can escape in handcuffs


Daniel is a MASTER at illusions. While he dabbles in many areas such as cardistry and obviously has some skill as an escape artist considering he can get out of handcuffs easily, his specialty is in illusions and showmanship. He’s practiced his art for YEARS, since childhood, and continues to practice regularly and grows more adept each day.

DON’T have your character automatically see through his tricks without discussing something with me. Fine, maybe if your character has something magical or different about them or they’re another magician with more skill in an area that he’s performing. The other Horsemen know one another’s acts and as does Thaddeus and people like that? Fine. Let them see through the trick and watch Daniel’s frustration and we’ll have a laugh. Those are totally fine with me because it makes sense. But having someone else automatically see right through his act diminishes his skills and only serves to make yours look better. Discuss it with me first. Let’s plot something out. I’m all for him maybe slipping up or maybe an instance where your character could deduce something but it’s not likely for someone completely random with no experience whatsoever to just know right off the bat without some planning. 

But rest assured it’s not easy to see his stuff and so far only Thaddeus who has studied magic for DECADES and other magicians (not even all of them) have seen through his act. It’s like if your character had a skill and then someone else for no reason whatsoever did it better or could tear down what they’ve worked hard on. If there’s no reason for your character to know, then don’t. Don’t ruin the magic. Don’t lessen his skills for the sake of your character to look cool. 

Just don’t.

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I may have lost a little self control and rewatched the rest of Season 1 but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD S1 FINALE IS? ALL ANYONE MENTIONS IS S2 AND S3 FINALE AND FORGETS ABOUT S1. SO. GOOD.

Season one’s finale is never ever forgotten. It is the bedrock of our show. But compared to s2 and s3 finales, it’s more understated. No one’s been gutted or stabbed or shoved out a window or had their throat bitten out or dived off a cliff in a loving embrace. 

(Not to say s1 finale didn’t have any intense action moments, Will freaking out in the beginning, then being arrested, Winston looking up at him like only the saddest and most worried dog parent can, Will breaking his thumb and escaping his handcuffs in custody before we even get to the big messy and emotional showdown)

What the season one finale is, though, is that first moment of absolute truth. Will knows now what no one else has ever known and Hannibal is practically vibrating he’s so excited for what this means for himself, for who Will will become thanks to this hard-to-swallow truth and what he’ll do with said truth, and what it means for them and their relationship.

It’s Will trembling as he points his gun at the only true connection he’s ever had.

(side note: Will’s jaw is sharp and fabulous and so so telling)

And being clearly angry and hurt by Hannibal’s betrayal (Hannibal lying to him, hiding this side to himself when Will thought the connection he had to Hannibal was pure and good only to find out the man he who made him actually like himself and who he thought was his friend and someone he loved, is a monster and he’s terrified what that means about himself).

Abandonment requires expectation.” And goddamnit did Will expect a hell of a lot from Hannibal.

And then it’s Hannibal sweating and panting and scared and exhilarated to finally be seen.


(side note: I need more of sweaty and unbuttoned Hannibal in my life please)

And these questions may be the same for every season finale afterwards, but that first one still makes my heart pound. And the season one finale was the first. The first time leaving us to ponder for months what the fuck is Hannibal thinking and what the hell Will is going to become thanks to him and that leaves a mark.

You remember sitting on the edge of your seat, stunned. 

Looking at Hannibal’s smug pleased smile as he gazes at Will, 

and Will is absolutely simmering with potential (and homicide–the Reckoning is coming and it is coming hard and fast)

and we’re now in Hannibal’s tailored shoes–What the fuck is Will Graham gonna do? 

And it’s those layers and those subtleties and those questions that we have to read and investigate and dig into to fully understand the season one finale and the fact that this is just the beginning of their relationship and what we know they become later on that makes rewatching the season one finale so amazing and just as intense and terrifying and heart wringing as the bloodbaths of s2 and s3 finales.

Not for one second have I forgotten just how absolutely mind blowing the season one finale was and how it left me in wonder (and neck deep in s1 fix it fanfiction) and I think if I make it to 90 years old I’ll still want to smack that smug smile off of Hannibal’s face.