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Are you a single mother? Not hating, and feel free to ignore this if it's too personal or strange etc. have a great day/night :)

By law (technically) I am! I have a boyf, but according to the Australian government, because we don’t depend on each other financially and he doesn’t live with us, I’m a single parent. I solely care for Lily and pay for everything to do with us (rent, food, internet, everyyythang) and Alex works nights and sleeps all day so I barely see him. 🙂

Boyfriend! Jungkook

Dating Jungkook would include:

  • first things first guys
  • you’re always stealing his sweaters
  • “y/n what the fuck come on I was gonna wear that”
  • if he can’t find it he knows you have it
  • secretly loves it
  • so many inside jokes that the boys get bothered
  • jimin always says “what does that even MEAN” 
  • when you and jungkook tell each other an inside joke
  • so many tickle fights turned make out sessions
  • ya’ll make out in the prep room
  • the studio
  • between dance practices
  • in the dorms
  • right in front of jin and namjoon, who just sigh and roll their eyes
  • sex is occasional but when it happens
  • FIRE literal fire bc you guys are so needy for each other
  • the sex is always really sensual
  • never rough, very vanilla
  • and that’s the way you two like it because the only thing on your mind is that you’re with him and that you love him
  • “i miss you”
  • “can you come cuddle with me”
  • “y/n I’m lonelyyyy”
  • opens his arms when he wants to cuddle
  • carries you bridal style upstairs where the two of you bury yourselves in blankets
  • he likes when you’re pretty much laying on top of him
  • because that’s the closest you two can physically get
  • always very worried about you
  • wants to make sure you’re comfortable and wants to help you when you’re sad or stressed
  • always offers to help you with your English homework even though he’s not that great at it
  • literally the sweetest and brings home your favorite food after a particularly rough day
  • always always always trying to teach you how to dance
  • catches you when you trip then slips himself
  • you make fun of his obsession with timbs but when you buy yourself a pair he just smirks at you
  • laughs when you trip but when he trips you make a point to laugh harder
  • usually jimin joins in laughing at that point
  • he’ll get quiet when he’s mad
  • doesn’t smile or talk to anyone
  • you guys don’t fight a lot but when you do it gets the two of you really sad
  • when you fight it’s usually over bigger things like not spending enough time with each other
  • you think he’s overworking himself and he thinks you’re being over dramatic
  • but eventually in the middle of the night after the two of you fought
  • he’ll come upstairs from the couch and lay in your bed and pull you close to him as a way of saying sorry
  • he’ll whisper “y/n i love you”
  • you’ll just hum and roll over so your forehead is touching his chest
  • when you cry he’ll just put you on his lap and stroke your hair and wipe your tears from your eyes
  • and when he’s upset
  • you’ll sit with him and stroke his face and remind him of the inside jokes you two have
  • he always thinks about how grateful he is for you

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Those who’ve been following Flynn’s story over the past couple of years will know how much that last photo means to me.

My little worrity bitey dog who is very attached to me but finds making any kind of physical contact so difficult. Flynn adores playing & training but I can’t cuddle, or pat or stroke him. Today, he was watching Barney snuggle up… & then Barney moved… & to my astonishment, Flynn got up & took his place, gently resting his head on my legs. He was looking a little uncertain about what to do next, so after I took a couple of photos, I showered him with treats & we carried on playing. A moment I’ll treasure :)

dating brad would include...

• forehead kisses

• bear hugs

• cuddle, pizza & movie dates

• falling asleep while cuddling

• neck kisses

• tickle fights

• “can I kiss you now?”

• calling him cute all the time

• “stop calling me cute, I’m manly”

• only getting into fights when he’s jealous

• him pouting when he wants a kiss

• waking up in his arms

• him complimenting you during sex

• “you look so pretty right now babe”

• playing with his hair

• this boy is definitely a top

• “come her princess”

• your parents loving him

• he’s cheeky when no one is around

• slow and sweet kisses


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USA is a big teddy bear that doesn’t like cuddles from drunk old broke people

You Do His Makeup


Prompt- could you write one where your boreed or something and you do nialls makeup but like glam girly makeup and he doenst want you to do it but you do it anyway and hes grumpy through out it, id think that will be cute.

~1422 words


“Please baby.” You whined to your boyfriend for the hundredth time. “We can take it off right away.”

Niall groaned and ran his large hand through his soft hair, “(Y/N), babe, the guys will be over soon to watch the game and i really don’t want them coming in when you’re putting all that goop on my face.”

“I promise i’ll take it off right away. Please? I sat here all day watching golf, can i just do it this once?” You cuddled closer to him and gave him your best pleading eyes making him sigh, “Fine. But it better all be off my face by the time they get here.”

Squealing like an excited school girl and got off the sofa and went to gather your makeup. Niall watched you leave the room , he knew he was wrapped around your finger and that no matter how much of a fight he put up it would have happened anyway. He eternally cursed his decision to allow you to do this when you came back with your arms full of palettes, brushes and sparkles galore. “Alright, let’s get started.” You smiled as you sat back on the couch spreading all your stuff out on the coffee table.

Niall turned on the couch cushion so that his arm was resting on the back of the sofa, one leg bent and resting on the cushion between the two of you while the other one rested to the floor. “Good thing you shaved this morning.” You commented as you grabbed the foundation and beauty blender.

“Yeah, now i’m gonna be looking even more like a girl.” He closed his eyes as you worked the foundation into his soft skin, you would have made him wash his face and put on primer but you didn’t want to push it and he wouldn’t have it on for long anyway. “How do you have this on your skin all day everyday.” He asked as he scrunched his cute face when you put the foundation on his nose.

“You get used to it.” You giggled. “Alright let’s go on to eyes.” Niall watched as you grabbed your morphe palette and opened it, he never seen so many shades.

“Why do you have thousands of eye shadow things when this has so many colors.” He asked genuinely confused.

“Because, there is different shades and some are shimmery and some are matte.” You answered and started to put a dark brown color in his crease. “I can’t believe i let you do this to me.” He said grumpily.

“You let me do this because you love me.” You then went to another shade that was lighter and was shimmery.  “My man is going to look so pretty.” You joked.

“Well I better not be looking pretty when the lads come.” Niall warned gently finally opening his eyes when you were finished blending it out. “Can I see what you’re doing to me yet?” He said reaching for his phone but you grabbed his wrist stopping him. “No you can’t look until i’m finished.” You scolded him, putting your pallet down and grabbed you cosmetic glitter to make the eye shadow on his lids a little more glam.

“No. No glitter.” He said pulling away from your hand.

Giving him puppy dog eyes, “Please Ni.” You whined. He gave you pleading eyes, “No one will know babe. Please? For me?” A groan left his lips as he sat up again and closed his eyes allowing you to tap on the cosmetic glitter. “See. It’s not that bad.”

“I haven’t seen it yet.” He grumbled.

After putting simple bar eyeliner on, concealer on his under eyes and did his eyebrows, which again made him cranky you grabbed you contour palette. “Let’s make them cheek bones pop.” You smiled getting the proper bush and started to dust the powder over his cheeks.

“How much does all this stuff cost?” He said looking at all the products on the table. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back so that he was looking at you, “Stop moving. And they all cost something different.”


“What does it matter?” You sighed, exasperated from the constant questioning and grumbles.

“Just curious.”  

“The thing i’m using right now is like fifty dollars.” You answered, referring to contour palette in your hand. His eyes widened, it wasn’t really a problem but Niall would have never guessed that it would cost so much. “Fifty dollars? For some brown dust?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend, “It’s not just ‘brown dust’ babe. But yes fifty dollars.” After you finished the contouring you leaned in and kissed his thin lips. “Now the highlight.” Switching out the contour palette for the highlighter and a fan brush.  Dusting the illuminating powder over his cheekbones, “Look at that glow.” You joked, “Oh, i almost forgot.”

“Please, i don’t want that near my eyes.” Niall complained when he saw you get the mascara.

“Don’t be a baby.”

“Well i’m a baby then, i don’t want that near my eye. You might poke it out.” Rolling your eyes at how over dramatic your boyfriend could be.

“I’m not going to poke your eye out. If you let me do this then we can be done and i’ll never ask you to do this again.”

And with that Niall let out a long sigh, “Fine, but after you put that on I’m taking this all off.”

“Okay.” You smiled and started to unscrew the mascara.

“Better Than Sex?” He read the mascara tube and raised an eyebrow, “Is it really that good?”  

“Shut up Horan.” You giggled, “Look up and don’t blink or else i will poke your eye.” It was a struggle to get him to finally sit still and allow the wand to come anywhere near his face. You felt very accomplished when you were able to get one coat on his thin lashes.

After putting the mascara tube down and looked at your work, you couldn’t help but laugh at how your boyfriend looked, “There all done, you can look now.” Niall took his iPhone out of his pocket and turned on the front facing camera.

“Jesus Christ.” He said looking at his reflection in the phone, he turned his head side to side looking at your work. “This is fucking creepy.” He chuckled.

“Let me take a picture then you can wipe it off.” You said reaching for your own phone to take a picture.

“Alright but please don’t post it, the last thing i need is for the lads or the fans seeing it.”

“I wont post it.” You reassured him, he made faces at your phone as you snapped a few pics before putting down your phone and getting the makeup remover wipes. “I can’t believe you’re making me wash away my beautiful work.”

He took the wipe from you and scrubbed the makeup off his face as you got up to put away everything, “You did a good job beautiful but i never want any of that goop on my face ever again.” You laughed at his remark and kissed his forehead that was damp from the makeup wipe. “Thank you for letting me do it.”


Later that evening you were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream while Niall and the lads were in the den watching the game but your ears perked up when you heard Deo ask “Niall what the fuck is on your eyelashes?”

“Nothing.” You heard him answer quickly, you didn’t even have to see him to know that he was scrubbing at his eyes.

“Mate, is that mascara?” One of the other lads said.

“No.” Niall said defensively.

“Yes it is.” You heard another say followed by laughter. You felt kinda bad for him but a part of you thought it was so cute how defensive and embarrassed he sounded.  

“(Y/N) was messing about earlier give me a break.” You heard him grumble.

The lads laughed, “Ya let your girl doll you up?” One barked out.  

That’s when you left the kitchen and walked to the den, “Yes he did, and it was very sweet of him to do.” You said walking over to Niall and kissing his lips, “And no you’re not going to see pictures.”

You left the room as Niall’s mates continued to give him a hard time. But you knew you were Niall’s princess so he’d taking some teasing just as long as he knew he made you happy.


Hope you liked it, requests open.

Silent Book friend

(A/N): Can I just cuddle Kurt and read to him??

Warnings: None

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    Kurt had been going to Xavier’s library for quite some time, desperate to gain a knowledge on all things of this world. That boy was constantly reading, which meant he was constantly spending his time in the library. He was sure he had memorized the entire place by now, from the very top of the ceiling down to all the books the library had, that meant Kurt had a good understanding of the library and everything in it, including the people. 

   It was always the usual group of people, most of the time it was more of the “nerdy” mutants that came around, discussing books they’d read or movies they’d seen in the theater. Really they were the only ones who were ever there so when one day Kurt looked up and he saw- them, sitting on the other side of the room, very in tune with their reading he was more than a little surprised.

   Kurt never ever saw anyone else in the library, it was only ever him and that few select group of students, never this person who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Sure, it was a little silly to be surprised, after all he wasn’t the only student at this school who liked to read so it was plausible that some other people would eventually show up too. But it wasn’t just the fact that they were there, reading, it was almost as if they were always there when Kurt was, maybe that’s why it was so shocking to him. Kurt would be sitting there reading in absolute peace and when he’d look up they’d be there, in their usual spot reading peacefully. It’s not that he minded, in fact he liked the silent almost company this person brought, as weird as it sounded. They were just this silent little book friend he had, just keeping him and the library company when no one else was around. 

    Their silent hours spent together dragged on, whenever Kurt was there so was this mysterious person, just reading some book in their little nook of the library. 

   They never really talked, not really, there was one time that they looked up, locked eyes with Kurt and gave him a warm smile and In that moment Kurt was damn near sure he’d never seen anything more beautiful than that mysterious person smiling at him. Kurt had smiled back, albeit a bit nervously before walking over and taking his usual spot on one of the many couches the library had to offer. 

   After the smile the two often found each other staring at each other, occasionally catching the other staring at them from the corner of their eye. It never failed to make both parties smile and blush just a little bit. 

   This little pattern of stolen glances and flashed smiles continued on for weeks, that was until this mysterious person had gotten up the nerve to get up and finally talk to the blue mutant. 

   The library had been nearly silent, just the two mutants happily reading away, occasionally stealing a glance here and there. Nothing was out of the ordinary, this was their usual pattern of things, that was until said mysterious person rose from their seat instead coming over to take a place by Kurt on the couch. 

   Kurt was…thoroughly surprised by this turn of events, he had never expected this person to actually truly acknowledge him and yet here they were, sitting directly beside him. 

   “I see you in here all the time and you’re always reading books I really like and I thought it was time we finally talked to each other,” Kurt smiles shyly, his cheeks dusting a light shade of purple. His tail flicks happily behind him, something he unfortunately couldn’t control, it was just something that happened when he was happy or excited. 

   “I’’m glad ve are on zhe same page,” Kurt murmurs softly. The person gives him a warm smile, one that made their eyes twinkle and their nose crinkle and meine gott Kurt thought it was adorable. 

   “My name’s (Y/N), what about you?” 

   “Kurt. Kurt Vagner,” (Y/N) smiled a bit more and stuck their hand out, awaiting Kurt to shake it. Kurt was more than happy to oblige, reaching out to gently shake his new companion’s hand. 

   “Glad I could finally, officially meet you,” (Y/N)’s voice is shy and quiet and Kurt could melt at the sound of it. This (Y/N) character (although he had just officially met them), actually seemed like a wonderful and great person and he most definitely wouldn’t mind spending more time with them.

   “Me too,” 

   “So…um…” (Y/N) trails off, biting their lip shyly. “I couldn’t help but notice what you were reading and I just wanted to tell you it’s one of my favorites,” Kurt smiles as he looks down to the book he had in his lap, the gold calligraphy standing out on the brown cover. 

   “I am quite enjoying it myself,” Kurt murmurs as he looks back up to (Y/N) who was smiling fondly at the blue mutant. “Zhe story is so riveting and I appreciate all zhe character development,” (Y/N) smiles widely, a different smile than before. It was brighter and lighter and their entire demeanour changed at his comment. 

   “I think we’re going to be great friends,” 

Imagine Shepard getting piss-drunk so now Kaidan has to drag him to his cabin, but Shepard is so drunk that he doesn’t recognize it’s Kaidan holding him and he starts talking about Kaidan and how much he loves him like

“Haaave you seen my boyfriend? He’s very very cute and I looovee him”

“He has a reaaaaaaally nice butt like…it’s like…two round pillows hugging each other. That’s a very nice butt”

“Also his eyes, they’re so warm and welcoming. My boyfriend has beautiful warm eyes, yes”

“And his smell…he smells like home. He’s my home, I lovvv him. I can’t wait to get to my cabin and cuddle with him mmm yes”

Kaidan can’t take it anymore so he turns to Shepard and makes him look at him and almost yells “It’s me, Kaidan!”
And Shepard’s eyes just light up “Kaidaaaan, I was just talking about you! You’re here, I’m so happy”

Shepard then proceeds to hug him while Kaidan’s trying not to cry from happiness.

I really hope Even will have a good birthday today. Like, I can already see him cuddling with Isak at his place and Isak whispering “happy birthday” in his ear when the clock strikes midnight and then they cuddle?!?! And like I can totally see Isak bringing Even gifts and throwing a surprise party with the rest of the kollektivet and?!?! GOSH I just hope Even will have a good day today!!

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Prompt: Percival is found but everyone thinks he's dead because Grindelwald cursed him to appear so. A grant funeral is held with Newt and the others in attendance. Just as Seraphina is about to light Percival's funeral pyre, a large from Newt's case bursts out and rushes to Percival, using its magic to free him. Percival wakes up and immediately asks who's creature this is and whether they have a permit, all the while enjoying being loved up by said creature. Newt falls head over heals.

Okay so they missed out what animal it was so I’m just gonna use dougal bc he’s cute and I can now imagine him cuddling Graves and I know they don’t really have much magic and it doesn’t work but whatever I’m doing it anyway (:

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the face of the purest, happiest, and most sweetest kitten being interviewed.