can i be a mongoose dog


• angus knows everything about every animal apparently and can talk for ages about whatever they’re looking at. taako gets really annoyed until he sees a mongoose and literally spends twenty minutes talking about how fucking Rad they are. he has to excuse himself to calm down in the bathroom but he feels better and no one laughed at him this time. angus is the most impressed
• careys the type to go “that’s me” every time an animal, any animal, does anything
• magnus walks around with carey and goes “dude look at that fucking dog” (it’s a zebra) and careys like “yeah man that’s me”.
•avi is like. woah magnus i bet you can’t pet that dog and magnus tries to break into the poor animals enclosure before avi’s even finished the sentence
• killian is scared of birds but desperately wants to be near one one. a bird flaps a little and she’s like oh my god it fucking hates me i wanna DIE it’s gonna murder me and careys gotta b like. dude no it’s chill
• merle tries to get the director to just fucking bounce. she’s like “no this is a bonding exercise” until she sees magnus trying to climb into a bear enclosure and she’s like “idk who these people are. lets go.”
• johan is unimpressed by everything but the jellyfish. and also tiny birds. he likes how they sing n chirp. he buys plush toys at the gift shop and when everyone sees him do that they all buy him one too