can i please have this

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Ok that sounds awesome, thank you. Can I have a C2 of my Smashberry please? I will send you a reference of him via message :)

Here ya are Warlord~ Thanks for joinin’ the stream and lettin’ me draw this cute lil’ guy! I can just imagine Taanrek is proposing to induce such a cute expression~ Everyone, go check out warlord’s AU blog @shaman-tale if you wanna see more if this little guy. xD

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Color-coordinated Malec is EVERYTHING but consider this: In one of the stills from the episode, Alec isn't wearing the pocket square, but he is in the rest of them. So what if at the party he's disappointed and says something like "I wanted us to match but I don't have anything to wear..." and Magnus magicks up a pocket square that matches his shirt. Then he tucks it into Alec's pocket and pats it, then says "Now you do," and he smiles and Alec smiles back in awe of his boyfriend ^-^

Omg please don’t!!!!!! Can this happen?!!! I have too many expectations but this would be so freaking cute. I’ll die 😭

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can I please have a high res version of the SalxAmber image from valentine's day?

Nope, sorry, that was a commission from a Kickstarter!  The full-sized version belongs to the… commissioner?  

But not Commissioner Gordon.

He’s fictional.

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I didn't know you have a service dog!! Can you please talk more about them?

Sure!  I actually don’t have one right now, but more on that in a bit. 

This is Tesla!  He’s about four years old and was adopted from a shelter. He’s like… some sort of scruffy terrier-poodle mix.  His sister at the shelter looked much more poodle-y. He’s a Very Good Dog who loves people, dogs, and other critters.  He especially loves Skitten (17 year old cat), who surprisingly likes him too.

I have a tag for him and if you go back far enough in it, you’ll notice something interesting: he was originally ‘my older brother’s dog’, and evolved into ‘my dog’ and eventually ‘my service dog’.  Originally, he was adopted as my older brother’s dog, but he moved out of my place.  He couldn’t find a new place that accepted dogs, so I kept Tesla for a while (read: a few years).

During that time, he started to pick up on my seizures.  I put him through public access training and started calling him my ‘service dog’ (although I guess service-dog in training might’ve been more appropriate).  While his skills were excellent, he was… not good at handling my anxiety.  It was a terrible feedback loop, tbh.  I’d get anxious then HE’D get anxious, then I’d be more anxious.  Basically, he wasn’t happy working.  I decided to wash him out of public access, but he continued to work at home.

Anyway, last August my older brother bought a house with his girlfriend, so he could take Tesla back.  Tesla loves everyone.  But he ADORES my brother.  Hopefully I’ll be evaluating a litter of poodle puppies soon.  Wish me luck!


rosesandcorals said to sidemen-xix-imagines

can i please have an imagine where you help calfreezy film the girlfriend video with callux thanks

You had been dating Cal for a very long time, you loved that he did what made him happy. But you did not want to be involved with his channel. You had a job that you loved that took up a lot of your time. Whenever you had free time you were with him. So when he asked you to help with a new video while you were at the flat you agreed.

Your job was to get Callux dressed for his part in the video. You knew that this video wasn’t going to be serious at all. You went through the clothes that your boyfriend had given you to dress Lux in. You grabbed the most random items. A pink Wonder Woman shirt with a red skort to hide his dick. You stuck him knee high socks. When he went to change into the clothes, you went to look for a wig. Knowing that he was going to need it.

You had three wigs that you thought would look good with the ‘outfit’ you had picked. You were going to let him pick which one he wanted to wear. One was a long blonde wig, that you were going to braid. The second option was a short black wig with bleached white ends. The last one was a shoulder length brunette wig.

When he walked out of the bathroom he grabbed the blonde wig from you. Attempting to put it on himself but failing miserably, it was almost all the way off of his head. You forced him to sit in his gaming chair so you could braid the wig. First you made sure that the wig was all the way on his head then you braided it.

After you were done getting him ready you went to the living room where your boyfriend was setting the video up. He was trying to come up with questions to go in the video, but he couldn’t think of anything else. “Babe, come help me.” He said pulling you into the kitchen. Pulling you onto his lap. HE gave you a piece of paper and free range on what you want to write. You wrote a lot of questions but you left it open so Lux or Sammi could do whatever he wanted.

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can I pretty please have some hcs abt Klaus, Leo, Zapp, and Zed having a crush on someone who is an exact opposite of them?

of course~


  • It might be a bit hard for Klaus to connect/talk with his crush, since they’re complete opposites
  • His crush might be someone somewhat like Zapp almost, but something about them just draws Klaus to them
  • He’ll probably share at least one thing similar to them, maybe
  • Klaus, despite being pretty different from them, will talk to them anytime he can aha


  • This might be a bit difficult for him since he and his crush are complete opposites 
  • He’ll try to talk to them like he would with any crush, and he somehow manages to talk to them on a regular basis despite being complete opposites
  • Sometimes he’ll stutter while talking to them aha


  • His crush must be someone who’s really quiet unlike him aha
  • Will try to get them to at least be friends with him at first, so he can have a chance to interact with them more often
  • All of the others must feel like its so weird that Zapp somehow has a crush on someone who’s the complete opposite of him lmao


  • I feel like Zed’s crush would be like someone like Zapp if they were to be a complete opposite from him
  • He’d be like “why must I crush on them” but then he’d also really like them at the same time for just a few qualities that he just adores from them 


I’m at a loss of words because I never thought there would be so many people who like my blog. 

Thank you for talking to me and helping me when I have a question. Thank you for staying with me *wink wonks at the low-level joke I just made*

Wirklich einfach ein großes großes DANKE an euch ihr seid die Besten!

I got my first graphic tablet two days ago so please have mercy with me I still can’t draw a single straight line, but I tried for you