can i daddy please please please can i

remember when Emma and David tried to build a crib for the baby and they had NO idea what they were doing and Emma read out the instructions while David picked up random pieces of wood and they both had identical looks of confusion on their faces and then they got immediately and simultaneously and deeply offended at the suggestion that maybe they should let a professional do it

good times, good times

Please Don't Hit On Taken Littles

This has happened to me multiple times and it has been getting out of hand, but I hope that I am speaking for most all littles when I say that if in our bios it says taken, do not hit on us. Us as littles are loyal to our daddies, and sometimes feel uncomfortable when getting hit on by other people who want to be our doms. Also if we tell you straight away we are taken please do not throw us aside and treat us like we don’t matter because we are taken. We littles can be very fragile and sentive, I know I am. Please, reblog if you agree! Also this goes for daddies too! If single littles hit on taken daddies, it can give the exact same feeling. So please do not hit on taken daddies or littles. Thank you for reading! ~baby-kitten2301

changed in an instant

an: I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop crying at the idea of captain hook holding his newborn daughter. thanks to @swans-and-pirates for encouraging me! <3

Everything happens so fast.

One minute, he’s sound asleep, woken by Emma’s insistent grip on his forearm, and the next, he’s standing in the hospital room at three in the morning, watching as the doctor gives the squealing red infant to her mother.

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Mother's Day
  • Baby Holmes: *whispers* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *sleeping*
  • Baby Holmes: *climbs onto the bed and sits on Sherlock* Daddy!
  • Sherlock: *stirs; mumbling* Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: It's Mummy's Day and nothing's ready.
  • Sherlock: *turns and blinks at his clock* It's four in the morning... *groans* Five more minutes, cutie, okay?
  • Baby Holmes: *sniffling* But Daddy the present isn't ready or the card and I need to make Mummy's breakfast.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; rubbing his eyes* Darling, you can't-
  • Baby Holmes: *uses her puppy-dog eyes* Please, Daddy.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • *several hours later*
  • Baby Holmes: *tugging Molly's arm; excited* C'mon, Mummy, I made breakfast and tea. Daddy helped a bit.
  • Molly: *giggling* I'm coming, darling.
  • Baby Holmes: *runs to the sofa* In here, Mummy...
  • Molly: *grins at the tray of breakfast, coffee, presents and chocolates* Awww, thank you, my darling *cuddles her daughter* Sherlock, look...
  • Sherlock: *snoring on the sofa, empty mug of coffee and camera in his hands*
  • Baby Holmes: *whispers* Shall I get a blanket?
  • Molly: *smiles; nods* Yes...and a big kiss when you get back.

ask-perona  asked:

Dilf stands for "Dad I'd like to fuck" but you're not even a father-

He does not say anything. But he’s full of judgment for that person who called him a DILF now.

Wow, this sketch is old. And unfinished.

Drew this after the release of Chapter 700 and before Sarada gaiden.

dear daddy

Dear daddy please tell me what did I do wrong?
for me to be your personal punching bag I know the list is long
For you to stare at me with cold eyes so full of horror and hate
And I know my unanswered questions will only just have to wait
But as I rack my mind to find a reason for you to look at me with such disgust
I come up with nothing as to why?
Why do you hate me so much?!
So tell me please daddy what have I done wrong?

Dear daddy please tell me, why can’t you love me like you did before?!
Why they get smiles happiness and laughter
And I get kicked to the floor
Why your words cut like knives and your tongues laced with venom
And I come up with nothing as to why
Why can’t you treat me the way you treat them?!
So tell me please daddy what have I done wrong?

Dear daddy please stop, your scaring me now
I know your angry and I’m to blame somehow
Your eyes burn with fire and a hatred so deep
And all you despise you fling onto me me
My body flies back as red Crimson begins to seep
And still your fists fly as I fall to sleep
So tell me please daddy what have I done wrong?

Dear daddy please stop, I can’t even breathe
Your holding too tight why can’t you just see
Your face contorts with anger, disgust and repulsion
But at least that’s something, some type of emotion,
Dear daddy please tell me why it brings you such joy?
To brand me and mark me, as if I’m just some toy
So tell me please daddy what have I done wrong?

Dear daddy please stop, I can’t take no more!
My body’s covered in bruises, my bloods on the floor,
I lie here beneath you, unmoving and weak,
So numb so tired, I can’t even speak!
The blade cuts deep as its pressed against my skin
Opening up the flesh, pouring out what’s within,
So tell me please daddy, why it brings you such glee?
To watch me dying, suffering slowly

Dear daddy please tell me, why did you cry?!
As they buried my body, all I could wonder was why?!
Why did you stop when I could breathe no more,
When all that was left, was a heap on the floor
Dear daddy please tell me, what have you done?
I’m six feet under, I guess that you’ve won
So tell me please daddy what had I done wrong?

By Zara Idris xo- (work is completely,originally and Exclusively mine- thank you)
Break-Up Baby Part 11 - Requested (Luke)

canada-cutie-xo said: Hi, omg. I’m obsessed with the Break-Up-Baby series!!! Would you do another part PLEASE!?!

Anonymous said: Break up baby part 11 please!! :)

sufi-5sosfam said: Hi :) can you please do a Break-up Baby part 11!! I love your writing btw. <3

Enjoy!!! You can read the other parts first if you haven’t: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 

“Look there’s daddy”, you’re standing in the hallway. Luke just came out of his hotel room.

“Hey mate!” his face lights up as soon as he sees Acer.

“Dadda”, Acer picks up his pace and pulls on your hand.

“Go and say hi”, you let go of his little hand. He waddles all on his own to Luke, who has sunk through his knees to be at Acer’s level.

“Hey mate”, Luke wraps his arms round Acer’s body, picks him up and gives him firm cuddle. “Daddy missed you”, his lips press on Acer’s cheek.

“He missed you too”, Luke’s eyes flash to yours. The fire in his eyes light up and you already know his guard is up, ready to fight you. “Do you have time for us?” you don’t want to get into a huge argument right away, you hope you just can spend some time together.

“Sure”, Luke turns with Acer on his arm, walking back into his room and you follow.

“Oh, you got him some blocks”, you point to the play area that Luke has set up. “He will like that”, you smile.

“I hope so”, he puts Acer down and he walks straight to the playmat. You sit down on the bed, watching your son discovering his new toys. “So”, Luke says sitting down next to you. You feel the tension in your soul build up, but you aren’t ready to battle him.

“Luke?” your voice is soft and you move your eyes to him. “Can we talk about what you said yesterday?”

“I think we already started”

“I don’t mean right now, when Ace is in bed”

“No be”, you hear. Acer is looking at you, his eyes big and round.

“No not yet baby. Later, when you’re tired”, you smile. He smiles back and starts playing again. “Okay?” you turn back to Luke.

“Yeah, lets enjoy him for now”

“Exactly”, you smile. You take Luke’s hand in yours and stand up. His eyes look surprised into yours. “Come and play with our son”, he stands and you walk to your playing boy. You sit down with Acer between the two of you.


You sit back and watch Luke interact with Acer. Your hearts swells by the sight. This is how it should be, how it’s meant to be says the little voice in the back of your head.

“What?” Luke looks at you, he places his hands behind him and leans on them. His voice snatches you out of your thoughts.

“Nothing. Why?”

“You just have this weird smile on your face”, he smirks at you.

“I don’t smile weird”, you push his shoulder trying to tackle him, but he’s too strong and doesn’t fall.

“You definitely did a minute ago”

“Like you know what weird is”

“Uh yeah”

“Oh really”, you raise an eyebrow at him. “So every time you look in the mirror you’re startled by the weird face that looks back at you?”

“When one of the boys is with me, yeah”

You roll your eyes and laugh. “You’re mean Hemmings. Hope that it doesn’t rub off on him”, you gently stroke Acer’s head.

“I’m sure he’ll grow up heaving your big heart”

You don’t know what comes over you, but you find yourself pressing your lips on Luke’s cheek. “I’m sorry”, you say quick pulling back, your eyes big and your breathing shallow.

“Don’t be”, Luke doesn’t look so taken back as you feel. He just locks his eyes with yours, but you can’t take it at the moment.

“Come on boy, it is time for bed”, you pick up Acer and carry him to the bathroom. “Let’s get ready”, you press your lips on his head. You should really get him in the bath first, but you can’t be bothered. “We’ll do bath time in the morning, good?” Acer just crows so you decide he’s fine with it. You take off his little converse shoes, his dungarees and striped top. You change his diaper and put on his two pieced pajama with the top saying: my dad is a rock star. You pick him up again, giving him a little cuddle and walk back into the room. Luke has already darken the room and prepared the cot. You lay Acer down. “Nighty night baby boy”, you stroke his fuzzy hears and kiss his forehead. Luke coves him up and hands him his favorite stuffed animal.

“Night mate”, Luke rubs Acer’s tummy. You both take a step back, but not taking your eyes of your son. Luke places his hand on your hip and steps towards you. He wraps his arms round you, a tingle goes through your body. You rest your back against his chest and he rests his cheek against the top of your head. Standing like this you watch your son gently close his eyes and drift away to dreamland. You keep watching him until you are sure he is sound to sleep.

“How is your mom?” your voice is dimmed, not wanting to wake Acer. “I haven’t spoken with her in a while”

“Good. She’s thinking of coming to visit. She wants to see Acer, seeing him through a screen is not the same”

“I get that”

“Next time I go home is with Christmas and that’s months away”, he pauses a sec. “And I don’t think you’ll give him with me, with Christmas to go to Australia”, you sigh and get yourself out of his arms.

“I don’t want you to deny him. And he needs to get to know his home in Australia and his family. But just thinking that I want be with him, that he will be so far away and that at Christmas. It kills me Luke”, you sit down on the end of the bed and stare to your feet.

“I get that (Y/N), cause I feel the same way”, he sits down next to you. “It would all be so much easier if we would still be together”

“It would make things a bit easier, but doing the tour together might solve some things”, earlier today you got the call that the tour with 5SOS was a go.

“It’s not the same”, he takes your hand and lays it in his laps not letting go.

“I know Luke, but what do you suggest? Us getting back together?” you look at him.


“I don’t know if that’s a good idea”

“Why not? We made a good team once”

“Made, once. The right choice of words”, you place your hand on top of his. “Luke, you broke up with me, remember? Can you give me a security that we will stay together?” your frown makes a deep groove in your forehead.

“I was insecure and got scared. I was stupid of letting you go, but things have changed. Look, we even got a beautiful little boy over there”

“Exactly, things have changed. I have changed too. I’m not the same girl anymore that you broke up with”, he leans in. “Luke, no”, you shake your head.

“I have to (Y/N), I love you. Yes you have changed, but in the core you are still the same girl. The girl I lost my heart to”, he takes your cheeks in his hands and brings his lips to yours.

“Don’t Luke”, you move back so your noises are just touching. “We have to be smart, we have to be thinking about Acer”

“What is so bad about his mum and dad being together?” he presses his lips to yours. You move your lips with his. He slides his hand to your waist, pushing you down on the bed. He detaches his lips from yours and moves them to your neck, gently sucking on it. A moan leaves your lips, bringing you back to reality.

“Stop”, you push Luke away and rush up. “You can’t solve it with sex Luke”

“How can I solve it then?” he reaches for your hand but you take a step back.

“I don’t know”, you want to yell it, but keep your voices down. You turn around and walk for the door.

“Marry me”, your hand is already on the door handle when you hear these words that are making your blood rush through your veins. You turn your head and Luke’s eyes lock with yours. “Marry me (Y/N)”


Part 12

okay so Captain Charming was definitely the best part of the episode

  • “Take Hook with you”
  • research buddies!
  • David opening up to Killian about his feelings and fears without so much as a prompt
  • because he may not admit it yet but they are friends who trust and confide in each other
  • “I realise that I haven’t said it yet but… thank you”
  • “I did it for Emma” just like Killian saved David’s life for Emma, it’s totally just for Emma, not because they care, nope, absolutely not
  • David admitting that Killian’s grown on him
  • Killian’s cheeky little “hmm?”
  • Killian giving him a hard time about it before sobering and reassuring David that he’s doing the right thing
  • David and Killian working together and coming up with a way that Snow can get back to her son
  • I just

also the other best part was EMMA HOLDING HER DADDY’S HAND


Olicity: Go Back To Bed

Anonymous said: Little bit angsty, but I know you like that stuff. Prompt: Felicity is away on a business trip leaving Oliver to look after the kids. Something triggers Oliver to have a panic attack and little Ava calms him down from it like the awesome little kid she is… Please?


No. No, sweetheart, go back to bed. Go back to sleep, please.

“Daddy, are you sick?”

I’m not sick. I’m not safe. Please, go back to bed. Go back to your room and close the door.

“I’ll help, Daddy. I remember, Mommy taught me.”

No. Don’t come near me. Your mother will never forgive me if I hurt you. I will never forgive myself. You are the most precious, sweet little girl and I cannot risk hurting you.

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I commissioned superoreoman to make this GORGEOUS piece of King/Prince AU artwork for consultinggalpals, my partner in this delicious descent into Shakespearean madness. Please check out superoreoman‘s art blog artsyfartsyfangirl, and commission her for some incredible custom art.

a nightmare on elm street au ;; where muse a and muse b have been a couple for a while and have always been really happy together but after muse a starts having horrible nightmares muse b is having a hard time trying to bring them back to reality only to find out that muse a’s nightmares are turning into an actual reality idk there would be a lot of angst and fluff and maybe some smut!!!