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Shoutout to @grey-ling , @i-love-birds , and @sonuokan (why can’t it find your name!) for being awesome friends when i’m down. You guys are amazing. Also shoutout to the people who DID actually leave notes on my art, even as I whined that “nobody” did. Imma sober up, stop pouting, and start posting pretty Ed pics again.

But I’ll leave my selfie, bc it was so hard to take, and my last pouty post, bc of the beautiful words left by @i-love-birds

And now … *scans desktop overflowing with a seriously troublesome amount of Ed pics* Ahh, here we go…

Everything is going to be okay

captainhadeslover  asked:

(I would love to read your writing. I love angst.) Hon can I just say awkwardness goes away but if you confess and he feels the same way then you guys can be happy together. I've been in the most awkward situation of eating lunch with my ex after we had broken up that same morning. He is now my best friend and we are very close but if we hadn't gone through that relationship we probably wouldn't have actually became friends.

here the thing we are happy I love spending time with him. He is an amazing friend, my best friend. Why should I put us in an awkward situation and make him feel uncomfortable when we already in such a good spot. I don’t need to tell him how I feel I just want to be close to him and I am

Dungeon Master Tip: D&D can be difficult to really get into for people who aren’t used to improv, because a lot of the time, they feel vulnerable and nervous about taking it seriously. To balance silly vibes and serious vibes and make sure your players are having fun in a way that moves the story along, stick a googly eye on your forehead. It’s a whimsical way to remind your shithead idiot friends that you’re their omnipotent god now, and that you can, and will, murder all of their characters if they keep guessing “dildo” as the answer to your puzzles, even when the puzzles aren’t text-based or even puzzles at all, like, what the fuck, guys, you just keep pausing every few turns and asking, “Is the answer dildo?” What’s up with that? Tell me how “dildo” is the answer to a boss battle. No, I’d love to know. I’m waiting. I can wait all day. I gots pajamas on under this velvet Party City cloak, I’m comfy as hell.


Tv Show Meme: [2/5] otps → jim and pam (the office)

“Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing I ever had to do, which was just to wait. Don’t get me wrong—I flirted with her. Pam, I can now admit in front of friends and family that I do know how to make a photocopy. I didn’t need your help that many times.”

What the RFA members have each other named as in their phones

Random heacanons @vallraiene and I came up with because contact names can be funny as shit

Yoosung - Little bro
Jaehee - Coffee Lady☕️
MC - 💕Princess💕
Jumin - Trustfund Douche
V - V
Saeran - The other tomato dude

Zen - Narcissist
Jaehee - Mom friend™
MC - Rika?
Jumin - Scary rich guy
Seven - DEFENDER OF JUSTICE 707 (Seven insisted that be his contact)
Saeran - The Edgy Twin

Zen - ❤️Zen❤️
Yoosung - Yoosung Kim
MC - Best Friend💕
Jumin - Kill me now
V - Jihyun Kim
Saeran - Oh god not another one

Zen - trash
Yoosung - Future Assistant
MC - Future Assistant #2
Jaehee - Assistant Kang
Elizabeth the 3rd - ❤️The perfect being❤️
Seven - Luciel Choi
V - Jihyun
Saeran - Seven???

Zen - the almighty albino™
Yoosung - 💛Cutie💛
MC - The main ho
Jaehee - Scary coffee lesbian
Jumin - Mr. Grey ;)
Elizabeth the 3rd - Elly❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙
V - Aesthetic Tumblr dad
Saeran - Evil Twin
Vanderwood - Mullet Daddy

Zen - Annoying
Yoosung - Needs a life
MC - Who even is she???
Jaehee - Cool Judo Lady
Jumin - Pretentious Douche
Seven - Annoying brother
V - Traitor
Vanderwood - What even is your gender


Zen - he Andrew
Yoosung- you song
Jaehee - Josh are you coming
Jumin - German
Seven - Lucille chili
Saeran - Sarah enjoy

Our bard, Jobi, manages to teleport us from the alchemists lair, to a mountain top and then to a forest in an attempt to get us back to Newport. Unfortunately, it is nighttime, and Jobi is afraid of the dark.

Jobi: Wait, it’s nighttime?
DM: Yep.
Jobi: Oh no, I can’t be here. I try to make it daytime.
DM: You… you try… to make it… daytime?
Jobi: Yes. *rolls a nat 20*
DM: *rolls behind the screen*
DM: It’s now bright and sunny, but your friends are all gone. You guys (the rogue, cleric and the people we saved) see Jobi vanish.
Jobi: It’s daytime? Great. I take a nap.

Best Game Ever

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Request from an awesome anon: “I loved your most recent mark smut! can I request a Mark smut with dom!mark with dry humping but then he can’t take it anymore and yeah”

Hope you enjoy love, I made it a little fluffy too :)

Warnings: Adult Content

“Alright you guys, I’m going to bed. Goodnight” Youngjae said, getting up from the couch.

You and Mark smiled at him.

“Goodnight, Sunshine,” you said as he made his way to his room.

One by one the guys dropped like flies during your movie night. They had practice earlier that day and were so exhausted. Youngjae was the last of them.

Now it was just you and Mark, alone.

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Here's what you do on your 13th birthday.

1. Throw out every drop of alcohol you have in the house. I know right now you can’t picture yourself drinking it, but in two or four years when you're frantically searching for something to smother the pain you’ll be thankful.

2. Throw out every razor you own the second you start thinking about cutting your skin because once you start there’s not really a stopping. There is no real recovery there is just surviving every mistake you made with a sharp object. Don’t look back.

3. When your best friend starts dating the guys you love, forgive her. Everyone else will pity you but when that relationship goes to hell who will pick her up off the floor?Tell her you love her even if it still hurts. Even if you can’t talk about it.

4. If he is more than 2 years older than you, you should run. Far and fast because sweetheart he doesn’t think you’re mature and doesn’t think you’re special. You are young and you are beautiful. He will kill things inside of you you need when you get older

5. Do not fall in love with stereotypes. Do not try and become the girls you idolize in books. Because on page 225 they get to walk away. There is nothing beautiful about destroying your life for a happy ending. All that’s ever left is ashes.

6. When you think you love him more, walk away. Delete his number. Because when his hands on you it may feel good but I promise you 3 years later crying with a bottle of vodka on the floor isn’t beautiful it’s just pathetic. He gets off on you running back to him so stop going there. Have some self respect.

7. First time he calls you stupid leave him. First time he says ‘you’ll like it’ leave him. First time he tells you to lie to your parents, leave him. Oh my god leave him. Tell your best friend the truth and have her hold your hand as you walk away. But for the love of god leave him.

8. The first night you skip a meal stop. You weren’t meant to be this small. Weren’t meant to look like a magazine. You’re better than that. Better than anything anyone could say about you.

9. THe first time someone you called a best friend calls you a bitch tell them to fuck off and move on. From that moment on nothing they say has any truth. Nothing they say has any genuine. Because secrets spilled at 3 AM don’t matter when casually brought up at 2 pm

10. Don’t ever relight old flames. No matter what you hear cigarettes never taste the same and if you drink enough vodka you’ll never drink it again. He fucked up the first time going back won’t heal any of those wounds or make him any better.

11. Even if you have that test on Monday if you’ve laid in bed all night wondering how you can overdose on Aspirin it’s time to grab your favorite movie and food and lay the fuck down. A grade won’t matter if you’re 6 feet under. Nothing will matter if you’re not here. I promise.

—  Steps for surviving your teenage years.

Anon Requested:  Drabble game 79 and 100 with Jungkook (smut), please ? Thanks ~.

I know you guys are probably going to request a part two lmao because I left this at such a cliffhanger but I hope you like it ♥

Originally posted by dream-bts

1 │ 2 │3 │ 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1691

“Is there a reason you’re in my bed?”

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.”

You were happy that management let you see your brother and his friends as you please, usually they were a lot more strict to let anyone else around but with Jimin and the other boys pleads they finally agreed to let you come to the dorm whenever you wanted to. And with you coming as you please you were happy to hear when they boys moved dorms that they found a dorm with an extra room, a guest room. It wasn’t as much of a guest room as it was your room since you stayed over almost every other weekend.

Opening the door you flicked on the lights and nearly screamed as your heart stopped for a second. “Jungkook, is there a reason you’re in my bed?” You asked while taking off your shoes and rings you had on your fingers. You walked over to the dresser and placed the excess jewelry on top and turning to see Jungkook still in your bed turned on his side while he nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. “So no reason or you just don’t want to answer?”

You plop down on the bed beside him, you mimic his position, facing his while propping yourself on your forearm allowing you to look down at him. “You know,” Jungkook started, his eyes looking up at you but there was something different. His eyes looked almost dark, a sense of greed hinting in them. “I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.” Jungkook’s eyes stayed glued to your face as you sat up abruptly, he watched every feature of yours making sure his words didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. He of course felt something for you but being a hormonal teenaged boy his dream of you last night only made him horny.

“My brother-” You started but was cut off by Jungkook now speaking over you.

“Your brother already thinks that I like you, it’s really only a matter of time.” He waves you off sitting up and inching closer to you, you were incredibly close now. Of course you’ve always been close to Jungkook, you’d occasionally cuddle when you both were hanging out either on the couch or in each other’s rooms and got tired. Your brother would always say comments about ‘how cute’ you both were whenever he found you both asleep together. He never was the over protective big brother who told every one of his friends to stay away from his little sister. You were the same age as Jungkook, only three months younger so Jimin never made a huge deal about you two being so close with each other. But still being as close as you are with Jungkook there was a tension in the air that you hadn’t felt with him before.

You tilted your head slightly before straightening it back. “Matter of time for what?”

“For this.” Jungkook’s hands slipped to the small of your back all while smashing his lips to yours. He easily flipped you over once your body hit his. A gasp left you at the quick movement and Jungkook took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth instantly dominating as his hands laced with yours pinning them above your head. His head dipped to your neck instantly finding your sweet spot and sucking down. Your back arched into him which only made him smirk, one of his hands left yours dipping down into your leggings you were wearing and rubbed against your clothed heat. “So wet already…” He mumbled. Letting go of your other hand his hands hooked onto the waistband of your leggings and panties pulling them down in one swift movement. His hands quickly made their way to the hem of your shirt tugging it off of your body and not a moment later your bra joined the rest of your clothes.

With the lack of clothes in front of Jungkook you felt very naked, well you were but feeling naked make you feel slightly self-conscious. Heat rose to your cheeks and your arms came up beginning to cover yourself up. Jungkook’s hands immediately grabbed yourself halting your movements, his eyes stared down at you with a sudden intensity that you felt goosebumps run across your body. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispers. His voice dropped when speaking, his hands lightly tugged your arms away from your chest while settling himself in between your legs. He lowered himself once again meeting your lips, this kiss was hungry and rough but every bit of it made you feel hotter and hotter. His lips leave yours again to go to your neck, he stayed there for a bit to leave love bites all along your neck, you now knew there was no way makeup would be able to hide any of his markings he left on you. You moan out when you feel Jungkook’s tongue glide over your now bruised neck. Your eyes close enjoying the feeling when you feel his lips leave your neck and feel his hot breath fan over your heat. Your legs begin to close but Jungkook grabs ahold of your hips adjusting yourself so your legs now hang over his shoulders and without a second glance he dips his tongue into your heat causing a loud moan to course through the room.  “You are so wet baby, and all for me.” His voice vibrates into your skin and you moan again.

He sucks on your clit harsher causing more moans coming out of your mouth. If he didn’t care about pleasuring you so much he would’ve taken a moment to smirk at the sounds he was causing you to drone out. Without a warning he inserts a finger past your folds and you let out a gasp and grip onto his hair moaning out his name feeling your walls clench around his finger, he moves his finger before adding another one, he moves his finger in and out over and over again. He watched as you trembled, your face contorted in pleasure as you felt you coming closer to your climax. He removed his fingers and replaced them with his mouth once again. Jungkook now felt your whole body tremble as he lapped up all of your juices. He continued to lick and suck on your heat until he heard quiet whimpers come from you and a weak push of his head as you soon became oversensitive to all of the pleasure he was giving you.

He crawled over you kissing down on you, your hands reached up and tangled your fingers into his messy hair. You whined once you realized he was still fully clothed and you were lying underneath him naked. “Jungkook,” You whined into the kiss, his lips leave yours when he pulls back giving you a confused look. Even with his face scrunched up he still looked absolutely gorgeous to you. “I don’t find it fair that I’m the only one naked here.” You huff out sticking your bottom lip out. A laugh escapes Jungkook as he dropped his head into your neck once again, body shaking from his laughter. Once he was done he sat up, weight going all on his knees as he was still settled in between your legs. He flung his shirt to the floor and brought himself back over you kissing you.

His lips left yours almost immediately when a knock was heard on your door. “(Y/N)? Can we talk?” Jimin’s voice was heard on the other side of the door and began to open.

“I’m naked!” You screamed throwing the pillow that was under your head at the door causing it to pause as Jimin froze and quickly closed the door uttering multiple “I’m sorry’s” You and Jungkook both froze looking at each other before rushing off of your bed and throwing each other the scattered clothing that was discarded. Jungkook getting dressed quicker than you as he had only been shirtless. You threw your underwear and bra into the hamper at the door once you pulled your shirt back on.

“I just really need to talk to you…like now.” Jimin spoke from the outside of your door. Your heart was pounding against your chest looking at Jungkook with pleading eyes. “One second, just getting dressed!” You called back at the door.

“What do we do!” You whispered to Jungkook seeing as he began walking towards the door. “No!” You grab Jungkook pulling him back. “Are you crazy? No! He’s going to get suspicious, go…go hide-” You paused looking around the room to the small closet. “Go hide in the closet!” You began pushing Jungkook towards the closet that would easily hide him, it may be a bit cramped but it’ll have to do.

“(Y/N), you’ve got to be kidding me.” Jungkook stopped walking causing you to bump into him. “I’m not hiding in your closet.”

“Jungkook, hide.” You push harder, he took a step forward then pushed back against you, you tried pushing again but he was stronger than you and wouldn’t budge. “Jungkook, please.” You begged continuing to push even if you knew it was no use. “I’ll do anything just please hide.”

“Anything?” You didn’t have to look at him to see the smirk that was placed on his lips. “I’m holding you to that.” He turned around pecking your lips before walking into your closet and closing the door. You let out a quick sigh and hurried to your door opening the door and see Jimin.

“Jimin!” You smile, “What’s up?” You question stepping aside to let him into your room. He looked around your room as if he was looking to find something. His eyes scanned your bed seeing the slightly disheveled sheets and blankets.

“Why’s your bed a mess?”

“I just didn’t make it from last night.” You defended. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

Jimin turned to face you, all seriousness etched on his features as he sat on your bed patting the spot beside him ushering you to sit down.

“Jungkook. I wanted to talk about Jungkook.”

pain-in-the-bass  asked:

A German friend of mine claims that the refugees in Germany aren't contributing to society and are draining the economy. You guys have anything on hand I can use to prove them wrong?

“Refugees = drain on German economy.”  Your friend, having posited this hypothesis, now has to provide supporting evidence.  The burden of proof lies with them. 

Of course in doing so, your friend will have to explain the following:

a) if refugees have been such a drain on the economy, why has per capita GDP in Germany increased every year for the last six years? 

(SOURCES: x, x, x, x)

b) if refugees have been such a drain on the economy, why has unemployment in Germany gone down every year for the last six years?

(SOURCES: x, x, x, x)

b) if refugees have been such a drain on the economy, why has the Germany economy grown every year for the last four years?* 

(SOURCES: x, x, x, x)
(*Bloomberg News is reporting that Germany’s 2016 economic growth was fueled by “domestic demand” - the kind of domestic demand created in part by thousands of people arriving with nothing and having to replace everything!)

Seems to us that any reasonable person that wasn’t a xenophobic shitbag would look at the data and have to conclude that, if anything, refugees have been a positive impact on the German economy.  This is probably due in part to the thousands of new jobs and billions of € in new social housing that’s been created in Germany as a direct result of the arrival of refugees.  

It’s not just in Germany, either.  Sweden, which is the European country that is hosting the largest number of refugees per capita, is experiencing an economic boom as a result.  Other countries that have enjoyed the economic benefits of refugees and other migrants include Australia, Canada, Kenya, the UK, and the USA.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that bothers to think about it.  Thousands of refugees arriving to a country = thousands of people that need to replace all the things they left behind + a very real incentive for host countries to spend money on social housing, education, etc. instead of giving that money away to billionaires in tax cuts, etc. like they’d normally do.  Refugees are going to spend the money they have in the communities they’re making homes in, not hide it in a tax evasion scam or in a Swiss bank account or spend it on a luxury vacation in an exotic locale.

You want the most glaring example of the refugee economic effect in semi-recent history?  The Mariel boatlift, 1980: 124,000 Cubans were exiled from the country; nearly all of them arriving in Miami that year - a city with a population of around 300,000 at the time.  What impact do you think the arrival of 124,000 penniless Cubans had on Miami’s economy?  Well, if you listen to the economist that studied this, you’ll find that the impact was neither none @ all or it actually created more jobs than were taken up by the Cuban newcomers.

Your “friend” is full of shit.  Time to make some new friends.

An incomplete list of Good Lines from The Lego Batman Movie:

  • “Batman doesn’t talk about feelings. I don’t have them. I’ve never seen one.”
  • “Riddle me this! …What just happened?”
  • “If you call me Batgirl do I get to call you Batboy?”
  • “British robots! Ask your nerd friends!”
  • “While I’m gone, Rope is in charge.”
  • “We’re carrying [enormous amount of explosives] and two best friends!”
  • “Alright Robin, we’re gonna beat these guys so hard that words describing it are going to appear in the air above us.”
  • “Bat shark repellant!” “Don’t - actually you can touch that, it’s pretty useless.”
  • “I’ll say it first. Batman, I hate you. Now you say it.” “…Me too.” [other villains booing]
Bad Dracula (M)

(Gif Credit goes to Admin Smuttyfairy)

Genre: Horror/Smut/Romance

Summary: Lisa, your best friend, loves to party. You love quiet nights where you can dream about her friend Bambam. Bambam loves your smile, and your slender neck. A pushy invitation to a party, A wet dream that turns into a nightmare, and wait- are those fangs? (Vampire AU, Bambam x Reader, Best Friend!Lisa x Reader)

Warnings: Suffocation, Assault, Blood, Alcohol use

Word count: 6,136

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

Here’s something I’ve meant to upload for a while now. I hope you guys enjoy! (I promise I’ll write less Bambam in the future OTL ) 

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I’m a motorist that quite
Likes a drink when he drives
Who causes the loss
Of innocent lives
I’m the guy with the pistol
Who kills your best friend
You can’t really blame me
‘Cos I’m round the bend
Hello—how are you?
I’m jerk of all jerks
I’m here to undo
All your charitable works
I do it quite simply by
Making mistakes
And one little boo-boo
Is all that it takes
And you’re at the mercy of
Jerk of all jerks.
I’m the man that disposes
Of nuclear waste.
There’s no need to worry
It’s perfectly safe
In fact there is now
Every reason to hope
That if anything happens
I’ll easily cope
Hello—how are you?
I’m jerk of all jerks…
I’m the leader who says
As he wages his war
That the children are not
Ones that he’s aiming for
How are you?
I’m jerk of all jerks…

Paul McCartney poem after John’s death.

“For me it was just so sad that I wasn’t going to see him again and we weren’t going to hang. […] The phrase kept coming in my head ‘The jerk of all jerks’.”

Saving (Jughead Jones x Reader) Prompt Request

Request: 4 & 15 with jughead?

4: “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!” 

15: “I don’t need saving, not now, not ever.”

Originally posted by riverrdxle

Archie, your twin brother, your best friend in the whole world, had hurt you. Siblings banter and fight, but not like the one you had.

She’s playing you Arch.  You can’t actually believe she loves you!” You tried to reconcile with your brother.

You two don’t know anything about her,” he pointed to both you and Jughead who was also there trying to convince Archie to stay away from Ms.Grundy, “about me.”

You’re right.  I don’t know you.” Jughead’s voice was stiff. “I used to know a guy named Archie Andrews, he was my best friend, and a great guy.”

Archie went up to punch Jughead when you stepped in front of him.  His anger got the best of him as Archie pushed your back hard into the tree.

“(Y/n). I-.” Archie was at a loss for words.

You don’t get to touch her! Not now.” Jughead choked his words out, “Not after what you did, not after how you have been treating her.”

You stood up, angry, and back sore.  “I don’t need saving.  Not now, not ever.”

You moved forward quickly on your feet towards Archie.  

“You are supposed to be his best friend,” you pointed at Jughead as you spoke to your twin. “Through thick and thin, you’re supposed to be there for him.”

“"I-” His words come out strangled

“You’re supposed to be my brother!” You cried out pleading Archie to realize that he had made a mistake. “Why can’t you see that I need you to be okay.  Why can’t you see that I miss you.  Why can’t you see that I love you.”

All is fair in love and war

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jimin X reader X Taehyung

Fandom: BTS

Request:  Hey, could you do a scenario where y/n likes Taehyung and Jimin likes y/n. First she doesn’t like Jimin but then she likes both of them and y/n doesn’t know who too choose, and she doesn’t want to ruin V and Jimins friendship 

Originally posted by princessyerim95

“You’re literally a cliché. I told you in the first place it was a bad idea to have a guy as your roommate.” Jimin complained.

He wasn’t wrong. A few months ago you were struggling to pay rent so you decided it would be best to put out an ad for a roommate. Lucky for you a guy around your age, who was completely gorgeous, already friends with your friends, and single just happened to be looking for a place as well.

“Well he’s your friend so I thought maybe I wouldn’t be interested but now I can’t help it…Please just help me this once.” You begged.

Jimin grew a smirk on his face and you already knew his plan was bound to cause trouble.

“What if we make a plan to make him jealous? You and me can pretend to be dating and if he shows interest then we call if off and he’s all yours.”

“Jiminie there’s so many things wrong with that. Are you sure you’re not just trying to take me for yourself?” You joked.

He let out a small laugh. “You say that like I couldn’t have you if I wanted. I don’t need to make excuses for that, babe.”

You rolled your eyes at his lame flirting. The idea of dating Jimin was strange and foreign. Sure the two of you knew almost everything about each other and spent all your time together but that was all as just being friends. If something were to develop between you it would just ruin everything and Jimin knew that for sure. He was careful about his feelings towards you and if it meant watching you date other guys than losing you then he would do just that.

“Let’s just try it. It couldn’t make things any worse than they already are Y/N.”

“We do have that thing with the rest of the boys tonight….do you think it will even catch his attention?”

“I promise you. It’s fool proof.” Jimin smiled.

He stuck his pinky out to you as if he was physically trying to promise you that this would work. With one pinky promise and a nod from the both of you, you had agreed on faking dating. Jimin stood up from the couch, grabbing his phone to stash it into his pocket.

“I’ll see you later tonight then, okay?”

You gave him a smile. “Yeah can’t wait.”

As you hear him leaving the house you also hear him talking to someone else. Taehyung must have been back from the gym as you heard them greet each other and realized the absence of your friend. You jumped up from your bed, running over to your dressers for something. If this whole fake dating thing was going to start you had to make it convincing. So, you pulled out one of Jimin’s shirts that he had left and slid it on before walking out to greet your roommate. Taehyung seemed shocked to see you standing in the doorway with only a t-shirt on that barely covered your underwear.

“Jimin I think you-….Oh. Hey Tae.” You said, casually.

He seemed to be at a loss for words. “Uh..Hey…I think Jimin already left.”

You pretended as if this was news to you.

“Damn. I think he left his charger. Oh well, we’re gonna see him later tonight anyway so I’ll just give it to him then.”

“Looks like you already gave it to him..” Taehyung mumbled to quietly for you to hear.

You titled your head innocently at his annoyed expression.

“Nothing. Never mind. How was today? I felt bad you had to get groceries this week.”

Taehyung reached into the fridge to grab a water bottle as you came over to sit at the seat next to the counter top. You shrugged, taking a sip of your own drink.

“It was fine. How was the gym?”

Speaking of the gym. He always looked incredible when he came back, his hair still wet from the shower he must have taken in the locker room, and still wearing his tight workout clothes. He was a walking tease that you knew you couldn’t have and it was actual torture sometimes. Seriously, how can someone always look this good?

“Same as usual. There was this one girl though that approached me today. It was kind of awkward at first but we must have hit it off because she asked me on a date this Friday.”

You choked. “W-wow..That’s great..”

Taehyung shrugged. “I’m not sure about it though. She’s nice and everything but dating sorta sucks when it’s with a complete stranger. I’d rather it be with someone I know.”

“Yeah, I get that. I feel the same way.” You added, trying to persuade him not to.

“Ha. Maybe we should go out then-”

The words you had been dying to hear had just come from his mouth. You slowly raised your lips from your cup, speechless.

“Yeah. We should.”

Hearing the boldness in your tone, he looked up and met your eyes with a smile.

“How about tomorrow night? I’ll pick out the place, I’ll pay for it, and all I need is for you to be there with me. Sound good?”

You leaned your face into your hand, smiling back at him. “It sounds amazing.”

“Good. We should probably get ready for the party though since it’s kind of late. You should wear that one pink shirt of yours. It looks really good on you.”

His compliment made your cheeks feel warm but your happiness completely shut out the nervousness you would have felt otherwise. In your burst of happiness you had completely forgot the pact you had made with Jimin, not even telling him before you went over to Jungkook’s place for his Birthday party. You and Taehyung arrived together, telling Jungkook happy birthday and handing him his gifts.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You told Taehyung as you stepped away from the two of them.

Before you could even get far you felt someone’s hands covering your face from behind.

“Guess who?” Jimin smirked.

You reached up, holding his hands.

“Hmm. Jin?”

Jimin moved his hands to show you his pouting expression.


You playfully pushed his arm, laughing. “I already knew it was you.”

Namjoon came over to the both of you, holding a cup in his hands.

“You two seem friendly tonight.”

Jimin’s arm shockingly wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer. Namjoon scoffed, thinking he must have be right but you stood there remembering what you had forgotten before.

“Yeah I guess you could say that.” Jimin let out in a low tone.

A tone that unknowingly sent a shiver down your spine but not in a bad way. Your eyes trailed down to his hand grabbing at your side and you felt yourself blush. Weirdly enough your mind begins to trail off thinking about his hands in general. How nice they must be to hold, how nice they felt on your waist, and god, who knows what he could do with those fingers-

“Hey Y/N! Jimin! Come over here we’re gonna play truth or dare!” Jungkook shouted from across the room, snapping you out of your trance.

Without even a second to protest you felt your fingers interlocking with Jimin’s as he guided you along to the living room. He sat down on the couch, pulling you into his lap. He sure didn’t mess around even if this all was supposed to be fake. Taehyung sat next to Yoongi, sitting across from you, looking not so happy. You should probably just tell Jimin that it’s off and that this was only going to make Tae want to cancel the date if anything.

“Y/N. Truth or dare?” Jungkook abruptly asked.

“Me? Oh, Truth.”

An arrogant smirk came from the boy as he remembered the bit of gossip that Taehyung had told him earlier.

“Is it true that you came out of your bedroom wearing only Jimin’s shirt after he came to visit?”

The rest of the boys shockingly exclaimed, having no idea of this happening. Your face had already began to turn red as Taehyung’s eyes were fixated on your answer. You wanted to clarify but how were you going to explain to them that it was just to make Tae jealous and that nothing was going to between you and Jimin? Even though this was also new to JImin as well he looked pretty pleased at what he had just heard.

“Yeah…It’s true..” You admitted.

“Holy shit. No way..” Yoongi let out as well as Jin.

Jimin bit his lip, trying to act cocky. You felt his hands roaming on you once more as well as his lips being pressed up against the back of your neck.

“She just can’t seem to keep her hands off of me, so I gave in.”

You clenched your fists, digging your nails into your palms. There was nothing you could do that wouldn’t make you look like an idiot so you avoided even looking over at Taehyung at this point.

“Jimin, Truth or Dare?”


“If you guys really are a thing now, I dare you to prove it by kissing her.”

The rest of the boys were cheering the two of you on but Taehyung stood up, leaving the room. You look back at Jimin.

“There’s no point he already left.” You whispered.

“That’s okay…”

Was all he said before he started to lean in towards you. Feeling pressured you placed your hands on his face while his still held your sides. As only milliseconds went by you finally felt his soft lips now touching yours for the first time. He felt different than imagined and he was actually really good at it. Really good at it. It felt wrong since he was your friend for so long but it also felt as if you were waiting for this moment. Just for a second the thought of Taehyung slipped your mind and you were completely engulfed by the kiss.

By the time he pulled away you already wanted more, looking up at him. Jimin’s lips formed into a small smile that had you melting in your seat. You had to stop yourself from getting too caught up in this when you reminded yourself that it was all fake. The boys had already moved on to the next person and Jimin didn’t seem too caught up in what just happened either. You stood up from his lap. 

“I’ll be right back..” You told him.

Jimin grabbed your hand and you looked back at him.

“Don’t be gone too long.” 

You managed a smile. “Yeah, I won’t.”

Looking around the house you tried to figure out which room Tae must have been hiding in. As you turned the corner you felt yourself run into someone’s chest.

“S-sorry-…Taehyung? Where did you run off to?” You asked, seeing the boy in front of you.

“My phone vibrated in my pocket and I got up to answer it.”

You just nodded, thinking he may be lying. The two of you stood in the quiet hallway without saying a word. Taehyung finally spoke up to break the silence. 

“Did Jimin tell you anything earlier?”

You furrowed you eyebrows in confusion. “What would he have told me?”

“I texted him was dumb. I didn’t think you were actually together, I just thought that maybe it was a misunderstanding. No wonder he didn’t reply back.”

“Why? What did you say to him?”

He let out a sigh. “He already knew I had a crush on you so I told him to back off if something was going on between the two of you. I wasn’t trying to get between you if you were already together but I thought I had a chance when you agreed to go out with me.”

The lump in your throat caused you to stay silent, not knowing what to say. Jimin already knew this whole time that Taehyung liked you so there was no reason to pretend for you two to date. It was then you realized his actual feelings for you and why everything felt so real. You had already liked Taehyung this whole time but now you were starting to get confused. Finally, you decided that the truth would probably be the best thing.

“We aren’t together. Jimin and I, I mean.”

Taehyung’s head snapped up and he finally made eye contact with you.

“But earlier and the kiss-?”

You exhaled in frustration. “It was all fake. I mean it was supposed to be in the first place but I didn’t know that Jimin liked me. I thought he was going to help me go on a date with you but you already asked me on my own and I forgot to call it off. I know planning this might make me seem like a weirdo but it was only because I liked you!”

“You were trying to make me jealous?” He asked, sounding unconvinced.


“So you like me then? Just tell Jimin that then. You don’t have to cater to him just because you’re his friend. It’s only going to hurt him worse if you keep doing stuff like this.”

“but I might like him.” You said quietly.

“You what?” 

“I don’t know, okay? This really sucks because I know you’re friends and we all hang out all the time and if I pick one of you it will ruin everything! I shouldn’t have even said anything or did any of this in the first place. It’s my fault…”

“Yeah it kind of is. What the hell were you thinking?” 

“I just wanted to be with you! I didn’t want to see you go out for dates anymore, talk about other girls to me, or see you bringing home someone else. I’m sorry that was so selfish of me!”

He scoffed. 

“It’s only selfish because you want both of us!”

Someone knocked on the room door and when you both turned around you saw Jimin in the doorway.

“Is everything okay?”

Taehyung clenched his fists.

“Don’t play innocent! God, I don’t even want to deal with this anymore. I’ll see you at home Y/N.” 

You watched as he stormed out of the room, pushing past Jimin. Ultimately you felt yourself tearing up. You did it. You ruined it. 

Jimin hesitantly walked over to you. When he tried to put his arm around you, you pushed him away.

“Don’t….I’m not playing this game anymore, Jimin. It’s over…He already told me you already knew.” You mumbled.

“And you told him you couldn’t be with him because you liked me.” 

“I’m serious! I’m not picking between the both of you! He’s right. What the hell was I thinking? This is literally a shit show that I started. I’m not ruining things between you two. Just don’t contact me anymore..”

Jimin flinched, not expecting you to yell at him. 

You ran out of the room, pulling your phone out. Your fingers dialed a friend’s number. 

“Hey, Can I spend the night with you? I need to find a new apartment.”

Dating T’Challa would include...

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  • Being called “queen/king” by him
  • T’Challa kissing your hand like a lot
  • Him spending the night on your house and saying “I’m a king” (he’s joking, of course) whenever you ask him to do something
  • “Babe, it’s your time to wash the dishes”
  • “Are you kidding me? I’m a freaking king, (Y/N)”
  • He washes the dishes anyway
  • Dora Milaje being your best friends on Wakanda, since all of you care so much about T’Challa
  • Him letting you wear his crown sometimes
  • “You’re my servant now”, you joke
  • “As you wish, your highness”
  • Long and passionate kisses
  • I mean, seriously, he can’t get enough of your lips and when he has to say goodbye to you, he will give you at least 3 long kisses before actually leaving
  • Slow make out sessions just because he’s a fucking teaser
  • Intense and passionate sex, because T’Challa is the type of guy who makes love to his S.O slowly, making them feel every single damn thing
  • T’Challa loving you unconditionally
  • Him crying on your lap when he’s feeling sad or missing his father
  • You being the reason why he didn’t gave up on everything
  • Wakanda’s nation loving you
  • Daydreaming with him about having kids and about how he’s gonna be a good father
  • Him saying “I love you” to you on his native language
  • Having african nicknames for you
  • T’Challa definitely putting a ring on your finger
I got a letter tonight from a teen inmate that made me cry.

I usually don’t share this type of stuff, but I thought I’d share this today because it gave me a lot of perspective.  If this person (a juvenile sentenced as an adult) can be happy, why can’t we?  He’s still under 21.  When I met him, he was suicidal.  Just a kid in an adult prison with no will to go forward.
Now he is flourishing and I’m so proud of who he’s become.  
So I will share some snippets of the letter.  I don’t use names, so I’ve just put blanks where names are.  The two names are my own and his girlfriends.  I just want you guys to know that writing just one person when they need someone in their lives can make the biggest difference.  So if you feel compelled to write someone you feel needs a friend, don’t hesitate.  Throw caution to the wind.  Just sit down, write your letter, and mail it out.  You might really change the persons life forever.  They might change your life forever.  You never know.

Hey ____,

Hopefully you don’t get this too late.  Prepare yourself for a super lame sappy ass letter.  It’s the best present I can give you, sorry.
Anyway, I can’t even begin to express how much you’ve done for me in the 3 years that I’ve known you.  You’ve basically held my hand & helped me through my lowest, darkest points in life & I assure you that I don’t take it for granted for a single second.  If you hadn’t started talking to me I guarantee I’d be dead right now.  Seriously, you are the first person who has ever made an effort to show me that you support me & believe in me without wanting me to be someone I’m not.
Honestly, for the longest time, the only reason I didn’t kill myself was because I couldn’t bring myself to do it before I got to give you a hug & actually talk to you face to face.  & if I didn’t have you then I wouldn’t have met ____ & I can’t thank you enough for getting her to write me.  That is the best thing you could have ever done for me, & I will always owe you for that.  Without you I wouldn’t have a TV, or be as good of an Artist or even have what little bit of a relationship I have with my mom.  You are the most reliable person in my life.  I know that if you say you’ll do something for me, it’s as good as done.  I’m a very untrusting person, so it’s nice to have someone who I know I can trust & rely on 100%.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  I defend you vehemently whenever my family tries to criticize you, which by the way they’ve stopped doing.  It makes me incredibly angry when they try to say you’re not a real friend.  I’ve told them repeatedly how without all you do for me I’d have killed myself & then they’ll say I have them & I’m like “NO I DON’T!”.  They don’t like when I point out how they’ve sat back & let me do my time on my own, & you’re the one who’s done all the stuff they should be doing   I wish I could like do something for you.  When do you think you’ll be able to visit again?  I wish I could see you more often, but it’s okay.  I promise I won’t always be so awkward, I just have to get used to you.  I really did love seeing you face to face though, & giving you a hug was great!  Although I was unprepared for the kiss & it startled me (I only kissed him on the cheek guys so don’t get any ideas) but it was nice too!
I don’t know if ______ told you, but she’s gonna try to kiss me on the lips & if that happens I swear I’ll die!
I just got my books, & want to thank you endlessly.  Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.  I always feel bad cuz I don’t call you more often & you do so much for me, but every time I use the phone I call ____.  I can’t help it.  I’m in love with her!
& My mind is much clearer these days.  I haven’t done any drugs in over 3 months!!!!  I love you & can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done & continue to do for me!

Fixing the Broken (Part 1 )

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New fic, probably a long one. Let me know what you think by stopping by my ask box! I am an absolute mess rn so ignore if there are any mistakes, enjoy.

Summary: Lance and Y/N are going through a divorce, but can their son change the route of the future?

Lance Tucker x Fem!Reader (I’m still working on gender neutral writing guys,give me time)

You were outside the entrance of the kindergarten, waiting for your 5 year old little boy to come out. It had been a busy day at work and you were ready to forget everything and spend time with your little one. Life was no easy, especially now that your soon to be ex husband had moved to his friends’ place.  He always made sure to spend time with James, your son, but he avoided you. It wasn’t that you ended your relationship with a fight, it was just an awkward and uncomfortable tension.

You heard the bell go and kids starting to run out of the school. Your lips twisted into a smile when you saw James walking slowly towards you with his backpack bigger than himself.

Keep reading