can i be frank with you


Jacobina: “Has this got meat in it?”

Caroline: “Yeah, it’s franks and beans…”

Jacobina: “I’m a vegetarian.”

Caroline: “Shit, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know!”

Jacobina: “No, I’m sorry, you went to all this effort but I can’t eat it.”

Caroline: “I should have known.”

Jacobina: “No, you weren’t to know. That’s the whole point in dating, you get to know each other.”

Caroline: “Yes, but I bet none of your other dates have ever tried to poison you.”

Jacobina: “No one’s ever cooked for me before.”

Caroline: “What? Ever? Well, I’m honoured to be your first, even if this meal is probably going to go down in a list of date disasters.”

Jacobina: “It’s not, it’s wonderful, I promise.”

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I can’t wait to see more Frank flashbacks in S4!!.. said no one ever.

Anon, there are fans who adore Frankostein to death. Not just RDM :) 

I do, however adore the dorkiness that is Tobias Menzies. 

@fromheretoeternity1121​ My hard work, dedicated to you. 

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You know if BTS and the first LIS are connected? i think that LIS have a lot of questions with no answers, like how Rachel end up with Frank (what you think about it btw?), why Max have her powers, etc. And i think that BTS is not going to explain that. So, i dont know if BTS and LIS are like in the same timeline/dimension or are they diferents? your account is amazing btw, HAIL LEGION

BTS and LIS are connected, the question is how much and how. Chloe and Rachel weren’t a couple in LIS, not as much as you can see them in BTS. Unless something will change in ep3 of course. 

Rachel ending up with Frank is understandable, especially if Chloe and she were only friends (and she was still in love with this clueless dork that didn;t make a move because reasons). Frank was also connected to Sera, so there is a reason for them to bond over it. We have to wait for ep 3 to know more, damn it. Max having powers is a mystery from Dontonod magic book and I can’t nor want to explain that. There is a lot of questions and unsolved issues from LIS and BTS can’t just explain the first game logically because they would have to rewrite the whole thing. Why Chloe doesn’t trust Max at all, even if she knew about Franka and Jefferson (she did, listen what she said about them)? Why no one thinks logically there? Why no one called DA office after finding Rachel’s body? I can go on and on but my statement - for now of course is - LIS happens in the timeline when they were just friends, in love with each other but depressed because it was too late to make a move. Sometimes it is too late, especially if it comes to your only and best friend. I’m not gonna force everybody to take it as a canon, I’m not aggressive but in my head it makes sense. Unless Ep3 will fuck us over with some weird shit. 


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PALADINS SINGING CHRISTMAS SONGS! Like, their favorite Christmas songs to sing while decorating the house or something, and Keef sounds like Michael Buble and Shiro sounds like Frank Sinatra and you can't tell me the Holt siblings wouldn't duet (@voltron-legendary-squish) (also, thanks for responding to the last one *goes back to blushing and running around in circles*)

omg heck yeah!!

and lance hums along to ‘Santa baby’ sometimes and sometimes he duets with Keith or hunk

matt and shiro drunkenly sing ‘baby it’s cold outside’ and even pidge begins to harmonise

tbh I bet all of them would purposely sing wildly out of tune to Christmas songs just to get into the spirit

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You’ve indicated that you think the showrunners will bring on Karen Page as a full-time character in a possible season 2. Do you think that’s something we as fans can help make happen? Should we consider doing an organized viewing of episodes featuring Karen sometime in the future? i guess I’m just nervous because DAW hinted that her origin show needs reminded of her character’s connection, and she and Frank had a goodbye that might be enough for some...

Honestly, I think responding to the official TP accounts with these wishes has been quite productive so far! I’m simultaneously a very positive and very non-hopeful person lol so I’ll never feel certain until we get an announcement one way or another, but from what I’ve seen of the twitter and instagram fanbases, the reception to Karen posts has had a favorable majority. And especially on twitter, the Karen and kastle posts by the official account have been consistently frequent, and the feedback fans are able to give there by responding to the account and tweeting at the celebs and showrunner and media outlets writing reviews on and speculation about TP has garnered the ship and just overall Karen’s presence on TP itself a lot of attention!

Lightfoot, Deb, and Jon are all out here liking the occasional (pro-kastle and) pro-’Karen in S2′ posts from what I’ve seen. Deb herself retweeted two pieces of kastle fan-art in the past ~3 days and liked another tweet praising Karen and wanting her in S2 full-time the other day? I think the buzz about her being in S2 has been felt by them well already and some of the kastle-centric tweets by their official account as of late have almost felt like…feelers? Reception tests? IMO??

So idk. If someone wants to organize a Karen-centric viewing, I think that’d be great! All the love for the best journalist in the MCU <3 I just also want to praise the method of everyone using these platforms that have been responding to the official posts with Karen love, because I do think that’s working, on some level.

(However I do want to stress, just to put this out there somewhere since I am talking about twitter a lot in this post as it’s what I personally use, that as enthusiastic as we are about Karen, and the ship, please please please if you’re tweeting at any of them or responding to any of their accounts, please phrase everything complimentary and respectfully. It’s been an extremely small exception that I’ve seen sort of demanding it instead of suggesting or asking, and I’d just hate to see that grow beyond the rare shipper. We’ve been very fortunate to have these great actors and writers and showrunner etc see this accidental gem of a dynamic grow into Karen having four stellar episodes branching out into TP insofar and I just think we should all keep showing them our immense gratitude for that first and foremost <3)

the way!! he!! dismisses!!!

‘look, it wasn’t supposed to go down like this. alright? if i could go back and change it i would but i can’t. look at me, frank. look at me. i did not want this.’

except you did you piece of shit you did you did you put your best friend you put your family in the ground and even if ‘it wasn’t supposed to go down like this’ the way it was supposed to go down was that frank would be in the ground with them

and you try and act like you hold no fault but you hold all of it you hold more than rawlins even because you! could!!! have!! stopped it!!

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so not dom!harry but can we please take a moment to think about dare i say holiday!harry. Him baking cookies with you and while the cookies are in the oven you guys are finishing decorating the tree, while listening and singing to frank sinatra’s christmas songs. Harry playfully singing to you while dancing and twirling you in the middle of the living room. Hanging up the decorations together, admiring your tree, kissing over and over. Laughing and just so much pure love (1/2)

While you two are finishing getting the last cookies out of the oven Harry tells you how he doesn’t want anything for christmas because he got what he’s always wanted… to spend the holidays with the girl of his dreams. (2/2)



I tried to play the same thing (as when Billy gives Madani a bath) in the episode where I have Frank tied up and I’m washing his face. It’s kind of similar, you know? He’s washing his face, he’s cleaning him up, he should be sympathizing, but he’s thinking, “I could choke him right now. I have that power.” I think he really gets off on that power, that genuine lust for power. 

Ben Barnes talking about Billy Russo (x

When people ask me what my favorite song is im just like??? can you be more specific??? favorite right now??? most listened to??? top 10??? what i listen to at different times??? what i listen to when im sad?? when im happy??? be more specific goddammit 


There’s a bit at the end of the series where the two of them are just alone in an elevator together and they’re looking at each other and we didn’t know what it was gonna be, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, we didn’t know what it was gonna mean, but it definitely means something -Jon Bernthal 


So where does that end, Frank? Because I look at you and my heart breaks because all I can see is just this endless, echoing loneliness. I’m not lonely, Karen. Bullshit. We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we’re just- we’re just fighting not to be alone. So what do you want, Karen? What should I do? Should I let it go? No, but I want there to be an after. For you.

i’d like to bring to your attention Brian May holding Mikey’s hand as they walk off stage together