can he even be classified as a human being

Things to take away from episode 20, at least my thoughts 

- Bum knows exactly what he did, and he probably thinks that he’s no longer the victim to be saved (considering that he killed that girl out of pure emotion not thought) 

-Sangwoo looks disapointed that the stalker he kidnapped isn’t a sociopath who could easily understand the concept of “I killed a bitch and I liked it.” (And that makes Bum boring, I guess) So he gives him an out, but Bum runs back in. Also, he already had the dildo in the basement, so he may have though about have sex with Bum that night (or at least doing some kind of foreplay) but it didn’t work out when Bum didn’t react the way he wanted

- Bum doesn’t leave because he’s terrifed, traumatized, and now a criminal. Even if he does leave he could either go to the police and tell them everything (which would either land him jail or in an institution), and even if he doesn’t the only place to go is his uncle’s, who we know is a horrible human being and abused a kid. But in this state, Bum would only go back in a form of desperation, that the man who abused him is his last resort of “safely” (messed up thinking from me)

-It doesn’t matter if he used a condom (YOU NEED LUBE YOU FU-), Sangwoo sexually assalted Bum (at least it can be classified as such) Bum kept saying no, he didn’t want it, he didn’t ask for it, but Sangwoo did not stop 

- Sangwoo to an extent is still emotionally reliant on Bum, Bum is further traumatized (even though he was already messed up) and now is reliant on his captor for a form of protection because he knows he a murderer, the further they can go is that Sangwoo makes him “handle” that girls body so they can dispose of her, and it becomes a thing where Sangwoo kidnaps people and Bum does the clean up and perhaps this will lead to Stockholym (really hope it won’t) but overall, I don’t think that Bum will ever have the strength to betray Sangwoo 

- Also I think that Sangwoo is going to kidnap Bums uncle and make him kill his previous abuser as another “gift” so that Bum will fall deeper into his cluches 

no offence but i honestly do not have the energy to argue. asexual people can be raped because of their sexuality. i was raped for 6 months because i told him i feel no sexual attraction and he told me if i have more sex i’ll start like it. even when after every time i cried. when i asked him why does he want to “have sex” with me so much, he told me it’s “natural” for people to want to have sex. that it’s a part of the human nature and that’s what normal people do. 

the reason there is so little evidence of asexual people being discriminated against is because even the people researching it often refuse to accept asexuality as a valid identity and add it to some other group. most people classify asexual people as either straight people who “haven’t found the right person yet” or as gay because they’re not heterosexual. even the LGBT+ community, as you can see from the discourse, don’t consider them LGBT+.

i’m not saying that asexual people have it better or worse than other LGBT+ identities. but please stop saying that asexual people experience no discrimination at all.

I don't do the whole love and... love: A look into Dean and Cas' sexualities and how they define love

When i think about Dean and Cas and why these two haven’t yet gotten together, it seems to me that they both have such complicated psyches and pasts that they probably don’t even recognize the feeling of being in love. And even if they do, their self-esteem issues certainly wouldn’t allow them to believe another person was in love with them. 

This long meta takes a look at their various relationships in an attempt to understand both their sexual and romantic preferences and why those may be warring against each other. 

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how is the dog bowl racist?? I tried google and can't understand, sorry for asking

Dehumanization: putting People of Color on the same level as animals

It was among the ways that slavery, killing natives, and denying Pacific Islanders citizenship and voting rights was justified. They were classified as “uncivilized” or “savages,” words meant to separate them as subhuman.

A dog is an intelligent being that can form strong attachment and even become friends with humans, but at the end of the day, is still an animal which needs the control of an intelligent being, a master. The same logic was applied to People of Color around the globe, that while they were intelligent, they need the guiding hands of Europeans to “civilize” them.

Stiles treating Scott like a dog, something in need of a master, he is putting his best friend in the world in the position of an animal in his control. Stiles’s intent may not have been consciously racist, but the symbolism is there.

Plus, the fandom itself also has had a long and storied history of making Scott a dog and Stiles his master. Scott as Scooby and Jake while Stiles is Shaggy and Finn. The Adventure Time fanart even includes the tagline “with Scott the dog (not even wolf,which would have made sense) and Stiles the human.” 

Then there’s that fanart of Stiles taking Scott for a walk as if Scott can’t even open a door for himself.

In all of those fanarts, I might add, Derek -a born werewolf who by any line of logic should be considered less human- is portrayed as more human than Scott, who is collared in the Scooby fanart and a full-on furry dog in the AT fanart while Derek is a fully standing human with fangs. He’s also fully standing in the walk fanart while Scott is crouching in rags.

Making Scott a dog is racist, if you don’t believe me the third link goes pretty in depth with 19 cited sources. Stiles did a racist thing to his best friend, and we are still happily circulating the gifs of it.

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I think for blackrom John, he does experience black feelings for TZ but didn't understand it. (though that could just be empty hope because blackrom JohnRezi is my OTP but i digress)

hm anyway I was trying to pin down a couple of things that didn’t click for me in that conversation and it‘s that humans CAN feel attraction/like a person while also being annoyed (or even hate them) at certain times, they (we??) just don’t classify it as a relationship by itself

remember how a troll romance that wouldn’t stick to the quadrants used to be compared to the human way of romance bc you got the regular love (<3), watching after one another and keeping the other in check/preventing them form doing something rash they’ll regret (<>) and then the “I hate you right now but also like you” at the same time sorta conflict (<3<)

so to me trying to split it into troll quadrants again is more of a regression than anything, because humans can already experience it all at once and each aspect balances the others out while trolls tend to split it (it would also make sense story-wise if humans had all the quadrants combined as some sort of derivative thing of having been created by the trolls) (just my opinion)

what I’m trying to say is John could totally like Terezi and not notice it because it’s covered up by his occasional annoyance at her, but this IS totally a thing that happens in human relationships too (and also a common plot in many stories), it’s not such an alien thing, I think people are forgetting about that right now lmao

(also bottom line being Dave and Karkat are trying to make him feel weird about it when it’s not even weird)