can he wear period clothing always

No, but listen, people

I know there’s this fandom joke about everyone’s outfits being horrid and Lance being the only one with a sense of style, but listen me here. 

Isn’t the show supposed to be set in the future? I mean, it’s not quite confirmed but we can pressume the story takes place in a  futuristic, technology-wise advanced earth, right? Well, you know what other element of society is also always evolving?

That’s right, fashion. 

So, what I’m saying is that this is probably how people on earth actually dress by the time period  the show is set in. They don’t have terrible tastes in fashion, this is the fashion in this world. 

That being said, Lance wearing normal 2010s teenager clothes becomes a whole different concept. He isn’t going with his time’s fashion, he is wearing something his parents, or even his grandparents would have wore. So basically he is the sci-fi equivalent of a guy in the 2017 wearing zubaz pants, sky jackets and neon headbands, or something like that. Which is, i have to say, absolutely hilarious. These aren’t four awful looks + one with actual style. These are four totally normal looks + some nerd wearing his grandparent’s clothes like a goddamn futuristic hipster. 

This fucking dork just took the concept of vintage to a whole new level, i love him so much. 


Summary : You’re on your period and Shawn’s all cute and taking care of you and stuff aw.

PS tell me if ur on your period, tell me we can be period sisters and sync every month whoo! Xx yeah im weird okay enjoy

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You woke up, eyes fluttering to the sudden light. Looking to your left, you saw Shawn still fast asleep softly snoring. Pff and he said he didn’t snore. You chuckled as his nose scrunched up because your hair tickled him. He was so cute, and he was even more adorable when he was sleepy. You watched him sleep, noticing how his mouth hung slightly open, how his eyelashes rested on his eyelids and how he would smile ever so slightly sometimes. Your mouth opened, and suddenly your yawn turned into a groan. A stabbing pain hit you in your abdomen. Ugh Mother Nature. You got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to put a pad on. Glancing at your appearance in the mirror, you walked back to the bed. A few minutes later, you were twisting and writhing around in discomfort. No position alleviated the heavy weight pressed against your uterus. Man, cramps were the worst. Shawn noticed, and woke up.

“Hey kicky.” He said softly, his voice a little deeper than usual because he was tired.

“Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm shut up.” You moaned, bringing your knees up to your chest. That didn’t help, so you switched position for the hundredth time, lying on your stomach in the star position.

“What’s wrong baby.” He kissed your earlobe.

“Let’s just say I hate being a woman.”

“Aw poor baby.” He said, rubbing your back. This soothed you, and you fell back asleep. A couple moments later, he asked you if you were hungry.

“Um Shawn, I’m on my period. I’m always hungry.”

So he got up, and started cooking in the kitchen. A while later, a delicious smell flew into the room and you decided to get up. Throwing you hair in a messy bun, you put on some sweats and Shawn’s burgundy hoody. Normally you would hate putting loose on loose, but today you didn’t care one bit on how you looked.

You went down the stairs, the cinnamon-y scent getting stronger. You saw Shawn in front of the stove and you went to wrap your arms around him. He liked being hugged from behind like this.

“Aren’t you the best boyfriend ever, cooking for me and everything.”

“You bet.”

He turned around and stared at you.

“I know I look ratchet as fuck.” You said, pointing at your face and your hair.

“I find you’re cute. No seriously, you don’t need makeup to look radiant, and your hair doesn’t need to be super perfect to compliment your beautiful face and you look the best wearing my clothes.” He smiled.

At this you blushed. Shawn always made you feel gorgeous and you loved him for it.

After breakfast, you crawled up together on the couch, turning on another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (IF YOU WATCH FRIENDS PLZ TELL ME WE CAN BOND TOGETHER)

The whole time, Shawn had one hand around your shoulder and one on your stomach, keeping it warm. The cramps died down, and the random mood swings didn’t even come. Periods weren’t so bad after all, as long as you had a Shawn Mendes.

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ok I know we love the tassel but can we talk about The Look when malec were on the phone. The grey streak and light eye shadow and the fact that Magnus was literally wearing the night time sky as a shirt

PLEASE I KNOW he looked so good!! the smokey taupe eyeshadow was back which i love; it’s kind of his signature look and i adore it. i loved seeing him get ready while casually on the phone with alec. i wish we could have seen a little more of it, with him selecting a piece of jewelry or a necklace, but this was great, too.

that shirt looks amazing on him. my favorite part is  always how much you can’t quite place him in a specific period of time by his clothes. like the stuff he wears isn’t altogether vintage, but nor is it entirely modern. it’s just kind of…a step outside of time entirely, which i think suits him perfectly.

Family HCs: Captains + Vice Captains

I honestly didn’t realize that Kuroo parent scenario would end up being so popular. I’ve gotten two more requests for another continuation and I’ve been thinking about these headcanons for a while so I hope you guys are okay with me sharing them!

I took out the vice captains for Nekoma and Shiratorizawa since I don’t know a lot about them and replaced them with Moniwa and Kamasaki. 

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This isn’t even relationship headcanons, I really just want to talk about Roxy and Eggsy’s friendship because that’s very important to me.

They would be closer than anyone in Kingsman. Everything they’ve been through together would sort of make them seek each other out so there’s very rare moments when they’re not together. They even sleep in the same bed more often than not when neither is in a relationship because it’s comforting and Eggsy is like a furnace so Roxy doesn’t need nearly as many blankets as she normally does. Lots of people assume at first that they’re dating but they don’t even have to explain how Roxy’s a lesbian before they realize oh yeah, they’re just really close to each other. They’ll share food, drinks, Roxy’ll steal shirts from him, they’ll shower together to save time, Eggsy will brush her hair and braid it for her, they’re the closest two people have ever been. And they love it that way.

When Roxy gets her heart broken for the first time after they meet, Eggsy is right there for her the whole time. At first he tries the whole stereotypical ice cream, sad movies, tissues, I just stepped out of a teen rom-com bit but Roxy turns him down (Except for the ice cream, they devour that) and they end up at the gun range so she can let out her anger. That’s how it goes every time she gets her heart broken. When he gets his heart broken they watch My Fair Lady on repeat and eat ice cream and he rants to her about all the random quirks this one had that he was honestly thankful to be rid of (Followed by tears as he remembers the little quirks he did like that are now gone and she offers to replicate, which makes him smile and laugh).

Eggsy has Roxy’s menstrual cycle memorized pretty soon. Even if he knows when she is he also knows that periods can sometimes be irregular so he’s always got something nearby for it. Eventually, he becomes known as the best source for period products. Cramps? Have some medicine. Out of tampons? Here, take a few with you, just in case. Out of pads? Which kind to you prefer- sporty, maxi, thin, large, small? Chocolate? Got all kinds, just take your favourites. Bled on your outfit? I’ve spare clothes in my office, here, wear my jacket until we get there. All of the guys are shocked to see how much appeal he has towards women and how he doesn’t ask a single one of them out. Eggsy just tells them he’d rather take care of them than date them.

When Eggsy starts dating Harry, Roxy is torn. On the one hand, she’s glad that he’s with someone that loves him and takes care of him. On the other hand, if this goes to hell she can’t beat his face in since he’s her superior. Thankfully, it never comes to that. It goes fantastically and every day that passes where they don’t break up is one she’s thankful for. Of course, even good couples have their fights and Roxy offers to disembowel him for Eggsy even if he’s her boss, which he greatly appreciates.

Eggsy is the one that introduces Roxy to her best girlfriend, the “Only one that’s worthy of her” as he describes her. Of course, this turns out to be none other than Princess Tilde. After that one incident after V-Day Eggsy and her stayed in touch (His mum taught him well, after all, you don’t fuck and ditch) and he knows she’s bisexual since when she found out about him and Harry she came out too. And it was okay for them to date since he’d learned Roxy was a damn lady after Merlin had teased her about it (“Lady Roxanne, there’s a file waiting for you to read.” “/Lady/ Roxanne?” “Shut it, Eggsy.”) so other royals and nobility won’t shit on the fact that she isn’t worthy and try to make them separate over that. Of course, Eggsy didn’t expect them to hit it off so well but he really is happy that they did. Tilde is just what Roxy needed.

Even if they’re both in relationships they don’t stop doing that weirdly intimate sort of stuff and Tilde and Harry know there’s no need to be jealous. So they’ve seen each other naked, big deal. They’re best friends and they’ll always stay that way. Besides, Tilde uses Eggsy’s braiding skills for herself too, she can’t fault Roxy for doing it too.

Yeah, this made me happy. Roxy and Eggsy have the best friendship

Boueibu LOVE! Matsuri! Event Report Part 2/2

*I’ll only write what I can remember*

This is a report on the night session.

Noon session can be found HERE.

The event corners go in this order.

Seitokai vs Boueibu (Quiz > Zundar Needle >Love Making ft. Loveko) > Live Reading > Talk by Seitokai > OP Song Live > Announcements > Just Going Now!! Live > Closing Messages

The Seitokai vs Boueibu segment contains 3 parts, and they have to get as many hearts as they can and the team with the highest number of hearts get a “love goods” (but obviously no one is even trying hard pfff).
2 vs 5? No problem! They spun a roulette to pick a person to be sacrificed to the seitokai ww So it became 3 vs 4 instead ww

Quiz: A short VCR will be played, and they are required to guess the line from that scene. (Since it’s pretty difficult, even satisfactory/interesting answers will be able to earn them hearts.)
Zundar Needle: They are required to shoot the hearts on a spinning wheel and if they land on the white parts instead, they will be required to do the “punishments” to try to earn a heart.
Love Making: We all know this. It’s the same as the one from Batonama. Featuring Loveko and Seitokai this time!

As for their outfits, the Boueibu cast were wearing the yukata ones from the photobook. The Seitokai were wearing yukata as well –Jun was wearing one in blue and with camouflage prints. Terashii was wearing completely white with a black obi (lol he looks like he’s ready for taekwondo class)

After the Boueibu cast introduced themselves, they planned to skip the Seitokai’s ww And of course got complained by Terashii/Jun.
Seitokai were wearing the Caerula Adamas ring, and Boueibu with the lovracelet from the latest Parco shop!
When Seitokai got around to introducing themselves, they flashed their rings like that in the game (lol all the single ladies) and then they commented that Boueibu finally upgraded from using strings to an actual wristlet LOL.

The difference between the Seitokai team and Boueibu team were in their furniture. Boueibu has their normal table and chair from the club room, while Seitokai had some fancy chairs and table (accompanied by tea and sweets/snacks).

This will get extremely long so I’ll post it under a cut.

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soulmates part 3

imanexoticbaby submitted:

Hi! ^^ Omg I love reading all your analysis and they’re/you’re both so amazing!  When I first started reading your blog like 3 months ago, it took me about 2-3 days to read everything, and everything about baekyeol made me see them in a whole new light as to how special their relationship is. I think you guys are doing great and I hope you keep this going cuz…oh man mah feels for baekyeol *faints* 

Also! I hope you don’t mind me wanting to share a thought or… a few on how baekyeol are soulmates. I’ve actually been doing a lot of research on the subject of soulmates lately and I came across something I read that reminded me of the time during the wolf era of Baekhyun and Chanyeol having some sort of isolation from each other? And if I remembered correctly, you guys have said that their separation period was what made them grow stronger, which I believe! Also, I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this before unless I have poor memory, but regarding what I read, soulmates will have a time of that separation even though it’s hurting both persons. I’ll just put the info directly from the page I read it:

“The purpose of this time, if we use it wisely, is to reflect on ourselves. To look at what this relationship brings up for us, and to decide what we are going to do about it. It is a time of deep introspection. Sometimes, this is good, despite the fact that it feels so wrong and bad, because each of you needs time to get your head together, process the connection, what it is, and what it means. This is where you and your soul mate process lessons and feelings. And often, this really needs to be done separately. Now, all of your issues (or at least some significant ones) have been outed. You are a little exposed. You are feeling vulnerable. Your soul mate may “mirror” you with the exact same issues as you… or the issues can be different but related.”

One more thing, I also read about how there was a “runner” and a “stayer” whereas one or both would try to run away from the relationship out of fear or one or both would try to stay and make it work at some point ( Which i think applies to baekyeol since it seemed Baekhyun might’ve been the one to run and Chanyeol was hurt by it, as you guys mentioned before also, and it hurt them both.

I probably didn’t make sense and I’m sorry for the longevity of this! ! ㅠㅠ I just wanted to share a little something something with you both — because you guys are just great sjzjgharjtsykffkh notice me cough cough — even if I’ve said the same things as others may have and if you’re tired of reading the same things I’m so sorry cries. Gah! Anyway thanks for reading if you do! Much love!  <3

(Information provided is from the same source)

You didn’t make sense? Girl, you’ve made more sense then you know, and made us terribly emotional in the process. Damn, where are my tissues when I need them…

You submission was one of the most wonderful things I’ve read in a while. And that says a lot.

The page you gave us ( won’t load for me, but all the stuff that you’ve mentioned and quoted… It almost seems like it was written with Baekyeol in mind.

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