can i be sick tomorrow


I’m sick.

it’s almost 6 am and i didn’t sleep because i’m ill

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why i even posted this

Parrish- All Of Me

Request-  Could you do a Parrish imagine kind of like the Scott one you did a while ago, where the reader got jealous, but instead of blowing up at him she was just really quiet and kept avoiding him? That one’s my favorite imagine of yours 💕

A/N- I have two more imagines to write after this, and I am working on a part two to the Stiles imagine “I Kind Of Needed It Too.”

“I’m home, beautiful.”
You felt the bed dip beside you, and then a hand slipping under the covers to trail over your arm. “Y/n, I can tell you’re awake.”
Jordan’s voice was soft and playful, but you sighed and slipped out from under the comforter and away from his touch. Your feet hit the wooden floor, and Jordan sat back in surprise. “Y/n? What’s wrong?”
“I’m just not in the mood,” you muttered, heading toward the bathroom.
“What?” he asked, alarm in his voice.
You heard his socked feet hit the floor, but you didn’t turn around to see him follow after you. The only glimpse you caught of him was when you were shutting the bathroom door in his face, leaving him standing there in confusion.
He was still in his uniform, probably fresh from the station, and you felt a little bad for just freezing him out, but you couldn’t do this anymore. You couldn’t lay there and act like everything was okay when the space between the two of you only seemed to be growing wider.
For the past few weeks, Jordan had barely been inside your shared apartment. With his crazy work schedule and the fact that Beacon Hills seemed to be welcoming the end of the world every other day, there was always something keeping you apart. It didn’t help that he spent more time around a bunch of teenagers than he did with you, and he had been canceling dates to go help them save the world. For a fiance, Jordan had a funny way of showing he wanted to marry you.
He knocked on the door, then tried the knob, but you had locked him out.
“Y/n,” he said. “Just tell me what’s wrong, okay? I know I haven’t been home lately, but work has been crazy, and the Sheriff needed me. I know this wasn’t what you had in mind when I asked you to marry me, but I swear I can make it up to you.”
“That’s what you said two weeks ago,” you reminded him.
“I know,” he breathed. “I know I haven’t been here. Scott and Stiles needed my help with Lydia-”
“Why don’t you just go back to Scott and Stiles then?” you asked.
“Because I’m not in love with Scott and Stiles,” his muffled voice told you. “I’m not going to marry them. And they’re not who I want to hold when I get home from a long day at the station.”
You sat down against the door and listened to him beg. If you were being honest, it made you happy to hear him gush like this. This was probably the most he had said to you in weeks, but it made your heart lift.
You turned around and reached up to crack the door just a smidge. One of Jordan’s green eyes peeked through the space, and you sighed.
“Y/n, please just talk to me.”
“I miss you,” you admitted softly.
His brow furrowed. “So…why is this door between us?”
You frowned and pulled it open all the way, and rose to your feet. Jordan took a cautious step forward, but he didn’t have a reason to be worried. His arms were outstretched and open, and you stepped right into them without a second thought.
The fabric of his uniform was warm as you pressed your cheek into it, and one of his hands came up to smooth down your hair.
“Are you seriously jealous of Scott and Stiles?”
You leaned back to look at him. “I’m jealous of anyone who gets more of you than I do.”
Jordan reached up to run his thumb across your cheek. “You have all of me, whether I’m here or not.”
You looked away, but he leaned closer and met your eyes again. “Hey, I’m serious. No matter where I am, no matter who I’m helping, I’ll always come back to you. You have more than just a part of me, Y/n, and you always will. You have all of me.”
“I know,” you whispered. “I just forget sometimes.”
He nodded. “I know, and I’m sorry I haven’t been here, but I’m here now. I have a day off tomorrow, and you can call in sick, and we can have the whole day to ourselves..”
“Really?” you asked.
“Of course,” he promised. “I miss you too, you know? I miss that sleepy smile when I come home at 1am. I miss dancing in our underwear. I especially miss these beautiful lips…”
He trailed his thumb over your bottom lip and leaned in slowly, but after so much time being distant, he couldn’t move fast enough for you.
You met his lips with your own and gripped his shoulders, startling him with the force. He chuckled into your mouth, smiling into the kiss, and you took that as a sign to continue. You eagerly pressed yourself up against him and relished the feeling when his arms looped around your waist.
He took a step backward but ended up slamming into the edge of the bed, and he toppled back onto the comforter. You landed on top of him, opening your eyes in surprise as laughter rumbled through Jordan’s  chest. It was infectious, and it seemed to spread through your skin, because soon you were laughing too.
You let your head fall against his chest, just as a he reached up to run his fingers through your hair. He pressed a soft kiss against your forehead and you wrapped your arms around his middle.
Crickets chirped outside as you closed your eyes, and the two of you fell asleep in minutes. You were still wearing your sweatpants, and Jordan hadn’t changed out of his uniform, but you were comfortable enough in each other’s arms, and that was what mattered.

  • The guy yesterday: *sits as close as he possibly can in his desk to me*
  • The guy today: *doesn't reply to my question for 12 hrs*

[Yeah still no replies tonight, just took a Benadryl so I can get some sleep because remember kids you can’t sneeze when you’re in a fucking coma. I really am going to try to write tomorrow, so night all hope you’re having a better day than I am.]

Omg I can't believe a new episode is tomorrow and I'm still this sick and miserable

Guys, the video may look like a blanket burrito, but make like Lion King and look harder. It me.

"C'mon baby, up to bed"

(Markiplier imagine)

Mark had been recording all day and it was almost midnight, so you went to get him to bed.

“Knock knock” you say slowly opening the door to marks recording room and poking your head inside “oh hey babe, I’m just getting ready to record another video” he says with a yawn “honey, it’s almost midnight. You need rest” you say as you walk towards him. He pulls you into his lap and puts his head on your shoulder “but I have to get some videos stored in case I get sick again” “you can do more tomorrow then, you’ve been recording all day and you’re too tired to properly function” you say chuckling lightly “but I’m not even tired” he says with yet another yawn “ok c'mon baby, up to bed”. You stand and take his hand leading him to your shared room, he crawls into bed and starts to drift off to sleep “thank you” he mumbles, you kiss his head and fall asleep in his arms.

Dope sick on Easter

With no possibility of money coming my way soon….I’m going to be sick as a dog all day….I hope I won’t be so sick tomorrow that I can’t hop on a train at six in the morning to go to this detox….fuck my life thanks Jesus. I’m in pain and it’s only going to get worse.

Jaejoong: Forgotten Anniversary (requested by anon)
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You suspected something was wrong when Jaejoong didn’t answer your text. Every day after work, you’d text him to let him know you were headed home, whether he was home or not. Rather quickly, he’d usually respond, acknowledging you somehow, but not tonight. He hadn’t even sent you a simple “ok.”

Work had kept you late tonight, your usual nine-to-five turning into a nine-to-nine, and you were absolutely exhausted. Your work heels pinched your toes and your head pulsed intensely. So when you opened your front door, the very first thing you did was drop your purse and kick off your shoes, not caring where they landed. But the nagging feeling that something was wrong returned when you saw lights on in the house. He was home, so why hadn’t he answered you? Had he fallen asleep?

Walking further into your apartment, a figure on your couch startled you. His eyes met yours immediately and they were not happy. What had you done?

“What’s wrong?” you ask hesitantly. You knew you had done something, you just weren’t sure what.

His arms were folded across his chest, never a good sign. “Your memory, apparently.”

So you forgot something. Did you not pick something up from the store yesterday? Did you eat something that was his?

Standing in front of him, his gaze like a spotlight, made you squirm. You decided to just get to the point. “Jaejoong-ah, what did I do?”

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