can i call you my girl

DEH characters as things I've said

Evan: Hello friend! Oh, I’m sorry–did I preemptively call you my friend??.

Connor: *someone says something about wanting to die* would you like the train schedule? Or maybe a tutorial with a cute anime girl showing you how to tie a noose?.

Jared: sometimes I say things that I genuinely mean but I’ve been sarcastic for so long even saying meaningful things comes across as apathetic sarcasm.

Zoe: one time my brother tried to convince me to walk into traffic when I was 2.

Alana: I’m smart! I’m sure I can learn a entire language and bring up my education level so I can get my GED early
*hasn’t been to actual school in 8 years and doesn’t know how to do basic math*
yeah! I got this!!.

Bnha Hercules AU

·   Hercules!Deku can’t control One for All

·   Philoctete!Gran Torino

·   Megara!Kacchan sold his soul to Shigaraki, he will get his freedom back if he kills Deku

I’m in distress I can handle this have a nice day

Katsuki. My friends call me Kacchan or at least they would if I had any friends

Did they give you a name along with those rippling pectorals? [Midoriya sputters]

·    Zeus!All Might

·    Hades!Shigaraki Tomura and Titans!Nomou

Uh guys Olympus would be that way

·    The 1A girls as the Muses

·    I haven’t seen this much love in a room since Aoyama discovered himself

Linger (RWBY AU Snippet)

The little girl looked around. Where was everyone? Where was her mommy or her daddy? Where was her little brother? She couldn’t see them anywhere, everyone just kept walking past, no matter how loudly she called out to them. Eventually, the little girl sat down next to the burnt out ruin of a house and began to cry.

“Why are you crying?”

The little girl looked up. Finally, someone was talking to her. The person was a tall woman with silver eyes and dark hair. She had a big, red cloak on, and a cute dog walked at her side. “Can you help me find my family?” the little girl asked.

The woman looked at her for a long, long time. The little girl was afraid she would walk away. Eventually, she nodded. “I know where your family is.”

“You do?”

“Yes,” the woman replied. “I came for them earlier this morning, but you weren’t quite ready to go yet. I think you’re ready now.”


The woman gestured with one hand. A strange door appeared in the air. It swung open, and the other side was a place the girl had never seen before. It was a place of green grass and open fields with clear skies above it and warm sunshine.

“Do you know who I am?” the woman asked.

The little girl shook her head. “No.”

“I see.” The woman smiled gently. “My name is Ruby, and my dog’s name is Zwei. Your family went through the door earlier, and they’re all waiting for you. Why don’t you come with me now? You can even play with Zwei while we’re walking there.”

“I can?” The little girl smiled at the dog, and Zwei leapt into her arms. He was warm, and soft, and friendly. “Let’s go!”

The woman led the way, and the girl followed her through the door. 

X     X     X

It was such a sad thing, the villagers remarked, such an unlucky thing. A candle had tipped over during the night and set one of the houses ablaze. The whole family had died in the fire although the little girl had lingered, clinging to life for a few more hours before finally slipping away. The village healer thought it very odd, but the girl passed with a faint smile on her lips, her arms positioned almost as though she were holding something to her chest.

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There's a girl at my school who at the beginning of the year was talking about how "trans guys are so much hotter than real guys!!" And making me kinda uncomfortable in the locker room. but by the end of the year she was talking about one of my friends (in front of me and two other trans guys) and ranting about how you can't be a guy if you don't have a dick. When I called her out she looked at all of us and said "yeah. No I know!" And kept ranting. Tbh that still pisses me off a lot

I don’t blame you for being pissed off, it’s really horrible and transphobic to say things like that. You could try talking to a teacher about it and seeing if they can help you out, they may be able to have a word with her about it and make her stop saying things like that. It sucks that there are people like that out there, but there are more supportive people out there than unsupportive, just got to weed out the bad ones. I’m sure you won’t have to listen to her views for much longer, no matter what she says you are valid!


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GOT7 & BTS & BLACKPINK & BIGBANG * You must come back home * * Girls girls girls they love me * * Girl let me know * * We gonna fly * * Run Run Run * * They call me ..* * Welcome to my world lets do this * * I need you girl * * %$%#@%%@ Lunatic * * Peaches and cream sweeter then sweet * * Say lalalala * * Hard curry * * Bang Bang Bang * * My love is on fire so dont play with me boy * Lets just say Ive nailed down the English parts

it’s so boring when you only know the english parts tho,,, bc it’s like a long ass pause when you’re listening to it and then all of a sudden you shout a random word or phrase

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do you know that one shot where harry and this girl are at a party and they're friends and his mom is there and she knows what's up and then they go back home drunk and they do the damn thing?? she's also in a sundress and almost blames the whole thing on being drunk i can't remember who wrote it or what's it called but yeah

I think this is one of my blurbs, actually! It’s called Ride and you can find it on my blurbs list xx

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*Bows politely* It seems you have a lovely mysterious resident with you Black Hat! May I inquire as to her presence?

“I guess I could say a thing or two about her. Obviously she’s my, as you dragons call, my mate per say. Being an eldritch god, I don’t really like using the titles like girl friend or wife. I’m either attracted to them or not. If I feel I can trust them and the emotions I feel for her are indeed ‘true’, I will consider her my mate. Even if we haven’t done the whole ‘mating’ process.” 

Sooo~ ENTIRELY too long ago (sorry!! aaaa), @shyflowerfairy and @alexcutecolly both mentioned me in one of those cool facts-about-yourself challenges, which you can find the veeeeeery first version of here! Without any further ado, five just-whatever facts about me!

1. My favorite story right now is this young-adult comic called Goodbye to Halos! It’s suuuuper cool omg and I don’t want to spoil too much about it, but it’s got some gorgeous art, wonderful writing, and maaaybe one of the most beautiful, influential analyses of love as a concept that I’ve ever read? And also the main character is a trans girl and I maaay or may not have a crush on like…75 to 90 percent of the characters introduced in it. I can’t exactly recommend it to anyone under 18, but if you’re over 18 and you want a story about a trans girl in a city full of queer folk trying to find out more about her place in a world of cool magic, go looking for it!! (And also check out Portside Stories while you’re at it; it’s an abandoned webcomic by the same author, Valerie Halla, and it’s responsible for me coming to grips with my gender identity!!)

2. I’m polyamorous! I’ve got like four girlfriends, maybe five?, they all know each other and love each other a whole ton, and while I haven’t asked them about it before now, I am 110% certain they would all be okay with me ending up in relationships with other folks! (Which is why I can have four girlfriends & also flirt with like 5 different people here. =u=)

3. I first got into Pokemon when my brother decided to try Pokemon Platinum. He made it all the way to the Distortion World, then got stuck on one of the puzzles there. I took over to try to solve it for him aaaaaand I never gave it back. It’s kind of sad - I bet he’d still play the series if I hadn’t stolen Platinum from him! But he doesn’t seem to mind, for whatever that’s worth. ‘^^

4. I don’t ironically like anything! Either I genuinely like a thing or I genuinely dislike a thing. I used to pretend like I ironically like a few things most folks hate - a few main-series Sonic titles, chiefly - but somewhere along the line (Valerie Halla, the artist I mentioned in question 1, might have had something to do with this), I sorta dropped the “ironically” bit. And honestly, I’ve been happier ever since! Sure, I’m bound to get some weird looks when I say I really, honestly do like Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (considered one of the worst games in the entire franchise), but I’ve come to realize it’s way more fun to just own an interest than to pretend not to have it at all. (This is one of the reasons why I also think cringe culture needs to hurry up and die - folks shouldn’t be mocked for trying to own an interest in something! Especially when most of those folks are kids?? Like seriously what the fuck)

5. For as chipper and peppy as I try to be (those are fun words, actually, wow), I’m actually kind of a nervous wreck when ya get ta know me. I have a lot of insecurities that I’m trying to work my way through, or rationalize somehow so that I can at least own those, too, instead of pretending they don’t exist. Most of them are silly, attention-seeking insecurities, too, to be honest - I’m always worried when I see my follower count drop, and I’m a little disheartened that I don’t get a constant flood of asks for Sweetheart anymore, and honestly? For as embarrassed as I am to have it? I’m a little miffed that only like three people asked for info about my lewd alt?? I dunno, I dunno, aaaah!! Point is I am cheerful and happy to talk to folks and offer advice but also I am insecure and if we’re good enough friends I may accidentally dump like 20 things on you at once, whoops!!

Okay, that last one was kind of a downer! Let’s get a sixth, just to keep things a lil happier around here.

6. I must have mentioned this before, but this isn’t actually my first Tumblr account! Up ‘til about a year ago, I had a main account that was kinda steeped in sociopolitical activism and discourse, and it wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but when my account ended up being like…99% full of no-extra-commentary reblogs, with, at best, 0.5% commentary and 0.5% stuff I made on my own? I sorta decided to try to make this one as a creative writing project, and to get more acquainted with my, shall we say, interests. In an ironic twist, I logged into this one for the first time, and I just…never logged out! The old one’s been gathering dust for…a year now, almost? And I don’t ever plan to go back to it, either. I’ve got a nice mix of topics to discuss here, from g/t and vore to venting to that sociopolitical activism I mentioned. It’s way more fun here, and I have all y’all to thank for that!! <3

Now for the tricky part - tagging 10 of my followers! Off the top of my head (ignore this if you’ve already done this challenge): @giantessfeferi @tinyinumason @somedaynotsoon @voracioussinner @ayasebunny @talltails @petite-pocket-bee @j-anne-bonne @gt-flufftimes @gtanddragons !! (and @so-very-small omg I should’ve included them here aaa)


Spinning, Ramadan and…

MUTASIM: Okay. What the fuck happened now?


ELIAS: What’s up everyone! Welcome back, I hope you’re well. Like I always say, you look good no matter what. Today, like you can tell, we’re in a totally different place. We’re outside, for the first time in history.

ADAM: Yousef!


ADAM: Why are were here today and not at home?


MUTASIM: It’s because one of the people here, doesn’t dare to go to another person’s place because..

ADAM: Explain!

MUTASIM: Something happened at someone’s else’s place with someone.

YOUSEF: Mutta is explaining. I thought we have to get tan and stuff because we’re..

MUTASIM: Because we’re sitting in the shade.

YOUSEF: Get some pigment.

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ulrikkefalch SO….. Sexuality! AMIRITE? I remember one girl from my old school confronting me if I was a lesbian. “I’ve always had the feeling you liked girls” she told me. I wondered what about my personality that would reveal if I was a lesbian. That I’m confident? That I’m not afraid to speak my mind? We’re so busy using labels and defining ourselves, we forget to allow ourself to explore. The labels are an invention of society. You can call me whatever you want, I’ll still be in love. I’ll still be proud.

hey guys sorry im gonna make a new post about this cause like i need help im a mentally ill trans man living in a pretty unaccepting household like my mom wont even let me talk about being trans and when i do accidentally she snaps and yells at me and calls me a girl and ever since i started hrt shes been getting even more snappy and just all around abusive

i know other people have asked this before but could i please get some donations so i can buy clothes to help me pass better i really need this

heres my wishlist my venmo and are both @ ronaldknox and my paypal email is please help and if you cant please at least reblog this id appreciate it

Seventeen as Things I’ve Heard the Kids I Babysit Say

PREFACE: I babysit for a set of twin boys that are six years old. They don’t know English that well so some of these are translated roughly. They have the most nihilistic sense of humor and it’s great and terrifying at the same time.

S.Coups: “I’m gonna name my first kid wardrobe! Then he’ll sound like a transformer!”

Jeonghan: “Kill me so I can be reborn into a into a caterpillar and sleep for a year.”

Joshua: “God loved me so much he had to make a photocopy.”

Jun: *Sprays brother with hose* “I hope that watermelon seed you ate starts growing and I get to have a tree brother.”

Hoshi: *Drops his popsicle and I offered to grab a new one* “Don’t ever get me a new one. Nothing in the world can make me happy.”

Wonwoo: “Someone called me emo today, I don’t know what that means, but I told them that calling someone names doesn’t get them any closer to their parents love.”

Woozi: “He can learn as much Japanese as he wants. Mom will still love me more.”

DK: *I made him put on pants* “I wish I was a girl so I didn’t have to wear these leg prisons!”

The8: *To the other brother* “I wish I absorbed you when we were in mom.” (This is what made me make this post)

Mingyu: “What does ‘abstinence’ mean?”

Seungkwan: “I think I’m the smartest in my class, these bitches think Santa is real.” *We had to have a talk*

Vernon: “I wanted my English name to be ‘dog,’ but my dad said no.”

Dino: *I asked one boy to stop eating the other’s food* “No, I’m going to grow stronger and defeat him.”


Imagine Dating Peter as Stark’s Daughter

request: Headcanons for dating Peter but being Tony Stark’s daughter?


Originally posted by mychemicalmaria

- you begged your dad to let you go to public school, hating all the private school kids

- so you met peter before he became spider-man

- you guys always kind of flirted, but when his uncle ben died you got super close

- like you were the only person he would open up to

- eventually you just sank into dating each other

- when your dad discovers spider-man he offers for you to come with him to recruit him for the avengers

- you were exceedingly confused when he took you to peter’s apartment

- aunt may opens the door and peter is there

- “dad, why are we here?”

- “DAD?” peter chokes out

- “you two know each other?” your dad asks

- “this is the boyfriend i was telling you about” blushing

- aunt may and your dad chatting while you pull peter away into his room

- smacking his arm, “YOU’RE SPIDERMAN?!” 

- he shrugs, “i wanted to tell you i was just worried, anyway YOU’RE TONY STARK’S DAUGHTER”

- once he joins the avengers he comes over the tower a lot

- talking about his battles

- always patching him up

- when you sound like your dad he calls you tony jr

- so you call him spider-boy

- oh boy, papa stark gives BOTH of you the talk

- cause like he’s sort of peter’s dad also..


- introducing him to the avengers like, “yeah, that’s aunt natasha”


- sitting on the balcony and enjoying the city lights

- but he only looks at you

- having mario kart tournaments and super smash bros brawl tournaments

- your dad always playing as samus cause it’s the closest to iron man

- and you play as zero suit because it makes him mad that you copy him

- you always kicking peter’s ass, and not cause he lets you win

- “you know you could let me win at least once..”

- lots of homework sessions that turn into makeout sessions

- tony blasting in on you at random times to “keep you on your toes”

- movie nights with the team

- you tagging along on missions and always being worried about peter

- calls peter “my boy”

- tony training peter to fight better and pushing him to his limits to make sure he can protect his baby girl should tony ever not be around


- having had training from natasha you can pretty much hand your dad’s ass to him on a silver platter

- peter still doing it because he agrees with your dad

- them roasting you

- overall family fun with the avengers team, and everyone supporting you relationship because they know how smitten peter is with you and what a good guy he is


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Okay so I was looking through my phone and I found this moodboard (if you can call it that.) I made of exo as girls when I was bored and playing around with FaceApp. Chen looks like murderous doll, but the rest look pretty good, what do you thing? 😂



“See? I told you he’d come when he saw us talking” she said, grinning like he had any idea of whatever her stupid plan was. “Dipper, this is Wirt, Wirt, this is a guy who finds you very nice to look at”

By this point every circuit in Dipper’s head had long since fried, and he only offered a hand to shake after Wendy subtly -but painfully- pinched his shoulder.

“Uh… Hello?” The guy -Wirt, he reminded himself- smiled. Why was his smile so lopsided and shy and cute? What the fuck. “Mind if I call you Dipper? The other name is a bit too long” he asked.

“You can call me whatever you like. I MEAN YES” What was wrong with his brain today? Was this guy actually supernatural and killing his neurones or something? “Yes, Dipper is my real name. Not that the other thing isn’t real of course, but it would be weird to call me that and- uh… Yes. Dipper”

A scene from the really cute pinescone fic @that-one-girl-behind-you​ wrote for me. You all should go and read it.

Unicorn hair and bad relationship advice.

So I got bored and checked the weather for both Almaty and St. Petersburg and they're hilariously different so here's an otayuri drabble

Why the hell Yakov was making him practice in this heat, Yuri had no idea. But he hated him for it.

Sure, it wasn’t drastically hot, but 19°C was hot for St. Petersburg, and Yuri could be enjoying the weather if A: it wasn’t so humid, and B: Yakov wasn’t making him practice.

Yuri tipped his head back, the vertebrae in his neck creaking and tense muscles stretching.

“Hey Yakov-”

“Give me a perfect triple axel into a spread eagle and you’re free to go.” The old man told him, drinking from the water bottle handed to him by Lilia.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Yuri said, exasperated. “In this heat?”

“Vitya’s been making Katsuki practice his quads all day, at least I’m not that cruel.” Yakov shrugged.

“Actually, I’m doing this voluntarily.” Yuuri called, taking off and landing a frustratingly perfect quad flip.

“I’ve been trying to make him come home for hours Yakov, this is none of my doing.” Viktor groaned, leaning against the barrier and wiping his brow.

“You said it yourself Vitya,” Yuuri shrugged, pulling off an effortless triple axel into a spread eagle. “I’m going to need to try my best to beat you.”

“I’ve created a monster. I’m doomed.” Viktor sighed defeatedly, gazing at Yuuri.

“And Yurio-” He started, trailing lazily around the rink.

“Don’t call me that.”

“I’m not stopping until I have both records, so I suggest you watch yourself.”

“Getting cocky, now are we, Katsudon?” Yuri asked, cocking a brow.

“Well it’s not the only thing I’m getting.” Yuuri shrugged, taking off into a perfect quad salchow, winking at Viktor as he landed.

“What the fuck have you done to him, Vitkor?” Yuri asked, slightly disgusted at the innuendo.

“I don’t know!” Viktor said exasperatedly.

“Alright, that’s it.” Yakov sighed. “Katsuki, get your ass out of my rink before you kill yourself.”

“I’m not even tired though.” Yuuri sighed, taking off into a quad loop.

“You’re hell bent on destroying my skaters and I can’t have that. Get out before you hurt yourself.” Yakov said firmly.


“Yuuri.” Mila started. “We adore you, you’re sweet and talented and everything but with every jump you land, Yakov pushes us that much harder, so please, for the love of god, get the fuck out of the rink.”

“Okay, okay.” Yuuri sighed, finally skating off of the rink, Mila earning an exhausted ‘thank you’ from Viktor, who followed behind Yuuri.

“Yura. Triple axel. Now.” Yakov said firmly, folding his arms.


“Yes. Now.”

“I’d like to see you do it, old man.” Yuri huffed, crossing his arms.

“Just do it, Yuri.” Yuuri called. “Anyway, we’re leaving for today, guys.”

“Finally!” Georgi groaned.

“Please take like, the next week off, you’re making us look bad.” Mila joked.

“No actually do, you’re driving me insane.” Yuri called.

“And Yakov said I couldn’t coach anyone.” Viktor smirked, pecking Yuuri on the cheek.

“Just leave already.” Yakov sighed. “Yuri, triple axel. I’m waiting.”

“For fucks sake, do I have to?”

“Do you want to lose the Olympics?”

“… fine.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Yuri unlocked his dorm, dumping his duffle bag at the door and kicking his shoes off. It’d been a week since Yakov and Lilia’s asshole of a son kicked Yuri out of his mother’s house.

He stalked over the mini fridge in the corner of his room, opening it and pulling out a cold can of fanta, wrenching open the tab and flopping down on his bed.

He pulled his phone out of his back pocket, unlocking it and opening up whatsapp, ignoring the 689 missed texts from the Barcelona GPF group chat and scrolling to Otabek’s contact, selecting video call.

Otabek picked up after around the 3rd ring, and the imagine Yuri was greeted with wasn’t what he expected.

A flushed, tanned, sweaty, muscular chest and a giggling little girl in the background. The camera shakily carried up to Otabek’s face, where it was obvious that he older boy was fast asleep.

“Bekaaaa!” Giggled the little girl, a bony little hand with garish pink nail polish and ratty bracelets pressing down on Otabek’s chest. “Oyanw! Beka! Käne Beka!”

Otabek made a weird noise between a snort and a squawk, eyes snapping open suddenly as he lurched forwards.

“Sälem aytşı Yura!” The little girl giggled.

“Natya…” Otabek murmured groggily. “Nege telefonım bar?” He asked, reaching for the phone and pulling the little girl to the side. “Bul öte jaramsız.” He scolded, blowing a raspberry into the little girl’s cheek.

“Um… is this a bad time?” Yuri asked awkwardly, taking a sip from his soda can. “I can go…”

“Crap! Yura, I forgot. Sorry, I fell asleep and my little sister took my phone-”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Yuri shrugged. “It’s kinda cute.”

Otabek laughed, ruffling his sister’s messy black hair.

“Sälem Yura!” She grinned, waving at the screen.

“She says hi.” Otabek grinned, translating.

“Hi Natalia.” Yuri smiled, waving back, earning a gap-toothed grin from the little girl.

“Natya, Siz bizden kete alasız ba?” Otabek asked his sister, slipping back into his native tongue.

She nodded, waving at the screen.

“Bayt Yura!” She giggled, running off.

“She’s adorable.” Yuri smiled, sipping from the can again.

“I know.” Otabek grinned.

“Did you teach her to call me that?”

“Call you what?”

“To call me Yura?”

“She’s called you that since she saw you on TV at the Russian Nationals two years ago.”

“Why though?”

“Don’t look at me, she just does.”

Oh, Yuri was look at him.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”


“You’re half naked. At least I think you are… I can only see your chest.”

“I’m wearing underwear if that’s what you’re asking.” Otabek snorted, flashing Yuri a crooked grin.

“Really? No pants?”

“It’s too hot.” Otabek shrugged, reaching for a something offscreen and bringing a glass of water to his lips.

“Seriously? Isn’t it like, 19°C? Kinda pathetic. And that’s coming from a Moscow native.”

“It’s 36°C over here.” Otabek said flatly.

“Damn, your coach makes you practice in that heat?” Yuri asked incredulously.

“Nah. Training’s cancelled. He’s passed out in the porch.”

“Lucky bastard. Yakov’s been forcing me to train.” Yuri huffed.

“Watch your language, Yura. My family is in the vicinity.”

“I’m like 300 miles away they can’t hurt me.”

“My cousin will find you. You know what Aleks is like.”

“And I hope you boys are keeping it PG-13!” Came the call of cousin in the background, causing Otabek to flush slightly.


“I’m just saying! Your mother wouldn’t be too happy if she saw you-”

“Aleks, sabırlılıqtı toqtatıñız Beka!” Came a call.

“Dude I can hear like, your entire family, where are you?”

“In my back yard.” He shrugged, switching the camera so Yuri could get a view of the lush, green garden, and the hammock Otabek was laying in.

“Its huge!” Yuri gasped. “Your family must be loaded!”

“My mother was an Olympic silver medalist. That kind of set us up for quite a while, then I started to send money home whenever I got it.” Otabek shrugged. “Joq, Natya, şlangini tömenge ornatıñız!”

Yuri heard giggling in the background, along with running water. Otabek shifted, the camera shaking a bit as he moved.

“My sister has a hose, I’m going inside.” He explained as a jet of water splashed behind him. “Nope nope nope nope. Not today.”

“Are you afraid of getting wet, Beka?”

“No I just don’t want to get- AH!”

“Are you okay?” Yuri asked, cocking an eyebrow at the maniacal cackling heard in the background.

“Yeah, my sister just got me in the ass while I was running inside.”

“Damn, good aim.”

“Yeah,” He said, camera shaking as he went up the stairs, opening the door to his room and pushing in. “Yura?”

“Still here.”

“I’m gonna need to change but I’m too lazy to disconnect the call, can I just put you against a pillow so you don’t see anything?”

“Sure.” Yuri shrugged, tossing his empty soda can into the trash.

The screen went a dark reddish-brown colour as it was pressed against the pillow, the camera suddenly flipping just as the screen went black.

Yuri could see Otabek pull away, turning around and pulling down the damp, dark grey boxers.

What the hell was Yuri supposed to do?!

The rational thing to would be to tell Otabek 'hey the camera accidentally flipped and I can see your ass and probably dick but I’m not sure’, but for some reason Yuri couldn’t speak.

Otabek turned in the direction of the camera, humming to himself as he stopped up the boxers and tossed them into the laundry hamper at the edge of his room, walking over to a chest of drawers and pulling out a pair of boxers.

Otabek quickly pulled the boxers on, rooting through the drawers and pulling out some shorts and a t-shirt, putting those on too.

He reached for the camera, which suddenly flipped back to front facing as it was being pulled away from the pillow.

“Sorry I took so long- Yura, are you okay?” Otabek asked, suddenly concerned.

“Y-yeah I’m fine. Why are you asking me?” Yuri stammered awkwardly.

“Your face, it’s all… red. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“Yeah yeah I’m fine! I’m just a bit hot and sweaty from practice, I should probably shower.” Yuri said quickly.

“Okay…” Otabek murmured, unconvinced. “If you don’t feel better after the shower, call Viktor or Yuuri or someone like that. And make sure you drink a lot of water. And eat properly. None of that energy bar nonsense-”

“Okay mom, jeez. I’m fine, really.” Yuri said, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t get smart with me, young man.” Otabek said jokingly.

Yuri rolled his eyes, snorting.

“Bye Beka.”

“I’ll see you later, okay? I’ll call you later.”

“I really can’t stop you can I?”


Yuri laughed, ending the call and flinging his phone onto the other end of the bed and pressing his hands into his face.

Otabek is hung like a fucking horse.


I just winged it ok sorry

anonymous asked:

Lena getting her clothes specially tailored so that they hug her body but also not realising that everyone doesn't do this so she is confused when kara just goes and buys a jumper and then wears it the next day without getting it tailored and she doesn't understand because even at a young age all her clothes were tailored and how does someone not do that.

This is so accurate.

Like we know that Cat had a field day with Kara’s wardrobe; and we all know Lena has a little more tact than that but still - she’s just in shock?

She has a personal shopper, and a personal tailor, and she probably doesn’t even look at the bill

So she gets Kara’s measurements and just starts discreetly adding pieces to Kara’s wardrobe.

And THAT is how Cat Grant finds out that Kara has a new roommate.

“Keira is that … Versace?”

“Ummm, it was just … in my closet?”

“Hmm … interesting.”

Cat reaches out a finger to trace the stitching on Kara’s sleeve.

“Lena might have gotten it for me? Sometimes she likes to buy clothes for me. I tell her she doesn’t have to, but she says if we’re going to be living together -”

“Lena Luthor?”


“You live with Lena Luthor?”


Cat circles her desk before taking a seat and perching her glasses on the end of her nose - pen poised dramatically as if to take and important note.

“I wasn’t aware you had moved, I’ll need your new address so I can update your employee file.”

“Oh, no, Ms. Grant - I haven’t moved.”

“You mean to tell me that Lena Luthor has taken up residence in that 500 square foot studio apartment you call home?”

“Yes? Ma’am?”

“Oh, that is -” Cat chews the stem of her reading glasses for a moment before fixing Kara with an even stare. “How long have you two been a couple?”

“Ms. Grant, we’re not - I mean, we’re just friends.”

Cat barks a laugh.

“Yet you sleep in the same bed and she frequently litters your department store wardrobe with two thousand dollar designer pieces?”

“We’re best friends?”

“Oh my dear girl, it seems I have failed you in more ways than one. Have …” Her hand flutters towards the assistant desk on the other side of the glass wall. “What’s the newest one’s name?”

“Steven, Ms Grant.”

“Yes, well, have Stefan clear my schedule for next Thursday. You and I are going to have lunch. And a long conversation about how to tell when a woman is flirting with you.”

you act like you still care and i act like the thought of you and her together doesn’t bother me
but truthfully i can’t settle for being friends and i think you know that too
maybe this entire situation is out of our control and neither one of us has a say in how things work out
but at the same time i was willing to put my entire life on the line to save what we had and you let it go as quickly as you moved on
you know, that last time i kissed you i didn’t want to let go
you said we’d see each other again but i could hear the goodbye in your voice
when you’re a 16 year old girl in love and in denial, you believe everything that will keep you from aching a little while longer
even now, after all we’ve put each other through, you still call me on your way home and i still think of you before i go to sleep
i don’t know what it means to be friends, but i know that friends don’t talk to each other the way that we do
i don’t think you can honestly tell me you don’t miss holding my hand or drinking my coffee
so, maybe i’m making all of this up in my head and i’m never going to hold your hand again
or maybe we’ll see each other again and it’ll be like no time has passed and you’ll kiss me like you did 4 months ago
—  i don’t want to sound like i’m having a hard time letting go, but i’m having a hard time letting go
MBTI Types as Pick-Up Lines
  • INFJ: Can I follow you? Because my mom told me to follow my dreams.
  • ISFJ: When I’m older, I’ll look back at all of my crowning memories, and I’ll think of the day my children were born, the day I got married, and the day that I met you
  • ENFJ: I write your name in the sky but the clouds blow it away. I write your name in the sand but the waves wash it away. I write your name in my heart and forever it will stay.
  • ESFJ: Since we’ve been told to reduce waste these days, what you say we use these condoms in my pocket before they expire.
  • INTP: Dang girl, are you an appendix because I don't understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • ISTP: Hey boy, are you sleep? Cause I don't get nearly enough of you and it's ruining my social, emotional, and over all mental health.
  • ENTP: I was recently diagnosed with a rare disease called cryoaudiovascularia. It prohibits proper blood flow to the ears, causing them to slowly freeze and fall off, slowly spreading to the inner ear and finally to the brain. There is no known cure, except one. My ears need to be constantly warmed, and the only known material soft enough is the inner thighs of a pretty girl. So I need you to sit on my face for medical reasons.
  • ESTP: I bet I can kiss you on the lips without touching you. *kiss* Oh what a shame, it seems like I lost the bet.
  • INTJ: You look familiar, didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.
  • ISTJ: Most people like to watch the Superbowl cuz it only happens once a year, but I'd rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone like you only happens once in a lifetime.
  • ENTJ: I'm an army recruiter, and I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place and "be all you can be."
  • ESTJ: You know how I got these guns? *points to biceps* Lifting children out of poverty.
  • INFP: I blog about you sometimes.
  • ISFP: Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is by far my favorite.
  • ENFP: Fascinating. I’ve been looking at your eyes all night long, ’cause I’ve never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them.
  • ESFP: Hi, will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap motel room across the street.
the signs as Glass Animals lyrics


Somewhere in Southend when you were fun
You took my hand and you made me run
Up past the prison to the seafront
You climbed the cliff edge and took the plunge


Leopards laze each on plush pillows
Slender capes of red and chrome
Paperback dreams in their deep doze
Twitch their toes to black mambo


Play with me, my love, in the summer sun
I’ll be waiting in your favourite Cheshire grin
Lay with me, my dear, in the evening clear
I’ll be dreaming in my paper-pale skin


You see the sad in everything
A genius of love and loneliness and
This time you overdid the liquor
This time you pulled the fucking trigger


“Wanna play cheat?” now says the sloth
A domino flush to his nose
Tickle that cheek and take your throne
Pump your veins with gushing gold


Twee vole go dig your hole
Squish squirmies in your nose
Tree hairs in your eyes
You smile so super quiet


Steam rolled hair
Look into the glare and pop it, brother
Slick like 007, man
You fly like Kim Jong rockets


My, my simple sir, this ain’t gonna work
Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy slurs
I can’t take this place, no I can’t take this place
I just wanna go where I can get some space


Leftover breakfast cereal for lunch
She’s broken but she’s fun
My girl eats mayonnaise
From a jar while she’s getting blazed


This old goat with beard of grey
He turns his leather gripped cane
Those times you clapped and called for quiet
They’ve come to hold you, ain’t that nice?


Shanks of slate fall to the beach
Wrapped in life in ultra greens
Pools teem with tiny feet
And whorls of tired anemones


Your head is so numb, that nervous breath you try to hide
Between the motions, that trembling tender little sigh
And so it goes, a choking rose back
To be reborn, I want to hold you like you’re mine