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It’s not uncommon for rookie groups to run into each other often, due to the near constant cycles of promotions. Fate seems to have a lot in store for you and Kang Daniel of Wanna One.
for anon who requested idol!reader who meets Daniel backstage; he develops a crush.
You waited onstage nervously for the music of your group’s title track to begin playing. One of your members whispered ‘hwaiting!”, and the others in your group smiling in response.

“Five, four, three two one!” Your maknae kicked off the song, flashing her signature smile at the camera as the music started up, the pop music overwhelming you. You moved to the beat of the choreography, having danced that dance at least a thousand times in preparation for your promotions.

As the rapper of your group, you had the second verse, and you made sure to smile charmingly like your company had taught you as you popped out from behind your members as the choreography dictated. You smoothly went through the verse, making sure to hit each aspect of the choreography.

The final chorus began, and the usual confetti exploded as your main vocal hit her high note, the crowd cheering. Waiting offstage, you noticed Wanna One waiting by the stairs, dancing to the catchy song.

This was the second time that your promotions had crossed paths with Wanna One, and you two had debuted around the same time. One of your members, Ara, and Seongwoo had co-MC’d on Music Bank for a while, so you were at least acquaintances with their members.

As your song ended and your group hurried offstage, you made sure to bow to Wanna One, greeting them. You were the last one to leave, and you hurried to bow to each member, wanting to be polite.

“Nice stage!” One of the members, Kang Daniel, congratulated with a smile.

“Ah, thank you,” you exclaimed, bowing again, “Wanna One hwaiting!” You held up your fist, and the boys laughed, echoing your cheer.

After the show had ended, your group was herded out to your van to head back to the dorms. Just as you were about to leave, your manager paused, frowning.

“Where’s the cordi noona?” The unni who did your outfits was going on vacation soon, and so she was planning on going to your dorm with you to show you what outfits to wear and how to style them. Your company was a small one, and their only group was yours, CIEL, and so you didn’t have much money to spare.

“I guess she’s still back there,” Jisoo, another member, piped up.

“I can go back and look for her,” you offered, wanting to stretch your legs a bit before the ride back to the dorm.

“Ah, thanks (y/n),” your manager said with a smile, “if you get into any trouble, just call me and I’ll go, okay?”

“Got it!” You hurried out of the van back into the building, checking the various rooms for her. You jogged down the hall, pulling out your phone to text her.

“Oh? Skye-ssi?” You jolted at the sound of your stage name, turning around to see Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo and Lee Daehwi standing outside of their dressing room.

You bowed quickly, greeting them.

“Skye-ssi, I really like your group’s song,” Daehwi said cheerfully with a smile.

“Ah, thank you,” you smiled, bowing again, “your comeback was amazing, as usual.”

“You’re really talented as a rapper,” Daniel smiled, making you blush slightly at the compliment.

“Thank you, thank you!” You bowed quickly, “good luck in your promotions!”

“You too!” Daniel called as you raced off, glancing in every room.

“Oh! Unni!” You finally found her, sitting on one of the benches, a huge pile of clothing bags next to her.

“(y/n)!” The cordi unni smiled, getting to her feet, “what happened to your manager? I thought he was going to help me with these outfits?”

You sighed,surveying the large pile of clothing, “no, I guess there was a miscommunication. It’s okay, I’m sure we can carry it.”

You struggled to lift more than half of the huge pile, trying to balance the slippery bags on top of each other. You kept dropping them, and when you went to pick one bag up, another would fall. You groaned in frustration, holding back the urge to kick one of the bags.

“Need a hand?” You peered over the pile of clothing bags to see Kang Daniel looking back at you, a slightly concerned look on his face.

“Yes,” you sighed, “our manager was supposed to help us with these outfits, but he didn’t quite get the message.”

“It’s fine, you’re just taking these out to your van?” Daniel asked, taking a few of the bags from both you and your cordi unni, significantly lightening the load.

“Yup!” The cordi unni chirped, before looking closer at Daniel, “woah, Kang Daniel?”

Daniel nodded, doing his best to bow with all the clothing in his arms.

“Wah, I’m meeting Mr. Nayana himself!”

“No, unni, that’s Lee Daehwi,” you whispered to the cordi unni. Next to you, Daniel suppressed a chuckle. “This is Mr. Center.”

“He’s still a celebrity!” The cordi unni smiled, bumping her shoulder into yours, “look at you, (y/n), making connections.”

“Oh!” Daniel looked down at you, looking surprised, “your name is (y/n)?”

“Yeah,” you smiled, “Skye is just a stage name.”

“To be honest, I thought you were foreign,” Daniel said sheepishly, “you know, your rap has English, and your pronunciation is good.”

“Oh, thank you!” You grinned as the three of you exited the building, heading towards your van.

As your unni opened the trunk of the van, piling the outfits in there, you turned to Daniel to thank him.

“No worries!” He replied, smiling easily, “it was no trouble, and I’m happy to help you out.”

You blushed a tiny bit as he patted you on the back before heading back inside, typing something into his phone.

The next time you saw Daniel, you were backstage with the other girls, crying. You’d managed to take home your first win, and the five of you were huddled into a group hug, your staff surrounding you fondly like proud parents.

As your group dispersed, other idol greeting and congratulating you as they headed to their dressing rooms, you caught sight of Kang Daniel.

“Congratulations,” he said with a smile, giving you a hi-five. “Your group deserved the win.”

“Thank you,” you beamed up at Daniel, eyes still a bit glassy from the tears you had shed earlier.

The other girls headed back to the dressing room and you moved to follow, stopped by Daniel reaching out and placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Daniel, what’s up?” You asked in confusion, looking up at the taller male. He smiled down at you, looking almost embarrassed as his cheeks took on a pale pink flush.

“I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me your phone number,” he said in a rare moment of shyness, holding his phone out, “I’ve really been wanting to ask for a while, but I always got too nervous. I really, really want to go on a date with you.”

You smiled widely, quickly punching your phone number and nickname into the new contact. Daniel accepted his phone with a grin, reaching out to hug you.

“Congrats again, (y/n),” he said earnestly, hugging you on the side.As Daniel walked away quickly to join his own group, an idea occurred to you.

“I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet!” You yelled after him, giving Daniel a wink as he turned around, the look of surprise melting into a happy one, two front teeth sticking out a bit more as his eyes curved up.

That night, you were texted an e-ticket to a showing of Wonder Woman the next weekend.

anonymous asked:

You can travel back in time to one point in exos history and talk to the exo members and say something that might change their future (I.e you tell them SUHO needs to go blonde sooner or you teach them how to say wolf properly) what would you say to them and how will that change their future?

Oh wow I legit have something to say to each and every one of them though, leggo:

Suho: I want to go back to when they’re about to come back with overdose. I would tell him that he’s an amazing and strong person. Nothing that’s about to happen in the next few month is his fault. That we all love him and will be behind him the whole time.

D.O and Tao: Before wolf promotions, I’d tell them that the cordi noonas are going to put them into some very ugly and well puffy sleeved shirts and they’ll have to do all they can to not wear them, or else they’ll be made fun of for a while…..

Kai and Kris: Go Blonde, you both should’ve gone blonde earlier. Well Kris should’ve gone silver/blonde earlier.


Luhan: Before debut I would’ve sat Luhan down and told him how he’ll be the king of derp and that he should watch his face or don’t either way he’s going to be all over the internet.

Xiumin: Sing solos, get solo things, do solo things, don’t be shy you have an amazing voice and personality, you’ll go far little grasshopper :)

ALL OF EXO: Before their first debut showcase I would tell them that they’re going to be an amazing group. As long as they stick together, love each other, watch out for each other. They’ll win all the fans hearts by being themselves. They don’t need to be anyone else. 

anon count: 4/5

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