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Forbidden Love | Pt. 12 [Final]

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

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“Hara would never do something like that, Y/N!”

The minute you heard those words coming out of Jimin’s mouth, you snapped your head towards him. He was currently walking from side to side, his hands tucking at his hair as you watched him from your sofa.

Raising your eyebrows, you asked him in disbelief. “What? Do you really think I’m lying?!”

Turning his body towards you, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Look, Y/N. I know that you don’t like her and I can understand how you feel. But she would never do that. I know her, Y/N, she’s my ex wife. She wouldn’t harm anyone, never! You’re just trying to cover up your mistakes by blaming other people!”

Each one of his words felt like a stab into your heart. He really thought you were lying.

Standing up from the sofa, you pointed towards the door. “Get out.”

This time it was Jimin’s head which snapped up towards you with a shocked expression plastered on his face. “W-What?”

“I said get out.”

You watched how Jimin’s shocked expression turned into a desperate one, his body moving toward you with big steps. “N-No, no no, wait, Y/N! I didn’t mean it like that! Please listen to me! I’m-”

You felt your blood boiling with each of his words. Just before he could end his sentence, you slapped his cheek, the fresh tears you were trying to hold back already rolling down your face. “You didn’t mean it?! Do you know what I went through for the past three years, Jimin?! Do you know how hard it was for me to handle your ex wife and her threads every single day?!”

Reaching out for your phone, you opened the conversation with Hara and slammed your phone against his chest. “Here! Read it! This is what I’ve been going through for the past 3 years!”

Jimin scrolled through the messages with a shocked expression on his face. Closing his eyes tightly, he mumbled a curse before he reached forward, trying to hold you in his arms. “Y/N, I’m really sorry-”

When he saw how you stepped back from him, he stopped talking and looked at you with his watery eyes.

“No Jimin. An apology is not going to bring back those three years. Your apology won’t be able to bring back those three years my son lived without a father! Just because of your ex wife’s selfishness, my son had to live those three years by asking for his father every single day! Do you know how hard it was?! Do you know how it broke my heart every single time when I saw his sad eyes whenever I told him that you couldn’t be with us!”

“What about you?! You replaced me, Y/N! Do you know how much it broke my heart when I saw you in someone else’s arms?! Must have been easy for you to find a boyfriend as soon as I wasn’t there for you-”

“He isn’t my boyfriend!”

Jimin opened his eyes widely, his breath hitching in his throat. “W-What do you mean?”

“He’s my doctor, Jimin. He’s my best friend. He was always there for me when I needed someone. He reached out for me and offered help. He let me live in his house, he helped me through my pregnancy. He took the role of a father for your own son, Jimin.”

Confused, Jimin looked at you. “S-So, he’s your docto- but.. I-I..”


When you heard the voice of your son, you turned around immediately. He was running toward you as he was rubbing his sleepy eyes, his bare feet making cute little sounds as he approached you.

You lifted him up as soon as he opened his little arms for you, his head already lying in the crook of your neck as he hugged you tightly. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

He nuzzled his head even further into your neck and mumbled with a shaky voice. “I saw monsters. They were trying to eat me, Mommy. I’m scared.”

Smiling softly, you stroke his hair and placed a kiss on top of his head. “It was just a nightmare, Hyun-ie. I’m here now, you don’t need to be scared.”

You lifted your head and connected your eyes with Jimin’s sad ones, his tears already rolling down his face. He turned around, crouched down and started sobbing, the sound making Jihyun lift up his head and look at his father with curious eyes.

He wiggled in your arms, telling you that he wanted to be placed down and walked towards Jimin, standing in front of him with sad eyes.

Lifting his tiny hands slowly, he grabbed Jimin’s hands and removed them from his face, making Jimin look up to see his little boy standing in front of him with a frown plastered on his face.

Without saying anything, Jihyun wrapped his arms around his father’s neck, his tiny hands stroking his back softly. “Mommy told me that the sadness will go away when you hug someone. You can hug me as long as you want, Daddy.”

Your eyes opened widely when you heard what your son said. He really was aware that Jimin was his father..

Jimin wrapped his arms tightly around his son’s body as he sobbed harder. Seeing them in that position, your eyes started watering again and you too, started crying.

You watched how Jimin lifted Jihyun up as he held him tightly. Walking towards you, he looked at you with pleading eyes. “Please don’t take him away from me, Y/N.. Please.. I don’t think I can live without him. Please, I’m begging you.. I’m really sorry..”

Averting your eyes from Jimin, you looked at your son. His eyes were closed, his arms tightly wrapped around his father’s neck and a soft smile plastered on his face.

Taking a deep breath, you turned your attention back to Jimin and smiled at him. “I won’t..”

Just before you could realize what was happening, Jimin reached out for your wrist and yanked you to his body. When you felt his lips on yours, your body froze immediately, the feeling sending different emotions through your body.

Just before you could respond to his kiss, you heard a little squeaky voice beside your ear. “Ew, gross!”

Leaning back a little bit, you both turned your heads towards your son who was covering his eyes with his tiny hands.

Removing his hands from his eyes, you looked at him slightly angrily. “Yah, Jihyun-ah, who do you learn those words from?”

Smiling sheepishly, he whispered. “Hoseok Hyung.”

When you heard Jimin laugh, you slapped his arm. “Yah, don’t laugh! He shouldn’t be learning such words at his age!”

Placing a soft kiss on his son’s head, Jimin shrugged as he continued laughing. “Ah, I think I already like that dude named Hoseok. Good job, Jihyun-ie.”

Holding their hands up, they both gave each other a high five which was followed by their heartwarming laughter. You, on the other hand, facepalmed and shook your head from side to side.

Looks like your son has already replaced you for his father.

A/N: And here I am with the final part of Forbidden Love.. Thank you all sooo much for all the love and support you have shown for this series. I really enjoyed writing it thanks to y'all! Also thank you all for the nice messages and asks! I really appreciate them! ♥♥

Please Don't Hit On Taken Littles

This has happened to me multiple times and it has been getting out of hand, but I hope that I am speaking for most all littles when I say that if in our bios it says taken, do not hit on us. Us as littles are loyal to our daddies, and sometimes feel uncomfortable when getting hit on by other people who want to be our doms. Also if we tell you straight away we are taken please do not throw us aside and treat us like we don’t matter because we are taken. We littles can be very fragile and sentive, I know I am. Please, reblog if you agree! Also this goes for daddies too! If single littles hit on taken daddies, it can give the exact same feeling. So please do not hit on taken daddies or littles. Thank you for reading! ~baby-kitten2301


Genre: smut, kinda fluffy maybe? Warnings: blackmail, daddy kink, uh I think that’s it REBOUND

“c'mon, dan, you haven’t gotten laid in months, you need to get over Jason, and moving on begins with having sex with strangers. Safe sex of course” I stare blankly at pj from my place in the crevice of my couch. “Are you done now?” He sighs, “yes,” “good” I turn back to my computer only to have it snatched away from me. Looking up, I see pj running down the hallway into my bathroom, shutting and locking the door. I run after him, stopping to knock at the door, “I’m already over him! What are you gonna do with my computer anyway?” “Yeah ok and that’s why you haven’t even gotten out of this damned apartment after the hour of 7? Sure. And my dear dear Danny, remember that video you accidentally sent me that you meant to send to Jason? You know, the one of you fingering yourself? No?” My hands clam up and my jaw tightens, he wouldn’t. “Well I do, and it just so happens that I kept it cause I knew I’d need to black mail you sooner or later, and you see, the only thing I don’t have is your mom’s email, which is conveniently on this computer. So what do you say Danny? Mom watches a video of you with your fingers up your ass moaning ‘daddy’ or you go out and have someone put their fingers up your ass while you moan ‘daddy’?” My fists clenched, throat tight with anxiety, I knew what the clear choice was, “ok, asshole, come pick out what I’m wearing, I’m not putting in any extra work” I hear a grunt of joy and then the door flings open to reveal a smiling pj.


I nervously walk into the vibrantly colored gay club, my jeans are too tight and my dick feels like it’s suffocating in its confines. I turn towards pj only to find that he is no longer next to me, or even around me for that matter. Whatever, I’ll just sit at the bar and wait until he’s had his fun. Walking up to bar, I take a seat and my eyes catch with the most vibrant blue I’ve ever seen. Wow, ok this guy is so hot, Jesus, he comes up to me and I don’t know what I was expecting but “what can I get you to drink, sir?” was not it, until I realized, to my embarrassment, that he was behind the bar because he’s a bartender. Obviously. And now I’d been staring at him for a solid 10 seconds and he was giving me a weird look, “uh sorry, I’ll just have a sprite please” he nodded and then handed my drink over to me, “anything else?” ‘Your number??? A good fuck??’ He laughs and it’s only then that I realize I had spoken out loud, “oh god that’s so embarrassing I’m sorry that wasn’t supposed to come out of my mouth” “hm. Well my break is in five minutes and I figure I can find something else to put in your mouth. How’s that sound, baby boy?” A whimper makes it way past my lips and I nod, watching him smirk and quickly turn away. I tap at the counter and bounce my foot nervously for what feels like an hour before I feel a possessive dominant hand on my lower back, pushing me off the bar stool and sending a shiver down my spine. “C'mon, darling” I let him lead me out a door and into a hallway, past several other doors until we finally stopped at one and he pushed it open to reveal a bedroom, and I turn to him curiously, “it’s a strip club baby, they’re called private rooms” I nod and he comes closer to me, and I’m lost in his eyes again, before he pushes me up against the wall and kisses at my neck. “Oh god” I moan, “so easy to get worked up, look at you, already hard in your pants” I nod feverishly into his shoulder, hands gripping his shirt in tight fists. “I’m d-dan” I gasp out through moans as he continues to mark my neck, “phil, you’ll have that name memorized by the time we’re done here, angel” I tug at his shirt and before I know it we’re on the bed, naked bodies slick with sweat, pressed together and I’m begging him, “please , please phil please touch me” he reaches over to grab a bottle of lube and a condom from the bed side table and I hear the cap popping open before I feel a cool, smooth finger probing my entrance, “yes god, yes daddy please put it in” it takes a moment for me to register what I’d said before I’m blushing and phil is letting out a loud moan, “god call me that again that’s so hot baby, daddy loves when you beg for his fingers in your hot, tight hole” the first finger burns but I’m quickly asking for another and another and we’re both moaning and then he hits my prostate, and I’m screaming “DADDY! Daddy daddy please im ready please please fill me up with your nice cock daddy I need it please” burying his face in my neck, I whimper when his fingers leave me to prep himself and then I feel his tip at my entrance, “you ready?” His whispers in my ear and it’s so soft and caring I almost forget that I don’t know anything about him, almost forget that all he wants is my body “yes, phil please” he enters me slowly, carefully, gently and it’s uncomfortable but once he’s bottomed out, he stops and the burn subsides, leaving a flaming pleasure. “Move move please I can take it” his first thrust is soft and slow but I’m begging and eventually the pace is quick and unrelenting, his hand grips tight enough for his knuckles to turn white around the headboard and I’m clinging to him and pushing back on his every thrust “god baby doing so well for me, taking my cock so well, you’re so tight baby doll” the praise sends shocks through me, bringing me to the edge, “I’m close so close daddy phil please can I cum please let me cum I’ll be so good” he moans, raw and untamed, “god you’re perfect. cum, cum for me without even touching yourself, such a perfectly good little boy cumming from just my cock, I’m close” I cum all over our stomachs, my muscles tensing and hole clenching around his cock, sending him over the edge with me, until his shallowly moving inside me, our breaths still out of control, and then he’s rolling off me “god you were perfect” I blush at his statement, “you were too” with a sigh, he pulls me back into his chest, effectively squishing my face into his neck. And I think, maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ll have to thank pj later.

Imagine bringing your child out to public for the first time with Chris.

A/N: Here’s the epilogue! Oh my God, it’s always so hard to part with a series. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it, I’m not sure if I’ll be back again with another but we’ll see. I’ll be linking the previous parts here: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist)

You and Chris smiled as you watched your son look out the tinted window of the limousine; he was utterly mesmerized by the crowds of people waiting to see his father, as well as the rest of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ cast. As insane as it was, you and Chris had decided to take your seventeen month old baby to the premiere of Infinity War Part 2.

There were a few reasons that led to the decision: Chris not wanting to be apart from either of you, you not wanting to miss Chris’ premiere, the cast wanting Baby Cap to be apart of the celebration, Chris not wanting to constantly answer the question “when will we see Jack?”, both of you a little sick of the paparazzi trying to get a sneaky shot of your son; the list went on and on. It took a couple nights of discussion before you finally decided that it was time for your child to be introduced to Hollywood. You both agreed that if Ryan and Blake did it with ease, why couldn’t the two of you do it too?

“Daddy, look.” Jack glanced back at Chris as he poked his tiny finger at the window. “People,” he said with a wide grin which made you and Chris smile. “Lots of people.” He said then giggled to himself, making you and Chris chuckle.

It amazed the two of you how smart your son was at seventeen months old; he could speak in full sentences with zero baby talk. You believed it was because your son was a genius, whereas Chris said it was because of your control issues; you spoke to your son like you spoke to other adults, banning baby talk completely because- that was how your mom raised you and your brothers. Whatever the reason, you were both glad your son was the way he was because he made a very good conversationalist and gave both of you the company you needed when the other was working.

The limousine slowed to a stop and Jack gasped excitedly, carefully climbing off the leather seat and padding over to the door. “Let’s go,” he said and yanked at the locked door handle. “Daddy, let’s go. Open the door, please.” He grabbed Chris’ hand and put it on the handle, thinking his father could open what he couldn’t.

“Before I do, we’re going to have to talk man to man.” Chris told Jack. “Okay, buddy?” He asked for confirmation and Jack nodded in response. “There are lots of people here tonight, so you’re going to have to stay with-”

“Is Uncle Seba going to be there?” Jack quizzed.

“Yes, he is.” Chris nodded, chuckling softly. “Now you’re going-”

“What about Auntie Scar?” Jack continued to interrupt his father; Chris glanced at you with a weary smile and you pressed your lips together, suppressing your smile; he clearly got that from you. “Is she going to be there?”

“Yes sweetheart,” you told him, taking his small hands in yours. “They’re all going to be there. Uncle Rob, Uncle Tony, Uncle Chris, Aunt Liz, everyone is going to be there.” You said and he smiled. “Now can you please listen to us while we give out some ground rules?”

“Ground rules,” he nodded and pressed his lips together to show you he was done talking. You turned to Chris with a smug smirk and he scoffed, chuckling softly with a shake of his head. Jack Evans was close with his father, yes, but that boy was definitely your boy.

“You’re going to have to stay close to me and your daddy, okay?” You told him and he nodded. “There are going to be lots of people tonight, if you run off- we won’t be able to find you and that is going to make us very upset. You don’t want to see us upset, do you?” He shook his head. “Good,” you kissed the top of his head.

“But let’s say I do run off,” he began as you pulled away. “By accident,” he quickly added, feigning innocence before that cheeky grin; a splitting image of Chris, really. “Won’t Captain America just be able to find me?” He asked and made both you and Chris burst into laughter.

“You know what, bud.” Chris picked your laughing son up and hooked him onto his side. “I think it’s safer if you just cling onto Captain America tonight.” Jack giggled when Chris tickled him, wrapping his arms around his father’s neck. “You too, beautiful,” he looked over at you with a smile and you nodded, slipping your hand into his. 

• • • • • • • • 

The crowd unsurprisingly went wild at the sight of the three of you on the red carpet, the surprising thing was how much your son enjoyed the attention; the one trait that he didn’t get from the two of you. He giggled every time he did something cute and got the crowds cheering for him, it definitely got you thinking about what career he was going to pursue when he was older. You and Chris glanced at each other, smiling as you watched your son wave at the cameras; perhaps being made for Hollywood was genetic.

“Chris, Y/N! It’s so good to see you again,” Alexia, a known reporter from Vanity Fair, greeted the both of you with a smile that grew wider when Jack smiled and waved at her. “Hi buddy,” she gave him a small wave. “This must be the famous Jack Evans, it’s very nice to finally meet you.”

“I’m famous?” Jack looked over at you and Chris; the both of you chuckled and nodded. “I’m famous!” He cheered, leaning back and throwing his arms in the air. “Daddy,” he cupped Chris’ face in his small hands, “I’m famous. Did you know that?”

“Do you even know what famous means, bud?” Chris chuckled softly.

“It’s what you and Momma are,” he responded. “And now I’m famous too.”

“He’s adorable,” Alexia commented and you both nodded in agreement. “It’s really nice to see all of you out and about. It’s been a while, especially for you, Y/N.” You nodded. “How has parenthood been treating both of you? Things must be a little chaotic around the house considering-” she gestured to Chris, “you have press and-” she gestured to you, “you’re just getting back into work. I heard you’ve just signed a contract with Paramount writing a drama?” You nodded. “So what’s life like at home? You both look great, by the way.”

“Doesn’t she?” Chris smiled at you.

“Oh stop it,” you looked over at Chris, chuckling, before you turned back to Alexia. “No, things have actually been really smooth sailing at home. Yes, we’ve got a lot on our plates but we’ve got a great family backing us up. Both our parents have been incredibly helpful, Chris’ siblings- Scott and Shana who don’t have kids of their own are always happy to help us with Jack. It also helps that Jack is superbly well-behaved,” you smiled at Jack when he giggled. “And that I’ve got a wonderful husband. We only work because we’re a team, and we are a very good team.”

“A well oiled-” Chris began only to be interrupted by Jack.

“Uncle Seba!” Jack spotted Sebastian and called out excitedly, reaching over Chris’ shoulder; Sebastian opened his mouth and widened his eyes, running over in the most comedic manner to make Jack laugh. “Uncle Seba!” He laughed, clapping his hands.

“Hey Jack Jack.” Sebastian booped his nose and Jack’s laughter grew louder. “You look so handsome in your little suit, I wish I was as handsome as you.” Jack tapped Chris’ shoulder and gestured for him to pass him over to Uncle Seba. “C'mere, bud.” Sebastian held out his arms with a soft chuckle.

“You basically gave a speech and he didn’t interrupt you once, but the second I speak-” Chris shook his head, chuckling as he passed Jack over to Sebastian. “You’re too much like your mom, Jack.” He said, straightened the back of Jack’s little jacket.

“I think he’s too much like you,” you disagreed, leaning into Chris as he wrapped an arm around your waist. “You always said you were a momma’s boy, right?” You whispered into his ear and he chuckled. “I guess this is payback for how you made your dad feel.”

“Look, who’s that?” Sebastian bounced Jack in his arms as he pointed at Anthony who was finishing up an interview a few meters down. “It’s Mack Attack, do you want to go say hi?” He asked Jack who immediately nodded. “Let’s-” He stopped himself when he remembered Jack wasn’t his kid and his parents were standing right there. “Can we?” He asked, his eyes as wide and innocent as your son’s.

“Please?” Jack pleaded. “Can we, please?”

“What do you think?” You looked over at Chris and he sighed, chuckling.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” you heard Sebastian whisper into Jack’s ear.

“Captain America would trust Bucky Barnes,” Jack repeated for his father to hear and you all laughed. “Please, Daddy? Please can I go? I promise I won’t run off, I’ll stay with Uncle Seba until I see you and Momma again.”

“I’ll take good care of him,” Sebastian assured the both of you.

“Fine,” Chris finally caved. Sebastian and Jack grinned at each other and started to make their way over to Anthony, who had spotted them and was now grinning too. “If you lose him, Sebastian Stan, don’t bother coming back.” Chris called after them and earned a two finger wave from both boys, making you laugh.

“Relax,” you gently rubbed his back.

“Gee, thanks,” he bit sarcastically and you chuckled.

“Do you need a distraction?” You asked. “I’ve got some Gummi Bears in my clutch.”

“I think I’d much rather a kiss.” He told you and smiled when you leaned in, pressing your lips against his. You felt him smile as you smiled yourself. “Yeah,” he breathed when he broke it, resting his forehead against yours. “Much better.”

“Higher, higher!” You heard your son cheer and both of you turned in their direction; Anthony was now holding Jack, and tossing him in the air. Chris gasped whereas you chuckled. “Higher, Uncle Tony!” He squealed with delight as he was tossed up again.

“Mackie!” Chris pulled away from you and jogged over, leaving you behind. “How many times have I told you not to toss my son in the air! Hey, stop! Sebastian, I trusted you to keep him safe. That is not keeping him safe!”

“He’s a protective dad, isn’t he?” Alexia quizzed, laughing softly.

“Did we really expect him to be anything less?” You responded, smiling.

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little!phil riding daddy!dan for the first time

I need a good pain kink fic please <3

Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh Boiiiiiiiiiiiii///// How petty am I? Very. If a very particular anon sees this, consider it a giant fuck you because I don’t appreciate being insulted and falsely accused of p*dophilia. Happy blogging!

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-It’s Phil’s idea; when coloring in the lounge, he suddenly gets hard and naturally, he’s a good boy and goes straight to Dan, who’s editing a video in the office with his headphones on. Phil tugs lightly at Dan’s shirt to get his attention, making Dan smile but hold up a finger to say ‘one second, let me finish this part.’ A moment later, Dan saves his work and lets his headphones fall to hang around his neck.

- “Daddy,” Phil complains, climbing into Dan’s lap. Phil’s different when he’s little- he’s emotional, doesn’t talk much, wears nothing but too-big-shirts and lingerie, and hates the horror novels that are littered around his room. If he wants something, he either wordlessly gets Dan’s help or just finds a way to carry on without it.

- Dan kisses the tip of Phil’s nose. “Baby,” he says back in the same tone. Instead of saying anything else, Phil grabs Dan’s hand and pulls it down to his crotch so that Dan is palming him through his pretty pink panties. Raising his eyebrows, Dan moves his hand away and runs both up the pink and white striped stockings on Phil’s legs. “You want me to touch you, hmm?” Phil nods, pouting at Dan. “Not right now, I’m editing an I’m tired. If you can be a good boy and wait for me, maybe I’ll fuck you, yeah?” He grabs one of Phil’s pacifiers from the desk, a light blue one that was left from when Phil came in earlier in the day to show Dan his drawings and pushes it into Phil’s mouth, trying not to pay much attention to the way Phil’s tongue curls around it before his lips do. It bobs in his mouth, making soft sucking sounds as Phil shuts his eyes and leans against Dan’s chest.

- Barely ten minutes pass before Phil’s boner is bordering on painful, so he starts grinding into Dan’s lap, whining softly. “Phil,” Dan says warningly, but doesn’t move to stop him. Phil brings his fingers to his mouth and temporarily pulls out his paci to suck on his fingers and get them wet before replacing the paci and reaching behind himself, pushing his panties to the side to start fingering his hole. He moans around the plastic in his mouth, adding a second finger, then a third, and then a fourth. Considering that good enough, Phil fumbles with Dan’s zipper. Now Dan’s pretty concerned- Phil’s breaking multiple rules right now, and he’s never ridden Dan before. Sure, Dan’s fantasized about it, but he’s worried about how much Phil will hurt afterward from how deep Dan knows he’ll get and the fact that the only lube is Phil’s spit and the precum Dan won’t admit that he’s leaking. “Baby, I’m editing,” he manages to say when Phil starts stroking Dan, looking over Phil’s shoulder at the gaming video on his screen.

- Quietly whimpering, Phil holds Dan firmly in one hand and steadies himself using Dan’s shoulder with the other. He sinks down slowly, biting his lip to keep quiet because he’s never done this and holy shit I’m about to ride Daddy, he thinks. “Ah- princess, not now- fuck,” Dan attempts to protest, but can’t really argue because Phil’s clenching around him to try and get used to how deep Dan is inside of him, and his face is flushed, eyes shut tightly, mouth open. 

- Dan tries to keep editing, he really does, but it’s hard to concentrate when Phil’s in his lap, fucking himself on Dan’s cock. Finally, Dan does give up, and yanks Phil’s head forward by the hair so he can kiss him. The pain makes Phil whine, trying to bounce faster in Dan’s lap.

- “Such a naughty baby,” Dan growls, spanking Phil roughly. “So desperate for me that you couldn’t wait for Daddy to finish editing, you just had to get fucked. You like riding me, baby? You like it when I get so deep inside of you while you sit in my lap.” He places both hands on Phil’s hips, holding him tight enough to leave bruises and starts helping Phil move up and down, thrusting his hips up in time with it.

- “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, please!” Phil begs, tossing his head back and moaning loudly, clearly getting close, hands fluttering around because he doesn’t know where to put them, but knows better than to touch himself.

- “Aww, you’re going to come untouched just from my cock inside of you?” Dan stops helping Phil again and spanks him for a second time. “What happens if I don’t let you come, since you were bad?”

- “No, no, Daddy, please, no!” Phil says, starting to ride Dan earnestly again, gasping when Dan spanks him again.

- “You can come, but not until I do. Can you make me come baby boy?”

- That’s when Phil makes it his personal mission to make Dan come as fast as possible, using everything that he remembers Dan likes from when they have sex when Phil’s big. He clenches around Dan, he slips his fingers beneath Dan’s shirt to scratch painful lines down his back, he kisses Dan’s neck sloppily- he’s desperate and now Dan’s the most important thing to him so that he can come.

- “Baby, fuck, just like that, ‘m close,” Dan says, unable to still his hips now that Phil has him so worked up.

- “Come, daddy. Fill up your baby boy with come. I need it,” Phil pleads, knowing his dirty talk is another thing that Dan absolutely loves. Dan moans loudly and Phil can both see and feel the moment he comes. “Can I come now Daddy? Please, please, I need to come! Please, please, feels good! Daddy!”

- “You can let go,” Dan manages to say, and Phil arches his back, coming on his and Dan’s torsos with a high pitched whine.

I didn’t write aftercare but it iS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!


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Harry was in a mood.

You had first noticed it when you woke up at just about 8 am and found him lying on the living room couch, one hand resting atop his covered cock while he palmed himself in slow strokes that you knew would do nothing for him except work him up until he was painfully hard and feeling needy enough to come find you. A wank for a wank was always good, he said it himself, but nothing could beat having his cock buried balls deep inside of you - be it your mouth or your cunt, maybe both, mouth first, your cunt later, he’d always prefer you. But, when almost an hour later he still hadn’t come find you, you could tell there was something off.

When you emerged again, soft cotton t-shirt of his almost see through from how old and worn out it was being the only thing covering your body except the baby pink boyshorts you wore to bed the night before, Harry was still on the couch, eyes trained on whatever food channel he found, hand still resting atop of his now fully hard cock. The visual confused you - why would he, in a sane state of mind, tease himself to the point of being almost painfully hard just for the sake of it?

You can’t help but giggle when you see him giving himself a squeeze, wheezing when his thumb runs over his tip that was pushing against the loose fabric of his shorts.

“Oi! What are yeh laughing fo’?” He asks, voice breaking from the feeling of his hand on his cock but the sound of your laughter catches his attention and alerts him of your presence.

“Morning wood that won’t go down?” You ask, leaning over the back of the couch to bury your nose in oodles of curls, his hair finally long enough to form the ringlets you love oh so much. Your hand slips down his torso to slide smoothly and expertly along his shaft but he grabs your wrist in a quick movement, turning his head to the side to brush the tip of his nose against yours, eyes lulled and dark while he focuses on your lips as he tuts at you silently.

“No, love. Been waiting for you.” He assures you, smile curling his lips when your eyes flutter shut at the feeling of his perfectly pink lips brushing against yours.

“Let me help, then.” You croak, twisting your wrist trying to escape his hold.

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Mixed up relationship (daveed x reader)

{a/n: so this started as a fic that would be angsty but turned into kink filled smut…also its daveed so like…yeah…um enjoy you filthy sinners}

Warnings: SMUT! Daddy kink, choking, Daveed being the sex God he is, sexxxxxx!

Tapping your pen against your desk, you sighed, no lyrics came, sometimes you wished you had daveeds talent of words, you closed your notebook, grabbing your phone, clicking it open, you had quite a few texts from various friends
‘Um..daveeds new podcast interview is up… maybe don’t listen to this one…they sort of talked a whole lot about you and daveeds very….quote mixed up relationship end quote’ sighing you rolled your eyes, it wasn’t uncommon for a tweet or a passing conversation to be thrust into your face of how very odd people found the fact daveed was dating as one person said ‘a stale piece of white bread’ nice, but people were always like that when the person they love starts dating someone who isn’t them, and it was maybe one person two at worst, for you things seemed fine, and daveed never hid his affection for you, never let people’s words sway how he felt, he had the attitude of a stoned brick, calm, collected and can not be swayed easily. You looked at your texts more from friends about the podcast, and a few about his morning radio interview about the upcoming EP clipping was about to drop. Before too long you found yourself sitting at your laptop, headphones on and hitting play on the podcast, they hosts sounded nice and made you laugh, when daveed came in the questions seemed to turn, many had learned of the split between him and his ex, it wasn’t messy, it was just a natural thing, people shift and move apart, with clipping and acting jobs, daveed was pretty much a Skype boyfriend, you didn’t mind, and neither did his ex, but they had decided, time had run its course. But five years is a long time, and in a seemingly too short period of time, you had become a staple in daveeds twitter and instagram, a few snap story take overs had many wondering where you popped up from, sighing you listened to them talk.
‘So mister daveed diggs, I hear someone new has captured that heart of yours’ you smiled hearing daveeds laugh knowing the flushed smile on his face well,
‘Yeah, she’s…she’s amazing, she makes life very interesting, many clipping songs have come from things her brain has spit out’ you laughed shrugging he wasn’t wrong many times you had no word vomit filter on your brain.
‘Yes, well people have been shouting at us, about the very mixed up relationship, seeing as you stared as Jefferson in Hamilton, the barrier breaking musical, people seem to see this as you sort of slamming a giant sort of white stamp on things’ you sat up turning the volume up slightly
‘I don’t know about that, i wouldn’t say our relationship is mixed up per say’ one of the hosts laughed
‘People said, that this was you conforming to the standard set back in the day, and many listeners say you should find a strong woman of color to keep breaking the world’s barriers, in music and stage and life’ you hit pause sighing. It wasn’t uncommon for people to say stuff like that, many woman at restaurants or bars, seeming to think you could never be daveeds actual girlfriend, and even when he says you are, they never fail to give their number with a comment of ‘when you see the light call me’ you never let it get to you, ever, but some days you felt bad…bad that you weren’t the one people wanted daveed with, sighing you shut your laptop standing. It was quiet in the apartment just you and soccer, who currently was asleep on the couch feet up ears down
‘Well don’t you look comfy’ the only response was a snort from the dog, sighing you looked around the apartment, deciding to just go lay down for a while you tugged your Oakland hoodie off, pulling a loose tank top out, rolling your eyes as it also read in large print ‘oakland’ you tugged off your leggings feeling free again bending over to grab the clothes from the floor, yelping as arms circled your waist lips pressing against your shoulder as you stood still caged by very strong arms
‘Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,’ you laughed shrugging against his chest looking up towards him smiling as he leaned down pressing his lips to yours, he pulled back as you sighed leaning back against his chest feeling safe as he held you tightly
‘Mm can we like never leave this spot’ he laughed his chest vibrating against your back
‘I wish but the bed like five feet in front of us looks hella more comfy than standing’ you nodded as he uncaged you pulling his hoodie off, soon he was in sweats and leaning against the headboard arms open for you, smiling you climbed onto the bed, straddling him, his hands coming to rest just below your butt, looking up at you
‘So how was your day? Many exciting legal tour things?’ He laughed leaning his head against your stomach
‘Oh yeah so exciting as I signed so many documents my hand was going to fall off’ you laughed your hands moving through his curly mane of hair, scratching your nails against his scalp, he groaned happily as you did so
‘God I love it when you do that’ you smiled
‘Taught from my mom, any day can be made better by head scratches’ he smiled his hands moving up and down the back of your thighs soothingly as you hummed and played with his hair
‘So…I listened to some of that podcast you did’ he sighed pulling his head up to look at you eyes tired, you ran your thumbs under his eyes sighing
‘Yeah? I tried to get your friends to make sure you didn’t’ you sighed
‘I know, I got curious, i’m not like upset, I was, but I mean i’m used to those kinds of comments,’ he looked up at you eyes looking into yours, one hand coming up to hold your cheek
‘You shouldn’t have to be, people should just not worry who I fall in love with, who I write songs about,’ slowly he rose finally ending with you being flipped under him his hand moving down your neck and down your shoulder stopping to intertwine your fingers
‘Who I make scream till their voice is gone,’ his lips brushed against yours, causing your eyes to flutter shut, your breathing picking up slightly
‘Who I fuck till they can’t think or see straight let alone walk straight the next day,’ you whimpered slightly as his teeth grazed your pulse point his lips pressing against it feeling your pulse raise
‘Whose sounds make me want never leave this bed’ you opened your eyes as daveeds hands moved to your waist slipping under his tank top, slowly moving up until the shirt pooled right above your breasts, daveed ran a finger down over your bra, smirking
‘The one who if they went through my photo roll, would see the beauty of how very photo talented my girlfriend is, and how much she can make me go insane on tour’ you smirked as he leaned close before his lips took yours causing your back to arch into his chest, eyes closing as his hands moved to unhook your bra tossing it somewhere, you would find it later, his hand moved cupping your breast, his finger lightly circling your nipple, causing a small gasp to come out of your throat, he took his chance his tongue pushing in and dancing with yours, pulling back you whimpered looking up at him as he kissed his way down your body, kissing your breasts, before slowly kissing the beauty marks your clothes hid, his tongue ran down past your belly button stopping at the waistband of your panties, you watched him, breathing heavy as he hooked his thumbs into the band slowly pulling them down, his lips following down your right leg, tossing the panties for you to find later, he kissed up your left leg, his hand hooking under your thigh bringing it up to hang over his shoulder as he kissed your skin, biting softly, causing soft whimpers as he got closer to your core, his eyes held yours as he lowered his mouth down his tongue flicking against your clit as you inhaled sharply back arching hands flying to his curly hair tugging as he sucked it into his mouth his tongue circling it as you moaned, whimpering his fingers moved down before you felt him slowly push two into your entrance, pumping them slowly as he worked his tongue over you. You cried out as he brought the fire in your stomach closer to exploding, your fingers tugged his hair as he worked,
‘Da-fuck…daveed…i’m close please…please can…can I cum…please’ daveeds eyes found yours his eyebrow arching up his way to say no when his mouth was busy
‘Please oh god….daddy…daddy please I need to cum…please…please’ your legs shook as you held yourself back, he pulled back moving up his thumb moving to replace his tongue, eyes watching you like a lion hunting prey, lips moving down hot against your ear
‘Cum for daddy, let daddy hear how he makes you feel, cum all over daddy’s fingers’ you didn’t need any other words before you screamed out back arching as he finger fucked you through your orgasm, his lips kissing your neck, sucking a love bite into your skin, slowly he pulled his fingers out causing you to twitch, he pulled back looking at his fingers before sticking them in his mouth eyes shutting as he did
‘God, you taste like everything I have ever wanted’ you watched him as he slid off the bed tugging his sweats off, grabbing something from the top dresser, the foil wrapper falling as he turned crawling back up on the bed
‘Baby girl, daddy wants you to ride him, show him your pretty face when you fuck his cock’ you moaned nodding as you sat up slowly, he laid down as you moved to straddle him his hands coming to your waist before fully yanking your tank top off tossing it as you aligned yourself with his member, whimpering as you slid down on it, his hands tightened on your hips as he groaned,
‘Fuck, you feel so good around daddy’s cock’ you moaned as he helped you move your hips your, hands going to his chest to help steady you, his eyes never leaving your face as he moaned thrusting up to meet your hips, his head falling back
‘Fuck, daddy…’ he ran his hands up and down your waist as you moved your hips quickly,
‘Fuck, daddy, please, choke me’ he didn’t need to be told twice as his thrusts slammed into you his hand clamping around your throats as you moaned loudly
‘Fuck daddy’ he slammed up into you faster
‘Cum…right now, cum for me again, fuck let me see your face when daddy makes you cum’ you looked at him a mouth opening as you cried out cumming around his cock, your walls clenching around him, his thrusts became sloppy as he fucked you through your climax before finally groaning as he came, slowly thrusting to a stop, his hand moving from your neck to pull you down against his chest, his hand running down your back breathing heavy
‘Fuck I love you, no matter what people say,’ you smiled nodding weakly
‘I love you too, so much’ let’s just say you walked a little funny the next day and the love bite on your neck was not one daveed let you cover in his instagram posts.

Outreach part 2

Hey everyone!~

I’m not sure if all of you have seen my latest post regarding plans for a safer sugar website for women by women, but I have gotten a lot of positive responses to the idea, and I’m excited to share the progression of this site with you!
I’ve met with a few people to consider all aspects of the conceptualization, and we have discussed the pros and cons, as well as common issues you all have shared with me such as:
- Consistency
- Long-term arrangements
- Safety 
- Verification 
I am pleased to say that we have found possible solutions and/or alternatives, but it will take a lot of work in the development area.
 In order to begin phase one of the website, my developer has asked me to compile a list of email addresses of interested participants who would use this site once it is launched. 
A Bi-weekly or monthly newsletter of sugar tips and experiences from other sugar babies around the world, with consistent updates on the site’s progress would be sent to your mailbox. 
If you’re interested on becoming a part of this new site, please like/reblog/comment/ to get involved. I will reach out to you so we can add your email to the list!
Please message me for more info!

P.S., There are still so many issues that we face with sites, if you have any issues that I haven’t mentioned, please comment or reblog so I can add it to the list!
We are also going to be thinking of a name for our site soon!
If you have any suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear them!~



Just put it in and thrust. (Lin x reader smut)

{A/N: sooooooo i wrote this about @imagineham and oak….and then i just changed it to be lin x reader….cause lazzzzyyyyyyy….but i mean its a filth pile…so fucking enjoy this ya sinners!}

Tagging: @secretschuylersister @hamiltonwrotetheother51 enjoy…

Warnings: SMUTTTT. face fucking, dirty talk, daddy kink.

Lin walked into the bedroom leaning against the door frame, smirking at my sprawled out frame on our bed.
He smirked walking over to me, leaning down
“Hey….” I groaned turning my face to him
“Hey…” Lin kissed me lightly, before deepening it. I pulled back flopping onto my back
“Babe…i love when you fuck me into the mattress, but i’m tired…can you just like….jerk off in the bathroom? Or just like stick it in my mouth and thrust” lin laughed loudly smiling. His hand running down my body, his hand running up my side,
“Bbbbaaabbbeee” Lin whined. I groaned
“I’ll call you daddy and everything, you can pull my hair and face fuck me…” Lin smirked nodding
“Fine….” I slipped off the bed onto my knees as lin sat in front of me, his pants off, hard on straining against the black boxer briefs he wore. I looked up at him my hand palming him before releasing him.
Lin groaned as I opened my mouth tongue out, lins hands found my hair leading me down,
“You good?” I nodded before taking him into my mouth, lin moaned and waited, one tap on his thigh was all it took before he thrusted his hips up, gagging me slightly, my eyes closed as he fucked my face with the same force he usually fucked me with, moaning throwing his head back
“Fuck! Your mouth is….god damn….fuck… like when i fuck your mouth? Like being my little slut?” I moaned around him as an answer.

Lin moaned watching me gag around him, the vibrations sending shocks down his shaft, he thrust into my mouth quicker already close, his hand pulling my hair tighter, it wasn't​ long before he held my head still thrusting rough and fast before moaning out as he climaxed sending his seed down my throat.

Lin pulled me off him his hand running through my hair as I coughed, before looking up at him smirking, he helped me up kissing me lightly, before standing and pushing me back on the bed, flipping me over hands on my hips to drag me forward, this time him on his knees, looking down at him
“Babe? What-?” Lin smirked
“Returning the favor…now just enjoy” Lin worked the leggings off my hips seeing my panties, a visible wet patch forming, his finger moved up running slowly up and down my center
“Mmm so wet, you are a little slut aren’t you kitten?” I moaned head back
“Fuck..yes….for you” lin laughed kissing up my thighs, before pulling my panties off, tossing them across the room, his fingers spread me, Lin moaned at the sight
“Fuck, i could look at this all day, mmmm” lin leaned forward his tongue running up my slit slowly as I moaned back arching slightly
“Fuck…daddy” lin moved his tongue quick over my clit, sucking it into his mouth causing me to arch off the bed screaming hands gripping onto lin, fingers tugging on his hair.
“Fuck! Daddy…yes…please…oh god” lin moved his hands up his nails running up my thighs, before one moved down, slowly circling my entrance before, quickly plunging two fingers in, his tongue not stopping its assault on my clit. Thrusting his fingers fast, I screamed rocking my hips against his face
“Shit! Fuck! Oh fuck….yes…yes…fuck…right there, fuck…please…can i cum….please can i?” Lin pulled off his hand moving from my hip to rub my clit fast, in time with his fingers
“Cum…now, fuck scream as you coat my fingers in your juices, cum all over my hand like you do my cock…come on…fucking cum for me like the little slut you are” with that my head fell, back arching, legs shaking as i spasmed and screamed his name, climaxing hard, even more exhausted then before
“F-fuck….lin….god….” Lin smirked hands helping me through my orgasm…before slowly pulling out and away, sticking his fingers in his mouth he moaned
“Fuck i love that taste” steph smiled trying to regain my breathing. Lin moved her back pulling the covers over them, curling me into him
“Sleep kitten, cause tomorrow, i’m fucking you into every surface in the house.”

Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge

 So get this! Y’all cause I am a weirdo I have been thinking about doing this for months. I did a celebration thingy for 666 so off course I wanted one for 6666 aswell :D

This one is gonna be a challenge and since the number 6666 is wicked cool and sorta a fav thing of mine the prompts are gonna reflect that. There are gonna be 66 prompts (and 66 spots for people to sign up for). There are gonna be 6 different categories amongst those prompts and there will be 6 different characters you can chose from to write for.

Sign ups end when I run out of prompts. No more will be added. Only one person for each prompt but no limit on characters. 


1. You have to send me an ask telling me your pairing (and if the pairing is two of the characters on the list please let me know which one you wanna focus on). The ask also has to say which prompt you choose (state the NUMBER not just the prompt. Send a backup prompt in case the one you want is taken. IMs, reblogs and replies will be ignore

2. I am fine with most pairings but please no dealistar, wincest (of any kind) or samifer. I wanna read all these fics and I can’t stomach those pairings. No hate if you ship it I just don’t. No male readers or OMCs are allowed either. Again no offense I just don’t read them.

3. You can write fluff, angst smut -  if you write smut please no non-con, A/B/O or daddy/mommy kinks. Again no shaming. I just can’t bring myself to read those.

4. Word min: 500 and word max: 6000 words.

5. It can be the start of a series or a one shot. Please don’t make it the middle part of a series - I don’t have time to catch up on 66 series for this one.

6. The fic is due June 15th. If you have to drop out or need an extension that is cool - just let me know a week ahead of time. People signing up and not completing the challenge without getting back to me that they need to drop out will be banned from my future challenges.

7. All are allowed to sign up, the tags are only for signal boost, but one person can only sign up once.

8. Tag me @thing-you-do-with-that-thing in the A/N and use the # Kari’s favorite things challenge within the first five tags. 

9. Have FUN :D

Characters you can write for:

It is TFW and J2M - I know but they are the ones I read the most and this is my challenge.

You can however pair them with any other character you like (again not any form of wincest, samifer or dealistar), you can pair them with a female reader or a OFC (no male readers or OMCs please), or you can write a general fic. You just have to let me know which and which guy you will focus on.


1. Dean

2. Jensen

3. Sam

4. Jared

5. Cas

6. Misha

Examples of an Ask:

Hey I would like to join your challenge and write for Destiel (with focus on Cas). I would like prompt 66 with prompt 5 as back up


Hey can I join your challenge and write for Jared x reader with prompt 10 and 9 as back up please?

Prompts are under the cut

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‘don’t wait up’ (au niklaus mikaelson one-shot)

Prompt: One day, Niklaus had the brilliant idea of sleeping over at your place after getting kicked out of his apartment. Coincidentally, that was the night you were having a boy over. After standing him up and making excuses, you and Nik got into a heated argument. The argument led to some heated sex and the arrangement has gotten more… comfortable now. He rests his hand on your ass or bites your shoulder or kisses your neck and you two just barely avoid getting caught by your friends.

Pairing: Niklaus Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: daddy!Klaus, slight smut, bit of an achy breaky ending

A/N: this is a little long, and i left it with a cliff-hanger ending. i also changed it a little from the original prompt i had. i’m sorry i haven’t written in so long! thank you guys for being patient and supportive. please please please read this and tell me what you think. much love XOXOX

“Niklaus Mikaelson. What the hell is going on?!” Klaus just walked into my apartment, groaning about how he got kicked out of his apartment and how he’ll be living with me from now on.

“Oh come on, love. I explained it quite clearly to you. I got kicked out of my apartment due to a noise complaint, which is complete rubbish let me tell you,” he shrugs as I cross my arms over my chest. “I can’t control how loud the girls scream.”

“Ew!” I groan and he smirks, chuckling softly as his eyes roam over my half-dressed body.

“Were you going somewhere?” He leans against the wall, eyes not leaving mine.

“No, Klaus. I just like to dress up and dance on my own sometimes,” I roll my eyes and make my way to my room.

“Seriously, what are your plans? I’d like to join,” he shrugs, following me like a lost puppy.

“Yeah, I don’t think he’s into that,” I shrug and he crinkles his nose.

“You’re dressing up for a boy?” he leans against my dresser, eyes narrowing at my clothing choice.

“Well, I’m dressing for myself. He sees me, wants me, pleases me. End of story,” I shrug and he gags. “Oh please. I’m not the one who got kicked out of my apartment for noise complaints.”

“Not my fault I’m so good at what I do,” he shrugs and I glare at him.

“I’m gonna need you to disappear for tonight. Come back tomorrow afternoon; I’ll even make brunch for you!”

“Yeah, no, I don’t think so. I’m staying right here,” he smirks and sits down at the edge of my bed.

“Niklaus Mikaelson, leave right this minute!” I walk over to him, stopping a foot away from him. “I’m getting laid tonight and I won’t let you stand in the way of that.”

“I can probably please you better than he can,” he raises a brow, a small smirk tugging at his lips. “I saw you, now I want you. All that’s left is for me to please you.”

“No,” I ignore the skip in my heartbeat and cross my arms over my chest, determined not to let Klaus get to me. “Leave.”

“Do you really want that?” His voices comes out in a husky whisper, his hands tentatively moving towards my thighs.

“Klaus,” I close my eyes, telling myself I needed him to leave. His hands rest against my upper thighs, slowly moving down to the back of my knees. He pulls me closer and I open my eyes, determined to tell him no.

“Say the word and I’ll be gone,” he whispers, his breath hitting my bare stomach as his deep blue eyes never leave my dark chocolate ones. I can’t say I’ve never wanted this, haven’t thought about it. Hell, I need this. I need him.

“P-please don’t go,” I whimper, a growl emitting from Klaus’s throat as I ask him to stay.

“I won’t,” he places a desperate kiss on my stomach, his hands moving up to grab my ass. “Fuck, princess.”

“Yes, daddy?” Klaus’s breath hitches in his throat and my eyes widen. Fuckfuckfuck why did I just–?

“Say that again,” his voice drops a few octaves as his eyes move up to meet mine, sea blues now a stormy navy.

“W-what?” I gulp, unable to maintain eye contact with him.

“I said, say that again, princess,” his hand moves under my chin, tilting my head to face him. Our eyes meet, a newfound hunger in his beautiful orbs.

“Y-yes da-daddy?” I whisper, my cheeks turning a deep red.

“Here I was thinking I had an innocent little angel on my hands,” Klaus smirks, his dimples emerging. “I’ve got a bad little girl here.”

I tremble as Klaus leaves a trail of kisses from one hip to the other. I tangle my fingers into his dirty blond locks, tugging gently.

“Hmph,” he looks up at me, trailing his tongue from my navel to the bottom of my bralette. “You look so beautiful, princess. I’ve got half a mind to fuck you with this on.”

“O-oh,” I let out a light moan, closing my eyes as his hands move under the waistband of my panties.

“But I can’t quite eat you out with this pretty little thing still on… unless my little pet is even more kinky than I thought?” He swiftly slips a finger between my soaking fold and I nearly fall over on top of him. “Mmmm, someone’s very wet.”

“P-please,” I moan as Klaus runs his fingers over my slit.

“Please what, princess?” He smirks, his teeth nipping my bare abdomen.

“Please eat me out, daddy,” I whisper, my heart nearly leaping out of my chest when he lets out a low chuckle.

“How can I refuse when princess asks so nicely?” He moves his head lower and his lips hover over my panty-covered opening. “We’ll leave your panties on this time.”

And before I can argue that this would be the ONLY time, he had me trembling over him, one leg resting over his shoulder as his skilled tongue worked against my throbbing clit.

Two Years Later

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only time. There were plenty of other times, during many of which I returned the favor. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to keep this little… agreement of ours hidden from our friends; although, lately it’s been harder to do so. Klaus has gotten more and more handsy over the last two years. I’m not one to complain, but when his sister almost caught us, I became a little paranoid.

Rebecca and I have grown closer ever since Klaus moved in with me. She was the only girl who understood exactly how annoying Klaus was to live with; she’s only spent her entire life with him, so I trust her instinct.

“Klaus! Brunch is ready!” I made some pancakes and eggs for him, seeing as he kept me pretty occupied well into the day and I called in sick to work.

“Thanks, love,” he kisses my neck from behind and sits down at the dining table.

“Yeah, well I called off work because of you,” I stick my tongue out at him and bring him the breakfast. He chuckles and pulls me into his lap.

“I’m more in the mood for you than the breakfast,” he nuzzles his nose against my neck, biting down on my shoudler as his grip on my waist tightens.

“No no no,” I groan and nudge him. “I worked hard on this breakfast and it looks very cute. You are going to eat it.”

“Fine, fine,” he smiles and brushes the hair out of my face. “Thank you for this.”

“As I recall, you’re the one who barged into my place two years ago and collided into my life,” I laugh and kiss him, tugging on his bottom lip as I pull away. “Maybe you’ll get lucky after you finish eating.”

“Oh,” he groans as I laugh and move away. “You little minx.”

“Your minx,” I wink, Klaus chuckling as he begins to eat. “Klaus, love. Rebecca and Damon are stopping by today to help me study for my finals. Please be good.”

“I’m always good,” he winks and I roll my eyes. “Fine, fine. I’ll see what I can do.”

The doorbell rings and I groan, realizing all I’ve got on is Klaus’s dress shirt and some panties. He smirks and raises his brows at me.

“Please open the door. I’m gonna go change,” I walk over to Klaus and kiss his cheek. “Thanks, babe.”

“Fine, fine,” he walks towards the door as I run into my bedroom.

I quickly change into a light grey t shirt and some skinny jeans, nearly tripping over my second left foot on my way out the door.

“Hi,” I smile, greeting a smiling Bex and a deflated Damon. “What happened to you?”

“Your roommate is being an ass,” he pouts and looks over to me.

“Damon, darling, do you expect anything else?” I smile and wrap my arms around my best friend.

I meet Klaus’s eyes over Damon’s shoulder and his gaze hardens when he sees how tightly I’m hugging Damon. I frown and the look disappears almost as quickly as it appears.

“Alright, ready to get some studying done?” Damon and Bex smile at me and I groan.

“We’ll take that as a yes,” Bex winks at me as her and Damon cover the living room in Biology notes and flashcards.

“Ugh,” I groan and walk over to Klaus. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” he gives me a tight-lipped smile. “I’m just being good.”

He drops his empty plate in the sink and rolls his shoulders. I furrow my brows and watch as an emotionless smirk makes its way onto his face.

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

“While you lot are here studying, I’ll be picking up some lovely ladies,” he winks at me and I fight to keep the disappointment off my face. “Don’t wait up for me, love.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Niklaus,” I turn on my heel and make my way to the living room. How dare he?

“Goodbye,” he walks out the door, not earning any sort of acknowledgement from me.

“Alright, drown me in Bio facts,” I groan and sit down in the middle of the living room, determined not to let Klaus get in my head… because it was THAT easy.

Dancing Away With My Heart Pt. 2

 Summary: You’re a ballerina dancer, and your baby sister is taking up gymnastics, with none other than Lance Tucker as her teacher. 

Pairing: Lance the Fucker Tucker x ofc (Stella)

Warnings: Language

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The annoying screeching of my alarm at 4:30AM jerks me from my sleep. Okay, I know I said I was a morning person, and really I am. I promise, but for some reason today my body just isn’t having it, but I can’t let Sarah be late to her second day of training. So, dragging myself out of bed I head to the bathroom and put on my fluffy robe, don’t want to be walking around half naked now would I? Heading downstairs to start a pot of coffee, and stopping at Sarah’s door. Knocking a few times to get her attention.

“Sarah? You need to wake up babe it’s 4:30.” I hear the soft thud of something hitting the door. She must have thrown the pillow at the door. Chuckling, I head into the kitchen and sit at the table with my warm mug. After checking snapchat and instagram, I hear Sarah come down stairs. She looks just about as put together as I am. Which isn’t much.

“You better hurry up and shower, Sarah. We can’t be late, coach Tucker probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much if we were late on your second day.” She nods, chewing on her piece of bacon. Something tells me she won’t be able to enjoy bacon for breakfast much longer. He’ll probably send her home with a diet plan soon.

She heads up to shower, and I head to my own shower.

By the time we’re done, it’s 5:00 and we’re headed out the door.

After 2 hours and several music jam sessions later, we make it to the gym.

Parking next to the fancy car again, I notice there’s no one else here today. It’s just now that I remember that she said it would just be them today.

Walking into the gym, we’re met with the sight of Lance Tucker doing push ups. He’s in a white tank top and long running pants in blue. He looks good. He see’s us, stands up and walks towards us.

“It’s about time, I was getting wrinkles.” He rests his hands on his hips.

I blush, seeing as it was my fault she was late.
“S-Sorry, Mr. Tucker. It was my fault, I guess we should have left earlier.” I rub the back of my head in nervousness. He smirks an awful cocky, arrogant smirk.

“Don’t worry about it, princess. Just make sure she’s on time next time, alright?” He drags his pointer finger under my chin, making me look up and into his eyes. He winks at me before looking towards Sarah.

“Alright! Let’s start with bars, kiddo.” She clears her throat.

“Um, coach? Do you mind if my sister stays for today’s training session? She doesn’t work today, and I figured we could save gas.” He turns to look at me, and I give him a nervous smile.

“Do you wanna practise gymnastics too? You can use the gym if you like.” He smiles again, however it’s not arrogant. It’s genuine.

“O-Oh, no. I’d make a fool of myself. I don’t do gymnastics.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Really? You were in a leotard yesterday, you looked damn good in it too.” He stands with his legs wide, his arms crossed and tucked under his armpits.

“Oh that? I’m a ballet dancer and I teach dance.” I find myself blushing, and looking towards the ground.

‘What is it about this guy? He’s messing with me.’

“Oooh, this is a dancer’s body then, huh?” He walks towards me, before walking around me and checking me out. If my blush wasn’t evident before it is now. He seems to notice.

“Aw am I making you blush, sweet cheeks?” NOW he smiles that arrogant smile. Sarah, being the doll that she is, clears her throat.

“U-Uh, coach? Are we ready to practise?” He looks towards her and smiles.

“Yeah, go ahead to the bars, Sarah.” She heads across the massive gym and towards the bars. It’s just then that the gym doors open and a little boy, and what I can only assume is his mother, walk in. He walks up to her, meeting her halfway. He leans down and picks up the little boy, balancing him on his hip. This must be his son. He doesn’t seem to get along with her, her being Maggie Townsend, the student he impregnated. Looking towards the ground, at my feet. Anything to avoid looking at them, as not to eavesdrop, as much as I’d like to. She takes her leave, not sparing me or Sarah a second glace. Hell, I don’t even think she looked at us once. She seems like a bitch.

Lance puts his son down, leaning down to talk to him. The little boy can’t be more than 3 years old, and he looks just like Lance. He couldn’t deny him if he wanted to. The little boy goes to play with his toys on one of that mats while Lance goes on to train Sarah. Watching them, I notice he’s constantly looking back to his son, checking on him. It’s cute, and makes me wish I had kids of my own. It’s just, ever since mom and dad died I never really had time to spend on myself, I’ve never had the chance to be with a man, I’ve been too worried about taking care of my baby sister.

After a while, I go up to Lance and tap him on the shoulder. He turns to look at me.

“What can I do for you, dollface?” I roll my eyes.

“Would you like me to sit with him? I don’t mind watching him.” His eyes soften just the slightest.

“You don’t have to do that.” I smile.

“I know, but I can tell you’re stressed out. Trying to train her and watch your son at the same time. I don’t mind, really.” I turn to look at him. He’s playing with an airplane toy, and spitting all over the place trying to make airplane noises. I turn to look back at Lance and he’s looking at him, smiling.

“What’s his name?” He looks down at me.

“Luke. Luke Tucker.” I smile again.

“He looks just like you.” His face lights up, this boy is his whole world, it’s plain to see.

“Yeah, I’ve been told that before.” He looks down at me.

“But yeah, if you want to watch him you can. I’d appreciate that.” I nod and walk over to the little boy, before sitting next to him.

“Hello.” He looks up from his toys and smiles at me.

“Hi pretty lady!” A blush makes its way across my face, this little boy is going to be a charmer, I can tell already.

“You’re Luke, right?” He stands up, jumping up and down.

“YEAH! What’s your name pretty lady?” I laugh, this boy is adorable.

“I’m Stella.” He plops himself down on my lap, hard.

“OOF!” Makes it’s way out of my lips before I can stop it.

“Are you daddy’s girlfriend?” Kids say the darndest things.

“No, baby. I’m not his girlfriend.”

“Do ya wanna be? I bet I can make it happen!!” He stands up and runs towards his daddy.

“DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!!!” Lance turns to look at him, then turns to look at Sarah. I can see the words ‘be right back’ on his lips before he comes down off the taller mat and to his son. He leans down and opens his arms and Luke crashes into them. My face is bright red by now because I know what’s about to happen.

“DADDY! Daddy do you wanna date the pretty lady!?” He laughs a big belly laugh.

“Now what gave you that idea, little man?”

“Because she’s a pretty lady.” He chuckles and brings Luke back over to his play mat, dropping him down on the mat.

After 4 more hours and several rounds of legos and Lance yelling

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, SARAH!?” We’re about done. Lance runs his hands through his hair before walking up to us, and leaning down to his son, ruffling up his hair.

“Get packed up kiddo, we’re almost done here.” Luke whines.

“B-But I wanna stay with pretty Stella more, daddy!” His bottom lips quivers and it tears on my heart strings.

“Don’t worry buddy. I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.” He starts crying and he lays his head on my lap. Lance sighs. It’s just then that I remember, Sarah doesn’t have practise tomorrow, But I work.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Lance?” He looks up at me.

“Day off, why?”

“Why don’t you bring Luke by the dance studio?” Luke perks up and starts jumping in joy.

“YEAH YEAH!!! CAN WE GO DADDY PLEASE!?!” Lance chuckles.

“If pretty Stella doesn’t mind.” He winks at me.


“You can come, Luke. In fact, I’d love it if you and your handsome daddy came to see me.” I look up and wink at Lance. He smiles.

“It’s a date. We’ll see you tomorrow, pretty girl.”

We all pack up to leave, and say our final goodbyes while Lance straps Luke in his carseat.

“See you tomorrow, handsome.” I wink and drive off. Tomorrow is the only day of work that I’ve ever actually looked up to.

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Long Distance || Kim Taehyung

Genre: Filthy Smut
Length: 1,339 words
A/N: hello hello this is my first public writing for a blog and I’m so nervous. This is completely dirty, so smutty. 😂 but I hope you guys enjoy this… now time to hide underneath a rock 😂😂

-admin courtneycat


It wasn’t unusual for you and your boyfriend to have late night phone calls, as he was almost always busy. Whether that would be touring, practicing, or in a whole other time zone. Taehyung is very dedicated to his work and you were one hundred and ten percent cheering him on through everything- thick and thin. Sometimes it got tough, bickering leading to cold shoulders and small fights, but in the end, one of you two would cave and apologize… like tonight.

“Look, I just don’t understand why it’s a problem. It’s not like I do it on purpose, Y/N,” Taehyung’s baritone voice rang through the speaker of your cell phone. Your eyebrows furrowed together and your nose scrunched up at his words. You sucked in a deep breath, hoping to calm yourself down.

“I’m not saying it’s a problem, Tae. What I’m saying is that I don’t enjoy how close those girls get to you, or the fact that you let them get that close…” you replied to him. You shifted onto your back, snuggling yourself into your bedsheets. You wanted this to stop, but you were too stubborn to let it go. Tae groaned loudly into the phone, frustrated because this little moments seem to only get worse while he was gone.

“Baby, please trust me. You’re the only one I want… who else would let me rip apart the living room and make a blanket fortress?” You giggled, rolling your eyes.

“I guess that’s true… I feel like I’m dating a five year old,” you replied back to him. This is it, this is where the small fight had ended. And you were glad. You couldn’t stand the thought of a fight going on any longer. You missed him a lot. Only a few more weeks left until you can have him back in your arms.

You heard him scoff slightly on the other side and heard him shuffling around.

“Could a five year old know how to pleasure you like I can?” You were silenced. The room became hotter and a lump formed in your throat. Words were never spoken like this over a phone call. Not because you didn’t like it, you did. But it was always too risky because Jungkook or Jimin were always near.

“Excuse me? Tae, what in the world!” You sputtered out. Was he really trying to do what you think he was trying to do?

“You heard me baby girl. My hands make you weak, don’t they? You love it when my hands roam your body, grabbing at your waist and squeezing your boobs… oh how I love your boobs Y/N…” he trailed off. Your mind became hazy. The heat in the room doubled and seemed to have entered your body. Fire pooled at the bottom of your stomach as you squeezed your thighs together. Suddenly a tee shirt and cotton shorts felt like too much clothing.

“Oh Tae-” you started, but he wasn’t finished.

“Huh? Are you wet princess? Are your pretty little panties soaked? I want you to trail your hand down your belly baby, and into your bottoms. I want you to check to see if you’re dripping wet,” you followed instructions and let your hand roam down your body, and into your panties. Your fingers found your mound as you gasped at how wet you were. Your two fingers seemed to have found your clit by themselves as your were too caught up in the moment, “Ah ah ah, not yet baby girl. I need you to take off your bottoms. Keep your panties on though, you know how much I love them…”

You whimpered as your hands left their unfinished job. You slowly pulled your black cotton shorts off and kicked the bed sheets to the bottom of the bed. You heard Tae on the other side rustling around, presumably ridding himself of his clothes as well.

“Tae, oh I wish you were here, I need you so badly..” you whimpered over the phone. Your mewls only pushed Taehyung further into bliss as his large hand wrapped around his flushed pink dick. He moaned quite loudly into the air of the hotel room he was currently staying in. Jimin and Jungkook were out with the rest of the members touring the city.

“Okay baby, this is what I need you do to. I want you to only use one finger to pleasure yourself okay? I will know if you don’t listen, princess,” you listened to him like the good girl you were and let your finger glide through your slickness and plunge into yourself.

“Oh baby, please please can I use another finger? Please Tae- it’s not enough,” you stutter out to him. Taehyung loved to hear you beg and your delicious moans were a gift from heaven to him. You could hear him grunted as his hand worked up and down on himself. The thought of his beautiful hands running up and down his length had you squirming around in your spot.

“Can you fit another another finger in baby? I bet you can put another finger in. I bet you’re soaking wet aren’t you? Let daddy hear you, okay princess?” His voice sent shivers down your spine as you plunged another finger inside. Your walls began to clench around your fingers as you worked yourself. The air around you seemed to become humid and the small pieces of hair from your head stuck to your forehead, “oh god, fuck me, I’m so hard baby girl, would you be a good girl and suck my dick if I were there? Hmm? Would you let daddy fuck your mouth?”

His dirty words sent you into complete bliss. The combination of your fingers plunging in and out, his groans and filthy words worked wonders on this lonely night.

“Please daddy -oh fuck, please let me touch myself more, please- I, ah, I need more,” you moaned out. You could hear Tae hum on the other side in response.

“I guess I could let my little kitty touch herself more,” you let out a sign in relief as you began to work on your clit as well. Loud gasps slipped out of your mouth as the amount of pleasure took over your body. Your noises lead Taehyung near his end as his hand jerked faster along his length. Soon enough he was cumming hard into his palm and stomach, groaning into the speaker of his phone. Chants of your name running past his thick lips.

“Are you close, baby? Does daddy need to help you? Ah, just think of everything we can do when I get back… think of my tongue against your pretty little pussy, huh. Think of how I’ll take you everywhere in your apartment, eating you out anytime I please. I bet your dropping everywhere, kitten. How bad do you want daddy’s dick? Hmm,” your hands worked fast at his words, your began clenching around your fingers again as your back arched into the air, “ah, does my princess want daddy’s dick her? I’ll fuck you senseless until your begging me to stop,”

Your toes curled and you came hard around your fingers. The other hand still working on your clit as you wanted to keep the beautiful feeling of release as long as you can. You finally opened your eyes after what seemed to be forever and your hand stopped because the over stimulation was too much. You could only hear yourself panting, as you tried to relax from the amazing high that Tae had just led your through.

“Oh my god, Tae. Did we really just do that?” You asked him. His cute little chuckles rang though your room, and you could of sworn that he wasn’t the same man he was a few moment ago.

“We did, baby, oh man we have to do that again.” This time you chuckled.

“Later, please. I’m still trying to breathe here..”

Maybe this could be the way to stop your bickering?

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Hey Princes (phanfiction)

Hi guys this is my first proper fanfic, so it’s pretty shit plus I wrote it on my phone in the car, but anyways, enjoy, tags are at the bottom :) 1.8k of pure sin

Hey princes
Chapter 1
Phil Lester.
Ugh Phil. Phil and his tattoos, Phil and his piercings, Phil and his perfect hair, Phil and his stunning blue eyes.
Dan wouldn’t admit to his crush, Phil was a prick and nobody wanted a prick, well that was apart from dan.

Dan really didn’t understand how phil was so popular, yes he was a year older, but, he had only just moved to this town and dan had been here his whole life! Maybe it was his pastel clothing or his flower crowns, maybe people just don’t like that he was gay. But he knew one thing most people didn’t like him.

Dan was walking through the shopping centre; the last of his shopping done at last. He had his face downwards, looking at the floor and his head phones were plugged in blaring fall out boy.
He tucked his hands further into the pockets of his white skinny jeans and his bags bundled around his wrists.
His steady rhythm of steps were disputed when he walked face first into someone, nearly tripping over and dropping his bags.
He pulled out his headphones and started picking up his stuff.
“I’m so sorry” he said to the stranger.
He looked up apologetically and his chocolate brown eyes connected with bright blue. Out of everyone in the world, of course it had to be Phil.
“Go careful princess” he said with a smirk.
“Don’t want to damage that pretty little face of yours now do we?”
A rosey red glow spread across dans face and he picked up his bags and ran home.

That night dan was lying on his bed re-playing that moment in his head. He should have said something, maybe have told Phil to piss off. But he knew why he hadn’t. Phil had called him princess.

Dan awoke the next day still in his clothes from yesterday, he must’ve fallen asleep fantasising about his brief moment with Phil. He had to get those thoughts out of his head.

Dan got ready and left the house, his pastel blue jumper matching perfectly to his gold butterfly and baby blue flower crown. He ran his hand through his brown, curly hair and placed it on top of his head.

When he arrived at school he went to find his only friend, Chris. Chris and dan had been friends a long time before Dan’s style changed and he came out. He was the only person who stuck with dan after as well, the others had joined the gang of bullies who had always picked on dan and still did.
Dan and Chris walked through the entrance and went their separate ways to their lessons.

Dan’s morning was fairly uneventful, just the average amount of insults, shoves and teachers picking on him become they knew he wasn’t concentrating. The bell finally rang for lunch and dan left for the cafeteria to find Chris. He found him sitting at their normal table in the back corner, the social outcasts, as they liked to call themselves. The only things wrong with its placement was that it was right next to the door where Phil and his gang entered from.
When they came in Dan felt a hand caressing his arm. And as quickly as it has came, it had gone. Dans head shot up and he looked around. Instantly recognising the person looking at him. Phil bit one of his snake bites and winked at him. Dan glared, but on the inside, his heart was fluttering.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Chris
“Lester,” muttered dan, his face trying to look pissed off, but failing miserably.
“You sound in love”
“No I fucking don’t! I hate him” dan partially yelled, trying not to gather attention.
“Sure thing” said Chris, his lips curled into a smirk.

The next day at school, Dan had just said bye to Chris and was walking to geography when a hand grabbed him and yanked him behind a bookshelf. He nearly screamed before he realised who it was. For the third time in 3 days he has properly locked eyes with Phil Lester.
Phil’s hand rested against the wall above Dan’s head.
“Hey princes” he breathed, whilst passing Dan a piece of paper.
“Friday night. Be there. You can bring that Chris if you want, Louise is coming.”
And his arm slid down from above Dan’s head and down his arm, a familiar touch from the day before.
And he was gone.

Chapter 2

The rest of the week went by painfully slow, and Dan had been counting down the days to Phil’s party. He had managed to convince Chris to come, and the fact that he would see his friend Louise again after all these years filled him with joy. But the best part was that it had been Phil himself who had invited him.

Friday evening finally came and dan had dressed up in his tightest white jeans, a white shirt and a baby pink sweater, accessorised with a silver flower crown, rosebud earrings and pastel pink converse.

A honk of a horn signalled his ride was there and he ran down to meet Chris.

As they arrived they were instantly met by a girl with bright green eyes and pink hair,
“LOUISE!” They yelled.
And ran forwards to meet with their old friend. After catching up, Louise brought up a different subject.
“They are playing truth or dare upstairs, want to go and join in?”
Dan wanted to protest against it but Chris has already said yes. As they walked towards the stairs Louise grabbed them all a drink,
“Something strong” she said “To get you through this, it could get intense” and she giggled. If dan wasn’t regretting this before he definitely did now.

They entered the room, it was full of people from school who Dan barely knew, most of them were older. But one person stood out.
“Okay” said Phil “I’d say there is enough of us, let’s get started!”

As the game continued the dares and questions slowly became more and more sexual.

Marcus, take 3 shots at the same time.
Amy, drink a whole tube of ketchup.
Louise, make a mystery shot and drink it.
Ray,Who would you most likely date here?
Mikey, go and get a girl and convince her to play.
Hazel, sit on Olivers lap.
Cara, who is guy you’ve been messaging?
Chris, are you gay?
Rob, give Louise a lap dance.
By the time Dan’s go had come around everything was getting quite sexual, so he started to worry.
“Dan,” said Phil. “Truth or dare?”
“Are you a virgin?” He asked, with an evil smirk.
Dan felt so embarrassed, they would probably laugh at him. He knew he couldn’t lie, these people seemed to see right through you. And if he passed he would have to streak down the road, and that wasn’t happening.
“Yes” he said
Phil looked him in the eye, an expression of lust in his eyes. Dan just blushed harder at this and looked at the floor.
Finally the attention was shifted away from him as Jenny, a girl who was a few years older than dan spoke up.
“Phil, truth or dare?” The way she spoke made dan worry about what she was about to say.
“Dare” replied Phil.
“If you’re so interested in Dan’s virginity” she said “Why don’t you help him loose it” the whole room started chanting and laughing, Phil was not a sore enough looser to deal with this, he wasn’t going to run down the street naked, loads of old people lived here. Dan couldn’t help feeling both scared and overwhelmed at the same time, was this going to reveal his crush?
“Sure” said Phil looking at Dan and winking.
Everyone was pushing Dan towards Phil as Jenny spoke up again.
“You have to do it in the room, now, in front of all of us.” Now Dan was properly blushing, but Phil still went along with it. Pervs, he thought.
“Give us a blanket though, at least”
A blanket was tossed over and Phil pulled Dan onto his lap.
Phil’s hand went down to Dan’s crotch and started massaging, Dan let out a quiet moan. “Come on princess,” whispered Phil “Let daddy hear your pretty noises.”
This made dan intake a sharp breath, he has practically forgotten they were being watched.

Phil quickly unbuttoned Dan’s jeans and chucked them out of the blanket. Next came his jumper and shirt. Now Dan was practically naked underneath the blanket. “Hmm, what are these,” muttered Phil, as he pulled the elastic around Dan’s lacy panties, before letting it slap back against Dan’s skin “are you wearing these for daddy, waiting for him to fuck you like the whore you are?” He asked
“Yes daddy, please touch me” moaned dan, rutting against Phil’s hand, which Phil instantly removed and slapped against Dan’s thigh. “Good boys are patient” he said into Dans ear.

Phil slipped his fingers beneath the panties and slid them off of Dan before throwing them out of the blanket too.

Dan heard the crack of a bottle opening and suddenly, Phil’s lubed up fingers were pressing against his rim.
He slipped his finger in, curling it around, trying to find the area that would make dan moan loud enough for everyone to hear.
He brought his other hand up to play with his nipples as he added a second finger.

Dan’s eyes were squeezed tight shut and he was letting out breathy moans, Phil added a third finger and curled them upwards, instantly hitting Dan’s prostate. Dan moaned loudly and shuddered against Phil.
A sudden emptiness occurred and Phil had removed his fingers, just as Dan was about to turn around to complain, he felt Phil removing his own jeans and was quickly overwhelmed by an even fuller sensation.

“Does that feel good baby? Do you like it when daddy fills you up?”
“Yes daddy, so big” Dan moaned, as Phil’s lips started attacking his neck, licking and sucking, all while he was trusting into Dan. Dan’s neck was he sweet spot he has just discovered, it sent Dan into a void of complete bliss. Just when Dan thought the sensations couldn’t get any better Phil wrapped his hand around Dan’s dick, he stroked and twisted his hand, his thumb flicking against the slit, lathering his length in precome.
“Phil, I’m close” Dan moaned
“What did you just call me?” Phil said sharply
“Sorry daddy, please can I come?” Dan pleaded.
“Beg for it”
Dan tipped his head backwards, and let out another moan.
“Please please please can I come daddy, I’ve been a good little slut for you!” He cried looking at Phil with huge pupils and his hair stuck to his forehead in with sweat.
“Okay baby, you can come” replied Phil. And with a few more tugs and thrusts Dan had came all over Phil’s hand. He was shuddering and moaning, as Phil continued to thrust into him until he came too.

He finally pulled out of dan and hugged him against his chest, before leaning down and whispering in his ear.
“I think they enjoyed the show, maybe now you aren’t a virgin, daddy can show you the other things that he can do” he said with his signature smirk.
Dan looked up “I think I would like that daddy.”

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I've seen a lot of posts about mycroft falling in love with a character that was John's sister or brother but what about the daughter or son of MrsHudson?

“For the last time Sherlock, if you’re going to shoot a wall I insist that you aim at the western one as I had it padded specifically for such purpose,” Mycroft chides as Sherlock tries to once again reclaim his pistol from Mrs. Hudson’s grasp.

“And this is why,” Sherlock struggles through attempting to snatch back the weapon, “why shooting the eastern wall is more fun.”

“You shouldn’t be shooting any of my walls anyway young man! My building is a flat not a shooting galley!” Mrs. Hudson criticized as she continued to thwart his attempts.

Honestly Mrs. Hudson had just about had it with both Holmes Mycroft with his unannounced visits and Sherlock with his gun. She was right on her way to throwing them both out and having a nice cuppa when she heard some familiar boots stomping up the stairs.

Oh no she thinks and shudders to think of what is to come. ______ had decided that since her job prospects in the States were running low and needed a change. She knew at one point her daughter would have to meet the Holmes’ but right now?

“Mom,” her daughter, _______ calls up as she climbs up the stairs, “Mom, I got your weird cookie things you asked for but did you want me to put them in the cookie jar or-hello, aren’t you something?”

Mrs. Hudson can only groan as her daughter tries to unabashedly flirt.

“I’m well aware of my physical attributes,” Sherlock remarks snidely, “And remarking on them will neither endear you or-”

“I wasn’t talking to you string bean,” _______ cuts him off sashing in that way she does when she’s on the prowl, “I was talkin’ to this tall drink of water over here.”

Oh god no Mrs. Hudson thinks with horror as ____ gets up close and personally with Mycroft and practically pushes Sherlock out of the way to do so.

“So tell me something beautiful,” ______ continues oozing the same confidence Mr. Hudson had before his death sentence, “You ever feel the need for a little sunshine in your life because I can gara-un-tee you’ll get plenty with me.” The provocative smile and cheeky wink at the end even had Sherlock gagging. 

Normally Mrs. Hudson didn’t care one whit who her daughter flirted with since she can fight like her daddy but this had Mrs. Hudson chilled.

Mrs. Hudson could swear that even Sherlock could hear her mantra of ’please don’t like her, please don’t take to her, please just push her off like you do to literally everyone else’ but to her horror the lizard smiled.

“I do think I could do with a bit of sunshine in my life don’t you agree Sherlock?” Mycroft questions nonchalantly while not taking his eyes off her daughter.  

Sherlock at least has the balls to vomit loudly in the kitchen but as for Mrs. Hudson…

“I think…I’m going to faint…"