can i call you baby


In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)


How can he ignore me like this?


I wanna be happy. Normal. I wanna learn what it’s like to wake up in the morning and not feel sad.


‘What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re depriving me of a dashing rescue.’
'Sorry, the only one who saves me is me.’

he’s in the bedroom, and I’m your best friend

He’s in your bedroom,
and I am your best friend.
I’m happy for you,
but I can’t help but savor
that you called me baby this morning
when I cooked you breakfast.
You love to do that:
call me baby, stroke my knee.
And all the hugs I cherish
mean nothing, but—
and all the nights you sleep over
mean nothing, but—
and all of the times
you say I love you
in the rain
with raindrops glistening in your hair,
and we should have gone inside,
but you had lip gloss like dew drops
on your lower lip,
and I wanted to kiss it off,
but I didn’t—
that means nothing.

He’s in your daydreams,
and I am your best friend,
baking cookies by the pound
because you’ve had a rough week,
and biting my nails
to drown out
the sting of the conversation.
Today’s the day you confess
that he plants
fast-beating question marks in your chest
like bombs,
and plays rat-a-tat on your ribcage
with his crooked smile—
today’s the day you confess
that he makes you feel
all the ways you make me feel.
“You should tell him,” I said.
Now the rain is streaking down the window
as I warm my hands above the stove
and try not to glance
at the closed door.

He’s in the parking lot,
and I’m in your bedroom,
caressing your shoulders as you
spit half-baked curses turned inward.
You cry, “He’s so stupid!”
and, “It’s all my fault.”
He’s blind, he’s blind,
he must be blind,
to reject someone like you.
You ball my shirt in your mouth
and scream.
So tonight, I cook you dinner
as you line the shot glasses
with salt
and sliced limes.
He’s blind, he’s blind,
he must be blind,
so we drink for every day wasted
thinking about
that crooked smile,
and you end up in my lap
because I’ve pulled you there.
He’s blind, he’s blind,
he must be blind,
as your hand runs up my thigh
and slips beneath my shirt,
as your glassy eyes fill with something like love,
as your soft stomach meets mine
and your hand strokes my neck.
I’m blind, I’m blind,
I must be blind,
because as I lean in for our kiss,
you call me his name.


140707 TLJ fanacc - call from Hae:
Hyuk just finished shaking hands with a Japanese fan when he got a call from someone. he didn’t even put his phone on his ear but just pressed answer and screamed at the speaker “wae!!!! wae wae wae wae wae wae!!!!!” turned out it was donghae, they talked a bit then hae video-called him kkkkkkk the fan said hyuk looked nervous and self conscious when he got the call.. 

 Missing You  ಥ_ಥ //  D-616 ❤ D-618

Do you think EXO left hidden messages for EXO-Ls in their songs ???

Dear “My Lady,”

Do you remember when we saw “the first snow” together on “Christmas day”?

You looked so “beautiful” like a mysterious “black pearl” under the “moonlight.” At that moment I knew I had to “run” to you and make you my “angel.”

From that moment on, you became “the star” I looked for every night, my “miracle in December,” my “first love.”

I used to ask myself… “What is love” before I met you. Now “my answer” is …

Love is… wiping your tears and whispering, “Baby, don’t cry,” because it’s “my turn to cry.”

Love is… waiting for you to “call me, baby” so I can shower you with “kisses and hugs” and keep telling you how much I “love, love, love” you.

Before I met you, I didn’t know it was possible for me to “overdose” on your “tender love,” but now I can’t get enough of your presence “3.6.5” days a year.

“Baby,” we can make “history” together, so please, “don’t go.” You’re the “lady luck” who brought me out of the darkness and into the light, the one who became my lifeline, my breath of life.

Remember when your “mama” used to tell you fairy tales? I can’t be “Peter Pan” and freeze time, but “what if” I told you I can take you in a time “machine” back to “December, 2014” when I asked you… “You ‘love me, right’”?

And you finally said yes.

Normal people would have had butterflies in their stomach, but all I heard was the sound of “thunder” pounding in my chest like a “heart attack” waiting to happen.

I “promise” I can take you on an “exodus” to “El Dorado” and show you how all the riches in the world, all the beautiful things you deserve, just to show you how “lucky” I am to have you by my side.

Trust me, I’m no “playboy” and I won’t “growl” at you like a predatory “wolf.” Instead, I’ll be the “transformer” that will protect you for the rest of your life.

Our journey together hasn’t been the smoothest road, but I know that if you give me another chance, I will never “hurt” you again. We’ll become inseparable like “two moons” under the starry sky, shining together, forever.