can i be that guy


when the beat drops


he’s so fucking cute i want 17

me like a week ago: man fuck thog :/ he’s such a jerk he has no redeeming qualities and I hate him

me now, crying: I love thog so much…. my beautiful boy…. I want to see him grow up happy my sweet boy……

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hey i think i might have anxiety of some sort. i wanna bring up a psychiatrist or something with my parents but confrontation is...horrible for me. any tips? 8')

Just say that one of your friends was recently diagnosed, or has been discussing diagnosing themselves with their parents, and then tell your family that you relate a lot to their symptoms and that you think talking to someone outside of the family could help you/give you a new point of view on the situation.

People oftentimes hear the word ‘psychiatrist’ and immediately shut down or object and claim nothing is ‘wrong’ with you. It becomes a game of out-logicing them and also being more polite but insistent lol.


Let writers, traditional and digital artists, gif makers, edit makers, and anyone whom I have forgotten know that you appreciate them!

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Hey, guys! I’m just popping up here to let you all know I’m alive and well! I’ve just been taking some time off from this blog due to lack of inspiration when it comes to writing your requests (what is muse?) and I needed some time to recover from the holidays.

Anyways, the good news is, I plan on getting back to posting sometime around February… The BAD news though…  

I’ve decided that I don’t enjoy keeping up with my queue. So, instead of feeding it and breaking my back to keep it up to 25+, I’m going to back off and start posting just a few times a week. In short, you’ll only get new imagines roughly 3-4 times a week rather than once a day.

Thank you!

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“We’ll safety-pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together”

BBC’s Sherlock

I cannot believe the amount of time and effort the talented crew put into these episodes. 

The editors create this entire new way of looking at an object or person, just so the viewer could understand the ways of the brain of a genius. 

There are writers creating puzzles, which is 10x harder then solving. 

The visuals are absolutely marvellous, combined with something most people forget: sound. The sound editing in Sherlock is brilliant and is very much one of the reasons why Sherlock’s deductions are genius. 

There is a cohesive plot, woven around the mysteries that need to be solved. There goes care into creating great characters as well as great storylines, as well as great cases and they are balanced out wonderfully. 

Not to mention, they managed to make all of this happen, while still being perfectly capable of adding humourous notes here and there.

… and you guys… are seriously ridiculing all this hard work… bc John and Sherlock didn’t kiss.


what i hate is the whole “str8 people’s relationships are so fucked up just dump them lmao” trend on tumblr when those same abusive qualities can exist in queer relationships too?? like no queer relationships are not perfect and straight relationships aren’t inherently evil

@shujinkuro said: Everybody’s kyouhai?

Look at this face and see for yourself

friendly  reminder  that  noel  was  in  mr.  fitz’s  class,  which  means  he  was  taking  ap  english.

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers