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todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

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I finished it!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ After three days of nonstop struggling with Twain’s hair. hope you guys like it! The audio is from The Emperor’s New Groove!

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Colombia approved a new law about "dangerous breeds", now everyone who have this kind of dogs have to have a special a registration and paid for permit to keep the dog, because of this many dogs end up being abandoned and being sacrificed! My best friend has a pit bull and she is the most adorable dog on earth! how can we prove that this breed are not really dangerous!

Well, my anonymous friend, firstly I can’t figure out whether you’re talking about Colombia the country, the county or a city, so I can’t look up your legislation.

Secondly, registering dogs isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. You might be disappointed that I’m not going to tell you what you wanted to hear.

How bad this new law is, and whether or not it’s fair, depends on the details, which I can’t find.

Where I am we have a general registration for ALL dogs. It’s a cheap annual fee if they’re desexed and if the dog gets loose and is picked up, it gets returned to the owners first time free of charge. That law is there to ensure the dog population doesn’t get out of control in suburbia, and that dogs that repeatedly escape and get onto the road can be identified and addressed.

Certain ‘restricted’ breeds have additional laws. They are supposed to only be kept if desexed if living in certain suburbs. They can only be owned by someone over the age of 18. They can only be walked in public by someone who is over 18. There is a minimum height for your fences. This legislation targets certain breeds, including the pit bull. While I don’t think it’s fair to target a particular handful of breeds, I do think these precautions are reasonable for any dog breed over 20kg.

If any dog attacks a human, or kills an animal, or comes close, it gets reclassified as a ‘dangerous dog’. These dogs must have an enclosure, not just a fence, and ‘Beware of Dog’ signs at the entrance to the property. They’re not to be walked in public, and are to be muzzled if outside of their enclosure. These dogs attract a higher registration fee, and if they escape they are likely to be seized and put down.

The difference between a ‘restricted breed’ legislation and this dangerous dog legislation is that these individual dogs have proven themselves to be dangerous. It is not condemning an entire breed. These measures have not resulted in more dogs being ‘abandoned and sacrificed‘, but there are more dogs around these days that look very much like pit bulls that are being labeled as ‘staffy crosses’.

All dogs bite. That’s how they eat. You can’t guarantee that any individual dog, of any breed, will never hurt a human. You simply can’t, and it’s irresponsible to do so.

We should be encouraging people to understand dog’s body language and dog etiquette to reduce the number of dog bites. Legislation won’t fix this problem, but neither will targeting certain breeds.

You can’t prove that ‘pit bulls are not really dangerous’. You can’t prove that for any breed, especially not a large, muscular one. The task lies in convincing the general public that the breed is not any more dangerous than any other breed of dog. Hey, it’s Labradors and Golden Retrievers that are statistically most likely to bite a vet and send them to hospital.

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Having good ambassadors for the breed in public and social media is vital to change public perception. Stop cropping their ears if you’re in a country that still allows this to happen. Socialize them well, with humans and other dogs. Train them well. Let them be as good as they can be, because they represent their breed.

Not all of these dogs are nice, but that could be said of any breed. The task remains to show that enough of these dogs are and don’t deserve to be singled out over any other breed.

It used to be rottweilers, dobermans and german shepherds that were vilified in this way. Society’s views can change, but it takes consistent good examples to do so.

Friday rambles

This is more rambly than usual, so be aware if you want to read this. Not sure if it makes any sense.

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oh boy.. I'm so sad ! I want to jump in my bed to give a big hug to my cats but I am allergic to cats ! and my skin is too sensitive recently I can't x') (same for my bird and my dog lol.... ) (I think you think that I am stupid to have animals if I am allergic to them, right ? x) ) sorry if I bother/spam you I'm hyperactive today !! hehehehe :3

Actually, no, I don’t think that.

In fact, having pets is probably a good thing if you have allergies to them, as long as it isn’t severe. That is because the constant exposure to the allergen over time can make your body get used to it. It is possible the more you are around your pets then you won’t be allergic to them anymore. That’s why people are not allergic to the plants in their own area but if they move they find themselves more prone to allergies. 

My top 3 favorite guys

So i got tagged by @chii-sana , thank you >ww<

1. Aizome Kento - B-Project: Kodou Ambitious

2. Nakahara Chuuya - Bungou Stray Dogs

(i can’t help but love this dork<3)

3. Jyugo (Nanbaka) & Kitakado Tomohisa (B-Project: Kodou Ambitious)

I couldn’t just decide between them, so they had to share 3rd place  (〃▽〃)

(my precious cinnamon rol, too good for this world..♥)

Oh, GOOD, my uncle just found his ridiculously ancient and dimwitted brittany, who wandered off last night and got picked up by the humane society (while he scoured the countryside three hours at a stretch with his other brittany, all night, searching). The storm we’re going to get would certainly have done it for her, if she hadn’t been found. 

This is the uncle who’s a grim piece of rebar with some cement chunk attached, as a professor, and mostly as a person so far as I can tell, but who helplessly and continuously feeds his adorable dogs at table, and has one (Tippet) that imperiously shouts at him until he resumes the stream of tidbits if for any reason he tapers it off. For all eighteen hours or so that JayJay was missing, he was devastated. But she’s BACK now– she’s BACK now and she isn’t going to freeze to death cold and alone and fallen down some hole in the storm!!

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Bad wifi sorry if you get this twice.I just can't stop picturing Viktor as a dog trainer and Yuuri bringing little Victor to him to be trained and Viktor completely going smitten for this adorable Japanese man but no matter how much he flirts he can't get through to Yuuri that "HELLO I LIKE YOU" so he trains Victor in Russian. Victor only responds to Russian commands so Yuuri has to come back and Viktor just leans in really close and says "I'll teach you Russian if you go on a date with me."

This is so pure and nice. I might write this. Would you mind if I wrote this? Idk it’s up to you anyways this is so cute thank you for actually sending this to me.

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What can a service dog do for autism? I'm just curious

A service dog for autism can help ease anxiety, can gently interrupt self-injurious stims during a meltdown, can help calm and de-escalate a meldown, can provide pressure by laying across your lap to help ease sensory overload, can be a focal point when becoming overloaded, and provide emotional support. 

If an autistic person is also dyspraxic or has other conditions that make daily tasks difficult, the dog can be trained to retrieve items, help with stability walking, and more. 

Service dogs can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks and can be beneficial for all sorts of disabilities though with autism a lot of the support is emotional and sensory. 


I can’t believe my dog woke me up at 6am on carnival Friday just to lead me to my parents’ uncharacteristically locked bedroom door

If it’s locked then there’s only a very few reasons why and I don’t want to confirm any of them

Actual fantasy

in seven years I’m married maybe , I am a children’s librarian at a school, I love my job and get to see babies every day, I have two adopted mid size mutts, I make enough money to eat nice food and have a clean small apartment and go to the doctor when I need to, if I am married I fully love and believe in my husband and his career which means he is creative and also has politics I can at least sort of get behind , I have a circle of friends who I have dinner parties with , we have a book club, I do go to yoga once or twice a week , I can still go to a park with my dogs on a sunny day