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taking a break from answering asks, so i doodled another au out~ it’s another devil-angel au, what a suRPRISE

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Maybe Kara gets badly injured which leads to some Cat and Alex bonding. I feel like those two would be a fearsome duo. Maybe even enough to make a sick/injuried kryptonian listen.

(So a: this is so not my best, and b: i totally posted this on the wrong prompt. Ugh sorry to the anon whose post is now lost =(  )

Shouts filled the hallway as a gurney was pushed along, a mess of blue and red, though not all from the suit, blurred by everyone. Rushing into the medical wing, Alex kept herself tight and focused on the task at hand. Supergirl would not die here; not like this.

Hours passed before anyone could breathe. Alex backed away and left the room as the beeps of monitors began to find a more normal, steady rhythm. As she walked out of the room, she saw Cat standing there, eyes wide as she watched through the large window. Alex stopped moving for a moment and let out a shaky breath as the reality of the situation now finally hit her. She shook as tears streamed down her eyes, watching as Cat noticed her presence.

Cat saw Alex and ran over to her, pulling her sister-in-law into a desperate embrace. “Please tell me she’s going to be okay. Please. You have to.”

Without hesitation, Alex returned to hug, her face buried in Cat’s shoulder. “I honestly don’t know, Cat. She’s strong but I don’t know if this is something she will be able to come back from.” They stood there in the hall, holding one another and crying, each trying to pull strength from the other than neither had.

Alex eventually broke the embrace and looked at Cat. “Let’s go sit. I’ll get you some coffee.” With little fight, Cat followed, her head a buzz of worry and what-ifs. She turned back as they walked to look at her wife once more, wondering if this would be the last time she saw her breathing.

As they sat, hands wrapped around foam cups but neither moving to their lips, Cat and Alex stewed in their own silence and thoughts, letting the worry pile on. It was Cat who finally broke the silence, realizing that Alex was too shaken, too deep into her grief and worry to open up on her own. “What..” She cleared her throat, hoarse from crying. “What happened?”

Alex slowly looked up, as if her brain were floating in molasses. Her eyes were dull and watery, only slowly coming a bit back as she worked to answer Cat. “There was an explosion.” She looked down again, taking slow breaths as she tried to get it all out without breaking down. “A bomb laced with traces of kyrptonite. We didn’t know until it went off. Sup-…Kara went to try and defuse it. She couldn’t see into it because it was made of lead. So none of us expected the green cloud when it went off in her hands.” Alex’s head hung and she shook when she felt Cat put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It…it ripped through her like she was nothing. Shrapnel was covered in it.” Alex stopped, unable to go on; not that there was much more to say. Cat could piece the rest together for herself.

Cat signed and moved around the table, holding Alex. “This isn’t your fault. This isn’t anyone’s fault except the monster that put that bomb there in the first place. She’s survived before and she will survive again.” Cat wasn’t sure if she believed her own words but she knew it’s what Alex needed. Maybe her too.

Days went by before there was any sign of recovery. A finger twitch there, a suddenly healed cut there. The process was slow but Kara seemed to be getting a little better each day. Along with the sun lamps, Alex and Kara would wheel Kara’s bed out of the room every day so she could be near a window and soak up the real thing. That seemed to help a great deal as Kara would sometimes come to for a few minutes. She would insist she was okay, try and sit up or even try and get them to let her out of bed.

Alex and Cat worked together to keep Kara safe and healing. They took shifts, sometimes together, watching Kara and updating her on what was happening. J’onn would stop by daily as well, regaling stories of how he had taken up her presence in the city in order to keep the public from worrying or knowing what happened.

A month into Kara’s recovery, Alex and Cat had gotten close. While they had been fine before, now they were inseparable; like best friends. They had had so much time to talk while Kara slept that they knew each other almost as much as Kara did. They had started laughing together once Kara had been able to stay awake longer than a few minutes. With the tension of the worst behind them, they had truly bonded, and Alex could see why her sister loved Cat so much.

Eventually, when Kara was well enough to sit up and eat, Alex had offered to go and pick up Carter so he could come visit. Cat was thankful for it. Not only had Carter been worried, but she was grateful to have a few minutes alone with Kara.

Kara was at first confused by why her sister and wife were suddenly so close. But once she was told that her recovery had been going on close to three months, she understood why. She smiled as she watched them, glad that they had finally connected. As Kara tried to move forward, however, they both put hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back. She chuckled as Cat and Alex shared a look of agreeance, knowing they would both keep an eye on her.




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Once more, with feeling. A first pass at how I imagine my MC from @thearcanagame looks like.

I figure he came from a wealthier family before he ran off to do magic [and they lost much of their wealth for ~reasons~] which is why he still tries to dress so fancy [a bit difficult on a budget, so he forced himself to become proficient with a needle and a thread].