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What's something you think Scott would never do?

Man, Scott’s pretty fearless so that list is kinda short.

One of the rules I have for my interpretation of Scott is that he’s never an asshole to his brothers. In my universe anyway, he’s raised those four boys almost single-handedly at some points in his life. I’m pretty sure he will have made promises to their father and to each lil brother in turn that he’d move heaven and earth to keep them safe. So why would he be an asshole to any of them? That crap’s only cool in fictional stories. In real life it’s terrifying and exhausting and can border on assault when someone a foot taller and a lot stronger than you yells at you.

Scott’s got flaws for sure. He’s hot headed and impulsive but one thing he is NOT is an asshole. I don’t think he’d ever shout at his brothers. What right has he got to do that? I imagine they all volunteered for International Rescue and any one of them could turn around and walk away if Scott started being a dick.

So yeah. My boy likes to borrow plaid shirts and tease them sometimes if one of them’s being a giant nerd over Space Trek, but he’s not a dick and never will be. That’s canon.