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Smth i hate about straight white men writing marginalised characters it feels to me that its either gross stereotypes or "this is how i feel you SHOULD act" im so sick of settling for badly or grossly written characters because its the only lesbian i can identify with :(

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It is one of the most tiring things in my entire life.

Straight White Men do not know how to write marginalized characters, I’ve seen good attempts and I’ve seen bad attempts. But I’ve never seen a Straight White Man succeed and at this point, I just have no faith in any of them.

Which is why I wholly support more marginalized writers and developers, especially in the gaming industry. It is why I want in the gaming industry, because we need to see more of ourselves there. Not just as characters, but actual developers with direct input.

I love how perfectly imperfect Jay and Erin’s relationship is. They’re both learning to trust and to let the walls down. They have both been lonely in their pain and sadness in the past, and they had been through so much individually before meeting each other. They still have a lot of insecurities and guilt and baggage.
So yes they will sometimes lash out and snap at each other (Jay admitted that it’s his coping mechanism very early on). They will sometimes choose unhealthy ways to deal with certain situations - we saw Erin do that and we know Jay went through something similar when he came home. They have both been in survival mode before and for both that means building walls up to protect themselves but also the people around them. And because they both still feel like they’re not good enough sometimes, going back to survival mode can be easier than facing the problems head on.
The journey of them learning to trust each other and lean on each other is not going to be easy or fast. Easing into it slowly but surely is the realistic approach and I am so glad we have gotten to see it, and am hoping we will continue to. There’s so much beauty in their bond and a part of it is exactly the fact that they’re learning simultaneously, as they go. Both their pasts were incredibly hard and they’ll always carry the demons from those times with them. But they make it easier for each other now. Best part of it is, the journey is not over yet at all :)

Ohgosh it doesn`t seem that long ago I reached 400 ;o;. The past few months my activity has grown drastically with the appearance of more and more FF2 blogs. I`ve also started to take the look of my blog more seriously and am in the process of revamping it thanks to the teachings of @infiniitas. Ahh I don`t know where to begin to thank you all for sticking with me through my ups and downs and especially putting up with my muse and his stubbornness when it comes to being active. Thank you so much for sticking with me I love you all and I`m so glad I`ve made so many friends here. 

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