can i call this a picspam


Happy Birthday Elena ( @xoxomyseriesxoxo )

say a little prayer
for you and me

(I bid farewell to love)
誓えない 愛を
(that can’t promise us)
(an eternity anymore)

- Re:pray by Aimer

At first sight, his address is certainly not striking; and his person can hardly be called handsome, till the expression of his eyes, which are uncommonly good, and the general sweetness of his countenance, is perceived. At present, I know him so well, that I think him really handsome; or, at least, almost so.

  Elinor; Sense and Sensibility, Chapter 4.     

incandescent-creativity  asked:

hey there! I've been thinking about making photo comps/aesthetic boards/mood boards / whatever you call them for my book characters, but I don't know how to make them. I loved your Tom Riddle one, can you explain how you make them? thanks ^-^

I’m not doing tutorials, sorry. But there are enough tutorials on picspams around, just search for them here on tumblr.

There isn’t going to be any Baroness… Well, we’ve, um, called off our engagement. You see… You can’t marry someone when you’re in love with someone else, can you?


They can fatten me up. They can give me a full body polish, dress me up, and make me beautiful again. They can design dream weapons that come to life in my hands, but they will never again brainwash me into the necessity of using them. I no longer feel any allegiance to these monsters called human beings, despise being one myself. I think that Peeta was onto something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences. You can spin it any way you like. Snow thought the Hunger Games were an efficient means of control. Coin thought the parachutes would expedite the war. But in the end, who does it benefit? No one. The truth is, it benefits no one to live in a world where these things happen.

The name’s Annie Edison, but people call me Psycho ‘cause I had a nervous breakdown in high school.

“So you’re our number one hacker, huh?”

“That’s me. You can call me Charlie, or The Queen, if that appeals more to you.”

“I’ think I’ll just stick with ‘Charlie” for now, thanks.”

Jo x Charlie AU: FBI agent Jo Harvelle get’s paired with FBI’s number one hacker, Charlie Bradbury on a case. 

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hey guys i reached an incredible goal (the ultimate goal of 2016™) last week and i want to thank you guys

w h a t   t o   d o
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w h a t   y o u ’ l l   g e t
☼ i wish i could say money but a place on my birthday page :’> (it’s a mess now stAY AWAY)
☼ a shout out post on your birthday and a message from me
☼ a moodboard/picspam/user aesthetic/edit of your choice (if you can think of anything else surely i’ll try my best!)

that’s it i think and thank you!