can he be so hot and yet cute

asking Papa to do 18+ things and Pennywise to do 18+ things are one in the same. especially when it comes to the dudes under the “mask”.



Tobias: “oh god no I can’t ask him that look at that face he’s so innocent HHHHH CAN’T WE JUST GET SNOW CONES AND TALK ABOUT CATS INSTEAD???”


Bill: “fffff the way he fidgets and bites his lip a lot when he’s thinking ughhh so cute hot damn I WANNA GET INSIDE YOUR BRAIN SO INTERESTING YET SO ADORABLE.”

Why Park Bo Gum is Such A Beautiful Man

He has a sweet boyfriend image

and so much swag! 

He can play the piano and sing.  

He’s not pro with cello but he still looks good playin’ it. 

He gives warm hug to his bro.

He’s good even when he’s bad. 

He wud be the best view when waking up. 

He swings that wand with bravado.

He knows how to enjoy his food. 

And sometimes he can’t wait to eat his food.

He doesn’t drink or smoke, he keeps his body with healthy lifestyle. 

He haz those deep clear eyes that you want to dive into. 

He is cute and adorable as a boy,

yet hot and sexy as a girl. 

He automatically grooves with his feeling. 

He enjoys his time and dances the stress away. 

He glows with excitement like a moonlight. 

He turns to positive thing when he’s down. 

He folds his blanket after woke up. 

He looks good as a delinquent student…

and even better as a fresh office worker. 

He can play evil role perfectly on screen. 

He’s friendly and kind with fan service in real life. 

He’s not really confident in driving and feels better with taking a subway. 

He automatically sets table for his seniors. 

He enjoys rice really well and even earns nickname Bap Bo Gum (bap = rice) 

He is perfect for many food commercials from rice, chicken, ramen to pizza

He lingers in our mind with that playful smile. 

He’d be your dreamy date at the amusement park. 

But after all he’s just a human like us who gets panicked on a scary ride

and needs a good night sleep. 

So that’s why we love Park Bo Gum. With so many good things in the future, this young talented actor will always be our favorite. 

See ya on the next project. 

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I’m lowkey surprised this hasn’t been done yet but can I get some Reddie hc for when Richie gets his wisdom teeth out and Eddie has to take him home all doped up? He keeps forgetting he’s dating Eddie and is amazed when Eddie confirms that they are in fact in a relationship

“woah, you’re hot, whats your name?”

“uh, eddie?”

“cute, you come here often?”

“richie this is your car”

“WOAH, i have a car? cool, wanna go to dinner with me? i have a car now so i can drive us”

“richie we have dinner at home”

“WOAH i have a home??”

“o-of course you do what??”

“but seriously, babe, you’re cute and i wanna get your number…i wanna take you on a date…i wanna be with you”

“richie for god sake we’re already dating!”


“we have been for like 2 years?”


“we’ve literally been having sex together and living together and we go to the same college an-”


Sick - Request

Requested by @buckybarnesaddicted:  Hey can I have a request ? 😄 I have a cold at the moment and feel like reading a one shot where “Sherlock is taking care of you when you’re ill ” if you attached any gifs it would be awesome !!!

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,763

Warnings: None.

A/N: Ugh, I need this right now but in real life. Also, I suck at adding gifs, my apologies.


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Have you ever gone underwater and tried to listen to the conversation being held on the surface? Well, that was how (Y/N) heard everyone that day. Distant, confusing, overwhelming.

Have you ever smelled something so disgusting you instantly feel like fainting? That’s how (Y/N) felt that day, even if there was nothing to be smelled because her nose was blocked.

Have you ever been hung over and trying to act normal? Go to work, talk to people, even going outside to the sunlight. It’s annoying, like a hammer hitting ones skull every time a noise can be heard, and the sunlight feels like burning one’s eye orbs and just the thought of living feels like a nightmare.

Have you ever been so tired you feel like you can’t move? That was (Y/N). It was almost as the invisible elephants had tied invisible weights to her limbs just so it was harder for her to move. Or even more logically, like a prisoner who gets to carry the black berry around for a whole day.

But she coped with it. She followed John all over London, making questions, doing research, chasing after people and stopping to have something to eat in between all of that. She did it without complaining, only because it had to be done.

To be a Doctor, John was very distracted – or too much into his job – to notice she was sick. Maybe because in London the weather usually gets healthy people to have red noses – without mentioning the massive amount of makeup (Y/N) had tried to avoid looking like a character from Zombie Land – or maybe because (Y/N) wasn’t complaining, but either way, John had no idea she was sick.

Eventually, their work finished with a black eye on John and a few dollars less from (Y/N)’s bag. The two friends said their good-byes and went to their own ways. John returned home to his wife, and (Y/N) went back to Baker Street to give Sherlock the information they had gotten.

“You look terrible.” Sherlock commented without looking up from the files on his hands.

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Reaction (Got7): When their girlfriend gets angry and slips into Spanish without realizing it


“You’re mad, right? Don’t be mad, sweetie. You can’t be mad at me. You know I love you”

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*fangirling lvl Jackson; for him it’s cute because he doesn’t know that you’re cursing at him yet*

“You’re soooo cute babeeee. Let me poke your cheek”

Originally posted by marksseunie


“Woaaaah. Can you teach me how to slip into different person in the short time, like you did?” *then trying hard to make you laugh with aegyo*

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*thinks that it’s hot and attractive af*

“Show me more babe.”

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*suprised, doesn’t know what to do for awhile*

“Are you really that angry?”

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because it’s not the first time when you’re slipping into Spanish and he know what does it mean so shortly and simply “I’m done”

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*starts talking in Thai; not taking this in the serious way, it’s funny for him*

“This mean war.”

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Boyfriend! Kang Daniel

Requested?: Yeh 

A/N: So like I’ve never written like this before? Only cause I feel like it highlights how illiterate I am. But oh well, here ya go anon.

  • Dating Daniel means you’re gonna have to share your man with his cats
  • I think at this point its a given
  • Hope you aren’t allergic cause you better bet he’s taking them to bed too
  • Lmao
  • Most definitely has over a hundred nicknames for you that get increasingly weirder if you’re not paying attention.
  • “Babe? Baby? Honey? My Boo-merang? Cuddle buffet?”  
  • Would probably give you tiny dance performances everywhere whether you like it or not
  • Who wouldn’t like it though?
  • “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Come watch!”
  • Then proceeds to B-Boy into your heart (Every time he dances I cri)
  • Doesn’t argue with you all that much 
  • If he did It’d only be about serious topics because he’d rather not waste time over trivial things
  • ngl probably the type that would find you low-key hot when you’re mad
  • But hes still trynna be mad so he’d take his cat on a walk or something (Can cats be walked?)
  • Really can’t sleep if he hasn’t solved the issue with you yet so he’d run home to talk it over with you
  • The most confusing person to ever grace this Earth
  • Like someone tell Daniel to stop being so two faced?!??
  • One second he’s adorable 
  • Kinda like a cute little puppy that follows you around 
  • Constantly wearing over sized sweaters so he’s got little sweater paws 
  • Bunny smiles 
  • Eyes crinkling in joy as he giggles to himself about nothing 
  • Enjoys back hugs, doesn’t matter who’s giving it 
  • Once he’s trapped you in his arms you’ll have to bargain hard cause hes not letting go
  • No longer falls for your bathroom excuse 
  • Snuggles his head into your neck 
  • Mumbles incoherent things 
  • “I love you…”
  • “What was that?”
  • “Hm? I didn’t say anything” 
  • Then the next second, he’s the devils spawn
  • Always finding an excuse to take his shirt off
  • “What babe? You’re cold? Here take my shirt.”
  • Has probably placed a hickey in difficult to hide places just to screw with you
  • Likes cornering you against the kitchen bench, a mischievous glint in his eyes 
  • But we aint going there 
  • Dates with Daniel would probably be spontaneous since he’s indecisive af
  • “I’m fine with anything as long as it’s with you.”
  • “Wow miss me with that bs.”
  • You could be having lazy days where the blaring television is your personal BGM
  • Cuddled under layers of blankets and pillows 
  • Loving pecks are scattered over your face
  • Foreheads rested against each other as his eyes search yours 
  • His hands always find themselves wandering to dip slightly past the boundary of your shirt 
  • Probably high-key low-key likes to watch you squirm 
  • That or he’s dragging you out at midnight (maccas run) to gaze at the stars from his car
  • The cool wind blowing through your hair as he rests one hand on your thigh and the other on the steering wheel (I don’t recommend driving like this lol don’t do it)
  • Would probably make out with you in the car, pulling you over his lap to press you against the steering wheel as his hands skimmed your body 
  • Idk 
  • But he’s a kind-hearted boy don’t hurt him pls

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could u write a scenario of lance finding his s/o that he left behind on earth in a galra prison ship and just like, him comforting them and their first night safe in the castle with him?

My son deserves happiness and not the angst I put him through to get there

Lance had thought that leaving behind everything on Earth had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. It was nothing compared to finding a piece of his life turn back up on a Galra prison ship. When he had laid his eyes on s/o he suddenly felt like a broken mirror, shattered on impact and unfocused. Out of all the impossible things he dealt with on a daily basis this was the thing that he just couldn’t accept as real, it had to be some kind of mind trick just to throw him off. But then he heard his name leave their lips and their eyes look at him wide and hopeful. It was then that he knew that this wasn’t a trick, this was terrible and real. It blinded him with rage and he couldn’t remember much after that, not that it mattered because the only thing he cared about was the end result. And he got exactly what he wanted … kind of.

They were back safely in the castle which should have been more than enough to make him happy. After all how often had he daydreamed about being the hero for s/o? To sweep them up in his arms and have them fawning over just how strong and powerful he was? Too often to count and yet he was feeling more nervous than the day he had asked them out, which was saying a lot since that day involved a lot of puking and several shirts ruined by sweat. It was just that he was realizing that being a hero wasn’t about saving damsels in distress, it was about dealing with the after math of bad people doing horrible things.

And at that moment he wasn’t feeling like much of a hero as he sat cradling s/o in his arms while they continued to cry into their third consecutive hour. Lance knew that he should be trying to do more but he felt as if he was recovering from shock himself. “Sweetheart … angel … please tell me what I can do. I am completely at a loss here and I can’t stand seeing you like this,” he muttered into their hair, kissing the crown of their head while pulling them even closer to his chest. He breathed in their scent, memories of laughter and sunshine breaking through the cold still air.

“I wish this was as simple as failing a test. Remember what I did then?” he asked with a small smile and a deep chuckle building in his chest “I tried to have Hunk show me how to bake brownies. Mine of course came out terrible so I tried to steal his to act as if they were my own. Too bad I ended up eating all of them before seeing you the next day. I still think that those crumbs were equally as delicious and were more than appropriate in cheering someone up,” he added feeling the ghost of a smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

 His smile grew when he heard the crying turn into sniffles and a small hiccup of a laugh. “I’m just glad that he had the sense to make a second batch knowing exactly what would happen,” they said, their voice hoarse and rough but it was music to his ears. They hadn’t said a word since coming back to the castle and this was more than a step in the right direction. “Though if I remember right … you made me fail that test because you had me so distracted I didn’t finish on time. You kept blowing me kisses and holding up cheesy pickup lines you wrote on scratch paper,” they continued, shifting to that they were now looking up at him with tears still on their eyelashes but sounding much clearer.

It was so small and yet he felt his heart melting, the familiar family of butterflies taking up their residence in his stomach. Even a million light years from Earth and he found himself completely enamored by s/o. “I refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing and stick with my defense that you were the one distracting me with that cute face of yours. I can take this to court if thats what you want, although maybe the jury would also be swayed by the hotness radiating off of you,” he teased, his fingers running down their sides in a soft tickle. It achieved just what he was looking for, a laugh.

They laughed and scurried to push his hands away. “Thats my (girl/boy/personal preference),” he sighed happily, feeling all the muscles he hadn’t even realized were tight relax all at once. “Hey I got an idea why don’t we try and get rid of those puffy circles under your eyes? I got some great face masks from the space mall, not that I am sure we are ever welcome back to get more, and while we let our faces get all cleaned and junk I can braid your hair. Cause wow its gotten so much longer since I saw you last and I am loving it. Keith is going to be so jealous~” he sang giving a small shimmy in what was suppose to be an attempt at dancing. 

 “You know that actually sounds really nice,” they said reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek. Lance eagerly leaned into the caress, kissing the tips of their fingers. “It will be just like when we were at the garrison. I missed those spa nights Lance … I missed you.” They finally met his eyes making him realize that they had been avoiding doing that all night. He felt himself holding his breath as he stared down at them, counting their freckles and the different shades of (eye color) speckled in their eyes. He had missed this too, more than anything.

“Things are going to be okay now s/o. I know that because of me that you went through a hell of a lot but I’m here now. I’m going to make things right. I’ll make things normal again,” Lance whispered, breathing the promises against their lips that were suddenly so close to his. There were tears in their eyes again but they where laughing, smiling against him. Maybe they were the good kind of tears like the ones he was blinking back.

“I don’t want normal Lance. I want you,” they finally said before at last crossing the bridge between their mouths and kissing him. It was wet and salty, short and rough with their chapped lips against his own soft ones. “After all your my hero,” they said with a tinkering laugh, holding his face in their hands “and despite everything I think … I think this is where I belong.”

Lance smiled back, a steady stream of tears of his own staining his cheeks. “You’re absolutely right, there is no where you belong more than here with me.” 

The bikini headcanon was awesome, but now I actually want the reactions of Marco, Benn, Izo, Zoro and Thatch (if it’s not too much, if so, then scratch Izo and Zoro). Could you do this for me? Please. *bribes you with homemade chocolate cake, with dark and white chocolate pieces*            

S/O in a very alluring bikini + their reaction


  • The whole Whitebeard crew was, yet again, chilling at the beach- just having a nice and relaxing time with each other
  • Marco would be sitting on a towel with dem shades on and try to tan in the sun, you know, get a little tan here and there
  • He tried to catch a glimpse of Blamenco after some time, just to see what he was up to, when your figure randomly popped out behind him and….
  • Thank god he had sunglasses on
  • For a split second, his eyes grow twice the size and he might have let his eyes wander down your body for a second too long
  • You wouldn’t be noticing, I mean, he was staring into your direction, but you weren’t so sure, since you couldn’t see his eyes
  • The rest of the day though, you would feel like someone kept staring at you
  • In the evening then, after it got a bit cooler, you decided to take a little walk along the beach, when suddenly
  • lé Marco appears out of fucking nowhere
  • You’d be a bit surprised, but nevertheless very happy to have some alone time with him
  • You were distracting everyone today, yoi.” He just whispers and you smile,
  • “Does that mean, you were distracted as well?”
  • You can see his lips twitch for a second and feel your heart swell at the sight
  • He wouldn’t answer first, just hide his hands in his pocket and lean down to you- him being shirtless btw
  • “I’m always distracted by you Y/N, yoi.”
  • smooth


  • That’s a real man right here
  • The B in Benn stands for beautiful because he’s beautiful from the inside and from the outside
  • When he sees you walking up to him and his crew in a bikini, he smiles - not in a creepy way
  • “You look gorgeous.” and then he gives you a drink because that’s what I call C L A S S Y
  • He doesn’t stare at you, nor does he react in any weird way
  • Benn actually looks out for you and when he sees someone staring at certain parts of your body for a second too long, he just throws a nice heavy arm around them
  • “Get a grip :-)” aka stop or you’ll get p u n c h e d
  • He even throws you over his shoulder and runs into the water with you, just to make you laugh and everything
  • Like??? He’s a real man and such a gentleman and so great
  • I think I’m in love with Benn
  • When the wind starts to become a bit colder, he even stands in the way of it so it doesn’t hit your soft skin
  • Benn even gives you his jacket later on like
  • guys pls why is he so great
  • Get yourself a Benn, honesty


  • Izo would not stare at you at all
  • When he first saw you walking by him in your bikini, he would be surprised and maybe a bit speechless, but he wouldn’t keep looking at you for the whole day
  • He felt like it was extremely disrespectful since you weren’t an object, you were beautiful and should also be treated as such
  • Whenever you went up to talk to him, you noticed him staring into your eyes, without moving the slightest
  • It confused you a bit tbh
  • After several tries to make him look anywhere but your eyes, you just asked him
  • “Izo, are you okay?”
  • He would nod and maybe ruffle your hair a bit
  • then he’d leave
  • You wouldn’t be able to see him for the rest of the day, until you decide to put on a sundress- that’s when he’s suddenly able to talk to you again
  • He acts like nothing has happened and you have no idea why he was acting so weird the whole day
  • Only when you lay in bed that night, you suddenly realise what was going on with him
  • It’s cute, honestly


  • Oh my god
  • “Where are your clothes?! Put on something less revealing!” - “Zoro.. that’s just a bikini..” - “Bikini? You’re walking around in your underwear!!”
  • He is a total mess
  • Cheeks are red, eyes are hiding behind his swords and his words get stuck in his throat
  • On one side it’s really funny, but on the other side it’s.. even more funny
  • Nami and Robin walk around with bikinis as well, but he doesn’t care- it’s just you being in a bikini that makes him go all crazy
  • It gets to the point where he gets a towel from somewhere and just throws it at you
  • “Zoro, stop it!” yeah he doesn’t
  • Even Nami starts to get annoyed with him, so he simply turns around and leaves the group to sit somewhere all alone to take a nap- but, of course, you follow him
  • He sits there like a pouting child and he even mumbles some things that sound like him insulting the cook for staring at you but you’re not sure
  • “Are you against me wearing a bikini, because you can’t stop staring?”
  • Straight to the point
  • Roronoa Zoro? The swordsman? Not being able to get a grip on himself, because of you in a bikini? Hah! What a funny and stupid accusation
  • Too bad it’s actually the truth
  • He doesn’t say anything, but that’s already enough- his silence is saying enough
  • “Everyone else is staring at you in a way I don’t want them to.” He then says through gritted teeth
  • “Well, maybe you should make me yours then. That will make them stop staring.”
  • Oh honey did you just say that? omg smooth


  • “Oh damn..”
  • A man that appreciates a good body when he sees it
  • With good body, he means any body, like he doesn’t care at all how much weight there is or what size you are
  • He might even nod at you like yes
  • Kind of fuckboy- ish now that I think about it
  • But after the first few seconds, he gets a grip and continues his day on the beach
  • Get ready for compliments
  • The longer he stands underneath the sun, the more confident he gets
  • “Y/N, you’re the hottest thing here.”  or “No wonder the ice cream is already melting…” And everyone that heard him just goes… boi what is u doing
  • You think so too, but he’s kinda cute so you just laugh and thank him (kind of)
  • He even gets you a really nice drink, like he made that himself and goes like “It’s called Y/N, because it’s the best thing for a hot summer day.”
  • You can see Marco slowly walking up behind him to give him a nice slap on the head, but you just shake your head and start to laugh yet again
  • His pick- up lines are really bad but to be completely honest- he is standing in front of you shirtless with his nice tan skin and everything.
  •  He could tell you things about trigonometry and you’d still go like tell me more :-)
  • Both of you are kinda weird

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Headcanon I thought about when I saw some of your hinny stuff on ig: Ginny comes home from quidditch practice all sweaty and gross and in a tank top and short and Harry sees her and like dies??? Because she real hot lookin like that. Oo and her hair is all tousled and she's just being buff and Harry turns bright red about it!!!

Ok, so I’ve had the same idea once. I don’t know why I haven’t drawn it yet. I can totally see Ginny getting home just like you said. but she’s stressed and annoyed and hating everything because the practice went terrible. she then falls on the bed, so tired she can’t move a muscle. Harry is all cute, with pretty beard, nice hair, just got out of the shower but he gets closer to her without any problems. she says "do not talk to me, I’m sweating like a pig and I’m about to hex someone. you don’t want to be the first of the list" but he would obviously start kissing her because “you said nothing about not doing this” - it would be NSFW of course because why not

We Could Run Away

read on ao3

Just Bellamy taking care of a cold, wet Clarke on a snowy day.

aka some teeth-rotting fluff to get you through the day.

“You’re cute when you’re all red and sweaty,” Bellamy jokes when Clarke walks into his apartment. She does not laugh in return. “Why do you look like that?”

Her hair is covered with a knit hat, but what’s peeking out at the bottom is wet. Her face is red and her hands are trying to rip her winter coat off, but her gloves are making it hard. When she doesn’t answer him—just huffs—he pulls on one of her sleeves until she’s only a few inches from him.

“May I?” he asks, smirking at her with his hand on her zipper, just waiting to pull it down for her.

She huffs again, but nods. Bellamy unzips her coat quickly and then picks up one of her hands to peel off a glove. He does the same with the other one before unfurling the scarf from around her neck. Every item he touches is soaking wet and when he looks out his window, he notices how badly it’s still snowing.

“Are you okay?” he asks her, tossing her mittens and scarf into a pile near his front door. Clarke pulls her jacket off the rest of the way and then her hat before throwing them both on top of the pile.

“It’s snowing out there,” she says and he tries really hard not to smile, but fails.

“You don’t say.”

“Shut up,” she whines, shoving him back and he laughs.

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Oh Kimilia

Ok, so I have been holding this in too long but I can’t help it now. I mean, I ship jonerys and dream of targ babies and all but I have now progressed to shipping them in real life. I know, I know. I’m gonna get hate for this again. First incest and now this ‘love triangle’ shit I’m dreaming of. But I just want to make it clear. I’m delusional and I shall ship however I want as long as Kit and Emilia don’t know I exist! LOL!! 

Anyway, I wanna share what i think their friendship is like(Warning: Please treat my thoughts like a fanfic, ok!). So guy meets girl and both were instantly attracted to each other. But they were young, like 22 I think then. So yeah, committed relationship with this hot guy/girl while I’m just starting out in possibly my biggest first career breakout show? Nah, they’d tell themselves that. Let’s just hang out and flirt and…maybe… ahem get drunk and horny and… who knows right? But DON’T get into a relationship with this guy/girl. At least, that’s what I think Em felt. Her friend-zoning efforts I believe was a cautious move to not ruin a friendship she preferred to keep it precious especially when he’s a comfortable co-worker. Plus I doubt she trusted pretty Kit to stay faithful to her when they were always filming apart. 

As for Kit, he probably was attracted to Emilia’s beautiful, bubbly nature at first. And because Em loves to kid around, he probably could not take her seriously BUT BUT he would probably be game for a game of flings if she didn’t mind of course. I mean, he was 22. He was young and probably horny all the time. But Oh wells, the game of flings did not work out well since he hardly got to see her when she’d gone to another faraway location to shoot. Wait! There was a photo shoot with her in a few months. Yeah! He missed that girl! Great! Oh, oh…the photographer was asking them to kiss. Seriously?! Well, why not? let the game of flings begin again. Or maybe game of love? Oh she let him kiss her!!! Hmm, awesome, maybe this could work. “Hey dude! Was great seeing you again! But I gotta run. Agent needs me at a movie casting meeting.” Em kissed Kit on the cheek this time! You see, we all know Em’s career was, is soaring. I mean, c’mon, she’s Khaleesi!

Then came season 2 and young Kit fell in love. YEAH! But of course not with Em. Coz yeah, she was busy gathering an army across the narrow sea while he got sexy red-haired Rose getting cozy with him. Unlike Em, Rose was so not friend-zoning him coz she’s gonna ‘die’ anyway and leave the set of GOT in a year…and there was nothing to lose when they were both attracted to each other and can still see each other outside the set. Congrats Kit!

Yup, Em has to congratulate Kit for that too. She friendzoned him so she should congratulate the guy she was quite sure he wasn’t boyfriend material when she first met him. And who wouldn’t wanna become best friends with Emilia, huh?! Rose be thinking “thanks for friend-zoning him so i can have him, Em! I wanna be your best friend now, sweetie!” Lucky Rose! Like seriously, I ENVY HER! Hot boyfriend and a hot best friend. I swear Em felt a little envious too so she went and hook up with a guy with a resume for great humor writing and producing. Basically a guy who makes her laugh since Em is such a humorous person herself. She deserves a funny guy. But alas, busy Em gets no boyfriend time so bye funny guy.

And then, years later, yes, thanks to D&D, I got to enjoy episodes of eye sex and one hot less than a minute boat sex between them. Right it’s simulated sex of course! Or else Rose would jump off the roof! I heard that Rose almost hit Kit when he told her of the finale scene. Hmm, I don’t blame the girl. My hot boyfriend and my hot best friend naked and kissing and…rubbing?! Whatever, I’m keeping close eye on the boyfriend. Give the paparazzi nothing to report on when they see us still going strong. Yeah and grab Em along for lunch with us as well! Eat that, gossip reporters!

So, how, like how can I still end up shipping the non-couple couple that is kimilia? I mean look at their friendship! SOOO CUTE!! Urgh I hate myself and I hate them for being this chummy! Season 8 has not started yet and I’m thinking how they will both be crying at the end of it because it’s the LAST season and they probably won’t get to work together again! And emotions be flying everywhere! I know mine would be! Oh God…Don’t let me go any further! I need to stop!

Anyway, when Ashton and Mila got together, I was like “They were so cute in The 70s show! It took them this long to hook up?!” I’ll just keep being delusional about kimilia that way too. 

Just one more thought before I end my fanfic mind, how the hell is dear Emilia still single? I hope someone makes her happy, like seriously. This angel deserves it and I hope her wait for her king in real life ends soon!

“Kuroko no Basket is not gay” - and why that statement is bullshit

I know I said I was leaving for today but this is something that has bothered me for a long time and I would like to say this. 

I take issue with the title statement, and I’m going to explain why. This is going to be a very long post so grab a snack and get comfy. 

Okay. To begin with, I’m going to talk about Kagami. He, along with Kuroko (but that’s another story), are the only male characters on the Seirin team who show no interest in Momoi. There are plenty of things that make this odd. One is the fact that Hyuuga has said he doesn’t like girly girls, yet even he salivates over Momoi. So Momoi is hot stuff. Yet Kagami shows zero attraction to her. He says to Kuroko that she’s cute, but that doesn’t mean he’s interested in her. Kuroko agrees she’s cute, but we know he isn’t interested in her at all. You can be aesthetically attracted to someone but not romantically or sexually. Secondly, his interactions with Alex. Kagami seems thoroughly disturbed by Alex when she does things such as try to kiss him or when she walks around naked. First of all this is odd for a teenage boy. It’s not that Alex isn’t attractive. The Seirin members also go gaga over her similar to Momoi. And I don’t believe it’s that she’s a mentor/parent/older sister figure, because of Himuro’s interactions with her. Himuro is not bothered by her behaviour at all, he just seems amused. When she tries to kiss him, he stops her and says people don’t do that casually here. This implies he’d be fine for her to kiss him if they were back in America. You could explain this as ‘maybe Kagami is just a prude’, and yeah, maybe he is. That’s one option.
However there’s more. In Kurofes, his answer to ‘what is your type (as in romantic partner)’ is very odd. I have spoken to other people who speak Japanese and they also agree his answer is very strange. So, Kagami responds that he is attracted to “an elegant gir- person”. He starts saying the word girl, and then stops and changes to a gender neutral term. This is odd. The change from female to neutral seems significant. Why did he feel the need to stop saying a female term and change to a neutral term? Plenty of other characters in Kurofes say gender neutral person instead of girl (male characters) or boy (female characters) but that’s a normal response and they most likely are still straight. However that Kagami felt the need to specifically change his answer is very strange. My personal theory is that he just doesn’t think about his sexuality. He doesn’t seem the type to think about that kind of thing. All he cares about is basketball, not who he’s going to date. My theory is that he started saying girl because most people default that everyone is straight (shitty but true), and since Kagami doesn’t think about this he just automatically began to say girl. However, he changed his mind. So I think in that moment he realised “wait I do like guys” and thus changed his answer. You could take his answer two ways. That he’s bisexual, and wanted to use a neutral term to say he likes both girls and guys. Or you could take it that he is gay. Reo for example uses a gender neutral term in his answer, but we know he’s canonically gay. I would believe either, that Kagami is gay or bi, but personally I think it’s entirely possible that he’s gay judging by his interaction with female characters. 

We’re going to move onto another topic. The topic is that Fujimaki knows jack shit. 

Example one. Murasakibara. Murasakibara is autistic. There is no doubt. There is no argument. He is. He is autistic. However, I don’t think Fujimaki intended for him to be autistic. And by that I mean, Fujimaki does not know what autism is. He doesn’t know it is a thing that exists. There are a few reasons to support this. First, the way other characters talk about Murasakibara. Kuroko for example. Kuroko’s a smart kid. He likely would be aware that Murasakibara is autistic. However, when Kuroko describes Murasakibara and his personality, he makes no mention of this condition. Murasakibara is essentially described by characters as to be ‘just weird’. Things such as autism and mental illnesses are not understood well in Asian countries. I honestly do not have much knowledge of the way such things are treated in Japan, but in South Korea these things are barely acknowledged. Martina from EatYourKimchi has spoken about her experiences as a teacher in S.Korea. She mentioned that she had students she was convinced were autistic, and when she brought this up to the other teachers they responded “No they’re just a troublemaker. There’s nothing wrong with them.” I assume this view is the same in Japan (especially going by Fujimaki’s opinion of LGBT culture - which we’ll get to later). So, Fujimaki likely doesn’t even know autism exists, he just thinks it’s a weird personality some kids have, and gave it to Murasakibara for variety, without realising his character actually has a medical condition. 

Example two. Reo. I love Reo. He is beautiful and lovely and I love him. But he is THE SHITTIEST AND LAZIEST attempt at a gay character I have ever seen. Fujimaki has NO IDEA about anything LGBT. There have been discussions on this already, for example here. I highly recommend you read this post, but I’ll also go into this as well. So in Japan, for many people who are not in the gay community, being gay, transgender, or even just a crossdresser are considered the same thing. If you’re gay you’re trans. If you’re a male who wears dresses, you’re gay and trans. And so on. That’s the opinion. It’s fucking stupid. But that’s how it is. 
Now let’s look back at Reo. First of all, Hayama refers to him with a female honorific, ‘nee’ meaning older sister. This does not necessarily mean Reo identifies as female. In Asian countries, many males who exhibit motherly qualities are often referred to with female terms. For example, my fav kpop group of VIXX. The leader, Hakyeon, is very motherly to the younger members, and the younger members sometimes refer to him as their mother. Does that mean he’s gay or identifies as female? Of course not. The same is with Reo. He’s motherly to the other members of Rakuzan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s transgender. He certainly could be, but he also could not be. The combination of multiple things, the female honorific, the fact that Reo has been depicted with the other female characters in art and omake panels, and that Hyuuga uses a transphobic slur with him, all suggests that Fujimaki shares that stereotypical opinion of if you’re gay you’re also trans, and so on. I’m not saying Reo is or is not trans, I don’t know and I will never know, because Fujimaki doesn’t fucking know either. 

More on sexuality and why Fujimaki knows nothing about LGBT. Alex. Her answer as to what is her type in Kurofes is that she likes assertive men. However we know Alex is bisexual. She is attracted to females as well. She states this plainly. You could say she only platonically kisses girls and while I recognise platonic kisses are a thing (I’m aroace so ofc I do) I don’t think it applies here, and I will tell you why. To most of us modern kids on tumblr, sexuality and gender are all very normal things that we know a lot about. But to most what I’m going to call ‘normal’ people not on tumblr, they are not educated in such topics. A straight man is just not going to kiss another man. Maybe if he’s an actor playing a gay character, but I don’t think many straight guys are going to be pashing other guys just for fun. If they were into that, they’d be bi. Same with straight girls. I know plenty of straight girls who just would not kiss another girl. It’s not homophobic, it’s just their preference, similar to a lesbian or a gay male not wanting to kiss someone of the opposite gender. It’s just preference. And that’s fine. Fujimaki does has the stereotypical opinion of westerners which is “we’re all gay, we all make out with everyone, and we love taking our clothes off”. And yeah. That’s what Alex is. I love her, but she’s the stereotypical Japanese idea of what an American is. Which is highly inaccurate. However, this does not change the fact that she is bisexual. Again, Fujimaki may not have intended that, but as the same with Murasakibara, it’s true whether he knows it or not. 

So. We have established that Fujimaki knows nothing about his own characters. By all this information, it’s entirely possible other characters could have different gender identities or sexualities. Fujimaki would probably say ‘no, they’re all straight’, but tbh, I’m not going to listen to anything he says judging on the way he wrote Murasakibara, Reo, and Alex. I’m just not. 

My point here after all that is: if you know the characters better than the author does, do whatever the fuck you want with them. Say they’re gay, say they’re trans. Whatever. Do what you want with them. Fujimaki has no fucking clue what he’s doing with them, so feel free to take his characters and do what you want. If you want to say Takao is gay, go for it, he’s certainly homo with Midorima. If you want to say Kuroko is aromantic, go for it. I get that vibe too. 

Basically, do what you want with them, and let others do the same. These are fictional characters. They’re meant to be enjoyed. If you feel the need to snap at people and police them for identifying with a character and saying they are *insert identity here* then you’re an asshole and you need to reevaluate your life choices. 

Good day. 

btw, Kuroko no Basket is gay af

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okay what are your favorite edward moments from the books?

  • Edward and the lemonade bottle cap
  • Any reaction to people’s thoughts
  • “Stop it mom, you’re making me blush.”
  • “Do I … dazzle you?” Because he deadass didn’t know and thought it just for some reason did not work on Bella and his heart “swelled” when he found out he did dazzle her
  • any Mike Newton slander
  • his and Alice’s “both freaks” alliance. Like the time in Midnight Sun where Edward had to pretend Alice was telling the truth when she told Jasper he wasn’t going to do anything meanwhile Jasper was literally visualizing sucking the life out of this one student. “We had to stick together, Alice and I. It wasn’t easy, hearing voices or seeing visions of the future. Both freaks among those who were already freaks. We protected each other’s secrets.”
  • His and Alice’s siblingship in general. Seriously like any time one looked out for the other.
  • Every Boo Boo The Fool moment he had during Midnight Sun when he felt emotions and was like ??? what??? what is this??? am i.. FEELING??? is this… ENVY??/ ALL OVER… A HUMAN ???A HUMAN GIRL? SHE’S JUST A GIRL
  • “Love her too?” I whispered, incredulous.
  • His what is she thinking now? and now? now what? now what’s she thinking?  little kid “are we there yet” kind of questions
  • I saw her life as I had before-college, career…love, marriage. I saw her on her father’s arm again, dressed in gauzy white, her face flushed with happiness as she moved to the sound of Wagner’s march. The pain was more than anything I’d felt before.
  • Could a dead, frozen heart break? It felt like mine would….. She was dreaming of me……Could a dead, frozen heart beat again? It felt like mine was about to.
  • Oh, and also, I’m wretchedly in love with you.
  • how generally nervous he was around her not just the fact that he thirsted for her but the fact that he didn’t know what he was doing bc…like i said….he has no idea what the fuck feelings are
  • Blood Type
  • How long have you been seventeen? A while. (FUCKING KING OF COMEDY)
  • “It doesn’t Matter? / does it MATTER?” etc. basically the entire freak out and his mental debate of whether she was mentally sound and how he could probably arrange for Carlisle to set her up with the best medical care
  • “We match!”
  • “isn’t it supposed to be like this? the glory of first love and all that?” :D
  • Edward cooking for Bella on prom day and using Charlie as his taste tester.
  • I guess it wasn’t a favorite moment but it was ??? cute?? his stupid little tantrum about how if Bella was at Mike’s place on her birthday the worse thing that would happen was them not finding a bandage
  • Edward anonymously setting up a scholarship for Bella
  • DUDE HE’S SO FUCKGIN CHEESY….. Before you bella…my life was like a moonless night
  • “Amazing! Carlisle was right!” what a nerd
  • Edward breaking a tv set then storming back in the room and roaring nO NO when bella’s dumbass said “Okay alice where do you want to do this?
  • “Isabella Marie Swan,” he whispered, the strangest expression crossing his face. He almost looked mad. “Do you believe that I asked the Volturi to kill me because I felt guilty?”
  • Edward trying to convince Bella he was lying about not loving her
  • “I just proposed to you and you think it’s a joke.”
  • He and Bella winning an Oscar for their acting performance in their “I got accepted there too” bit in front of Charlie
  • Edward coming up with an entire blockbuster movie plot where he and Bella would be the luckiest plane crash survivors in history while they’re taking notes
  • No Bella you look…sexy
  • “Did you run over someone’s cat?”
  • How he could quite literally kill Jacob when his stupid ass told her he’d rather she was dead
  • Another thing…I’ll be fighting for her too. I’m a quick learner Jacob I don’t make the same mistake twice and I’m here until she orders me away
  • That sounds about right…pup
  • I prefer brunettes!
  • The “You’ll always be my Bella” speech
  • The entire proposal…………he is so cute…..i wanna cry he was so happy
  • The way he got his feelings hurt when Bella didn’t want to put the ring on and how happy his little face got when he saw the ring on her…… i’m crying
  • he told her to be nice before he proposed
  • Edward really took a crying bella who pulled over on the side of the road crying into his arms and held her the entire night while she cried over Jacob Black can i fucking die. Can i fucking die right nOW.
  • Just how honest he was in that tent scene tbh. I would die for him idk if you know that yet but in case you didn’t.
  • This is probably just a me thing but any time he gets protective over Bella or his family etc it’s so hot laksjdlakjdas i’m SO SORRY
  • The telling Charlie about their engagement he was so chillin.
    Bella: stressing pulling her hair leg shaking at 100mph 
    Edward: :D charlie :D i know i should’ve told you but …. i proposed! :D
  • Edward in general wanting to give Bella the world is so cute like he would buy anything for her but the fucking cARs… i hate him. No i don’t. He’s just so cute he’s so excited and willing to do anything for her.
  • “By the way, I love you” “That’s why we’re here”
  • Taking Bella’s garter off with his teeth winking at Bella then throwing it at Mike Newton’s face
  • Edward’s entire reaction every time Jacob had any thoughts. Like the time Jacob was like they’re probably all fighting not to rip away the cup from bella’s hands and edward rolled his eyes. Or Jacob would be like “he owes me” and edward would mouth “I do.” Or jacob would fall into this self-pity i need love mood and edward tossed him his keys and told him to get out
  • Edward’s absolute love and pure JOY when he hears Renesmee’s thoughts for the first time
  • After the birth Edward ordering Jacob away after he clearly gave up and was over it and Edward refusing to give up on Bella
  • EDWARD’S LITERAL DISAPPOINTMENT WHEN HE COULDN’T HEAR BELLA’S THOUGHTS WHEN SHE “WOKE UP” poor baby he actually thought. what kind of boo boo the fool. 
  • Vampire Bella:                               
    Edward: oh my god. Incredible. You’re amazing. (what  a NERD)
  • Edward’s happy little voice every time he talked about Renesmee
  • “No I don’t care if you bite Jacob”
  • Just his overall protectiveness for his family. I’ve already talked about this but!!!!!!!!!
  • Him defending Alice always whether it be to Sam or wanting to rip Demitri to shreds specifically for her
  • Edward giving Renesmee a fucking ipod
  • “Caius you idiot the sun is out how are these children of the damn MOON”-an actual quote by Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
  • HE WAS SO EXCITED TO GET INTO BELLA’S MIND MY LITTLE BABY IT’S ALL HE’S WANTED IT WAS LIKE A FUCKING BIRTHDAY PRESENT OR SOMETHING. I feel like on his birthdays Bella is just like ok. For your present you’ll get my mind I’ll lift my shield today. He was just so excited so happy he told her to do it again
  • Edward loves. A lot. He loves so much oh my god. I wanna die.

maybe i should’ve just linked you to the edward cullen quotes good reads page. or like your nearest barnes and noble and the YA section where you can find the entire series because I can assure you everything he’s ever done is so cherished in my world. i’d die for him idk if you’ve picked up on that


Request:  Shawn trying to teach you guitar but you keep laughing at how serious he is

“Babe, come on.” He groans as you giggle at him.

“Sorry, okay I’m ready.” You say, stopping yourself from laughing.

He goes back to showing you how your fingers should be placed on the frets. 

“Good you got it.” He says watching you change from chord to chord. “Let’s play it.” He says starting to strum, waiting for you to catch up. 

You get going on the song but then start messing up, trying to fix yourself but it is such a disaster that you can’t help stopping and laughing at yourself.

“Babe.” He groans, stopping too.

“I’m sorry.” You continue laughing.

“Why aren’t you taking this seriously?” He asks, out of patience.

“Hey.” You say looking up at him, noticing how distraught he is. “I am, I just had to laugh at myself for a second. I suck at this.” 

“You’re just learning?”

“For like 2 months Shawn.”

“Okay true.” He chuckles.

“See, you wanna laugh too. And you can, that’s okay. I am awful at this, I think we should leave the guitar playing to you.”

“Okay, you can sing then.” He says moving his guitar out of the way.

“No way.” You say shaking your head. He moves the guitar from your lap, gently setting it down, then he pushes your shoulder a bit causing you to lay back on the carpeted floor you were sitting on. He hovers over you. 

“You still look super cute holding my guitar.” 


“Yeah, I don’t think we should give up quite yet.” He nods.


“It’s such a turn on.” He grins, leaning down and peppering your neck with kisses. “So hot babe.” Mumbled up against your skin.

“Then maybe we shouldn’t give up so soon.” 

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Can I get a reaction of BTS hearing their best friend/crush accidentally letting out a moan while they were play wrestling? >////<

OohHhhOh Of course!

BTS Reaction When You’re their Crush and You Moan While Play Fighting

“W-wait, what was that?”
“What was what?”
*Gets all flushed*
“N-Nothing!” *Is afraid to touch you because he might get turned on*

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*You moan*
*He stops* This is when you realize he’s pinning you to the floor. Then he’ll get all blushy and roll over because he doesn’t want you to see him like that. And you’ll just pinch his cheeks and laugh about how cute he is and he’ll tell you to shut up and yeah..

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*Is thinking* “Does this mean I can confess? I really want to confess.. And the moan didn’t help at all”

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‘Oh my god. I won’t be able to control myself if this continues’

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He wouldn’t think much about it. He would probably get a lil turned on, but he would be way more interested in winning your wrestling fight

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‘How can someone look so innocent and cute, yet sound so… hot?’

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I Think y'all would know what Jungkook would do. He would straight up try to make you moan again

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Hope you liked xD
~Admin Luna

The Specialist

Note: Hey! This isn’t my usual, it’s more Damon fluff than anything else. Just a short one with no real storyline but I still hope you enjoy it. //Request one-shots are in the works! 

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warning: The tiniest bit of smut - this is more of a Damon fluff 

Word Count: 1259

“I’m wrinkly”, I laughed as I looked up at Damon with his arms spread across the edge of his bathtub. He chuckled and gathered up a ball of bubbles before blowing them in my face, “Jerk”, I glared at his now smirking face, “You love me”.

Spending time with Damon was my favourite way to go about my day, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way or else he would have kicked me out by now. Something about him changes when he’s with me, he’s not Damon the vampire, he’s just Damon; my Damon. Having a bubble bath together was just one thing on our never ending list of our favourite things to do together. Although, I’d always try to keep them PG, Damon managed to cop a feel once in a while, not that I stopped him or anything.

I could feel his hand creeping up my thigh amongst the hot water but I grabbed it tight before he could get any further. I raised my free hand and swayed my pointer finger from left to right like a ticking clock, “Uh uh uh”, I muttered with a wink. “Why must you hurt my feelings, Princess?”, he furrowed his eyebrows before flashing a smirk. I freed him from my grip and threw his hand down into the water and he immediately pulled it back. He moved back to his side of the tub and once again spread his arms along the edge.

“Hm, if that’s what you want”, I teased as I propped myself up and stepped out of the bathtub. Damon’s eyes followed my body as I walked over to the shower to rinse the bubbles off, “Coming?”, I asked, trying to be as seductive as I could. Within seconds, Damon was standing in front of me in the shower. “Leave the sexy talk to me, baby girl. You’re still learning, and I must admit it’s a little hard to live up to the master”, he smirked proudly. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and punched his chest with little force, causing him to laugh at my attempt in hurting him.

Once we were bubble free, I thought it was a good idea to grab some lunch. “How about the Grill?”, I suggested. “Ugh, I swear we’re at the Grill every day of our lives. Why don’t we go out of town for a change?”, Damon whined. “Well, do I really have a choice?”, I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. “Not at all” Damon smiled, I smiled back and hugged his soaking body.

It was almost time to leave for lunch when I walked downstairs and saw Damon, still wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He was pouring himself glasses of bourbon and walking in circles around the kitchen counter, nothing I hadn’t seen before. “Damon, put a shirt on!”, I demanded, although I did find myself biting my lip in awe of how sexy he was. “Aw, come on! You know you love it”, he narrowed his eyes and deepened his voice. “Seriously! Get dressed you idiot”, I slapped his arm before he pulled me by my waist and gave me a long, slow kiss. He opened his eyes and perked up, “Hold that thought” he lifted his pointer finger and sped off, only to return within seconds. “Ready”, he smiled, fully clothed. I even caught a whiff of my favourite cologne of his on him.

We decided to go to a little cafe just outside of Mystic Falls, nothing too fancy. Although, the town was located in the middle of a rainforest, so the cafe was surrounded by trees and wildlife. “Gee, Stefan would love this place”, Damon laughed. “Why’s that?”, I asked as I picked up the menu, trying to maintain my appetite. “All these lil’ critters running around? It’s like a god damn thanksgiving feast out here for Stef”, Damon joked, but in all seriousness. “Ew, did I really have to know that?” I complained, rolling my eyes in disgust. “The more you know”, Damon winked.

Once we’d finished eating, we went for a stroll along the main street, browsing through the marketplace stalls. “Ooh, Damon! Bras!” I rejoiced, remembering I needed a couple new pairs of bras. Damon rolled his eyes, “I’m not coming in unless I get to choose one”, he complained. “I think I forgot to mention the part where I need everyday bras - not just lingerie, sweetheart”, I teased. “You pick the everyday. I pick the lingerie”, he decided and I willingly agreed.

We entered and were greeted by a friendly young woman, she ensured us that a bra fitting specialist would be back any moment. Damon was just as surprised as I was to see a male bra specialist, I knew this because as soon as Damon realised it was a man, he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me to his side. “Ow”, I whispered and glared up at him, his tight grip made it feel like my skin was about to rip off. He immediately reframed from holding my waist and crept his hand just below my underarm, gripping just a little tighter than before. Positioning his hand elsewhere definitely didn’t lower the pain, I’m pretty sure my under arm is a lot more tender than my waist.

The pain was rising rapidly so I stomped on Damon’s foot, causing him to jump and narrow his eyes down at me. “What’s your problem”, I whispered “You’re grabbing me too tight”. He leant down and pecked my cheek before whispering into my ear, “The bra specialist has been checking you out since we walked in here”. No wonder his hands were literally digging into my skin, he was either jealous or protecting me. Either way, I loved it.

I went into the fitting room and Damon insisted that he stand guard at the door, although him ‘standing guard’ meant him watching the specialists every move. As the man began taking my measurements, I saw Damon at the door with his fist clenched and teeth grinding. I nodded towards him and furrowed my eyebrows, giving him the ‘Stop it. What the hell are you doing?’ look. He relaxed himself and kept a steady eye on the specialist.

As promised, Damon got to choose one bra. Just as I predicted, it was a lacy black bra and panty set. Damon just can’t go anywhere without buying me something that we can have sex in. “Are you happy with yourself, you big baby?”, I laughed. “Hey! What kind of man specialises in bras? I bet you he only signed up so he could feel boobs all day”, Damon whined. “Someone’s a little jealous” I teased, purposely trying to rile him up. “I’m not jealous”, he looked away. He always looks away from me when he’s telling a lie, he’s so jealous. “Whatever you say”, I laughed as I intertwined my fingers with his.

“Can we go home now?”, he sighed, fed up with my bullying. “Uhh, don’t know if I’m ready to go home yet, this place is just so beautiful”, I replied. “The faster we get home, the faster I can see you in those cute little panties I just bought for you”, he winked, gripping my hand tighter.

Let’s just say, I’m damn glad that we went in to that bra store today or else we wouldn’t be having insanely hot sex right now. Thanks male bra specialist for being male and turning my boyfriend into one crazy, jealous, horny bastard.

What I See

Notes: Day Two of Sheith Positivity Week, Sun/Stars. Still trying to keep these on the happier side of things, but the angst keeps slipping through.


“Do you remember when we used to sit on my dad’s old tin roof and look at the stars?” Shiro doesn’t answer. He might not even hear Keith speaking. Still trapped in whatever nightmarish memory the large alien at the party had inspired. Keith had seen Shiro’s muscles start to lock up when he spotted the alien’s slimy green hide, and he’d quickly guided him into this side room before he could have a breakdown in public. Now he was just talking without purpose, trying to give Shiro a rope back to the real world for when he was ready, “There was no one for miles and miles. On moonless nights, we could see every star in the sky.”

Those nights were some of his fondest memories. Shiro’s presence warm beside, laughing and pointing out constellations, sometimes coming up with outlandish stories about what they’d find out there when they both became pilots. The stories had ended up fitting reality more closely than either had expected, “Of course, you didn’t always go out there to look at the stars did you.” Keith smiles as he remembers. One full moon night, Shiro had stopped staring at the stars and started staring at him, “You told me I had stars in my eyes. That you didn’t need to look up to see galaxies, when you could just look at me.”

“You-you called me ridiculous,” Shiro says quietly, as if it pains him to speak. Keith sets his hand down between them, were Shiro can reach out and grab hold if he wants. Touching when he hasn’t yet come fully back can have bad results.

“What did you expect? You can’t just spring something like that on a guy with no build up. You embarrassed me.” Keith laughs. Shiro had taken him so off guard that night, he’s surprised he’d been able to say anything at all, “Thank goodness it was dark, or I’d probably looked like a tomato. I don’t think my cheeks have ever felt that hot.”

“You were cute. Your ears turned red.” Shiro’s voice was stronger. A pained smile on his lips.

“You’re biased. You think everything I do is cute.” Keith scooches a little closer, and is rewarded with Shiro leaning in to bump shoulders with him, “You’re lucky I’m secure in my masculinity, or I might be insulted by how much you like to coo at me.”

“I am lucky,” Shiro’s smile disappears leaving only sadness, “I don’t deserve you.”

Keith frown. He hates how Shiro can’t seem to accept that he’s more than worthy of Keith, “Do you know what I see when I look at you?”

“A scarred up killer,” Shiro says, tearing himself down like always.

“The Sun,” Keith reaches out and taps Shiro’s chest right over his heart, “Right here. No matter what happens to you, there is this big ball of warmth you share with everyone you meet. You have every reason to give up, but instead you keep shining your light so others can find their way. You bring hope and strength to your team and your allies.” Keith kisses Shiro’s cheek, “You are my personal Sun, Takashi, and I’m the one who is lucky to have gotten a second chance with you.”

awkward meetings

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Title: awkward meetings
Pairing: Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: College!AU
Summary: In which it’s Sehun’s birthday and Junmyeon gets him into an awkward situation, but the youngest of the group of friends always knows how to get away with everything.
Note: This is dedicated to my friend @velxris and I hope she loves it~!

This is not a birthday gift.

The twelfth day of April was surely a nice day for Sehun, his family and his friends; the man was surely loved by many and under his very unforgiving stares and fake harsh words, he had the softest heart a person could find, but he tended to be a little too bad at showing it. Junmyeon liked to give his own presents, the older friend surely loved to see Sehun’s smile widening and for once –even since he lost his job as a barista because of some incident with the cream- he didn’t have the money to invite Sehun to a bar or for some dinner, so he put two and two together and he realized that Sehun really liked taking care of his outer appearance, more often than not fixing his hair when he passed by a mirror or taking too long in getting ready; also, who wears a leather jacket in the summer and dress pants with a t-shirt? Oh Sehun and he made it work somehow. Now Sehun was standing tall on the entrance of some salon and he looks down at the little coupon that Junmyeon had given him, reading eyebrow grooming in some cursive letters and Sehun puckers up his lips. He didn’t want to be distasteful but he expected something more…maybe a little gift or something.

This is worse than the time that Baekhyun and Chanyeol decided to give him pictures of themselves as a gift. So they said…Sehun loved them and they wanted to give him something that he loved, hence why they took some pictures of themselves and gave it to them. He still keeps them, somewhere along his room for when he needs something to scribble on when he’s on the phone or if he ever needs to clean of Vivi’s mess…their pictures were great.

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Stiles x Reader

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Part Two

Stiles glared at the plastic doll in front of him. He and Scott had taken the class to make up for the classes they’d skipped the term before. He was waiting for someone else to join the class otherwise he’d end up looking after it on his own, just when he was about to give up you skidded into the room, blushing and apologising to the teacher and glancing around for a seat.

“Please come on… sit next to me.” Stiles mumbled to himself. “Hey (Y/N), over here!” He yelled.

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I wanna play RISK with Iain...

This little blurb from an interview with Richard Dormer ( Beric Dondarrion ) made me LOL - hahahaha - Too funny and cute and I can totally see it.  Also I’ll give you the WIN this time Jon Snow - But just time :P

Filming Game of Thrones is arduous in a different way. “The episode Beyond the Wall took five months … it just went on and on. The fight sequence took five weeks to film and lasts five minutes. Just climbing on the dragon took maybe a month – and on screen it’s an eye-blink.” If the cast and crew weren’t so lovely, he says, it would be awful work, because “it’s not nice being soaking wet and very hot and yet very cold at the same time and trudging up and down the most beautiful glaciers in the world – but not even being able to look because you feel so tired.”

His downtime was spent playing world domination game Risk with his co-stars. “There were a lot of arguments, mainly because Iain Glen [Jorah Mormont] is so competitive. He would just sit there going ‘Noooo why? Why are you all attacking me?’.” So who was the best at it? He doesn’t hesitate: “Kit Harington [Jon Snow].”

LOLOL - Man I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during one of the games (arguments)