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You can travel back in time to one point in exos history and talk to the exo members and say something that might change their future (I.e you tell them SUHO needs to go blonde sooner or you teach them how to say wolf properly) what would you say to them and how will that change their future?

Oh wow I legit have something to say to each and every one of them though, leggo:

Suho: I want to go back to when they’re about to come back with overdose. I would tell him that he’s an amazing and strong person. Nothing that’s about to happen in the next few month is his fault. That we all love him and will be behind him the whole time.

D.O and Tao: Before wolf promotions, I’d tell them that the cordi noonas are going to put them into some very ugly and well puffy sleeved shirts and they’ll have to do all they can to not wear them, or else they’ll be made fun of for a while…..

Kai and Kris: Go Blonde, you both should’ve gone blonde earlier. Well Kris should’ve gone silver/blonde earlier.


Luhan: Before debut I would’ve sat Luhan down and told him how he’ll be the king of derp and that he should watch his face or don’t either way he’s going to be all over the internet.

Xiumin: Sing solos, get solo things, do solo things, don’t be shy you have an amazing voice and personality, you’ll go far little grasshopper :)

ALL OF EXO: Before their first debut showcase I would tell them that they’re going to be an amazing group. As long as they stick together, love each other, watch out for each other. They’ll win all the fans hearts by being themselves. They don’t need to be anyone else. 

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