can he hug me pls


day 90/??? of ultimate bias; Lee Hongbin

So I’ve got a French speaking mock coming up in like,,,, two weeks and one of the questions I might potentially get asked is ‘do you have a boyfriend?’
Now, obviously I do not have a boyfriend, so I was having a bit of a moan because I won’t be able to have a good answer for that question - it’ll literally just be 'non, je n'ai pas de petit ami’ - rather than an 'A* structured answer’. My brother heard this rant and he was like 'well get a boyfriend then’ and I was like,,,, do u not think I want to

Thank sehun our lord and savior for finally making baekyeol hug once in public because what kind of goDDAMN SELF PROCLAIMED SOULMATES NEVER HUG I HATE THEM AMEN