can his pants get any lower

how would they react to you teasing them in public (nsfw-ish) || got7

jaebum would immediately catch onto your hidden intentions the moment you decide to sit on his lap. his arms would tightly wrap around your waist to keep you from leaving that spot in order to save any embarrassment for the both of you if his lower half became noticeable. he would be surprisingly calm whenever you purposefully shifted closer to the rising bump in his jeans. this doesn’t mean jaebum wouldn’t do anything — oh, no. he will remind you just how rough he can and will fuck you for your behavior once you get back home.

youngjae couldn’t keep his little giggles to himself once he realizes what it is you’re doing. he would move every now and then out of sheer discomfort growing in his pants. he’s less cautious about his affection towards you when this happens. his face will be buried in the crook of your neck every other minute, lightly peppering your skin with kisses to be darkened later on. this man always has an excuse, usually involving coco, to get you both back home to settle the problem in his pants you created. he’s outwardly said it once you were going home to have sex infront of the boys, which is why now he has an excuse to save you both from the embarrassment of that situation again.

jinyoung is among the lesser half of the group that doesn’t get too worked up when you do something like this in public. a feigned look of disgust would come upon his face, but he truthfully enjoyed how reckless you were being. he would purposefully ignore your attempts at arousing him and go about his conversation with one of the other members. in the end, it would most likely be you begging for some alone time with him after getting yourself bothered.

jackson’s face would be screwed in a mixture of uncertainty and want for you at that moment. he absolutely loves when you sit on his lap and teasing was a plus. despite it always happening whenever you worm your way into his lap, he never expects it. there’s always a giggle that comes from him when you do it and he squrims?? a lot?? ? he would take you to a more secluded spot before he acknowledges what it is you want. let’s just say you two end up leaving wherever you are entirely and given how needy he’s become, you probably don’t make it home either.

mark isn’t new to you doing this, in fact he loves when you do this. he’s always been an ass man and the feeling of yours up against his groin is pure heaven for him. however, he gets easily irritable with anything that isn’t you. he’s trying to focus on what one of his friend’s are saying while simultaneously rubbing his boner against your ass. for some reason he thinks this alone will get rid of it, but this only makes it worse. stop torturing the man and take him home before he fucks you in the bathroom.

yugyeom would be a heaping mess of blush and pure giggles, completely taken aback by what you were doing. how is he still oblivious to your intentions when you get in his lap is beyond everyone, honestly. he doesn’t say anything because he’s never sure if you’re aware of your actions. you wouldn’t received much from his end rather than his arms around you with the occasional bounce of his own knee.

bambam could barely keep you in his lap when something like this wasn’t happening, so he would definitely not take notice at first. he would become very shy from how close your ass was getting to his crotch. those whines you know too well would leave his mouth every time you rubbed yourself against him, and they’d only get more discernible the longer you teased him. just like yugyeom, he doesn’t take the initiative when it comes to this. you’ll have to drag him out of wherever you are if you really want to get down to business.