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Internet Friend /Next Door Neighbor Vernon! AU

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A/N: i wonder if i finish this or dk’s scenario first idk im so lazy but at the same time i want to write. its not called be unmotivated its called me being lazy. winks. Also an Internet AU.
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  • you’re quite different on the internet than you are in real life
  • you on the internet: aye yo what up dudes lmao
  • you irl: hi guys its me

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Thoughts about JM & JK’s trip:

Jimin’s edit showed how much he prized sharing simple things with Jungkook. They are always followed by bodyguards, managers, and fans so something as plain as walking in the streets or spending the night at an amusement park was very precious to start with but living it with someone he liked and lives the same circumstances as him, makes it more valuable. His edit made us recall how some people & circumstances can turn even the most basic things into the best situations in life just by charing them with us. Just by understanding our preferences and what we seek. 

His editing was very blurry and amateurish. Yet, he captured the happiness and fun they had better than many pros. But, you know why? because it was genuine. This is something Jimin wished to happen and it did. Again no one can win over Jimin’s strong ambition to achieve what he wants in life.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s edit looked like he loved that trip only because Jimin was part of it. It seemed as if everything meaningfully existed just so Jimin will go there, be there, eat there. He was most of the times behind guarding or waiting for him. Indeed, His focus was centered around another person. Not even once he intended to show himself. Like saying: I had fun because Jimin had fun. The food tasted better because Jimin ate deliciously. This childish ride I would usually not pick was so amusing because Jimin’s expressions and reactions were priceless …  His edit made us recall how we can still find happiness in a dear one’s smile

His editing contrary to Jimin was skilfully made and precise. He thought about everything from the storyline, to the angles, not even forgetting about the song that will marry the clips together. Contrary to many who think Jungkook do not care. This short video undoubtedly became the proof no one can deny that he is not uncomfortable with his Hyung. He used to call himself selfish but looking at him today, this boy is more caring and kind than he thinks himself. 

 Jimin’s video HERE Jungkook’s video HERE


Person A: C can’t say a pick up line even if their life depended on it-

Person C: Correction! I totally can.

//2 hours later//

Person C beside Person B on bed watching a movie as bffs: *picks up B’s phone*

Person B: What are you doing?

Person C: *secretly presses ringtone and phone rings* Hello?

Person B: I said, what-

Person C: Oh? Hm, okay. I’ll tell ‘em. *covers phone speaker*

Person B: C, who was that?

Person C: *grins* Heaven just called. They want their Angel back.

Person B:

Person C:


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Libra & Emotion ♎️🎭

(I’m not a professional but I’m a Libra Sun, Libra Moon, with Libra Dominance, and a 7th house stellium so I think this comes from a place of first hand experience)

Libra suns, like other air signs, do tend to detach from their emotions but not in the same way. Libra hates conflict. They hate tension and uneasiness. They need stability and reliability. Because emotions can be unpredictable, Libras feel the need to water their feelings down. Think of it as a filter. They try to rationalize and sort each emotion, find out the source, and put it into its proper place. So say if someone was rude to Libra, instead of reacting like their sister sign Aries would, Libra would accept the rudeness and then continue about their day thinking how and why that happened.

Libra also tends to put their feelings on a larger context. They ask themselves, I feel this way because this happened to me, but doesn’t everyone feel this exact way when this happens? So by concluding that everyone experiences a certain feeling, Libra decides they don’t need that feeling. If emotions don’t help a Libra, they get rid of them. And by get rid of them, I mean they either try to rationalize them so they don’t exist or they just try to ignore it.

Libra will ‘reject’ feelings if they do not believe they have the right to feel that way. For example, if a single Libra sees a cute couple they might have a pang of envy and feel resentment towards the couple in love. But then Libra will go “oh this is just my own bitterness, they haven’t done anything wrong, I’m just being unreasonable” and they’ll tell themselves to stop feeling like that.

Libra will also pick and choose what emotions to experience based on their environment. This sounds really weird I know. But if they’re in a group and everyone is wild and goofy and impulsive, Libra will match their behavior and try to match their emotions. For example, I won’t be excited about a something until someone else is and I feed off their energy.

Libra moons are a little more difficult to understand. They filter their feelings based on what’s “just and proper,” what benefits those around them, and what benefits themselves. Libra moon will choose to delete emotions they don’t know how to deal with. They also tend to never talk about their feelings. Or, and I’m guilty of doing this, will complain about small things so that their friends won’t ask what’s REALLY wrong on a deeper level (because if I never complained about anything, they would be concerned). Libra moons will avoid talking about their feelings. They like to help others though and by helping others, they learn about themselves. They can sometimes act as therapists, asking others how they feel about a certain situation and then those Libra moons will apply what they learned to their own lives.

After talking to other Libra moons on here, I’ve learned that I’m not alone in that Libra moons often feel hollow. Like there’s a cavern in our hearts. Most days it feels unfillable. Our emotions can overwhelm us and so we feel numb. Happiness is dulled, sadness is dulled until everything feels “meh.” There are many days when by all accounts we should be happy or excited but aren’t. It’s like eating bittersweet candy. You don’t really understand the flavor. It has both the sweetest and the sour mixed up together. Our emotions get all jumbled up together, we have trouble trying to separate them because we see how things can have both pros and cons.

Many Libra moons (and suns and 7th house stelliums) feel a continual longing. Specifically, longing for a relationship. There’s an incessant need for partnership, for a companion, to be understood. When that isn’t being fulfilled, it makes our lives imbalanced, throwing our emotions even farther off balance. At the end of the day, despite deflecting attention onto others, we secretly need love and a lot of it. The angsty phrase “I build walls just to see who cares enough to climb over” really applies here. Yes, we give other people a lot of attention. Part of that is to weed out who just likes us to listen and who actually wants to listen to us. We sort out the people who use us for validation from the people who actually care about us. When we find that there’s way more people who only use us, we can become depressed. There’s nothing quite as disheartening to a Libra moon than realizing that all your friends and family don’t ever stop to genuinely wonder how you’re doing. Despite Libra being called the fakest sign, we put that front up on purpose just to see who’s brave enough to look underneath. And unfortunately, very few people are willing to do so. Libra is a people pleaser and will seek companionship even if it is only superficial, but we will never be satisfied until we get that soulmate level connection we are looking for.

EDIT: thanks to @airmom I was reminded of a couple more key features When we do accept our emotions for what they are, it can be extremely hard to let go of them. It becomes like a grudge. Years can go by but when reminded of a situation, our feelings are just as strong as the day it originally happened. Libras tend not to hold grudges, but when they do, they hold them forever. Betrayal really hits home with this sign. If you betray a Libra’s trust, they may act like everything’s fine, they might still be friends with you, you might never even know your actions upset them, but Libras will never truly forgive you for it. This type of resentment just builds up over time. And Libras know logically that they should just get over it, but won’t. (Never tell a Libra “That was years ago, just get over it.” We can’t. We won’t. We’ll hate you for saying this because it implies we haven’t tried. We’ve tried moving on, and we already water down so many of our other emotions, just let us have this, ok?) Libras also will push to the side stuff they don’t want to deal with. They shove it into their closet so to speak. They won’t speak about it or acknowledge that it’s even there. But eventually the closet gets full and it all comes bursting out. Libras can be volcanoes. One little thing can set them off. If a Libra ever snaps seemingly out of nowhere, it’s because they’ve put off dealing with their emotions. Likely, they’re not mad at one little thing, but rather a whole month or year’s worth of frustrations. So if a Libra yells at you, it’s best just to shut up and listen. If they’re in this frame of mind and you start arguing back, they will never ever ever open up to you again. If a Libra actually trusts you enough to tell you what they’re feeling and you try to argue with them or put the blame on them, know that you’ll never earn their trust back. Ever. The next day they might act completely normal, but know this is a front and that they are mentally stabbing you. Again I just want to reiterate here that Libras do not often publicly express their anger (for fear of how others will react) so if they cry or scream in front of you, they’re at their most vulnerable and need your support. Most of the time, support in that situation is just shutting up and listening. Don’t give advice unless they ask. Just nod. Just care. And if they’re up for it, give them a hug. Not a wimpy one. A real hug. Squeeze them and tell them you love them. Libras just want to be understood.

Libras (especially moons) are daydreamers. This is a way out of dealing with reality. Libras escape in their fantasies. They write novels, direct movies, become superheroes, act out music, etc all in their heads. They’ll imagine real life situations over and over. This is why when things don’t go according to plan, they’ll become frustrated. Sometimes they just wish people could read their thoughts because it’s just hard to communicate them. The on,y time you’ll ever find a Libra unfiltered is in their fantasies. It’s the one place they let themselves be free and selfish. The world demands so much of them, their daydreams are their only escape. Libra has a strong martyr complex too. If they can’t find their inner peace, they’ll help you find yours. If they can’t be happy, they’ll try to cheer you up. If they haven’t laughed in ages, they’ll tell jokes until your eyes water and stomach hurts from giggling. They know what hollowness is like, what chaos and imbalance and self hatred is like. They help you be strong so they can tell themselves they will be strong one day too.

Because Saturn exalts in Libra, many Libras feel extreme self-hatred, unworthiness, guilt for no reason, and fear they will be dependent forever. This complex relationship between Saturn and Venus (which is Libra’s main ruler) creates tension. There’s a pull between wanting the beautiful things out of life like clothes, romance, confidence with feeling like they are undeserving of it. — Please be gentle with Libras.

Pokemon and Child Abuse

That Guzma theory really got me thinking, cuz I looked into it and it really does seem to imply that Guzma’s dad beat him with the golf clubs as a kid

and I can believe it because Sun and Moon’s underlying theme throughout the games was Family

Lusamine’s relationship with Gladion and Lillie, Lillie standing up to her mother at the end saying things like children aren’t objects who belong to their parents, Mohn disappearing and not being able to be a father to them also affected them.

But your rival Hau and his grandpa Hala have a great relationship, as well as Player and their mother. Even professor Kukui has a wife this time and semi adopted daughter in Lillie and calls you “cousin”

Every important character has their family relationships highlighted as important influences on them in this game, that really floods the whole “Family is important and will affect you” theme

So it makes sense to have the villains showcase where that theme can go wrong. When “Family” goes wrong and how THAT affects you, because really Guzma has all the telltale behaviors and thoughts of a heavily abused person

Heck Team Skull even is a family created for people with no family

*further thoughts edit*

and I kinda like how both Lusamine and Guzma as villains, showcase both sides of an unhealthy family and the influences it can have. Lusamine is an abusive Parent, Guzma was abused as a Kid. But at the end of the day, I do like that no matter how “bad” Guzma seemed to be and act like, he was still able to be redeemed and show a slight remorse for his actions as an adult, like he knew his violent tempers stemmed from his father’s violent tempers and didn’t really want to continue to the cycle, but “beating people down is all he knew”

He was like that cuz he didn’t know any other way to be, and I like that the post game stuff showed him reconnecting to his old master Hala and interacting with Kukui and building a better support network for himself, little by little, they at least showed that change was happening for him

then further with the protags they showcase three different healthier ways of having family dynamics. Player character and Mom have a great relationship with no conflict. Hau and Hala have healthy conflict where they respect eachother and can resolve issues and support eachother. Lillie and Gladion, while their mother soured their family, the way they responded back was intended to showcase the “healthy” way to respond. Lillie calling out her mother’s actions as wrong and building her own independance were the best and their sibling bonds remained each others supports (the only thing that ruined that for me was Lillie going back to her mother, which I guess I can get, if she’s her only parent. But Still. Really feel like you shouldn’t have to crawl back to abusive parents, that’s not always the best solution. Kukui is there for you Lillie let him adopt you!)

Furthermore, you can think of Team Skull and Plumeria, one of the few major characters who we DON’T know who her family, as the showcase for the effects of how not having any family at all can affect a person and how you have to try to build your own from scratch. Plumeria really does take the whole “big sister” thing seriously, she’s all they got, but also they are all that she has too.


#the way alec comes dashing in yelling continuously for imogen to stop #you can hear him in the background before he even enters the room #the way magnus flinches away when alec grabs the knife even though moments before he was calling out for his help #as if even though he was hoping alec would believe him he still didn’t trust that he would #will i ever recover from this scene


Even if I can’t see. Even if I can’t hear. I have light inside me. The path I walked with my friends, is bringing light to my future. I don’t fear anything! This isn’t even worthy of being called pain! The worst pain is… The pain of losing your light. Happy birthday Rai

trimax-na-boken  asked:

But WBC is real with actual documented incidents. What has a real SJW ever actually done besides make stupid people feel uncomfortable on the Internet

There is no such thing as “a real SJW”.  “Social justice warrior” was always a negative label from the beginning, created to designate those that are not representing social justice as it should be (kind of like how the term “weekend warrior” is used to describe someone who’s normally boring from Monday through Friday, but goes out of their way to indulge themselves irresponsibly on the weekends in an attempt to compensate).  Wearing that label unironically is like publicly proclaiming that you’re a bigot.  You’re utilizing the No True Scotsman logical fallacy here.  Also, the fact that you said “make stupid people uncomfortable on the internet” really doesn’t reflect well on you, especially when the majority of anti-SJWs are liberals, LGBTA people, minorities, etc. that are simply “uncomfortable” with how you’re poorly representing what we believe in.  The fact that there even is a divide between people that all desire equality just goes to show that someone is doing it wrong (hint: It’s not the anti-SJWs).  If anything, you’re just showing people exactly the kind of attitude that people hate about SJWs.  It’s the fanaticism.  It’s the extremism.  There are people who simply have faith in a higher power, and then there are people like WBC, who actively use that faith to try to harm others.  This is why they’re really the perfect analogy when discussing what SJWs are to activism.

In any case, are you sure you want me to answer this?  Because I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

What has tumblr done, you ask?:

    Meanwhile, the sane people of tumblr mocked the shit out of them for intentionally kicking the hornet’s nest, and then whining when they got stung.

    Why?  Because 4chan contributed over $23k to it. 

    I’m sure all of this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what SJWs have done overall.  I could probably spend weeks finding all sorts of bullshit to put on here.  I openly invite others to add onto this, as I’m sure there’s a lot that’s been left out (@takashi0 might have a list on hand).

    This is why people are against “social justice warriors”.  They are NOT representing social justice.  They are NOT supporting equality.  They are only giving liberals, activists, women, minorities, and the LGBTA community a bad name.

    The Game (Ethan Dolan)

    Originally posted by punishmedolans

    Ethan Dolan was the boy your mother warned you about. He was the bad boy who could lure you in with a single smile. Of course nobody listened to their mother and fell for him anyways. He got what he wanted and then moved on to the next one. I was probably the only one who listened to my mother, and Ethan hated that. I swore to myself I wouldn’t fall for his games, but boy did he try! Grayson was my best friend so every time I went over to their place Ethan was there trying to win me over with his pretty boy charm.

    “Gray, I’m here to help you.” I yelled as I entered their apartment.

    Grayson texted me this morning asking me to come over and help him edit the new video for their youtube channel. Of course I accepted even though that meant I’d have to deal with Ethan. It wasn’t that I hated Ethan, well never mind I totally hated him.

    “I’ve got a problem, can you help me?” Ethan asked suddenly appearing behind me.

    I rolled my eyes trying to ignore the obnoxious boy.

    “Grayson!” I called again.

    “He’s at the warehouse." Ethan said.

    I went to walk out of the door but Ethan grabbed my arm.

    "He didn’t exactly invite you over today.” He said with that stupid playboy smirk on his face.

    “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I groaned feeling the steam come out of my ears.

    “I used his phone to text you because I knew you wouldn’t accept my invite but you would accept Grayson’s." Ethan said.

    "okay, I’m out of here.” I said rolling my eyes trying to walk away again.

    Ethan ran in front of me blocking me from leaving.

    “Now that you here why don’t you hang out with me? I mean what could be better than hanging out with Ethan Dolan?” He scoffed fixing the collar of his shirt.

    “I could think of a million things better than hanging out with you.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

    Ethan chuckled before flashing his smile. I’ll have to admit his smile was breathtaking that’s probably why all the girls fell for it. I mentally scolded myself for thinking this way.

    “Come on Y/N we both know you don’t mean that." Ethan smirked.

    "Yes I do now move.” I said getting annoyed now.

    “make me move.” He smirked.

    “How about I just punch you instead?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

    “feisty, I like it.” He smirked.


    I turned around relieved to see Grayson who was looking rather confused.

    “what are you doing here?” He asked giving me a hug.

    “your brother messaged me from your phone saying you needed my help with editing.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “guilty.” Ethan smirked.

    Grayson rolled his eyes checking his phone.

    “don’t worry, I’ll put a lock on my phone so that doesn’t happen again.” Grayson said ignoring Ethan.

    “oh come on Gray it was a harmless gesture. I just wanted to hang out with a beautiful girl.” Ethan said raising his hands in defense.

    “well now that you’re here want to hang out with just me?” Grayson asked making sure to emphasize the just him part.

    I nodded my head following him to his room. Thankfully Ethan got the hint and didn’t follow us.

    “I’m sorry about him.” Grayson said turning on Netflix.

    “It’s fine Gray, really.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

    “He makes me so mad sometimes. He gets all the girls and then he treats them like crap. He’s stolen all of my girlfriends, and now girls only talk to me to get closer to E. Even worse I feel like people only come to our channel for Ethan.” Grayson confessed.

    “I hope you know I’m not like that G. I like hanging out with you, just you. Besides the Dolan twins would be nothing without you I mean it’s not called the Ethan Dolan channel.” I said giving him a smile.

    “I know, and you have no idea how much you rock for that.” He said giving me a hug.

    “so Hawaiian pizza and Netflix?” I asked giving him a smile.

    “would we be best friends if we did anything else?” He asked laughing.

    Grayson and I watched Netflix and ate pizza for a couple hours before I decided to go home. I gave Grayson a hug before walking out of his bedroom. Ethan sat on the couch with his tongue down some girls throat.

    “get a room.” I scoffed covering my eyes.

    I heard Ethan laughing as he pulled away from the girl.

    “why you jealous?” Ethan asked.

    “as if.” I scoffed.

    “who’s she?” the girl spoke up.

    “oh just some girl who has a huge crush on me but I turned her down.” Ethan told the girl.

    “please like you could handle me?” I sassed putting my hands on my hips.

    “is that a challenge?” Ethan asked standing in front of me.

    Ethan was unbelievably attractive which made me hate him even more. We stared each other down. I wasn’t going to fall in to his trap.

    “uh Ethan?” the girl spoke up from the couch.

    “not now Natalie.” Ethan said.

    “It’s Naomi.” She scoffed.

    “I don’t care.” He sassed back.

    “You’re pathetic.” I said rolling my eyes at him.

    “ouch babe that hurt.” He said putting a hand over his heart.

    “congratulations you have a dick, doesn’t mean you have to act like one.” I said glaring at him.

    “if I wanted a bitch, I would’ve bought a dog.” Ethan sassed back.

    “I’m sorry, was I meant to be offended? The only thing that really irks me is your face.” I said glaring directly at him.

    “You’re just jealous because I have a line of girls waiting to be with me.” He said very confidently.

    I looked over at Naomi who was just staring uncomfortably.

    “Naomi, is it? You might want to get out now, Ethan here thinks it’s cool to break hearts and he feels no remorse about it. He’s a player, and you’re better off without him." I said looking at the girl.

    Naomi looked at me and then at Ethan.

    "wow clearly you two have some unresolved chemistry, I’m just going to go, bye Ethan.” Naomi said before leaving.

    I rolled my eyes. Unresolved chemistry my ass!

    “and that’s my cue to leave.” I said walking towards the door but again Ethan stopped me.

    “I’m a player huh?” He asked like he didn’t already know.

    “you didn’t know, not surprising.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “well then, If I’m such a player than let’s play a game. Let’s sweet talk, let’s play fight, let’s talk 24/7, let’s tell each other good morning and goodnight everyday, let’s give each other nicknames, let’s flirt, let’s cuddle, let’s go on dates, let’s hug and kiss, and the first one that falls in love with the other person loses.” Ethan proposed.

    I didn’t even have to think about it before answering.

    “no way in hell am I doing any of that with you.” I growled.

    “why? afraid you’re going to fall in love with me?” He smirked.

    Ethan Dolan was not afraid to push my buttons and honestly it was kind of hot. WAIT WHAT ARE YOU SAYING YOU HATE HIM!

    “please, the only person falling in love will be you with me.” I said getting in his face.

    “then I guess it’s on.” He said getting back in my face.

    “oh it’s on, and when you fall in love with me I can’t wait to break your heart and give you a taste of your own medicine.” I seethed.

    What in the hell was I agreeing too? Ethan knew that making me mad would work that little asshole! Ethan bit his lip looking at me. Suddenly he put his lips on mine kissing me. I quickly pushed him off giving him a what the hell look.

    “I said let’s hug and kiss, you know unless my kissing affects you that much.” He said confidently.

    I grabbed the back of his head smashing his lips on mine. He was surprised at first but kissed me back. He licked my lip asking for entrance but I didn’t allow it. Ethan grabbed my butt squeezing it making me gasp. He took that time to slip his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance and surprisingly mine won. I backed Ethan up until he was forced to sit on the couch. I straddled his lap not breaking our kiss. I could feel him growing harder underneath me as I was grinding on his lap. He went to kiss me deeper but I pulled away leaving him wanting more. I got off of his lap now fully seeing how turned on he was.

    “oops, did I do that.” I smirked pointing to Ethan’s growing erection.

    He rolled his eyes grabbing a pillow to cover his crotch. 

    “please, you don’t affect me at all.” Ethan said.

    “that says otherwise.” I said grabbing the pillow he was using to cover up how turned on he really was.

    He rolled his eyes glaring at me.

    “It’s okay, two can play at this game.” He smirked.

    “what the hell does that mean?” I asked.

    “oh you’ll find out pretty girl. I can’t wait to win this game.” He said standing up.

    “well you won’t win so keep on dreaming.” I said glaring at him.

    I walked towards the door opening it, waiting for Ethan to say something else but he didn’t. I turned around giving him an annoyed look.

    “what no annoying comments?” I asked.

    “you’re cute.” Ethan said giving me a smile.

    I scoffed rolling my eyes before walking out the door. The worst part was, I felt my heart racing at his words. An that smile, god that smile killed me. I drove home trying to get my mind off of Ethan Dolan. I lied awake fantasizing about his perfect lips. Ethan may be the biggest douche bag to walk this planet but I can’t say he isn’t good at what he does. His lips fit mine so perfectly, it drove me crazy. I woke up the next morning with a text from Ethan.

    Ethan: good morning my beautiful princess <3

    : your princess? baby boy I don’t belong to anyone.

    Ethan: How’d you sleep? Have any dreams about me?

    : ha you wish. I didn’t think about you at all, why were you thinking about me?

    of course I wouldn’t admit to Ethan that I was up all night thinking about him. His ego is already inflated enough.

    Ethan: how could I not think about you? You’re incredibly beautiful and everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl.

    I could feel the breath hitch in my throat. Nobody had ever said something that nice too me. I keep forgetting who were talking about here, it’s Ethan Dolan he probably says that to every girl he talks too. Why wasn’t he sassing me back though? It was no fun unless he reacted to it. So many thoughts were swirling in my mind that I realized I hadn’t answered his text.

    :how many times have you used that line on a girl.

    Ethan: You’re cute when you’re fighting my affection. So ready for our date today?

    : date? since when do we have a date?

    Ethan: since that was part of the game remember? Don’t worry I already planned everything out, just make sure you wear something casual.

    I didn’t know why but a small smile formed on my face as I thought of Ethan planning a date for us.

    : ugh fine, when should I be ready?

    Ethan: that’s the spirit, and I’ll pick you up in an hour!

    I rolled my eyes putting down my phone. What was I getting myself into? I looked through my clothes trying on a couple different outfits. If I were hanging out with Grayson I would just throw on a sweatshirt and some sweatpants. Why was I trying so hard? Since when did I care what Ethan thought about me? Eventually I settled for some white skinny jeans and a black and white crop top with sandals. I finished my look with some light makeup and added a black bow in my hair. My phone lit up with a text from Grayson.

    Grayson: hey want to hang out today? Ethan won’t be here, he’s taking some poor girl on a date.“

    I felt bad. I was probably the only girl that Grayson talked to anymore and here I was going behind his back with his twin brother.

    : sorry Gray, I have plans but maybe later?

    Grayson: yeah that sounds great! I’ll message you later! 

    I was about to respond when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to reveal a smiling Ethan. He was holding a single rose.

    "for you princess.” He said handing me the rose.

    I rolled my eyes muttering a thank you. Damn he was really trying. I walked over to my kitchen putting the rose in a vase of water. I was trying not to stare at Ethan but I couldn't deny he looked good. He wore ripped skinny jeans, a fitted t-shirt and his black vans.

    “alright let’s just get today over with.” I said blowing a piece of hair from my face.

    Ethan smiled extending his hand for me to take. I gave him a look.

    “the game is to act like a couple, and couples hold hands.” He said grabbing my hand an intertwining our fingers.

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it even a little bit. He opened my car door waiting for me to get in. Before he let go of my hand he placed a light kiss on it making me blush ever so slightly. He got in the car starting it up.

    “so where are we going on this date, that is totally not a date.” I asked glancing over at him.

    “well one it is a date and two it's a surprise.” He said not taking his eyes off the road.

    “It’s not a date and I hate surprises.” I muttered.

    “It is a date and trust me you’ll like this one.” He said smiling.

    I sighed looking out the window. After a couple of minutes of just silence I felt Ethan grab my hand again intertwining our fingers. 

    “you look beautiful today, but you look beautiful everyday.” He said finally glancing at me.

    Wow. Reading that in a text is one thing, but the words actually coming out of Ethan’s mouth made my heart race. I couldn’t fall for him, and I definitely wasn’t losing this game. I mean that’s what this was all about after all.

    “You don’t look too bad yourself Ethan. In fact as soon as I saw you in my doorway I was thinking some impure thoughts.” I purred.

    Ethan’s grip on the steering wheel got tighter as he bit his lip. I laughed to myself Y/N one, Ethan zero. I wasn’t done pushing it though. I removed my hand from his and placed it on his thigh. I started rubbing it ever so slightly making him shiver. Ethan gave me a look and honestly I was dying to know what was going on in his head right now.

    “you’re trying to kill me Y/N.” Ethan breathed.

    “oops.” I smirked moving my hand off his thigh.

    He lets out a shaky breath making me laugh again. Ethan was making this too easy.

    “and we’re here.” He said pulling the car into a parking lot.

    I looked out at the pier surrounded by the beautiful water. I couldn’t fight the smile that appeared on my face. I hated him but he did know how to impress a girl. 

    “do you like it?” He asked.

    I looked over at him and he was giving me a hopeful look.

    “we’ll see.” I said smirking.

    He got out of the car running over to my side and opening my door.

    “so what are we doing here?” I asked looking at how beautiful the view was.

    “well I thought we could take a boat out and have a picnic on the water.” Ethan said grabbing my hand once again.

    I felt myself blushing. No one has ever put in this much effort to take me on a date before.

    “I can’t believe I’m saying this but that actually sounds like fun.” I said looking at him shyly.

    “hold on did thee Y/N just compliment me? Hallelujah it’s a great day!” Ethan yelled earning strange looks from other people on the pier.  

    “don’t get used to it Dolan.” I said rolling my eyes.

    He laughed before walking us down the pier. He held my hand the entire time. I looked up at him feeling my heart race again. Why do the bad boys always look so good? It wasn’t fair. I saw that Ethan was staring back at me.

    “take a picture Dolan it will last longer.” I scoffed.

    “you know what that’s a great idea.” He said taking his phone out and snapping a picture of me.

    “I didn’t mean it literally.” I said laughing a little.

    “well I need a picture to prove that angels truly exist.” He smirked bumping his shoulder into mine.

    “ooh that was bad E, I thought you had better game than that.” I said laughing at him.

    For once his flirting wasn’t annoying the crap out of me.

    “oh baby this is just the beginning.” He said.

    We arrived at the end of the pier where the boats were parked. Ethan got the boat keys out of his pocket before stepping into a cute little white boat. He held out his hand helping me in, but me being me tripped and fell. Before I could hit the ground I felt two strong arms wrap around me. I looked up to see Ethan smirking.

    “looks like you’re already falling for me.” He joked.

    I cracked up laughing as I steadied myself.

    “now that was better.” I said still laughing.

    “you know it’s been five minutes and you haven’t insulted me once.” He said starting up the boat.

    “Hey Ethan?” I asked

    “what?” He responded.

    “you’re an idiot.” I said smirking at him.

    “there she is, that’s the girl I know.” He laughed.

    He pulled the boat away, speeding across the water. I sat there in silence letting the wind blow through my hair. It was actually kind of peaceful, you know if I wasn’t with Ethan. I couldn’t see any sign of land now, we were just surrounded by water and each other. Ethan stopped the boat just letting it float on the waves. He stared at me as I stared at the view.

    “why do you keep doing that.” I asked looking at him.

    “doing what?” He asked playing dumb.

    “staring at me? and if you say it’s because you think I’m beautiful, I’m going to punch you.” I threatened.

    Ethan laughed before looking at me again.

    “I guess I’m just trying to figure you out, you’re different, not what I expected.” He said coming over and taking the seat beside me.

    “I don’t like to do what people expect. Then they expect it all the time and are disappointed when you change.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

    “so if you disappoint them from the start you’re covered.” He said laughing.

    “yeah something like that.” I laughed along too.

    “well then you screwed up.” Ethan said scooting closer to me.

    “how?” I asked.

    “well you’ve never disappointed me.” He said dangerously close to my face.

    I didn’t know what I was doing, it’s as if I wasn’t in control of my body. Ethan leaned down placing his lips on mine and I let him. This kiss was just as good as the first one. This time however, I was the one licking his lip asking for entrance which of course he allowed. I don’t know what was coming over me but I couldn’t stop myself. Ethan gripped my hips bringing me closer to him. I shivered at his touch on my bare skin. I knew I had to stop this before it went any farther. I placed my hands on his chest pushing him back a little bit.

    “we should eat, don’t want that food to go to waste.” I said slowing my breathing.

    He nodded his head pulling out the picnic basket. Inside he had all my favorite foods. We ate in silence, the whole time Ethan just stared at me and I stared back at him. I couldn’t help but blush. To be honest, I’ve never even had a boyfriend before and certainly no one who put this much effort in to spending a day with me. I shouldn’t feel special though, I had to remember he was only good at what he does because he's had a lot of practice. I sighed and let my eyes wander out to the water. A pod of dolphins were swimming right near our boat.

    “look dolphins!” I said rushing towards the side of the boat.

    I watched the dolphins swim gracefully through the water. Ethan got up joining me too.

    “wow it’s beautiful.” Ethan said admiring the sea creatures.

    I looked over at Ethan, he looked like a little boy seeing something for the first time, for once he had real emotion behind his eyes. Suddenly a rough wave hit the side of the boat sending me straight in the water. I started to panic, I couldn’t swim. I struggled in the water before I felt myself slowly sinking.

    “Y/N!” Ethan screamed.

     He ripped his shirt off before diving in the water. He grabbed me by my waist pulling my head above water.

    “Ethan I can’t swim.” I cried out.

    “It’s okay I got you.” He said swimming towards the boat.

    Ethan pushed me back up on the boat before pulling himself up. He rushed over taking my face in his hands.

    “are you okay.” He asked stroking my cheeks with his thumbs.

    I coughed up a little bit of water before nodding my head slowly. I felt embarrassed.  

    “you scared the hell out of me do you know that?” Ethan said looking in my eyes.

    I looked back in his eyes. They looked genuine, like he was really worried about me. Maybe I had him all wrong. Maybe he wasn’t the terrible person I made him out to be. Maybe I was the terrible person.

    “I would’ve let me drown if I were you, from how mean I’ve been to you.” I said giving him a small smile, my voice still a little hoarse.

    “what are you crazy? then I would have to start taking out girls who actually like me.” He joked sitting beside me.

    “please like you could find any.” I said laying my head on his shoulder.

    “see who needs affection when you have blind hatred.” He said wrapping an arm around me.

    “you know I don’t actually hate you right?” I said lifting my head to look at him.

    “honestly you could’ve fooled me.” He said looking down at me.

    “I just think it isn’t fair that you make girls fall for you and then crush them by moving on to someone else. You know you can get any girl you want and you use that to your advantage.” I said honestly.

    Ethan looked down at his feet like he was contemplating what I had just said.

    “You’re right I am an asshole and a player but it’s only because I know what I want. I’m looking for something real and all the girls I’ve been with haven’t been real with me. They only want to be with me because they think I’m good looking, or because they like guys that are muscular, or because Gray and I are famous now. Nobody has ever liked me for me, so I feel like I have to put on this bad boy act to keep myself from getting hurt.” He admitted still looking down at the ground.

    Wow. I didn’t think there was any depth to Ethan but here he was pouring his heart out to me.

    “Ethan, I don’t know what to say.” I admitted looking at the boy.

    “plus, I can’t get any girl I want. I want you and you seem to be quite the challenge.” He said smirking.

    I rolled my eyes, gosh he was cheesy.

    “I’m not an easy prize to be won Ethan Dolan you’ll have to try harder than that.” I said laughing. 

    “not everyone can be an expert at love Y/N.” He said looking at me.

    I was the one looking at my feet now.

    “actually, I’ve never even had a boyfriend.” I said looking up at his surprised face.

    “wait you’re serious?” He said still in shock.

    “Is it that surprising?” I asked suddenly feeling self conscious.

    “well yeah, I mean you’re perfect. You’re beautiful, smart, and funny. Any guy would be crazy not to want to go out with you.” He said.

    I could feel the heat return to my cheeks.

    “do you really mean that Ethan, or are you just saying that to win the game?” I said laughing a little.

    “I mean every single word." 

    He leaned down quickly pecking me on the lips. It was simple but I think that was my favorite kiss we shared only because it was full of raw emotion. Ethan and I just sat and talked for what felt like hours. We told each other embarrassing stories from when we were little and talked about our favorite things. I didn’t realize how late it had gotten until my phone lit up with a text from Grayson.

    Grayson: are you done with your thing? I’m bored and need my best friend. Ethan hasn’t texted me either, it must be going well with the girl. Poor, stupid girl doesn’t know what she’s getting in to.

    "oh no!” I said looking at my phone.

    “what’s wrong?” Ethan asked.

    “I told Grayson we could hang out later tonight.” I said.

    Ethan looked out at the water clenching his jaw.

    “so you and Grayson huh.” He said still looking at the water.

    “why are you jealous?” I asked smirking.

    “no, why would I be jealous. This is a game remember. I could care less who you talk too.” He snapped starting up the boat.

    I was taken back. What happened to the sweet boy from a couple of seconds ago?

    “clearly someone is on their period.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “whatever.” Ethan growled.

    We sat in silence the rest of the way back to the pier. He stopped the boat hopping out to the pier. He didn’t wait for me and started to walk away. I can’t believe how ignorant he was being! I jumped out of the boat nearly falling in the water again. I had to run down the pier to keep up with him. He got in the car slamming the door shut.

    “what is your problem?” I snapped.

    “I don’t have a problem.” He snapped back.

    I rolled my eyes turning away from him. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I was starting to believe he wasn’t a complete asshole but he just ruined that. He took the turn to go to his house making me alarmed.

    “where are you going?” I asked.

    “to our house, you said your hanging out with Grayson.” He growled.

    “No you have to take me home first, I can’t show up with you then he’ll know that you took me on a date.” I said turning towards him.

    Ethan had a hard look in his eyes and he was still clenching his jaw.

    “what don’t want to be seen with me?” Ethan snapped.

    “actually no, I don’t.” I sassed back.

    Ethan rolled his eyes before turning around and driving to my house. He pulled up at my house not saying anything. I gave him a look before getting out. He pulled away quickly speeding down the road. I quickly ran in changing my outfit, throwing one of the sweatshirts Grayson gave me over my head. I go back outside getting in my car and heading over to Grayson’s. I arrived shortly but Ethan’s car wasn’t there. I shrugged my shoulders getting out of the car and walking in the apartment.

    “you’re here!” Grayson said running over to give me a hug.

    I smiled returning his hug.

    “how was your day?” He asked putting some popcorn in the microwave.

    “I don’t know honestly.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

    “how don’t you know?” He asked laughing.

    “Grayson it’s so complicated I don’t even understand it.” I said joining in on his laughter.

    He pulled out the popcorn, walking in to their living room. I followed him sitting on the couch.

    “It’s your turn to pick a movie.” He said tossing me the remote.

    I smiled at him scrolling through the Netflix movies.

    “by the way nice sweatshirt.” He said throwing a piece of popcorn at me.

    I scoffed before getting a piece and throwing it back at him. Soon Grayson and I had got in a huge food fight. Before I could throw another piece at him he tackled me off the couch on the floor. He was sitting on me while holding my arms above my head.

    “get off of me you loser.” I laughed struggling under him.

    “not until you say that I’m the greatest.” Grayson said laughing too.

    Grayson and I just had a naturally playful relationship, but I didn’t see him as anything more than a friend and as far as I know he didn’t see me as anything more than a friend either.

    “my mother told me to never tell a lie Dolan.” I smirked sticking my tongue out at him.

    Grayson was about to respond when the front door slammed open. Ethan walked in followed by a girl I had never seen before.

    “get a room.” He growled at me and Grayson.

    Grayson got off of me giving me a hand up.

    “who’s this?” Grayson asked gesturing towards the girl.

    “Victoria.” Ethan said simply looking at me.

    “It’s Vanessa.” She said giving Ethan a dirty look.

    “oh well Hi Vanessa, Y/N and I are watching a movie out here.” Grayson said looking at Vanessa and then his twin.

    “I love movies.” Vanessa said looking at Ethan.

    “I guess we’re watching a movie then.” Ethan said.

    I looked at Grayson rolling my eyes. The last thing I wanted was to watch Ethan stick his tongue down some other girls throat, like who the hell did he think he was. He was the sweetest person earlier and now he was bringing home some girl. I sound jealous, I am most definitely not jealous. I really need to stop.

    “well it’s Y/N’s turn to pick a movie.” Grayson said sitting on the one side of the couch.

    Ethan sat down pulling Vanessa in to his lap. I picked a random movie before sitting down beside Grayson.

    “I’m sorry, this isn’t how I wanted tonight to go.” Grayson whispered in my ear for only me to hear.

    I gave him a smile before laying my head on his shoulder. Grayson wrapped an arm around me pulling me closer to him.

    “you really have to stop apologizing for your brothers stupidity.” I whispered before laughing.

    Grayson busted out laughing making Ethan look over at us. I looked at him giving him a smirk. Suddenly Ethan grabbed Vanessa, kissing her roughly. She immediately kissed back starting a full blown make out session between the two. He was trying to make me jealous, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. I ignored him, giving all my attention to Grayson. Eventually the movie became something in the background, Grayson and I were making fun of each other and just telling silly jokes to make each other laugh.

    “tell me Gray, how many times did your mom drop E on his head when he was a baby?” I asked giggling.

    I doubt Ethan heard me seeing as he was too busy making out with Vanessa.

    “oh, way too many times to count.” Grayson said making me laugh even more.

    “I don’t think Vanessa is very smart either.” I joked looking at the girl.

    “I’ve probably met rocks smarter than that girl. Plus she has to be pretty dumb to go out with Ethan.” Grayson said which caused another fit of laughter from the both of us.

    “I mean he forgot her name, who sticks around after that!” I exclaimed.

    “I don’t know, obviously Victoria.” He said.

    I couldn’t stop laughing. Grayson was just that person that you couldn’t be upset when you were around him. I was truly thankful for that!

    “I’ll be right back G.” I said getting up.

    I went to the restroom using it quickly. I washed my hands before walking out. As soon as I opened the door Ethan was standing there with an angry look on his face. 

    “what’s so funny?” He asked.

    I looked up at him smirking.

    “wouldn’t you like to know?” I sassed.

    He growled pushing me back in the bathroom before closing the door.

    “How’s Victoria?” I asked purposefully getting her name wrong.

    “she’s great, probably the best kisser I’ve ever met.” He said glaring at me.

    “so that’s why you can’t remember her name right?” I smirked again.

    He clenched his jaw, getting upset.

    “look just stop flirting with Grayson, it’s getting annoying.” He growled looking at me.

    “you’re not my boss, so I can do whatever I feel like. Besides you said yourself it’s just a game remember.” I growled back at him.

    “why do you have to be so complicated?” He growled.

    “Me? You’re the one that said all this stuff on our date and then started acting like a dick out of nowhere. Than you bring some stupid girl home and spend the whole time with your tongue down her throat, now if you’ll excuse me I’d like to get back to my friend!” I said pushing Ethan out of the way and exiting the bathroom.

    Who the hell did he think he was? He couldn’t tell me what to do! Why was he acting like this? I sat back down next to Grayson still wrapping my head around everything.

    “uh what happened to you?” Grayson asked looking at me.

    I was about to respond when Ethan stormed in the room.

    “I’m sorry Victoria, I need you to leave.” He said pointing to the door.

    Grayson looked at me giving me a confused look. Vanessa got up stopping in front of Ethan. She slapped him hard on the cheek.

    “It’s Vanessa, and by the way I was only with you because you’re famous!” She said before storming out of their apartment.

    Ethan stood by the door breathing heavily.

    “should I leave?” I asked Grayson who was staring at Ethan.

    “No, wouldn’t want to ruin your date!” Ethan snapped.

    Grayson and I looked at each other before busting up laughing making Ethan even angrier.

    “Ethan we are not on a date. Y/N is my friend, we always have movie nights, but we aren’t on a date.” Grayson said looking at a dumbfounded Ethan. 

    “I really should head out Gray, it’s getting late. Goodbye Grayson.” I said standing up and giving him a hug.

    I walked past Ethan giving him a smirk.

    “goodnight Ethan.” I said giving a fake smile.

    “why didn’t you tell me you didn’t like Grayson like that?” He whispered staring me down.

    “you never asked. so next time instead of being jealous and turning into a gigantic asshole, just talk to me.” I said patting his arm.

    I walked out of their apartment immediately pulling out my phone and sending a quick text to Ethan.

    : you’re making winning this game too easy, better step up your game Dolan. I think I have a new name for you, Mr. I’m Jealous.

    I laughed getting a quick response from Ethan.

    Ethan: I wasn’t jealous.

    : Sure Jan.

    Ethan: I wasn’t!

    : and I quote “stop flirting with Grayson, it’s getting annoying.”

    Ethan: fine, I may have been a little jealous…

    : a little?

    Ethan: look I already admitted I was jealous.

    : I know, I’m just having way too much fun with making you fall for me.

    Ethan: you just wait darling, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that will have to begging to be my girlfriend.

    : Sure Jan.

    I laughed as I pulled in to my apartment complex. I stared at my phone waiting for Ethan to text back. I took a deep breath realizing what I was doing. You Like Him my subconscious screamed. I don’t like him! or do I? I can’t like him, he was no good for me, I would just end up getting my heart broken. But the way he saved you from drowning today, and he was so worried about you my subconscious argued making me scream. My phone lit up snapping me out of my thoughts. I ran over picking it up, hoping it was Ethan. wait what? I looked to see it was just Gray.

    Grayson: what the hell was up with Ethan tonight?

    : on his period probably?

    Grayson: I mean he’s just never acted that way with a girl before. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Ethan likes you.

    I nervously laughed looking at the text. I wanted to tell Grayson about the game and our date today but I knew he’d be really hurt.

    : ha, that’s a good joke G.

    Grayson: I know right? I’m shuddering at the thought of you and Ethan together!

    I took a deep breath, would it really be so bad? I mentally scolded myself, I don’t even know who I am anymore!  

    : oh gosh me too that’s gross!

    Grayson: well I’m glad you haven’t fallen for Ethan’s stupid game. I’ll text you tomorrow, got to get my beauty sleep! goodnight Y/N!

    : goodnight G!

    I didn’t get any sleep that night though. “I’m glad you haven’t fallen for Ethan’s stupid game.” replayed in my head and tormented me all night. I wasn’t sure if I did or not, I mean I agreed to his game but was I really falling for the boy I swore I never would fall for? I woke up to a loud knocking on my door making me groan. I got up quickly checking myself in the mirror before opening the door. Ethan stood their smiling and holding another rose.

    “what are you doing here?” I asked stepping aside so he could come in.

    “thought I’d come make you breakfast.” He said walking inside carrying a little bag.

    “you want to make me breakfast?” I asked giving him a look.

    “as an apology, you know for being such an ass last night.” He said sitting the bag on my kitchen counter.

    “yeah, you were an ass last night.” I said stifling a laugh.

    “I thought we got past this!” He said laughing a little too.

    “it depends what are you making me for breakfast?” I asked hopping up and sitting on the counter.

    “pancakes with fruit!” He said pulling the ingredients out of the bag.

    “than I might just accept your apology.” I said laughing.

    Ethan started making pancakes while making small talk. He was interrupted by his phone ringing.

    “hey can you get that for me?” He asked looking at his messy hands.

    I laughed picking up his phone and answering it.

    “hello?” I said in the phone.

    “Y/N?”  Grayson’s voice rang from the other end.

    I mentally started to panic. I didn’t want Grayson to find out, at least not in this way!

    “what are you doing with Ethan’s phone?” He asked accusingly.

    come on Y/N think of plausible lie!

    “he uh came over to apologize for last night and left his phone here.” I lied easily. 

    “oh, well when he realizes he’s missing it tell him to call me.” Grayson said thankfully buying my lie.

    “will do Gray!” I said hoping to end the call.

    “okay thanks, see you soon.” He said

    “yeah, bye.” I said hanging up.

    I sighed in relief looking up at Ethan who was now just staring at me.

    “don’t give me that look, it’s complicated okay.” I said handing Ethan his phone.

    “wasn’t going too.” He said smirking.

    I sighed sitting back on the counter. I felt like a terrible friend.

    “you didn’t even say anything about my lock screen.” Ethan said tossing me his phone.

    I caught his phone hitting the home button. I blushed as I saw the picture he took of me on the pier as his background.

    “It really is a cute picture.” He said taking the pancakes out of the skillet.

    He put my pancake on a plate before handing it to me to decorate with fruit and whipped cream.

    “you’re ridiculously cheesy do you know that?” I asked him laughing.

    “but ridiculously cute too right?” He asked getting his pancake too.

    I put all sorts of fruit on mine before grabbing the can of whip cream. I squeezed the top of it but nothing was coming out. I furiously shook it while holding down the button. Whip cream shot out of that can getting all over Ethan. I cracked up laughing looking at a whipped cream covered Ethan.

    “come here babe.” He said reaching out for me.

    “No!” I said running away from him.

    Ethan chased me through the living room eventually trapping me.

    “Ethan please it was an accident.” I said laughing.

    “I just want a kiss babe.” Ethan said leaning in.

    He kissed me getting whipped cream all over me too. I kissed him back, cupping his cheek with my hand even though it was covered in whip cream too. Ethan pulled away smiling at me.

    “let’s get cleaned up and enjoy our pancakes.” He said smiling.

    We wiped off all the whipped cream before sitting down with our pancakes.

    “so why don’t you want Grayson to know you’re with me?” Ethan asked breaking the silence.

    I took a deep breath looking at Ethan.

    “don’t just tell me it’s complicated, explain to me why it’s complicated.” He said staring me down.

    I didn’t know if I should tell him. I feel like that is something personal Grayson told me that I shouldn’t share with his twin.

    “Grayson is my friend, and he feels that you steal a lot of what he has. He also feels like people only talk to him to get closer to you. It would hurt him to find out about this.” I said not being able to look at Ethan.

    Ethan doesn’t respond immediately which makes me worried.

    “I’m a bad brother.” Ethan says looking up at me.

    “you’re not a bad brother, you just need to reconnect with him.” I said grabbing Ethan’s hand across the table.

    “how do I do that?” Ethan asked.

    “hang out with him, talk to him, let him know you’re still here for him.” I said giving him a smile.

    “you’re incredible do you know that?” Ethan said smiling.

    “and so are these pancakes.” I said taking another bite.

    Ethan laughed finishing his pancakes as well. When we were done, Ethan helped me clean up the kitchen.

    “I should probably call Grayson.” Ethan said putting the last plate away.

    “yeah you should, and spend the day with him if you want, I’m not going anywhere.” I said smiling at him.

    Ethan stared at me just smiling.

    “you know after this game is over we might just be friends.” Ethan said pulling me in to a hug.

    “in your dreams E.” I laughed hugging him back.

    I didn’t want to be friends. I wanted to be so much more than that. I sighed as Ethan walked out of my apartment. He was winning this game, and honestly at this point I was letting him.

    part two

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    I was really trying to work on a new project and this is kinda the end result of all my efforts from that day…

    Trying to evoke different Star Wars villains through the Mortis character, Dave Filoni, at the end of that working experience, of doing those three episodes, he goes “Hey, what do you think about the idea that Darth Maul maybe survived the fall and being cut in half?” Cause there was some rumbling at that time that that had happened. And I’m like “Yeah…I don’t know. That’s a little weird. That’s strange.” And he’s like “Yeah. Anyway, there might be something down the road for you.” And I’m like “What? Like a bounty hunter?” And he’s like “Yeah, maybe.” And then I leave. And I had no idea what he was trying to tell me there at the time. Even though he made it fairly obvious. And then a year later I got a phone call, he calls me up and he goes “Listen, man, I need Darth Maul. Can you do it?” Like any smart actor I did what you must do: I lied.