can he get more attractive

joe: literally changes the script so that michael doesnt mention girls at all
joe: writes michael as a closeted gay character
joe and joe and george: support gay michael
michael: pining after a guy the whole play
michael: gets asked to prom by a guy
joe: i accept all headcanons tho!
yall: michael is OBVIOUSLY bi or pan lol

Sing To Me - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: @fireismysaftey - Quick request, so I was listening to the song ‘When we were young’ by Adele and was wondering if you could write an imagine of Tom Holland and his girlfriend and she hasn’t seen him in two months or so bc of filming so she’s on the phone with him and she stared singing the song to him, remembering the times they had before when they were young(er) and he wasn’t super busy w/filming. Sorry if this didn’t make sense. Thank you 💕   (Gif not mine)

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1,014

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Shout-out to my great friend Monse for pitching in to help me finish it, hope you guys liked it. : )


Dating a celebrity was great and all, but it did come with it’s perks. Tom had to leave every once in a while for filming. You understood that completely, yet still every time he left you felt more alone. Tom has been away for two months now, and you missed him like crazy.

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How does Harry keep getting more attractive every time I see him? He's like wine and only gets better with age. O.O

every time i think he can’t get more attractive, he drops another picture IT’S REALLY TOO MUCH AND I JUST WANT TO REST.


I’m not gonna lie, seeing this beautiful manga page confirmed the headcanons of mine that Champ like the rest of the robots can express emotions physically AND IM IN LOVE WITH IT SO HARD

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okay so im a total junkrat junkie (ahaha bad jokes) could i maybe get some headcanons about how he acts around the person he likes (or is dating whatever floats ur boat)? maybe tying into the height difference 'cause he's so damn tall? (the dude's 6'6" hes a damn tree??)(i'm a guy n' im like 5'4" idk if that matters lmao)

Being around the person he likes makes Junkrat act more over-the-top than usual, trying to show off by exploding things or just by making occasional puns to brighten up the mood. 

If you’re shorter than him he’ll often offer you piggyback rides (and sometimes by that he motions to Roadhog while giggling at his own joke). But bearing in mind that the guy slouches a lot the height difference wouldn’t be very obvious.

He will definitely constantly talk to Roadhog about you and the guy will just grumble occasionally to let him know he’s listening or just nod his head from time to time. Eventually he will shut up when Roadhog gets irritated about the whole “(y/n) this, (y/n) that” all day long.

Whenever you’re around he will call you over and start a small talk, his back slightly more straightened than normally with the hopes that you’ll find him more attractive that way.

But of course, he can also get very embarrassed from time to time - mostly by Roadhog’s doing - which lead him to awkwardly scratching the back of his head while laughing awkwardly. He will try to distract you from whatever has been said about him in hopes you didn’t hear/won’t poke fun at him if it’s really embarrassing. 

A while after the embarrassing moment Junkrat will pretend as if nothing happened but he will subconsciously look down at his feet every now and then as a sign that he still didn’t get over it.  

(I feel ya buddy, I’m also a short guy - standing at 5′6 - but hey, it’s not that bad)

You know what gives me an incredible amount of joy?

The small wrinkles around Jensen’s eyes when he laughs.

It’s the most beautiful thing and I love it. :’)


i’ve never thought he can still get more attractive. like seriously, i’m not being sarcastic nor making fun of him. i’ve never find him this handsome before.

he looks really good. and he looks manlier than ever because he’s not nailing the tiara or the minnie headband the right way. idk how to explain myself rn but really!! do you get me? omg 

but tbmh thou, he’s glowing lately.