can i also point out that this is a candid photo (i think). this man just stands around being gorgeous

Tyler Seguin #8

Requested by Anon:  Okay okay so I know your writing a lot and probably have a lot of requests but I was wondering when you have time if you could do one with either Matthews or Seguin where they go somewhere and there are girls there who are like supermodels and y/n gets really insecure about herself and when they get home he tries to cheer up y/n? could it also be really cute and fluffy?

*Hiiii! Thank you so so much! I didn’t realize this was the next one on queue when I answered your ask the other day. Anyway, I chose Seggy because I feel like if I were his girlfriend, I’d compare myself more to other girls when we’re together just because of his track record than if I were Auston’s girlfriend. Anyway, I hope you like this. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 1, 196

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You felt his cold hand envelop your smaller one, “all right?” Tyler asked, his thumb stroking your wrist.

You nodded, turning your head the other way, looking outside, “fine,” you muttered.

You glanced at your blurry reflection in the mirror. You hair hung limp on your shoulders. Even if you washed it today, it still has the uncanny ability to look boring and flat. You have now accepted that no amount of product can change that. Your eyeliner is starting to bleed which makes you curse the brand for saying that it’s waterproof. You look at your lips and stopped yourself from banging your head on the window. You forgot about the burgundy shade you were wearing so it’s now smudged around your lips because you ate so carelessly tonight. You’ve never been the biggest fan of makeup and, well, after tonight you realized that maybe it’s not your biggest fan too.

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