can i become a vampire now cause like

Conversation with a Sanguine Vampire


I met her in the astral through one of my contacts.

“Lady M?” I ask as I walk into her office. She has long, black hair and pale skin. She wears a red sleeveless dress with a fur coat down at her elbows. Long red gloves run up her arms as she folds them and looks at me disdainfully. “What misfortune circumstance has led to you showing up here?”

“I have come to ask you about your race,” I explain as I sit down in the chair in front of her desk.

“My race? Don’t you have anything better to do?” she jabs.

“No,” i reply.

She takes the seat on the opposite side of the desk. “Very well, creatin, ask your questions.”  

“So since you drink blood, how does that work?” I ask.

“What do you mean ‘how does that work’? Some people have a herd of humans that they drink from. Make them into slaves or servants. Others have willing people that they feed from. Their relationship is usually sexual in nature but I suppose there are just friendships too,” she explains.

“What about you?”

She stands up and grabs a wine glass that’s full with blood. She walks over and sets her other hand on the back of my chair, staring at me with her intense dark eyes. “Well me? I don’t ask where mine comes from. As long as it’s good,” she drinks from the glass, drops of blood running down the sides of her mouth. “Try it,” she says as she practically smushes the glass on my mouth.

“No thank you,” I mutter.

She swirls the glass around with a playful smile, “Oh but it’s goooood. A good type of blood.”

“Does the blood type matter?” I inquire as she walks back to her chair.

“Some will say yes, some will say no. I can tell from here that yours is no good. Not to me.”

“I don’t know my type,” I comment.

She frowns, “Well that’s unfortunate. You should know before you offer your blood to any vampire. Some might get really offended if you offer them a type that they don’t like. Some are even allergic to certain types!”


“No, they’re just dramatic,” she chuckles.

“How would someone even meet a vampire?” I ask.

Her voice gets very soft and intense as she leans over the desk signalling me to lean in close as well, “On the night of a full moon you must perform a dark ritual. It includes the sacrifice of two babies, a dog, a cat, a horse, an elephant, and a giraffe. Once you perform the sacrifices you must utter these words, and I want to be very clear, these words are not for human ears. In fact they’re so dangerous you can die from hearing them. Are you ready?”

I nod.  

She moves her head to my ear and says in a very slow whisper, “Suck a dick”.  

She reels back in laughter, laughing so hard that she almost falls out of her chair. “You should see your face!!!” she tries to drink of her blood but all her chuckling and shaking causes it to just spill everywhere. I conjure up a towel and begin sopping up all the blood, trying to prevent it from ruining her documents. She just grabs one of my arms to steady herself as she gets the last of the giggles out.

“Oh I haven’t felt this alive since I died!” she muses as I return back to my seat.

“Speaking of that, how are vampires made?” I inquire.

“When a human is bitten, they have the possibility to become a vampire. Usually it involves the human dying in some way. Cause you know, we’re dead, technically,” she puts her arms up like a zombie, “The living dead!!”

“So, for real now, how would a human meet a vampire?”

“Well there’s vampires all around you. Your mom is probably one. I kid, I kid,” she says with a brush of her hand, “You can give offerings to us. We like fancy things cause we’re fancy people. Well I guess it depends on when whomever was made a vampire. Some vampires love video games.”

I raise one eyebrow, “As in you?”

She looks down sheepishly, “Yes.” Looking back up she says, “But that’s not all! You can find us in the night. We’re not exactly vulnerable to the sun but we still don’t like it. I mean we are technically walking corpses and you know how well corpses do in the sun.”

“What about Christian imagery? Does that hurt you guys?” I ask.

“Pfft, a bunch of vampires are Christian themselves. What you were in the past [I believe she means past as in before becoming a vamp] you are usually in the present.

“So do you have the whole “society” thing that’s frequently seen in human media?”

“I guess but it just depends on where you are. Like here, I am part of this society with you. You are not a vampire yet we have sort of the similar relationship that we would if we were in a “vampire society”. I am also a part of one though. But the politics, ugh, I already get enough of it here.”

“Why do you even have the politics?” I wonder.

“Because we’re too human. We have the same flaws as them because we were them. One hundred thousand years can’t make you a better person, you know? In fact it makes you worse. There’s a reason why humans were not made to live forever.”

“Well on that depressing note, I believe it is time for me to take my leave,” I announce. We exchange some goodbyes where she tells me that she wants me to come back, not because she likes me but because she wants to mess with me some more and I leave the office.    

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how would they all react if their s/o asked them to turn them?

Mun Mai: Sorry for the long wait! I hope you like it!

Shu: “So troublesome….” *yawns* “Fine, but come over here. I don’t want to get up to do it.”

Reiji: “Are you so sure about that? There’s no guarantee you will survive the transformation. It would make for an interesting experiment.”

Ayato: “Of course you do! Who wouldn’t want to be just like Ore-sama?!”

Kanato: “Heh, you know, if you don’t survive, you’ll make a wonderful addition to my doll collection.”

Laito: “Fufufu~ What an interesting request, Bitch-chan. Very well. Then we can have lots more interesting fun.”

Subaru: “Why would you want to become a monster like me? You should stay the way you are.” *blushes* “It’s not like I don’t want to be with you or anything… Tch! Fine then!”

Ruki: “What a demanding Livestock. Now why should I do that?”

Kou: “Oh? Heh, then what do I get for turning you, M Neko-chan?” *grins*

Yuma: “Eh?! You want to be a vampire? Heh, alright, Sow, then be prepared cause I won’t go easy on ya.”

Azusa: “You… want to… be like… me? Okay… Eve-san… I’ll make…. sure it…. hurts… a lot.”

Carla: “Well that was a given. If you plan to be my mate, then you’ll have to be turned so we can bring back my kind. I don’t need you dying on me.”

Shin: “What makes you think you can make such a request to me, one of the Founders, like that? If I want to turn you, I’ll turn you, got it?”

Vampire Vernon AU Pt.3

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I’m so bad at posting early lol. Sorry for the delay hope you like it and  think it’s not too bad lol.

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: AU (vampire vernon x soulmate) 

Word Count: 1,877 

Overtime, you got to know him and he stayed good, at least to you. Though he’d get annoyed or upset a few times about little things, it wouldn’t affect him so much for him to want to kill you. The bad thing was, the more time you septa with him to get to know him, the more you felt like you started to love him.

You’d always remind yourself it was just your bond as soulmates but each day, the feeling only grew stronger and you could barely resist the thoughts you had of the both of you that made your heart beat faster and faster every second.

You got scared every time you were with him as you started to believe that you actually were in love with him. You knew if you stayed for a long time, he’d hear your heart. It wasn’t fair that he could hear yours beat while you couldn’t hear his. It was a one sided advantage, especially with him being a vampire who could barely feel in your mind.

“Y/N, found you. I have to tell you something.” He said, showing up out of nowhere in front of you while you were walking to class. You stopped immediately so that you wouldn’t bump into him.

Vernon laughed at your scared expression. He laughed was different but cute and funny. Gawd he was cute. What did he want to tell you? You got bit anxious but more scared.

You stared blankly at him and his smile started to get a little smaller and his expression change to confused one, but a kind of funny confused one. I swear, he’s a walking meme.

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A Stan No more

It’s taken me three days to get over how awful the season finale of the Vampire diaries was. I was disgusted and appalled and felt stupid for watch the episode . I have to rant to get the hatred thats flowing through my veins out of my system. Here we go .

I’m sad I was right about grams not coming back and Bonnie suffering for the sake of everyone else. I knew it was coming but it still made me sad. The whole time I was watching the show I kept asking myself.

Why can’t Bonnie ever truly be happy ? Why does her life revolve around saving the ungrateful assholes around her? Why can’t Bonnie have something for herself? Why can’t she be selfish and save herself for once ? Is she really going to die again and possible be sucked into oblivion but no one cared as usual?
And why am I still watching this awful show?

I was fucking frothing at the mouth with rage when Damon threatened Bonnie with that fire poker. She might have blinked out of existents at any moment but he was demanding she help him. And she just stood there and took, while I was like what the actual fuck?!? I never wished she had her magic back as I did at that moment. I wanted her to set his whiny bitch ass on fire or fry his brain till he was begging her to stop.

All Damon ever does is use Bonnie like a disposable tool and he’s rude as fuck to her. I give no fucks about weak ass Bamon. Because all it would do is destroy what little of Bonnie we have left just like Delena ruined Elena. I don’t care if people think Bonnie should be with Damon just so she can keep him in check. The same was said about Elena and look how that worked out.

It’s not Bonnie’s job to give up who she is so that Damon might become a descent person ( we all know he won’t ). And now Damon might be in Bonnie’s afterlife instead of in hell where his bug eyed ass belongs. Smells like more fan/ actor service to me cause we all know Ian is love with Kat and what Ian wants the writers will give him. I just see Bamon as an excuse to give Damon another woman to abuse like he did with Caroline and Elena. I’ll never understand why people say that a female character can always fix damon , no one can fix Damon but himself and he doesn’t want to be fixed. To me it’s just wobbifying an abusive rapist who hurts every woman he gets his hands on. Kat too said that Bamon is ok and she would like it to happen. But she also wants Kennett and Bonnie to have a better story line. Kat already stated that she’s unhappy with the way things are going and if Bonnie died she wouldn’t be upset. So far her character has been tangled up in the Gilbert/ Salvatore storyline without having her own arc. Her saying she wants other ship is also a way of saying she needs time to shine because right now she’s not getting it. And I don’t blame her for saying she wants Bamon or any other ships because it would mean more people watch the show for her. Kat knows that people love shipping and shipping can bring in more screen time. Kat Gram is an amazingly talented actress and she should have her time in the sun. However Bamon will always be gross and offensive to me. It’s just the same old cliche repeating itself, let’s put a strong beautiful woman with an asshole so she can ” fix him” it’s the most boring thing in the universe. But if Klaroline and Delena can have their forced occ destructive fan service then I guess Bamon can too. I get that Bamon was in the original plot but the story has changed and it would take a massive amount of recanting for it to make any sense plus it would damage what little plot we have left . At this point I don’t care , let the Kraken
( Bamon) be freed so that it can destroy the vampire daiaries once and for all.

As a Bonnie stan I would never ship her with Damon, the same guy who raped Caroline and killed Jeremy and turned her mom and Viki into vampires . The same guy who said he would gladly let Bonnie die, The same Damon who threatened her if she didn’t help him while waving the fact that her loved ones and her life were in danger . The same Damon who is Elena the bed hopping whore the Babylon / still probably sired / golden intergalactic black hole vagina / the most occ character ever Gilbert’s lord and master. To the men of the vampire diaries mainly Stefan, Matt Jeremy, Tyler and even sometimes Damon, vampire Elena is like a Kaiju in Japan causing chaos , destruction and death for them wherever she goes leaving only confusion and loathing in her wake (The only reason I call Elena a whore isn’t because she has slept with multiple men its her right to sleep with whoever she wants when she wants and I advocate for all women to do with their body as they please . To me a whore is man or woman who’s already in a relationship and is keeping a side piece in case things go south. I can’t stand people who string others along and give them false hope in romance, it’s cruel and disgusting because love shouldn’t be taken lightly. And Elena keeps on toying with Stefan’s feelings and won’t let him move on. Elena had the nerve to get mad when Stefan didn’t notice that Katherine was possessing her. Even after she out right flirted with him after he lost his memory, she took him to relive their greatest moments just so he would remember her first. Then she went on and on about how great he was and telling him that he was a wonderful boyfriend. Only to give him the it wasn’t you but me speech which broke his heart making him feel awful . Then even though they weren’t together she still tracked him down like a bloodhound when Tessa made it sound like they slept together. And was like you would never go for someone like that, all because she still wants him wrapped up in her drama. Every time it looks like Stefan is over her, she tries to get in his way and brings up how she feels about it like she did with Rebekah, Tessa, Katharine and now Caroline. If Elena doesn’t want to be with Stefan she should just let him go and tell him to move on and not keep ripping out his already broken heart. In my eyes playing with people’s hearts is a crime even in fiction . Now back to Bonnie. ) Bonnie would never hurt Elena or Caroline she wouldn’t date one of her best friend’s ex while he’s the other best friend’s abuser and raper . I know people will be like at look at the decent things that Damon has done for Bonnie . Mainly that he helped bring her back as the anchor. So what I’m not gonna give him a cookie for it, a little good can’t erase a lot of bad in my eyes. Moving on.

When Bonnie was letting people out of the other side she knew that she wasn’t coming back, but still she chose to be a hero. Bonnie suffered so that the people she loved would be happy like always, and this time I’m not ok with it. Bonnie should been like fuck all of you I’m looking out for myself first , I’ll save you bitches later if I can. But instead saint Bennett saved the day at the cost of herself. It’s offensive that the only poc on the show is written as the magical negro, who is always willing to serve others and never gives a thought to her own happiness .

The only highlight of the episode was that I no longer hate Beremy. When Bonnie called Jeremy and told him the truth I saw she loved him, and he loved her back. Jeremy was truly heartbroken at the the thought of losing her again. Let me be clear I still dont ship Beremy and I want Bonnie to be Gilbert free , but I wouldn’t mind if they were the endgame. At least Jeremy will treat Bonnie right and she’ll be happy which is all I truly want .

I know I’ll probably watch season 6 but right now if the vampire diaries was cancelled I wouldn’t care. The show has fallen so low I literally can’t fathom it lasting another season. Right now I’m at the point where I’m losing interest in Bonnie who is the main reason I watch the show that’s how bad it’s gotten . I can’t take seeing the character I’ve come to know and love be reduce to a plot device anymore. She deserves better than what she was being given but at this point I want her to stay dead. Because even if Bonnie comes back to life as a witch I know the cycle of pain and suffering will repeat itself. I will forever love the character of Bonnie Bennett but I don’t have anymore hope that her storyline will improve.

As long as Kat Gram is on the tvd I’ll support her but I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to take Bonnie seriously again. Now that I’ve got all that off my chest I feel so much better rant over.

P.S I’ll admit when I posted this I was jerk and tagged this in the Bamon tag. Normally I’m not the kinda guy to put hate where it doesn’t belong . I got caught in the moment and behaved rashly. That’s not the person I am so to all the Bamon stans who saw this and got offend I apologize. I was wrong to say that Bamons weren’t Bonnie Stan’s just because I disagree with the person they ship Bonnie with, doesn’t mean that the character of Bonnie doesn’t matter to them. Everyone should be able to go into their tag and feel uplifted not having to deal with opposing opinions. While I got called a few silly rude names by some bamonites and told I was burned/ slayed / scalped I don’t care not everyone will like what I say it’s a part of life and I’ve got thick skin . I stand by my points and I’m most certainly not backing down, but I chose to be a bigger person about it and not call people I’m having a disagreement with rude names . But then some of you were nice about reminding me that your feelings matter too and made me think about my actions . This apology is for you . I’m a better person than spreading drama where it’s not needed , thank you for helping me remember that.

Hey there Nathan, 

one year already since the last time I had to write you something for your birthday and cried my eyes out because you were 20. I'm so mad at you for getting older, it frustrates me and ugh. To be honest, that's why I don't like your birthdays. Cause you're getting older and older. Can you stop for a minute and find some vampire to bite you so you'd stop growing or become Peter Pan? If anything, I'll always imagine you as Peter Pan. You're a beautiful young soul and we'll get to your looks along the text. So, you're officially 21 now. That's a huge number for United States and everyone will start treating you like an adult that's why I'll tell you few things how to live like an adult (ironically I'm still a teen); pay for your bills, don't drink too much, don't give a fuck and live your life. You're my idol since forever and I would really like if you would continue being that for the rest of my life. Me and tons of other people need someone to look up to and you're that someone. I just wanna let you know not to change for anything or anyone because you are perfect just the way you are. What's the point of you telling us, your fans, to love ourselves when you're insecure? It doesn't make sense. Even if you have flaws, they make you perfect and special. There's no point of being someone else and trying to be like someone else. Be yourself, because everyone else is taken. Let me tell you few things that will make me sound extra cheesy but they're true; your smile lights up the whole world and makes everything tons of times more better, your green eyes are pure look into heaven, your sloth-ish nose is the cutest thing in the world and it gets even more cuter when you get shy or mad, your blushed cheeks are a thing to die for, seriously now, your body is a wonderland, I swear to God it is and you should really see it because it's so beautiful and amazing, your piano skills are heaven to my and everyone else's ears, your voice is bundle of passion and sex, your laugh is a mix of adorableness and it makes me blush every time I hear it, your swearing drives my crazy like seriously you do not understand, your hip thrusting during your preforming is god of stripping to be fucking honest, your personality is an angel. Nathan, I love you so damn much and I hope you'll continue being an amazing person as you always were and I hope you'll learn how to love yourself because we love you more than you think.
Yours truly, Antonia