can i call this ship nasa

This isn’t the first time that the scientist has made such claims, but he warns that the situation now is “critical” with living alien and spaceships in our solar system “proliferating” faster than ever.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, a distinguished scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center is once again making headlines for his argument that extraterrestrial life exists within the earth’s solar system arguing that UFOs that were first spotted in Saturn’s rings (see above) are now also being found at other planets that have rings including Uranus and Jupiter.

“What I found out is, these things inhabit Saturn, that’s where I first discovered them. You can also find them around Uranus and Jupiter. Wherever you see some rings, that’s where I see the aircrafts, I call them a ring maker,” explained Dr, Bergrun.

The scientists argues that the some of the footage near the rings shows “exhaust” emanating from alien aircraft and he warned that things are getting “critical” in deep space as these space ships continue to proliferate throughout the solar system. He explained that it is his opinion that the aliens are “nursing from the rings” garnering energy that is being used to allow them to proliferate and to power their craft. Above are nasa images of saturn

The green blue planet - Luke Skywalker

Anonymous asked: “Can you maybe write an imagine where Luke comes to our planet and there he meets the reader and they get to know each other and in the end they end up with having feelings for each other?”

A/N: This is seriously the longest imagine i’ve ever written, hope it’s ok tho, i actually enjoyed writing this one

You put on your running shoes before you put your hair up in a ponytail. You walk out your door and begin to run the same path you always do. You’re heading towards the forest and you just love the feeling of freedom from everything. And the music in your ears makes everything better. The sun is shining and the cool spring air hits you like a wave. All big shadow moves over you and you stop and look up. Nothing. Suddenly you see a…space ship?! It lands on the field in front of you. You quickly hide behind a big rock. You can feel how your heart is pounding even harder than it did while you were running. You take off your earphones and put them in your pocket. Suddenly you see a human, you think, jump out from the space ship. Carefully you take a closer look. It’s a male, he looks around and suddenly he looks at your direction. “Shit” you breath out and duck down, hoping that he didn’t see you. You can feel how your heart is beating painfully hard against your ribcage. You can now hear footsteps coming closer. You hold your breath and hoping that he won’t walk up to you.

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