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Character Tag: Ron

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: a passionately loving and loyal friend
worst quality: insecure about his own self worth
ship them with: Hermione
brotp them with: Harry
needs to stay away from:
Horcrux lockets
misc. thoughts: I love how real Ron’s friendship with Harry is. How it has its ups and downs, how they can fight and fall out, but in the end you know they love each other and would die for each other. I love how in Cursed Child Ron is constantly trying to make everyone around him happy. Well, except Draco.


Kuroo Tetsurou and Kozume Kenma in my HQ Traveler AU, continuing this series of drawing after the Matsuhana one.

Kuroo is a guardian who protect Kenma from they was a child. got accompanied by his two loyal friends, Kala a female leopard on his left ad Rajha a male leopard on his right side.

Kenma is a shaman with Lev and Yaku for his spirit guardians.

more details soon. for now I just really like to design all the unique costumes for my lovely characters in Haikyuu! hopefully I can draw all the characters with my design :>

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What do you like most about Stiles and Lydia's characters?

oh god Here We Go


  • I mean. the sarcasm. i too, use sarcasm and humor as a defense, in literally every situation.
  • the fact that he canonically has anxiety and panic attacks and social anxiety like that’s so?? important to me?? and he’s so in touch with it and it’s such a big part of his character but it also doesn’t rule his life and that’s just so important to me x2
  • his fierce loyalty. for a slytherin, the dude really does have some hufflepuff characteristics. he would die before he betrayed any of his friends, and is always on guard against any threat toward them
  • i also really love the fact that he is inherently suspicious of everyone. it’s a flaw, but it’s important to me because i can #relate and i think it says a lot about him as a character. not only is he loyal to his friends, he’s protective of them, because he can’t believe he has them and doesn’t want anything or anyone to break them apart. he wanted them to all stick together for college. that’s so precious? stiles stilinski loves his friends with everything in him 2kalways
  • going off of that, i love how deeply he loves?? like whether it be his dad, or scott, or LYDIA, he just loves with everything he has and so selflessly it’s heartbreaking like what the fuck save some for yourself you ball of mush.
  • i mean, he’s Too Smart. he’s the one who Always Figures It Out. he’s clever and observant and PERSISTENT when it comes to solving mysteries and figuring shit out and he’s gonna do so well in the FBI my son
  • his moral grey area is also very fun. me too stiles, me too. 

Lydia: (i have spent a significantly longer amount of time diving into who Lydia is than Stiles, so this could be even more extra than his list.)

  • her fear of vulnerability. it is extremely hard for her to let anyone see all of her at once, and she’s reluctant to show genuine emotions. this has changed quite a bit, through the seasons, but you still get that sense sometimes that she’s uncomfortable in intense emotional situations, and that hits my core man.
  • she’s insanely brave. we see this really early on, like in 2x11 (EEP) when she wanted to help jackson and had literally no method of defending herself but she was about to march into battle anyways. and now that she’s come into her powers, that bravery is still there, but it’s more confident now, like she’s not sacrificing herself anymore, but actually fighting.
  • my girl is a literal genius. deadass going to win a field’s medal. the actual reason i haven’t dropped out of school yet. and i love love LOVE the slow progression of her owning her intelligence and letting people know about it, from pretending she didn’t know a cougar was a mountain lion, to molotov cocktail, to “i read”, to slipping in little Lydia-isms here and there, to Kira in season 5 literally baffled at the fact that she used to pretend to not be smart. I’m so proud of my baby. that’s my girl.mp3
  • lydia martin exists unapologetically, and that’s kind of always been the case, now more so. she is here, and she is HER, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you can watch her perfect strawberry blonde hair sway as she walks away from you not giving a fuck.  
  • her development into someone who stands up for herself, removes herself from toxic situations, and fights for what’s right. this is where the pack really comes into play in her evolution, and it’s truly one of my favorite things. before allison and scott and stiles and the rest of the pack, she had never experienced or seen real love and friendship and what it can do, and once she had them supporting her and started fighting The Good Fight, she gained so much strength for herself and realization of what she deserves. (which is the world btw)
  • lydia martin rocks kickass outfits, on point makeup, beautiful hair, and HEELS most of the time, all while being an actual genius/badass in every sense of the word. she enjoys looking nice and spending time on her appearance, but it never takes away from the fact that she’s the smartest person around and could ruin you in a single “AAAEEE!” ?? lol this is really important to me because i love looking nice every day but i’ve legit had people question my intellgence because of it, and lydia just helps me to say fuck you to those people. 
And I know that my poetry usually makes no sense, it’s a thing called love that compels us to keep reading. Would you care to know why my favorite color is red? I used to have a friend named Kevin and it was his favorite color. He was the flamboyant and most colorful of us in the group. Popular with the ladies and loyal to his friends. I was the one in the backseat laughing to their thoughts when I really had none of my own. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing so much. Maybe that’s why I love the color red. He painted his room red once, I remember things changing right around then. The drugs were getting a little heavier even with his teenage youth, the drugs will rip right through you. Painkillers will kill your emotions, you don’t want to feel a thing. I can relate to Kevin, I fucking love painkillers too. I shut myself off from everyone, but occasionally I enjoy the company. I’m awkward and my thoughts are kinda dim, so I always liked being around him. Are you familiar with the literary term foil? A foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. I feel like he was like that for me. I always saw myself as a little too blue, I wanted to be something worth loving, I wanted to be a little more like him, I want to kiss life into everything, I wanted to live, I wanted to be more than a shadow of a group of peers that did drugs and listened to melancholy and nostalgic techno after school hours. I don’t know how he’s doing or what he’s up to. The last thing I heard was he’s into needles now. Rumors plague this tiny town, we were raised from imperfections and we grew up to taste cigarettes that numb our gums. He had the kind of laugh that made you want to be his friend. It’s funny though, none of my friends initially liked me. Until they got to know me, empty and hollow, a sponge– the one who listened to the problems, never really any of my own. I get lost in my thoughts, I know. My poetry is scattered, I know. I don’t convey structure or rhymes, I don’t hide in between the rules. My words are more scribbles than they are truly masterpieces. Would you like to know why I write? I used to know someone that said the shoreline was like a bed and naps were always possible– she waited there everyday for inspiration. She would tell me the tiny stories inside of her head that had nowhere to go, it’s funny. I never really listened to her, I just enjoyed the company of love and to be loved. Love, what is it? When I wrote my first poem for her, I didn’t know where it came from or why I wanted to write it. I just knew that I had to write it. It had to be done. I had to read it to her. Let me tell you, if your first poem was a love poem, it was probably the most cringe thing you’ve ever created. Ever. Period. But still, I loved it. It was bad, but it had feelings. You always miss the feeling more than you do the person and that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever had to realize. It really shouldn’t be, but it is. You never really understand your mistakes until it’s just you. You only want them back when you’re alone. It’s been so long, I don’t keep track of the days anymore. Hell, she’s married now. I shouldn’t be writing this. She’s going to read it anyway. It doesn’t matter at this point. I guess she left poetry inside of these palms for good measure, she loved attention. A lot of it. The more, the better. Maybe I stopped paying attention. Maybe I got too comfortable. Maybe that’s why I love writing poetry, in a way it just means that I still love her. Lost kids who didn’t know how to love, another foil. You know, I never really liked to read books until I met her. She had a smile made from your doggy eared books, you know, your favorite line you always had to reread or quote during a conversation. She had the kind of laugh that made you want to get in on the joke even though you were the one telling it. I loved that laugh almost as much as I loved Kevin’s. I don’t talk to these two anymore, I don’t remember much about the memories, only the feelings that they left. You can’t find loyalty amongst pill users, they always use. Trust me, I know. I’ve been swearing off painkillers for months. You won’t find a love like that again because every relationship is unique in its own way. You can’t recreate the old flames with your new ones. You need to move on. I haven’t really lived life. Maybe you’re just like me. Maybe you’re stuck at a job that you don’t like and maybe life just doesn’t make much sense. So you blackhole more drugs to ease the disaster that is you. Nothing hurts, you just don’t want to remember anything that might hurt– right? It really shouldn’t be, but it is. I listen to music more often than I converse with people. Music influences my soul in a way that people cannot. I just turned 24, but I’m still a little confused about who I am. Does any 24 year old have their shit figured out? Do you ever feel like your dreams and aspirations are slowly dying? I’ve always felt like an old man. I’m boring and I don’t dance too much, the only thing good about me is my writing. It’s the only thing I’m half decent at, but I hate that too. I don’t answer anonymous questions anymore because I feel like my thoughts aren’t good enough. How can I help you if I can’t even help myself? Red rose petal poetry pressed onto the stove kind of writing– it really shouldn’t hurt, but it does. I’ll always miss the days when things were simpler. I didn’t care as much. I didn’t smoke as much. I didn’t think as much. It was just simple. No hard facts, just some stupid kids getting high behind a dark house and running into ghosts in every room. No broken hearts, just some teenagers who wanted to figure love out with a knife in hand waiting to hug each other. I’ll pry the knife real slow and we’ll call it love kind of love, ain’t it love? I love you doesn’t even sound right anymore, so I’ll say nothing. I miss my old friends, but we’ve changed so much– I wonder if they’ll even recognize me. My life is insignificant and minuscule, but we must all seek to find our purpose, to bring meaning to the clutter, and to add more fire to the chaos that is life. I don’t want to die angry, I want to die with a smile. You don’t get to do anything twice, you don’t get to correct your mistakes– so make enough for your self-reflection drunk nights. You don’t get to unlove people, so pick the right ones to fall in love with– don’t worry, you won’t need to remember all of their names, just the feelings. You don’t get to unfriend people, they’ll always be a part of you. A part of who you are. A part of who you will come to be. I keep slipping into the darkest parts of my mind and call it a life. I’ve been reading this book and it told me to dig deep. Why do I write? Why do I enjoy the burn of love? Over a few thousand poems, but 99.9 percent are indeed about love. Why do you want this kind of life? Well, darling– These words are as much yours as they are mine.
—  zero point one

Zootopia Love #164

Nick’s beautiful and subtle reaction under the bridge.

This is right after Judy says, “I wouldn’t forgive me either.  I was ignorant, irresponsible, and small minded.”

The dropping of his muzzle, the slight turn of his head, the easing of his shoulders, the softening of his ears.

This is where Nick forgives Judy.

He was guarded when she arrived.  He wanted to believe, but he wasn’t going to let himself fall for it yet again.  He was ready in case of disappointment.

The moment she says those words, he lets that go.  Completely. He relaxes, turning his head ever so slightly so he can hear her better.  Knowing he has a full, complete, loyal friend in this bunny, someone he can, for the first time in a long time, put his trust in.  

He will do whatever Judy asks him to.

I love this scene so much, and I love this deliciously subtle animation.  It’s hard to even see – mostly we’re watching Judy in this scene, as she’s the one talking.  But even out of the corner of our eye, we feel Nick’s reaction, feel him let his guard go, and feel him open up fully to this bunny who values and respects him.  We feel him open up fully to who he wants to be.  

It’s a scene full of forgiveness and possibility and love.

Love love love this wonderfully crafted moment and love those two.


This adorable creature keeps fighting, and now he’s hurt really badly, and he might not make it. He’s an idiot, but I really love him, and I can’t bear losing him.
His my best friend. He’s more loyal than most people. He makes me laugh when I otherwise can’t.

Take Me, Break Me

Pairings: fwb!Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Romance

Trigger Warnings: gas lighting, abusive themes, depression, anxiety

Summary: It wasn’t love but love was fickle and cruel and took no prisoners.

Love was Min Yoongi.

Let’s be friends. Just friends. I’m not ready for a relationship but I expect you to do things with me that are deemed inappropriate in terms of friendship. We’re not together, you can’t claim me, you can’t be with anyone but me. I need you to be loyal but I’ll do whatever I want and when you get mad I’ll remind you we’re not together. If you develop feelings I’ll become distant, if you find yourself feeling things for someone else what you should be feeling for me I’ll become distant. We’re just friends. I told you I’m not ready for a relationship.

His touch was scalding.

“Yoongi… wait.” You murmured between kisses you had denied yourself for weeks, his hands roaming your body in a way that told you he owned you.

But did you own him?

“Don’t wanna” was murmured against the column of your throat. You cocked your head to give him better access all while resting your hands against his chest to push him away.

“I told you…” Another kiss, “I just wanted…” A nip behind your ear, “I came here to talk.”

“And you’re talking,” he hummed, his hands going to the belt of his jeans. “My girls smart… knows how to multitask.”

His girl. His. You belonged to him.

The words served as a bitter reminder of his claim over you, the way he was able to twist your insides with a single look. When had this stopped being a mutual agreement? When did your control over the situation begin to slip from you until you were lost? Lost to Yoongi, lost to your desires, lost to the sheer need to have him, to own and be owned?

The hand resting against his chest was suddenly back under your control, and not a puppet to Yoongi’s irresistible touch, at the painful reminder.

“I said stop.” You bit out.

It was embarrassing, how he had you wrapped around his finger. How talking turned to heavy petting, turned to his hands down your pants and your top missing.

Yoongi let out an annoyed sigh, but pulled himself from on top of you, watching as your hands moved to shield your naked body from him.

He rolled his eyes before giving you his back to fiddle with something on his dresser, “I have something to do in a little bit, is this going to take long?”

You scoffed, “You didn’t have something to do when you were three fingers deep, but now that you have to hold an actual conversation with me you’re miraculously busy?”

“God,” he groaned, “I fucking hate when you get like this. How many times do I have to tell you-”

“We’re just fucking?” You laughed bitterly, “I know that.”

“Are you sure you do?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Because I don’t think you can separate the two.”

“Don’t patronize me, Yoongi. I came here to tell you I’m done and I want the key to my apartment back. You can pick your shit up when you have time, just text me and I’ll leave it outside the door.”

A sharp glint reflected in the dark pools of Yoongi’s eyes and you had physically refrain from smacking the smirk from his face. As much as Yoongi claimed this wasn’t s relationship, (and it wasn’t, relationship insinuated both parties had equal say in every decision and that was clearly never the case with Min Yoongi), he was still extremely possessive, wanted absolute control over every aspect of whatever fucked up unrequited fling the two of you had going on. He called the shots, not you. You didn’t get a say in when you met up or where, you also didn’t get to end it. Only he did, when he decided he was done with you.

And the look in his eye told you Min Yoongi was far from done with you.

“For someone who claims to know the difference between a relationship and fuck buddies, this sure does feel like a break up.” He chuckled, your stare withered on him.

“You know, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to tell the difference if you weren’t fucking with my head constantly.” You bit out.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he sighed, reaching to tug on an oversized black sweater. The one that was your favorite. The one you used to steal and walk around scantily clad in nothing else but a pair of undies. The one that used to make Yoongi’s mouth water and gaze follow you around your apartment until he was pressed up behind you, whispering about how he needed your help with something in the bedroom.

You rolled your eyes at him, already re-fastening your jeans before carding your fingers through your bed head. “Really? So it wasn’t you who visited Jimin’s work the other night?”

“Who?” Yoongi murmured, but you could tell he was biting back a smirk.

“Jimin. The guy I’m dating. He works at a coffee shop, Yoongi. He called me last night to let me know he couldn’t see me anymore and that it was unfair of me to include him in my drama.”

Park Jimin. A fools dream. Your last shot at redemption from whatever purgatory Yoongi had dragged you into. He was so pure, and sweet almost childlike. He didn’t make your heart flip flop like it did when you first met Yoongi, instead his eye smile and gentleness had acted like a balm for your battered soul.

It was for the better. Someone as sweet and tolerant and kind as Jimin didn’t deserve to pick up Min Yoongi’s pieces, didn’t deserve to deal with a problem he didn’t create.

At 21 you were too jaded, too broken and battered to hope for more than stability. You had tried for passion, had tasted the double edged sword of desire. At this point you didn’t need a love that burned like a thousand suns, you could settle for a mutual attraction that eased you gently into old age, surrounded you like a warm blanket. You didn’t need butterflies when you could settle for the sense of calm Jimin brought whenever he touched you. It wasn’t love but love was fickle and cruel and took no prisoners.

Love was Min Yoongi.

Anger churned itself in your belly as you were reminded of how Jimin had initially stammered a hello before giving you a rushed lecture on how your dishonesty disgusted him and how he wasn’t okay with seeing a girl with a boyfriend.

You snickered bitterly at that.

Yoongi was the farthest thing from boyfriend material. When you had first met him, amidst all the whispered poetry and beautiful gifts and sweet texts you were able to delude yourself into thinking so. You were able to ignore the way his hand tightened around yours, almost painfully so, when you even glanced in the direction of another male, kin or otherwise.

You ignored the way he marked your skin, even after directly expressing your discomfort at having to parade around work like some hussy.

Ignored the way he slowly isolated you, made you dependent on him, helped you push away friends, family until you were lost to him. Clinging to him. Desperate for him.

He was just a little insecure, you had told yourself. And… his jealousy was flattering. It made your heart flutter when he would pin you in, slightly drunk, slurring, asking if you were fucking other men. Making you scream and cry until you were both a blubbering mess, his grip on your wrist bruising. Angry sex was the best sex right? You could cover the fingerprints on your neck with concealer, you decided while he petted your hair soothingly, whispering quiet apologies against your throat, trailing kisses to your breast bone.

He was just… passionate you had told yourself. It made you swoon how he would come home late from the studio, frustrated and tired from days of work without any real productivity. Your belly flipped at the way he would rip the blankets from your body, yank your legs apart, take all of his frustrations out on you, tell you he just… he just really needed this, needed you. It never crossed your mind that this was a violation. If it were you wouldn’t feel so good, be able to come so hard, he wouldn’t be so gentle after, curled into you with his head on your breast, letting you coddle him and coo sweet reassurances.

He was lonely. You couldn’t leave him. He suffered from depression and you could relate to that. It felt good to be depended on, you couldn’t give that up just yet. He needed you. Taehyung could wait. You didn’t really need to help your sister, a wedding wasn’t as pressing or as urgent as Yoongi’s mental health. He needed you.

You shook your head, you couldn’t blame him for this. It was all your doing. If you were stupid enough to be manipulated by Min Yoongi you deserved to feel the crushing sadness, stress, and anxiety of being completely and utterly alone.

“I’m done.” You said softly, so quietly beaten, defeated, overcome with your depression. You were sinking, “I’m done with this. Give back the key or don’t, I’m changing the locks. Pick up your stuff, or don’t, I’ll donate it. I don’t care anymore. I’m… finished with whatever this is.”

You moved to make your way out of his apartment, your entire body numb, succumbing to the crushing weight of your depression. You didn’t feel relief, or joy or even sadness. You couldn’t feel anything other than the grip on your wrist, preventing you from leaving. You lifted your head, turning to face the man who had ruined you for all else, for yourself. “… Please.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened as if seeing you for the first time in months, but just as quickly as it came, his emotions were gone, concealed, locked away into the normal mask he wore daily.

“What’s between us will never be done, you know that right?” He said quietly, his stare challenging you to defy him, to disagree.

Small fingers gently pried at his own and Yoongi glanced down to see you disengaging his hold on you. Emotionally and physically, he mused.

“There’s nothing left for me to give. So even if this will always be an open-ended chapter in my miserable life since I met you, Yoongi I’m sucked dry. You took everything from me, my happiness, sadness, anger. You’re a leech,” you said gently.

He cocked back as if you slapped him. You were reading him, he thought. You were seeing him, finally. The words leaving your mouth weren’t out of malice or spite, you were just stating facts.

It cut deep.

“You will always be a leech. I chose to ignore it so it’s my fault too,” you nodded, “I used your depression, your anxiety as a crutch, the same way you did. I used it to excuse your behavior and your abuse, and now I’m paying the price. But just because you’re hurting doesn’t give you the right to lash out, Yoongi.” You murmured, a hand cupped gently around his face. You leaned up to kiss his forehead lightly.

“I’ll show myself out.”

Yoongi stood still in the spot where you left, minutes maybe hours, it felt like months before he finally moved. His chest felt like it was caving, it felt as though you had blown a hole straight through the middle. Was he having a heartattack? Could it be induced by heartbreak?

It was all too dramatic for him. Min Yoongi wasn’t a frivolous person, he didn’t fall victim to things like heartache. He wasn’t capable of feeling more than amusement or cold satisfaction that trickled through him when he made another notch in his bedpost.

Or so he thought.

“You fucking bitch!”

His shout of anger pierced through the dingy walls of his apartment, traveling to rock a tremor through your fragile psyche. You heard the familiar noise of glasses and fine china being shattered, each one you knew was a punch he wouldn’t dare land on you. He never needed to, his actions spoke decibels of what he wanted to do you. It was all too familiar a scene. The way he slammed doors, punched walls, broke furniture.

A shiver of anxiety traveled through your body at the thought and you quickened your pace to the elevator, ready to leave every single trace of Min Yoongi in this dirty, old apartment.

If Clary was the little girl who stopped a big war, you can do your very long and difficult homework.

If Jace found a way to love again even after what his father had done to him, you can forgive the ones around you.

If Alec found the courage to admit in front everyone who he was and whom he loved  you can open your mouth, speak your mind, and be yourself.

If Izzy was able to turn her anger into strength, you can be stronger, better.

If Simon sacrificed his memories for his friends, i bet you can be a better friend, a loyal one.

If Magnus endured what was unbearable and bore it for hundreds of years, you CAN get through the day, trust me.

The RFA as best friends

Yoosung - that friend who’s always there to send you cute animal videos, all day every day. He can get a bit whiney and ranty at times, complaining about not having a girlfriend or Seven hacking LOLOL, but it never lasts too long and he picks himself back up bc he thinks he’s annoying you (tbh he is being a bit annoying but u just gotta reassure him that ur always gonna be there💖) in return, he promises to always have your back and he makes the best listener whenever you’re down

Zen - ready to drag a bitch thru the mud for you honestly he’s such a loyal friend. He’s probably the friend you’ve experimented kissed with when you were like 12 that’s how close you are. Everything’s a laugh with Zen by your side because he always seems to fit in his narcissistic comments somewhere which can be hysterical
(at an art gallery)
You: wow this is pretty boring actually sorry I ended up dragging you here
Zen: I know right why did we pay to come in here when - for free - we can all look at my face- the highest form of art
You: god you’re a piece of shit ily

Jaehee - THE BIG MAMA FRIEND AND YOU KNOW IT. She’s the friend who carries 29 different types of medicine with her, a box of plasters and a pen with her at all times in case anyone needs them. She’s the best at advice and won’t sugar coat anything that needs to be said bluntly. That being said, she’s not a complete hardass though, and she’s the most generous person !!!! In the world !!!!!! Honestly having Jaehee as a friend is all of ur life’s luck used up because she is a gift.

Jumin - such a dry sense of humour he’s g o l d if he trusts you. He’s the guy always getting lost in crouds and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but you treasure him as a friend anyway because he’s real with you. 

‘Does this outfit look good on me ?’ ‘No.' 
'Does this taste okay ?’ 'No.’
'What do you think of this ?’ 'I mean it’s rather tasteless.’

Sometimes we all need that brutal honesty.

707 - we all know what I’m gonna say here but I’m just gonna say it anyway; he’s the meme man. You send him a meme that’s been dead for over a day ??? You’re dead to him (jk but also not jk) he’s constantly forgetting your birthday and always whips up some little electronic trinket last minute, but they’re still very sweet. Always making you laugh and knows exactly how to ! Quite awkward when it comes to comforting you, but mainly because whenever you’re upset or feeling like shit he can see a lot of himself in your sadness, and that just messes w him and makes him feel like shit bc you feel like shit. Overall he’s a pretty okay friend like 6/10 would maybe recommend. 

espeon sprite ratings

requested by anon

this friend looks very loyal and like someone you can rely on. it is waiting patiently for its trainer to issue a command! what a patient pal.

RATING: 8/10 would depend on (Pokemon G/C)

so curious! omg i lov her! what does she spy! maybe there’s a bug type on the ceiling and she wants to Get Him

RATING: 10/10 lovely (Pokemon Silver)

it’s important to be cautious of where you step! here you see a very careful boy making sure not to step in any mud puddles and ruin his beautiful purple coat of fur.

RATING: 9/10 very smart (Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG)

“so help me god i WILL plap ur face with my tails if you insult my brother again! you be nice to him! he’s trying!”

RATING: 10/10 a good big sis (Pokemon D/P)

the brother

RATING: 10/10 he just wants to Play (Pokemon Platinum/B/W)

[leans forward] “heyyyy there. hey. watcha eatin? can i have some? can i can i?”

RATING: 7/10 don’t beg! this is my food :c (Pokemon HG/SS)

the only thing pointier than this espeon’s ears is the knife it would brandish were you to ask it for its secrets

RATING: 3/10 i’m scared if i give it a zero it’ll fight me (Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS)

[all sprites from bulbapedia!]

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Hello! is there some theories you really can't agree with in tg fandom?

Hey Anon :) And… um, not really recently, at least not from what I’ve seen of the theories these days?
So unless there is someone in the fandom who believes Furuta is the ultimate big bad and that the Clowns are his loyal pawns, I should be okay with everything xD

…Though there is this theory about Touka being abducted soon (as a reason for why she is not joining the others for this arc) and it just doesn’t sit well with me, mainly because Touka never was a damsel in distress kind of character (not even when Kaneki rescued her from Ayato) so… I just can’t see it (personal opinion there, I could be totally wrong).

Don’t get me wrong, hurting one of Kaneki’s friends would be an excellent way to take it out on Kaneki and to make him suffer, I’m not denying this, but I just feel that Ishida apparently leaving Touka out of all the fighting is not because she’s supposed to suffer and end up as broken as him. 

On the contrary…

…I believe Ishida leaving her out of all the fighting is because Kaneki will need to be emotionally supported by someone who’s able to keep a clear head on their shoulders despite all the violence and the crazy world outside of :Re (the coffee shop), and I think that person is more and more made out to be Touka…

which is why she’s sitting this one out and staying at :Re.

This might not make a lot of sense to people who believe she didn’t mature at all ever since TG (dat infamous punch scene.discourse) but in fact, she grew up steadily ever since the very first arc of TG, and I can see her becoming some kind of brake to Kaneki’s unstable emotional self when the situation goes crazy, probably very soon. 

The punch scene was just an introduction to all of this, because obviously Ishida isn’t going to make things easy for Kaneki and, now that she punched him, he is a bit wary of her doing it again, which is why opening up to her will be hard and that’s why Touka is the one who will need to make the first step.

The second thing is (as Anon below is pointing it out) that the OEK role is creating a gap between him and his old friends, becoming wider the more Kaneki gets into it, to the point that now even Nishiki refers to him as a king…

and one might think it’s just funny, but that means Kaneki is slowly being isolated from his old friends because everyone is taking seriously the idea that he’s supposed to be that one dude who changes the world, and that’s why he needs at least one person to stay as his equal now that he’s the OEK (so again, by sitting this one out, Touka is made not to be like everyone else, which is precisely what Kaneki needs).

As Anon below says so well, Kaneki doesn’t need people to put him on a pedestal and to just do as he says, he needs comfort and people helping him on a personal level, and for now the only one who seems to be heading in this direction is Touka and yes, despite the punch scene (because it’s 100% a plot move leading to bigger developments). 

Um, wow, sorry for this huge thing xD I hope it makes sense, I just can’t see Touka becoming yet another way to make Kaneki suffer, especially because she has her own important characterization and because, even if Ishida can still think of ways to break Kaneki, at the end someone needs to be able to reach out to him and for now…

  • Hide is God knows where and I’m… not trusting him so much because he’s made out to be so fishy (even if I think his friendship with Kaneki is 100% genuine)
  • Amon has his own issues to take care of.
  • Akira is currently playing Sleeping Beauty and personally I think she’s more supposed to help Amon than to save her son
  • which leaves Touka.

I am sorry for rambling but I hope that it somehow answers your question. Thanks for passing by Anon!

omg Anon your insight…! 100% on point from my point of view, thanks a lot for sharing!! :D

My answer above is completely related to what you’re saying, so I hope you’ll read it because I agree with you, creating a gap between Kaneki and his friends with the OEK role is totally a bad idea and not something he needs, even if that’s precisely what Ishida is doing right now (with almost everyone starting to refer to him as a king).

Also, it’s easy to see that gap you mentioned when one compares the current arc with his life back in the CCG, when he could at least pretend he had some sort of family he belonged in with Arima, Akira and the Qs…

and he certainly looked a lot happier back then, even if the people he’s with now all are good friends who don’t want to hurt him in any way.

So that speaks volumes of what he actually needs and that’s definitely not to be the one everyone relies on and trusts with changing the world…

… because, considering all his issues with his childhood and his mom, what Kaneki inwardly longs for is probably nothing more than to belong within some sort of family, so that he’ll be able to feel the love and affection he’s been craving for ever since being a kid (that’s one of TG’s main themes anyway and not just for Kaneki’s character). 

So, all of Kaneki’s friends looking at him and seeing a king (which is something he’s responsible for as well, since he’s making it out to be that serious) are making him to be more and more isolated and unhappy, and that’s why someone needs to realize this ASAP, otherwise he will break down.

It’s nothing new that he needs help, but in my opinion that’s starting to be a little urgent right now. :/

Aaah, this subject is endlessly fascinating but I better shut up now xD
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts Anon! Please have a nice day :))

“anakin won his freedom during a podrace when he was just 9,” says padme amidala, taking a sip of her tea.

“he’s just the owner of the millennium falcon,” says general organa, taking a longer sip.

“he reprogrammed an imperial droid who became a loyal co-pilot and friend,” says jyn, shrugging not caring for her tea.


learned to fly at age 6. has a custom fighter named the black one and can fly anything, even a tie fighter. owns the legendary bb-8. best starfighter pilot in the resistance.

rey takes the longest sip.

“guess it’s a family thing.”

I think about all those fics with Yugi ( it’s always JUST Yugi, no one ever comes with him) somehow going to Ancient Egypt and how they almost always go with Yugi becoming a slave or a servant. Which is kind boring but fine.

But most have Atem start out as a asshole but like? Atem is not early manga Yami, he is the Yami that stepped into the after life of his own free will, who is a kind , loyal generous friend.

Yugi’s conflict with being thrown in the past shouldn’t be ‘this man was/is going to be a close friend/lover and now I’m seeing a darker side to him that I don’t know I like’ it should be 'I’m finally seeing the real “Yami” without him being connected to my mind and I want to stop what is going to happen but can’t because of so many reasons’

I mean if you want more relationship related drama then Atem would of course get scared of Yugi because Yugi gets him. Like Yugi can talk to Atem without a single word and it scares him that he could get so close to someone so fast and bah bah bah

anyway just because the fic has been done doesn’t mean you can’t try and put a twist on it


Sole Part - Day 1 - Introduce your Sole!

Vaughn Zander

Date of birth: 13 february 2045

Zodiac sign: Aquarius


10 ST, 6 PE, 5 EN, 10 CH, 11 IN, 4 AG, 4 LK

his role: veteran combat medic, General of the Minuteman, Paladin of BOS, Agent Whisper of Railroad, Atom Cat, Protector of Acadia, Atom’s Fave Child, Friend of Far Harbor

Good traits: intelligent, adaptable, loyal, kind, helpful, logical, honest, charismatic, protective, patient, calm, gentle, observant, supportive, respectful, neat, has a soft spot for children and animals

Flaws: lazy, coward, sensitive (when people are harsh on first encounter he becomes passive-aggressive), anxious, sometimes arrogant, clumsy, nervous (he jumps at every high sound or unknown footstep), sarcastic, insecure, low self-esteem, hoarder

(more info about him you can find in the link i put on his name, mobile version here)

also pls check out these 2 (x) (x) amazing artworks of @nokikissa

and of course you can send me asks about him anytime! he is still under work but im very proud of him!!

Can you imagine?

  • Kun is the one to find Bam in the cave (for whatever reason) and, thus, he builts the “ladder” for Bam to climb up so that they can get out from the darkness.  From there, Kun and Bam help each other get stronger so that they can fight against whatever lies behind the doors of the Tower.

“We’re all wondering it.” Endorsi raised an eyebrow at Bam.  “You two make no sense. The Lost Son of Kun coming back as an Irregular with the next Urek Mazino as his loyal guard dog.”

“Why does that make no sense?” Bam tilted his head to the side just slightly and it’s ridiculously unfair how someone so terrifyingly powerful could look so harmless. “Kun and I are best friends. I’ll climb with him to the top of this tower and do everything I can to make sure he gets his wish.”

Endorsi felt an uneasy prickle down her spine and she bit down at the end of her straw. “Once a Kun, always a Kun, huh?” she disparaged, quickly covering any weak points with a smirk. “Using you as a means to an end. You do know this, don’t you?”

The far-off look accompanied by a gentle smile struck a heartstring in Endorsi and she firmly crossed her arms in defiance.  

“The night we returned to my–ah–that cave where we first met…” For some inexplicable reason, Bam’s smile turning blindingly bright before he continued. “…I asked…if I could really come with him. If he was sure I could. There had to be a reason why I was born in that cave, right? So Kun couldn’t have known if I could come.”

Endorsi tapped her straw against her lips. That was a good question she never thought of, actually.  “Obviously you could though, considering I’m gracing you with my presence.”

Bam’s eyes slid closed and there it was again–a shining beacon radiating from this boy’s face. “That’s only because Kun was with me. He had no clue if I could come with him. But he said that his wish was to stand at the top of the tower with someone worthy, so he didn’t care what anyone else did or say.  He was going to bring me with him.”

This sounds like nothing of the Kun we’ve witnessed, a thought comes rattling inside Endori’s brain.  The cold smirk in blue eyes and scheming demands from an arrogant mouth clashed so jaggedly with the sweetness of Bam’s description.

Where is the lie?

“That was when Kun told me we would dominate this tower together, making the rules ours and no one would ever throw us back into darkness again.” Bam looked so determinedly, so fearlessly at Endorsi. “I don’t care about dominating anything. I don’t want to rule over anyone. I just want to stay by Kun’s side. That is my wish.” His honey eyes filled with highlights of gold. “I’ll make both of our wishes come true.”

Does it matter? her inner voice murmured. Which is or isn’t the lie?

“Just as I thought,” she said, exhaling a laugh as Bam continued to stand tall before her. “You two make no sense.”

Bam nodded.  “That’s okay.”

When he wants to believe so stubbornly that his faith is the truth?

“If that’s the only reason why we’re able to stay together like this, then I’d rather we make no sense at all.”

  • Btw, the reason why Bam grinned and corrected himself when he said “my cave” was because the last time he called that cave his, Kun got pissy at him.  Because, as Kun reinforced, “A place as dark as that would never belong to you.”  

Yoosung | Wolfssegner

  • Totally the lowest ranked in his original pack lol
  • Basically a dog, will watch what you tell him to watch.
  • Best forager, survival skills 11/10
  • Sings to himself whenever fishing or picking vegetables/fruit
  • HE CAN COOK WELL TOO, everyone in the army loves it when he cooks
  • Stammers and gets weak at the knees in every support with a girl lol
  • Treats everyone in the army as one big family (except v). He really loves V’s pegasus Rika and talks to her often.

that’s all i got so far LOL

Varric Tethras Romance Headcannons.

1- Varric is extremely loyal (obviously because of how he’s stayed loyal to both his friends and Bianca)

2- Bianca was his first reall love. Yeah, he’s been with women but she was his first love, which is why he dosnt want to loose that. It’s been too long and she means too much.

3- He wants to love other people (possibly f! Hawk or inquisitor ) but he can’t do that when he’s with Bianca. It would hurt Bianca and whoever he loves.

4- After the incedent with Bianca in DA:I he is starting to let go. She married and she has to move on and so dose he, but unless she breaks it off he has to be pretty deep for someone to call it off.

5- He likes being the little spoon, also the big spoon, he just loves being snuggled in bed in general.

6- He’s not afraid of public display of affection but he will still be a gentleman about it. Holding hands, hugs, foarhead / cheek kisses only.

7- God help you if you hurt his LI.

8- he’s a writer. He can explain your appearance in great detail but that’s not the part of you he falls in love with. He will sooner date the homely lady with the nice laugh and big heart than the woman with the big boobs.

9- One night stands, sure! Friends with benefits. .. no.

10- Secretly a family man.