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the meaning of baekhyun
b is for his beautiful smile

You’ll touch my brother over my dead body.

You ever just think about how Taako’s death count was so low in comparison to the other boys? Do you ever think about why? 

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas extended out his hand. It wasn’t the first time Cas tried to return a gift when they fought. It’s not like they fought often, but sometimes the life got in the way like it had today, sending Dean packing to his room and Cas with nothing to do but go to apologize. It’s his fault, really. Dumbass should’ve answered his phone.

“It’s a gift. You keep those.” They’d done this before, but Dean wasn’t that pissed to ignore the fact that Cas was still in his room trying. He usually just waited around outside like a lost puppy.

Castiel shifted his feet, unsure of what to do. “I should’ve ––”

“Damn right you should’ve.” Dean looked at the angel in the eye, not daring to hide the anger and pain he felt. “You go dark like that right now? I thought the worst, man. The worst.” Dammit voice for breaking at the last word. He was not gonna get emotional.

For what it was worth, it seemed to stop Cas. “There is no excuse,” he moved to sit down on Dean’s bed. Dean tracked Castiel the entire time, his jaw clenched as he waited for Cas to continue. “I-I’m sorry, Dean. There is nothing I can say…”

If he didn’t look like a lost puppy then, man did he look that way now. Dean felt himself soften even though the anger was still there. He thought back to the entire year Cas has had, between Lucifer and losing Kelly and Dagon…

“It’s been a rough year for you. I mean I’m pissed, but I get it.” Dean shifted so that they were facing each other, knees knocking together. Castiel wouldn’t meet his eyes in the slightest, but if Dean was going to say what he was about to say it was probably better that way.

“Look,” he sighed before he moved to prod Castiel’s hand so that it opened up for him. “I called you god knows how many times. I thought Dagon had gotten to you or something or worse. Then when we found her and Kelly and there was no sign of you I thought something else must’ve gotten you. I never once thought you were ignoring us…” he felt that anger again, but he steeled himself. “But you can’t do that, okay? Just, not to me.”

Castiel squeezed Dean’s hand, grounding them both. “I need a win, Dean. I need to win one for you. For myself.”

“I get it man, but you’re not the only one throwing snake eyes here.” Dean moved to grab Castiel’s other hand, the movement causing for both their heads to  inadvertently move forward so that they were nearly touching foreheads. “You and me…” He almost added and Sam, but that was not the point right now. “Face it, we’re just better together. And we’ll get that win. Together.”

Castiel moved forward so that they foreheads touched fully, nothing more to be said. Dean knew if he said anything more he might ruin it, ruin what they have right now. 

“Together,” Castiel whispered. It was enough to calm Dean down fully.

They remained that way for a while before Sam called Dean back to the bunker. The hunter squeezed the angel’s hands once more before resting his lips on the angel’s forehead for one moment. When Sam called again twice is when Dean reluctantly moved and left Castiel in his room.

For his part, Castiel then spent the next ten minutes fighting with himself over what he was about to do. Dean would kill him, or worse, if he did what he was about to do, but if it was to keep those hands from hurting an innocent soul than Castiel would move Heaven and Hell for Dean. Dean was Castiel’s reason for living, even after the hell of a year he has had. He wasn’t going to let that soul be tarnished further with this burden. The choice had been made, even if Castiel’s being didn’t know if it was right.

With tears in his eyes, Castiel grabbed the colt and left his heart in Dean’s room.

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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate

you know who’s super cute?
you are
that lil chub on your stomach?
that’s cute too
and on your thighs?
dude even cuter
like man, you’re so cute, I dunno how you don’t see itall of you is so, so frickin adorable
and no, I don’t have to know what you look like to think you’re the cutest
because I already know that you’re so, so cute and that you’re so important. it’s okay if you don’t love the way you look right now, just know that I do. and I think you’re perfect

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ok listen i have FINALS in two weeks and i do not need to have sizediffential!kink regarding sam and dean to torment me this way pLEASE (but hell yeah 10/10!)

How’s the studying going, anon?

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I'm writing a story about a girl who is actually a ghost but doesn't know it. She just thinks her family is ignoring her. She meets a Medium boy. He sees her and they become friends. They fall in love. At the end of the story, the girl accepts that she's a ghost and.... moves on in words. Gets where she's going. Can you help with how they met?

Wow! This sounds amazing, I’m sort of unsure of what you mean when you say ‘medium boy’, but I’m sure I can work with this!

So, ideas as to how the ghost-girl and mortal (?) boy meet? Now, I don’t know anything of your characters, so I’ve compiled a list of vague ideas:

  • Hear me out, maybe ghost-girl sees him doing something stupid, then continues following him around all day, giggling, expecting him to not see her, or for him to hear the snide comments she’s making. He pretends to ignore her until one day she says something really flirty, he rolls his eyes and looks at her, deadpan ‘I know, I have a good ass, get over it.’ She totally flips out because ‘all this time he could hear me???’ (Sorry, this just popped into my head and I wanted to put it in!)
  • Her messing up an exam he’s in, because ‘no one can see me’ and not realising he can see her. After that he looks for her.
  • She saves him in a car accident, no one understands why he survives and he thought ‘the girl’ was a figment of his imagination, but she keeps appearing at random intervals and he’s starting to think his medication is too high.
  • The ghost-girl, decides to visit the hospital to see if she was ever brought there before she’d died. She’s checking the register, when a flurry of white coats and scrubs bustle past, a boy sprawled across a bed, bleeding out. She decided that she wanted to be there if he was to die, that way she could welcome him into his new life/death. She made her way to the surgery room, following closely and squinting at his features, she couldn’t tell whether she wanted him to survive or not.
  • He saw her sitting on a wall close to the Thames, crying. He didn’t understand why no one else wasn’t noticing it and left his friends to go and sit with her. She didn’t understand why he could see her, but she was happy all the same.

I don’t know your characters, so this might not be how they act at all, just message me for more prompts on it and we can chat it through if this isn’t right! I’d love to read it, good luck on all the writing. Lots of love from Yasmine xox

EDIT - Check out @send-me-paper-flowers response!