can i cry because of this

  • Cassian:  Bad News - Rhysand locked his keys inside the house.
  • Cassian :  Good News - We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.
  • Cassian :  Bad News - Feyre finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress hot people.
  • Cassian :  Good News - A hot person saw me do it.
  • Cassian :  Bad News - It was Nesta, and since she’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, she’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. She knows.

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What do you do when you're watching a video and an ad for Keith's vlog shows up? This just happened and I just started coughing and clicked away as fast as possible

you watch it and you cry and then you try and move on but you can’t because all you can think about it how Keith’s mom left him when he was old enough to realize she was leaving and left him with abandonment issues that cause him to push away the ppl in his life who he loves bc he’s terrified of them rejecting him if he sticks around them for too long and I’m so upSET his team LOVES HIM!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO KNOW HE IS LOVED


the egos are all together, at a meeting, and one of them says something that brings up wilford’s memories of the manor and the murder and all that

he just breaks down into sobs in front of everyone, and dark can’t comfort him, because his reputation with the other egos

everyone tries to help wilf, except dark, dark leaves so he doesn’t ruin his reputation with the others as the careless evil man

and once he’s away, where no one sees him, he breaks and crys because he wanted to help wilford so badly but couldn’t.

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Fuck the coworkers who think its funny to deadname me at work. Fuck. You. I go home crying after so many shifts because of it. Call me by my nickname. Please. I know my name isn't legally changed yet, but I can't change it without putting myself in danger currently. Call me by my nickname so I dont want to throw up all over you when I hear my deadname.


I am crying because the entire episode Amy kept telling Jake she was always one step ahead of him, and that nothing he can say can surprise her AKA “ya boring.” Then at the end while she was blabbing on and on how she was always going to be one step ahead of him and how he was “boring,” Jake Peralta tells her to read what’s written on the cummerbund and gets down on one knee and proposes to the love of his life. 

What makes me want to cry even more is that you can literally see the surprise take over her face when she turns around and sees her Jake, down on one knee with a ring box in his hand, and the goofiest smile on his face. 

What makes me want to cry even harder is the fact that the proposal was just them. Everything about it screamed Jake and Amy, with the teasing, the “title of your sextape” jokes, Amy blabbering, Jake’s heart eyes, Jake rambling, elaborate planning, and a whole lot of love.

I will literally never get over this, it’s all I am going to think about.

Ravi: Bad News - N locked his keys inside the dorm.

Ravi: Good News - We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.

Ravi: Bad News - N finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress hot people.

Ravi: Good News - A hot person saw me do it.

Ravi: Bad News - It was Leo, and since he’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, he’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. He knows.

Takua: Bad News - Vakama locked his keys inside his house.
Takua: Good News - We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.
Takua: Bad News - Vakama finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress hot people.
Takua: Good News - A hot person saw me do it.
Takua: Bad News - It was Jaller, and since he’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, he’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. He knows


am I the only one who can’t wait for the wedding episode? because I’d like to think that one of the Squad gets the recording of the proposal from the evidence lockup and gives it to them for a wedding gift

also imagine in Jake or Amy’s vows they say something about Johnny and Dora and the other just starts laughing and no one understands but them and Charles is just fawning over them

also captain holt performs the ceremony and starts crying when he sees Amy walk down the aisle


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desmond and d5 ?

 last cigarette fell down sewer drain

jk actually this one’s interesting because out of all my ocs i think desmond is least likely to cry or show a sad emotion. has he ever felt sad? CAN he feel sad? probably not. so rather than sad desmond this ends up looking more desmond trying reeeally hard not to laugh to me personally.



a/n: not really edited because just writing this was hard. i’ve been in a mental rut, in writing and in health… hope you like this anyway! just some (secret) soft Soo because this (and this) has to be the cutest most adorable ball of fluff i have ever seen. 1 like = 1 cry.

because i want to pat him on the head and give him a juice box but also suck him dry. oops. 


Monday’s are quietly busy for you. Rather than fight yourself to head the office, you choose to work on your  novel from home, delighting in the peace that your cozy at home study brings you. You’ve made a good chunk of progress– your main character has found her soulmate and they are getting to know each other by the time you decide to get up and refill your coffee cup and give your back a break from hunching over. You trudge through your hallway, the scuffing of your slippers making light noise as you hum to a song you remembered hearing on the radio earlier this week. When you reach the kitchen you begin to sing the song softly as you prep a single serving of coffee and contemplate what take out you and Kyungsoo will have once he gets home.

You’re skimming through a menu for pizza when Kyungsoo barges through the front door, the bang of it hitting the wall startles you slightly, making you drop the menu with a soft yelp. You’re tempted to scold him for your mini heart attack and the possibility of a hole in the wall but just before you raise your voice you’re stopped by the sight of your boyfriend throwing a tantrum. Your eyes follow him as he starts angrily yanking off his shoes and sweatshirt throwing them on the floor, mumbling curse words in Korean, English, and Spanish? Did you just hear him curse in Spanish? He needs to stop hanging around your mother …

“I can’t believe they did this to me. I told them a little off the top, not leave a little on the top.”

A little on the top?

While Kyungsoo thrashes around like a distressed toddler, you stop to think about what he means by “a little off the top”. Your brow furrows as you go over what his errands for the day were. What did he get himself into? The sound of the coffee pot timer goes off the same time your thoughts put together the answer: Kyungsoo got his hair cut today. That explains why he’s removed everything but his hat …

“Kyungsoo. Baby, please stop pacing you’re going to wear a hole into the ground. Kyungsoo! Hey, are you listening to me?”

He’s literally throwing his arms around in what looks like an attempt to fight the air as the curses get slightly louder with each swing. It’s not until after you move from where you’re standing in the kitchen to grab him by the shoulders that he stops moving, carefully avoiding getting struck. If you were anyone else, he would swatt you for attempting to keep im from exerting his rage outwards something Byun’s had to learn the hard way. He’s angry, there’s no doubt about that in the slightest, but he wouldn’t dare take it out on you. You get him to face you then rub his cheek soothingly with one of your thumbs, smiling once you see him visibly soften and take in a deep breath. His shoulders slump before he brings you in close to hold you and place his face in your neck. It takes him a few seconds but once he’s calmed down, he simmers to just whining.

“I might as well be bald those bastards left me with nothing.”

“Soo, let me see your haircut.”

You try to pry him off of you but he stops you by gripping you tighter.

“No, i’m never taking this hat off. Never. we will be married with this hat on, we will shower with this hat on, we will cuddle to sleep with this hat on.”

He begins to kiss your neck where he knows you’re most sensitive making you gasp out and dig your fingers into his shoulders.

“Do Kyungsoo quit trying to distract me!”

You pull away from him with a yank to his ear with a bit of force, but not enough to really hurt him.

“You’re being dramatic did you forget hair grows back? now come here-“

You take him by the hand and drag him to sit on your couch then take a seat next to him.

“-let me see your haircut please, or no sexy time for the next week.”

At that, Kyungsoo gasps like you’ve just slapped him.

“What? You can’t do that to me!”

You’re laughing at this point. When did he become a five year old? Throwing tantrums and thrashing about and refusing to do a simple task …

“Baby. Look, i understand that you may find it embarrassing, but it’s really just hair. you know i love you no matter what and if anyone makes fun of you, i’ll kick their ass.”

you give him a reassuring kiss on the cheek, letting it linger for a few seconds before you pull away. you lace your fingers with one of his hands and stare at him as he stares at the ground in front of him. he refuses to look you in the eyes, knowing if he sees you pouting he will crack, and he refuses to crack. after a few seconds of silence you scoot close to him so that your legs touch, causing him to suck in a large breath but he stays strong and continues to avoid eye contact.

So that’s how it’s going to be …

“Soo, baby, did i ever tell you how good you smell?”

You take one of your hands to place on his thigh and begin to pepper kisses along his jaw, smiling when he swallows hard.

“You know, if you just take off that silly hat, we could do something fun.”

You give his thigh a firm squeeze then bite down on his neck. When you give a particularly hard bite he grabs the hand you have on his thigh and moans.

B i n g o.

You make your next actions quick, first straddling his lap to put your full weight on him so he can’t move very far, then you place his face in your hands. Just as he thinks you’re going to start kissing him, you remove his hat and throw it to the other side of the room then make a run to where the hat is lying. It takes him a few seconds to process what has just happened and when it clicks he feels betrayed in the worst way possible..

“Woman, you are evil!”

Kyungsoo is glaring at you, and if looks could kill, you would’ve died at least four times over. You know he would never actually physically hurt you however, so you make your way slowly back to him. His glare follows you as you come to where he’s sitting then kneel in front of him placing your hands on his thighs.



“Do you know how damn adorable you are?”

Kyungsoo slouches further into the couch then crosses his arms.

“I am not.”

You pick yourself up off the floor to place yourself back onto his lap to kiss him. His glare doesn’t let up but he does move his arms to grip your waist.

“I mean, you always look adorable to me, but this hair cut–”

You rub his head and graze it lightly with your fingernails and though he hates to admit it, he loves the way it feels.

“– makes you the most adorable i’ve seen you yet. You are the absolute cutest!”

You squish his cheeks as you internally die over your boyfriend. His facial expression hasn’t changed, he still looks like he’s ready to murder you, but he likes the attention you’re giving him. After a few minutes he softens.

“Okay i’m adorable, are you done? I want food.”

You giggle and order for him to stay seated with your lips against his then go to get him a snack. You had went to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some snacks for your cousin you were babysitting and you had some left over. When you reach the living room with an uncrustable and juice box, Kyungsoo is unamused.

“A juice box and a pb&j sandwich? Am I five?”

He narrows his eyes at you and slowly takes the juicebox and sandwich from you. You’re expecting him to snatch it away but he takes it gently without crushing your fingers. 

“You’re lucky you’re pretty and I love you.” 

You pat his head then give his forehead a kiss before making your leave.

“I have to finish writing the rest of this chapter so you’ll have to entertain yourself for a few hours. Pick what takeout you want for later.”

You’re halfway down the hallway you faintly hear a thank you but when you call out to him to repeat what he said, Kyungsoo shouts that he didn’t say anything. When you’re sure he thinks you’re in your study you tiptoe back out to where he’s sitting and catch him smiling contently at his snack. Indeed you are a five year old Soo.

(And later that day when he comes to check up on you and your progress he finds that you’ve fallen asleep at your desk and being the big softy he truly is, he carries you into bed, tucks you in, and leaves the softest kiss on your forehead. He appreciates you didn’t make fun of his haircut and loves the snacks, even if they are to five year olds.

Also, you’re gonna need your rest if you’re going to defend him against the beagles later.)

Don’t you just hate it when an author puts ‘no archive warnings apply’ which makes you think ‘hmm this will be good’ but then you finish reading the fic and one of the main characters from your ship dies.

And you’re like ‘what the fuck!?’

But then you realize that there was a tag saying ‘major character death’ that you must of missed.

Because same.

Can’t believe JBJ’s debut just happened. I remember supporting them during Produce 101 and literally suffering and crying when they all got eliminated. I really hoped they could become a group and I kept supporting them during the summer but when their debut got announced I WAS SO HAPPY BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT. LET’S WALK ON A FLOWER PATH TOGETHER!

P.S.: Taedong, we’ll always stay by your side. For us, you’re still part of JBJ! 

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Okay, so, what about Virgil who bottles up all feelings and refuses to ask for anything (help, a hug, etc) and refuses to let the others see him cry, but he totally encourages the other sides to express themselves because showing emotion and asking for help is important. He holds a huge double standard against himself. I do this all the time, and I can imagine him sharing the same “I want to help you feel better, but I’m being a burden” mindset.

Yeah I definitely know people like that. (stares hard at someone specific) Definitely know people like that. 

I could also see Virgil doing that for sure. Depression and Anxiety tend to tell us mean things about ourselves and while we can learn the importance of self-care and emotional expression on an academic level, and even learn to apply those lessons to others, depression and anxiety insist to us that we do not deserve them ourselves. The insidious little voices whisper, “Other people are GOOD people, so they deserve these things, but I know the kinds of things you think. You’re not as nice as you pretend to be. You’re not really that good. You don’t deserve kind treatment.” 

That voice is wrong, though. First of all, EVERYONE has thoughts that maybe aren’t so nice–it’s called being human. Secondly, though, remember: being a good person is something you DO, not something you ARE. It’s a constant choice you make. And the things you DO are so much more important than the things you think. Because the things you think stay in the privacy of your own head, as long as you don’t ACT on them. 

Sorry this got philosophical for a second. 

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TUAFW your bosses are "offended" that you keep saying youre super autistic because one of them has a little brother with autism and since I dont have an 'OfiCiAl DiAgnOsiS(insert spongebob meme)' that obviously makes them more than qualified to tell me what I can and cant say about my autism. And then when I get rightfully upset about it one of them says "Why are you so angry?" and then I cry for almost an hour. In all its dismissive, disrespectful, and ignorant. (Can I be 🍍♀️?)

Yep. :) 

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heyo, lately i've been suffering awful depressions that cause me insomnia and tiredness at once. i always feel the need to cry and i am just so tired of everything ... mostly depressed because of my looks. sometimes it just happens to me that i just skip school or try to avoid going outside or i hide my face in public places.. is there something you could write about best? something like helping their girlfriends deal with this.. i don't know i can't write prompts or anything.. hahaha sorry

Title: He just held you closer.
Pairing/Relationship: All members x Reader
Rating: G
Warnings: Depression, self-image issues
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Type: Oneshot 

Originally posted by prettyenherbe

Dearest Nonnie-chan–I FEEL YOU. We are together on a deeply spiritual level here–not even joking! I am so sorry you struggle with these feelings. I wanted to send you encouragement through this story. I hope you feel my love through the words, and I hope you know that I really do believe this. Every word, everything I wrote–I believe our boys would be this way.

Love you always and forever!!! 

Mod J

Please note:

I wrote this story a little differently than normal. I intended to write a story for each of the members, however, as I wrote it, I realized there REALLY were only a few parts of the story that would be different for each member. I wrote the story to fit ALL of the members because I sincerely think it does! After the story, I provide headcanons for what I think would be unique to each member in this situation. 


I did the members of 7 as well! MMMWAH!

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hc Richie x transgirl!Eddie, please?

omg I’ve always thought transboy!rich but this is soooo precious :’)

  • Eddie coming out to Richie first
  • When they’re together aged like, 16
  • And thinking Rich won’t love him
  • But Rich is king of pansexuals
  • ‘Oh, shit - Eds - wait can I still call you that? I don’t care! I just care that you’re happy and comfortable, I’d love you if you grew seven eyes and an extra leg’
  • Eddie crying over it and deciding she doesn’t want to change her name because she has no negative connotations to it, and Richie’s nicknames secretly light A FIRE in her heart
  • Coming out to the losers club the next day because of how well it went with richie
  • She wears a really cute tennis skirt because she does that anyway? 
  • And all the losers are so lovely
  • and bev takes her shopping
  • And makes her cute dresses on her sewing machine
  • So they go shopping and Bev does her makeup SO WELL 
  • ‘I’m so happy I have a gal pal now, Ed!!’
  • Eddie is beaming because she’s never felt so happy and comfortable
  • Going back to Bill’s with her new dress on and makeup done
  • And Richie is like ??? my girlfriend?? is so??? BEAUTIFUL
  • He has a liiiiiiiiiitle breakdown overhow much he loves her
  • Eddie coming out to her mum and it doesn’t go too well
  • So she turns up at Richie’s window and is very sad
  • but she has her caring, lovely, brilliant boyfriend and the losers - the only family she really needs to accept her
  • just reddie being so happy and loving no matter what
  • OH nd going to pride in san fran every year when they get older and move there
  • but MOST OF ALL just richie and eddie being a beautiful in love couple defying the odds of Derry’s standards :’)

There is something in the cornfields. I hear it at night, disguising its cry among the calls of coyotes and my neighbor’s pet lab. Its call is otherworldly, but I get the feeling that it’s been living on this earth for far longer than you or I. Sometimes, when I’m coming home from visiting my mother late at night, I try to catch a glimpse of it as the cornstalks blur past my window. Sometimes I think I can see its shadow, weaving through spaces between the stalks, but I convince myself it’s just the shadow of my car. Because even though part of me desperately wants to see what hides there, the rest of me knows I’d never sleep again if I were ever granted such a wish.