can do so much with this trash of laptop

Imagine if you will, Gav’s our favorite hacking frontman-ing gremlin, strapped to a chair at the mercy of a rival crew going, 100% seriously. “YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME, SELL MY ORGANS ON THE BLACK MARKET, LIGHT THE PENTHOUSE ON FIRE, TRASH MY ROOM, BEAT UP MY FRIENDS, I’LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING JUST DON’T HURT MY LAPTOP. DON’T HURT HER, SHE’S NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG, SHE’S SO GOOD AND SHE PROCESSES STUFF SO FAST AND SHE HACKS INTO STUFF REALLY WELL AND I LOVE HER, KILL ME INSTEAD JUST BE GOOD TO HER, SHE DESERVES SO MUCH.” and Geoff is trying to rub his throbbing temples with bound hands because this is shaping up to be the third time this month Gavin’s blown trade secrets for his fucking computer. Doesn’t matter if he weaseled his way out of captivity and killed them rival motherfuckers before any of that sensitive information got out, its still annoying.

Butter kiss

Pairing: Jughead X Reader

Requests: Hey, I’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. Like he walks with her in school. Sits with her in pop’s. The reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). And the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. And it’s kinda hot Thank youu ^^

Hiii. I’d like to request a jughead x reader. And maybe something with jughead being super protective over the reader. But the reader doesn’t really mind, bc the reader think it’s hot? Thaanks

Hi I’m absolute jughead trash, can you do something with him being jealous please?


A/N: I just wanna take a sec to express how insanely grateful I am for the positive response regarding my writing. I honestly love and appreciate you guys so much and I’m so glad you enjoy the utter shite I put out onto the internet! I haven’t posted anything in ages because I’ve been super busy with work and I also had a bunch of issues with my laptop so I thought I’d combine a couple of my requests and therefore hopefully please two people with one imagine. Also I loved this request so thanks to the fabulous anons that sent it and I hope you enjoy it.

-          A xoxo

Warnings: none except kissing.


You heard footsteps clattering towards you at a remarkable pace as you made your way out of the school gates, bag slung over your shoulder and a redheaded companion at your left side. You smirked to yourself, already knowing exactly who it was even before he sidled up to your right.

“(Y/N) where’re you going?” Jughead asked through breathless pants, sounding half confused and half concerned.

“Home Jug, It’s the end of school, remember?”

Obviously but why didn’t you wait for me?” the annoyance on his face was evident as he shifted his gaze from you and then to Archie and back again.

“I didn’t think it’d matter. I know you don’t like me going anywhere alone but Archie’s coming over and he’s walking with me.” You replied with a frown, stopping to look him in his icy eyes. They were narrowed and you watched as he inhaled sharply through his flared nostrils and clenched his jaw. You desperately tried to diminish the flush that had crept its way onto your cheeks and dispel the surge of butterflies in your stomach as you observed his antics.

“So, you didn’t think to tell me that you were replacing me with Andrews, that sure is nice of you (Y/N)!”

And with that he turned back towards the school building and stormed away. Archie looked uncomfortable but you simply scoffed and pulled him along, continuing on your way back to your house.

Ever since Jason had been found murdered he had insisted on accompanying you everywhere you went so that he could ‘keep you safe’. Usually it didn’t bother you, in fact you found yourself anticipating your time together and falling for the boy who’s overly-protective behaviour stirred a familiar feeling deep within your chest. However lately he had been acting strangely when he found you in the presence of a certain redheaded Bulldog. You decided that you would confront him about his odd behaviour the following day when he had had time to escape from the clutches of the bad mood that apparently had a hold of him.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The following morning you opened your front door, dressed for school and equipped with two pieces of slightly burnt toast that were swaddled in kitchen roll in order to prevent the hot butter from trickling onto your skin. You were met with the sight of a beanie-clad boy sprawled on the steps of your porch with his back facing you; a sight to which you had become quickly accustomed to after the shocking and gruesome discovery of the Blossom boys’ body. Jughead had absolutely insisted on walking you to school in the morning, hoping to deter the murderer should reveal they reveal themselves and subsequently make an attempt on your life.

Upon hearing the door close the boy turned to face you, smiling sheepishly as you handed him the toast with raised eyebrows, expecting an explanation for his antics the previous evening in return.

“Look, about yesterday…” he began, eyes unable to meet yours, instead watching his feet shift their weight and hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. “…I just wanna make sure you I can keep you safe, Jason’s killer is still out there. As for Archie, he’s my best friend and I know exactly how he gets around girls which means there’s no way he’d be able to stop himself from making a move on you which could only end in complete disaster! I’m sorry okay, it was stupid and I should know that you can protect yourself.”

“It’s not stupid Jug, it’s hot,” you blurted impulsively, biting your lip as you took in his dishevelled appearance that somehow made you weak at the knees.

He looked up at you now, wide eyes scanning your features for any sign of regret but they found none. You silently debated whether to pursue the idea that had just invaded your thoughts. You watched his tongue dart out and swipe across his slightly parted lips, wetting them as the tension built between you and the sight solidified your decision. Lunging forward you crashed your lips against his, standing on your tip toes and reaching up to wind your fingers through the ebony curls at the base of his neck. After standing there frozen in shock at first, Jughead soon reacted by pulling you impossibly closer by the front of your jacket and slipping his tongue between your lips gently. The two of you eventually pulled away, lips swollen and lungs breathless as you grinned at each other.

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“As for Archie,” you began, imitating his previous statement. “You don’t need to protect me from him! You’re the one I want Jughead.”

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cracked screens and broken hard drives

“It’s broken,” was all Will could say.

The other boy didn’t laugh. He didn’t even smile. But his stony expression - always blank, a bit angry - that twitched just the slightest. One point for Solace. 

The other boy didn’t move to examine the pathetic piece of tech, only giving Will a long, judgmental look. “Again?” He only asked, in that dry voice of his.

Will swallowed, “I…I don’t know what to say.” He winced. “Sorry?”

The other boy finally leaned forward to collect the laptop, clicking his tongue. “Could you please describe your problem, sir?”

He said sir like some people would use a vulgar curse word - like a whip, slashing through the air.

He begins messing with a few of the buttons of the side, his nametag - Nico - flashed against the light, the peeled smiley sticker just as bright and misleading as ever.

Nico glanced up at him, and Will had to throw himself back into the moment. Nico was talking to him.

Will cleared his throat. “Oh you know, um, I think another virus? It keeps flicking on and off, and it won’t let me use chrome.”

Nico frowned at him, “Another virus? Did you install that software I recommended?”

Will scratched the back of his head. “I, uh, didn’t get around to it.”

Nico gave him a stern look. Will, helplessly, looked back.

He had to know.

It was so….obviously. So embarrassingly obvious.


Because this wasn’t Will first visit to his local tech repair shop.

It wasn’t his second either.

Hell, it wasn’t even his third.

This was Will’s sixth visit to the shop.

In the past two months.

Nico was frowning down at the laptop like he could tell Will had done everything in his goddamn power to install heaps and heaps of digital trash onto the hard drive. “If you just take care of your tech you wouldn’t have to be here nearly as much.”

That’s the point, you oblivious nerd.

“I’ll have Leo look at it.” Nico finally seemed to decide. “He’ll have to take it apart, I think, if the problem’s with the screen as well. You’ll have to come back in a few days.”

Will was already nodding enthusiastically. “I - I can do that. Come back. Here.”

Nico gave him a strange look. “Good.” He finally said, “Cause you’re gonna need to pick up your laptop so.”

“I’ll be here.” Will vowed, his voice probably too serious.

Nico nodded, writing out a slip and carefully - with more care then what Will performed on his own tech nowadays - set his laptop aside.

“Wednesday.” He slid the paper across the counter, like he always did. “Noon. Be here.”

“On the dot.” Gods. Will was breathless. He was so pathetic.

I needed to get out of my writing funk and I wrote this for warm-up and yeah I’m totally headcanoning this ending by Will just throwing his phone against a wall, begging Nico to fix his ‘accident’ and Nico just fixing the screen and adding his number to Will’s contact list with a plea to please stop harming your poor tech, Will. 

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hey don’t think about pidge watching lance’s vlog alone in her room, tears in her eyes because she knows lance loves allura so much. don’t think about her taking her laptop and w throwing it at trash lance in the corner. don’t think about pidge curling up on her bed and trying to fall asleep while her chest hurts and her heart hurts because she CAN’T be allura with her power and beauty and all she wants is for lance to make that dumb lovestruck face when he thinks about her. just don’t lol


lemon and ginger | luke coffeeshop au

a/n: the moment that you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! the first (of i think ten) part of my new luke coffeeshop au! im so so so proud of this story, and i really hope that you guys like it and give me feedback on it. please let me know what you think by reblogging it to share, or sending me an ask or message! im going to spread out the parts, but maybe if in high enough demand, they will come faster! enjoy!


Every day for you was the same. You’d wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home and go to sleep. Repetition, repetition, repetition. When you woke up this morning, you thought it was going to be just like every other day at work; but little did you know that something new was going to make its way into your daily routine.

You worked at small, independently owned coffee shop in between 4th and 5th avenue in downtown Los Angeles. It was in a hidden corner of a street, usually attendance being quiet. You recognized some familiar faces that you would see a couple times a week, being able to distinguish between the old and the new.

Working eight hour shifts every day at a coffee shop to pay your rent wasn’t your ideal idea of what living in Los Angeles would be like, but it worked; you were happy with your job and with your independent life.

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human burgerpants tho

1. If you have a hard time getting up, make up an excuse. For example like using the bathroom, taking out the trash, or even using your laptop.

2. Prep your bag the night before. This saves me so much time. Place books for the next day’s class, and prep your planner.

3. Wear slippers. Sometimes warm feet makes for a happy morning.

4. Try, try to do breakfast in the morning. Sets your mind in the mood for work. But as a college student, I will admit it can be hard.

5. Make up your bed. Takes at least one minute and puts the look of your room together.

6. Turn of the lights.

7. Check your phone. While this does not work for me many of my friends go do this is the morning and wake up well.

8. While showers and brushing your teeth, play some music, but keep it low especially if you have roommates

9. Review your planner. What three things do you want to get done today?

10. Clear up your room. I usually take a minute or two, to place my hangers in my closet and tidy up my desk.

11. Warm some hot water in a kettle to make either tea or coffee. I like either hot warm alone or tea. It makes me feel good.

12. Listening to either music, podcast or recorded lectures makes the walk to class much more interesting.

13. Clear the bathroom! Especially if you make have your towel or hair brush laying around.

14. Keep an eye on the time.

15. Know the short cut routes to class, saves you tons of time, and try even speed walking to class for a little exercise. 

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Officer “Ditzy” Jones and Jeff the Flamingo

I wanted to get involved in the Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles fandom because it is absolutely adorable. So heres my edition, Office “Ditzy” Jones and her partner Jeff (The Flamingo). Officer Jones earned the nickname ‘Ditzy’ due to her scatterbrained like behaviour. She is kinda loopy and accident prone, winning the award for most accidents on the job. From tripping over her overly baggy pants to electrocuting herself on the fax machine, Ditzy has had everything happen to her that you can think up. But despite this Ditzy still tries her best to be a good officer. She hasn’t caught many criminals, and those she have caught were usually accidents. The chief usually resolves to giving her small mediocre jobs such as getting donuts or sorting paper clips. Yet somehow she still messes up those jobs creating quite comical situations. He catch phase is “Oopsy daisy, my bad.” which she says any time she screws something up.

Jeff is much like Ditzy in the sense that he’s very clumsy and not all that smart. His head often bounces around and lays at weird angles while his eyes are pointed in different directions. He is wonky while flying and can never land properly, causing him to crash into things easily. He loves to be petted, especially on the head. He tries his best to be a good partner but often doesn’t realize that he’s causing more of a problem. He has trashed the office on more than one occasion after being startled. Jeff is a very sweet flamingo but, once again, isn’t that bright.

Sorry that it’s so rough, it’s best I could do on my laptop at the time. My tablet broke a while back so this is all pretty much done on laptop mouse pad. I felt like there had to be that Ditzy duo in the bureau and hadn’t seen one yet. Hope you all enjoy them.