when Angel and Riley get into a fight and Buffy breaks them apart and then asks Riley to leave so she and Angel can have a moment and Riley doesn’t move so Buffy and Angel just go outside, it was deliciously petty.

The Amends speech veers on melodrama a little bit but this is what an angst-filled, love-you-too-much, live-and-die-with-your-every-breath plus self-reflection looks like *stares at Julie Plec*

Their kiss in season 5 because it showed that even after all this time, they cant be together because the feelings are always there:

Also in 2x01 when she smashes the Master’s bones and he just holds her as she cries.

That’s it for now!

*none of these are my gifs*

Someone to love Part 6 of 6 final

Someone to love Part 6 of 6

Summary: You’d been there the whole time. Maybe now it’s time to let Steve know what he thinks he’ll never find.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Character’s: Steve, Reader, Natasha, Peggy, OC male (Reader’s granddad), Sam, Wanda, T’Challa, Bucky, Sharon,

Setting: from Captain America the First Avenger to Civil War.

Warnings: angst, minor character death, language,  

Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration requested by @angryschnauzer the song is Someone to love by Queen. What was supposed to be a one shot grew into a four or more parts cause the idea just stuck with me. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter note: While this chapter is set in Captain America Civil War the kiss between Sharon and Steve never happens as other things occur in its place.

Someone tags: @spnhybrid @iamwarrenspeace  @hellomissmabel @sapphire1727 @the-doctor-called-loki

Permanent tags: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @feelmyroarrrr @aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous @marvel-lucy

Marvel tags: @sebbytrash @ek823  @marvelfanfichq @creideamhgradochas

Someone to love Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Part six: Ever after

Shaking slightly knee jumping as your fingers play out a beat only you can hear in your head while you take in the scenery around you never imaged finding yourself in Berlin of all places.

“It’ll be okay Y/N promise I wouldn’t have said yes to bringing you this far if I thought you’d be killed,” Sharon’s smooth voice broke through your thoughts. “Besides don’t you trust me?”

Shaking your head a half smile on your face, “You know I do, but being here and heading to meet someone wanted by all governments tends to make one very nervous.”

Chuckling, “Don’t worry so much he doesn’t know you’re coming just me and their gear.”

“Why didn’t you tell him?”

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The human body is singlehandedly the most complicated thing ever created. Simply being born makes you incredibly smart. You breathe in and out anywhere from 15 to 25 times per minute without even thinking about it. Everyday your heart beats more than 100,000 times. We run marathons and drive cars, build skylines and create entire languages. You’re effortlessly operating the most complex machine in existence and, if you can do that, everything else is simple. There’s no such thing as hard.
—  Did I Ever Wake Up? - Mod Sun

Title: Happy Halloween

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader

Summary: After a party gone wrong you have to show Oswald you aren’t some damsel in distress.

Warnings: Semi-public sex, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving) sub!Oswald and dom!Reader (for the most part).

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In hindsight, you should’ve realized tonight was going to be awful. Oswald woke up moody, threw a fit when breakfast was served a minute late, and nearly shattered your favorite glass when he realized his costume wasn’t completely ready yet. Needless to say, your comment about dressing as himself and going as a drama queen didn’t land well. He spent the majority of the afternoon pointedly ignoring you. Which was perfectly fine. His tantrum gave you an opportunity to actually get work done around the mansion.

After that, Isabella came over which just worsened Oswald’s mood. If you didn’t know better you would think a literal black cloud was covering his head. It’s hard for him to see her, you know. He’s still sore over Ed falling for her, and the fact you so willingly accept her in our lives just pores salt in a wound he’s been licking for a while. You aren’t under any illusions about how you and Oswald got together. Both of you were pining for someone you couldn’t have and got together out of some desperate need for affection. Unhealthy? Of course. Does it work for the two of you? Well, you’ve been happily living together for three months now, dating for five.

The entire time Isabella stayed at the mansion to help finish your flapper dress Oswald sulked in the shadows, pouty and glaring. Eventually, your friend took the hint and left. You begged her to stay with Oswald’s scoff as background music. She could’ve been just as bitchy as Oswald. She should’ve been just as bitchy as Oswald. You would’ve understood completely. Instead, Isabella bowed out gracefully, explaining she had her own costume to complete. The one friend from Oswald’s world you’ve managed to make and he consistently drives her away.

“You’re unbelievable.” You told him at the time. Oswald just rolled his eyes and stomped off to find his own barely finished costume.

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Angels can love too

Originally posted by subcas

Pairing: Castiel x Reder

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 632

Request:  Hey I have another request 😳 do you think you could do one where the female reader and castiel have become close friends and one day she falls asleep while drawing and cas finds her sketch pad full of drawings of his wings, it’s kind of random but I love drawing and cas fluff is always great 😜 as usual please tag me so I can see it! 🤗 ( @1800-yallneedjesus )

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it! Sorry if it’s a little shitty but I’m bad at writing Castiel even tho I love him. xx

My ask box is open to anything! 

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Why Your Zodiac Sign DOESN’T Fit You!

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had someone tell me, “I know Astrology isn’t real because my sign doesn’t fit me.” Astrology is so much more complicated then just a simple sun sign. Popular magazines have cheapened the depth of Astrology with their teeny bopper “horoscopes” (which have zero to none validity). I can’t stress it enough times-YOU ARE NOT YOUR SUN SIGN. Your sun sign is like a tiny glass piece of a Mosaic. Yes, it contributes to the overall image, but without the rest of the pieces, it’s just a piece of glass. Here are some of the basic reasons you may not relate to your sun sign.

1. Moon sign- I have found from my own studies that people who are emotional, open, or confident in themselves, tend to express more as their Moon sign or as a blend between Sun/Moon.

2. All the other signs- 9 other planetary bodies, Rising sign, and not to mention over a 1,000 asteroids all have influence on you in different ways. So Sun sign+ 9 planets+1,000 Asteroids= Really individual personality.

3. House Placement- 12 houses, each relating to a different category in life. Depending on where your sun sign is placed, it’ll express differently.

4. Aspects- The astrological relationship between planets, houses and signs actually changes how different signs express themselves. For example, a Virgo sun with a conjunct Taurus moon will be much more grounded, patient then a Virgo sun with a conjunct Leo moon.

5. Chart Ruler/Dominant Sign- Every chart has a sign that appears most, or has the most influence in their chart. A Capricorn sun with a Pisces Dominant chart is probably much more emotional, intuitive, and dreamer-esque then the typical archetype of a Capricorn.

6. Draconic Sun Sign- I’ll do an in-depth post on this later, but did you know you have an entire other chart with different signs that is just as influential as your Natal chart? Maybe that’s why you’ve always felt like an Aries, even though there’s little influence in your Natal chart.

7. Culture/Childhood- If you are a Cancer dominant who grew up in a home surrounded by Aquarian dominants, chances are you may be more aloof and emotionally independent then your other fellow Cancerians.

As you can see, we are all incredibly unique, interesting, and beautifully complicated human beings. So if you are an introverted, committed Gemini or a bubbly, spontaneous Scorpio. Don’t panic. Take a breath and look at your Natal Chart as a whole to better understand. I am also here to answer any questions or confusion. Please ASK ME QUESTIONS :) I love hearing from you guys!

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I forgot the name of this fic so basically pj is a playboy and starts dating Dan (I think dan wore pastel clothing and flower crowns) and Phil is friends with pj and Phil finds out that Dan lives next to him and Phil falls in love with dan because dan sings pirce the veil songs by the window.

Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing? - Punk!Phil listens to Pastel!Dan sing on his windowsill every night

this is my own damn fic and it took me literally 10 mins trying to figure out what this fic was called :/

Jughead: “this is my girlfriend Betty and this is her girlfriend Veronica and this is Veronica’s boyfriend Archie who’s also my boyfriend for the other 6 months of the year”                                                     

Veronica: *muttering under her breath* “I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to that coin toss”                                               

Betty: “they share me year round!” *smiles happily*                             

Jughead: *side eyes her* “for now…”         

Veronica: “Jughead you seem to be under the impression you can win, so I just have two words for you: Head game”     

Jughead: *thinks about it, snorts* “please, sports have nothing to do with this Veronica, besides no one’s even heard of this-” *uses air quotes* “head game of yours”, “am I right Arch?”                                

Archie: *sweats nervously*



Fractal Point: Chapter One

{Dark Obi AU//Obitine fic}

Summary:  Following the death of Anakin Skywalker, a grieving Obi-Wan had turned.  He had turned for guidance, for purpose.  He had turned, in the only way he’d ever known how; he had turned to his lineage.  He had turned to Count Dooku… and eventually, to the Dark Side. 

He’d avoided Satine after that, ashamed of what he was, even as he took care to make sure she was safe.  But when his new Master begins to fear that old feelings are conflicting with new purpose, everything suddenly changes, and he is forced to act lest she be destroyed.  To save her, though, he must face her once again…

//chapter one under cut//

     Obi-Wan Kenobi stared out the viewport window of his personal shuttle, deep in meditation.  The Unifying Force swirled and ebbed in his vision, stretching out into the stars beyond, weaving past and future alike into its universal fabric.  Out and below, the planet of Mandalore glistened like fresh-fallen snow, a fractal point of memory long divided by conflict.  

          Once, he knew, he had looked upon this very place with a different set of eyes; younger eyes, bluer eyes, happier eyes unburdened with the harsh realities of war.  He had been so naïve, then.  So willingly blind… How strange it was, he thought, that he could still see their light despite the darkness that had fallen over him… that they had remained so much the same even after everything had changed!  It was true, he realized, that some stars must have been born since then; that others, like himself, had been overcome by darkness.  Such was the nature of finite life, he knew, even for the brightest of stars.  But although they shifted, and faded, and formed anew, they always formed the same pattern - that of the dark and the light, locked in their eternal dance.  And always, time is there to connect them, bringing history back to the place where it began… The endless cycle of renewal and destruction, of beginnings and endings and life and death.  And so, he supposes, it makes sense that he has found himself back here again after so long, even if it is just to destroy his old self one last, final time.  

       Obi-Wan’s thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of the holoprojector, its blue light drawing his gaze from the planet below.  Usually, a call from his Master would be nothing to be concerned about - his relations with Tyranus had always been civil enough, and his performance left little to be desired.  But today, he felt a certain apprehension as he strode to the projector pad, an uneasiness that he could not shake from his mind despite his considerable discipline.  Still, he had been the Count’s apprentice long enough to know that he must not reveal his doubts.  Dooku was perceptive when it came to such matters, and being a master of manipulation himself, he was difficult to deceive.

          As Obi-Wan activated the projector, he was careful to keep his head bowed, a few wayward strands of auburn falling into his gaze.  The traditional gesture was one of respect, but today it gave him a few more precious moments to school his face into the proper obedience and calm before addressing Tyranus more directly.

         "Ah, Ben.“  His old codename slid off his master’s tongue with a flourish, a simple memory embellished with more meaning than it should have held.  Surely he couldn’t know… or did he?  Was this intentional, meant to rattle him?  "I trust you have something to report.”  One elegant white eyebrow raised expectantly beneath the dark folds of Tyranus’ robe, serving both inquisition and judgement.  But what that judgement might be…

          “I do, Master.  The faction here that calls itself Deathwatch has been most cooperative, but they are a young movement, and hardly so bold as they claim…”  Kenobi stroked his beard thoughtfully, wondering how he should proceed.  I don’t want him to think continued involvement here is worth it.  But how to convince him… “I do not think that there is enough resistance here to turn events to our liking.  Perhaps a planet with a weaker neutral stance would…”

          “No… I sense that Mandalore is the key.  A planet with such a violent past is sure to harbor dormant resentment, which will work to our favor.  Remember, Kenobi, that I wish to be directly involved as little as possible…  Appearances are most important if we are to rally more neutral systems to our cause.”  His master’s dark eyes narrowed dangerously, and Obi-Wan knew that he was bordering ever closer to the invisible line that had thus far remained unbroken.  But still, he had to try, because her life depended on it.

         "No government here lasts long, Master… I fear that even if we are successful, eventually we may have to intervene to keep it in our grasp.  Surely…“

         "Mandalore may take some effort to obtain.  However, if the Duchess Satine falls, it will go a long way in aiding our cause. Without her leadership, the Council of Neutral Systems will quickly crumble, and more and more worlds will become ripe for our taking.”  Dooku’s hologram flickered, then steadied again, the stars shining brightly through his transparent image.  And her name, spoken so easily, so damningly from his master’s lips, traveling through space and time to haunt him once more… A shiver ran down Kenobi’s spine, threatening to overtake his steely composure, but he soon clamped down on the impulse, and the memories were as quickly gone as they had occurred.

          “But Master…” Obi-Wan protested, only to be cut short once more by Dooku’s holoimage.

          “Do not forget, my apprentice, that Sidious’ plot depends upon the current balance.”  The old man’s voice was a clear reprimand, but he was not angry - at least not yet, Obi-Wan mused.  In fact, he sounded tired, Kenobi realized, and not just of their conversation; today was one of those rare instances where Obi-Wan could actually see the Count’s age, where the façade between them crumbled and the almost grandfatherly bond that existed between them became evident.  Days like these, one saw an old man, and the youngest of his legacy, bonded by the whisper of a ghost, shared memory thick with sorrow.  Qui-Gon.  They never spoke of him; and yet he was there, always, the binding link between them…

          “If we are able to shift the war in our favor, Sidious will become more vulnerable - and that is when we will strike. Remember why you joined me, Obi-Wan…”  Dooku’s voice was softer now, and Obi-Wan knew that he was thinking it, too.  Qui-Gon.  "…together, we can end this terrible war and seek justice for those lives he has destroyed.“

            “Yes, Master,” Kenobi answered, almost apologetically, “I will be more mindful.”  But surely, there must be another way.  I cannot destroy her…

             "See to it that they are unaware of our influence in this matter.  I want no complications when it comes time to recruit more systems to our cause,“ Dooku reminded him, the stony façade returning in full force, “And keep in contact.  I expect full updates on your progress.”  As the hologram flickered out at last, Kenobi found himself releasing a breath he wasn’t even aware he had been holding - this whole ordeal had him deeply unsettled, and he still wasn’t entirely sure why.  Some of it, of course, had to do with her, but there was something else, too, something elusive…  He would have to meditate on it later.  For now, he would do his duty.

Thanks to @legobiwan, who inspired me to post this (admittedly sort-of self-indulgent) fic here on tumblr dot com… at least I know of one person who enjoys these two as much as I do ;)

Okay but “Bad Things” is totally an Ambrollins theme song

[Camila Cabello:]
Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do (Even if he stabbed him in the back)
I only wanna do bad things to you

So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

[Machine Gun Kelly:]
Nothing’s that bad
If it feels good
So you come back
Like I knew you would (at Survivor Series 2016)

And we’re both wild
And the night’s young
And you’re my drug
Breathe you in ‘til my face numb
Drop it down to that bass drum
I got what you dream about
Nails scratchin’ my back tatt (Who has a back tatt?? Right.)
Eyes closed while you scream out
And you keep me in with those hips
While my teeth sink in those lips
While your body’s giving me life
And you suffocate in my kiss
Then you said

I want you forever
Even when we’re not together (On different brands)
Scars on my body so I can take you wherever
Like I want you forever

Even when we’re not together
Scars on my body I can look at you whenever

[Camila Cabello:]
Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?

If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

[Machine Gun Kelly:]
I can’t explain it
I love the pain (Even if it scares him)

And I love the way that your breath
Numbs me like novocain
And we are
Always high
Keep it strange
Ok, yeah, I’m insane (A lunatic, even)
But you the same

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anonymous asked:

Anon from last night who fantasizes about you. Hi again. How, how HOOOOOOOWWWWW can you look at your daily face pic from today and NOT understand how someone could have sexual fantasies about you? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but come on! That picture? The person in that picture? Unarguably, objectively gorgeous. Period. Full stop. Simply breath taking. Ok. Done now. Love youuuuuuuuu! Bye bye.

Ok ok. Yes, even *I* will admit that the one I took today was rather flattering. I have a… complicated relationship with my appearance. But thank you. :-)