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Bring Her Pleasure, Bring Her Pain

So this is a little smut fic I had discussed with my lovely Erin (callmeasinnercallmeasaint45​) when we first watched the finale. this is based on Killian saying he would be holding the fact that the Charmings killed him over their head for a long time. i know we all wanted it in a proposal situation, but i thought it would be funny if it was brought up if David walked in on them. thus, this was born. Its much fluffier and not at all angsty like the title suggests. Hope you enjoy!

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BK Masterlist

I’ve hit a follower milestone, and I’ve received some asks for a full listing of my work. Since I have a problem and I’ve written over 200 stories, I’m going to split it up into parts. Thank you all for being so lovely, and I hope this is helpful to you, since I am terrible about organizing. Love you all to bits. 

All of the links lead to Tumblr, but please feel free to check out my and AO3 accounts. 

All of these will be tagged under bk masterlist on my blog. 

Everything Else

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Oneshot: Breathe

Could u write one where Regina has an asthma attack when someone was arguing with her? Her inhaler might have been misplaced n Emma helps her… - mysterio-lady

Thanks for the prompt. I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Regina frowns as the council meeting draws on. She rubs over her chest with a wince as she feels a tightness there. She knows what it means and resists the urge to panic. Just stay calm she pleads with herself just keep breathing at least until you get out of here.

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anonymous asked:

Hey. Liking your blog. Wanted to ask how you think Emma & Hook will be in season4 relationship wise? And what r u kinda expecting? Also individually for them esp Emma. Thx

It’s funny you ask, because I was just thinking about this yesterday!

Okay, first, I expect a lot of general forward momentum, but naturally since this is OUAT, littered with a few challenges here and there. Killian and Emma’s trajectory has generally been positive the whole way so far, minus of course them getting separated at the end of 3A and the lip curse. But now that they’re together, we have several relationship milestones to work toward and that’s great!

I’ve got a mini list:

1. At some point (and I really think this will be the first thing that gets built toward and paid off) the sexual tension is gonna boil over. I mean, they’ve had it from the very, very beginning. Them being in love and cute and cuddly is great and everything and I want it, but honestly. Neither of them is shy about being physical or about sex really, so ya gotta do it sooner or later. And since their first kiss was a hot, passionate one, I can totally see their first sexy time being before sweet ILUs.

2. I really think that 4A is ultimately going to build toward the actual ILUs being said. It’s going to be a huge moment and they’ve deliberately kept Killian from using the actual words for a reason. He’s said it just about every other way possible, so clearly “I LOVE YOU” is going to be a pretty big fucking deal and it screams FINALE at me. Either as the 4A finale…or the 4B finale. Right now, I’m leaning toward 4A.

3. So here’s the thing. I get that people are worried about them getting separated now that they’re in a relationship. It’s True Love couple 101 on this show. But I don’t think it will happen right away. Not until AT LEAST 4B. I really think they want to explore how this relationship is going to work and solidify it before they separate them and make them fight to be together. Emma’s issue is abandonment and it would be devastating to start this thing with Killian and have him get ripped away like in the 4A premiere or something. Na-uh. Explore, solidify, say some ILUs, save each other from the Ice Queen (or whatever)…THEN separate them.

4. Which leaves us with the TLK, which I do think is gonna be in S4. The question is WHEN. I can see this building one of two ways. Either we do the ILU/TLK in the 4A finale like they did with Henry in S1 OR they do the ILU in the 4A finale with the TLK in the 4B finale. I’m good either way, frankly. But I kind of like doing the double in 4A and working toward an commitment (like an engagement or wedding or moving in together) in 4B. But whichever is fine, really.

As for them individually…I really want Emma to really start to get a handle on this magic thing. She’s freaking powerful, y’all and I want to see it. I want to see her grow in the role of being a daughter and a sister and a mother and a girlfriend. All those are more important than her being the Savior. I want to see her new apartment (which I can see Killian moving into by the end of S4). I want to see her really embrace her home and the people and kick some ass. :D And I really want to see her smile and be happy, despite whatever chaos Elsa kicks up.

Killian…um, more pirate versus the modern world, please! More Captain Charming. More Captain Cobra. And for the love of all that is holy, can he TALK TO SNOW? I need this, please. I want to see him really learn to navigate this new world, see how he copes with the loss of his ship and what on earth he does with himself all day. A job, maybe? LOL As for the clothes…I’m torn. I love the pirate costume. But at some point they’ve almost got to change his clothes, right? I really think it’s been a logistics issue with rigging the hook. Modern shirts aren’t really cut to accommodate that brace and right now, Colin just holds onto the bar inside it and negotiates it that way. If they change his clothes, they need some kind of rig that his hand would fit into to make it practical. But if anyone can do it, it’s the costume and props department of OUAT.

For both of them…MORE FLASHBACKS PLEASE. I want to see more of Emma in the system, more of her as a bailbonds person. I want to see Killian’s parents (please NO to the Davey Jones thing, sorry everyone). I want to see someone from his past in the EF that he pissed off come after them. Things like that.

PS. I can totally seem them keeping their new status on the DL, at least at first, in some kind of deference to Regina and the whole Marian saga. Which could give us cute sneaking off for kisses and things. But out and proud is good too!

Holy crap, this is long. If you made it this far, you are awesome. :)