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i like 2 pretend i have smart niche interests in any fandom but the truth of the matter is that i woke up in the godforsaken hours of the morning with the thought, very clearly and strongly formed in my brain, that if humans in star wars can have a legit tentacle kink they can fulfill then by that reasoning, mon calamari definitely have a human kink and now i have to know whether admiral ackbar gets off on being surrounded by sexy sexy humans with their sexy sexy hands and legs with like fingers! and toes!

I… I cannot believe what I just read.

Is this what you people have become? I don’t even know what fandom this is in response to but what the actual genuine fuck. 

This is not okay. I don’t usually let hate get to me but this is a level of fucked up I didn’t think I’d be seeing from this fandom but man… does your depravity know no bounds??? That you wish this level of bad on someone over a fictional ship?? You people have no problem setting the bar even lower.

I’m beyond disgusted right now. I…

I can’t believe this actually happened.

More things from S5 trailer

This is a follow up to @seven-dragons‘ post.  Here are more things we learned (dragons knows my background, so she will understand why I need pictures).

Two notes: 1) I can’t believe how giddy I am to start a new folder for S5 pictures. 2) Sorry if I repeated anything from other posts.  I started this one an hour ago. My house guest woke up though.  This may be the worst time for real life to interrupt fandom life!

Angst on the home front.  What did Lucien do to piss off Jean now?

Lucien being all sciency, and being all bulgy and sexy while being sciency.  Jean is looking sufficiently impressed in the second picture.

Lawson’s back!

Dancing. Actual, close romantic dancing.  Yes. just yes.

Lucien smiling at Jean in full public view.  The entire town must be at this boxing match, but Lucien is still looking at Jean this way, like he is in love AF and doesn’t care who knows.  

Jean is a goddess and I love her.

More examples of poor weapons handling skills. Again  @seven-dragons and @it-is-bugs 

Lucien in danger.  In my head canon this always translates to Jean getting all worried about him and showing him just how much he means to her. in bed.

The kiss. Yessssss. Just yesss. Discussed this on dragon’s post, but this is definitely not an awkward first (or fifth) kiss.  They are hitting their stride.

The shirt. No, unless it is for Jean ripping it off his hot, muscular body sleeping in.  Please don’t ever stop wearing your three piece suits Lucien.

I feel like I’m not seeing enough excitement about Jem Carstairs getting his own chronicles. I know that the TID fandom is dead now, but imma need y’all to come out of your coffins right about now and join me in the excitement.

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They both need their own weddings on their own shows

if we as fans can all agree on that, then surely the captains of these ships (mostly Stephen) wouldn’t let this happen

So a couple months ago someone asked me to sell them on Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood because they were thinking about watching it and I never published the ask because I kept re-writing my answer over and over again and just had too many positive things to say. I feel a little guilty about that now so anon if you still follow me and are reading this I’ll just give you a one paragraph response: 

It’s universally appealing, has the perfect mix of drama, action, comedy, and raw emotion and as unbiased of a person as I try to be you’re honestly a monster if you don’t like it. Pretty much everything a “great” story needs to contain, this series has in spades. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me spend the better half of ten hours trudging through the hell that is youtube-anime-convention-voice-actor-playlists. I’ve also rewatched it more than almost any other show besides ATLA. It’s just so freakin’ good. Also it apparently has the highest rating of any anime series on myanimelist which would probably mean something to me if I had seen any of the other anime on that list but alas naruto owns this ass. 

For those who still don’t know of The Challenge, or have yet to watch it, this season is still only in it’s 5th episode (it’s 6th episode is airing right now) and if you need a new show to watch, I would suggest this one!

It was already renewed for a 31st season and it has a spin-off (it’s second one) currently filming. MTV has recognized who their cash crop is now that Teen Wolf is ending, so this spells good news for us Challenge fans!

To any new people, please join us in making a Challenge fandom as it’s very small at the moment. You can catch me at my Challenge blog @johnnybananasbackpack.

And if you guys want to check out the older seasons (they’re LQ but you won’t find them anywhere), please message me and I’ll give you a link.

   ok now that i actually have the patience to write one of these—
please like or reblog if you’d have an interest in roleplaying with
a somewhat canon divergent NOCTIS LUCIS CAELUM of FFXV.
You can expect such things from me as lots and lots of headcanons
( including trans hcs && other such things ) && a very passionate
author who is new to rping in this fandom !!! 

                                                                   ——— 𝓓olce.

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Hello! Just wanted to sing praise to you guys! Sadly I'm too late for this year's big bang, but I've just found your blog and it's so amazing and well organised, makes me proud to be in the fandom.

Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad our system works for you!  The bang was a lot of work for everyone involved and now you can check out the fruits of our labour! 

Check back tomorrow for even more organization in the form of this years masterlist of all the works in the bang!

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I'm sorry you're going through so much right now. It used to be like this for me in another fandom, and you don't really deserve to be called racist just for having a character preference. You can like Kylo more than Finn and still appreciate who Finn is as a person and appreciate his importance to Black PoC, especially, for being a sensitive and nuanced representation of a black man. I'm just glad the movie isn't sidelining Finn s we get to see him grow apart from Rey.

Thanks, and I agree. I wouldn’t say that I like Kylo “more” than Finn… it’s more that I have very personal reasons to relate with Kylo on a deep, personal level. Some of it has to do with my sexual abuse (I read Kylo as an abuse victim who’s been groomed since childhood), and some of it has to do with being autistic and the ways in which we have difficulty dealing with and controlling emotions and outbursts. Kylo looks so much like PTSD to me, but he also looks like my autistic mood swings.

It’s not that I DON’T relate to Finn - of course I do! But Kylo shows a part of me that I often don’t get to openly express and outwardly talk about with others.

Finn is an outstanding character with tons of depth, and his perspective is going to be fresh and new in the Star Wars saga. And I’m excited for that to be explored! I think his being central to the Resistance plot is CLEARLY not going to sideline him, regardless of whether or not Reylo or FinnRose become canon.

Romance is an important part of SW and I fully expect it to be a part of the Sequels. But… Luke didn’t have romance and he seemed to get along in the story just fine! And the same can be said, conversely, for Leia and Han, who both developed their own narratives and characters WITH romance.

Romance is a COMPLIMENT to a story - not a necessity, nor a detriment. It is neither extreme. But… it feels like antis just LIVE in extremes and can’t see beyond the black and white. It’s as if they can’t see the gray in anything… which is ironic considering the whole theme of this Sequel trilogy….

At any rate, I’m excited for TLJ because of Finn, because of Rey, because of Kylo - their development as characters is exciting individually. But, I’m also excited to see how they all inform each other, and how the other characters inform their arcs. Where does Rose fit in? How do she and Finn meet, and how do they get paired up together? Does Finn spend more quality time with Poe? Leia? How do he and Rey come back together in the story, and how will the changes they’ve gone through inform their interactions? What role does Luke play, and what role has he played in Ben Solo’s past? Does Kylo finally meet with his mother? Is that his catalyst for change? How does Rey play a part in all of that Skywalker drama and why is it relevant to her?

I’ve discussed all of the above questions numerous times on my blog - I’ve dedicated entire threads to Finn.

This is all just rhetoric for people to “prove” their ship is better than YOUR ship, which is stupid and juvenile.  I have no doubt in my mind that this social justice bullshit in THIS context is a ruse. I believe in the causes of SJ, and I think there are productive conversations to be had about representation in media… but this whole shipping war nonsense is not about social justice and it never really was. It was about people being offended that there are others out there who don’t see their ship as #1.

And frankly, I think FinnRey is not going to be canon, and as an autistic person it’s hard for me to ship things that I don’t think will be canon. It’s why I don’t read fanfic, and it’s why I’m not a fan of AUs, personally. I just like to look at what’s canon and take from that what I will - in terms of analysis, in terms of themes and morals, etc.

Thanks for the ask! <3 We’re definitely in accord, and I’m sorry you’ve endured this in other fandoms.

hey hey guys, guess what?! I’m gonna be doing prompts now!!! But because of my current situation, they may take a little time, so I hope y'all can be patient with me please ;–; I take time to make sure that it’s written well!

I take prompts for the following fandoms!
•Game Grumps
•Ninja Sex Party
•Holly Conrad/Markiplier/Jacksepticeye etc.

I will write:
•ships (besides septiplier, sorry) within those fandoms listed above
•x reader (thats a strong maybe tho)

I will NOT write:
•Heavy drug abuse (weed and shit is totally fine but meth and heroin?? nopety nope)
•Heavy alcohol abuse (this is really iffy. I’ll write them as kinda tipsy but I have a limit to how drunk they are. it’s a personal matter)

aaaaaaaaaaand that’s it! Just send me a few peeps, a little scenario or a prompt or some shit and I’ll get cookin! ^-^ love y'all!!

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Hey there! Think you can send me some love from Schneep? (or you or the fandom or anything/anyone) I'm in need of some love right now....

Of course!!! Sending positive and good vibes your way anon!!! Show some love guys!! Don’t be shy! 😁💕

Thess vs Blame

Okay. While I’ve been largely holding off on commentary about game devs and the like because I am amassing a stockpile of writing for Patreon project, I’m going to take the liberty of saying a thing with a huge - and I mean huge, because I am in a really shitty mood right now - amount of swearing.


I occasionally get flashes of, “Oh, fandom didn’t give it a chaaaaance!” on my dash. I’m sorry, but what part of ‘fandom’ were you watching? I saw half my dash ignore all the problems that plagued that game - and let’s face it, there were problems; I haven’t even played it and I can see that - in favour of, “We really just bought it as a dating sim”. That was actually the meme running around and it was largely acknowledged as mostly true.

Oh. I see. You mean people like me, who didn’t buy it straight away because it didn’t look worth the huge financial outlay for a game that was plagued by bugs right out of the gate. Or the people who played it and found that yet another repetition of The Bioware Story still doesn’t fit in a sandbox very well, particularly when the sandbox is the approximate size of the entire universe. You’re blaming people for not just consuming it.

I’m sorry - I missed the part where we have to spend money on things we don’t want just because we want the people who did want them to have them.

I actually pride myself on being a discerning consumer. I won’t buy into preorder culture, particularly in a system like we have to day where we are very rarely getting a physical disc and thus are not prone to “preorder or you won’t get it for a week because your local shop will have sold out” issues. Why do we preorder if we play on PC? For shiny extra content, usually cosmetic, the cachet of having it maybe a day early and to show that we trust the developers.

I don’t trust the developers anymore, guys. I haven’t in a long time.

Let me break it down for you:

Dragon Age 2 was a game rushed out too fast by a company (or more to the point, the company that owns said company - looking at you, EA) trying to cash in on the popularity of Dragon Age: Origins. Given the slapdash dungeons and the relative brevity (largely padded out by extra mob waves), the fact that I consider it a good game on the whole is a testament to the story.

Mass Effect 3 was a great game brought down by a cheap ending, changed last-minute because someone had leaked the original ending and they wanted to have a surprise ending for the player base, changed by someone who refused to take input from anyone else and basically put together a cobbled mess that required an extended cut and a paid DLC to make any remote amount of sense, and it still needed some kind of explanation.

Dragon Age: Inquisition decided to be a sandbox with a story that demanded a frame for the narrative ‘because everything is sandbox now’. That was a triumph of marketing data over the needs of the story. Again, the fact that there’s a good game in there makes me not entirely regret owning it, but three tries down the line and I’m getting a little sick of looking past the flaws.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was a pretty respectable MMO until the writers by their own admission started mining their old tabletop game for ideas and taking us out of the Star Wars universe we know and love to do it, promising an agency for the player characters that no MMO can give because shared world states and so setting themselves up to disappoint the player base, and basically churning out some pretty cringeworthy story content that relies on our characters having the approximate brain power of a can of baked beans.

So why the hell are you blaming me and people like me for maybe not trusting Andromeda enough to preorder it? Why are you blaming people who refused to play it until EA/Bioware fixed the egregious bugs, and even then took a look at the story and decided they weren’t willing to spend £50 or the equivalent on the game so would wait until it was on sale? Why blame reviewers who just gave their actual opinion of the game instead of saying, “Eh, it has its problems, but give it a chance, okay?”

We’ve given Bioware a chance. We’ve given Bioware all the chances. They’ve been progressively blowing those chances for years. They are resting on their laurels and putting out The Bioware Story with subtle variations everywhere - Big World/Galaxy-Ending Threat, Group of Misfits Who Must Work Together, Romance For Those People (but let’s face it, SWTOR shot that out the airlock really fucking quick once we hit Odessen), Shock Twist and Hard Decision (but only for the players; they haven’t worked out how to wrench our characters’ heartstrings by making us choose between beloved characters since Mass Effect 1), ‘The Adventure Continues…’ Ending. If you’re cool with that, more power to you. I, personally, am not. And it’s my money.

I was actually thinking of buying Andromeda on sale (it’s pretty cheap on Amazon) if for no other reason than perfume, and I’m actually more likely to do it now that I know that this is it in its end state. No “oh, they can patch it later”. No, “oh, we’ll get an explanation in DLC”. No nickle-and-diming us with stuff they should have included from the beginning. Bioware’s been worse and worse at that lately. I mean, Trespasser, I am sorry, should have been base game content. Hell, so should Leviathan. At least this way I won’t have to wonder when the DLC that makes this all make sense is coming out, and how much I’ll have to pay when it does.

You want to blame someone for Andromeda tanking? Blame Bioware. Hell, blame EA. Don’t blame people for not being willing or able to overlook the things that others could. I don’t think anyone should have to.

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#1 for anyone! Original work, star wars, trc, etc

  1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth

My mission to convert everyone to the Turn fandom continues

Caleb would never hurt him. He knows that, like he knows his lungs will take in air, that his legs will carry him forward. And yet.

This new Caleb isn’t one he recognizes, angry and bitter and broken. He twitches in ways he never used to, and something feels unsettled and uneven about him. He’s always been straight ahead, knee deep in the mud and headfirst down the hill, but he wavers now, veers off and has to correct.

“Listen to me,” Ben hisses, pushing him back into the wall behind the general’s quarters. “I’m trying, all right? But if you run your mouth and talk yourself into a court-martial there’s nothing I can do.”

Caleb won’t look at him, eyes darting to the side and down, chewing on his lip in an unfamiliar way. Ben stares at it. It’s red and split and fuller than he remembered. He finds himself leaning in, pressing his hand into Caleb’s chest.

It happens simultaneously. Caleb hisses between his teeth and his eyes flinch shut, and Ben feels something warm and sticky beneath his fingers. He looks down to see blood seeping through the rough cloth of Caleb’s shirt, half-healed and half-scabbed wound’s forced open by the unkind fabric and Ben’s harsh touch. He yanks himself back, horrified.

Caleb still won’t look at him.

“Caleb,” he starts, but can’t think how to finish. He’s too angry to apologize, too frightened, but nothing but I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry rings inside his head.

“I’m waiting,” Caleb says dully. “For you to send me home.”


“What more do I have to do? What more will it take for you to be rid of me? I’m a disease. I’m a shattered limb only good for amputating. Be the good officer. Banish me.”

Ben can’t speak. He doesn’t recognize this man.

“I can’t,” he starts, then stops to swallow. “You can’t go back. Setauket isn’t safe, and they know you— Christ, Caleb, you sign your own name.”

Caleb laughs, and it’s a cold, unkind sound. “Send me out to sea, then. One bullet, that’s all I ask.”

“Caleb—” His hands start shaking. He can’t stop them shaking.

“In Greenland,” Caleb continues, not looking at him. “When you outlive your usefulness, when you’re just a drain on resources, they send you out to sea in a boat with no paddle, one skin of water. Out into the cold. Mercy.”

“Don’t talk like this. Please, don’t talk—”

“Why not?” Caleb looks at him, finally, and it’s fire and ice and pure wildness. He yanks his shirt down, revealing the broken scabs and uneven stitches. “This is all I am now. I’m a piece of meat. Less than. I’m fucking table scraps. There’s nothing to me anymore.”

Ben acts on instinct, base and desperate, when he flings himself forward. He doesn’t touch the wounds, but holds the sides of Caleb’s face in both hands and kisses him with a fury that would frighten him if he had a moment to think about it. The sound Caleb makes is pained, frightened, lost, and Ben crowds in closer, pressing his forehead against his friend’s.

“You will survive this.” His voice is low and rough and foreign in his ears. “You will. You must.”

Caleb’s hands fit themselves around his waist and hold on tight and steady. Ben think perhaps that he might cry.

“You will stay beside me, where you belong, and you will survive this.”

Caleb doesn’t say anything, but Ben will take the kiss he gives him as an agreement.

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Are you in any other fandoms?

I’m not actively into other fandoms and I haven’t for awhile lol. South Park has been my main hoe for several years now. For awhile I was sorta into a couple things on tumblr (you can find them gay swimmers and titan attackers in the history on my blog lol) but nah. I’m just a Ride or Die bitch one thing at a time!

Back home update

It’s ya gurl Sushi here back from holidays and with some news: I want to try to reactivate this blog. If I don’t succeed, I’m announcing right now my retirement from Tumblr RP.

I started 5 years ago in the TF2 fandom, then I adventured to RP as my own OC Red and finally moved to the Overwatch fandom. I had great times, also met a lot of people, some of them are now my best friends, but real life is consuming me: I have yet to finish my latest project for the master’s degree, I’m looking for a job, I’m open to commissions, I’m still working on my webcomic and, on another side, a bigger announcement: I’m getting married on December this year.

So yep, if you’re still interested in RPing with me, you can DM me for my Discord handle :>

Fandoms as of late!
  • Regular Show: curse you cn...curse you *which was said between sobs*
  • Adventure Time, patting Regular show fan's back: Welcome to the club, kiddo. We ain't alone for long tho
  • Steven Universe, raving it out: WHOOOOOO LOOK AT THIS LOREEEEEEEEEEE
  • TAWoG, raving it out as well: AYYYYY LMAO
  • Star vs. the forces of Evil: WHEN IS THE NEXT SEASON
  • Over the garden wall, coming back up from six miles underneath the earth: I LIVE YOU FUCKS
  • Voltron Legendary Defenders: (: soon
  • Kingdom Hearts: *has waited and ached almost a decade for KH III and is yet again teased with another game that fucks up the entire storyline...yet again* DAMMIT NOMURA WHY THIS BULLSHIT
  • Pirate101: *solemnly looks out the window, a tear shed as they realize kingsisle won't update them anytime soon* Fuck you, Valencia part 2, fuck you
  • Wizard101: *dabbing to the new dances emotes*
  • Gravity Falls: we are here there and there but still, we are d e a d
  • Wonder over Yonder: there's hope for us, right?!
  • Invader Zim, rising from the grave as well: yes, my child that was put down so early.