can i be you jules

My personal theory here, is that Ophelia is falling hard for Jules and I don’t think that’s happened to her much, if ever. She might not even realize it. As for Jules, I think she is developing feelings for O, she just thinks they are friend feelings. Real good friend feelings. Straight platonic friend feelings. Also there will be pining. And someone gonna have an “oh shit” moment and realize they have a Big Lesbian Crush™ on the other and then try to shove that way down and not think about. Ophelia most likely. Then Harris is gonna point out her BLC™ and bisexual ass gonna deny it for a bit. But ultimately she’ll lay her cards on the table for Jules and we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.


Jules: This is not a place of dark dwellers. You told me that-

Frederick: Ah I know what I told you and technically it is. It’s dark and it has people who are here. This is the only way I can get you to go anywhere, anyway. 

Jules: That’s not true. Just… the other places you suggest aren’t exciting.

Frederick : Well this place is. Let’s go inside. 

Ask me about my cat

Send me a number and I’ll answer for my cat

1. Name?
2. Fur color?
3. Any family you know (other than you)?
4. Age?
5. Favorite toy?
6. Nicknames?
7. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
8. Length of fluff?
9. Any funny habits?
10. How old were they when you met?
11. What does their food bowl look like?
12. Indoor or outdoor cat?
13. Recent picture?
14. Old picture?
15. Cuddly?
16. Ever changed their name?
18. Eye color?
19. How do they express love for you?
20. How do you express love for them?
21. Any theories on what breed?
22. Do they ever wake you up?
23. How much do they meow?
24. Any hiding spots?
25. Do they enjoy guests?
26. Lofty objects to sit on?
27. Wear a collar?
(and describe collar?)
28. How much shedding?
29. Do they enjoy brushing?
30. Ever drink from the toilet?
31. How do they get your attention?
32. Embarrassing thing they’ve done?
33. Weirdest thing they try to eat?
34. Are they like your siblings, children, or friends?
35. What time do they eat breakfast?
36. Do you cut their nails?
37. Do you think they understand you?
38. Ever make fun of them?
39. Do you take their picture often?
40. Ever hiss at you?
41. Ever try to scratch or bite you?
42. If you try to grab their paw, what do they do?
43. Do they ever eat bugs?
44. Canned or dry food?
45. Weight?
46. Ever got lost?
47. Do you buy them presents?
48. Do they respond when you call?
49. Do they ever see other cats?
50. Declawed?
51. Funniest expression?
52. Favorite place to be pet?
53. Worst thing they’ve destroyed?
54. Give them a head kiss.
55. What time of the year is most exciting for them?
56. Are they good at hunting real prey?
57. Do they ever attack nothing?
58. What are they doing right now?
59. How long have you had them?
60. If you could have them stay as a kitten forever, would you?
61. Ever baby-talk to them?
62. Favorite napping position?
63. Have you ever stepped on their paw?
64. Ever tripped you on stairs?
65. Any ear hair?
66. Favorite view from a window?
67. Describe why they are precious.
68. Fit the cat stereotype?
69. Chaotic neutral?
70. Do they enjoy following/ keeping you company?
71. Are you their favorite human?
72. Do they like tv?
73. Favorite noise to make?
74. If they were a Neko Atsume cat, what would their momento be?


“I want a paternity test.”

“W-What?” Juliet’s voice cracks slightly as the question slips from her lips.

“You heard me,” West replies, fighting to keep the anger out of his words. “Jules, you’re married. How else can I be sure it’s mine?”

“Of course it’s yours!” she gasps, and grabbing his hand she intertwines her fingers with his. “Westley, darling, I love you! We love each other. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“You don’t love me!” he snaps as he yanks his hand out of her grasp. “You love the idea of me, the idea that some knight in shining armor will come sweep you off your feet and away from your sad, lonely, pathetic existence, but you know nothing about me! And even if I did, at some point, have feelings for you, Juliet, I refuse to give up everything I’ve ever worked for in order to raise another man’s child. I’ll pay for the paternity test and we can be as discreet about it as you want, but until then I refuse to believe this baby is mine.”

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taylorswift Hi Tay, it’s Juli! You can call me Jules if you want since I call you Tay!(: I just wanted to say hello and that I hope you know how much I absolutely LOVE you! You’ve been a part of my life since I was 12 years old when ‘Fearless’ came out, and now I’m 19 and I’m so thankful to have you in my life every single day. You really do make my life a little easier to live in, and I have NO idea what I would do without you. <3
I know we’ve never met before, but…THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND💙
I love you always, Tay!

xoxo Juli aka Jules

u’ve heard of jen, now get ready for

me. hello.

this is very scary for me to be doing, but i am trying out the name julien, but you can all call me jules.

lately ive been dealing with a lot of dysphoria around my name, coupled with an anxiety abt thinking ppl are talking to/about me. this is a long time coming, i feel, but this is it now.

please, from now on refer to me as jules (or julien if u wish) ((jules is the nickname tho)) and if u could send this around so ppl will know.

ps. knowing me, i may revert back to my birthname, so stay alert i guess?????? thanks guys. 

@taylorswift I feel so lost, Tay. And it makes me feel so sad. I feel like I don’t have a place in this world where I belong. I’m 19 and it seems like everyone around me knows who they are or who they want to be, and I have no idea. You and your music and your contagious smile bring me comfort though, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope some day I can find my place:(
I love you always, T.

xoxo Juli aka JULES ❤️


the stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours. 💜
@taylorswift my love for you started 7 years ago, when I was 12 years old, but it became even stronger starting last year. Thank you for those two days in a row where you left the nicest little messages on my Instagram pictures. I have them printed out and they are taped to my wall and I look at them every single day. I’ve never met you, but those words that you took the time to write to me make me feel like I’m so close to you. I’m never going to stop loving and supporting you, and my love and admiration for you as a human being continues to grow every single day. I hope I can hug you some day soon! I love you ALWAYS, Tay.

xoxo Juli aka JULES