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Better Than Sleep (Draco Malfoy x reader-- SMUT)

A/N: i know i have a bunch of draco drabbles to do but this is the smut that was requested a while ago lmao

word count: 687
warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex

You lay in bed, almost asleep. Almost. Draco rests beside you. You feel him stir slightly, but don’t think anything of it. A quiet whimper escapes his mouth as he wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you closer to him. You giggle and snuggle your back into his bare chest, laying your arm over his. He begins pressing small pecks to your neck making you squirm slightly. “Mm.. babe, m'tryna sleep,“ you mumble through your sleepy haze.

He chuckles against your skin, his warm breath tickling you. “I know, love. I’m sorry. You just look so good lying there. Too good to resist.” His kisses become more lazy. His mouth opens and his tongue grazes your skin.

You turn your body slightly and take your fingers off of his to run them through his messy, white-blond locks. “Draco..” you whine.

He doesn’t let up, though. He adjusts his arms and lets his hands drift up and down your sides, gliding from your bare thighs to your clothed upper torso. “Can you face me, sweetheart?” he hums.

You sigh, letting a thumb trace his cheek bones. “I don’t wanna encourage you.”

“Please?” he pouts, his hand sliding your- his- shirt up, exposing your abdomen, now. He lets his hands travel up and under it, cupping your breasts.

You grin at the contact. “No.”

“Okay, then. I can work like this,” he chuckles, kissing the spot right behind your ear. “Arms up for me, love.”

You, surprisingly, oblige and suddenly your borrowed shirt is on the floor. You feel a finger wrap around the hem of your panties and you soon feel them sliding down your legs. You laugh, feeling much more awake now. His fingers dance down your front side. His touch has you craving more now. You finally feel the pressure on your bundle of nerves and you let out a quiet moan. Your thighs are clenched together tightly, trying to lessen the burning desire between them.

You can feel his grin as plants a kiss on your shoulder. “Glad I didn’t let you sleep? Wanna open up a little bit?”

“Mm.” You nod and part your legs as his hand slides lower.

You involuntarily buck into him. He chuckles slightly. “Okay. I see what you want, love.” After a moment of readjustment, the feeling of his hard on against your heat is quite apparent. You can’t help but whimper. “Patience.” He tuts. His hand finds your chest again as he pushes in.

You sigh in a mix of pleasure and relief. “Feels so good.” It’s a breathy, desperate sound.

“Mm.. You’re so wet, darling.” He grunts, pumping into you, trying to find a steady pace. After a few quiet moans, he finds his rhythm.

“Draco..” You practically whisper.

His movements falter a bit. “Something wrong?”

You shake your head. “It’s just.. I wanna face you now.” You giggle.

“Really? Right now?” He questions, a hint of laughter in his voice. He stops his movements and pulls out of you. You can’t help but whine a little at the empty feeling. “Okay, on your back now, love. Let’s get you a good one, yeah?”

You flip onto your back and he quickly fills you up again. The angle is brand new, yet comfortably familiar at the same time. He gives you one slow, hard pound. You stifle a moan, yet it’s still pretty loud. Oops. “Oh my God, sweetheart.” He chuckles at you. “Getting close? I know I am.”

You merely find yourself whimpering and nodding like crazy, your fingers tangled in your own hair. His thrusts are sloppy and hitting all the right places. “Right there?” He asks, hitting it repeatedly. You nod again and again.

“Oh my God, Draco!” You draw in a sharp breath and bite the inside of your cheek, reaching your climax.

He’s grinning ear to ear, a thin layer of sweat glistening on his forehead. “That’s my girl. Mm- right- there. Aw, yeah. That’s it.” He reaches his peak, repositioning himself to kiss you. He leans his forehead against yours. “Better than sleep?”

“Better than sleep,” you agree.

Rockabye (5) - Jackson

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pairing: jackson x reader
rating: mature
genre: angst, romance, smut
warnings: none.
word count: 
summary: life isn’t easy being a single parent, especially such a young one. but you do your best to make him happy and make sure his life is better than yours was, even if that means ‘exotic dancing’. he’s your entire world; the only man you’ll ever need. until you meet a certain idol who changes things almost as much as your son did.

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We’re in Hot Water Now (incomplete)

Summary: Victor’s body changes into a female one whenever he’s hit with cold water, no big deal. He changes back when hit with hot water, so it’s not that big of a problem. It does get a little difficult, explaining to his close friends sometimes. 

He has no idea how to tell Yuuri about this unfortunate trait of his. “What should I do, kobuta-chan?” he cries, cradling the piglet of Akatsuki Yu-topia to his chest. It makes vaguely wheezing sounds in response. 

(The piglet is actually Yuuri, who had gotten a load of freezing cold melted snow on him earlier, but Victor doesn’t know that.)

Rating: G. Has a fair bit of genderbending, like Ranma ½ does.

For victuuriweek day five: crossover. I went for Ranma ½ fusion with Yoi. (This is just a snippet, as a I ran out of inspiration and was unable to finish it, so here you go).

It’s somewhat an open secret to all of Victor’s rinkmates. Less so to the ISU and Russian Skating Federation officials, but thankfully the issue is one that is easily remedied by everyone carrying a thermos of hot water at all times.

“Are you able to do all of your quads when you’re like that?” Mila asks one day as Victor tries to dry his hair after she dumped some hot water on him.

Victor pauses his drying and thinks for a bit. “I’ve never tried,” he says. “I haven’t skated much as a woman. It’s not like I’m going to be entering women’s singles anytime soon.”

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“We are best friends” [Part 2] // Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 644

Part one

Over the next few weeks, we continued ‘experimenting’ with our relationship. But we both knew it was meant to be. I was at Jack’s flat and Conor and Josh were out getting stuff for tonight. Everyone was coming over. By everyone I mean Joe, Oli, Mikey, Caspar, Zoe and Alfie. Jack and I were currently 'cleaning’. We were honestly listening to music and running around the flat. I slid in my socks down the hallway and fell but started laughing.

 I laid flat on the floor laughing and Jack laughed and stood over me. “Are you okay?” He laughed. “Yeahhh.” He held his hand out for me. I took it but pulled him down inside of pulling myself up. I laughed harder if possible. He laid next to me so I rolled over on top of him. I leaned down and kissed his lips he kissed back causing me to smile into the kiss.

“Jack! Y/n!” Conor yelled walking into the flat. I got off of Jack and he stood up. We pretended to be cleaning. “In here!” Jack yelled. “Do you guys need any help?” Conor asked walking into sight. “No I think we are good, we are finished and we were just about to get cleaned up ourselves,” I said. “Okay love birds,” Conor teased walking back into the living room. I looked at Jack to make sure he was okay and he looked at me and smiled wide.

We went to Jack’s bedroom and he went to the bathroom to change, letting me change in his room. I put on a comfortable sports bra and leggings and looked through the clothes I left here for a shirt. Jack knocked o the bathroom door signaling he was finished changing. “You can come out but I don’t have a shirt on,” I said. He walked out of the bathroom and looked at me. I sat on the floor refolding the clothes I had gone through. “You can borrow a shirt if you want,” Jack said making me smiled wide. 

“You know just the way to my heart I swear,” I said grabbing a shirt from his drawer. “Does that mean I get a kiss?” he asked. I stood up pulling the shirt on and signaled him to come here. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands naturally snaked around my waist. I pecked his lips lightly but his hands found my face, cupping it. He deepened the kiss. I broke away hearing footsteps. He sat on his bed and I sat next to him. 

“Can we tell them tonight?” he asked. “The teasing will get worse,” I reminded him. “But it doesn’t bother me anymore because now you are mine and they are just jealous,” he said. “Okay babe,” I said kissing him cheek. The boys and Zoe began to arrive and Jack and I sat on the couch. Zoe sat next to me and we caught up while Jack talked to Mikey.

 "Mate, can I borrow your charger?“ Mikey asked. Jack got up. "I’ll be back I have to use the bathroom,” I told Zoe. I walked to the bathroom and Jack walked to his room. I quickly went and opened the door to see Jack waiting for me. Jack pulled me in for a hug. I knew not telling everyone was killing him. 

He always talks about how he couldn’t wait to show me off to everyone. I leaned up and kissed his lips. All of the sudden a camera flash went off. We broke away from each other to see Conor standing there. He looked at Jack then at me before running into the living room. “I told you!” he yelled. We followed Conor and my face was blood red. “Finally!” Zoe said. “I guess this is a good time to tell you were dating,” Jack said smiling.

#34 (Justin Bieber)

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   I sat on my couch with Justin watching Bones on Netflix. He was like my best friend ever and we talked about everything. Except one thing. Selena Gomez. He seriously needs to get over her, not because I don’t like her but because he needs someone who will be there for him, someone who will talk to him. 

   No, I’m not talking about me but if I were you can’t judge me. He is sexy as hell.

   I paused the show and got up, making Justin look at me. 

   “Where are you going?” Justin asked. 

   “I want something to drink, do you want something?” I asked. 

   Justin stood, “I’ll come with.”

   “OK,” I walked into the kitchen, Justin following me.  

  I poured orange juice then turned around. I didn’t know Justin was right behind me so I spilled it all over his nice shirt. 

  “Oh shit, I’m sorry,” I put the cup down and went to get paper towels.

   “Its fine,” Justin chuckled and took off his shirt.

   I looked at him and bit my lip as I handed him the paper towels. I stared at his chest and looked over the tattoos before I saw his hand wave in front of my face, “huh? What?”

   “Can I borrow one of your dads shirts?” Justin smirked, looking at me. 

   “U-uh, yeah. I’ll go get it,” I took off and ran upstairs, getting one of my dads to shirts without looking. I handed it to him.

   He put it on then looked at me and smirked, “$5 foot long huh?” 

   “What?” I looked at him. The shirt I gave him was my dads green shirt with yellow lettering staying $5 foot long and a yellow arrow pointing down. “N-no, I just grabbed a random shirt. 

   Justin had a wide smirk on his face as my face was dark red, “how do you know this foot long is $5?”

   “I-I…” I was at a lost for words I blushed darkly.

   “If you want to see it all you have to do is ask,” Justin stepped closer.

   “I never said I did,” I said quietly.

   “Then tell me to stop,” Justin kissed my neck softly. 

  “S-st-” my words got caught in my throat as I moaned. 

   Justin moved across the front of my neck gently, “sorry. I didn’t quiet catch that.”

   I just tilted my head back and let him continue. He smirked and picked me up by my thighs. I brought his face up and kissed him, bringing me hands back into his hair. Suddenly my back hit a wall and I moaned.

   I pulled away and looked at him with lustful eyes. 

   “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed,” Justin warned.

   “Then don’t fuck me on a bed, there are plenty couches and floor space,” I smirked. 

   Justin took me to the couch, throwing me onto it. I looked up at him as he pulled his belt off and dropped it on the floor before getting on top of me. 

   He pulled off his shirt before kissing me. I kissed him back and groaned, lifting my hips. He pushed my hips down and started grind against me. 

   I moaned against him and moved my hips with his. I flipped us over and straddled his hips before pulling off my shirt. 

   I then went down and started kissing his neck, causing him to moaned softly. I then started kissing his chest and down to his stomach. I kissed down to the waistband of his pants, dragging my tongue along it, taking my time as I got to his v line. 

   Justin’s breath became ragged as he moved his hips slightly. I smirked as I kissing his bulge over his pants before unbuttoning them slowly.

   Justin groaned and pushed them off. 

   I smirked, “is someone inpatient?” 

   Justin gave me a look and shook his head. 

   I went down again and pulled his boxers off, taking him in my hand, stroking him softly, “I think this is worth a lot more then 5 dollars.” 

   Justin moaned and bit his lip, looking at me. I went down and kissed his head, swirling my tongue over his slit causing him to moan out. 

   I went down and took him halfway in my mouth and started bobbing my head as I sucked lightly. I took his balls in my hand and squeezed lightly. 

   He moaned and put his hands in my hair, gripping it but not pushing. I took him farther in, gagging slightly but kept sucking, running my tongue over his veins. 

   I bobbed my head quickly and went all the way down, my nose almost hitting his stomach. I bobbed a few more times before pulling off and looking at him. 

   He groaned and looked at me before flipping us and kissing me. He pulled me bra off then pulled my pants off. He started rubbing my over my panties. 

   I moaned and moved against his fingers. He pulled away and got a condom, putting it on before taking off my panties. I bit my lip looking at him before he pushed into me. 

   I gasped and moaned, gripping his shoulders. He started moving slowly but soon sped up, going quickly. I moaned and threw my head back, making him start kissing my neck. 

   I moaned and dragged my nails down his back. He groaned and gripped my hips and he thruster harder, moving down to my breasts. He kissed them and swirled his tongue around my nipple. 

   Justin hit my g-spot hard causing me yell out his name, “oh fuck Justin.”

   He reached down and started to rub my clit bringing me to my edge and I came around him without warning. He looked at me as he came. He rode out our highs before pulling out and taking off his condom. 

   He laid behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I cuddling into his chest, my back against his chest. He pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and put it over us. 

   I kissed his arm and whispered, “I love you Justin.”

   He didn’t say anything and I was afraid he would say he didn’t love me back, but after awhile he kissed behind my ear, “I love you too Y/N.”

Tristan Imagine: Hanging out with Millie

REQUEST: Heya hunnie your imagines are so good so I wondering whether I could a Tristan one. Something cute and cuddly. Haven’t been very well recently so it would make feel a bit better thank you x

It was a cold Sunday morning as I awoke to my dog bounding into my bedroom, hinting to me that he needed to go outside for a wee. 
“Good Morning mate” I said, ruffling his head and walking downstairs, letting him outside to do his business. I made myself a cup of coffee, let him back inside and then made my way upstairs to get ready.I then went to the fridge, opening it to try and find the strawberries in order to make myself a smoothie only to find that we didn’t have any.
“Jess! When we run out of strawberries please let me know!” I shouted upstairs to my room mate who replied with a grumble; clearly hungover from the night before. 

Putting on my coat, I opened the front door and made my way to the shop. The wind was bitterly cold, I kept having to fix my hat because it was constantly being blown off. Walking into the shop, I was greeted by Mrs Jenkins, the old lady who owned our local store.
“And where’s your young man today?” she enquired as I handed her the money to pay for the oddly shaped fruit.
“Oh, he’s at home I think, I might call and see how he is” I smiled, taking my change and bidding her goodbye. On my journey home, I walked past Tristan’s house and decided it would be a good idea to call, just to surprise him and pay him a cute little visit. He normally had the day off, maybe we could do something together. I shuffled up to his door and knocked a little hard, just so he’d hear. He did have a doorbell but it never worked. Hearing footsteps coming closer, I smiled and fixed myself so I at least looked somewhat attractive.
“Hey!” I smiled as the door opened, but it didn’t reveal Tristan, instead it revealed his little Sister Millie. Tristan’s parents were away at the moment, his Brother had moved out which meant that he was left to look after Millie until his parents returned home.
“Hey (Y/N), were you looking for Tris?”
“I was yeah, is he in?”
“No, he’s gone to Brad’s. Do you want to come in? He said he wouldn’t be long, you could wait here with me until he comes home”
I smiled, I didn’t really have anything better to do and it’d be fun to finally spend some time with his little sister. I’d spoken to her before but I’d never actually had a proper conversation. It’d be nice to bond with her, especially because she meant so much to Tristan. I nodded and walked into Tristan’s family home. 

There was a little bit of an awkward silence at first, none of us really knew what to do. 
“So, I’m thinking we should do some baking!” You smiled
“Oooooooh! Yes can we?!”
“Well lets go into the kitchen, see what food Tris has got in and we’ll make a cake or something? Sound like a plan?”
Eagerly she nodded and we went into the kitchen, getting out the resources we’d need to make the cake. Millie put the radio on, turning it up as we danced and sang at the top of our voices to ‘Uptown Funk’.
“DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH” We both screamed as we started doing the iconic dance from the music video. Millie took a lot of videos of us both, and photos, uploading them to Instagram and Twitter for everyone to see how crazy we were being. Eventually, the cake mix was finished so we poured it into a tin and put it into the oven to bake for 30 minutes. It was then washing up time, Millie was on cleaning duties whilst I dried the things that she’d washed. We were still singing along to the radio and dancing, when all of a sudden she threw a bowl into the water, sending it splashing all over me. My hair and my outfit was soaked.
“MILLIE!” I exclaimed, sending us both into fits of laughter, Millie crumpled up on the floor clutching her tummy because she found it too funny. I cupped my hand in the bowl of water, lifting it up quickly and sending water all over Millie. 
“(Y/N)!” She exclaimed in shock, as I burst into giggles.
This was then the start of an epic water fight between the two of us. The dishes got done in the end, but we were absolutely soaked. Looking at timer, the cake had 10 minutes left in the oven.
“I think we need to go get changed a bit, don’t you?” I muttered
“We probably should, you can borrow one of Tris’ t-shirts, he won’t mind”
Running upstairs, now singing to 'Steal My Girl’ we quickly got changed. I went into Tristan’s room, which he wouldn’t mind, it wasn’t like I hadn’t been here before, removing my jumper and putting one one of his old band t-shirts as well as his grey hoodie. It was more like a dress on me but it was cosy, which was all that mattered. I put my hair up in a messy bun, hoping it would help it to dry quicker. Suddenly the timer sounded and Millie & I ran downstairs, straight to the oven. With the oven glove on my hand, I carefully opened the door to reveal a golden brown lemon drizzle cake! 
“That smells soooooooo good” Millie whispered
“Think we did a good job there Mills!” I smiled, putting the cake on the baking tray to cool and then giving her a high five and pulling her in for a hug. 

We then went to sit in the living room, the radio still playing. 
“Yes hun?”
“My hair is still a little bit wet, you couldn’t dry it for me could you?" 
"Of course!" 
Running upstairs, Millie went to get the hairdryer as I sat and waited. She soon returned and she sat in front of me on the sofa as I knelt behind her, drying her gorgeous long blonde hair. Brushing through it and styling it into her normal style, it looked lovely. She just looked like the female version of Tristan. Thanking me, we turned the radio off and put the television on, her putting her favourite film 'Frozen’ into the DVD player. We snuggled up on the sofa with blankets and hot chocolate as we watched the movie, singing along and often doing the famous duets. 

The sound of keys in the door was heard and a voice echoed through the house "Hey Millie!”. Tristan was home. We both looked at one another with a cheeky grin on our faces. I removed myself from the blankets and went to hide myself behind the living room door as Millie tried to look as innocent as possible.
“Hey Mills, what you doing?”
“Watching Frozen! Did you have a good time at Brads?”
“Not bad, not bad”
Slowly, as they continued the conversation, I snuck out from behind the door, quietly creeping up on Tristan.
“BOO!” I shouted as I squeezed his sides together, him jumping up in terror and screaming like you would when a jumpy part happens in a horror movie and you aren’t really expecting it, Millie almost fell off her chair in fits of laughter whilst Tristan tried to recover from his little fright. 
“I fucking hate you!” He muttered, laughing a little and coming over to me, tickling my sides so I fell to the floor, begging him to stop.
“Say you love me”
“I love you now get off me you muppet”
“Love you too” He smiled, kissing my forehead and getting to his feet.
“So what have you girls been doing today then?”
“Well (Y/N) came round looking for you, but then you weren’t here so we made a cake and…”
“And (Y/N) is that my hoodie?" 
"Yeah, we um…we kinda had a little bit of a water fight” You mumbled, receiving a little smirk from Millie.

For the rest of the night, we snuggled up on the sofa watching another one of Millie’s favourite films and eating the cake that we’d made previously. I was cuddled into Tristan with a blanket over the two of us and Millie was cuddled up on the armchair with a blanket slung over her. “I like it when you wear my clothes, you look cute” Tris whispered in my ear
“I was worried you’d have gone mad”
“Nooo, I find it really attractive” He smiled, kissing my forehead and squeezing me tightly. The film continued until we heard light snores coming from the arm chair. Looking over, we saw Millie sleeping. 
“I’ll take her up” Tris muttered, quietly sneaking over and carrying her in his arms up to her room. He soon returned and made his way back under the blanket so we could both get back into a comfortable position. 
“She really likes you (Y/N)”
“Does she?”
“Oh my god yeah, she wont shut up about this day for like the next few weeks now”
“Well she’s a little cutie, I’ve enjoyed today too!”
I glanced over at the clock, 10:00pm. I only meant to go out for strawberries. 
“Tris, I should probably get home” I mumbled, moving from his grip.
“Oh no you don’t” He replied, pulling be back down so I ended up in his lap. “It’s late, you should stay here for the night”
“But Tris…”
“Please stay?”
He did have a point, it was getting dark, and it’s not like Jess would miss me anyway. I agreed and snuggled back into him as we began to watch the new series of Prison Break. 


Very Very Serious Disclaimer: There’s many women that have gone through this and last thing i’d want is to offend anyone in anyway so please read this and warnings this does include abuse and if it does in fact trigger you please move along. As much as i’d love inputs I want people to be in a right mindset.

Summary: After Raw came to a close for the night you couldn’t seem to bring yourself to go home. Braun spots you in the car to see what’s going with you only to find something tragic.

  • Warning: Abuse, Angst
  • Word Count: 1,664

A/N- So I was trying to find something to really hit someone in the feels and I thought about this. Abuse is never fun and a really tough situation to get out of so if you are someone or have someone who has dealt with this and need someone please. Speak out to anyone. I want to thank @wwelover22 for helping me figure something out to make the story work out ! 

(sidenote: nick is the boyfriend - Some random ass name)

“Later Char” You waved to Charlotte as she headed to her truck. The parking lot began to get very vacant, you could possibly count how many vehicles were left on your hand. As tired as you were you didn’t want to leave. You couldn’t. Every time you went home it was the same thing and it was getting harder to avoid.

You get in your car and rest your head with your eyes closed, it wasn’t until you heard knocking on the window from the passenger seat. Your eyes snap open to see who it was.

“Braun?” you roll the window all the way down.

“Whats going on its like 11:30pm why are you still here?” A worried look sat upon his face as he stared into your eyes. You hesitated for a second, you look down at your hands. “Today was pretty rough i kinda fell asleep trying to collect my thoughts.”

Braun raised his hand to run it through his hair, you flinched. “Why are you flinching? Are you sure you’re okay?” The concerned look deepened on his face. “I’m just really tired Braun I’m gonna head home and go to sleep okay?” You rub your neck trying relax. Braun is staring at your neck as if he was examining you.

“What?” You calmly turn towards Braun. “What is that on your neck (Y/N)?” Braun reached up and moved your hand revealing a nasty bruise along with what seemed to be strangle marks. “What..happen…” Braun sighed with frustration. “Nothing I need to get home braun please..” You looked at him with pleading eyes. He hesitated slightly then nodded. “Call me . If you need ANYTHING. Do you understand?” He pulls you in and kisses your forehead.

“Thank you Braun.” You mumbled against him. Braun gets out and shuts the car door heading towards his truck. You start your car and head out yourself.

Braun and you knew each other since development only thing is you didn’t wrestle and you grew with the company as your dad being a well known retired ref, you decided to join the company as well just as a ring announcer, starting in NXT then practically begging to get promoted to main roaster.

You get in your driveway and notice the living room light is on, You sigh and sit for a minute then get out and head into the house. Your boyfriend Nick, sits on the couch with several cans of beer on the table and on the floor. The TV was playing reruns of The Walking Dead, His gaze turned from the TV to you. “How was work…sweetheart?” He gets up and walks in front of you getting close to you.

You begin to back up into the door staying silent as he got closer. “I bet it was nice..ya know seeing all those men shirtless and you wearing that tight little dress. They must really fucking love it and of course you as well.” His breath smelt of budlight as he came to your ear to. “How is it sweetheart? Fucking these wrestlers must be nice huh?” He scoffs at you and turns away.

“I’m not fucking anyone nic-” With a quickness he whips around and collides his hand with your cheek causing you yelp and fall against the wall. “You know lying is a sin girl. So is talking when i aint tell you to.” He downs the budlight can in his hand and looks down at you.


Braun couldn’t get the look of that mark out of his head he knew exactly what it was, He didn’t understand why you didn’t tell him what it was. He reaches down for his phone and pulls up your number to call.

Hi this is (Y/N) leave a message after the beep . Braun tried again and again and began to panic when it continued to keep going to voicemail. Hitting a complete U-turn he was in route to your house. “Why did i let her go home…please let her be ok god” He prayed to himself the whole way there.

Braun didn’t want anything to happen to you he valued you way too much to let someone hurt you. You were more than just a friend to him, it wasn’t like family either, There was feelings that he had for you but couldn’t express because he knew you were taken already.


You quickly ran upstairs locking yourself in the bathroom as holding the door whimpering as he banged against the door. “(Y/N) come on out you think i’m done with you? Get your ass out here now!” Nick Yelled as the banging continued. He started to pick the lock causing it to unlock, you pushed against the door trying to keep him out.

He made one giant push against the door knocking you down to the floor. You scramble close to the tub with panicking cries. “Get away from me” you fight against him as is trying to tug you up from the floor. “Alright if you aren’t about to get up i’ll just drag your ass down these stairs” Nick shouted as he pulled on your leg. Trying to grip the frame it gave you a little bit of an resistance but not enough. Nick rips you away dragging you down each step, you tried to kick away but it wasn’t working.

You start crying hysterically trying to get away but whatever you do he had a way of catching you. He finally got you to the ground and pressed his hands against your neck.


Braun sped down the street and saw your car, he got in the driveway just enough that he won’t get the back ripped off and parked. Walking towards the door he heard some glass break.

Banging on the door calling for you, “(Y/N)!!!” He shouted. Getting impatient he decided to kick the door down. With nick in sight being on top of you choking you. Braun look way more than pissed. Anger definitely wasn’t the word to describe it. Furious fit the scene better.


Tears began to roll down from your eyes as you saw Braun come in. Your vision became white and blurry until he pulled nick off of you. Coughing and trying to catch your breath you watched as braun decided to teach him a lesson.

“ It may just be you but no man should put his hands on a woman in an attempt to hurt her jackass. I’m gonna say this once if you EVER come near her or in ANY way try to mess with her then you’re messing with a damn bear aka me so to ensure you never do this again.” Braun hit Nick with a smooth uppercut making his body look limp on the ground.

You couldn’t hold back your tears as you ran into his arms. “Braun thank you..thank you soo much..” You cried harder into his chest. “C’mon we’re gonna head back to my place..” Braun took off a hoodie he had and handed it to you and guided you to his truck. You got in the passenger side and buckled your seatbelt.

The ride was quiet and calm. You began to approach his hotel and started heading towards his room, keeping your head low seemed the best to you until you got to the room. His hand lightly guided you inside the room.

“ you can have the bed i’ll sleep on the couch” He quietly sighed. You turn around and quickly hug him. “Please sleep with me I need someone to just..protect me right now.. Please..” You mumbled into his chest.

Looking down at you, he nodded as he cupped your cheeks.

“Could i borrow a shirt? To sleep in?” You give a soft guilty look. Braun reaches towards his suitcase and pulls out a really really large white tee and hands it to you. You walk towards the bathroom and start getting ready for bed.

After 10 mins you see braun already getting set to lie down. You slowly walk out and he can’t help but chuckle at how small you look with his shirt. “Don’t laugh at me please..” You whined. “I’m sorry” he smiles. You both crawl into bed and face each other. “Where else are you bruised at (Y/N)?”. Braun had a serious expression sprawled across it. You look at him for a half a second then left up your shirt revealing all the bruises. “Hmm.. i’m gonna have to put something on those..” He leaned over and began to kiss the bruises.

“Braun?!” you squeal. It took you by surprise as he placed his warm lips upon your skin. “I’m gonna make them better I promise.. I’m gonna protect you I swear on that from now on.” Braun continued making you slightly moan just a little.

Markiplier x Reader

Request #2 from the prompt list with Markiplier?

You were heading over to your best friends house. Your best friend just happened to be the one and only Markiplier. He had called you and asked if you could come over and help him with a video. He didn’t say what kind of video he needed your help for, but he’s your best friend you can’t just say no to him. You pulled into the driveway and got out. Before you could even knock on the wood the door swings open reveling Mark running his hands through the cherry red floof on top of his head. “Hey y/n. You ready to help with the video?” “Of course! What exactly are we doing though?” “You’ll see.” He said with a sly grin. In the next few hours you ended up spilling two cups of water on yourself and Mark. The video he wanted help with was a “try not to laugh challenge”. Let’s just say you failed miserably. “Haha that was a lot of fun!” Mark said as he started cleaning up. “Hey Mark. Can I borrow your shirt?” He looked a little shocked at the remark but a grin was instantly plastered onto his face. “Of course you can y/n.” He said looking at your completely soaked shirt. He lead you to his room and left you to it. “You know where my shirts are. Help yourself.” He laughed as he closed the door. You made your way to his shirt drawer and pulled out one of his shirts. You pulled off your soaked shirt and draped it across the foot of his bed to dry. You put on his shirt but since he’s so much bigger then you, the shirt was so big on you. “Ugh..” You said to yourself. You grabbed the hair tie from your hair and tied it around the back of the shirt. You made your way back to the rest of the guys and Mark came over to you and said “you should wear my shirts more often” he said as he looked you up and down. You smiled as he came and hugged you. A/n- sorry if it’s not really what you wanted but i really hope you like it anyway! Thanks for requesting!


“Hey, Dean,” you called out, buttoning your shirt up as you entered the library. “Can I borrow the keys to the Impala?”

“What do you need Baby for?” he frowned, putting his newspaper away. Your cup of coffee had grown cold while you were changing, as well as your pancakes, but now he wasn’t interested in them anymore. 

“I gotta get to work, hon, we had a little too much fun last night,” you smiled, hopping on the table. “Please? Calling a taxi is going to make me late, and I don’t know the other cars as well as her. And you said you weren’t going anywhere today.”

He glanced at your pouting lips, shoulders slumping in defeat as he nodded. You smiled, leaning down to give him a kiss. 

“Okay, you can borrow her, but I’m coming with you,” he said, taking out the keys from his pocket. “I was going to town tomorrow anyways, I can just do it now to save gas.”

“Awesome, so you can drop me off — wait, what are you giving me the keys for? Aren’t you driving?” 

“I’m still trying to wake up, babe,” he shrugged simply. You raised an eyebrow in suspicion, not missing his small smirk. “What?” 

“Nothing, I think… Unless… Oh my God, Dean, are you serious?” you scoffed in amusement, shaking your head.

“I’m allowed to like certain things!” 


Lightening Struck... - 4 (The Flash Imagine)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Originally posted by zap2it

Barry came in later that day when his shift was finished he came back to the lab. All day he’d thought of nothing but you. It was like something woke up inside of him and he liked the feeling.

He smiled looking down at his phone texting Joe that he wouldn’t be over for dinner. He looked up as he walked into the hub seeing Cisco, “Hey man, anything interesting going on?”

Cisco looked at him, “Not really…Dr. Wells is reading a book…or writing one…I’m not sure, and Caitlin is finishing up with Jane. I guess she passed all of her tests so she went and bought her some clothes. Apparently STAR lab clothes aren’t good enough.”

“So Jane’s alright?” Barry perked up at the mention of you.

“Is that not just what I said?” He looked up at Barry.

“Sorry, Cisco…I just…” He sat down looking at him, “it’s Jane.”

Cisco smirked at him, “Barry Allen…are you Sandra Bullock in ‘While You Were Sleeping’? Except that Jane doesn’t have a sibling…and you didn’t claim to be her fiancé at all…”

“What?” Barry smiled at him confused.

“Nothing, never mind…you like her, don’t you?” Cisco smiled.

Barry hung his head for a moment before looking up at him, “I do…I don’t know anything about her and she’s a little strange but…I do. I can’t explain it.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Cisco leaned back reaching for his Big Belly burger slurppy.

“I…” Barry sighed before leaning back putting his hands on top of his heads, “I guess I’ll just have to get to know her, right? I mean it’s impossible to just…like someone right? I mean like someone…”

“Well I’ve always believed in love at first sight, but…who knows…” Cisco shrugged as he turned back to his computer, “Crazy things have happened.”

“That’s an understatement.” Barry stood up as Caitlin walked out, “How is she?”

Caitlin smiled, “Medically she’s in perfect health, as for everything else…well being struck by lightning I’m sure had a different effect on you then her.”

“What does that mean?” He frowned putting his hands on his hips.

“She is exhibiting some odd behavior, but given that night with the accelerator explosion she might have an ability that is causing it. Without more test or her manifesting clearer signs, there’s not much I can do.” Caitlin explained to him.

“Right…of course, that makes sense.” He nodded slowly looking over her shoulder at you walking out slowly, “So is she okay to leave?”

“Yeah, of course if she feels anything strange she just has to give us a call.” Caitlin smiled looking at you, “We did set her up with a phone and Dr. Wells has graciously offered her some space at his home until she’s set up.”

“That’s good.” Barry smiled at you.

“Convenient.” You nodded looking at him as you pulled at the hem of your shirt, “This feels…strange.”

“Oh…well…” Caitlin had let her borrow some of her clothes, “I’m sure we can find you something else. These were just on top of the clean clothes.”

“It’s not a bad strange…” You looked at her, “It’s a strange comfort…residual…”

Caitlin smiled and glanced at Barry, “Well as long as it’s not uncomfortable.”

Barry smiled at her before looking at you, “So…I was thinking since you’re feeling better I could show you around town. Maybe we can grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.”

“Why only a bite?” You scrunched up your face confused.

He laughed a little, “It’s a figure of speech. I can explain…but what do you say? Would like to get out and move around for a bit?”

“Well…” You glanced at Caitlin who nodded at you, “I suppose I do need to eat…and from what I understand walking is healthy.”

“Great.” He offered his arm to you.

You’d seen this a few times. You knew what was expected, but you weren’t sure what the purpose of the gesture were. Still when you looped your arm with his, the surge of energy was unexplainable. You smiled at him, “Yes…I would say so.”

His eyes twinkled at you as he walked you to the garage to use one of the labs vans. He spoke to as he drove and you listened. You stared at him trying to remember what lead you to him. Out of every option why was he the one? For that matter why were you here…

“Is something wrong?” He glanced at you as he pulled into the parking spot.

“I’m just trying to remember.” You told him, “I had to have seen all the options and felt finding you was the best one.”

“Find me? Wow…” He smirked, “You must’ve been desperate.”

You looked at him and smiled seeing all the paths he could take…or were they your paths to him. Blue, cold…you walked out the door. Yellow, caution…you reached over taking his hand in yours…Red, extreme…no…no you couldn’t do that…could you?

He stared at you a moment longer before clearing his throat, “Uh so…this is the Central City Square. I thought we walk over to Jitters and get some coffee before maybe walking around.”

Yellow…you nodded, “Alright…if you think that’s best.”

“Great.” He smiled before speeding out to your door opening it for you.

“Thank you.” You stepped out with his help, “I do wonder why you’re acting this way.”

“Acting what way?” He shut the door looking at you.

“Kind…I mean I sense that you’re always kind, but you’re acting over kind.” You told him a small smile playing on your lips.

“I didn’t…I’m not…I…” He became flustered, “I guess I’m just…excited that you woke up. I’ve been waiting for you…and that sounds super creepy…”

“I think I understand.” You started to look around. Your eyes flicked all over the square. There were so many options…so many opportunity…so many regrets. You couldn’t take it all in. It was too much.

He watched you step back bumping into the van, “Jane…what’s wrong?”

“There’s too many options…” Your eyes kept flicking around, “How do you do this? There’s too many routes…too many paths…so many regrets…”

“Wha…” He looked around trying to see what you were seeing.

“So many paths…too many…” Your hands went to your head as you teared up. Your head felt like it was exploding. Why did humanity have to hurt so much, “This…this is too much…”

Barry frowned looking at you unsure of what to do. He put his hands on your arms trying to give you any comfort, “What are you seeing?”

You gritted your teeth together, “I…I can see everything…all the choices…I don’t know what to choose. I don’t know what to do there’s too many. It’s too much…I can’t…choose. I don’t’ know what to choose…”

“Hey hey…” He took your face into his hands looking right into your eyes, “Look at me…choose me. Just choose me.”

You stared at him as all the noise around you seemed to fade away lingering in the background. You nodded slowly, “You…”

“Yeah…” He nodded slowly, “Yeah me…just me.”

You stared at him for a moment longer before shutting your eyes. This was so different. You’d never felt anything before. You touch your stomach feeling sick, “Barry…I don’t know how to do this…”

He looked at you not understanding, but he knew one thing…he needed to get you away from here, “Just…keep your eyes closed.”

He scooped you up into his arms and raced away from the city stopping on a roof looking out at the downtown area. He set you down gently looking at you. He smiled brushing your hair from your face, “Try opening your eyes.”

Slowly you did seeing him and his smile, surrounded in path colors of red and yellow. You were right where you needed to be. There had to be a reason why you kept choosing him.

“Better?” He asked you as his fingers trailed off your cheek.

“Yes…” You nodded a little, “Thank you.”

He smiled a little, “I’m sorry…if I had known…”

“I didn’t know…so how could you?” You tilted your head a little.

He laughed a little as he nodded, “I guess you’re right…and I guess this is what the explosion gave to you.”

“No it isn’t…” You sighed looking away from him finally looking at the city. The city you used to watch over, “It’s much more complicated than that.”

“What?” He looked at you confused.

“I’m not sure why I’m here.” You looked at him squinting, “But I am…I can’t explain this well…what makes you…you…is me.”

He shifted uncomfortably, “Jane…I’m sorry but…”

“Barry…” He looked into your eyes as you took his hand a burning sensation flooded between your skin and his. He raised your hand up looking at it intertwined with his, “I can set you afire…make you faster…You asked me if I dreamed…I did.”

He looked at you as you went on, “I didn’t know how to answer before…humanity confused me…I still don’t understand it. But I did dream, but it was through your eyes. Everything you’ve experienced since you’ve woken up. Running into barrels…fighting a man who was made of steel…I began waking up when you lost your speed…it startled me.”

“So…you’re my speed?” He looked into your eyes trying to understand.

“Yes.” You sighed hoping he understood, “Yes…I wasn’t meant to be here…I was meant to watch and see…and understand. That is what I was made for and something must have happened, something bad to put me here with you.”

“Okay…but how are you…” He let go of your hand, “speed? How? I mean do you just strike people with lightning because you feel like it.”

“It is so much more than that.” You frowned, “It is not a decision made lightly…I don’t know if I could even put it into words.”

He stared at you for a moment before sighing, “I should get you to Dr. Wells…you probably need some rest.”

“Barry…” You looked at him as he looked away from you, “I’m not good at this…I doubt I ever will be…Interaction is infrequent in the speed force.”

“That’s what it’s called?” He looked at you a small smile playing on his lips. His curiosity was getting the better of him. He wanted to understand and that made him not give up on you. Even if it did sound crazy, “That’s kind of a lame name…”

“Well if you have something better I’m willing to listen.” You told him a smile creeping to your face, “I can bring it up for a vote the next time I go home…if I go home…”

nihilst-nerd  asked:

Embarrassing story meets celeb meet! I was at a Spurs game, afterwards there was a meet and greet with the team. My family and I were leaving but we walked past as the guys made their way to the tables. As luck would have it, I tripped, flying (1)

Headfirst into the roped off section. Tony Parker, one of the players, reached out and caught me right before I hit the floor. So I got to meet one of my favorite players, but he also caught me as I fell… In front of the team & a hundred super fans

Ok, I’ll commiserate. 

First off, let me tell you, I wear a size 36DD bra. This is important info for later. 

So VegasCon 2013, yall-mothafuckas-need-misha and I and another one of my friends were getting ready to go to the con. We were getting pictures and autographs with Misha that day and I wanted him to autograph my shirt but I wanted to wear the shirt as well. I figured, hey, maybe he can just sign it since I’m wearing it. 

Nope. Not how this works. 

In the line one of his handlers told me I had to take off the shirt to get it signed. So, ok. I had borrowed a camisole from our friend, but the thing was, was that our other friend? She wears an XS cami. I was wearing my Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra that makes you a cup size bigger because that was the most comfortable one I owned at the time. 

So, we get up to the table and the other handler says, “What do you have to sign?” And I just looked at yall-mothafuckas-need-misha and shrugged and took off my shirt and stood there while Misha laughed and signed the shirt. 

I have never been that shade of red in my life. 


Author: Anonymous !
Word Count: 1073
Summary: Dean x Reader

You listened to a particularly strong burst of wind collide with the walls of the small cabin from under your thin blanket. It increased the already noticeable draft, making you pull your legs closer to your chest. You had elected to sleep on the cot near the modest wood stove that provided the only artificial heat in the single room. Any notions of chivalry had vanished within the seven months of time you had spent with them. It was only logical to have to smallest person take the smallest sleeping quarters, and the two actual beds provided were petite. Besides, you were closest to the fire.

Sam had wedged himself uncomfortably into one of the child-sized beds and fallen asleep shortly after. Dean was still laying awake. You had spend enough time with both of them to know their sleeping patterns. Time but not many words. You didn’t speak often, but the boys new better than to mistake that for a meek disposition. Your parents had died of natural causes, you weren’t haunted or pursued by demons or pestered by vengeance. You knew you had the ability to do the job correctly, the disposition to ‘hack the life’ in the words of Dean. It was responsibility. You shifted and the small springs of the folding bed squeaked. Another gust of wind blew down from the two rivers that enclosed the town.

You had come to Burlington, North Dakota to investigate a series of particularly disturbing murders concerning skinless victims. By the time you had arrived to the small town it was beginning to snow. You overheard news of a large and unexpected storm blowing down from Canada while drinking coffee in a local diner.

There were no hotels, motels, hostels, inns, taverns, or lodging of any sort in the ‘Oldest City in Ward County”, but there were small cabins a few miles from town. They were normally inhabited by hunters of a more usual game, and in the warmer months. When the three of you had pulled up to your new home for the next week you heard an audible sigh from Sam and a displeased grunt coupled with an eyeroll from Dean. You smiled to yourself in the dark.

Jesus was is cold in this distant Northern town.

“Are there extra blankets ?” you spoke into the chilly air, a puff of condensed water vapor drifting from your lips. There was no response for a few seconds.

“No,” Dean replied and then added “you want a shot of whiskey ? I can guarantee it’ll warm you from top to bottom.”

“That’s because its ninety-five proof,” you laugh.

“You want some or not ?” he said brashly, sitting up in bed and walking to the meager round table in the corner. You wrapped the wool blanket over your shoulders, layering it over long Johns, wool socks, a thermal shirt and a flannel button up borrowed from Sam. You were petite and it looked absolutely gigantic on you, the sleeves hung more than a few inches over your hands and it reached your knees. Dean poured the dark amber liquid into two plastic cups, some of the only items in the cabin when you arrived. He pushed one of them towards you while you sat down at the table. Sam was snoring lightly from across the room.

“This is much more than a shot,” you said. He smirked back at you and took a sip. You didn’t drink often and because of your size you didn’t have a high tolerance for alcohol.

“It does keep you warm,” you say after swallowing a mouthful. A low tolerance didn’t mean you cringed at the taste of whiskey.

You sat in silence for a while, drinking in the heavy warmth of the alcohol. You felt yourself getting drowsy. You both downed the last of your drinks and you stood up to go back to your cot.

“Y/N, where are you from ?”

“Minnesota,” you said seriously before you both broke into idiotic laughter. It was a joke that had developed between the two of you from the first time he had asked you that question and you said Oregon, and the second time when you said Mississippi. Ever time he asked you picked a new place.

You recognized that you knew practically everything about the Winchester’s while they knew very little about you. You felt a pull in your stomach, you wanted to tell them more but it was so difficult to open your mouth, to say the words.

“I’m sorry, I want to say more sometimes but it doesn’t come easily for me. You really don’t know anything about me. I’m from Massachusetts, for real.”

He pursed his lips outward and then his face broke into a smile, eyes crinkling at the corners.

“I know plenty about you, sweetheart, whether you talk or not.”

You couldn’t help but smile back, knowing that the connection you felt with him, while not supported with any actual interaction, wasn’t only in your head.

“Goodnight Dean,” you walked back to your bed, if you could call it that and spread the blanket over yourself.

You heard him crawl back into his own bed a few minutes later and then he said from the dark “C’mere, if you’re still cold,” your breath, then slowed by incoming sleep, caught in your chest. Your mind raced with potential responses before coming to silence.You didn’t say anything in response, but stood up from your makeshift bed and walked across the wooden floor with planks creaking in response to your nervousness. You stopped a few feet away.

“Why ?” You asked. He laughed in response, moving over slightly to make room for you next to him and lifting his own blanket up.

Why not ? You said to yourself in your head before shifting in next to him, brushing your long hair that was currently loose around your shoulders underneath you, facing away from him. You were tense, being so close to someone, but he was warm. He wrapped an arm around your midsection and rested the calloused tips of his fingers against the underside of your wrist.

“Relax, its just me.”

You had been hunting for six years, you could kill anything, survive anything, but before this how long had it been since you had really felt safe ?

doctorblake  asked:

"Good morning, hope you don't mind me borrowing your shirt..."

Coffee mid-way to his mouth, John’s brow lifted.  He gave her a thorough once-over and grinned.  “Looks better on you than it does me.”  And with that, he turned to pour her a cup of coffee.  “Not sure how you take it, but there’s that and I can fix you something if you’re hungry.”  Yeah, he could cook.  Surprisingly well, too.

Agent Y/N Carter (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Requested by anonymous:Could you do a story where Reader is Peggy’s grandchild and meets Steve please.

A/N: I made your middle name Peggy. You can change it. Have fun reading ❤


It was your first day at s.h.i.e.l.d. as an agent. You just finished from the Shield’s Academy. Maybe a little earlier. They said you had pretty good fighting skills and you were too smart. They had to see a recruit like you from Romanoff or your grandma’s Peggy’s time. Peggy Carter was your grandma. She grew you up telling you about the stories from the war, ssr and then when they found s.h.i.e.l.d. She told you about the man she loved. Steven Grant Rogers, Captain America. He seemed like a great man.

You walked to the s.h.i.e.l.d’s base in the quinjet for your first mission with Captain America and the rest of the team, the avengers. Director Fury said that you were good enough to go with the superhero team. But you felt a little shy. With all those great people? You were just a new shield recruit. Also you wanted to say to Captain that you were Peggy’s grandchild but how? You don’t just meet someone and go; ‘Oh hi, My grandma and you used to date at the war!’ it would be awkward.

“Avengers, your attention please. I want to meet you our new reqruit. She is going to join you in your recent mission against Hydra. Meet Y/N. Be good to her, she’s going to kick your ass if you insult her, Tony I’m looking at you.” Nick Fury said and you laughed. The only person you knew from the team was Natasha. You met her one day when she was like a guest to s.h.i.e.l.d’s academy and she trained you and the others. Since then you two became best friends. She was the first one to come to you.

“Nervous Carter?” She asked and you smiled at her.

“Not at all. I learned from you and grandma.” Steve was the next to talk to inform everyone about the plan and the partners.

“Ok guys, our goal is to destroy the base and get as many information we can from shield and Hydra. I’m going to pick Pairings. Y/n, you come with me and Tony, Bruce with Nat and Clint, Thor with the twins. Y/n here is your comm.” He passed you the gadget. As your hands brushed each other’s you felt electricity as you blushed a little. “Do you have any.. You know.. Mutant power?” He asked.

“No sir.”

“Good. Please call me Steve.” He told with a small smile as his blue eyes looked into your e/c ones. He was just like your grandma described him. Five minutes later the quinjet landed as picked your gear and followed Steve and Tony.

“What’s the plan for us Cap?” Tony asked as the three of you stood behind some trees to cover yourselves.

“ We destroy the west side’s blunkers. Then we move inside to download information and then get out as quickly as possible for the explosion. Understood?”

“Yeah, When do we start?” You ask as you see some agents coming to your way.

“Now” Tony replied as he begined to fly and blast some of them with the rockets. Steve with his shield hit three of them. You ran two five of them and took three electroduced microchips from your belt and killed the three of them passing under them. You reached the other two and they got the guns out. Before they could even point out you they were down . Steve, when he show you doing all these stuff and doing that good even in your first mission mumbled to himself, Goddamn she’s nice.He didn’t know you well but even from your lips turned up forming into a beautiful smile made his heart melt and he felt like he knew you his whole life.

“We’re clear out here. Let’s move inside. Y/n can you do the downloading?” He said and came next to you to say something without Tony noticing. “I would fo myself but.. I don’t know much about hacking. Don’t tell Tony.” He said with and his cheeks turned red.

“Don’t worry, your ‘secret’ is safe with me, Captain” You said to him in the same tone and run inside. Two agents stood infront the computers and both had a bullet in their head in two seconds. You got close to the computer and plugged in the flash drive. A few moments later you finished and ran outside. “I’m out. Is anybody still in?” As everyone responded that noone was in you pushed the button and exploded the place. When you got inside the quinjet everyone cheered at you.

“Good job Y/n!” Wanda told you and you smiled at them. You sat at and put your seatbelt next to Steve.

“Hey.. Um.. I was wondering y/n.. If you want to you can join me for a cup of coffee at my apartment in the avengers tower later?” He asked you and you nodded.

“Sure why not” He smiled and offered you a bottle of cold water.

“We’re gonna land on the tower so no need to leave. Do you have any change of clothes?” He asked you. Actually you didn’t.

“No I hope it’s not a problem if I just compe with my suit right?”

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable y/n. I can borrow you an old shirt.” As soon as you landed to the tower Steve helped you find his floor. You were covered with mud and some blood so Steve gave you the shirt and a towel and you had a shower. As soon as you felt the hot water hitting your skin you felt relaxed. After, you wore the shirt that reached your mid-thigh. Fortunately you had socks that reached your knees so it won’t be that awkward.

Steve had already made the coffee and sitted at the couch. “Hey”

“Hey Y/n. i have to tell you something.” You took a seat next to him as you got a sip of your coffee.

“What is it?” You were afraid that he knew about Grandma and that he was going to be mad at you for not telling him from the beginning.

“Nick just called.. He told me to reqruit you to the Avengers. He saw into the camera’s what you did today and he said that you were too good for s.h.i.e.l.d. So what do you think. Wanna be an avenger?” You smiled and responded with a ‘yes’ full of happiness. “Their gonna bring your stuff later. Your moving to the tower. Tony prepared you a floor.

“Seriously I was fifteen minutes into the shower and all these happened?” He laughed and nodded.

“Y/n, you remind me someone I know, can you tell me again your last name?” You literally choked your biscuit when he told you. Time for the truth.

“It’s Carter, Y/n Peggy Carter.” His mouth hanged opened.

“Wait, are you Peggy’s Grandchild?” You nodded and smiled sweetly to him and he smiled back.

“No way! How is she? Is she alive? ”

“Yeah she’s at a nursing home. We can visit her sometime. She’ll love to see you again.”

“I’m happy you told me. You remind me of her, your beautiful smile and your as strong as her.” You smiled at his compliment.

“Thank you Steve, I always wanted to be like her. When I was a kid she told me about you and you seemed sweet, kind and funny. She was right at that.” He smiled and then looked again into your eyes.

“Can I do something?”

“Of course” You raised an eyebrow but before you could finish your sentence Steve cupped your face with his hands and pressed his soft lips at yours. At first you felt surprised but then relaxed into the kiss.

“I -i really like you y/n. Since you entered the quinjet and looked at me I liked you.” You smirked and took another sip of your coffee.

“I like you too Steven.” The doorbell rang. It was Tony. He said that your stuff were here and packed by some maids he hired. Steve helped you get to your floor and he stayed in the elevator.

“Y/n I’m looking forward for a date tomorrow. How about dinner?”

“I’d love to” He placed a kiss on your cheek and closed the elevator and headed back to his floor.

“A few moments later you fell asleep on your brand new bedroom. The morning you had to meet your grandma at the nursing room to tell her about your first mission.

The morning you woke up late. You ran to the bathroom and quickly got dressed and made yourself a small breakfast. You were also going to tell her about Steve. You got ro your car and drove there as fast as you could.

You ran to the her room and entered it. She sat at her bed smiling widly at you. You kissed her cheek and sat next to her.

“Grandma I’m dating your old boyfriend”

a few months later steve’s sitting in his new apartment and there’s a knock on the door and when he answers it, sharon’s standing there. her clothes are a complete mess, she looks like she’s been through the wringer and he’s pretty sure there’s blood on her shirt, but she’s holding a cup of coffee from the bodega down the block and smiling at him. the smile is a little wry and he can tell she’s exhausted when she asks 'mind if i use your washing machine?’

he grins back, ‘sure thing, neighbor’

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“Aw, look who finally decided to grace me with her wonderful presence…”

“Gah!” Juvia jumped upwards, her hand colliding with Gray’s  face roughly.

“Ouch, what the fuck is wrong with you!?!” He cried in anguish, rolling off the couch unceremoniously.

“Oh…sorry, I thought you were Hannibal Lecter…or something…” She mumbled, rubbing her head anxiously.

“You will let me know when the lambs stop screaming, won’t you?” He asked, creepily running a hand through her hair and sniffing it.

“Get away,” she pushed his face away and studied her surroundings. “A I…in your apartment? How did I get here?”

He laughed happily, like this was a story he had been waiting a lifetime to tell.

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” He added an extra bout of laughter to the end and Juvia blushed profusely.

“No I didn’t! You’re lying!” She said hotly.

“Ha – I wish I was lying. If I didn’t have to take your lazy-ass home, I would’ve made it to home base with that hot blonde at the bar, damn did she ever have-“

“Oh, shut up, I don’t care about your bar tramp.” She brushed her shirt off and frowned. “Did I…actually…”

“Yup. You looked kinda sick so I went to ask you what was wrong, and boom – you went down like the Hindenburg.” He recalled.

“Huh. Don’t remember that at all.” Juvia said dizzily.

“So…” Gray started, looking anywhere but at her. “How’ve you been…doing?”

Fine. Absolutely fine.” She answered with a signature scowl.

“Really? You seemed a little…pissed…after the break-up…”

“Yeah well no shit.” She snapped, looking sourly out the window and pushing her hair out of her eyes.

“Well, I guess we can still be fri-“

“Don’t belittle me,” she sniffed, “I don’t do that sort of thing.”

“Right, right.” Gray corrected himself smoothly. “Do you…uh…need anything?”

“Water, please.” She requested without making eye contact.

“Ok,” he stood up and walked away. Satisfied, Juvia got to work on her plan of action.

When Gray got back to his living room, he was just in time to see Juvia shirtless.

“Gah, what the fuck?! Warn a guy next time!” He chivalrously slapped a hand over his eyes and blindly handed her a cup of water.

“Do you have a sweatshirt I can borrow? I think somebody spilt beer on my shirt…thank you.” She took the water gratefully.

“Uh…I’ll go grab you one. And was stripping really necessary?” He asked uncomfortably. It wasn’t like she was ugly or anything, far from it in fact, but Juvia was rather vicious when it came to guys being pervs.

“Why does it matter, we aren’t dating anymore…” she said slyly.

Baffled by her logic, Gray teetered into his bedroom, hand still over his eyes, to retrieve a shirt for his guest.

“What color do you want?” He asked, mind foggy as he dug through a drawer full of crumpled sweatshirts.

“Doesn’t matter,” she called. Gray mentally slapped himself. Stupid devil woman messing with his mind.

He tiptoed back into the living room, giving it a quick once-over to make sure Juvia wasn’t naked or anything drastic. Luckily, she was only shirtless.

“Nice bra,” he managed to say as he threw the shirt at her.

“Thanks. Hey, it’s kinda tight – would you mind adjusting the strap?”

Gray froze. “You want me to…touch the…those…”

“God Gray, just help me out, would you?” She asked in annoyance.

“I mean…if you’re comfortable-“

“I’m fine, don’t be a pussy.” She berated. “Fix my boulder holder.”

Gray edged over to the side of the couch and testily touched her bra. It was lime green.

“Just move the clip down a bit.” She instructed, her hand grazing his as she pointed to the strappy-thingy.

“Uh-uh…this thing?” He asked, tugging at a strap experimentally.

Yes, god.” She groaned.

“Ok, don’t get nippy.” He griped, “you want me to loosen it, right?”

She sighed. “No Gray, tighten the shit out of it, I want my boobs to suffocate.”

He gaped. “That can happen?”

“Of course not, you idiot! Loosen it up.” She demanded.

“Oh-ok. But you gotta admit, this is a lil weird, the most I’ve done with your bra is take it off.” He remembered.

“Just loosen it before I loose my patience.” She warned.

Gray fiddled with the clip a bit. Nothing happened. Frustrated, he yanked at it and almost had a heart attack when the clip popped off.

-shit.” He mumbled, scanning the floor for the out-of-commission piece.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“Uh…I think I broke your bra…” He admitted guiltily.

“Damn. I guess I’ll just go without.” And before Gray could react positively, she unhooked her bra and discarded it onto the ground. Gray got a good, nice look at her cream colored back and the small divets of her spine. He suddenly felt a strong urge to run his hands up and down it, to feel if it was as soft as he remembered-

Juvia grabbed the sweatshirt and threw it over her head effortlessly, covering up her back and front successfully leaving a confused, and somewhat disappointed, Gray in the dust.

“Hm…this is comfy, I think I’ll keep it…” she commented, whipping the sleeves around like squid tentacles. “Bye Gray! Thanks for catching me!” And…she was gone.

Gray, with a twisted expression on his face, sat on the couch for another fifteen minutes.

…And he was beginning to think that she fainted on purpose…

there will be a day when i stop making references to the silence of the lambs. today is not that day.