can i bite it just once

  • Rantarou: Can I ask you a question?
  • Hoji: Yeah, sure.
  • Rantarou: Why do you put up with Wakiya?
  • Hoji: Oh, you know because we're friends.
  • Rantarou: Why?
  • Hoji: Wow, you ask really hard questions. Look, I know he can be aggravating, but what you have to remember is he's not doing it on purpose, it's just how he is. But he's also loyal and trustworthy and we have fun together.
  • Rantarou: You know you're describing a dog?
  • Hoji: He did bite me once. But in his defense, I came up behind him while he was eating.
  • Rantarou: They hate that.
  • Hoji: Wakiya is the smartest person I have met. He's a little broken and he needs me. And I guess I need him too.
  • Rantarou: Why is that?
  • Hoji: You will not let this go, will you?
  • - (Beyblade Burst, Episode 28)

Here’s the thing.

I know Neil is not soft. Andrew is especially not soft. They’re both hardened boys that have been fucked over way too many times. There are scars upon rough and probably dry skin in some areas. Calloused fingers and glares that can make anyone cave. They’re far from being gentle because they know they can’t do as Renee does.

But I think they deserve to be able to be soft around each other. For the first time in their lives, they’ve found someone to feel safe around. I can’t pretend to understand what they’ve gone through, but after lives like the ones they lead, I like to think they’d want to be soft with each other. They’ve dealt with tough love and biting words too often that they probably, every once in a while, like to just calm down.

They’re not soft people, not by nature, but they can act soft around each other once in a while. Neil, softly curling their fingers together after a long day and smiling from his side of the bed. Andrew, threading his fingers through Neil’s hair as Neil watches a movie in his lap and Andrew watches him. Neil pressing a careful kiss to Andrew’s knuckles and Andrew pressing his nose to Neil’s neck in a gesture that’s completely trusting.

There’s a post about how Neil is not soft, and I agree. Neil is not soft, and neither is Andrew, but I think they can be allowed to act like it sometimes. Just every so often, and only with each other. For boys like them, being soft with each other might be one of the grandest gestures of trust they can give.

Nobody sees you

when your anxiety
fits like a clothespin
holding together
the ‘I’m not good enoughs’
with the high expectations
leaving just enough room to fit
but not enough to grow

when your depression
encompasses you
like water in a bathtub
deep enough to submerge you
but shallow enough
to keep you from drowning

when you can’t stay focused
on one single thing
only on a million at once
- always doing
but never done

finding yourself in loop holes
and grey areas,

the radar
reliably above you

Functioning enough to get by
biting down the need to cry
- connection
is a catalyst for calm.

Perhaps if we treated people
more like books
and took the time
to read between the lines
characters like me
wouldn’t be
so hard to find.
—  Invisibility, by Maria Cenzina

A poem by Simon Snow

A curtain of black hair
Eyes of grey and green
A voice that echoes deeply
But Baz is rEalLy mEaN

He’s plotting to kill me
I swear to Crowley it’s true
He watches me in my sleep
And he stole my red ball too

Pitch is eVIL i tell you
He once pushed me down the stairs
And don’t even get me started
On all the sneers and all the stares

He’s actually quite handsome
I’ll admit that much at least
In fact I might even like him
If he weren’t a cRuel awFUL bEAsT

Also he’s a vAmPiRE
I almost forgot to say that!
He drains rats down in the catacombs
And probably turns into a bat

He’s pLotTInG I tell you
Every day, every night
He invited me to Christmas
It’s just a scheme so he can bite

I should tell him about the veil
See if he knows what it means
I’m almost at his house




To the Four of Us (Part Sixteen)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.

soundtrack song: Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

full soundtrack: [i’ll post it here once its complete and uploaded to spotify or something!] note: if anyone has recommendations for songs for previous chapters, message me and I’ll dedicate a chapter to you!

words: 2,570

warnings: a lil smuttiness oops and some swears and a little blood ment i guess?? 

a/n: just so you can picture it better, the way alexander would be talking with his mouth wired shut would be like if you try talking while biting down/clenching your teeth ((this was v helpful for me in understanding this injury so there u go)) // not a lot happens buT here u go sinners!! (its not that bad but im preceding the risqué part with an asterisk [*] bc i know some of u are younger and i dont wanna make anyone uncomfortable!)

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @lafeyettegunsandships

dedication: @l0vedoesntdiscriminate for the soundtrack rec!!

soundtrack song: Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

full soundtrack: x

Alexander. Was. Miserable. His jaw had been wired shut for three days like some kind of monstrous animal and he was already counting down the time left until he was free (only 38 days and 6 hours to go). His father was staying in a hotel near his dorm to make sure he was getting enough food and adjusting to everything alright, despite Alexander’s insistence that he could go back home whenever he wanted.

Alexander also hadn’t been back to school yet because the last thing he wanted was for Thomas to see him like this, so he avoided his lectures and got the notes from acquaintances in each class.

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"i never thought that i would ever be this in love with someone, yet here i am."

“You call me a gremlin literally all the time.”

“I do not,” you gasp, pressing a hand against your chest in mock outrage. “How dare you accuse me of that?”

“You just called me one this morning,” Tim huffs, crossing his arms. “If I recall, you were angry because I didn’t save you a bite of my burrito.”

“Yeah, well, burritos are my favorite, okay? But that’s not the point! Can you just let me be sentimental with you for once? Please? Is it a crime to wanna love on my boyfriend?”

He laughs slightly, and finally he moves forward and pulls you into a hug.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” he chuckles. “I love you too, so much!”

Please do not talk to me unless you have good intentions, I can’t handle it when you talk to me and then suddenly blow me off. You can’t treat me like I am just another girl because I am not the type who likes to be just the other girl. I am either the girl you want or the girl you once knew there is no in between.
—  t.i // Too young for love, too old for games.

-johnnys a trembling, panting mess afterwards
-dally has to sleep on his stomach because of johnnys scratches
- there passionate lil fuckers
- (ive mentioned this before but) johnny will whisper spanish in dallys ear to drive him wild, but half the time it’s not sexual things it could just be random words like fucking chair or something and dally doesn’t understand why he’s laughing until he tells him
- dallys really gentle with the neck biting because once he bit down too hard and johnny started bleeding,,,a lot
- they will do it ANYWHERE
- johnny has a really high sex drive it’s kinda worrying
- I’ve said this before and im gonna say it again. kneesocks.
- you know it’s good when all johnny can do is whimper
- it’s easy to not get caught at bucks because there’s usually a party and no one can hear them,,,,
- having a smoke or a glass of water is a must afterwards,followed by curling up together and trying to sleep

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

PMDD really needs more awareness. I am so sick of people not understanding and thinking I’m just being over dramatic. Emotionally, pmdd takes you on a fucking roller coaster and I am not even going to get into the pain experienced once you actually get your period. The worst thing is that my pmdd starts as soon as I start ovulating and I have to try and function for two weeks with emotions I can not control. I say things and do things that I don’t mean and people do not understand that I legitimately don’t mean it and it’s not as easy as biting your tongue, it’s pretty hard to do that when you are a hysterical mess and you can’t think about anything rationally. People do not understand that the psychological symptoms of PMDD come on instantaneously, as if someone has flicked on a lightbulb and there is nothing you can do to make it stop.

I just wish the people around me who can so easily get angry at me for the way I can react could just for a second try to understand what having PMDD is like. People with PMDD beat themselves up enough because of the way they are feeling and reacting to things and we don’t need anyone else making us feel worse than what we do.

And the worst thing is that PMDD is barely recognised. When you suffer from this illness people automatically assume that you’ve just being a drama queen, but the reality is PMDD fucks with you mentally as well.

I know that I am a pain in the arse and I know I am an unpleasant person to be around when I am like this but fucking hell, I just want people to acknowledge that as tedious as being around me when I am like this is, just imagine how I am feeling. I have to not only deal with the physical and emotional effects of this illness but also have to now deal with the frustration of people who don’t understand and that fucking hurts.

And I know that every month I make posts like this saying the same thing but it is that only way I know how to handle myself, because no one else seems to get it.

The signs as I know them


Enthusiastic and caring. Bite more than they can chew. Want to try everything at least once. Great sense of humour. Care about what others think about them. When they’re mad at you, they just break contact for a while. Very artsy-craftsy. Tend to overthink and stress about everything.


Most chill people ever. Great to be around, calming and uplifting. Give great hugs. Tend to procrastinate, but very passionate when something is important to them. Eyes to lose yourself in. Always need to be right. Tons of inside jokes. 


Probably the ones who’re most likely to slip into narcissism. Want to be the centre of attention. Something about them makes you unable to turn your eyes away. Talented. Can come off as conceited (they probably are). Love to debate. Great friend once they’ve gotten to know you. Wonderfully dry humour. Extroverted, loud and loyal.


Don’t seem too emotional, tend to blank stare. If they like you, they eventually open up and shower you with love. Like to stay in the background. Beautiful, glowing people. Stubborn. Really crave romantic relationships. Make you laugh.


Eccentric. Love it when people give them attention in every way possible. Also love it when they’re right. Fun to be around. Don’t like boring people. Independent and headstrong. Are to be handled with caution.


Cheerful and excitable, but need their space from time to time. Love to make their ideas reality. Fantastic listeners and great storytellers. Can upstage anyone. Very sensitive behind their façade. Care a lot what others think about them.


Really care about their loved ones. Selfless. Sometimes kinda dismissive and indifferent. Loyal af. Rarely contact you, not because they’re mad, just because they’re busy. When they don’t like you, they will let you know. Hardworking and passionate about what they do. Seem unapproachable.


Always try to please everybody. Cautious until they know you.  Need constant reminders that they’re appreciated . Great friend. Easily offended. Entertainer on a good day, listener on a bad one.


Entertainer. Needs to be right. Everything has to be the way they imagine it to be. Artistic. Loves the stage. Wants to be seen. Dark humour. Optimistic. Craves appreciation.


Headstrong. Make great friends once you’ve learned to handle them. Offensive and easily offended. Needs attention. Indecisive. Very funny.  Seems very organised, but secretly wishes for someone who tells them what to do.


Sometimes difficult to get along with. Bossy and dramatic. At the same time very caring. Wants to show everyone what they can do. Great sense of humour. Either loves or hates you. Good at inside jokes.


Beautiful people. Always seem a bit sad. Very loving friends. Distinctive laugh. Either very quiet or very loud. Secretive about their emotions, but love to talk about everything else. Laugh with you until both your stomachs hurt.

Link’s wearing a t-shirt underneath. (x)

Dear Heart,

Dear Heart,
I think it’s pretty messed up that you play target practice with our emotions
You never hit the right one and we end up in pain
I feel sorry for you
I envy every beat you give to those who are undeserving
I wish you had ears to know that they don’t beat back
The truth is you stand alone
And I’m all that stands between you and total annihilation
I wish you weren’t so innocent and soft
People kill hearts of that sort first
And I have died too many times for you to keep up this foolishness.
Heart, I love to see you smile but I hate to pay the price.
Stop forgiving every mistake and mistaking bruises for love bites
They are aquired in completely different ways and I am left unsatisfied.
Dear heart,
I know this is hard for you but can you please just be on my team for once
Jump off my sleeve and return to my rib cages
They will protect you
They’ll shield your soft spots and be your armor
Stop searching for someone outside of me to protect you
Lean on me
Be mine for once.
Completely mine.
Let me be the jealous lover that holds you precious.
Dear Heart,
Recognise that he won’t ever love you like I do.
He doesn’t want to.

Young Peter- He Was Never The Same

Request-  Can you do like a young Peter imagine as to how he got his blue eyes and it was something like Dereks where he killed his first love(y/n)out of pity. And before he got his blue eyes he wasn’t such a bad guy, but then once y/n died he turned into his narcissistic self. It doesn’t even have to be like a werewolf bite that kills y/n but anything supernatural and y/n just cant take the pain anymore and peter does what derek did for paige. Hopefully its not confusing. I just need sadness and tears

Y/m/n = Your mother’s name

A/N- So wow, I got a little carried away with this, but I couldn’t resist doing a flashback sequence like in Visionary. I’m not sure how long this going to be on mobile, but I added a read more link just in case. Get ready for (as requested) sadness and tears. 

“So, what? Are you just gonna ask Derek about the girl he fell in love with…and then killed?” Cora asked Stiles as they sat in the loft.
“If I have to,” Stiles told her. “Yeah.”
They sat in silence for a few moments, and then Stiles asked “What about Peter?”
“What about Peter?” Cora retorted, raising an eyebrow at the boy.
“I mean, you said Derek wasn’t always a broody werewolf with a tragic backstory. Was Peter always a narcissistic psychopath?”
Cora pursed her lips, thinking about it for a moment. She hadn’t thought about why Peter was the way he was in a long time.
“No…at least I don’t think so. Laura told me something once when I was little. I asked why Peter had blue eyes, and the first thing she said was that what happened to him wasn’t his fault.”
“What happened to him?” Stiles asked.
“It’s a long story,” Cora told him. “But it started with a girl.”
“Was it like Derek?” Stiles questioned. “Did he kill her?”
“Will you shut up and let me tell the story?” Cora snapped.
“Sorry,” Stiles apologized, placing his fidgety hands in his lap.
“Her name was Y/n,” Cora began. “And she was born into a family of hunters…”
You walked through the trees, your boots crunching softly in the dead leaves as you made your way to lookout point. You didn’t like to frequent the woods with everything that went on there, but you figured it was the best place to meet Peter in secret. You were positive not one of your mother’s hunters would be out here at this time of night, so there was absolutely no chance you’d get caught.
You stopped at the overlook, peering out over the lights of the town. Even though it was potentially dangerous, you loved coming out here at night. From up here, Beacon Hills didn’t seem like the hellish prison it felt like day in and day out. Here, it actually seemed sort of beautiful.
“What are you thinking about?” a voice asked from behind you. 

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mpg's commitment towards being mike lawson is incredibly attractive. like did he fly to arizona for the weekend because he has free time and just wanted to take that picture and attend spring training games? is he sporting the beard so it is in the same condition rather than growing it back once the show gets renewed? i thought his wife hated the beard?

We are honestly so lucky with how much all the actors, MPG very much included, love the show and the characters. I love and respect him so much for just leaning in totally to the character. I def think he’s growing the beard so he’s ready if (WHEN!) it gets renewed. He seems like as much of a fan of the show as we are! I remember reading an article that said the beard was what was stopping him and his wife from having another kid – poor guy lolololol

Either way, we are blessed and I need more pictures of MPG doing The Baseball or even baseball related things so badly – that man needs to come with a warning.

Like, what the fuck:

(a million thanks to @ourstartingpoints for the gif)

Dating Young Sirius Black would include...

As celebration of my first post to get 100 notes ever in the time of ever, I’m writing up some head cannons for the character that the imagine is about. Behold! The ‘dating would include’ meme is coming to Death-by-fan-fiction as a thank you to everyone who has been part of this blog. 

You can find the Sirius imagine HERE.

Dating Sirius Black would include:

  • Kisses galore.
  • He’s a rather big fan of biting your lips and leaving hickies when ever he can and takes pride in your blushing face when someone notices them…most of the time it’s Lily
  • Him making whiny noises when you’re studying, often nuzzling you or taking your books when your reading them, because by Merlin’s beard he’s more important than that Transfiguration test coming up
  • Holding doors open for you.
  • Helping him with said Transfiguration test.
  • “Really? Are you serious?!?!”
  • “Yes, I’m Sirius…”
  • *you slap his arm*
  • You ran your hand through his hair just once, it was a do or die situation and by god you had to do it. 
  • Continuously doing it now because he really likes 
  • Having one of the other Marauders coming up to you and telling you that Sirius cannot shut up about you sometimes
  • Sirius walking into that conversation and yells loudly for the boys to shut up 
  • Hand holding while snuggles
  • You guys talk in whispers when you’re holding each other, more often than not, you nod off.
  • Always shouting him candy from the trolley and Honeydukes 
  • You became one of the main people he relied on for support when he was kicked out of his family. 
  • Him flirting with you constantly and having to watch all the other girls look on in envy.
  • You all joining the order ASAP.
  • Braiding his hair, he sighs constantly through is and mostly just pays attention to the way your hands feel. 
  • Often being used as a cover when Sirius says something smart ass to the group and they head his way to play fight.
  • Treating Severus kindly despite Sirius’ behaviour towards him 
  • Not being targeted for pranks 
  • Often running into Sirius while he’s running away from said prank where he steals a kiss and funs faster. 
  • When you catch each other’s eye, he winks.
  • Blows raspberries into your neck to scare you and laughs even harder when you start hitting him with the books you were carrying. 
  • “You’re more beautiful than all the stars combined.”

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im not sure if this counts as a request or not (if it does just ignore this) but what bad habits do you think the hosts would have? (ex: nail biting, procrastinating, leaving lights on, etc)

I made myself laugh way too much… Please forgive me!

Tamaki: Just, shhhhhhh

Kyoya: 99% sure his computer has never been shut down bECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS WORKING

Hikaru: If he could actually put his clothes away for once that would be great thanks

Kaoru: Coffee is love, coffee is life

Mori: Cracks his knuckles all the time. Like its a serious problem at this point, someone get him help. We are all worried.


Haruhi: Stress eats, but who can blame her when she has to deal with all of this ^^^^^^

Taken 2

Harry Styles - 1661 words (Smut; Requested)


“But right now, all I want is to make you scream so Niall will know you’re mine.” Harry growls before he pushes me onto the bed, a moan already leaving my lips as I see him sink towards the floor onto his knees, the wicked grin not once leaving his lips.

Harry’s lips trail over the skin just above my knickers, his fingers gently brushing over my thighs, sending tingles throughout my spine, a shiver raking over my whole body as I let my head fall down, staring at the ceiling. Just Harry’s touch alone is relaxing, igniting me in ways no one ever could.

“New lingerie?” Harry breathes against the black lace, his eyes boring into mine as he slowly blinks his eyes, my head merely nodding as I bite my lip, pretty sure I can taste the blood seeping out of the wound I made myself. My whole body is buzzing, my fingers already gripping the sheets and Harry hasn’t even properly touched me yet. He knows what he is doing, mentally driving me insane by giving me the right looks with a ticklish touch here and there, licking his lips as he stares down at my heat.

“Harry..” I whine, letting my head drop back down, one of my hands releasing their grip on the sheets to let it trail up on my own body, rubbing my stomach and breasts as I wait for Harry to at least make his first move. I can hear the chuckle leaving his lips, muffled by my thighs as his hands leave their place on my skin to hook into the waist band of my underwear, giving it a slight tug, my bum immediately lifted into the air without another thought of me to give him more access to tug it off.

“I love it when you’re eager.” Harry breathes, pulling them completely off and exposing me to him, his eyes hungry as he stares at me. One of his hands sprawl out just below my belly button, putting a bit of pressure to keep me down as his teeth slightly nibble on my clit, sending a jolt of euphoria through my body, a loud moan, although it could pass as a high pitched shriek, leaving my parted lips. I feel his fingertips dig into my soft my skin as his other hand comes up to aid his lips, teasing my entrance before pushing a finger inside. I sigh out, another moan leaving my lips as the hand that was formerly touching myself weaves its way into Harry’s hair, enjoying the strands slipping through my fingers before I give it a harsh pull.

Harry groans against my core, sending another vibration of bliss through me and I bite my lip even harder. Harry liked it when he was roughly handled, I knew that. I only kept it locked away for special occasions though, like when I wanted him to hold nothing back. I am almost near the edge, my moans picking up in frequency and going an octave higher. “Harry oh – I – “ I mumble into the apart from my moans, silent air, and Harry stops abruptly and raises his head, my own head shooting up to glare at him as I receive a wink in return.

“You little fucker.” I breathe harshly, Harry standing to his full height, giving me a once over, laying there splattered all over the king size bed, before he rids himself of his suit jacket, his button up following slowly as he takes his time with unbuttoning the last few.
“Let’s take it slow dear, we have all night.” Harry grins, throwing his way too expensive shirt to the floor before he starts on his skin tight jeans. I can only watch as slowly every inch of his tan, toned body comes into view, every tattoo standing out to the skin as I let my eyes wander over every single one of them. At first I had laughed with some of them, especially after he told me why he got them, but fuck, they looked so good on him.

I sit up and shuffle myself to the edge of the bed, aiding Harry with taking off his trousers, pulling his boxers down with them immediately. Another dry, humor filled chuckle leaves my boyfriend’s lips, his gaze firm but lust filled as it trails over my resting frame, awaiting my next move.
I waste no time in taking his rock hard cock in my hands, giving it a few pumps as I gaze up, biting my lip as I inch slower, Harry already growling as he anticipates my next move.

I let the tip of my tongue lightly touch the vein on his cock, trailing a wet strip up towards the tip before I take his tip past my lips, a hiss leaving Harry’s pink lips as he squeezes his eyes closed, one of his hands forming into a fist as the other makes a make shift pony tail out of my sex hair.
“I have been hard since the bar, I have been dying for your mouth.” Harry groans out, pulling my hair to let my pop off of him with a loud smack, my tongue immediately darting out to lick my lips, tasting the pre-cum that had gathered there.

He pushes me back onto his cock, my mouth opening as far as I can to take him in and I hollow out my cheeks, closing my eyes as I focus on him and not the throbbing between my legs. I only get a few motions and a lick or two before Harry pulls me off completely and roughly pulls me to my feet, our lips clashing together in hunger and lust. My fingers weave into Harry’s hair again, his hands cupping my bum as he lifts me off of the ground but a shriek leaves my lips, my body soaring through the sky for just a moment as I bounce back on the bed. My eyes are wide as I stare at Harry who crawls on top of me, his lips trailing over my breasts, towards my collarbone and jaw before catching my lips with his again.

“I love you.” I breathe out, my hands gently stroking over his biceps towards his shoulders before letting my fingers weave into his brown locks again. I feel Harry’s rigid cock press against my wet folds, my eyes closing involuntarily at the contact and part my lips. Harry’s teeth sink into my collar bone as he presses himself inside me, giving me just the slightest few seconds to adjust before he pushes his up so his body is supported by his strong arms.

Harry groans as he picks up the pace immediately, sharp, quick thrusts sending my whole body up just the tiniest bits to the headrest of the bed, every thrust pushing me further up. I can’t let a moan slip past my lips, my mouth hanging open as I gasp for air, one hand grasping the blanket as the other tries to hold onto Harry, who is rapidly fucking to my edge.

“Harry oh – please –“ Harry grunts above me, one of his large hands pushing a pillow underneath my bum to elevate it, creating a new angle that sent sparkles through my eyes. That same hand trails over my skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake before his thumb presses firmly onto my clit. A loud, moan like shriek leaves my lips, my heart is palpitating and I am a panting mess underneath Harry. I love to see him this focused, so keen on granting me with an orgasm as he roughly thrusts, his hips taking over a rhythm I’m sure he has reserved just for me.

I can see stars as I arch my back, pressing my breasts into Harry’s chest as he relentlessly keeps rubbing my clit, his movements not once wavering because of my trashing. I come down from my high as slowly as ever, light moans still leaving my hips as Harry keeps up his pace to get himself to the edge. My lips are kissing along his jaw and neck before I let my lips sink into his shoulder, a shiver running down Harry’s spine before he stills with a stutter, groaning into my hair as he lets himself drop down, panting harshly into my neck trying to regain his breath.

After a few minutes he pushes himself back up, granting me with a wink as a giggle leaves my lips, Harry pressing his to mine briefly before dropping down next to me, his arms behind his head as he stretches out, his whole body on show. I shake my head as I pull the blanket from underneath his bum, at least covering his lower regions with it before pulling it over my breasts so I would be covered as well. It wouldn’t be the first time someone barged in on Harry and I either getting busy or just finishing up. Harry lazily smiles at me as he lets his arms rest on his tan torso again, head turned so he could simply look at me with that stupid grin of his.

“I rather see you playing with yourself to be honest.” Harry chuckles, his right arm circling around my shoulder before he pulls me close to his sweaty, still naked body. I shake my head with a stupid smile on my face, one of my hands resting on his prominent abs as I let my head rest on his chest.
“You are one horny fuck.” A loud laugh leaves Harry’s mouth as he squeezes me a bit closer, his lips smoothly pressing to my hairline. “As if you aren’t.”
I shrug my shoulders as I let my fingers trail down his body again, my pointer finger tracing his V-lines before I rest my outstretched hand on his softened cock, giving it a firm, yet gentle squeeze.
“As if you aren’t.”

Lots of love,
L. xox