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I posted something about this months ago, but I still like the idea, enough that I added a little more to it because it will never stop being amusing to me. Midoriya Izuku would be the best dungeon master ever and nothing and no one can convince me otherwise.

Midoriya: Dungeon Master

  • Best DM: super attention to detail, great memory, and keeps good organized notes
  • awesome imagination for putting together campaigns
  • gets super enthusiastic about storytelling so it’s fun for everybody
  • Can cry on command for roleplay purposes
  • Bases several NPCs on his favorite heroes and/or people he knows. It becomes a game of “Spot-the-teacher/classmate” with the other players
  • Once created an entire NPC with an in-depth backstory and complex motivations for the sole purpose of roasting Bakugou for an entire subplot

Uraraka: Aasimar sorcerer

  • Her character and Kirishima’s are BFFs
  • flirts with Tsuyu constantly
  • Loots everyone and everything
  • Keeps finding loopholes in gameplay rules, which keeps the DM on his toes

Todoroki: Half-elf bard

  • Had never even heard of D&D before being invited, but Midoriya said it’d be fun so he’s down
  • He’s not always sure what’s going on but he’s happy to be here
  • Keeps accidentally seducing his way out of problems
  • “Todoroki quick, show some leg!” is becoming an uncomfortably common phrase.
  • in-game charisma is unreal, irl charisma is ???

Kirishima: Dragonborn rogue

  • Gets into roleplay, like REALLY into it
  • Surprisingly good at improv???
  • Makes little suggestions to Midoriya to make the campaigns cooler
  • Sometimes he cries and everyone’s cool with it

Kaminari: Halfling cleric

  • So many terrible rolls, it’s unreal
  • How is his character still alive
  • Seriously it’s to the point where he’ll roll to do the opposite of what he wants to do

Jirou: Dwarf barbarian

  • Was skeptical at first but now has way too much fun
  • “guys we’ve literally fought against actual villains before, why do you even need a power fantasy” quickly turns to “fuck it, I’m gonna Rage.”
  • Keeps encouraging Kaminari to engage in ill-advised Leeroy Jenkins nonsense

Tsuyu: Elf ranger

  • Kaminari’s cosmic balancer
  • Magic hands, way too many nat 20s and high rolls to be statistically probable
  • Needs a good chiropractor from carrying the party sometimes

Mina: Tiefling fighter

  • Tries to befriend every NPC, especially the obviously evil ones
  • Pets all the random-encounter monsters
  • The ultimate Chaotic Neutral

Bonus guest party members:

All-Might: Half-orc monk

  • Super jazzed to participate because boy does this bring back memories
  • He hasn’t played since 1st edition but he picks things up pretty quick
  • Gets just as much into the storytelling/roleplay as Izuku and Kirishima do

Mirio: Elf paladin

  • He bases his character on Tamaki, it’s not subtle at all but it sure is adorable
  • Mirio rushes in!

Yoarashi: Human druid

  • No one told him??? Endeavor’s asshole son???? was such a dweeb????
NCT Reacting To A Member Walking In On Them

bunnynamja requested: You do reactions too or just scenarios? If you do reactions can you do one for nct 127 (nine members) when they are having sex with you and other member enter in the room?Sorry my poor english…

Anon requested: Hi I love your blog btw! Do you do reactions? If you do, can I have a reaction on the boys walking in on you while you were doing the do with another member..if ya know what I mean ;;

Genre: Smut.. duh

Author: Karma & Yu

Word count: does it matter with these things???

A/n: (I did all the legal members instead of just 127 since we don’t sexualize minors (No Jungwoo or Lucas because we don’t have enough of them))  I am actually crying omg these are great!! Please send more! We don’t just do imagines. Scenarios, reactions, MTL, as long as there is smut we are here haha. But not only that tho, we also want to interact with our followers more so even if requests are closed; please do send us funny things or just interact with us!!!! (I need friends) - admin Karma 

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Error: Bad News- Ink locked the keys inside the house.
Error: Good News- We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.
Error: Bad News- Ink finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress cute boys.
Error: Good News- A cute boy saw me do it.
Error: Bad News- It was Berry, and since he’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a lamb that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, he’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. He knows.

“Yes, but no one wants to have a baby with me, that’s the problem.” -Katherine Waterston

Okay, but can we talk about this for a second?

It is so obvious that Katherine is hurting because of it- her reaction after she said it, which the interviewer describes as a “horrified” look, nearly proves it. Her follow-up, “I’m not supposed to talk about it.” proves it even more. Katherine Waterston is sad she doesn’t have a child (and, I’m assuming, a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend). Think about it. Her career FINALLY took off in the direction she’s hope for since she was young, at age 36. She struggled for 36 years. Her career got on track when she was THIRTY-SIX. Yes, she got the role of Porpentina Scamander (née Goldstein) at 35- but nobody knew who she was until after Fantastic Beasts was out. She couldn’t even get a callback from her FATHER’S TV SHOW. Think about it. Being middle-aged, not knowing when your next job is going to be, not being in a relationship when all your friends are married and have children- that had to have been fucking HARD. To have society be throwing these expectations on you as well, that you need to have children and shit to be happy. Even my grandma said it: today when I was telling her about Katherine and I mentioned her age, my grandma said, “Oh! She must have a husband and a ton of kids.” and seemed rather disappointed when I said she didn’t. For Katherine, hearing that from people she knows has to fucking SUCK. She wants children and marriage; people are assholes and don’t see a wonderful woman when they see one. So, to all of her haters out there… step in her shoes.

Rant over. #ProtectKatherineWaterston

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wheres jungkook manliness (concept like Dope) nowadays i just really want a jungkook manily concept ugghh (cry's in fangirl language) i feel like us jungkook biased fans and jimin would REALLLY (wiggles eyebrows) appreciate it♥i think we can all agree jimin dies for jungkook manliness or i am not a bts fanatic <3i need it NOW gimme it PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE bts compnay cordis people who control thier mv concept SOMEONE SOMTHING helpahhhurggh

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Ok same anon here: so Geno rushes in when he hears crying from the ground floor. He tries to cup Sids face in his hands but Sid keeps turning away and sobbing louder. "Sid what wrong? You hurt? Are you alright?" Sid just sniffles, still crying and turns away. He can't even begin to speak. How is he supposed to tell the person who he thought loved him that he feels like he's not enough. He'll never be enough. He's too different. No one really, truly loves him. How can he tell his teammates (p1)

That he doesn’t think he’ll be a good caparian a good leader because no one will respect him if his husband won’t. “Sid! Sid! Slow down. I’m not understand. English hard when you say fast.” Sid takes pauses because he was speaking out loud? Geno heard all of that? His breathing turns even more frantic. No no no no no no no. He did not just say all that out loud. Before he knows it, he’s pressed against Geno’s chest as he continues sobbing. It takes a while but he finally has cried all he (p2)

Can cry. (Geno doesn’t know how long Sid actually been on the floor, and neither does Sid really.) “Sid, please tell me what wrong.” Geno begs. Sids not sure he can because he feels like he’ll just break out in tears again. But he takes a deep breath and slowly says, “I thought being lonely at 18 was just something I had to get through. I thought I couldn’t be loved by anyone. I thought I was too weird for anyone to feel like that about me. But here I am learning that we’re marries!! (Part 3)

I’m married!!! I thought yes I finally found someone who can deal with all of me and still love me. I honestly didn’t think that was possible…” he’s starting to cry again, but he has to get through this. “Then, you won’t touch me, won’t look at me, won’t even be in the same room as me sometimes and I think you don’t want me. You, my husband, don’t even want me.” He takes a heaving breath trying to calm himself down. “I’ve tried literally everything i can think of and you still don’t (part 4)

Want me. I don’t-” But Geno cuts him off with a short kiss. (Sids glad because he was pretty sure he was on the verge of sobbing again.) but then his brain catches up. Geno kissed him! His husband kissed him! Oh! He’s in Geno’s arms. Geno’s holding him! He’s touch him! “Sid no. Stop think right now.” He brushes one of Sids unruly 18 year old curls from his forehead and kisses him there. “Of course im love you. I’m always love you. You’re everything to me. But Sid, right now you 18. (Part 5)


lays down on the dirt and sobs

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Helo :) I know you are a jikook/bangtan blog but I saw that you have Lee Hoseok as your background and I love him to <<3 so could you give 5 reasons to love him??? just for fun

This has been in my inbox for a few days, sorry I’m late but I will for sure give you five reasons. I’ll not add vocals and dancing to the list, just so I can add something else :) 

1, He isn’t afride to cry just because he’s a guy, he doesn’t hide how he feels (He is soft and it makes me WEAK)
Skip to 33.53 in this video 
Watch the whole video
This…breaks my heart
I have no words for this, I’m just a crying mess because of this boy

2, His smile is SOOOOOO beautiful

3, How he faced one of his biggest fears: heights. Some people made fun of him for crying, but think about it. The guy has acrophobia, he was shaking to the point of not being able to stand. There’s nothing funny about that. I’m so proud of him for being so brave and doing something like that. 
This clip

4, His love for his mother. 

5, His laugh, it just makes me smile everytime

Ah shit I wasn’t expecting to get emotional today.

…I have very low confidence in myself, as a writer and as an artist. I am also extremely shy in real life (probably couldn’t tell on here, right?)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn or written something and wanted to share it, only to back out at the last minute. And when I do share it, I’m scared to even look at it again because I think “No one will like it”.

I have some kind of anxiety that just tells me every day that my stuff just…isn’t good enough. That I’m just wasting my time trying. I think that’s why for the longest time, I just stopped. No drawing, no writing.

Villainous helped get me out of a rut that I’d been in for so long. I was having fun creating characters again, giving them backstories and designing them. Doing stupid little comics just to make people laugh. I never expected anyone to like my stuff. I didn’t expect anyone to draw my characters.

Hell, I never expected Carved Rainbows to actually become a thing.

This is going to sound really sappy but I am super grateful for the last few weeks. I’ve been inspired by so much, art and fanfiction a like. I look forward to checking tumblr every morning, just to see what the new day has brought. And the reactions. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read the tags when someone reblogs the fics.

Just… thank you, guys. You all are amazing.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

I like this quote. I connect with it.

“But this quote is victim blaming!” you cry. “It allows others to treat you badly because you consent to it!”

Not to me. To me, it’s a mantra of strength. “I am not inferior,” I tell myself when there’s doubt. “I am not a victim. No one can place their control over me. My mind is my own, and my mind is saying ‘no.’”

No one can make me feel inferior without my consent. Whenever I am afraid, I remind myself this: I am equal. I am equal. And so I tilt my chin up and meet the world as an equal.

No one can make me feel inferior without my consent. Never again.

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Adhdad, I was watching TV and spinning a necklace on my finger (because I Had To) and it flew off and idk where it went but I can't find it and I really liked it and I'm sad. Can ADHD compensate me for it? I had to put a note to look for it because I'm sure I'll forget I lost it even though I'm sad now...

ADHD has to pay you at least $20 per lost stim toy or fidget. Also: I hope you found it, I would probs cry in your position

my best friend is at vidcon rn standing with a vlogger i like and i can’t facetime because ive been ugly crying for 2 hours and then she got her to snap me and im fucking sobbing some more how do i save someone elses snap

drag race spoilers but

it’s almost 2 am and i’m still awake and crying because sasha velour WON DRAG RACE

i’ll post something proper about this tomorrow when i can actually gather my thoughts but right now i’m just beyond happy and proud and i’ve cried to the point where i got so much eyeliner in my eye it actually hurts, but i don’t even care.

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Omg hypaa my groupchat is talking abt the food porn tag on Instagram and they keep sending pictures of stuff that looks good and putting captions of dirty talk underneath them like describing the food and one of my friends was like "do you think ignis does this when he's cooking?" AND NOW I'M WHEE ZING I'M LMFAO I CNATCXDHDJ

Lowkey tho, now I want examples of what y'all were tossing around because I feel like I could use those in a stupid ass drabble where the bros overhear Ignis saying that shit to the food while he’s cooking it and being mad awkward and also kinda turned on by how sexual he gets with preparing food and they never knew it until they were out on the road together.

… plot twist: Noct knew the whole time but never told a damn soul about it. HAAAAAAA

no but why no one has ever talked about the fact that Weller was probably the one they called to identify/claim Emma Shaw’s body????

like this is so relevant!! because imagine Weller all alone at the morgue with a dead Emma, the last living person who tied him to Taylor, the only one who told him to keep looking for the girl, the only person who was sort of a maternal figure in his life… 

I can picture him sitting on the driver’s seat of his car, crying for her death and feeling the emptiness of the world as it slowly crumbled around him 

Kurt Weller needs to be protected at all costs

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Hei there, I understood how great Skam is while watching O Helga Natt. First i was like nei there six mins left no way the situation is resolved in 6 mins. And then all puzzles magically started fitting into places. No words were necessary. And I literally cried. I was ugly sobbing when Isak said Du er ikke alene. Truly masterpiece of film writing.

I will never be over that scene. Everything about it is just.. perfect? And like trust me I’ve rewatched season 3 12 times and yet that scene made me cry e v e r y single time? Like it didn’t matter that I had seen it so many times before because it still hit me right in the chest and it made me cry so hard at the same time it was so comforting. It just felt so new. And that scene is something that not a lot of shows can pull off. It’s a one of a kind scene and just… wow, I’m so happy that scene in fact won at gullruten this year because that scene deserves all the cred that it can get. And gosh, the talent that Henrik and Tarjei brought to the table in that scene. Nah, I’m never getting over that. Watch me have it on replay for the next 10 years.

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