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the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco

things that fuck me up - evak edition:

- eskimo kisses
- even closing his eyes after isak says he’s not alone
- isak’s sappy face whenever he looks at even
- even telling magnus to take desperate to a new level & glancing at isak, his eyes saying ‘you know what i’m talking about’
- isak’s breathy ‘halla’ in the kitchen
- even’s face falling in the cafeteria when he realizes not even his kardamomme comment can cheer isak up
- even’s delight at hearing isak call him the man of his life
- isak’s single tear falling
- isak realizing even went to the kosegruppa  meeting only bc of him
- isak arranging the blanket around even
- even calling isak beautiful
- isak’s smile when jonas said even should break up with his girlfriend after seeing the drawing
- isak on his knees, crying
- the freedom in isak’s laughter when he comes up for air after the underwater kiss
- even touching isak’s waist before he kisses him hello
- isak blushing around even
- isak having his own 'be kind. always’ epiphany in the church
- even believing that the way to have something for infinite time is by losing it
- isak being too shy to look even in the eyes
- isak believing sonja about even not loving him
- the tiny little kisses evak exchange before sana shows up in the kitchen
- the fact that even was into isak since the first day of school
- isak out and confident and happy with even


We’ve managed to slip evolution’s leash now, haven’t we? We can cure any disease, keep even the weakest of us alive and one fine day perhaps we shall even resurrect the dead, call forth Lazarus from his cave. Do you know what that means? That means we are done, that this is as good as we’re going to get.


I can be your hero,

I can be your man

*clears throat*

I mean I respect peoples opinions if they like or dislike Vanoss or any other youtubers but the reasons here are fucking unacceptable 

[ this is a really long post sorry :””) ]

  • “He doesn’t upload daily” 
    he doesn’t but theres this thing called “editing” and how he does it is not simple he actually puts time and effort into his videos, even the guy who made the video can agree

  • “He doesn’t shoutout or play with any small youtubers”
    HE WOULD, HE DID, an example is Anthony (hes not that small hes pretty well known), Racingcatz, etc but its not his job to do that all the time because he actually has a wide range of people to play with and its his best friends

  • “He does ‘too many’ sponsored videos”
    well, not ALL the time, but with this guys point, this is Evans job if you were to hate him from trying to earn enough money from hIS JOB because of putting a sponsor, which he doesnt do that often then I don’t know what to think about you, but im gonna have to guess youre butthurt over how someone can easily make money that way

  • “Hes not personable”
    ??????????? like what ? they do know, Evan could just be shy or loses his confidence being infront of the camera too much, regardless of how he acts like how energetic and happy he is, he probably wouldn’t be able to give those reactions if people were to see his face, some confident people may not understand but he probably doesn’t approve of face cams cause it probably doesn’t really work for him

  • “Vanoss doesn’t respond to any comments”
    well, put yourself in the position of Evan, or any other well known youtuber, you would get SO MANY COMMENTS, some are negative and some are positive, Evan probably isn’t gonna respond to the negative comments, and just focus the positive comments

I can’t exactly comment on all the points made but this is just what I think :””))
again if you hate or love Evan it doesn’t change the fact almost half or most of these reasons are really not a reason to hate someone so great


You’re wrong about one thing. I’m not your “friend.” I’m your superior. The guy you owe your life to. Your surrogate father. Put all those together and I’m practically a god to you. You can even call me “Papa” if you want.


Whoniverse: Class - In Quill, we call this the First Fear. This is the one you always go back to and the one you can’t face, and everyone has it.  Everyone.  Even Quill.  A soldier without fear is useless, inefficient. They win battles, but they lose wars.

LDR Date Idea #12

Get some cute apps!

There are a handful of really great apps for both iOS and Android designed just for couples!

There are two in particular Aurora and I use:

1. Couple

Couple links you and your parntner’s accounts. Like a social media site just for two! It features a standard chat room, a calendar for important dates, lists that you can edit together, video call, phone call, and even a little room where you can doodle on your phones together!

But my personal favorite feature is called Thumb Kiss. It’s essentially a blank screen that you can touch, but when your partner touches their screen, the spot they’re touching shows up for you! And when your fingerprints touch (or “kiss”!) your phone will vibrate and the screen will flash pink. It’s super cute!!!

2. Happy Couple

Happy Coupe is a super cute trivia app just for you and your partner! Every day, the app will give you 5 multiple choice  questions about your partner, as well as the same 5 questions to answer about yourself. It’s a really cute way to get to know each other even more.

Not to mention, the app also provides relationship advice and gives you “challenges” like “Think about three things you adore about your partner and describe it to them.”





It’s under the Edit menu and is called “Convert brightness to opacity” and I didn’t even know it was an option until I was trying to edit a thing I was working on and hit it accidentally!!!!

Visual aid:

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“I still get the feeling a lot of times that Selena is around, that I can pick up the phone and call her, or that I’m going to be able to see her in a couple of days. That she’s off doing something, taking care of business. But, then I always come back to reality. I can’t even describe how upset I get, because I honestly would have taken the bullet, If I would have been there I don’t think this would have happened. I would have done something. She would still be here, and if she wouldn’t be here, then neither would I.” - Chris Perez


can someone pls tell me how this became this?