can i be doge

happypetsona,, fursona,,whats the difference anymore,,,

“Can be your Christmas present,Derek?”
“Every day with you is a gift, Stiles…”
“You are so wow..”

Sterek!Doge AU
Maybe as the first year of Doge!Stiles being rescued from the high kill shelter and brought into CourageWolf!Derek’s pack, he begins to find the confidence in himself to be more outgoing, not be ashamed of his odd speech pattern that seems to normalize over time but still lingers there when he doesn’t feel like putting much effort into talking. Perhaps, just perhaps, Stiles is finding himself to be more fond of the courageous and wonderful alpha that rescued him. Perhaps the feelings of the fluttering butterflies in his soft tummy are not ones that he wants to bash away, but perhaps ones that give way to more positive and wow feelings. Perhaps, the looks Derek gives him are ones that Stiles is hopefully reading correct, so he bundles up all the courage that his pack and his new family have given him these last few months, and takes that leap of faith and declare that his feelings for Derek are very wow and make him feel such flutter in his tummy. And this Christmas?

Well this Christmas may just end up being very very wow. 

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i mean look at this absolutely adORABLE PUPPER

awe him smiling! and look how cute and happy he is 2 c frank again

we know frank definitely takes him on walks (or at least 1 walk)

and actually he even bandaged up the little guy’s arm :’)


heart breakin. the tru mystery now is what happen to the dog? we never see it again?? i hope its ok and frank is still taking care of it!! i wonder what he named it hmm………..

I can imagine Victorian Hogwarts where all the boys and girls are kept apart from one another and how everybody probably has chaperones and has to be prim and proper so you see everybody with their own gender because they’re not allowed to mix with the opposite gender and all the lesbians and gay kids are like “YES”

One day, after a Quidditch game everybody needs to go back to class and Elphias is shoving books and stuff back into his bag and he’s like: “ALBUS, LET’S GO!” Because they’re NEVER late. And his genius friend made it a point to never be tardy for anything. But he can’t find him like wtf, he was sitting next to me a second ago???????

But then he finally finds fourteen year old Albus in like the Ravenclaw locker rooms or the Victorian equivalent or whatever (his brother is on the Gryffindor team and that would be awkward) checking out the male Quidditch players as they come in and start to get undressed. He’s hiding in one of the old lockers that nobody uses and there’s a slight crack so he can get a better view of their asses and when Elphias realizes what’s going on he’s exasperated because Albus’ eyes are GLUED to these dudes. So he sneaks as quietly as possible and crawls in there with him like: “ALBUS DUMBLEDORE YOU OBVIOUS HOMOSEXUAL!” and makes to go drag him away to class and closes the locker door but through the slits he sees the fit ass Seeker with these gorgeous muscles and Elphias is like:

“When did Timothy Kane get so fit?” and Albus hands him the Omniculars and that’s the story about how Dumbledore and Elphias Doge was were late to their first class ever and how they got their first ever detention.

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So I'm currently talking to this really cute guy and basically all we do is send each other dog memes. Lately I've been feeling like he's starting to lose interest so I'm asking you: Can you please send your best, crispest Doge meme? I really want to impress him and i know some A+ memes are the only way to his heart (and in his pants lol) Doge is love, doge is life, peace out ✌🏼

Sure thing anon, be on the look out for some crispy doggo memes soon! Good luck with your guys troubles, I’m not sure how you can ever get bored of doggo memes.

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Hey if u guys play Ninja Blazing you should add me ID: 634,308,486,917 

i got the waifu team ;) 

Escalus: “blah blah blah What about your honor?”

Isabella: “Fuck my honor. I can handle the Doge.”

Escalus: “…”

Rosaline: “Fire. Yes!”

Benvolio: “Fire. No.”

Rosaline shivers. A lot.

Benvolio: “Woman, you’re cold.”

Rosaline: “Am not.”

Benvolio: “Are too. Come here.”

Rosaline: “What?”

Benvolio: “Oh my god just come here; I’m not going to make a move on you. (Though I kind of, sort of, ok DEFINITELY want to.)”

Rosaline snuggles up next to Benvolio and shares his cloak. “You could just give me the damn cloak.”

Benvolio: “But then I wouldn’t get to cuddle you, bae.”

Rosaline: “…”