can he even be classified as a human being

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I think for blackrom John, he does experience black feelings for TZ but didn't understand it. (though that could just be empty hope because blackrom JohnRezi is my OTP but i digress)

hm anyway I was trying to pin down a couple of things that didn’t click for me in that conversation and it‘s that humans CAN feel attraction/like a person while also being annoyed (or even hate them) at certain times, they (we??) just don’t classify it as a relationship by itself

remember how a troll romance that wouldn’t stick to the quadrants used to be compared to the human way of romance bc you got the regular love (<3), watching after one another and keeping the other in check/preventing them form doing something rash they’ll regret (<>) and then the “I hate you right now but also like you” at the same time sorta conflict (<3<)

so to me trying to split it into troll quadrants again is more of a regression than anything, because humans can already experience it all at once and each aspect balances the others out while trolls tend to split it (it would also make sense story-wise if humans had all the quadrants combined as some sort of derivative thing of having been created by the trolls) (just my opinion)

what I’m trying to say is John could totally like Terezi and not notice it because it’s covered up by his occasional annoyance at her, but this IS totally a thing that happens in human relationships too (and also a common plot in many stories), it’s not such an alien thing, I think people are forgetting about that right now lmao

(also bottom line being Dave and Karkat are trying to make him feel weird about it when it’s not even weird)