can i be anymore self indulgent

I am resentful and I have good reason to be, though I know I direct that resentment at the wrong people sometimes. Lately I find it hard to relate to the appeal of self-medication, of self-destruction: the poetry of how good it can feel to hurt. I do not have the privilege to spiral anymore. I sit or I stand or I sink down on both knees but I never lay down. I do not indulge. I do not lash out. I do not speak up. I do not cry. I wake up early and get my nephew his chocolate milk and I wash the dishes by hand while I pray for things I shouldn’t. I no longer have the instinct to fight or flee. I only know how to endure.



“It’s because, without your bravery in the face of all that’s happened to you, without your constant scheming behind my back, without that fire of hatred and contempt and hope in your eyes when you look at me…” He hissed out a breath. “In the shadow my father has cast over my entire life, you are the only light I can see anymore. And, whatever the cost, I refuse to let that light be extinguished.

Super self indulgent doodle…! It just started as a joke about not being able to dig through garbage bins anymore and somehow escalated!! I’m very sorry.

That being said, I can’t bring myself to draw anything past “one sided infatuation”, especially with a self insert… QuQ; I hope no one is really expecting more.

Nanu tried to make a joke but didn’t expect such an awkward response. She has her hands up and ready to be cuffed!! How embarrassing… This is why he just lives with a bunch of Meowth and doesn’t associate with people.


allison says to protect trans kids so i guess we have to do it. listen i don’t make the rules i just enforce them

okay sheith scenario time. at the end of voltron, i want there to be a scene similar to aang’s and katara’s where they meet up outside of the celebration of them defending the universe. sometime ago, maybe somewhere around the 4th season, shiro confessed his feelings for keith and keith was unsure how to take it all in back then. 

but now he does. he’s had enough time to mull it over, and after losing shiro one too many times, he doesn’t think he can handle it anymore. 

keith places a hand on shiro’s shoulder and says, no sign of hesitation in his voice, ‘i want to be yours, shiro.’ 

and then we may get a kiss, maybe not, i doubt the writers would go that far. or even as far as i’m taking this scene right now because this is purely self-indulgent, but those words are enough. keith will prove to shiro for the rest of his life just how much he wants to be with him. 

for more chances of winning (your heart) Ch. 7.2

Summary: The five times Daichi is Kuroo’s ‘unofficial’ significant other, the one time he isn’t, and the one time he ‘officially’ returns the favor.

(aka  a prompt dump and supremely self-indulgent KuroDai in a not-so-obvious-mutual pining-fake/pretend relationship thingy disguised as a mandatory 5+1 times fic)

Chapter 7.2: Nothing worth having comes without some misunderstanding

Pairing: KuroDai


Better read this first: Part 7.1

Kuroo’s eyes widened, and his limbs felt heavy at those words. It felt like the world stopped turning and his heart stopped beating as a cold feeling washed over him.  

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Let The Music Play

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Directions: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people everybody, no skipping ( aka the drag yourself with your own music, savvy? )


  1. I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy
  2. You’re No Fun Anymore Mark Trezona by Mindless Self Indulgence
  3. Perhaps Vampire Is A Bit Strong But… by Arctic Monkeys
  4. Explode by Patrick Stump
  5. Avion by Kat Edmonson
  6. Plain Gold Ring by Kimbra
  7. Just One of Those Things by Kat Edmonson
  8. Fourth Of July by Fall Out Boy
  9. Bring Me Down by Lenka
  10. Secret by The Pierces

some of these are from my emo phase but they are my guily pleasure.

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I couldn’t take it anymore, I’m about half way done with the Volpina and I had to put out SOMETHING so I made this real quick! This cute ass comic that I can’t get over! Aderumoro’s improv was so perfect I loved playing off of it!!

Art by @ferisae!!:

Ladybug by Aderumoro!

Chat Noir was played by me!

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i started doing a 5 small meal a day plan on monday n its been kinda hard to start with but im getting used to it.

something im learning is that food doesnt always have to be sweet/unhealthy/a guilty pleasure. the reason i got so fat was bcos i believed that if i was eating, it should taste amazing n be fattening and stuff. which isnt true

food is just. fuel. i need to eat healthy to give myself energy to get around. when i lose weight and im not fat anymore i can occasionally indulge myself, but i’ve definitely already learned a lesson in self control and have improved my relationship with food.

O-oh dear. Is the kitchen okay? 
“… It’s fine, why do you ask?” 
Well, it’s just… I’m not sure how you managed to heat an oven that unevenly. 
“I tried, man. Not all of us were raised in a restaurant.” 
No, no, I can see you tried, and it’s a wonderful gesture! Just… maybe we should keep it gestural. 
“This is not a gestural cake. This is a cake for eating, with your face, you ungrateful bastard.”
…. at least I’m already dead…. 

Mo Says: 

Today (May 10) is my 19th birthday! In typical fashion, let’s pretend it’s Lew’s too, so I have an excuse for this self-indulgent-ass picture. 

ALSO I MADE A QUICK EDIT FOR ectoimp WHO IS ALSO BIRTHDAYING but not anymore because our birthdays are different days actually BUT IT’S ONLY BAAARELY LATE 

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