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to all my mutuals/followers that are on college:
  1. you will eventually get that degree,so relax! breathe and clear your mind once in a while. if you think the pressure is too much, just take a break, the world won’t end if you skip one day of class
  2. keep trying! always keep trying and do your best; you’re failing a class? just talk to your teacher/conselour/friends/someone that has already taken that class so you can come up with a plan b (and c, d, e…) and pass like a pro! yeah, you can fail, and i agree that parents are (mainly) the #1 reason why we are so fucking stressed all the time about passing our classes but it’s better to have tried a lot of things instead of panicking and do nothing about it
  3. don’t be afraid of making mistakes! you’re not sure if this carreer is for you? then think about it carefully and make a decision about it; change majors, change that class; you’re going to learn more from your mistakes than from your success
  4. organize your time! the day has 24 hours, you can do all of your stuff if you’re organized enough; yeah it sounds impossible but, at least try! it’s nice to get 1 or 2 things done out of 23434324 things to do, instead of none
  5. get the hell out of tumblr, if you need to… seriously
  6. sometimes homework is too much, so you better get that shit done with time instead of keeping all of your homework for sunday nights
  7. enjoy being in college! go out with your friends on friday nights, skip that boring class, explore your campus, don’t be afraid to meet new people… and find a balance! going out doesn’t mean you’re going to forget about your responsabilities 
  8. you will learn more on the real world than in college, college just will give you certain amount of knowledge; practice makes a master! if you can find a part time job where you can improve your skills (yeah goodbye to sleep and social life for a while but believe me, it’s worth it) go and take it!!!!
  9. remember: you will get through this, believe in yourself, you can do it!!!!

@zaytheczar replied to your post:“This white washing Boba Fett stuff is really getting to me. Like I’ve…”:

I dont want to come across as rude or anything, but imo its just a voice. Boba has been voice by many diffrent people, this is just another voice.

So I’ve been meaning to make a post about this lately and hadn’t had the chance to until now, so thank you for the reminder. I apologize in advance for my tone if I’m coming across as condescending, I really don’t mean to.

If we’re looking at it superficially, on its surface and in a vacuum, yes, it’s “just a voice.”  The problem is that we don’t exist in a social vacuum, and by extension neither does the choice of voice — especially for a franchise as large and as influential as Star Wars and Disney. They both have a global impact and reach, and as such also have the means and resources to find and locate better, more appropriate and fitting actors to fill roles.

I mention this because it both is and is not just a voice. Racism, historically, is built and maintained through both overt and covert actions, choices, policies, and so on. 

Why does that matter?

The choice to cast a well known white man to voice Boba Fett, a canonically brown man played by an indigenous actor of color from a historically disenfranchised population of people, what that choice is saying is that some voices are more acceptable, and worth more, than others.

It contributes to a continued historical precedence of erasing, and silencing, the literal voices of disenfranchised communities.

It is a choice that says what voices matter, whose voices are more “palatable,” whose voices are more acceptable, whose voices are worth hearing as compared to others.

Racism, and whitewashing, are not perpetuated through overt actions — they really can, and are, committed through the subtle (and not-quite-subtle) choices such as casting Jon Hamm as Boba Fett’s voice in a story that is first person perspective — which is an active choice that informs us, the audience, that Boba’s voice is white, or white sounding, rather than the voice he would and should have: an accented Maori man’s voice.

It’s playing into a safe route that isn’t so much safe as it is continuing to validate the subtle racism and discrimination that all people of color face when they speak english in an accented voice that says they aren’t “from here,” wherever “from here” might indicate to the recipient. 

And this? This is the kind of racial discrimination that is subtle, that is or can contribute to violence in a different way than it is in overt actions. It’s subtle, and it’s easy to miss, but to those of us who do speak with a noticeable accent, for those of us who do experience racism and racist micro-aggressions every day specifically because of our accents, because of our voices, it’s not any less racist, or offensive, or hurtful.

First of all, stupid. 

I was following almost 5,000 blogs this morning when I got up. Most of them are dead accounts now, accounts that are no longer in use or they’re bots or porn blogs or whatever - cause I don’t check shit before I follow people. 

If someone follows me, I follow back. I thought it was common curtsy - I didn’t know there was a rule. 

So I went through my followers and erased all the bots I could find and erased all the obvious porn blogs.  

I’m still at over 4,000. 

Sooooo - I think I’m gonna go through it again and erase blogs that aren’t exclusively Ao no Exorcist - and then I’ll start building it back up. (Which I can recognize a few usernames of people that I know - so I’ll not erase everyone but, you know what I mean? )

But anyway, 

Ya’ll hmu through messages if you want (cause I have no friends XD ) keep me company while I’m going through the list again? 

/or you guys can send in more asks that I can start once I’m done/

today, I had to make two kind of daunting phone calls, and today, I ended up getting two prayers answered. I got a very nice dental receptionist who made sure I wasn’t being overcharged for my next visit (after having quite possibly the worst cleaning experience I’ve had in a while), and I had a several hundred dollar school debt that was unfairly charged due to a mess-up with financial aid cancelled, when my only slim chance was getting more financial aid to pay for it in the first place.

today has been a good day

Guys, we finally have an apartment!

All the paper work has been done and money has been paid and it’s now ours!Ah, my back hurts and I’m still feeling a little off but the one thing that has been disturbing my mother and I for the past month and a bit is done and things is at peace…for now.

I now have a stable address for the time I’m there and I get to make it all homey!


anonymous asked:

can you talk a bit about Castiel?

I can try! I’ll admit, I don’t talk about him too much and he’s technically on the lower end of favorites (though, I do like him a lot–I really do like all the boys, honestly even if I have my favorite). 

So something about Castiel… I’m been re-reading the Manga recently for reasons so I’ll talk about stuff regarding this: 

I’m going to go into spoilers a bit with the first book, but this line hit me really hard. I was getting frustrated with how… rude Castiel was to Lynn about her birthday, telling her they’re as stupid as weddings, why should he even care, they’re not even friends, and he drives it down until he gets jealous/annoyed that she already spoke to the other boys about it and now he “has to deal with her”.

And Castiel definitely has a rough shell, I don’t think anyone can deny that, but I feel a large part of it is that he has a fear of those he cares about leaving him.

His parents left him for their job. He’s been alone for who knows how long now.

Deborah left him for her career (and as he learns later, purposely cut him out of it).

He nearly lost Lysander when he got hit with the car–his illustration is literally Candy holding him back when he wanted to run towards him. 

Even though he’s a bit of a loner, I don’t think he truly likes being alone, but he keeps that shell up because he doesn’t want to be hurt again. He has Demon, but I think he appreciates his friends a lot despite how he acts. And just… another reason I kind of wish he and Nathaniel talked about what Deborah did back then because I feel it’s more kept due to Nathaniel’s pettiness than anything.

Sure, he gets upset with his parents showing up, but I think part of it is when he builds up this wall to prevent getting hurt, he doesn’t want to have to deal with that. Like he doesn’t want to show how he feels that they’re gone or misses them or how it effects him. Whether it’s more his own weakness, not wanting them to feel they have to stay/not do what they are passionate about, or some combination you can probably debate yourself. 

But if there’s one thing I can say about Castiel, it’s that he really does have a good heart if you can get past his… general roughness with how he speaks and acts. How much he tried to apologize in Episode 17 too says plenty and I really do think there’s a lot more to him than a “scary bully” or anything. 

Finally, some brief angst: We know Castiel cares deep down, he helped Amber with her doll and was likely quite nice, so what specifically changed? Part of me wonders if he initially acted out hoping it’d bring his parents home when they first started working a lot or he first got emancipated. 

Clearly it didn’t work and he kept it with the shell he built up, but I really wonder if that’s what caused it in the first place. His parents just want him to be happy, but they don’t seem to realize his it effected him. 

At least he has Demon. 

today me and my two-year-olds were discussing the logistics of spider-man crawling on our ceiling - namely, would he be able to? they brought such profound wisdom as “too high” and “hot light” and “Pider-man little” and though we weren’t able to come to a conclusion beyond We Love Spider-Man, i’m pretty sure this is what school is all about

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Hi, I've known I'm a lesbian for awhile but am now realizing that I think I'm also attracted to non binary people too, but does that still make me a lesbian?

See that’s real complex because like, non binary fem-aligned people exist? Non binary identities kindof throw typical male female labeling totally out the window so I think more than anything the word you use to define your identity is up to you