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So this is a review for the restaurant I work at. I took care of this exact table. They lied about how long it took their food to come out (25 mins exactly on their ticket, which it should have been approx 18, it did take longer than expected). They lied about it not being busy, we were all running our asses off, the dining room was on a fucking 30 minute wait for LUNCH. I checked their table repeatedly as they were waiting, they never asked for refills because they never had to. When their salads came out I asked them how they looked and the guy picked at it and said “I don’t wanna say anything…” and I asked him to please tell me so I can fix it for them. He said his salmon was undercooked - after I explained to him, when he was ordering, that our salmon is cooked to MEDIUM unless requested otherwise. It came out medium.

THEY didn’t send their salads back, I did after insisting upon it to make them happy. They seemed glad at the time. Not only was I spending more time on them than anyone else in my section, but also my manager came out, explained the salmon to them a second time, and paid for their entire meal when I prompted him to.

These people are fucking insufferable. They got a free meal because THEY didn’t listen, and endless apologies, and their service was in fact fucking excellent. I don’t understand why they felt the need to lie and make us look so bad. Fuck these assholes.

And to boot…the guy said “I don’t wanna say anything.” Like, imagine how scathing this bitch would have been if I hadn’t pried it out of him. You can’t make people like this happy. They WANT to be mad.

50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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I’m literally screaming at silver standing up and being like “of course billy is gonna do everything he can to fix this :) of course :) of course billy would never do anything to violate the trust I’ve put in him :) right?!?! :) isn’t that right sweaty?!?! :) :) :) because if he did that :) ha :) one can only imagine what I would do :)”

A quick update

Btw I’m sorry I haven’t been updating my fics lately: I’ve just been having a casual existential crisis about whether or not I can actually make it as a writer, given that I have talent but not the ability to produce content with any consistency/the stuff that people actually want to read, but I probably wouldn’t recommend expecting much from me any time soon - not that that’s anything new, as I haven’t updated consistently in probably six months!!!

tl;dr I’m a sinking ship; get off now!!! :))))))

( *waves at all my rp partners*

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#not much in this but still neat #what’s with all the patches… 3.55a 3.55b 3.56???

Hi I know this was probably rhetorical but !!

3.55a and 3.55b are because they initially wanted to put Diadem in 3.55, but they had a really bad bug that they can’t fix in time for the release date:

Yoshi-P: And now I have to tell you why it’s 3.55a and not just 3.55. So you notice something maybe missing here… the exploratory missions, the Diadem? It was all ready to go, and then we had this bug… and we couldn’t fix it in time.
(bows his head to his desk in apology)
Audience member: (shouts) “It’s okay!”
Yoshi-P: So on the 28th, as planned, we’ll release all the other 3.55 material and content… and then, hopefully, by March 7th… maybe March 9th… maybe March 14th… we’ll have the exploratory mission Diadem content in patch 3.55b. We’re working hard! As best as we can, we’ll have it to you as soon as we can get it to you.
There’s a certain raid within the Diadem content and it's… a little bit too… yeah… something happened… it’s a very new type of raid, and we want the content to be as stress-free and fun for you as possible, so… a little bit longer. Just seven more days! or maybe nine more days! Or maybe fourteen… more days! But we’ll try our best to make it seven. …or nine! We’re very sorry, thank you…

So rather than push the release for 3.55 back, they’re splitting it into two: 3.55a with everything else, and 3.55b with Diadem.

He confirmed that 3.56 will contain the MSQ Continuation, and also corrected something he said at a previous date to say 3.56 will also contain the MGP Garo gear

Yoshi-P: Ah, one more thing!
Koji Fox: “Uh-oh, another apology…”
Yoshi-P: So as you all know, in Japanese with each new patch, I do a patch note readings. So at one of these readings, I mentioned that Garo gear would be obtainable via MGP at 3.55… I didn’t mean 3.55… I meant 3.56!! I’m very sorry!!

So that’s why!! Here’s what he had to say about the staggered release dates for all the content:

Koji Fox: “It’s okay.”
Yoshi-P: I’m very sorry!! I mean, there’s so many patch 3.55’s, I just… I’m very sorry!! Ah, but that just means there’ll be lots of updates before 4.0, so… updates are fun! Right?? And then by the time we get there it’s like, oh, it’s already time for 4.0, so hurray!
Audience member: (shouts) “Hurray!”
Yoshi-P: But… I’m sorry!!
Koji Fox: “It’s okay!”
Yoshi-P: After that we have many more small patches planned before 4.0, so there’ll be a continuous flow of content up to the release. And if you run out of stuff to do, then… you can always make a bunch more anima weapons!
Koji Fox: (pointing) “Boooo!" 

So now you know. Full transcript here!

There is a very simple way to fix this

Can we all for a moment, totally negate the drama
I’m calling out to each and every single one of you people in the community
Jack has been there for us countless times. I want to return the favor
Let’s all post our favourite gifs, screenshots, fanart we’ve made in the tag.
Make it a happy place again!

me @ myself: when you finish your rough draft, you can fix it, that’s why it’s called a rough draft, and you’re only halfway to your word count, focus on finishing

myself @ me: but… it broken

Some thoughts about Malec relationship

The last episode was literally disappointing for most of Malec fans. For me, I thought that Malec has had a good communication and they’ve been written in the best way possible but I literally disappointed at the end of the episode. It was rushed and written so carelessly. There were unanswered questions and Alec was really out of the character. It looked like Alec didn’t care about what Magnus wants, even if we all know how much Alec cares about Magnus and he would never force him for anything Magnus doesn’t want. A couple of days ago, writers apologised for their mistakes. We should realise that they’ve always been thoughtful and careful about Malec and I believe that they can fix their mistake. Also Magnus and Alec have a healthy relationship from the very beginning and Malec is really a great representation. Although they’re from totally different worlds, they understand and respect each other so much. And besides, Harry and Matt have perfect chemistry, friendship and deep understanding about how valuable Malec relationship for so many people which makes me really happy because it affects Malec in a good way. Honestly, I really want them to win an award, especially The Glaad Award. Because both Malec relationship and Matt and Harry’s efforts deserve to win awards. Let’s support them as much as we can.

I just downloaded Socialfixer so that I can filter the no-value-added political linking out of my Facebook feed, and I discovered that not only does this plugin have customizable filters, it can also fix the stupid Facebook features like defaulting to “top stories” instead of “most recent” and displaying “x hours ago” instead of absolute posting time, among other things.

oh dear

Ok! So while I was looking at the entries, I realized something, how was I going to add them on mobile??! Well I can’t. My internet is wonky and nobody can fix it until thursday (p.s by then it would’ve been a whole week without internet 😒) So until then I can’t add anybody. unless i try to use the desktop request thing.~Madre Mod

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UT!Pap, UF!Pap, US!Sans and SF!Sans have a crush, and are extra loud whenever their crush is nearby in order to get their attention. Unfortunately, the crush flinches at loud noises and instinctively starts covering their ears with their hands...

* O damn, sensory overload or past shit happened, eh?
* Don’t worry, nothing some fluff can’t fix m’love


He doesn’t understand their reaction at first. With some cautious prompting from his brother, it clicks that he’s making his crush afraid or at the very least, uncomfortable. Guilt hits him hard and he starts panicking. How could he do this? How did he not notice? He likes them very much, the last thing he’d want is to upset them. It’s his fault and he couldn’t even see it sooner.
He can’t figure out why they are afraid of him. Did he do something wrong? He messed up, didn’t he? Was it something he’s saying?
Have you seen that Parks and Recs episode where Andy pisses off April but can’t figure out what he did wrong? Then he says, “I feel like you were mad at me yesterday, and I don’t know why, so I made a list of everything I did and I’m going to try not to do any of them again.”
Basically that, accompanied by a lot of apologies and “I’m Sorry” spaghetti. 
They gotta tell him exactly the problem being his volume. Afterwards, he becomes hyper-aware of his voice when around them, always keeping it lowered. 


He notices it the first time it happens and can’t help feeling slightly offended before it sinks in why they might react that way. Maybe it’s sensory overload, maybe it’s past abuse. But just in case it’s past abuse he gets angry anyway with an unhealthy amount of righteous fury. Speaking very quietly but urgently, he holds them by the shoulders and apologises. He doesn’t yet feel close enough to them to ask why loud volumes make them react that way. But he’s now very conscious of his own volume. He’ll still slip up; slamming doors and moving loudly and yelling sometimes because that’s just how he is. Then he sees their reaction and immediately feels bad. The first apology is the only they’re ever going to get though. The rest of the time, he just tries harder to not repeat the action.


He notices their reaction immediately but doesn’t understand, asking them what’s wrong or if he said something upsetting or if their head/ears hurt, etc. He listens attentively to whatever explanation they give because he doesn’t want to cause it again. Even if the explanation is bullshit, he’ll remember and take note of it. He tries his best to keep his volume lowered and encourages others to do so as well but he’ll still start yelling when he gets really excited. Then he’ll get really bashful and apologetic. Still, he will try his best for the person he likes to keep his volume down. Their feeling of safety and wellbeing is most important afterall.


He notices it happening once, twice, he thinks nothing of it. Then the more he looks out for it, the more he notices it occuring whenever he’s around. He’s hurt and annoyed. What the hell did he do? As far as he’s aware, he’s been nothing but entirely pleasant to them, why are they reacting this way to him? But as time goes on, his annoyance fades somewhat to concern. What happened? Is he doing something wrong?
He confronts them very crudely after it happens again, “What’s wrong with you?” He says, his annoyance coming through. He winces at his own tone.
“I mean, why do you keep doing that? What did I do?”
His crush better explain clearly and truthfully. When he understands, he’ll feel really bad but won’t outright apologise, placating him guilt with “They didn’t tell me how could I have know?” mentality. He changes his behaviour immediately and strictly reprimands anyone who makes them jump.

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So I was just wondering, does Lem have any mundane talents/interests? Like cooking, sketching, french braiding Mikaika's hair better than her own mother? I spent so much time thinking about his life in the span of the military that I realized I gave little thought to whatever life he might have outside the army.

Lemuel is very much a man’s man. He lifts weights and trains, goes for brisk hound rides along the city limits, coasts Diva on long patrols up north so she can get her grass fix every few days. He doesn’t read a whole lot, even Scripture, and isn’t a huge follower of the arts. He spends a lot of time in the aeries with the vliegeng and their pups, and in the barracks with his young trainees. He goes up to the top of the Temple of Song by himself to smoke under the moonlight, or listen to the faint songs of the choir in the stories below. He’s very physical but he’s still in his head a lot, and falls into long, meditative reveries in shady corners of the grounds, or sitting in the backs of pubs and cafes.

He also likes dalliances. Of course proper gentlemen can’t be alone with proper ladies, but he has favourite prostitutes that he’ll spend a night with and then lay beside in bed and chat with until dawn. He’s known as a soft touch and tips very well.

He’s good friends with Amadwe William Argenti, and they go rabbit and boar hunting now and then. Some people say they have a thing going on the side but you know how rumours go.

my apartment still smells like gas hghghh i think the pilot light is on too high hopefully i can make my stepdad fix it. i wish i knew how to fix things