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Hi could you rec me some fics where Derek is touch starved? Please and thank you!


Touch Starved by rileywrites

(403 General Complete)

Ever since Stiles came back to Beacon Hills after his emissary training, he hasn’t stopped touching the pack. Derek isn’t quite sure why it bothers him so much.

Touch by always_addicted

(1,271 General Complete)

Derek didn’t realise how much he missed being touched until the first time Stiles leaned on him.

I Want to Remember That I Can’t Go Back by lyvanna

(1,351 General Complete)

Derek had grown up in a family of werewolves and touch wasn’t just second nature to him, it was first. And then it was gone. Until Stiles grabbed his arm.

Incarnadine by otter

(3,170 Mature Complete)

He looks down at the long curve of Stiles’ bare back and wants to paint it himself, to press a wet palm between Stiles’ shoulders, leave a crimson stain there to bind them together and give them a place to begin. He wants a common point of color that isn’t a shared spilling of blood.

All I need is a touch from you by framesonthewall

(5,017 Explicit Complete)

Since his family’s death Derek hasn’t let anyone close enough to touch, until Stiles came along.

Help You Through This Burning Heat by Delta_Immortal

(6,976 Explicit Complete I Borderline PWP)

Derek can’t believe Stiles’s strength. He can’t believe how much Stiles is fighting his body’s desires. But if the fumes of lust continue, the rest of the pack will be mindless before too much longer, and they have a mission to finish.

The only rational thing for Derek to do is offer to help Stiles through this arousal. As a partner. Out of necessity.

Not because he’s been dying to touch Stiles for a while now. Not at all.

The Best Things in Life are Fully Involved by stileskolpath

(11,471 Explicit Complete)

‘“Whatever, I’m heading to Derek’s. I gotta fill him on on this clusterfuck of a situation.”
The laugh was unnecessary. “Right, that can only go well.”
“Shut up. It’s the only option I had.”
“If you say so, dude.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Stiles asked, incredulous.
“Nothing,” There was a pause. “But you just casually name-dropped the guy you’ve been crushing on since sophomore year to fend this dude off.” Scott added, “Nothing about that screams ‘good idea’.”
“Thanks, asshole.”
“Welcome.” Stiles clicked off aggressively and threw the phone at his backpack.’

a.k.a. the one where Stiles is propositioned by a new alpha, who just happens to be the replacement for Ms. Blake at Beacon Hills High School. So what happens? Stiles panics, that’s what happens. And by ‘panic’ I mean he totally may or may not have insinuated that he was currently involved in a totally not-fake relationship with one particularly broody alpha by the name of Derek Hale. Whatever, he’ll sort out the details as he goes. What could go wrong?

Electricity In the Contact by ladyblahblah

(27,067 Explicit Complete)

In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that’s not what it’s called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage. When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees to let Stiles come along to pose as his mate. Derek is reasonably sure that he’s not going to make it out of this weekend alive.

Love Don’t Die by Finduilas

(33,549 Explicit Complete Pushing Daisies AU OMFG I DIDN’T KNOW THAT I NEEDED THIS BUT I DO) 

Derek is nine years old when he discovers the gift that he’s been given. A gift that he didn’t necessarily ask for. Derek can touch dead things and bring them back to life. But not without consequences and conditions, many of which are heartbreaking.

Many years later, his path crosses that of his childhood sweetheart, Stiles, in very unfortunate circumstances. But now, Derek’s gift gives him the power to save Stiles. And damned be the consequences.

Payment for the Hales’ debt by Anchanee

(currently 42,496 Explicit WIP Warning: Rape/Non-con)

John Stilinski has been brutally killed and Stiles Stilinski finds himself thrust to the head of the American branch of the Stilinski Clan at the age of eighteen. The mobster family that operates mainly in central Europe, but had branched out to America with one very talented Claudia Stilinski, who had secured the market of central California (San Francisco, Brentwood, San Jose). She was succeeded by her husband and now her son.

When his enforcer, Isaac, brings him Derek Hale as compensation for his family’s debt, he’s not quite sure what to do. The Hales were a successful family who had worked with the Stilinskis quite successfully over the last decades. Now they are offering their son instead of money. Though Stiles is still learning the ropes of this mob business, he’s pretty sure that THAT’S not normal!

Stiles ends up using Derek as a bodyguard which is probably not what you’re meant to do with a rival family’s son, but Stiles is making this up as he goes. And despite him being a mobster, he still has some dignity left.

Enjoy the tears (MY HEART MY POOR HEART),


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Theory. Ok, so what if Anti possessed Chase and tried to get him to kill Jack. But Chase's wife got scared and left. Chase fought off and overcame Anti, but his wife still wouldn't come back. Anti was weak after that. Since he couldn't possess Chase again, he took his kids as a bargaining chip.Chase's job is to bring Jack to Anti, alive, so he can kill Jack himself.(But afterwards he's going to kill Chase,in front of his kids) Also, what if Seán is a double agent? Working with Jack AND Anti?

this is some next level stuff and i am ALL for it omfg yes



Credit: HUG BABY

NCT's reaction to their crush confessing first.

Request: “NCT reacting to their crush confessing first?”
A/N: I hate it when this shitty computer hates me so much that the fucking post dELETES ITSELF WHILE I’M CHOOSING THE GIFSSS.

This cutie would be in extreme shook when he hears you, raising his eyebrows and opening his mouth a little while you can see how a smile is slowly forming in his lips.

“Are you for real, y/n?”
“Of course I am, Taeil.”
“I feel the same for you.”

Originally posted by neoculturedaily

This baby wouldn’t be able to believe it at first, asking you to repeat your words again, and then hugging you because of how happy he is.

“Really? Do you really like me back?”
“Like you… back? Did you just confess?”

Originally posted by debuthansol

Other giant which would jump over you, hugging you and probably would tease you a bit before confessing.

“Why are you so red suddenly? You love me that much THAT much?”
“Shut up, Johnny.”
“I like you back, though.”

Originally posted by withsuh

He would be so surprised by your confession that after your words he wouldn’t even be able to listen nothing else.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same, I just thought that it was something you should know.. Taeyong? Are you even listening to me?”
“Ah~~sorry, y/n. I-I like you back.”

Originally posted by taellynn

He would act in a similar way than Johnny, teasing you but then hugging you and then whisper his confession in your ear.

“I like you too, y/n. Date tomorrow?”

Originally posted by taei

He would give you the best reaction, lmao. His eyes would get bigger and his smile would be huge, making you laugh with his cuteness.

“Wae~~ really? For real? You’re not kidding, right?”
“You’re so precious.”

Originally posted by yonges

He would go blank for like two whole minutes, not hearing anything else after hearing those words coming out of you. Also, he would get really nervous and won’t be able to make eye contact with you, playing with his fingers insteaded and smiling with his bushy cheeks.

“Are you serious, y/n?”
“Of course I am, you silly.”
“Do you want to go on a date with me?”

Originally posted by pourup

This baby would get so excited, he would start giggling and jumping around you, probably saying his iconic “everybody say my name”, lmao.

“That means that means my girlfriend now? Are we dating now? Do you want to date me?”
“Ten, you’re adorable.”

Originally posted by h-soulless

He would be flustered, smiling and giggling cutely. Showing you that cute dimple of him and his eyesmile.

“Do you really? Can we go on date? You’re not going to reject me?”
“I would never, Jae!”

Originally posted by jyofanclub

This angel would have the biggest smile in his face, you know that thing that he does when he smiles and at the same time he bite his lips? It’s so adorable, omfg. And then with his blushy cheeks he would look at you with his shiny eyes, confessing back.

“Lets go to the cinema for a date tomorrow then, y/n!”
“Sure thing! Just, don’t bring Taeyong like you did last time, okay?”

Originally posted by nct-china-line


He would be really similar to Doyoung, without being able to believe it at first and getting really surprised, his cute reactions making you giggle.

“Really? Do you seriously like me? Seriously? I-I mean, I like you back y/n…”
“You’re an angel, right?”

Originally posted by onceagainnct

He would smile widely at you and even giggling a bit, showing you that little eye smile of his. After your confession he would hug you and probably invite you to a cute date in that exact moment.

“Would you like to go and watch Moomin with me at the dorms now?”
“I’d love to! You can be Moomin and I’ll be Snorkmaiden.”
“But they’re a coupl…”
And your like ;))))))))

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

His smile would be huge and he would be confident enough to grab your hands and make eye contact with you while confessing back.

“We’ll be a great couple, don’t you think so?”
“I guess so, hehe.”

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

He would get all soft and flustered, and he would do nothing else but cuddle with you for the rest of the day.

“You’re so soft and squishy, we should stay like this forever.”
“Or until Taeyong decided to separate us for cuddling in front of everyone.”

Originally posted by 127boys

He would be really similar to Jeno, blinding you with his smile and without feeling nervous at all confessing back while innocently playing with your fingers or your hair.

“Then, would you want to be my girlfriend, y/n? I have been liking you for some time now.”

Originally posted by nakamotens

His and Ten’s reaction would be exactly the same, lmao. But he’s going to be a lot more energetic, running around and screaming without stop for the rest of the day, making all the members low-key hate you, lol.

“Chenle, shut up already she confessed to you like five hours ago.”

Originally posted by icetaeil

He wouldn’t know how to react at all. He would blush like crazy and he wouldn’t be able to get concentrated in anything for the next three hours because he’s thinking about you constantly.

“I-I like you back, noona.”
“What about a date tomorrow after practice, uhm?”
“Ah~ sure.”

Originally posted by 1aeil

Somebody Catch My Breath

SPN Prompt Challenge | blissfulcastiel
Prompt: Flowers
Pairings: Destiel
Word count: 6k
Tags: Hospital au, kid fic, friends to lovers, angst, fluff

Castiel hates this place.

Most other eight year olds might be envious that he can watch TV all day and not have to go to school, but he despises every minute of it. He hates being too weak to walk around or do much anything but lay in this hospital bed all day, wondering how an innocent doctor’s visit for pneumonia spiraled into this – progressively becoming a permanent fixture of this hospital. He’s beginning to worry he might never get to go home. Not clean, that is.

Dr. Winchester’s confident Castiel’s on the road to recovery, but then why is he still sick? It’s been two weeks since his surgery, six since he started chemo, so why isn’t he showing any signs of improvement? Why aren’t his cell counts improving? Why can’t he ever take deeper breaths than the shallow ones he’s limited to now? The doctors may be optimistic, but Castiel’s not. How can you be when your body’s trying to kill itself?

“Stop glaring at your Jell-O and eat it already or I will,” Gabriel teases next to him.

Castiel glares at him. “Then eat it. I’m not hungry.”

Gabriel rolls his eyes. “You have to eat, Cassie. You’ve barely touched your dinner and breakfast.”

“It all taste like metal. It’s disgusting,” he wheezes, sparing enough energy to push away his tray of untouched food for emphasis.

Gabriel sighs. “I’m gonna have to tell Mary you’ve been making me lie for you if you don’t at least try.”

Castiel’s eyes widen. “Gabriel, please don’t. They’ll stick a tube in me or something.”

His brother leans over to push his food tray closer. “Then eat. I’m serious, Castiel. I’ll tell them.”

“Tell who what?” A feminine voice asks, making both Castiel and Gabriel jump. The friendly face that Castiel’s come to know too well approaches him, flipping through his chart and writing down his vitals from the ever beeping monitor beside him.

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I am having a lot of feelings about marsh rn

Hes literally feared by everyone in existence now
Hes the only one alive who knows what really happened 300 years ago

Saw a line in TAOL saying “The Lord Mistborn. (Spook) The most powerful allomancer in existence.” Um


and the world has been fixed right? Marsh cant see colours anymore
In all his memories the sky will still be red and all the plants will be brown

Sure he can probably make out the shapes of the new world around him, but he’ll never see the colours that Mare dreamed of and that Kelsier died trying to bring back.

Like goddamn

The people call him death itself for fucks sake

Like how lonely must he be poor marsh omfg
The only ones who know who he really is would probs be the kandra

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ur headcanons about the kind of person iwatobi would fall for? like "oh that million dollar smile and those penetrating eyes omfg" or something like that???

i’ve done something vaguely similar before, but whatever, these are fun ^^” as per usual, these are my opinions and my opinions only, we are all entitled to our own beliefs, don’t burn me i’m not a witch

Haruka would definitely fall for someone bright. I know, ‘bright’ doesn’t make much sense, but someone who has a sense of life about them; someone who’s optimistic and energetic; someone who has a purpose in life and is determined to reach their goals. He needs someone around him who can ground him, bring him back to reality, so this person would have to be similarly down-to-earth and sensible. Someone who can put up with his shit would be preferable, too. He’d also definitely need someone patient - someone who’s not going to push him to tell them something when he wishes to keep it to himself. But equally, Haru absolutely needs someone who knows what he’s trying to say when he can’t find the words to say it himself. Honestly, you all know I don’t ship, but I could see Haruka finding someone vaguely reminiscent of Makoto.

Makoto would, oddly enough, probably need someone similar to Haruka. I have an idea that, as he gets older, Makoto involves himself in working more and more, and he needs a partner to drag him out of that and have some fun. Someone lively, with a good sense of humour; being good with kids is a massive plus for Makoto, too. He’d provide a shoulder to cry on in a relationship, but similarly, he’d need someone to support him, too. Even Makoto has his flaws, and he would likely want someone who saw that in him - someone whose flaws balanced his own, someone who was willing to spend their future working with him to iron out those kinks. Overall, I would say someone who’s willing to really work at at a relationship would be his type.

Nagisa would need someone realistic. It’s all fun and games for him, sure, but everyone knows that he has an entirely different side underneath all of that. He would need someone to remind him that, sometimes, life just has to be dealt with by knuckling down and pushing through, rather than merely laughing it all off. Simultaneously, Nagisa wouldn’t be able to stand being around someone who’s serious all the time, and I think he’d definitely appreciate having someone who he could laugh with. Someone who wouldn’t snap at him for making a joke out of a grim situation, someone who would appreciate that, most of the time, it’s just his coping mechanism.

Rei’s partner would definitely have to be someone tolerant. We all know that Rei loves his little drama displays, and I think having someone there to remind him to calm the hell down every once in a while would do him the world of good. Rei is, I think, influenced by those around him. Having someone who’s flexible, free, spontaneous - someone who’s less reliant on theory as he is, would be a good thing for Rei. Equally, he would require someone who has an appreciation for life, and seeks out what they desire in life; someone who has ambitions and goals, and someone who’s willing to learn and put effort in to realise those goals.

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Pls this tho Killian just shrugging because Harry’s a chip off the old block. Proud his son has inherited the extraness. Omg yes Granny forever done but forever loving

          ( harry is killian 2.0, to the max. and ruby’s just like … he inherited your everything and my werewolf-ness. FUCKING HELL. )

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can James pls be the cool ‘uncle’ who encourages all the ridiculous behaviour (this is bringing back my AU where Carlos is his and Cru’s son gdi

          ( OMFG JAMES WOULD BE THE WORST FUCKING INFLUENCE EVER. the three of them take bro pics all the time. james finds a hook and pirate hat. now there’s three of them, jfc. and poor ruby is just like … why. why me. )

MNSFW Relationship Headcanons:

(MNSFW: Maybe Not Safe For Work // Don’t read this if youre at work just to be sure) Relationship headcanons for Peter Parker, Barry Allen, Pietro Maximoff, Vision


Originally posted by relationshipaims

-Vision always makes sure you are one hundred percent healthy and getting a lot of rest. He hates to see when you’re in pain or suffering from any illness.
-You always help him cook because you know how much he can’t
-”What are these pieces of H2O flowing out of my eyes?”
-”They are tears, Vis.”
-”…They are also salty.”
-You wanting to show him everything because he is quite new
-You being protected by him all the time
-Him not understanding his feelings that he had for you prior to you guys getting together
-Him getting self conscious about not being ‘human’ enough for you
-You reassuring him that whether or not he looks or is human doesn’t matter to you
-Sweet, soft kisses
-Crazy sex when he finally gets the hang of things 

Barry Allen

Originally posted by painfulblisss

-Him giving you surprise kisses in split seconds
-You volunteering at STAR Labs but being suspicious of Dr. Wells
-You getting jelous of Iris but Barry always reassuring you that he is the only one he sees
-sex sex sex sex sex
-jealous sex
-being away for too long sex
-angry sex
-Barry being a good kisser
-You also being an amazing kisser
-You getting worried anytime he leaves to stop someone
-Always kissing him like its the last time because well, it could be
-Eventually getting into an accident and developing powers on your own

Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by iamunkillablemonster

-Much like Barry, he is always speeding by you, giving quick hugs or kisses. 
-Unlike Barry, Pietro is more on PDA and is a much bigger pervert
-Lots of yoga around him courtesy of you
-Him sneaking touches under the table
-You both not telling anyone, not because they would be mad, you just love the sneaking around and secrecy of it
-You wearing his shirts and he can’t get enough of it
-Beard burn
-You getting hickeys you have to explain as training bruises because you can because they are everywhere
Morning sex
-You dressing all sexy on undercover missions just to tease him
-Him flirting with other girls on those missions just so you can get all jealous + make out with him in a closet later
-You flirting with other guys normally just so Piet can get angry and kiss you in public (lets admit it, you love PDA just as much as he does)
-Him always making sure you are safe
-Him whispering very very dirty things in your ear in Sokovian
-his. accent

Peter Parker
(bless Tom Holland omfg)

Originally posted by romance-r-us

-You meeting him when Tony brings him back to the tower, you being Tony’s little sister
-You falling in love with Peter because of all his witty comments
-Peter was in love with you since the day he met you
-Your hopeless romantic side always battling your feminist side around him
-Him wanting to show off infront of you resulting him being a dork
-You kissing him first
-Him gossiping about his new girlfriend all around school
-Him showing pictures of you to everyone
-Him coming home beat up from guys who don’t believe him
-You making a special appearance at his school
-On that day, you spend every second clinging to Peter’s arm and kissing him just to make sure everyone knows you really love him
-Other girls starting to flirt with Peter only to have you make them back off when you sneer at them and tell them you are Y/N Stark
-Peter adoring the way you get jealous
-Him adoring you in general
-You being dominant in the bedroom
-Him so happy he lost his V Card to you
-You being surprised at how good he is
-You just loving him even if he is a dork sometimes
-Worrying he won’t come home

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I love writing these headcanons in public woah geez.,.,., last one is that he will tug slightly on your hair to bring you closer because he l o v e s to be a little shit and kiss all over the neck

Omfg yes or tugging your head back so that he can kiss and bite your neck from behind



There’s no real good excuse for why I’ve waited so long. Life’s just been pretty hectic and I haven’t had a good forty-five minutes to sit down and devote myself to it until today. And I’m so glad I finally did! It’s such an amazing, wonderful panel that every Muppet fan should watch!

I took real-time notes on my reactions to the video, all found below the cut!

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Part 7 of “Being Messi’s sister” :D Yaaay haha I hope you all enjoy <3 <3 

“Want something to eat?” Messi looks at you
“No” you said
“Y/N you gotta eat!” he said being serious
“I can’t believe..”
“He has done that.I get it Y/n..Get over that” Leo finished the sentence for you
“Can you sometimes be on my side?” you shout
“I am Y/N,it’s just the fact that I said to you so many times don’t get in serious stuff with him” Leo takes your hand in his
“And Y/N?” he looks at you
“Yeah?” you smiled
“Your breath stinks” he laughs
“Funny” you roll your eyes and go upstairs to wash your teeth.

“Pique!” You heard Leo shout and they both start to shout like crazy.Just when you wanted to take a nap.You went downstairs being little bit angry but you weren’t angry at all.

You walk in the living room
“What the..” You start to shout and you see Neymar.
You look at him,he looks at you..You put your hands down
“What Y/N?” Pique looks at you
“Nothing” you said looking one more time at Neymar and then looked away walking upstairs again to your room.
You were angry at that point,like devil has come in your body.You start to throw all the stuff on floor.Break all the glass stuff.
You were screaming and crying.
Neymar runs in the room and he was in shock,he runs right away towards and grabs your hands and holds them tightly.
You were trying to push him away,but he was to strong for you.
You looked up to his eyes..It was a complete silence between you two.
“Can u please let me go?” you said looking down
“I don’t want to” he said
“My hands hurt,you are holding them tightly” you laugh a little,he puts his hands down
“Sorry” he said
“Neymar get out!” Leo comes in
“I was just-”
“I don’t care!Get away from her” Leo shouts again
Neymar looked at you,then at Leo.
“You seriously think I would do that to you?” Neymar looked at you,then he looks away and walks out of your room.

You sat down on your bed.
“Oh my God” you put your hand you on your head.
You were staring at the floor.Tears were falling on it.
You couldn’t decide should you thrust him or not.

Leo camed in few minutes later,worried about you.
“I’m fine..And..I’ll clear this up later” you laugh looking around your room.
“Okay…*laugh* i have to go to the training..You’ll be okay?” Leo looks at you
You just nodded your head and he hugged you.

Leo left the house..You text Neymar that you two meet up in the park close to your house.
You wipe off the tears,you look yourself in the mirror.You put on makeup on your face.You looked happier..
You just put on your jacket on and you were ready.
You walk towards the park.Neymar was already standing there.
Neymar looked at you,you walked towards him.
“Y/N” he looked at you
“Neymar” you fake smiled 
Both of you sat down.
“I want to talk about yesterday” you said taking a breath
“No shhh” you put your index finger on his lips.He looked at you
You laugh a little
“God I shouldn’t be laughing” you look down
“Anyways…Can I thrust you anymore?” you looked at his eyes
“All those stories about me cheating on girls,they are not true,maybe just one but Y/N you’re great person and I really like you” Neymar explains
“Okay” you said stooding up and walking away
“Hold up what?” Neymar was confused
You laugh
“I’m just kidding” you smiled
“So you’re not mad at me anymore?” He walked over to you
“No” you said smiling

Neymar smiled and cupped your face with his hands and kissed your lips.
“Finally I get to kiss you damn” he said and kissed you again
“oh stop it” you laugh 
“What?” he laughs with you
“Nothing” you said looking at his eyes.
“Do your eyes change colors?” you said closely looking at him
“No,what are you talking about” he laughed
“They are now brown,It’s weird” you said touching his face
“Are you a vampire?” you looked at him
“Y/N,are you serious” Neymar laughed looking at you
“Mhhm” you smiled
“No I’m not a vampire..Maybe because of the light they look different” he started to strech
“Ohh….” you stopped to talk for few seconds
“Wait…Why aren’t you at the training?" 
"I camed to talk to you” he said
“Oh yeah! Right!” you hit your forehead with your hand
“You are so cute” neymar smiled kissing your cheek

After the conversation Neymar and you head to the small pizza restaurant..Pizza was so good there.
“W-what can..I..I get y-you” the waitress lady was really nervous seeing Neymar.She was shaking
“We’ll have two chili pizza’s please” Neymar smiled at her
“Any-thing else?” she was still shaking,you were rolling your eyes,but still you were happy for her that she met him.
“No thank you” Neymar winks and smiles at her
“Oh my GOD” she said to herself walking away
“She’s big fan probably” you smiled
“Yup,they always start shaking and be nervous,I just love my fans” Neymar smiled thinking
“I know you do” you smiled putting your hand on his.

The lady bring you two the pizza..She left and then came back with a camera
“Can i please get a picture with you?” she was all excited
“Of course beautiful”
Neymar stood up and stood next to her while you were taking a photo.
“i love you,thank yoU” she smiled and hugged him tightly
“I love you too beautiful” Neymar said while hugging her.
She smiled and you could hear her from the kitchen

Neymar and you look at each other and start to laugh.
After pizza,Neymar took you home.
"I think Leo,will be mad at me because of this” you said 
Neymar just looked at you
“But I’ll go” you looked at him
Neymar finally smiled


“Here’s my shirt and shorts” He handed you the clothes
“Thank you” you smiled 
You start to walk in the bathroom
“Y/N you can change here” he raised his eyebrows few times while biting his lip
“I can’t” you walked into the bathroom

You closed the door,you wnated to change in front of him,but you don’t want to reveal your body to him.You’re scared.

You changed,Neymar was already in his bed without his shirt.You lay next to him.He lays on his side looking at you,you did the same.
Neymar runs his fingers down your cheek.
“I never want to lose you” Neymar said
You smiled and kept looking at him..

The part is doneee :D <3 <3 I hope you enjoyed it,and I love you all and new part of “Best mistake” coming :*

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Hear me out. College tsuna right? his TYL self gets hit with the malfunctioning bazooka and goes back in time (like how sometimes gokudera becomes a 4 year old) and they get swapped in the middle of a test on college tsuna's end and a meeting on tyl tsuna's end

Imagine 21 yo Tsuna on finals day after he pulled an all nighter to study for it and he just drank like his fourth cup of coffee to stay awake and he is so damn ready for it, just bring it, and when he is there sitting in front of the test and about to answer the first question *poof* pink smoke covers everything and he is just like “fuck no, not today, omfg Lambo!!” And when the smoke dissipates he is in a dark room, the smell of cigars and alcohol hits him and he can see like other 10 scary as fuck men just looking at him and he is just “erhm… Hi?” Meanwhile 10 years back in the past a 31yo Tsuna is having a small breakdown because he cannot remember shit about this test and he knows his younger self is gonna hate him if he doesnt manage to have at least one answer right.

ok i know you guys are mad about this ep and its “don’t fight hate with hate uwu” message but can you chill out a little bit it’s obvi Steven wasn’t going to approve of straight up murder and I don’t think Steven isn’t going to fight and get physical when confronted by someone like a Diamond. He never said you shouldn’t fight back people who oppress you, in fact he said the exact opposite in Jailbreak? but he ain’t gonna take anyone’s life. He would never be able to bring himself to do it. Please just don’t get overly aggressive at this little boy for not being comfortable with murder omfg

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okay okay forgive me but i won't be able to sleep until i get this out: i was just thinking about it, but i think dipper parallels stanley in more than just personality; he parallels him in hierarchy, too. forgive me for this, but all of gravity falls seems to have a running theme for dipper and mabel, and it's that if mabel 'has' it, dipper can't. mabel has an awesome relationship with grunkle stan, who she closely identifies with, but dipper can't have the same awesome relationship (cont)

because ford is a toxic influence. mabel can have great social skills and be good at things like dating, but the one time dipper shows prowess in it, it’s because he’s getting the wrong advice. dipper may be smart, but his intelligence is generally pushed aside; he’s better than math than i am, but he comes up with ladder shoes to try and climb a tree? mabel, though, can think of things on the fly that work. dipper’s weak, mabel’s strong. mabel has friends, dipper gets one episode to the group of teenagers and then never hangs out with them again.

at a glance, mabel just seems to be great at everything; funny, cute, good with people, charming, golden-hearted, a quick thinker, the list goes on. dipper was even born second. the ‘alpha twin’ indeed. i think stanford had that same hierarchy over stanley, too. (dipper has all of stanley’s self-doubt and self-hatred, with all of stanford’s obsessive tendencies and paranoia; one comes from being siblings with the best of the best and another comes from curiosity and the stuff found because of it).

i think that gravity falls has gone out of its way to make sure that all of dipper’s faults look even worse, because dipper’s constantly apologizing for things he doesn’t need to apologize for, and nobody’s called him out on it. not only that, but when dipper does screw up, it’s twice as bad as it is when any other character does - or, at least, we assume it is, because we see dipper being hard on himself afterwards and think, ‘oh, wow, that must’ve been really bad.’

and also, all of dipper’s really creative and smart moments are because of the journal. and maybe all of this is part of why he latches on to the journal so much - what does he have that makes him special, just like mabel is? (at least, that’s what he’s thinking.) just to add insult to injury, dipper’s kind of the butt of every joke. his story in bottomless pit literally breaks my heart. but, even knowing that it does actually bother him teasing like that keeps happening even all the way down in season two.

what’s worse, mabel even recognizes it, but hasn’t made a move to apologize for it at all. and, a lot of stuff points to dipper having been bullied in the past, too, which makes the whole 'family teasing’ deal even worse. and all of this bad stuff shows - he’s reckless with his own life, he’s starting to show some signs of some serious self-hate, and he’s constantly beating himself up over everything. 

and nobody is saying anything; not even a little hint to show that they’ve noticed. it’s like sock opera with nobody noticing that dipper was definitely not dipper, even though it was obvious. but if they didn’t notice in sock opera, than they’re decidedly not going to notice now, when everything is a hell of a lot more subtle. anyway. my dipper feelings are running away from me. i’ve spent, like, a day and a half being incredibly salty that no one has told dipper, “hey, it’s not always your fault even though you take responsibility for it,” yet.

okay, back to the point: TL;DR, stanley probably went through a lot of the same stuff because of his family and the people around him when he was a kid, minus a lot of the demonic possession and oh, just the apocalypse. i think i just used your inbox to rant about dipper pines, sorry about that, i’ll just end this with the idea that i am hella hype to see if we can get some stanley/dipper bonding that brings this idea up heyoooooo

I’ve never seen a more perfect set of asks, Jersey, omfg. You just summed up all of my feelings for Dipper right here. You hit all the nails on the head.

The villains even treat Mabel as being more important than Dipper. They see her as a queen, something powerful and to be feared. Bill even has Mabel knocked out and locked in a guarded cage right now most likely because he’s afraid she’ll defeat him like she has before.

The villains don’t worry about Dipper. Oh, he’s just something pathetic standing between them and Mabel. Just a little pawn, according to Bill. Unimportant. Not a threat. He’s nothing without the journals. Nothing without his sister. Nothing on his own. Dipper’s nothing

[and this is how I think the Stan twins are viewed as well. Stanford is the king, and Stanley’s just a pawn, useless without his sibling.]

And unfortunately Dipper seems to believe he’s nothing too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he wants to save Mabel more than anything else, but its kind of heartbreaking to realize he was just gonna let Bill wreck everything until he found her again, that he doesn’t believe he’s capable of doing much on his own. Dipper was lost until he spotted Mabel’s cage in the distance. Then his confidence to fight came back.

Dipper always seems to be making a mess of everything, while Mabel swoops in and saves the day in some totally amazing, creative way. Something that reminded me a lot of their dynamic was the beginning of the Stanchurian Candidate, when Ford invents a new lightbulb and Stan goes to the store to buy one. Mabel is the one coming up with some totally ingenious way of solving a problem that makes everyone ooh and aah. Dipper’s the one driving to the store (except his car probably breaks down on the way there and then he has to wait for his car to be towed, and hike miserably the rest of the way there if he can’t catch a bus. ‘Seriously?’). Dipper Pines is the definition of an underdog.

I need someone to let him know that everything that goes wrong isn’t his fault. I need someone to realize that this child is really struggling. He really is falling into some unhealthy states of mind, and I worry for him, especially because it doesn’t look like the narrative is going to be making things any better for him in the future. I just foresee a new round of guilt and self-hatred when he realizes how wrong he was to listen to Ford and keep Mabel in the dark about everything apocalypse-related.

I would seriously love to see Stanley and Dipper bonding over all this omfg my two little snarky self-deprecating underdogs. I think it’d be so great for the both of them, just like how they bonded a bit in Roadside Attraction. 


“I appreciate you trying. But Aya never keeps her promises. Seriously, darling. But you have to let me go. The longer you stay in this coven,
the more dangerous it becomes for you.” - Kol

“Then I’ll bring you back and we’ll take them on together. We can do anything, can’t we? Please? I love you, Kol Mikaelson.” - Davina

OMFG! The sheer wonder and disbelief his eyes! As if it’s utterly incomprehensible to him that anybody could trust and love him so blindly and completely, particularly someone so young as Davina who knows what a monster he is and all the terrible things he has done, especially since he has given her so little to justify that sort of trust. She really does defeat the cynic in him. 

The reason why I started to ship Kolvina from the very begining was because I always imagined that Nathaniel Buzolic would come back to play Kol eventually. Because while Daniel Sharman did a good job playing him and the much-needed character development Kol was finally given in season 2 was great, it’s only after Nate has resumed his role that all that development becomes truly satisfying. Because it’s been HIM who was always depicted as the monster who cared for no one. It gives me so many feels when I watch those deep, chocolate (not blue) eyes that only showed disdain for humans and utter disregard for life before, lit up with such fragile and tender emotions and to watch him care for someone more than for himself. Even to the extent when he’d rather spend an eternity in purgatory than risking Davina’s soul and life just to save his own. It doesn’t mean he will become a good person, he still is an Original vampire with a 1000 years of blood on his hands, but this gives him the much-needed gravitas and depths. 

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Bones gets a haircut one day. An actual proper fleet regulation haircut and Jim swears that he goes through a midlife crisis. Or, at the very least, the 5 stages of grief. He even goes so far as to demand that Bones bring him the chopped off hair so that he can "give it a proper burial". Jim doesn't stop whining until it grows back out and makes Bones swear never to do that to him again.

bless you friend

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Can you do a hc of maya and josh secretly dating

  • Okay well they’re only reeeeally hiding from Shawn
  • They know everyone else will have good reactions
  • And they do
  • But Josh just knows Shawn will kill him
  • And Maya’s like “I mean he might be pissed but I think you’ll survive, Josh”
  • But Josh will not hear it omfg Joshua Matthews has grown up with Shawn Hunter constantly bringing up the fact that he “gave a monologue so dramatic it brought you back from the brink of death!”
  • Every time Josh has a major accomplishment Shawn’s first reaction is to say “You’re welcome” lmao
  • So he knows if Shawn finds out he’s dating Maya, he’s gonna get some shit like “I can send you back!” or something
  • Because lbr Shawn is highkey very overprotective of her
  • So they manage to swear everyone to secrecy for like a year, right
  • Literally no one has any clue how they pulled it off for that long
  • How the hell did Cory Matthews not crack like omfg
  • But anyway they make it work, they keep their social media pda down, any time Shawn hears about one of them driving out of the way to see the other, they make it sound casual. If he walks into a room when they’re together they become fucking ninjas or some shit and get as far apart as possible and play it cool
  • Eventually, though, Morgan Matthews decides her baby brother has been too happy for too long with no consequence lmao
  • She calls Shawn and tells him everything
  • Including what she may or may not had walked in on during Thanksgiving
  • Shoots Josh a quick warning text that only reads “I Am Karma” before deciding to call it a night
  • Shawn, as predicted, fucking flips
  • But he’s only mad at Josh lmao he’s putting no blame on Maya it’s like Mrs. Weasley yelling at Ron and then “Oh but we don’t blame you Harry” like literally Shawn in this moment
  • So now Maya’s finding this hysterical
  • Josh is so scared he just starts blocking Shawn’s calls right
  • He’s taking some comfort in the fact that he’s currently road tripping with his band and Shawn’s in New York
  • He’s hoping to just avoid Shawn altogether until everything blows over and he calms down right
  • Except now Shawn’s even more pissed that he’s being ignored
  • And with all the traveling he does for work, of course he has frequent flyer miles
  • So now he’s just waiting for Josh or one of his band mates to tweet something without turning their damn location off
  • This goes on for like a week and a half
  • Just Josh frantically driving around the country trying to hide and Shawn furiously following after him on plane
  • Maya’s living for the updates they occasionally send her
  • Things are never really the same between Shawn and Josh again lmao

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Can you imagine felicity smoak starring in all your favourite tv shows abd movies ?

Dude, I literally just outlined an Olicity story in my brain based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Like, Slade kidnaps Felicity and brainwashes her and turns her into a killing machine and she starts killing after years of training. Anyway, Oliver and Co. keeps fighting to take Slade down, especially because he killed Oliver’s girl and omfg surprise surprise when Slade sends Felicity to kill Oliver and it’s Felicity and he says her name and just by the power of ‘Felicity’ in that tone of voice, it brings her back for a moment and wowowow FEELS

next you know, oliver will basically sell his soul to get the woman he loves back ahahaha

you’re welcome