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So you're really defending this behaviour as well? I can't even look at him today. He's using that innocent kid for promo, they stage a bday party for him, he's now or still or again playing along and smiling at that stranger. They are still playing both sides and after that he goes clubbing and looks like a shit father. I'm in disbelief they took it this far ;/

Personally, I don’t see how one can look at yesterday’s events and read them as him happily complying and making that crap believable. If he cared about that, he wouldn’t have spent all day on IG and twitter and he would have certainly avoided making such a public display of his long night out. For the general audience and the articles that will be released, the 5 minutes he spent about the kid will be more than fine, but I’m confused at the fandom seeing what happened and concluding it was him doing his best to make it believable or, god spare me, it’s now real.

That said, I see what you mean and they have made a lot of things that gives the straddling the fence feeling away. I’ve gone past the too grossed out phase a long time ago. If I’m able to deal with this it’s only because I truly have no emotional connection left, as if I was doing my own job. If it makes you feel this bad (and mind you, I do understand your feelings), i just don’t think it’s worth wasting time and enrgy on any of this. You deserve better. We all do, Louis in primis, if one doesn’t believe he’s willingly choosing this.

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What about Tyler? He has an adorable laugh, looks liek you can have a serious talk and he would understand (Like Being angry or sad, Anxiety getting toy u and you go to him, etc.), he would TRY cooking for you, he makes good little poems on twitter and stuff, He has a few nicknames, loves Chica, spaces out sometimes! And so on! But what made me sad is "Markiplites" Called him Fat over and over again and he finally spoke about it and it makes me so angry like omg, he's not fat he's buff & awesome

this is honestly one of the most adorable things i’ve ever read omfg tyler is such a pure bean like what did we do to deserve him 💛

happy haikyuu!! fic recs

under the cut is a list of fics that folks in the haikyuu fandom read to remind themselves that there is good in the world.  i hope that the list can help spread some positive energy during this tough time.  thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions and helped to put the list together!

fics are arranged by ship and include ao3 link, author, length, and summary.  please let me know if one of your fics is on this list but your tumblr/twitter/etc isn’t linked, and i can add it.


  • I like the way your clothes smell by @mysecretfanmoments; kagehina; 75k; ‘Power outages, ghost stories, and the presence of a certain orange-haired boy lead to bad decision-making on Tobio’s part. He’d planned to keep his crush a secret; the universe has other plans.’ 
  • Painting with Words series by iwillstillopenthewindow; kagehina; 11k; 2 fics; ‘Where Hinata has trouble writing and Kageyama has difficulty seeing the world in color again.’ 
  • Hinata is a middle aged cougar at age sixteen the fanfiction by pittoo; 2k; ‘Kageyama just wants to mow hay’
  • kisses by buu; 4k; ‘There’s a blur and Hinata remembers warm lips, surprisingly soft from someone who frowns all the time, and Kageyama’s terrified face when he pulls back, and the electricity running through Hinata’s entire body, heating his cheeks to match Kageyama’s. / Kissing, it turns out, is as good as volleyball.’
  • Ridiculous by @festivetrickster; kagehina ft yachi; 3.5k; ‘After Yachi’s heater broke at her own apartment, Hinata and Kageyama invite her to stay at theirs until it gets fixed. Only, the problem is: 1) the repairman is never going to come, 2) temporarily living with Hinata and Kageyama is …stressful, to say the least.’
  •    maps, from me to you by tothemoon; kagehina; 10k; ‘This is a (non-chronological) account of the memories they make out of millimeters.’
  • let’s do it like they do on the infomercial channel by @kiribakus; 2k; ‘kageyama opened the door and hinata was blinded by the sheer force of his rock hard abs. / “wtf dude ur like 12,” hinata said.’
  • love and now by @plotghosts; kagehina; 16k; ‘After their break-up three years prior, Hinata attends Kageyama’s final university match.’
  • A Couple of Awesome Players by Esselle; gen kagehina; 3k; ‘Shouyou meets volleyball and Kageyama at roughly the same time—during his first year of middle school.’
  • Paws for a Second by LemonNinjaa; kagehina; 3k; ‘Daichi decides that working on teamwork is important, and Hinata volunteers Kageyama’s house. Little does Karasuno know that Kageyama has two fluffy secrets.’ 


  • You’d fit my lonely arms so perfectly by boxofwonder; daisuga; 25k; ‘Suga accidentally calls a stranger instead of his best friend, tells him all about his burned batch of cookies before realising, and that particular mistake might turn out the best one he ever made.’
  • pride by @owlinaminor; daichi genfic ft. daisuga; 4k; ‘Daichi knows that Hinata accidentally called him ‘Dad’ once, and Suga often teases him about parenting the first-years, but this is just ridiculous. / “I’m not your dad, I’m your captain!” Daichi protests. / The cheering only increases in volume. They’re probably disturbing anyone who’s still at the school – but then, it’s New Year’s Eve. Nobody is still at the school besides Daichi’s insane, ridiculous, wonderful team. / “Okay, fine,” he says at last, raising his hands in surrender. “I’m proud to be your dad.”’
  • Perfectionism by @mysecretfanmoments; daisuga; 3k; ‘“I just wish it was something you could practice before you have to… perform.” He narrows his eyes, imagining it. “Like a CPR class.” / Suga raises an eyebrow. “You want to practice it. Beforehand.” / “Yeah. Are you offering?” / ((Daichi doesn’t like to be bad at things–kissing included–and Suga is willing to help him practice.))’
  • the perfect stranger by @downmoonwrites; daisuga; 26k; ‘There’s a man standing outside Suga’s door. / Scratch that. Start over. / There’s a man he doesn’t know standing outside his door, holding his sleeping nephew in one arm, with another kid clinging tightly to his free hand.’
  • Black and Blue by @makariawritesabout; daisuga; 117k; Daichi’s new (temporary) neighbor is not only stunningly beautiful but also funny, friendly, with just a touch of mysterious. / Naturally, Daichi freaks the fuck out. / (AU where everyone lives in the same building and everyone is gay)’ 
  • Add New Contact by booksong; daisuga; 9k; ‘"Daichi was leaning contemplatively on the sill of his open window, waiting for the icy breeze he was letting into his room to wake him up to how utterly stupid he was being. He’d always hated stories, real or fictional, about people doing ridiculous and self-destructive things for love, but now here he was, palming his smartphone idly and wondering with complete seriousness if it would survive an eight meter drop with substantial but repairable damage.“ / (Or; All Daichi’s electronics are endangered the moment he realizes he can’t get that sweet, patient, ridiculously attractive IT tech off his mind.)’
  • World Will Follow After by @kiribakus; daisuga; 7k; ‘Sir, are you interested in the flavor of the day? Is that what’s going on here?? Could you please decide whether you’re looking over here or looking downward??? Is this some kind of weird Morse code???? Sir I don’t understand what is going on and my face is burning sir please—’


  • Build A Temple in Me by @kiribakus; iwaoi; 40k; ‘Up the mossy mountain steps, past the komainu guardians and the faded red gate, and beyond the boundaries of the green shrine—that’s where the forest and the spirit world within it lies. That’s where Hajime met him, and where their story began. / But intertwining of destinies can be ugly business, Hajime finds, when their first meeting begins with blood and the too-human eyes of a beast.’
  • how to let your planets align by tothemoon; iwaoi; 16k; ‘It is the last day on earth, December 2nd, 1985, when you realize you’re in love with him.’
  • midnight boy/sunset town by carafin; iwaoi; 10k; ‘In which Iwaizumi Hajime grows a few chili plants, participates in an eating contest, breaks into a park, and falls in love with a man who doesn’t ever sleep - not exactly in that order.’
  • I sure hope that guy gets fired by Xov; iwaoi; 30k; ‘It was the fourth time experiencing the exact same day that Iwaizumi Hajime reluctantly admitted to himself that something was very wrong.’
  • Phone Home by ghostystarr; iwaoi; 7k; ‘Oikawa Tooru is currently orbiting Earth at 445 kilometers per minute, but falling in love with the voice in his ear makes it feel so much slower than that.’
  • Through My Eyes by anchoringsouls; iwaoi; 3k; ‘“I think if you ever saw yourself through my eyes, you would fall in love with yourself the same way the way I did with you.”’
  • the BEES KNEES by munzie and oikawamemesquad; iwaoi & bee x knee; 300 words; ‘KN(B)EEwaoi: the fic (boy x boy, R-18, dont like dnt read!1!!!)’


  • Close to the Chest by @darkmagicalgirlwrites; kyouhaba; 61k; ‘It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.’
  • Laughter by @kiyala; kyouhaba; 2k; ‘Kyoutani has a cute laugh and suddenly, Yahaba has a crush.’
  • Entwined by @kiyala; kyouhaba; 2.5k; ‘Soulmates share their emotions with each other when their hands touch. Yahaba experiences it for the first time when he and Kyoutani share a high five after winning a match.’
  • Colourmarks by @kiyala; kyouhaba; 4k; ‘Kyoutani and Yahaba keep leaving marks on each other everywhere they touch. They’re trying their best to ignore it, and what it means.’
  • no solution series by fortyfiveangrycats; kyouhaba; currently 17k & 4 fics; ‘parallel lines, parallel stories. basically a bunch of kyouhaba fics that all remotely tie together.’


  • plus one by safra; matsuhana; 6k; ‘"Did you know we’re dating?” / “What? Says who?” / “Says everyone apparently.” / “Oh,” Hanamaki frowns for a few seconds before shrugging and turning his attention back to the chocolate fountain. “Nice."’
  • A Bouquet of Flours by @guyfierimpreg; matsuhana; 5k; ‘“Is that a flour sack in a diaper,” Iwaizumi deadpanned, looking at the offending thing with a Look saved only for dealing with Hanamaki and Matsukawa (and occasionally Oikawa, though the Look for Oikawa came with a lot more vein-popping and swearing). / “Don’t talk about our baby like that,” Matsukawa shot back.’
  • stranger things by laubear; matsuhana; 10k; ‘In 2012, the men’s national volleyball team took home the bronze at the Asian Cup. Tokyo Skytree opened to the public. Also, the dashing Hanamaki Takahiro and painfully cool Matsukawa Issei started a radio show out of Aoba Johsai’s abandoned A/V room and accidentally became the two most popular guys in school.’


  • geronimo by lagatos; bokuaka; 28k; ‘"beach resort au” where Bokuto Koutarou works in a small tourist town’s beach resort, renting out kayaks and surfboards for people he’ll never see again. Akaashi Keiji moves into town for the summer for a photography internship and Bokuto insists on showing him how the natives live.’
  • oh baby, can’t you see by commovente; bokuaka; 2k; ‘akaashi keiji’s comprehensive list of all 37 of bokuto-san’s weaknesses.’
  • wanderlust led me home to you by earlgrey_milktea; bokuaka; 13k; ‘When a tall, dark stranger walks into Koutarou’s shop one day, he was in no way prepared for his entire life to be changed at a glimpse of those breathtaking grey-green eyes. / in which bokuto fiddles with a music box that makes no sound, akaashi is a plant person, and some secrets must be revealed sooner or later.’
  • Rules by conesofdunshire; bokuaka; 120k; ‘In which Akaashi Keiji is an overworked accountant who stumbles upon Bokuto one night playing the piano in the lobby of his work. Bokuto is different, that much is obvious. But with such supreme musical talent and a smile so dazzling it rivals the sun, there’s just something about him that brings Akaashi back every night.’


  • black cats & voodoo dolls by ohhotlamb; bokuroo; 4.5k; ‘“So, hypothetically, if I wanted to put a curse on somebody and make them suffer but I didn’t really want them to die—how would you suggest that, um, I do that?” / Kuroo looks up over his completely wholesome and not-at-all suggestive magazine (covered by another magazine—a nature special on humpback whales or some other majestic shit like that) to find an extremely hot and extremely sad-looking guy. Kuroo raises an eyebrow, but it’s invisible under the black of his fringe. He alternates brows. / “Damn. Who fucked you over?”’
  • it feels good, it feels great by @niwry; bokuroo; 1k; ‘Bokuto makes Kuroo feel alive, Kuroo makes Bokuto feel calm. There are also pineapples and night trains.’
  • the yeah yeah yeah song by keptein; bokuroo; 5k; ‘And the light from the stage catches in the guy’s hair, so blond it shines white like a beacon, like one of the stars overhead. Tetsurou leans over and yells in his ear, hand on one solid shoulder, “Cool hair!” / “You too!” the guy yells back, “I dig the sex hair look!”’


  • A Very Kuroo Chirstmas by AQuinton; kurotsukki; 2k; ‘Tsukishima Kei loves all things Christmas. But he doesn’t plan on admitting that to anyone anytime soon.
  • as far as first meetings go by whatcaniwriteinthis; kurotsukki; 0.7k; ‘… this isn’t that bad.’
  • Who Done It by galaxymouth; kurotsukki; 1k; ‘Tsukishima Kei has hickeys on his neck and no one on the entire volleyball team can figure out who could ever get close enough to the wall of salt to leave them there. The volleyball club suddenly becomes a detective debate club.’


  • Dovetail by ideallyqualia; ushiten; 31k; ‘To know something like the back of your hand means that you know that person or that thing very, very well.’
  • i’m a house with no windows, you’re the flowers on the front porch by @tendouaf; 67k; currently 9/? chapters; ‘Wakatoshi likes absolutes. He likes the idea of something being unchangeable, immovable, because he doesn’t have to worry needlessly about it. He can focus his energy on other, more important things. And among the absolutes he feels in his life, his bond with Satori is one of them. / (aka: a fic focusing on ushiten’s development from childhood through adulthood that no one really asked for but I felt an extremely strong urge to write anyway)’
  • ushiten week 2016 series by @owlinaminor; seven fics; 21k total; established relationship oneshots ft genderfluid ushijima.

captains genfic:

  • national hot dad alliance is now calling… by @dicaeopolis and @owlinaminor; captains genfic; 58k; ‘Sawamura Daichi: What the fuck. (Or, the captains’ squad interactions that definitely happen outside of canon, presented in Skype chat form.)’
  • Kings of the Road, Kings of the Universe by @ezzydean; captains genfic; 17k; ‘Eight magical captains, one bus, an entire summer (and country) waiting for them. / What could possibly go wrong? / (The magic of friendship meets the magic of a summer road trip meets pure magic.)’
  • holding out for a hero by @dicaeopolis; captains genfic; 17k; ‘Kuroo, Oikawa, Bokuto, and Daichi make up a team of superheroes fighting to keep their city free from crime. But they might’ve met their match in a powerful nature spirit that seems determined to take them down for good. / Also, it would really help Kuroo’s concentration if his teammates stopped wearing so much spandex. / Or: the superhero slice-of-life that nobody asked for.’

rarepairs & multishipping:

  • jaywalkers series by @sturlsons; kurotsukki, bokuaka, yamayachi, & others; currently 95k & 18 fics; ‘A collection of stories the morals of which all amount to: if something can go wrong, it will. Also, if something can go right, it also will. / Alternatively, that one college AU where everyone fucks all the shit up.’
  • Hearts aren’t bulletproof by boxofwonder; ushioi; 11k; ‘Being a superhero is hard. / Having a crush on your High School rival is hard. / Your High School rival having a crush on your Superhero identity without knowing it’s you is … kind of the worst.’
  • This Insignificant Pride and Prejudice by @mysecretfanmoments and poulerslashes; ushioi; 34k; ‘Oikawa Tooru graduated high school with the burning desire to succeed in his college career. He’d hoped that might include taking down his arch-nemesis along the way, but when he finds that his college team hosts an offensively familiar face, he can’t help but think that the universe might be conspiring against him. After all, what could be worse than playing on the same team as Ushijima?’
  • babysitters club by tesselated; tsukkiyama; 4k; ‘This is the problem with Yamaguchi: he’s too nice. Tsukishima has known this since they were thirteen, but apparently he’s never learned because here he is, babyproofing their apartment for the third time this month because Sugawara knows Yamaguchi will say yes when he asks them to babysit.’
  • blue summer sky by deanpendragon; tsukkiyama; 32k; ‘In which Tadashi manages his grandfather’s pet store and Tsukishima works at the music shop next door. Lots of exclamation points, dialogue, obvious crushes, internal (and overexcited) monologuing, animal trivia, and terrible puns ensue.’
  • four-star daydream by @dicaeopolis; oikuroo; 5k; ‘Kuroo’s cat has a problem with stealing clothing. Oikawa has a problem with Kuroo.’
  • That Go Bump In the Night by sushibomb; oikuroo; 19k; currently 1/3 chapters; ‘Oikawa has always been fascinated with the unknown. Aliens, monsters, ghosts, you name it, he can tell you a little something about the lore. So when a mysterious new person moves into his apartment complex, Oikawa is determined to prove that this seemingly normal guy might be one of the undead. But what happens when it turns out that he’s right?’
  • Unconventional Wisdom by irlbokuto; bokuroo, daisuga, and iwaoi; 60k; currently 12/? chapters; ‘They say you don’t really know a person until you live with them. After late night grocery runs, singing competitions, stove fires, alien conspiracies, laundry mishaps, excessive penalty drills, identity crises, and falling in love with your best friend, you begin to see life in a different light. You knew playing volleyball would take you places, but this was the farthest scenario from your mind. / Or, a tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou found himself rooming with three other volleyball captains at university.’
  • romance ‘n’ all that jazz by @tobioslilgiant; goshihina; 12k; ‘The smile drops from Goshiki face and his steaming cup of coffee nearly slips from his hand when he realizes: there’s someone already standing there. Standing in his spot. / Someone who’s assaulting poor, unsuspecting passerbies with the offensive noise known as jazz. / OR: AU where Hinata and Goshiki are rival street performers’
  • a dash of sugar and a spoonful of salt by @tobioslilgiant; goshihina; 1.5k; ‘"I don’t who keeps leaving me sweets but whoever it is, I’m gonna marry them,” Hinata gushes. / “Really?” Shirabu demands, jarring Goshiki from his thoughts. “You don’t even know who’s sending them, though. They could be hideous—” he looks over at Goshiki—“or painfully annoying.” / OR: the college AU where Goshiki keeps anonymously leaving baked goods in front of Hinata’s dorm room and Shirabu’s completely lost any semblance of chill he’s ever had’
  • The Kindling Alchemist by kvhottie; kagehina, tsukkiyama, daisuga, & others; 15k; currently 3/? chapters; ‘The lovechild of FMA:B and Psycho-pass AU. / “…and finally your partner, Major Kageyama, the Crystal Aconite Alchemist.”/ Hinata’s eyes darted to Kageyama and looked him up and down. Dark hair, blue eyes, and a stoic expression—he definitely wasn’t the life of the party. Hinata smirked, almost sure that Kageyama’s alchemy element was something cold, just like his demeanor. It was fine; he always liked a challenge.’
  • red skinny jeans by @dicaeopolis; tentsukki; 4k; ‘The trials of one prickly student-librarian and the guy who seems to enjoy nothing more than pissing him off. / Or, “Tsukishima Kei and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"’
  • Herding Cats by notallbees; kuroyaku; 15k; ‘Cat-sitting in his new boyfriend’s apartment seems like a stress-free way for Kuroo to get out of his mom’s house for a week, and to win some brownie points with Yaku. But cats often have their own ideas about how things should be run, and Kuroo has his work cut out if he wants to impress Porco and Rosso.’
  • when the moon hits your eye by Metis_Ink; ushijima/futakuchi; 10k; ‘The stress of new captaincy is troubling enough when there’s not a nationally-recognized, socially-stunted rival captain inappropriately concerned with your eating habits. Futakuchi is disappointed to find that that’s just the beginning of it.’
  • it’s tradition. by hicsvntdracones; kyouhaba, iwaoi, matsuhana, & kinkuni; 6k; ‘It’s tradition, it’s tradition, they all say as they gather up the second and first years. The second years have a look of hard determination, while the first years are simply confused. Oikawa claps his hands together. / "Let’s begin this year’s annual training camp truth or dare!” / Kunimi tries to run.’
  • Touch by @mysecretfanmoments; yakulev; 10k; ‘After a twisted ankle and an uncomfortable realization, Yaku starts to see a different side of Lev—one he doesn’t want to kick at all. (Or, well… not often.)’
  • Ear to Ear by @darkmagicalgirlwrites; aonefuta; 1.5k; ‘Futakuchi is as noisy, but Aone doesn’t mind.’
  • Despite the Warning Signs by @natroze; tensuga; 16k; ‘“War,” Suga says, quite cordially. “This means war.” / Or, the one where Tendou and Suga end up roommates in college and immediately engage each other in dorm room prank combat. Romantically.’
  • a little piece of home by spacegirlkj; oihina; 3k; ‘It’s a big step, Shouyou thinks as he stands back, wiping the paint of his hands to look at the blue room. / Their first real home, Tooru and him.’
  • Boatman by @surveycorpsjean; bokuto/iwaizumi; 4k; ‘Bokuto finds him, washed up, dehydrated, woven in translucent webbing. / Of course they fall in love.’
  • Stuck in the Middle with You by overlymetaromantic; oisuga; 15k; ‘It’s not the kind of blossoming relationship either of them would expect, but maybe, just maybe, it could lead to something good.’
  • Phases by togekissies; oisuga; 3k; ‘i. Moon witch Sugawara meets weather witch Oikawa on the street, strikes up a friendship. / ii. Moon witch Sugawara spends longer than is necessary texting weather witch Oikawa, is judged by his cat. / iii. Moon witch Sugawara, emboldened by the full moon, asks weather witch Oikawa a silent question. Weather witch Oikawa says yes.’
  • Daredevil on the slope by @smokey310; bokuakakurotsukki; 124k; ‘„Seriously. What kind of supernatural being did I piss off to deserve this,“ sighed Tsukishima on their way up to the mountain. Akaashi sat next to him in the little chair lift and watched the trails of small paw prints disappear between the clusters of fir trees. The snow glittered in the sun, the air was icy fresh and everything would have been picture perfect if it wasn’t for the intruder shaking his snowboard around in the third seat. / “Are you talking about me?” asked Tanaka, whom Tsukishima was very obviously talking about. / “Do you see any other people which the devil would have sent to punish me?” / “There’s some right behind us,” said Tanaka, pointing to the following chair lift filled with an excitedly jumping Bokuto, a maniacally smiling Nishinoya and Kuroo who sat in the middle and looked like he contemplated jumping into the treetops below. / Well – he did have a point there.’
  • Mannequin Men by @surveycorpsjean; bokuakakurotsukki; 76k; ‘The modeling world is full of hungry wolves, constantly clambering over the other, snarling and desperate. They fight, and they kill, trampling over anything in their path. / In this case, Akaashi fell in love with the wolves.’
  • Half Past Moon by @swallowtail-butterflys; kawashira; 9k; ‘5 kawashira scenes with the moon and 1 under the sun as they slowly fall in love.’
  • Window Vine by @swallowtail-butterflys; kawashira & tensemi; 15k; ‘"Tendou-san named the storage mop after Semi-san.“ / "That is concerning,” Kawanishi concedes.’
  • Sunshine Cafe by shions_heart; kenhina; 2.5k; ‘In which a tired college student’s daily routine is turned upside-down by the arrival of an adorable barista with sunshine in his smile.’
  • Push and Pull by @aroceu; kagetsukki; 11k; ‘The one where Kageyama and Tsukishima can’t be in different rooms if they don’t want to die (or at least hurt each other), and Kageyama has feelings.’ 
  • The trick to my treat by Etstrubal; bokutsukki; 3k; ‘Tsukki is pretty much addicted to sugar, and Bokuto makes the best sweets in town.’
  • OUT! by @yamaguchigrin; yamaguchi/male oc; 106k; ‘JAPAN’S FIRST GAY ATHLETE COMES OUT! / Yamaguchi never expected to read THAT headline in Gay Japan News, but he about fainted when he scrolled down to the photograph. There–volleyball on his hip, naked from his Seijoh shorts upward and eyes pleading for readers to devour him–was the familiar face of Oikawa Tooru. / Oikawa? Gay? OUT?’

other genfic:

  • the lost boys by @owlinaminor; shiratorizawa genfic ft ushiten; 61k; ‘A group of boys lost everything in war only to inherit a country that no longer knows its place in the world. How do they grow up? Who do they look up to? Where do they go to find purpose? There is only one answer: they turn to each other.’
  • Dear Mister Ghost by phantomdieb; shiratorizawa genfic; 5k; ‘The Volleyball team of Shiratorizawa is allowed to practice at school in their autumn holidays.  Everything seems alright until suddenly two of them go missing - followed by more of them.  Is that the Shiratorizawa Academy’s ghost?’ 
  • senpai troubles by @owlinaminor; one-sided goshiki/all his senpai & minor ushiten; 5.5k; ‘“Um, senpai?” Tsutomu wonders. “What does gay mean?” / Shirabu stares at him for another long moment, unblinking – then leans back against the bench and tilts his face up to the ceiling. / “Nope,” he declares, to nobody in particular. “I am not dealing with this.”’
  • intra-team espionage by hananapeel; aone & futakuchi; 1.2k; ‘A normal end to a normal Friday night: a fuming Kamasaki, an unapologetic Futakuchi, and Aone, who is dragged along for the ride every single time.”
  • it’s like the hunger games, but better by safra; seijoh genfic; 3k; ‘“Just a game of paintball?” Hanamaki parrots, eyes widening as he takes another step forwards until they’re standing practically nose to nose. “Kindaichi, Kindaichi, my poor naive Kindaichi. This is more than just a game.” / Kindaichi frowns. “It…is?” / “Kindaichi,” Oikawa says sharply, shoving Hanamaki out of the way so he can grasp Kindaichi tightly by the shoulders. “This is a matter of life or death.” / “I mean, I don’t think it’s really tha—” / “Life or death,” Oikawa, Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi say loudly in unison.’
  • A Good Day by bishounen_curious; saeko & natsu; 2k; ‘For the SASO2016 Prompt: Remember when the big sis of the Karasuno team met the team’s little sis?’
  • second year volley squad by garbagecannot; karasuno second-years genfic; 3.5k; ‘Kino: no-one cares tanaka / Tanaka: shot through the heart and you’re to blame / Or how five high school volleyball players with only their club in common, slowly but surely, became best friends.’
  • Hello, Halcyon Days by tookumade; aone & hinata; 2k; ‘No matter where he walked in Sendai city, Aone was always given a wide berth. He supposed it made getting around places easier, but there was a sort of loneliness in how people gave him fearful looks and avoided him as much as they did.’
  • no unread messages by warfare; kageyama & kenma; 5k; ‘Kageyama also remembers that he’d failed utterly at getting to talk to him. He’d been baffled about it at the time; what kind of setter doesn’t want to talk about setting? But maybe this is the answer. Maybe Nekoma’s setter - (“Kenma,” Hinata chides frustratedly the third or fourth time he says it, “his name is Kenma") - maybe Kenma-san is just bad face-to-face. Kageyama can understand that, to some extent, although he doesn’t quite understand why that would extend to talking to him about volleyball, but fine. He can accommodate this, if that’s what it takes. He asks for Kenma’s contact information immediately. Hinata copies it into his phone with a weird, sour face, muttering, “I mean it, Kageyama, you better not be a jerk to him.” Kageyama has no idea what Hinata is insinuating, and he forgets the comment almost immediately.’
  • levels of investment by @skittidyne; karasuno genfic; 9k; ‘Yamaguchi was far less nervous in practice than any games, and he’d gotten far more skilled at serving in a few short months, so Tsukishima was utterly unprepared for the feeling of a volleyball slamming into the back of his head. / There was a beat of silence. / The ball had enough of an angle to bounce off his head and over to the other side of the net, landing neatly in front of a stunned Sugawara. / (( or: Ennoshita plots for the future, Suga wants to mess around and is intent on dragging everyone down to his level, Noya tries to become a spiker, Kiyoko is a good senpai, Yamaguchi cries, and Tsukishima wonders if he’s been dropped off in the Twilight Zone without his notice ))’
Mickey's Return

My biggest hope for Noel coming back the next couple weeks is that Shameless has the best ratings they’ve had since season 5. I hope that Mickey trends on Twitter. I hope that the love & support for Mickey is so overwhelming that they can’t ignore it. I hope that once & for all we can say that Mickey was the best part of their shitshow & that they are failing BC he is not there, & for no other reason than that. I hope that they see that no matter how much shit they say about him or how much of an asshole they make him look, we love Mickey. We will continue to love Mickey. We are ride or die for our dirty white boy. So….come steal our hearts again Noel. We’re more than ready.

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I Bribed a Teacher to Help My Friend The Other Day

(Firstly I don’t go to public school I go to a small private Christian School in the middle of nowhere but anyways moving on to my incredible story:)

I was sitting with my friend at lunch and he was on his phone, but at my school there’s a rule against using the internet from your phone for whatever reason. Anyways, he was on Twitter or something and making fun of people with this other kid who was sitting next to him. The other kid started laughing hysterically so the teacher on lunch duty came over to see what was going on. She asked if he was using his data and was gonna take his phone since he was, so I put a Lindor Truffle down on top of his lunch box, so the teacher picked it up and said, “I suppose I can overlook it this once. Don’t let me catch you on your phone again”. He was really happy and I’m just glad that I helped a good friend out. I am still very proud of myself <3

Obi-Wan and Anakin Watch The Season Finale

[a continuation of this post, in which Obi-Wan and Anakin get really into watching a soap opera/serial drama that is totally not exactly like their own lives]

Obi-Wan: [clutching a tissue, red-eyed] I…I can’t believe they DID THAT.
Anakin: [wiping tears with the heel of his palm, sniffling] Holy shit. I’m gonna be messed up about this for weeks. [typing into his Twitter, talking as he types] “Unfollow me now…this is gonna be the only thing I Tweet about…”
Obi-Wan: How could he betray his best friend like that? I’m never going to be OK again. 
Anakin: I don’t know, man, I don’t know. I am so fucked up by this. 
Obi-Wan: I can’t believe the president turned out to be the guy behind it all along. I thought that was just a crazy fan theory. I…I just…
Anakin: I thought they couldn’t make anything worse after they killed off the mom in season 2.
Obi-Wan: When he said that thing about how he’d always considered them brothers…[voice cracks] And then he had to kill him…[blows nose]
Anakin: [reading his phone] OK, the holonet is already saying they think he’s not actually dead.  
Obi-Wan: Oh right, like he’s just gonna come back next season as, what? A half-human cyborg? 
Anakin: Man I’m not putting anything past the writers at this point, OK?
Obi-Wan: Can we please talk about how his wife was pregnant with twins though?
Anakin: I was not ready for that. 

go-dreday  asked:

Hi I love your stories there just awesome I was wondering if you can make one where Conor just found a girl off YouTube that covers his songs and he becomes a mentor for her but ends up falling in love with her during the process. Please and thanks

“Oh my god, are you watching Y/N again?”

Conor just waved his brother away as he turned his attention back to the YouTube video playing on his laptop.

“Seriously? Just dm her on Twitter already. This is frustrating, just watching you!”

Conor was about to simply dismiss Jack again when he paused. It actually wasn’t a bad idea. He could ask to collaborate or offer to help you out with recording. Turning to Jack, he nodded, before actually sending him away. If Conor was going to message you, he needed space to do so - messaging a beautiful, talented and down to earth girl wasn’t as easy as saying hey.

“Actually, it is.”

“Seriously, Jack?”

“Okay,” Jack smirked, hands up in mock defence. “Leaving now.”

Conor again realised that Jack had a point. So he began to compose a message to send to your Twitter and it simply began with a ‘hey’.

Really though, Conor shouldn’t have worried. He could have sent a string of rude words and you still would have been excited. Conor Maynard had been the one to inspire you to start uploading your covers in the first place. He was undoubtedly talented and for him to offer to help you record a couple of songs and collab, well, it made you giddy.

Before you knew it, you were on your way round to Conor’s apartment. You had your guitar cased slung on your back and your ukulele in hand. Usually, you were one to simply film your covers and songs live for YouTube, so it was exciting times.

“Hey!” a guy holding a camera opened the door. “Oh, sorry, Y/N right? Just let me turn my vlogging camera off, I thought you were Josh.”

You just smiled and shrugged, “You can keep it in your vlog if you want.”

“I’m Jack, Conor’s just coming down.”

“Hey Y/N!” Conor said from down the hallway.

“Hi,” you called out as you followed Jack into the flat.

He smiled as he showed you to where Conor was waiting, ready with glasses of water and what looked like some crisps.

“Not even joking, those crisps are my go to snack!” you exclaimed with a grin.

Conor laughed and led you up to his bedroom, where he, very specifically mentioned, his recording equipment was all set up. You sat down on the edge of his bed as you both began to simply chat in attempt to get to know each other a bit better. You were just how Conor imagined. He thought that your videos were a true testament to your character, because now more than ever, he thought you were beautiful, talented and very down to earth. Similarly, Conor was funnier and more charismatic than you could see from his videos. You loved it, spending time with him really made you happy and it had barely been more than an hour.

Eventually, you finished recording one of your recently written originals with Conor’s help. It came out exactly how you wanted and you were so thankful that Conor had helped you out. You were both packing up now, it being close to 7 in the evening. He had suggested that you both work together over the next couple of days, giving you more time to get everything done. Conor would never admit how flushed and happy he was when you agreed (you wanted to spend time with him!).

“Hey, Conor?” you asked as you shut the clasp on your guitar case.


“Do you have any plans for dinner?”

Conor looked up from where he was winding up the cord to his amp. He quickly shook his head.

“Do you want to go grab something to eat then?”

Conor just continued to stare at you for a second, making you start to reconsider your question.

“Uh, um, we don’t have to…”

“No!” he exclaimed before running a hand through his hair. “I mean, yes, let’s go get something to eat.”

He gave you a somewhat uncharacteristic shy smile. You grinned.

“I could really do dinner right now,” you started the conversation up again as he lead you down to the front door. “Maybe that restaurant a couple blocks away?”

Conor could not stop smiling. He was glad he was in front of you so you couldn’t see how smiley he was. He was on his way to dinner with the most beautiful, talented and down to earth girl.

Lol sorry about how long the wait was. I was just scrolling through my inbox when I found this request. A lot of the time I find requests hard to write because I don’t have any ideas for them but after some time, that changes. Xx


I had a dangerous thought,

What if Harry pulls a Dunkirk and 24 hours before the release of a single or album he does a Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/idk live stream of nothing and makes me sit and wallow in the unknown again?

That, or drop everything in the middle of the night without a single word.

This is why I can’t sleep at night.

Things I Learned in the DB Hashtags on Twitter: Part II
  • Goku: I need to make money for my family so I can go train because Buu kicked my ass and I need to be ready in case someone that strong or stronger appears again.
  • Fandom: What a deadbeat dad, jeez. How can you be so irresponsible thank God Piccolo was there to raise your kids even though he literally wasn't and only spent about six months training your oldest son.
  • Vegeta: Imma dich my family on this trip I promised to take them on and go train because Kakarot's better than me and it annoys me.
  • Fandom: Awww poor bby at least you tried to be there for your family, that's not easy for you, is it? Have a sticker, you wonderful family man. <3

sincethirdfreakingrade  asked:

Since the woman in Canaan was a banshee and got her son back, do you think it's possible for the ghost riders to try to bring Allison back to try and LIKE bribe or persuade Lydia for something? Idk if someone already said this I was just thinking about it though

It’s not the first time I’m hearing this but honestly I don’t think it will happen because:

1)Crystal came back last season for a special episode and I doubt she would come back again permanently.

2)Someone asked Will Wallace on twitter if Lydia screaming Allison’s name when she died was included in 6x06 for a reason and he said no (not that he’s the most trustworthy person though)

3)We don’t know for sure if the ghost riders can’t move because of Lydia, and if that’s the case it’d make more sense for her to ask for Stiles back

4)Lenore’s son may have come back, but he isn’t really alive, just trapped, and Lydia wouldn’t want that for anyone, let alone her best friend.

Project Prism: 1000 Days of Blue Night!

@SHINeeTastes is hosting a project to commemorate Jonghyun’s 1000th broadcast as Blue Night’s DJ! We’re collecting donations in order to name a star after Jonghyun in the official Star Registry and then giving any donations left over to UNICEF under his name. People that donate over $5 (USD) will be entered in a drawing for Jonghyun’s poster, plus a poster of one of the artists that he has composed for! Donations close November 22nd. 

We really want to make this 1000th broadcast special for Jonghyun, and to show him that we are grateful for the hard work he puts in every day to make us smile. Thank you for any donations you are able to put towards the project, and even if you can’t donate please reblog this so we can spread the word and get the entire fandom in on this! :) Thank you again for all your help <3

This is the link to the official project announcement, along with the donation page:

***Translated versions can be found in the same thread as the link I posted :) 


introducing bear

Vodka Cannot Kill a Dragon

I blame people from Twitter for this entirely.

You asked for drunk Alec, I give you hammered Alec.

Edit: Now also on Ao3 here.

“It’s my bachelor party and you’re my best man,” Jace had said. “You owe me to get drunk.”

The thing is, Alec doesn’t really drink. He never does. He doesn’t like the way it makes his head foggy and his long limbs out of control. Even with Magnus, who quite surely can hold his liquor, he never goes past one or two cocktails. So, after Jace has managed to shove drinks in his hand time and time again, Alec is not drunk. He’s hammered

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What’s More Important?

You were at college, lounging in one of the couches that are sporadically placed in random buildings on campus. You meant to be doing class work but your phone was distracting you too much.

There weren’t too many people around. It was a drab Wednesday. Most people were in class.

You were in your usual attire-shorts and a t-shirt. You weren’t there to impress anyone. You had early classes and already mentally making plans for your nap later. You didn’t feel like wasting an outfit or the effort when it’d be ruined by your habitual sleeping patterns.

Honestly, which was more important?

So there you are, procrastinating, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, when you hear the doors open near you. A yawn erupts out of you just as you make eye contact with one of the guys entering.

Fuck he’s cute, you think to yourself.

You return your focus to your phone, but can’t help but take another peak as the guys walk past you.

Again, you accidentally make eye contact. This time the friend smiles at you, you can’t help but to sheepishly smile back. They continue to walk, and you, suddenly realizing the time, get up and head towards your next class. Ironically, it’s the same direction the guys are walking.

You can’t help but think you recognized the friend. You lose track of them, too focused on not breaking a sweat before you reach your next class (it’s hot outside and you get nervous if you’re running behind). You get to the classroom with a few minutes to spare.

You find an empty seat and start to pull out your notebook. The door opens and expect it’s your professor, but instead it’s the two guys. 

Your first thought is, Oh that’s why he looked familiar. Your second is, Well shit.

Then, to your surprise, they take the seats next to you. The one mumbles a hi while the one closest to you extends his hand with a smile, “Hey, I’m Dylan.”

You begin labeling this guy as some weirdo (really, no one in college really cares about the name of the person next to you) but the look in his eyes draws you in.

Before you know it, you’re shaking his hand and introducing yourself. He leans in, still holding your hand, “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m sneaking into this class. I’m just visiting my friend here.”

You laugh politely, “Why on earth would you voluntarily go into a class you don’t have to be in?”

“I never did the college thing, so I figured why not.”

“Interesting perspective,” you nod.


Posted these to Twitter because it is my birthday today and I can do whatEVER I WANT

It’s that time of year again, the time when I feel a strong urge to draw the characters from the book I wrote in middle school.

The plot was basically that the lion girl was in charge of maintaining the balance of good and evil in the universe, making sure evil never got too out of hand. The bat guy was supposed to fulfill that role, but he failed, and lost hope, and became a force of evil instead. So she had to go after him and restore balance. Your basic space epic, but written by someone who did not like space…. which is why it has been abandoned!

The pals hanging out behind the lion girl are the human version of my IRL cat, Mud, and two alien buddies who want to help the lion girl defeat the bat guy.


Rapmon posted a reflection about the recent incident on twitter:


“In order to heal a wound in a heart, you need to bring that wound out again. You need to know what’s making you feel pain so you won’t be able to bother yourself and freely walk your path.”

BOOK QUOTE (picture he posted):

“O God, please give me the fortitude and bravery to be able to accept the incidents that I can’t change. Please give me the courage to be able to change what I can change. Also, please give me the wisdom to be able to distinguish one thing from another.

O God, please give me the endurance upon change that needs time. Also, please make myself think about everything I have with value. Please give me the generosity that I should feel for people who have their own hardships to deal with.

Also, please give me the strength for effort, so I can wake up for today.” – Friedrich Christoph Oetinger

His tweet that followed the post:

translations by @bts_abs

I am just thankful that Namjoon took time to post even just a little bit of how he felt and his thoughts about the recent incident, given that they’re probably really really busy as of now going in-between concert tours and other schedules. I think this way, it’s better than getting an official statement off of him because he was able to pull out his thoughts and feelings in a more genuine manner.

I mentioned this before, but again.. this is something I’ve always liked about him. He’s not afraid to share his deep thoughts, and more importantly admit his wrongdoings and reflect on them honestly. Not many people would do that, it takes guts to actually do what he does, given that he’s also an idol. So I’m thankful. 

I’m pretty sure he has a lot of other thoughts too, but I’m just happy he took time right now to share a part of it with us.

/also i just wanna appreciate the fact that despite him being Atheist, he actually appreciated a religious-based quote and reflected deeply from it

Random K8 thing I can’t say on Twitter cos too many people like it: even thinking about Tackey and Subaru makes me literally angry with rage! I have less than no time for Tackey, the creepy fucker, and Subaru can have nothing to do with him ever again for all I care. Putting them back together to relive the ~~glory days~~ of 1999-2000 makes me a little bit sick cos of all the shit that happened to Subaru after that, while Tackey was being pushed like the golden boy he was meant to (but failed to) be. Boot is on the other foot now though innit, and I won’t ever stop being gleeful about it!

I bribed a teacher the other day to help a friend

I was sitting with my friend at lunch and he was on his phone, but at my school there’s a rule against using the internet from your phone for whatever reason. Anyways, he was on Twitter or something and making fun of people with this other kid who was sitting next to him. The other kid started laughing hysterically so the teacher on lunch duty came over to see what was going on. She asked if he was using his data and was gonna take his phone since he was, so I put a Lindor Truffle down on top of his lunch box, so the teacher picked it up and said, “I suppose I can overlook it this once. Don’t let me catch you on your phone again”. He was really happy and I’m just glad that I helped a good friend out.

I am still very proud of myself <3


twitter doodles! I moved into my summer apartment today so I can FINALLY settle down to work on art again!!

Recent developments in Fish’s gw2 life is that he acquires an airship (by straight up bribing the post-HoT weakened Pact for one) and makes it v gold covered and pretty and sails it around looking cool and rich. He renames it The Leviathan and hosts all sorts of fancy parties on it, and probably uses it to smuggle illegal goods or semi-discreetly visit places of interest.