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the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)


I’ve updated my Redbubble store with two more recent Trek artworks! :D

These four artworks are now in my store, and can be printed on all sorts of stuff, ranging from nice to novel to amusingly inappropriate (you can get a clock with a picture of Seska in the Brig.).

I’d like to add more, but I’m always at a bit of a loss as to what to put in there - let me know which piece if there’s any of my art you want to see in my store!

In the meantime, here’s the links to where you can find these!

Seska and Kes in the Brig

Samantha Wildman, Naomi, and Seska

Jadzia Dax and Ezri Tigan

Non-Human Crewmembers of the USS Voyager

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hello~ i just found ur art today and it's amazing! im kind of new to the bsd fandom and would like to find some new ppl to follow, so can u rec some of ur fav artists?

Hi Anon!! Thank you so much! and OMG there’s so many talented bsd artists in the fandom so I won’t be able to cover everyone T-T.

(Let me preface this by saying that I consider most if not all of these people to be my art senpais and >///< I haven’t even talked to some of them before but hi if you’re reading this I love your art and I’m sorry for bothering you  with the tags orz orz)

I’m gonna tag the artist followed with a sample of their work if that’s ok with ya~

@ryethe - art here
@ginkoseed - art here
@sunnnybox - art here
@senren - art here
@sammieart - art here
@ariukoart - art here
@miss-intention - art here
@tealilie-art - art here
@mr-reblogbutton - art here
@daily-dazai - art here
@23i2ko - art here
@kiimone - art here
@corokuro - art here
@jihiro-kun - art here
@ask-fancy-hat-chuuya - art here
@onelovelysin - art here

that’s it for now, I just named a few of my favs off the top of my head but there’s definitely a looooot more wonderful artists out there, please go out there and explore them all! Have fun in the bsd fandom~
ok im going to go hide now *runs off into the distance*

Why can’t narumitsu fans get along with anyone else? Like honestly, some of these people need to just grow the fuck up and accept that people have different opinions on different things.

I just had to block someone because they were posting ship hate and it was landing in the ships tag. It’s stupid and immature, especially on their part. If you’re someone who posts ship hate, don’t bother following me. It’s people like those who give us such a horrible reputation. Not just the shippers, but the fandom, too.

Can’t we all just agree that people have different thoughts and opinions, and just put an end to all this?!

And when I say this, I’m talking to everyone. (Narumitsu shippers and Narumayo shippers mainly.)

i should’ve made this one more detailed ! can’t be bothered – 
it’s been a hell of a year! but i wanna take a moment to thank my friends, mutuals, followers, everyone who has stuck with me and supported me this year. i can’t express my gratitude enough. 
down below are some people i admire, adore, love, and cherish with all my heart.
( i have bad memory, so i’ll most likely be adding people i forgot later.

@originallapis  🌹 @haued  🌹 @astralfog  🌹 @goopy-amethyst  🌹 @heishin  🌹 @lazuthyst  🌹 @labscab 🌹 @roryomolly  🌹 @aphobes  🌹 @littlegreenspacealien  🌹 @lesbiansportacus  🌹 @aceizaya  🌹 @nacrepearl  🌹 @faelapis  🌹 @opalls  🌹 @barkydog  🌹 @stromai  🌹 @arsenicrosarian  🌹 @vagabxned  🌹 @jasp3rz  🌹 @officialopal  🌹 @mcclained  🌹 @tgkl  🌹 @oakwands  🌹 @fem-usa  🌹 @kyoumamis 🌹 @vovaline  🌹 @pipiipek  🌹 @badpearl  🌹 @plakmer  🌹 @op4l  🌹 @sandyqhast 🌹  @periwiki  🌹 @pearlsgalpal  🌹 @pearlwiki  🌹 @rvinbowquartz  🌹 @rvpphire

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What's the purpose of putting markipliertag2 on stuff? I've seen it on a lot of things but it still just looks like regular posts that people make. (Sorry I'm kinda new so I don't know a lot about this stuff)

the second mark tag was created like a long while ago when there was a whole lot of spam and spambots that were in the main tags, so a couple of mark blogs decided to introduce the second mark tag so that everyone can see everyone’s creations and text posts and not be bothered by spam posts. 💚


You can not tell me that Tae doesn’t look like the sweet & innocent character who is actually the twisted mastermind secretly killing off everyone in the story/show just so he can be on top.

About Blog Content

((In response to the anon who’s apologizing: no worries! I think that ask is funny and it’ll get addressed. I’m not bothered at all.

And just a note to everyone: I don’t have any content restrictions on this blog at the moment. People can send asks about whatever. I’ll still tag posts that get closer to nsfw territory (like blatantly sexual stuff) as nsfw, so hopefully people who don’t want to see that stuff can block it. Asriel is mature but isn’t exactly prone to doing anything risqué, anyway, so I’m pretty sure things tagged as nsfw will 95% be because of the content of the ask itself.

I’m personally fine with swearing and mentions of sexual stuff, but I guess if I get an ask or submission that’s like.. straight up porn and dingledongles are everywhere, then I might not be able to post that.  I haven’t received any asks like that so far, so there’s been no problems there! I’ve got one ask that I know I’ll be tagging as nsfw, but I’m personally not bothered by that one either.

If anyone has any input they feel is important to this topic, though, lemme know.))

Let’s see who wants to play. Why don’t ya’ll like this post to give me and the spoon permission to ;

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OMG I hope this isn't bothering you, if it is I apologise, but YES. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH THE S4MM TAG PROBLEM!! Like I'm sorry your legacy/sim/etc. is awesome but I'm looking FOR the CC, not your creation WITH CC, y'know what I mean?? I'm honestly sick of having to scroll through multiple posts to look for actual CC, even with Tumblr Savior it's a total drag >.<

Yas, exactly! It’s annoying and it’s only started happening within the past couple years or so. I can’t help but feel like mostly everyone that does it is new to the site/simblr and doesn’t know. It’s just a constant struggle :/

okay but you know what really bothers me, i see it even in movie trailers, movies, tv shows, commercials, magazines, books, EVERYTHING. if two of the main characters are a girl and a guy, people either instantly assume they will end up together or they actually do!! and it’s like why can’t you give the characters a little breathing room because last time i checked not everyone in every book, movie, whatever is canon hetero and people ask why do you ship a bunch of gay ships, okay i’ll tell you why, it’s because in the same way you’ve been taught to see chemistry between a boy and a girl just because they stand near each other once or something i can see chemistry between those two characters whether it be guy and guy or girl and girl and yeah sometimes even girl and guy or many others if there are nonbinary characters involved (also nb characters lack representation but that’s a post for another day) but why can’t i ship two guys or two girls. if you ship a straight ship you don’t seem to have to justify yourself to someone every time you tell someone you like a certain pairing jfc not everything has to be cis/het all the time but the problem is, outside of social media and even on social media IT IS. i’m sorry for the rant also i’m tagging all my ships below, byE

I don’t get ship hate.

Like, I have a lot of ships that annoy me, make me groan every time I see them on-screen or on my dash, there are even ships that gross me out but you wanna know what I do? I scroll past them. 

If it seriously bothers me I blacklist them so I can forget they exist. Download Tumblr Savior blacklist the ship tag and all variations of it and move along, don’t go harassing people, trashing the fanart and fanfics they put hours into just because they like something you don’t. 

Ships make us happy, I know yours make you happy, so don’t ruin someone else’s happiness just because you think person X belongs with person Y or that person Z is -insert sexuality- / -insert romantic orientation- while someone else doesn’t. Not everyone is going to agree with you, just like you’re not going to agree with everyone.

Ship and let ship, guys.

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Just saw yet another post complaining about an inconsistency in Steven Universe (in this case, how difficult it is to poof specific gems), and I started commenting on it, but decided to make a separate post. 

The inconsistencies of Steven Universe don’t bother me much. Not the inconsistency in size, or color, or gem hardness. I realize everyone’s line (where it crosses into “yeah I can’t suspend disbelief anymore because the inconsistencies are distracting”) is gonna be in a different place. 

But like….the gems’ very existence breaks several laws of physics/thermodynamics. We’re talking about a cartoon where the main characters are “hard light” projections of sentient rocks and have an infinite source of energy (they don’t eat, they don’t photosynthesize, are they hiding nuclear fusion in those things or what), and their “bodies” are humanoid (to the point of being able to spit, cry, sweat, and bruise) when there’s literally no reason–other than that, y’know, it’s a cartoon. A cartoon about sentient rocks from space. 

I’m not saying “it’s just a cartoon,” I’m saying that the medium of animation and making it intentionally unrealistic from the start means they can mess with the internal laws of their universe as they see fit, even if for no other reason than “we thought it was funny.”

My fave example of this is the gems’ (including Steven) teeth turning into rows of pointy fangs whenever they get angry enough. I love headcanoning that that’s something that happens–get a gem really fucking pissed and her teeth turn into fangs–but I’m preeeeetty sure it’s just meant to be an animation sight gag, in the same vein as exaggerating their features for facial expressions. 

And it’s not like any of this is new! This has all been part of Steven Universe’s M.O. from the very beginning! Why are people suddenly complaining about it now?? 


okay so some of you guys might’ve seen starshow360 where vernon describes in extreme detail of his house in hongdae, (here at 3:45) being near sanwoolim theater, in front of a big tree etc. i see people on tumblr and twitter constantly worrying that fans might bother or harass his family. however, he mentions in this video (around the 4:05 mark) that he “doesn’t live there now”, so i can assure everyone that he was not giving away exactly where he lives! please have your hearts at rest :^)

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🌷 Heeeey 🌚🌚🌚 Lov u💓

🌷 = favourite blogs

dawhdkja, baby, you know you’re one of my favs already, right? /hides/; to be honest, everyone i follow is a favourite of mine. but here’s a small list: dazzlingkai, kaibility, wennist, babyeol, chanyoel, actualprincepcy, yixingeol, angel-in-slow-motion, r-velvets, tippanies, ayy-pcy, chanshine, taemcin, bo-mi, laygion, glorious-soobooty, toomanyfeelsexogdi, iyeolie, galaxychen, chanssoo, peachbby and gosh, so many more ^w^ 

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Unpopular Opinion Tag

I saw @thelibraryofmars doing this and I thought it would be fun to do even though I wasn’t actually tagged.

Popular book you disliked:  The Selection by Kiera Cass

Book that everyone dislikes but you love: The Cursed Child I don’t really get what people hate about this book so much.  Our Queen J.K. Rowling was not the only author of this screenplay.  She had to work with two other people as well.  Yes the story was hers, but she couldn’t just shoot down their ideas on the basis that she is right and no one else can be.  (Yes there are parts of it that did bother me, but for the most part I really enjoyed this book.)  And too, we didn’t really get to see much of the Golden Trio as adults, people change when they grow up.

Central ship you dislike:  Katniss/Peeta  I don’t really know why I don’t like this ship, but something about it just really bugs me and I have yet to figure it out.

Popular genre you don’t usually read: Contemporary  I like reading books about cool epic adventures and magic and fighting, not someone’s life that gets turned upside down when they meet someone and fall in love with them.

Beloved character you hate: Professor Snape  Nothing, not even the posts that I see all over everything defending Snape is going to change my opinion of him.  I just can’t forgive him for what he did to poor Neville.  I mean Snape was the poor boy’s BOGGART of all things, he was Neville’s worst fear, worse than the Death Eaters that tortured his father to death and his mother insane!!!!!!!

Popular author you can’t get into: John Green I have read three of his books and liked them a little, but I just don’t get the big hype about his books.  I absolutely love his youTube channel though.

Popular trope you are tired of: I’m not really sure if this counts as a trope, but love triangle that the entire story revolves around.  I don’t mind it so much when there are love triangles in a story, but I HATE it when that is what pushes the story forward.  Like when it gets to that point, maybe you should just end the story, I mean the story obviously isn’t going anywhere if you have to add conflict in the love life of the character to make it go somewhere.

Popular book or series you have no interest in: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer  I have heard from some people that they love it, but I have also heard things about it and have absolutely no desire to read it.  And honestly, I can’t help but feel sorry for the actors that had to make the movies.  Robert Pattinson, you will always be my Cedric Diggory!!!

Movie/TV show is better than the book: I don’t really have one for this, but I’ll say Game of Thrones just because I haven’t read the books yet and what little I’ve seen of the TV show is really good, not to mention the fact that practically everyone I’ve talked to is in love with the show.

I tag anyone who wants to do this because I want to get involved in the booklr community and have been failing thus far.