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“If we kiss, it’ll definitely hurt a lot.”

“…How was it?”

“Just as I expected. It was like a rough, dry wilderness. Also, it was really, really warm… Hey, it’s cold, so let’s do it one more-”

the way keith had his towel on his head made me think of the kiss scene in toradora so obviously i had to draw it

Grover and Annabeth

Listen guys but we don’t focus on the friendship between Annabeth and Grover enough? Like other than Luke and Thalia, Grover is Annabeth’s oldest friend in the demigod world. They know each other so well

  • After Thalia becomes a tree, there’s a time when Luke becomes really distant and focused on training, shutting everything else out. Grover’s the only one Annabeth can talk to
  • Annabeth is the only one who’s always believed that Grover can be a searcher, since the beginning
    Like when the Council of Cloven Elders try and revoke his searcher’s license, she wants to throttle them, and she has to be stopped from doing so
  • Whenever Annabeth’s really, really upset about Luke during the titan war, it’s not Percy she goes to. It’s a complicated subject between them, but Grover understands, because who else would? 
  • Grover being the number one Percabeth shipper since the beginning, like I know Piper being a huge Percabeth shipper is funny and all, but let’s be real Grover’s the biggest
  • Annabeth going to Grover for advice when she first realised she had a crush on Percy because who else would she turn to?
  • When Percy and Annabeth start going out, Grover has separate talks with both of them making sure they don’t plan on hurting the other (even though he really knows he doesn’t need to, but he’s been waiting to do this for years)
  • Annabeth makes a super big effort to be friends with Juniper because she can tell he’s super important to Grover
  • Grover dragging Annabeth to wildlife conservation marches, and Annabeth getting super into it and creating big signs 
  • Annabeth and Grover having inside jokes from the good memories of their time on the run, referencing it 
  • Percy always rolling his eyes when they do so because why does he love these dorks?
  • When Percy and Annabeth sleep together for the first time, Grover totally realises and man, it’s mortifying for everyone involved
  • Whenever someone makes fun of Grover for being the Lord of the Wild because ‘he’s just a weak, runty, satyr loser!’ Annabeth goes mad
  • Percy usually stops her from getting into fights but this time he’s helping her
  • Imagine when Grover’s the best man at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, he not only tells a bunch of stories about Percy but also about Annabeth, because he has loads from when they were younger
  • Grover being the godfather of Percy and Annabeth’s child
  • Grover totally crying when he sees the baby for the first time
  • Annabeth working with Grover on how to make camp half-blood and camp jupiter greener 
  • Annabeth 100% making sure all the buildings she designs when she’s a leading architect are sustainable and environment-friendly, and you bet Grover’s so proud
  • Just
  • Grover and Annabeth’s friendship

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i’m starting to feel like i need to know why people unfollow when they do and it’s not nice because i’d rather be blissfully unaware of their reasons than think of mistakes i’ve maybe made but i also just really need to know why?

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I mean...1st birthday is a major thing for (most) parents. It's actually huge. And what we got was a meh attempt of 3 second muted almost-kid-in-fire-cause-B-must-look-good-for-the-camera video ON THE FLOOR with generic cake. I can anyone think it's real??????

Let’s tone it down before we get celebrations 2.0 on this blissful Sunday

Alo loves… Killua!
Alo loves… @ttachibana!!
Alo loves… Supporting my dear friends in any way I can!! I’m here for you cutie pancakes. 💙 I will send u all the encouraging wordsss

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The thing is the baby goes to bed and we're supposed to think he would just awkwardly hang around her family? 1yr olds don't party into the night lol when my sister's baby turned 1 we had a little party in the day just family then we went out clubbing to celebrate with her friends while my mom stayed with the sleeping baby. Nothing louis did yesterday was weird

Then stay in your lane and enjoiy what you got! Why bother coming here and annoying me? As always, your side look at one detail and tries to explain it, usually with the not all mothers/fathers/kids/whatever tool. I look at the wider picture and I go mmm, nope. Have I come and insulted you? bothered you? no, so :)

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I just want to say you seem like a very positive person and I always enjoy seeing your posts, they make me happy 😊

(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* you guys are always so sweet to me, i should be thanking all of you for making it so easy to be positive!

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