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Do you think you can be a Ravenclaw although temperamental? When I get angry sometimes I think I would be able to kill someone. (Not that I would do it - it's not legal. But if it wouldn't be illegal maybe I would do it)

Yes you can definitely be a temperamental ravenclaw. Ravenclaws are often stereotyped as being robots, obsessed with science and bad with feelings. Everybody is going to have mood swings and feel extremes of emotion at times and whichever hogwarts house you identify with has nothing to do with that

Having said that, I do think you might need to talk to someone professional. There’s a difference between being temperamental and saying you’d consider killing someone if it weren’t illegal. I know you said you’d never do it but that’s still a very serious thing to say and I really do think you need to discuss this with someone

The Wildcat and The Bear (Part 7)

I feel horrible. It’s been more than a month since I posted to this fic! I’m so inconsistent I hate it. Worst part? This isn’t even a very long chapter. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m going to try to get on a schedule. Enjoy the chapter!

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Naming Ritual - Day 2

“Time to wake up, Nesta,” Cassian said, nudging her on the shoulder. She mumbled something unintelligible. She was cute when she was just waking up. “Wakey, wakey, sweetheart.”

“No! I’m asleep.” She grumbled, this time louder. Progress.

“That is the point of waking up,” Cassian chuckled. She mumbled again, “Mmm… What can I do? I’ll bite you?”

She looked up with a death glare, “I’ll bite harder,” she growled.

He looked at her with a brow raised, “If I kiss you will you kiss me harder?”

“I’ll punch you and hopefully break your nose,” she grumbled, burrowing back into the furs.

He couldn’t stop his laughter. She was cranky when woken up, it seemed. He’d have to remember that for the future, since he was really hoping they would have a future. Adorable. She was just adorable, “Nesta, lovely, sweet, Nesta. We have to get up, because the second part of the ritual is up near the top of the mountain and we have to get there. So we have to wake up and get up, then walk up. It’s a full day’s walk and we’re camping.”

“You’re joking.” she grumbled, already feeling aggravated.

“Not this time, sweetheart,” he started shaking her, thinking of some different tactic to get her up, “Nesta, please lets get up!”

“It’s still dark outside! It’s not time to wake up yet! It’s time for sleep… sleep is good. Sleep is what makes me able to tolerate people.” She lifted herself enough to grab at his shoulders and shake him, “Cassian. You do not want to be around me when I’m sleep deprived. I’m worse, so much worse than normal.”

Cassian chuckled, “Unfortunately, we have no choice. I’m sure we’re both going to be annoyed with each other by the time we get to where we’re camping.” When she just stared back at him he continued, “And you can insult me and blame me all the way, how’s that?”

She scowled but started moving, “I was planning on doing that anyways, it’s not like I needed your permission,”

“Well, now you have it. Get dressed, please, we’re packed and leaving as soon as you’re ready.”

“I will never be ready for hiking and camping!” She countered.

“Then we’re going as soon as I deem it time to go.” He said, patting her on the head, “Now put some clothes on, pants are better and some furs to keep you warm.”

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10 Very Important Facts About 2017's "It"
  • <p> <b>Pennywise:</b> *dances threateningly towards children*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *is offended by being accused of living in a crack den*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *politely waves at children with a severed arm*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *noms on faces... and arms*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *sTRUTS OUT OF THAT FRIDGE LIKE A 50'S SWINGER SNAPPING HIS WAY DOWN THE STREET*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *has a drooling problem*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *is bad at baseball*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *spends a lot of time at the library*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *has bad hair days*<p/><b>Pennywise:</b> *enjoys slideshows WAY TOO MUCH*<p/></p>

HA weirdness?? oh no, i think we can ALL agree on that statement lol

i’m cackling literally every single one of Dick’s teammates calls Jason ‘squirt’