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I saw your posts about muscle mass not being a factor and just wanted to let you know that in grappling sports your weight is massively important, and let's be honest the bigger you are the harder you punch and thats something that can't really he denied if they know what they're doing.

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Did I say or did I not say we’ve answered many questions like this before? There are entire posts on grappling and the problems of weight elsewhere on this blog. Learn to see the point of a question for what it is.


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there's an LA user on okc "ieatyourrice" using your photos for their profile

LMAO OMG I HAD TO SIT HERE AND ANSWER LIKE A 90 QUESTION SURVEY TO SIGN UP TO SEE BUT WOW! they really are i’m crying… the photos are like half from when i was 19 and half from last year ? LMFAO

i can’t believe a goddamn taurus was behind this i thought they were trustworthy… also i’m NOT 5′4″ i’m 5′0″ wow tell me how u really feel about my height… LMAO

this is the most hurtful and slanderous part of the whole ordeal to be honest… i live and breathe and die for spicy food please don’t paint me this way…

ok actually this is hurtful and slanderous also LMFAO

overall if you’re out there catfish-person, i have no idea what you’re using my photos for (people have weird reasons sometimes i get it!), i at very least hope it isn’t to actually find love or attract people. my face is absolutely not going to work for that. anyway anon thank you for telling me omfg LOL i haven’t seen a catfish of me in a LONG time jesuuus christ!!!

Seventeen reaction to their S/O sleeping with a stuffed animal (vocal unit)

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To say you were embarrassed when Jihoon found your stuffed penguin would be an understatement. When he noticed your heavy blush, he realized what was going on and immediately assured you that he thought it was adorable that you slept with it (probably with a blush on his face too).

“Look, I can make him waddle around! Y/N, he’s so soft and cute, but you’re still cuter.”


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You were nervous about Jeonghan finding out that you slept with a stuffed unicorn because you thought he would tease you. Instead, he suggested getting one for himself so that he could think of you when you were separated. He often sent you selfies of him and his stuffed animal because he knew it made you happy.

“Mr. Unicorn and I both say goodnight, and we love you! Sleep well Y/N!”


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To be honest, he actually bought you that bunny plush on a date, so finding out that you slept with it had Joshua flustered in the best possible way. He’d be giggly and insanely happy that you liked his present, and even happier when you told him you cuddle it when he wasn’t there to hold you.

“I’m so happy you like the bunny! I kinda want to buy you a million stuffed animals now… You’re way too cute.”


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When Seungkwan found out that you couldn’t sleep without a stuffed animal, he began collecting them for you every time he went on tour. Eventually you had to tell him to stop because you had waaay too many. That didn’t stop him from sending you pictures every time he saw a plush he thought was cute though.

“Okay, I know you said you don’t need more stuffed animals but… This one is so cute can I please get it for you?”


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When he found you asleep with a teddy bear on the couch, Seokmin suddenly had the urge to grab you and wake you up with kisses all over your cheeks. So he did. You woke up complaining at first, but any protests you had died out when you saw his smile.

“I’m sorry I woke you up, but it’s not my fault that you’re too adorable to resist. I didn’t know you had a teddy!”

We Chriseva shippers have been the most polite, supportive and respectful faction inside this massive (and sometimes problematic) fandom… As shippers of one of the most loved couples from the beginning we literally expected or required nothing then be given hope and deceived - actually I believe the most accurate term is ‘baited and trolled’ - only to see everything fall apart, ruined and thrown in the bin in the last minutes of the show. How could you say this was not a lack of respect? I’m not a hater but a polite person so I will behave properly but I never felt more betrayed as a viewer from a showrunner and I couldn’t give a damn about Julie right now since clearly she didn’t about us (or Eva and Chris characters to be honest). You can love Skam and support Julie as much as you want but that was not only undeniably disrespectful and insulting to us but also a complete mockery and SHE is on the wrong side and forever will be, even when we won’t be this angry or hurt. The show is hers and she could do whatever she wants but what she did is not okay, the end. 

Ps: it’s actually ironic seeing people whose ships have been treated like gold (and who complain about everything and in the past have behaved like shit) come here and lecturing us, like… plese stop lol 

[I obviously condemn hateful messages or threats torwards Julie.] 


Celestial Seasonings and a Request

VSEPR went to Celestial Seasonings today! He did an incredible job despite new noises, sights, and more importantly: smells. He’s really shaping up on his manners in public and it makes me proud.

On another note, someone has tagged about half my posts as NSFW. This blog is pretty exclusively disability and service dog/puppy stuff (not overtly controversial to my knowledge). I try to make my content positive, honest, and helpful to disabled and not disabled people alike. 

If you have a concern about any of my content, please please message me so we can find a better way to present it! When this blog gets marked unsafe, it bars minors and many other people from accessing and that’s just not fair to anyone. It also doesn’t give me a chance to address a potential problem and it limits the resources people can draw information from. I don’t want to offend or ostracize anyone so please don’t be afraid to open a dialogue if something I post causes a problem for you!

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I think that the possitive comments the article is getting from journalists are mostly bc in their line of work they have to have a really good bullshit-o-meter so louis' situation (especially the mediocre stunts) is more or less transparent to them and let's be honest, you can't know about all the shit louis' been through (and is still going through) and not empathize. I'm pleasantly surprised at how vocal they're being about it though.

Good point, Anon and I’m glad they’re really being vocal about it too. If anything, this interview seems to have really struck a chord with a lot of people and they appreciate just how raw and honest Louis was with how he felt. That’s rare to see these days.

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"Keith stepped forward, probably right over a few boundaries if he was being honest," this honestly fucked me up so much I dont even know why or how BUT IT SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL THANK U


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Hajime/Izuru, who do you care for more, Nagito or Chiaki? And who would you save from despair, Nagito or Chiaki?

I’m not him so can you just call me by my name?

And Nagito is my boyfriend, I’m in love with him. I care for him more than I care for anyone else. I’m sorry for saying such a terrible thing but I would always choose to save Nagito.

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"I wanna do stuff with you" why is that so sweet and romantic my heart is crying

I KNOW RIGHT??? Like, GOD, it’s just so sweet and pure and HONEST and the Isak we used to know was so protective of his feelings, used to bury them and try to cast them aside, too afraid to bare his soul like that, and now…he’s just telling his boyfriend, lovingly, I want to experience things with you? I want to SEE THE WORLD with you?? Like…I can’t, anon. I honestly can’t.

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Hmmm i already got the "Louis is gonna be honest in his songs and album" vibe from the writer/editor and i'm pretty sure Louis is gonna be honest but i can tell it'll be a bit like Harry's promo campaign main topic "i'm completely honest in every song" and get songs that will drive this fandom (mostly antis/houies) crazy like Only Angel, Kiwi and Carolina but i cant WAIT for Louis' response to Sweet Creature and a similar song to Woman but from HIS pov! I'm supporting him no matter what❤❤

They’ll probably try for something similar, but yeah, I think there will be some truly honest songs that you just know what they’re about/who they’re about (hello Home). Louis is an exceptional song written and he has a way of telling what he wants through his songs that is just so pure and honest and Louis! I’m sure going to shed some tears with his album

Match | 2

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Summary: Jeon Jungkook wasn’t just a playboy. That term would only loosely describe him. He had girls falling at his feet, but he didn’t notice them. His goal was to get the girls that played hard to get, use them for a temporary fuck, and block their number the second after he left their place for the final time. It gave him a rush to leave girls constantly wondering where they stood with him. They let him do it to them. It’s what made him feel so powerful.

I forgot to add the inspiration for the story in the first chapter so you can watch it HERE  

Part 1 

A/N: I worked really hard on this to be completely honest. Thanks so much to the amazing, talented, and beautiful @blueagust for motivating me and reading over this chapter and the previous one. I hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Implied Smut 

Genre: ????
Word Count: 1611


You managed to show up at work the next day without having to rush. It was 10:15 and today had been a slow day so far. Which was unusual according to Jae. You were leaning against the wall just behind the register when you heard the bell from the entrance door. 

Glancing up, you took in Jungkook and how rough he looked. There were noticeable dark circles under his eyes, his hair was messy, and he held a hand to the side of his head. 

He sat down at one of the tables, and laid his head down on his arms. 

“I take it you’re hungover?” You said, not even trying to hide the grin that slid onto your face. 

He just nodded and winced slightly. 

You head back to the break room to grab a bottle of water and a bottle of Advil before making your way back up to the front. 

He instantly popped four into his mouth, downing it with the water you had given him. 

“Thanks.” He mumbled, standing up from the position he had been in just moments before. 

“No problem.” You shrugged, “Jae went to pick up his daughter from her friend’s house. He told me to tell you that he wants the dishes washed as soon as you get in." 

He groans, "Did he tell you to do anything? I can’t be the only one who does all of this fucking work." 

You scoff, "I cleaned the entire kitchen this morning like Jae asked me to. I cleaned out the drink machines. I took out the trash. He asked you to wash some dishes. Just do it." 

He throws you a glare before stomping his way back to the kitchen. 


You would have thought that because today was a slow day that you’d get off early. But it was quite the opposite. Jae had little stuff around the shop that he needed done that he can never get done because it’s always so busy. 

So for most of the day you spent your time cleaning the stove, restocking supplies, and wiping down things that didn’t need wiping down. 

You shoved the cleaning supplies back in the supply closet and wiped a bead of sweat off of your forehead. 

You went back to the break room and grabbed your stuff before heading out. 

Once you were at home you immediately showered quickly. You didn’t want to get out, the feeling of the hot water against your sore muscles was a feeling you didn’t want to leave, but ,hesitantly, you turned the water off and stepped out, grabbing a towel to dry yourself off with before heading over to your closet to grab some clothes. 

Eventually you managed to get ready and head out the door of your apartment. 

You had planned on having a night in and just relaxing, but decided to head to the bar 2 blocks from your apartment instead.

You sat down at one of the bar stools and the bartender, whom was a friend of yours, slid you something in a shot glass. You weren’t sure what it was, but it was alcohol and that’s all you care about.  

Downing the drink, you winced at the burn in your throat and the bitter taste on your tongue. You took a sip of the water front of you, as he slid you 3 more of whatever the fuck was in those shot glasses. 

Within 20 minutes you were pretty buzzed and you had been chatting up the bartender. The bar was normally decently empty, so you both turned your head at the sound of the entrance door opening and closing. You thought to yourself how damn attractive he was until you realized it was Jungkook. 


You were unsure of how you had gotten where you were currently. 

One minute Jungkook was drinking alongside you, the next you’re straddling him on your bed and kissing him as though it’d be your last. 

You detached your lips from his, and reattached them to the underside of his jaw as you bit and sucked the skin. 

He let out a light groan at the feeling. He would never have normally given in so easily, but the alcohol was speaking for both of you. 

He flipped you over so you were now under him. "Jungkook.” you moaned lightly as he attached his lips to your neck. Sucking and biting the skin just like you had done to him just moments ago. 

You pushed him away from you and you didn’t miss the confused look on his face as you did so. It quickly went away though when you tugged at the hem of his shirt. 

He got the message and quickly tugged it off, you doing the same. 

He placed his lips against the spot just below your bra and slowly kissed his way down. Once he was just above the hem of your jeans, he pulled away. Causing you to let out a light groan at the loss of contact, even if it was minimal. 

All disappointment went away when he slowly tugged his jeans off. You tugged yours off and threw dropped them beside the bed.

Jungkook crawled on top of you, and pressed his lips to yours once more. He made sure to keep his weight up with his arms. 

Within seconds you were both naked and in a mess of tangled limbs, and it was absolute fucking bliss. 


You woke up the next morning and the first thing that hit you was the throbbing headache. The second thing was what had happened last night. 

You had slept with Jungkook. Your co-worker. The guy who pissed you off by breathing in your general direction. You had been drunk, but not drunk enough to stop yourself. As much as you resented yourself for doing it, you weren’t going to deny that it had been fucking fantastic. 

Luckily Jungkook had been gone when you woke up so it saved you the awkwardness. 

Hesitantly, you placed your feet against the carpet in your room and stood up, cringing at the soreness in your muscles. 

You walked into your bathroom and turned the lights on, wincing at the sudden brightness. 

You groaned when you noticed the harsh purple mark lining down your stomach, one on your chest, and another on your neck. 

They were dark and you hated that you knew who had given them to you. What you hated even more is that you let it happen. After only knowing him for a couple of days. 

Sighing, you brushed out the tangles in your hair and got dressed. Thanking every God above for the fact that it was cold out today and you could wear a turtleneck to cover the harsh spots. 

You made your way out the door and hoped to God that Jungkook wouldn’t bring any shit up. 


You had been so unbelievably wrong. 

As opposed to Jungkook just letting the matter go like you hoped he would, he did  the exact opposite. 

It was cold outside, but Jungkook had decided to wear a v-neck t-shirt. He showcased the marks that you had given him without a care in the world. 

It pissed you off to no end. Especially considering Jae had asked Jungkook about the hickies several times. 

“Jungkook I know you fuck around with girls but could you please, for the love of God, cover that shit up." 

Jungkook just smirked and continued on with whatever he had been doing. 

Jae was out running errands again. It was just you and Jungkook on another slow day. 

There were no customers currently in the shop so you took that to your advantage. 

You grabbed Jungkook by his arm and dragged him back to the empty kitchen area. 

"She’s bossy. I like it,” He says. You don’t have to look at him to know that he has a shit-eating grin on his face. 

You turn around and look at him with your arms crossed over your chest. 

“Do you just live to piss me off?" 

He shrugs, "No. I live for my own enjoyment. Pissing you off is just a bonus." 

"Jungkook,” You exhale, pinching the bridge of your nose, “For the love of all things. Could you maybe. Just once. Just fucking stop?" 

He walks closer to you and pulls the neckline of your sweater down, revealing the purple splotched on your chest and neck. 

"I don’t remember either of those words being uttered last night." 

You scoff and push him off of you, "You have the maturity level of a twelve year old boy going through puberty. You know that don’t you." 

He just chuckles, expecting you to continue. 

So you do, "We were drunk. That’s all there is to it. Last night never fucking happened and it will never happen again." 

Little did you know how wrong you’d be. 


It only took a week for you and Jungkook to end up back in your bed. 


You and Jungkook were laying side by side in your bed. Neither of you were touching. The only sounds that were audible in the room were the quiet noises of the fan you kept in your room, the hard breathing from both you and Jungkook, and loud thumping heartbeats. 

You had called Jungkook after you found out about your sister’s engagement. Or moreso who she was engaged to.  

You hated that you felt like you needed a distraction. You hated that it had to be Jungkook. You hated it all. But all you could focus on in that moment was that it was working. That’s what mattered most to you. 

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Who are your top ten favorite B.A.P blogs :D

There are so many good B.A.P blogs (and to be honest, I think most of the ones I follow sprinkle in some multi-fandom at times). I love so many blogs that I follow even if I haven’t spoken to them. Please don’t be upset if you aren’t listed, like I said there are so many great blogs to follow. In no order whatsoever

@matoki-project @fluffyzelo @zelosexual @daehdream @bap-time @onewtwothree (pretty sure onewtwothree has a bap sideblog but can’t think of it right now omg but this blog makes the cut too) @y-ngguk @fae-hyun @thediebutterfly @s-kydive

I had little blurbs written but then this got long and I started rambling cause I should be sleeping haha. It’s anon hour

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I can't believe harry fell for the azzoff bullshit. After that interview I'm on a level were I hate harry because he did this to this band. They didn't want this fucking hiatus but king harry did and look. Everyone is in deep shit. I hope karma gets harry, god, i hope.


Exactly what I was thinking… Harry was the only one who wanted to go solo… I hope harries who want the band back see that it was their fave that broke them up for hiatus and who knows it might be forever.


It kinda confirms what I thought, and that Harry got caught up in all the people saying he’s got Sun shining out of his ass and started believing it himself. And he maybe said, I want a hiatus and wasn’t honest about why, and Zayn was in favor, Liam was neutral and Louis and Niall were against. But you can’t really form a band if half wants out so they agreed on an indefinite hiatus. And that also probably impacted H+L facing such different odds and having very different ideas on the future.


I think a lot of Harries don’t give a shit about the band. And I think Harry blindsided the band with his plans.

What I’m really interested in is how Larries who think they’re together negotiate the way Louis speaks about Harry. I’m also interested to see how they spin us (Larries) being called his fiercest corps of fans while also being called fanatical (by him), and the bit that makes it seem like he’s sick of being seen as only half of a gay ship.

(I also think underdog Louis is part of the marketing and it’s been working.)

And I’m still looking for strong evidence that these two are together and Harry isn’t just using Louis to bait fans.

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How long does it generally take to get an ask answered? I sent one in a little while ago and it's not up. I'm sure you folks get a lot of asks but I'm still curious about how long I can expect it to take. :/

We have 7,238 messages in our inbox right now. I got bad heat exhaustion last week and I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time answering asks. To be honest, I’m not sure how long it could take. Sometimes we can answer 10 questions at once. Sometimes, we can only manage one. We do our best.

-Lou the Lobster

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I'm having a crush, what should i do to let it out ?

You can tell the person or you keep it to yourself. It’s never easy to do the right thing. Telling someone you love them without getting the same back hurts but sometimes keeping it to yourself for a long time hurts more. It’s complicated. If you think the person might like you back then just give it a try and be honest. If they probably don’t like you the way you like them then it might be better to let them go. Letting go takes time and it hurts so much but sometimes it’s the best fe ourselves. Think about it.

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Harries are shook because they have never experienced their fav sharing even remotely anything with them whereas this article bared louis' soul and let us knew his struggles.

i’ve gotten a few anons like this and originally, i didn’t want to start Discourse, but you know what, fuck it.

harries, larries, /whoever/ say they don’t like the article because it makes louis ‘appear too weak’ or that it doesn’t mention louis’ songwriting credits or doesn’t mention louis’ leadership or that it mentioned babygate (1) singular time. i-i have so much to say just on that, but i won’t. that article, sure, left things out regarding louis’ career and personal life, however, the beauty of that is we can get that in the /next/ interview. his interviews won’t become repetitive.

this article, to me, was incredibly honest. it showed an aspect of louis i’ve admittedly guessed about but never seen him discuss in such detail. him discussing his insecurities, his mother, even the part about him mentioning the working class, /that/ showcased the real louis without explicitly saying so. instead of saying ‘louis is incredibly humble’ it /showed/ us. to me, that seemed to be the article’s purpose. to introduce louis. to show how down to earth he is and i honestly fucking loved it reading every word of it.

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I wonder if im the only one and its probably rly unhealthy but i literally live off yuri on ice because my life is so sad and boring and yuri on ice just brings the colours and cheer me up all the time, so much that without it i feel so dead inside. Its like its my world and they give me emotions.. is this unhealthy??

i’m gonna be honest, you’re not the only one, many people in this fandom are the same, however, many people who are like you are also motivated by YOI to make their lives seem a little bit more better, so that they can stop dreaming of a world like YOI’s. It’s definitely not unhealthy and it’s great that it brings life back into your life temporarily, but once again, it is temporary. I would suggest using YOI as motivation to find something in your life seem brighter! but ultimately you don’t have to take my tip, and that’s cool too!

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Yeah after Louis' Interview, I am 100% convinced that zayn was justified in leaving the group. There was so many lies being told in that band, it's no wonder he got out. Like damn, they really had me convinced that they were just tired and would be coming back. You can call Zayn a lot of things, but at least he was fucking honest and didn't give anyone false hope. I'm just so annoyed that whenever the media said that 1D was officially broken up, I defended them and now I just feel like an ass.

It would have been interesting to be a fly on that wall for sure, but props to Zayn for being blunt and honest. I wish Harry had been all along, would have been easier to respect that, but my impression is that his public responses to the 1D questions were crafted to lose the least amount of 1D fans (and therefore dollars) as possible.

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ynwa!kth ;; jk isn't right for her? I can see where you're coming from, but how exactly are YOU right for her then?

  • Anonymous said to jungk0oksthighs:
    Ynwa!kth: you say jungkook isn’t right for her, do you think you are? I mean both of you have your flaws, but at least jungkook is more honest

ynwa kth: 

“more honest? i’ve told her my life story, opened up to her, protected her, supported her, wiped her tears… i’m by no means perfect but don’t make out jungkook is the better choice. he’s a trained hitman, he knows how to lie, how to manipulate.. which is exactly what he’s doing with y/n.

i think i love her.”