can i bring them home

I wanna be rich that way I can buy a big, open house with a lot of land. Then when I see any stray dogs or cats, I can bring them home, clean & feed them, take them to the vet & and have them roam safely in & around my big house while I take care of them forever!

Seriously, though, public libraries are SUCH a godsend. I do not at all get people who think they’re becoming obsolete. 

Our tiny, small town one has been absolutely saving my sanity the last couple of months. And I’m not the only person appreciating it, either. Even in our little library, there are always people of a broad variety of ages, from middle/high school and college students all the way through people in their 70s and 80s.

I mean, the access to books and DVDs that I couldn’t afford otherwise (or, let’s be real, store) is amazing, and I make so much use of it.

But even aside from that, it’s been basically the only way I’ve been able to keep making a decent living recently. I’m self-employed, working from home, and my horrendous home internet (the only option available to me currently) has been making that increasingly difficult lately. Fiber optic is in the process of being installed, but won’t actually be available for another month or so. 

And I love coffee shops, I do. But at the library? I don’t need to buy anything or feel guilty for monopolizing a table for hours on end when it might be needed. I can bring my own laptop, tuck myself away in a corner, and no one cares how long I sit there. 

It’s safe, and quiet, no one interrupts me, blazing fast internet speeds, and no worries that I’m inconveniencing anyone because there’s plenty of room and I’m not taking up one of the public computers. And when I’ve got what I need to do finished, I can pick up some books or movies and bring them home with me for free.

Basically, it winds up combining the very best parts of staying home and going out for a change of atmosphere.

So yeah. Let’s hear it for libraries and how awesome and absolutely still relevant they are.

Storms (Chapter Six)

One of my favorite chapters. Couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. The healing is wonderful and the sweetness is wonderful. Love these two.


Enjoy :)


So it still wasn’t easy, not even close, but things were getting better, finally.

Thor made three meals a day, and true to his word, Tony ate a little bit each time. Sometimes he was sick almost immediately after, and other times, he would rub his stomach with a sort of pleased look on his face and Thor would grin so broadly he thought his face would split.

Thor made him go outside, taking walks to get fresh air and sunshine on his face until Tony’s cheeks were red and his hair was windblown. Tony even started coming along on grocery trips, picking out what he wanted to eat, even going so far as to pick out things he could cook, and every once in awhile Tony would make a meal just for Thor.

He smiled more, never those heart stopping, full on charming grins from before, but small private smiles just for Thor in little moments of humour or when Thor was being especially sweet.

They kissed most days, when Tony would tug on Thor’s hand shyly and tilt his head up for one. Most times he wouldn’t kiss back, just smile a little and pull away. But sometimes, something would spark between them, and Thor was helpless against it, when Tony would suddenly kiss him back eagerly and make that soft little noise like he was desperate. Those were the moments it took a large amount of Thors self control to pull away, those moments when Tony was pressing against him for more, scratching his nails down Thor’s chest and nipping at Thor’s lips to deepen the embrace.

Thor stayed with him almost every night now, too, as long as Tony was sober. He refused to sleep in the bed if Tony was drunk, not willing to put either of them in a position to go too far and give Tony a reason to be upset in the morning. The bad days were coming fewer and farther in between, and Thor counted each good day as a victory.

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PSA: It seems I’m able to have lactose again! I’ve been successfully eating Marabou’s Oreo Chocolate (what a peace of heaven on Earth, seriously!).

This means next month, I can bring back home lots of British chocolate from UK trip <3



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Arthur Weasley and a computer? :D

In all of his days volunteering at the library, Reggie Lister had never seen such an interesting character as the elderly man who had shown up precisely when the library opened and asked to use a ‘personal commuter’. He had red hair (rapidly turning white), a fuscia sports jacket, green corduroy slacks, and a tidy little tin lunchbox sporting dancing marigolds.

“Do you mean a ‘personal computer’, sir?”

“Perhaps! My daughter-in-law – very smart girl, my wife and I are so pleased Ron chose her – was telling me that you could look anything up on the ‘web’. Tell me, what exactly do the spiders do?”

Reggie blinked. “Uh, no, there are no spiders involved, we just call it that because the information is all interconnected, I guess. If you follow me, though, I can show you how to use a computer.” 

The man looked slightly disappointed, but brightened once more as he thought of new questions. He kept up a steady chatter (introducing himself as Arthur Weasley) as Reggie led the way to the bank of computers on the fourth floor.

“Here you are, Mr. Weasley, just sit in that chair there while I boot the computer up.”

Concerned, Mr. Weasley pointed at his highly polished brown dress shoes. “Was I supposed to wear boots? The only pair I have are some old rain galoshes, but if they’ll do I can nip back home real quick and bring them.”

Reggie chuckled and shook his head. He was always amused at the connections the elderly made as they tried to fit new technology into their understanding.

“No, sir, ‘booting up’ just means I’m turning the computer on loading the operating sys – never mind. It means I’m turning the computer on.”

Mr. Weasley nodded in relief, before turning to his lunchbox and withdrawing a small notebook and fountain pen. By the time Reggie had logged into the guest account, Mr. Weasley had written out notes for ‘web’ and ‘boot up’ as well as crossed out the ‘Commuter’ that headed the page and written ‘Computer’.

“Now, this here is a mouse. It controls the little white arrow on the screen – see how it’s moving? Hover over something and click on the left button to select it.”

Looking utterly delighted, Mr. Weasley, after taking a brief moment to sketch and label a diagram for the mouse in his notebook, began playing with the mouse under Reggie’s supervision. Once he seemed to have that well in hand, they moved on to the keyboard (“Why, it’s just like a typewriter!”).

After about an hour of instruction in which Mr. Weasley crawled under the desk to look at the wires connected to the monitor and tower, asked a never-ending stream of questions, learned how to search on the internet, and accidentally inverted the display, Reggie had to step away to check other visitors in for computer use. As he left to help a rather irritated looking business woman, he noted with great amusement that Mr. Weasley was reading a page about the history of rubber ducks with intense concentration, meticulously copying the article down into his notebook.

Perhaps the next lesson would be in using the printer.

I left for less than 24 hours and 5 figures disappeared?? :(

Preference: BSM, Christmas

Liam (Age 13): “Open it (Y/N),” Liam prompted excitedly. “Santa put a lot of effort into this.” “I’m too old for Santa,” you said grumpily, ignoring his eye roll and beginning to tear the wrapping paper off the small present in front of you. Sometimes being the youngest in the Payne family was awful, especially on Christmas when you were made to sit on the floor by the tree in front of the fire and endure all the cooing as everyone paid attention to you opening presents. “Ruth can’t you open one as well,” you begged, not liking how everyone was sat staring at you only. “After you open this one, we’ll all join in,” she promised, smiling. “Yeah, like Liam’s said, Santa put a lot of thinking into this and we all want to see what you think of it,” Nicola added, sharing a grin with Liam. “You all know full well I haven’t believed in Sa- oh my gosh, Liam!” you shouted, staring in disbelief at the things in front of you. It was a testament to how well Liam knew his little sister despite being away for months at a time, seeing as you were practically sobbing. A personalized video message from your favorite Youtubers, Dan and Phil as well as a formally written, and very goofy, note from them asking you to join them for a “Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and (Y/N) Payne” video. You placed the things on the ground before throwing yourself into Liam’s lap, wrapping your legs around his waist and burying your face in his neck. He laughed loudly, gripping you tightly and biting his lip happily as you thanked him over and over again. “I’ve told you (Y/N), Santa did this for you,” he said stubbornly, pulling you back a bit and running a hand through your hair. And if Liam wanted you to pretend to believe in Santa for the rest of the day and make believe you were still the baby, you were sure as heck going to do that for him.

Niall (Age 17): “Santa made sure I got home to you,” Niall winked, ruffling your hair as you both watched the News talking about the massive snowstorm that was shutting down Dublin airports hours after Niall’s flight had arrived. Your mum had promised you would all watch Elf as soon as Greg, Denise, and Theo got here so for now you were positioned on the couch with your brother and hot chocolate. You watched the snow on the screen and from the living room window with a bored expression before smirking. “Shouldn’t have bothered, Santa could’ve gotten me a way better present,” you shrugged, laughing as he threw a pillow at your face indignantly. “What a lie,” he countered, crossing his arms and pouting. “Mum told me you cried everyday about how much you missed me. “Well mum lied,” you teased, grinning as he stood up and towered over you. Without warning, he dove down towards you and tugged you to the floor, beginning to tickle you mercilessly. “Didn’t miss me huh? Really now? Wish that storm kept me away for Christmas? You wanna say that again?” he smirked, laughing as you desperately tried to crawl away from him. “I was joking!” you gasped, trying to push his hands away. “I missed you! I missed you!” He instantly stopped and smiled widely, “Knew you did.” “But at least if you weren’t here we wouldn’t be wearing this itchy Christmas jumpers,” you muttered, eyes widening as he was on top of you again, beginning to tickle.

Louis (Age 19): “So I flew all the way home for Christmas and you couldn’t?” your brother hissed into the phone, making you wince. “Louis, there’s still a few days left, maybe I can catch a train Christmas night,” you sighed. “And if I can’t, I definitely can get one the next day.” “It’s not the same!” he whined, ignoring the muffled sounds of your mum telling him to leave you alone. “Louis, it’s not my fault I’m working all day at the diner on Christmas and Christmas eve, I need the money for my flat,” you countered, running a hand through your hair. “Don’t understand why you won’t just quit that awful job and let me pay your rent until you find a decent one,” he muttered. “Louis! The whole point of moving out and being independent is being independent. Which means sacrificing things and dealing with bad situations instead of having my older brother bail me out,” you growled. “I’m going to be home the second I can, the entire family will be there until New Years.  If you’d like to be mad at me all break, go ahead. Goodbye Louis.”

Zayn (Age 7): You heard the front door open and muffled voices whispering downstairs. It had to be Santa, no one else would be coming to your home after midnight. You quickly grabbed your stuffed Lion and pushed back your blanket, beginning to make your way over to the staircase. Once you reached the top, you quickly peeked over the banister with wide eyes, noticing the fire was still crackling. Your eyes traced the room but it was empty; the voices were coming from the kitchen. You softly crept down the stairs, holding your Lion in front of your face and walked over to the entrance of the kitchen. “You’ve got to be quiet,” your mum was scolding quietly as your dad and another man laughed loudly. “You’ll wake all the girls and the surprise will be ruined.” “Sorry, sorry mum,” a very familiar voice chuckled warmly. “Just good to be home.” He was walking over to hug your mum but didn’t make it as you came hurtling into the kitchen, throwing yourself against his waist, “Zayn!” He looked down surprised, but laughed loudly again, crouching down to pull you into his arms, “So much for the Christmas surprise. Hey baby! I missed you!” “Zayn came home for Christmas!” you shouted to your parents who also began laughing and nodded happily. You looked back up at Zayn, who was smiling widely, before repeating, “You came home!” and throwing your arms around his neck. “Of course I did sweetheart, I would never miss Christmas with my family.”

Harry (Age 3): “So Harry wont be home?” you questioned sadly, watching him clench his hands over the screen. He shook his head slowly, looking up for a second before looking back down at you, “I tried everything I could to get home tonight so I could be there when you woke up angel. But there’s a lot of snow and all the flights are canceled until further noticed.” “So you miss Christmas?” you confirmed, grabbing your blanket tightly. “I’ll skype you again in the morning to see what Father Christmas has brought you,” he reassured you, biting his lip. “And watch you unwrap everything. And the second I can fly home, I will. Maybe I’ll even get a flight tomorrow afternoon.” “But you’ll miss Santa,” you whimpered, placing your chubby fingers on the screen of the laptop. Anne, Gemma, and Harry all sighed sadly, Gemma moving to place you in her lap as you both stared at the screen with your brother on it. “You’ll make sure to save the presents Santa brings me so that I can open them when I get home right?” Harry asked, running a hand through his hair. You nodded doubtfully, looking up at Gemma who was suddenly smiling, “You know what (Y/N)? We can have a whole second Christmas when Harry gets home? With more puddings and cakes and cuddles? How does that sound?” “Second Christmas?” you bounced in her lap excitedly, giggling. “Really?” “You bet squirt,” Harry promised, sounding relived. “ Now get your bum in bed, you don’t want Santa to skip the house because someone’s up past her bedtime, do you?”

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omg omg a jimon au where they go to buy/adopt a kitten and they both have different favourites…which leads them to getting both kittens

“Dude, no. You can’t just get the first one you see.”

Jace grabbed the sleeve of Simon’s sweater and tried to pull him away from one of the cages at the local animal shelter.

“But–” Simon tried to say, but Jace firmly dragged him further into the shelter, peering into cages as he went. A lot of them were empty, but there were still a fair few little animals there.

“I don’t know if I can do this without bringing them all home,” Simon said then, as he stared into the eyes of a very beautiful grey cat. If he hadn’t known that the shelter had a 100% no kill policy, he would’ve said screw it to his brain and brought every single one home.

“Yeah, maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all,” Jace said, sounding worried. “Do you want to— oh my god.”

He crouched down in front of a cage at the far end of the room.

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21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” - Sam and reader please :3

Sam Drake/Reader

Have your fluff! Freshly served!

Word Count:  1,346

Read on AO3

The window on your side of the car was partially open, and a pleasant breeze slipped in through it, blowing at your hair. It was a peaceful ride. The weather was lovely, with the sun shining bright, and all around you stood miles of tall trees. Nothing but forest at your sides and the highway before you.

Sitting next to you was Sam, his eyes focused on his phone’s screen. He’d been reading various articles for most of the ride, still catching up with the world, and still mildly fascinated by the device that was his smartphone. You didn’t interrupt his reading at any point, not needing a conversation to enjoy the man’s company. 

You’d been working for Rafe Adler for quite some time, but you had only been appointed Samuel’s personal assistant about a year ago. As such, your job ranged from driving him anywhere to helping him with research and everything in between, to ensure the job of finding the Gunsway Heist rolled out as smoothly as possible.

That’s the official part of your relationship. The extra-official one involves sharing your bed with the man, cooking breakfast together from time to time, and making sure he’s happy in general. All in all, a good girlfriend.

At first you had been against allowing yourself to fall for someone you work with, but after all your efforts of ignoring his undeniable charm and fighting temptation failed miserably, you accepted that you were hopelessly in love with Sam Drake. You made sure to inform Rafe first, however, lest he found out for himself and fired you then and there. But surprisingly enough, he wasn’t faced by your romantic involvement with his associate. “As long as it doesn’t hinder your work”, he’d said.

“Hey baby, look.”

Sam’s voice snapped you our of your trance, pulling you away from your own thoughts by demanding your attention. You gazed momentarily at him with a curious expression.

“What is it?”

“I’ve found this website, it’s called Amazon. Did you know about it?”

You smiled, with your eyes still on the road. Of course you knew about it, but you decided to humor him all the same.

“Yeah, I’ve heard something. What about it?”

“They’ve got all these history books in there, it’s unbelievable! And guess what, I don’t even have to go anywhere to get them or read them, I can buy them from here and they bring them home! The shit you can do online now days…”

He was ecstatic, looking up at you and back down at his phone as he tapped here and there on the screen, expecting a reaction from you. A chuckle escaped your lips as you nodded, finding him quite adorable.

“Yeah I know, you can pay by card on the spot.”

Sam gnawed at his lower lip, his brow furrowing in a pensive look, and then his eyes landed on you again. A devilish smile started to curl the corners of his lips.

“Hey…do you know Rafe’s credit card details?”

“Don’t even think about it.” You laughed, and the sound was drowned by a crack of thunder that made you both jolt on your seats, startled. 

“What the hell?” Frowning, you squinted at the now heavily clouded sky. You never even noticed the storm as it came in. Soon enough, a thick curtain of rain fell all over the road, raindrops clashing against the roof of your car and creating a rumbling sound that reverberated inside.

In contrast with your own displeased expression, Sam was smiling widely at the sudden change of weather, like a kid with a brand new toy.

“Hey Y/N, stop the car on the side of the road.” He requested, but you immediately denied, your head shaking in disagreement.

“No way, we’re almost there. What are you planning anyway? I’ve seen that look in your eyes before…” You felt a hint of distrust towards the whole situation, knowing the man was prone to doing things without really thinking about the consequences beforehand.

“Come on, I wanna stand in the rain.” He insisted, his hand reaching out to grasp your arm.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

“Please, baby.”  

You rolled your eyes at yourself, because you were unable to deny anything to Samuel Drake. All he needed to do was pleading and putting those puppy eyes to good use and you were done for. So with a sigh you pulled up on the side of the road and retrieved the car keys from the contact, silencing the engine. 

Not wasting a second, Sam left the car and walked into the rain, closing the door after him. You watched from the inside, your hands resting on the steering wheel as you stared at him in slight confusion, eyes flickering without understanding of the situation. 

But then as you sat there, gazing at him and the way the water run down his face and his neck, tracing the contour of his collarbones and soaking his clothes, you started to understand. The man had spent 15 years of his life in a prison. In a place where rain is not common, and yet even if it were…would he had been allowed outside to enjoy it? Your eyes caught the sight of the raindrops that dripped from the ends of his brown hair, and the way he just stood under the mantle of water, smiling at the sky like it was the first time he’d seen it pour from the clouds. And your heart started to grow heavy, and a knot formed in your throat, because the thought of Sam stuck in that dark, unforgiving place on his own for so many years felt like the cold blade of a knife sinking slowly in your chest. 

So you opened the door and stepped outside, walking over to him until you were standing right next to him, and you too closed your eyes and raised your chin towards the sky to feel the rain pour on your face. And you let your hair and your clothes soak it up, and run all over your skin. You understood now.

“I get it…” You muttered after a short, quiet moment. As you opened your eyes again you could feel the raindrops stuck in your eyelashes, and you looked up at him. “It feels like it could wash it all away.” His eyes met with yours, and his smile softened ever so slightly.

Wash it all away. All the pain in his mind, in his heart, in his stomach because of the bullet wounds. Every cut, every bruise, every hopeless thought. Every time he’d thought he’d be better off dead. All the sleepless nights and all the punches thrown against the brick walls. All the scalding tears and the strangling fear of dying alone. Every time despair had overcome hope, and he’d trembled under the blankets, pleading to go home. Every hurt, and every wrong…

Wash it all away.

You hadn’t felt his fingers reaching for your hand softly until then, and you held his hand in yours, and then the other. Your stares never broke, and your gaze laid sunk deep within his beautiful green eyes. The rain traced every wrinkle on Sam’s face, and you loved every single one of them. Every bird flying away on his neck, every scar on his skin, every imperfection, you treasured them like gold. He had lived, and he had survived. 

His hands pulled from yours and your chest met his, your bodies pressing against each other. He was still smiling. 

“There’s one thing that will never wash away.” Sam whispered, but you didn’t have the time to ask what that was. He leaned down and pressed his lips against yours in a tender, yet deep kiss. You noticed the contrast of the cold water running down your lips with the warmth of his mouth, the way his fingers caressed your hands, loving, grateful, content. 

And without asking you knew, the rain could never wash your love away.

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4, 12, and 13 for the writing ask meme?

4. Do you have writing habits or rituals?

Habits include editing as I go, which I know a lot of people swear against. And I don’t know if this is a ritual, but I usually email things back and forth to myself while in progress so I can tinker with them at work (or bring them home to finish if I start them at work). It’s not a great system. 

12. How do you deal with self-doubts?

Wallow in them.

I wish I had a more inspiring answer for you. I don’t deal with them very well. Luckily I have some really great friends who will knock some sense into me when I need it.

13. How do you deal with writers block?

I am not great at this either! But as long as it’s not too mixed up in the above, it’s easier for me to just say fuck it and try to do something else. Whatever I do instead has to be mentally stimulating enough so that I don’t obsess about the fact that I’m not writing, though! 

Im in such a bad form today,i’m in a lot of pain so not a great day ahead of me and the delivery guy just called me and said that the magazines have arrived and i was like oh great i’m actually not at home so can you bring them to me to work and he was like oh sorry i just dropped them in your post box and i nearly started crying because i wanted them now but now i have to wait until my shift is done..ugh someone tell me a joke or something or i will just give up on this day.

so my shrimps may not get here until Wednesday?? Which is no good because I’ll be at work and I tried to time it so they would ship overnight on Monday and get there on Tuesday but guess not… hopefully I can drive home and bring them in or their heat packs are still good by the time I get home…