can i can an amen

some important things said in lance’s birthday stream:

  • jeremy’s favourite part about playing lance is he has so many great lines
  • he also likes how lance is a bit of a goof
  • this ties in with the fact that jeremy likes to make the other va’s laugh in the booth (d’aww)
  • there are lots of bloopers, to which I say give us the fucking gag reel I swear to god
  • the no.1 lance pickup line in the top seven video is actually jeremy’s favourite: ‘girl you’ve already activated my-’ ‘LANCE’
  • jeremy and lance are ‘very different’, however both are a bit goofy
  • lance is space sokka
  • lance is sweet and loves ‘this group of people’ (team voltron)
  • hunk and lance have been friends for a long time
  • there is going to be more growth in his sharpshooter skills and he becomes excellent at marksmanship 
  • we are going to get to see everyone grow in shiro’s absence
  • lance and lotor don’t get along (obviously)
  • kalternecker is coming back


She has SUCH a lovely voice and GOSH IT TURNED OUT SO GOOD


WOO 🗣 Can I get an amen? 👀 YEEEEEEEEEEAH 😩 LOVE 😍 LOVE 💋 LOVE ❤️SOMEBODY 👩🏽 ELSE WOO! 🤸🏻‍♀️WHERE MY PEOPLE AT? 👬 WHERE MY PEOPLE AT? 👅 WOO! Hey, 🙂 Hey, ☺️ Hey, 💃🏻 HEY, 👨🏽‍💼heeeeeeeey. 🐎 Love, 💕love, 💝love 💓somebody else. Can I get an amen? 🙏🏼 🗣Amen LORD 👑JESUS 😫How in the hell 🔥you gonna love, 🖤 love somebody else? 🤷🏽‍♀️Woo!

  • Me, this morning: I'm glad we won't get any new dan and phil content today. We all need a break. Everything has been so good lately, and I'm sure they're also tired from having to work on videos constantly. This is good for everyone.
  • Me, two hours later: Wow, I really miss dan and phil. How long has it been since they last uploaded? They should start daily vlogging. I miss fresh content. God, it's been so long since I've seen their faces. Hope they're doing alright.

so………yixing, tao, and kris all attending @ the victoria’s secret fashion show……….


“AMEN” (Can I Get an Amen) Female Cover


I really enjoyed this song by CG5, and got a TON of requests for it! Thankfully, this one sits right in my range, heh heh. Lots of fun to cover!