can i be you nick


i remember watching this episode for the first time thinking it’d be really good because of the fact that it started with true american but then it ended with my heart being ripped out so, what’s good, new girl writers? wanna repair my heart in these upcoming episodes?


Holy Mother Teresa I finished.

It started with drawing dancing tigers and then this happened. 

Man this movie was good.

The entire class when I say anything remotely snarky/sarcastic to one of them.

The lost dress | New recruits
  • Judy: Where the hell is it? I always have it here, next to the short black one and the long red one. I couldn't have moved it!
  • Judy looks through her wardrobe again
  • Judy: Nick? Have you seen my dress?
  • Nick: *shouting from the bathroom* which one?
  • Judy: the one for Amy's wedding
  • Nick: have you looked properly? I'm sure it's in there somewhere
  • Judy: have I looked? OF COURSE I'VE LOOKED!
  • Nick: ok ok calm down, only asking. Well I wouldn't know where it is Carrots
  • Judy: what am I going to do? The weddings on Sunday and I can't find the dress!
  • Judy: nick you better not be on the toilet I'm coming in
  • Nick: NO DON'T DO TH-
  • Judy walks into the bathroom and finds Nick standing there in Judy's missing dress
  • Nick: I can explain
  • Judy: really? Go on then I can't wait to here this
  • Nick: well umm
  • Judy: well?
  • Nick: I don't know, but I do look cute right?
  • Judy: I can't argue with that
  • Nick smiles and so does Judy
  • Judy: you dumb fox
  • Judy kisses Nick on the cheek
  • Judy: *whispers in Nick's ear* I'm sure everyone at the office will love this
  • Nick: *gulps loudly* shit
  • Bethesda: You can't romance Nick Valentine
  • Me: *knee deep in shippy fanfiction* Sorry I couldn't hear you what did you say
  • Bethesda: I said you can't romance Nick Valentine
  • Me: *rolling around in a bookmark folder full of shippy fanart* I can't hear a thing you're saying over all the noise you have to speak up
  • Me: *downloading a mod that allows me to romance Nick Valentine* GOSH IT SURE IS LOUD IN HERE TODAY, CAN'T HEAR A WORD
  • John: (reading card in a monotone voice) Heed my voice mortals, for I am the God of ___, and I will not tolerate ___.
  • Smii7y: John, could you read that a bit more enthusiastic for us?
  • Nick and Craig: (cracking up in the background)
  • John: I literally can't
  • Nick: Can you give us like, just a little bit mor-
  • Craig: a bit more UMPH
  • John: I literally can't :(
  • Everyone: (short silence)
  • Smii7y: John.
  • Smii7y: Can you read it in your best voice possible? <3
  • John: (Without hesitation, reads the card with his "best voice possible") H E E D M Y V O I C E M O R T A L S, I A M T H E G O D O F ____, A N D I W I L L N O T T O L E R A T E *SLAMS TABLE* ____.
If Zootopia was a Reality TV Show

Nick (talking to camera): So I’m dropping hints that I’m interested in her..

Various clips of Nick popping up out of nowhere are shown in succession:

At Judy’s desk:

Nick: Date me?

Judy(in monotone): no.

At water cooler:

Nick(with bedroom eyes): Date me?

Judy: *sighs*

On metro:

Nick: Don’t you love me?

Judy: Technically

Nick: Well what better reason than-

Judy: no.

Getting lunch:

Nick: So this is a date, right?

Judy: Yep!

Nick: Really?

Judy: no.

In filing room:

Nick: Oh, come on. What do you have to lose?

Judy: How about my dignity and self-respect?

Nick: I can’t be that bad.

Judy(smiling): yeah, you’re worse.

Flips back to Nick:

Nick: Last Monday she hesitated before rejecting me so I guess you could say I’m making progress. *raises eyebrows suggestively*

Flips to Judy talking to coworker:

Judy: -and I cannot stand him.

Nick: You know, I can stop if you ask me to.

Judy: How do you keep showing up everywhere?!

Nick: I’m sneaky. It’s kinda my thing, Carrots. If you want me to stop just say so.

Judy: Well I- that’s…

Nick: Uh huh. Admit it. You want me to like you. *lowers voice* Like-Like you.

Coworker: I’m just gonna…go…now 

Nick: I’m right, aren’t I?

Judy: Shut up.

Laura Barton tho.

Laura “Clint please stop the home renovations” Barton.

Laura “I know you work for SHIELD Clint, stop giving me that guilty school boy look and just go on your secret mission already” Barton.

Laura “Clint I will tolerate most of your shit but if you so much as think of giving Lila sugar before asking me Nick’s gonna have to look for a new secret agent” Barton.

Laura “get your ass down here Maria, I haven’t seen you ages” Barton.

Laura “you are not allowed to tell Lila and Cooper mission stories, jfc Maria you should know better, even Natasha doesn’t do that” Barton.

Laura “kids uncle Nick cannot play with your because he’s going to be busy explaining why he hasn’t come around for dinner in four months, and he better have a good excuse” Barton

Laura “Clint, please honey no more home renovations, go play on the farm” Barton.

Laura “you’re family too Nick so come back alive to us all right” Barton.

Laura “Natasha I realised you were part cat years ago, don’t bother about it put your head down” Barton.

Laura “Nick please send my husband on a secret mission, he’s got out the tool box, NICK PLEASE” Barton.

Laura “Nat this kid is going to be named after you shut up and get me some good celebratory vodka when you’re done with this mission” Barton.

Laura “Clint those cookies are for Melinda and Nick, Nat you can’t eat them either” Barton.

Laura “come on guys don’t you think you’ve all had enough maybe we should call it a — WAIT DID THOSE AGENTS REALLY SAY THAT ABOUT NICK WHAT FUCKING ASSMUNCHING SHITBAG MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS” Barton.

Laura “and you call yourselves secret agents, you can’t even get out from under the blankets while hungover, what am I going to do with you bunch” Barton.



Knocking on Heaven's Door
Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, & Stevie Nicks
Knocking on Heaven's Door

Stevie Nicks joined Bob Dylan and Tom Petty on their 1986 Australian tour, jumping in for a few songs. After two shows she had to leave because she didn’t have a working permit.

But we got this decent recording of Knocking on Heaven’s Door, so…